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eanyxHi, I would like to participate in debugging next ubuntu release.02:57
tsimonq2Hi, eanyx, have you figured this out yet, or can I still help you?03:02
eanyxI've get the lastest stable and instable vanilla kernel and build it on ubuntu 15.0403:03
tsimonq2So are you running wily or vivid?03:04
tsimonq2(if you are unsure, do lsb_release -a in the terminal)03:04
eanyxI'm runnin vivid now, but I will also run wily in a virtual box.03:05
tsimonq2Ok, what exactly do you mean by debugging?03:05
tsimonq2Fixing bugs?03:05
eanyxI'm C++ engineer and UNIX/Linux system engineer, so I've experience in all of that (reporting bug, fixing, QA, tracability, etc.)03:06
tsimonq2What would you like to do? You can certainly do QA, Bug Triage, Bug fixing AND Package Maintaining, but I would recommend that you start with one(IMO) so you can get the feel of what it is like to help Ubuntu...03:08
eanyxAnd I'm specially interested in ubuntu03:08
tsimonq2I do QA for Lubuntu :)03:08
tsimonq2Yes, I get that, but what would you like me to get you started on first?03:09
tsimonq2Unless you want to do multiple :)03:11
eanyxWhat is the process to with?03:11
eanyxto start with?03:11
tsimonq2You can start anywhere, but if it makes any difference, I started with QA, because that is the easist to me.03:12
tsimonq2So I would reccomend that...03:13
tsimonq2I just noticed my typo, * recommend :P03:15
eanyxHave you tried the latest kernel?03:18
tsimonq2I am running wily right now...so 4.1.0-303:20
eanyxFor me the 4.1.6 stable run properly my virtual box host, but 4.2 rc-7 there is some lags.03:20
eanyxI've been told that wily will be based on 4.2 kernel.03:20
tsimonq2Most likely, yes.03:21
eanyxI'm wondering what is the level of maturity of rc kernel?03:21
tsimonq2It is a release canidate, but I can't really answer many questiona bout the kernel as I am not a kernel developer :)03:22
tsimonq2So, eanyx, are you going to want to help with the next Ubuntu release?03:25
eanyxyes I want !03:25
tsimonq2What would you like to do?03:25
eanyxI will use it as my main office use (dev C++)03:25
eanyxI would like to report bug, and try to enhance usability03:26
tsimonq2Be enhance usability, you mean actually timkering with the code?\03:26
* tsimonq2 sighs03:26
tsimonq2Or do you just want to report bugs, eanyx03:27
eanyxI've found that Linux is great on server tasks, but for desktop it still lack some userfriendly behavior.03:27
tsimonq2Well Unity can be bad sometimes...I tried out Lubuntu and liked it...03:28
tsimonq2And if you want to do that, you can just report a bug as a feature request, assign it to yourself, then do that03:28
tsimonq2But feature freeze ended on Thursday...03:29
tsimonq2And by that, I mean the feature freeze is in place from now until the release of Wily...03:29
eanyxwhen start the bug tracking phase?03:30
tsimonq2Bug reporting is all the time...you can submit bugs anytime...03:30
tsimonq2But now they are focusing on fixing bugs03:31
eanyxBut before the official release there is some deadline of submission?03:31
tsimonq2So do you want to report bugs, eanyx?03:31
tsimonq2Let me check quick03:31
eanyxyes i would like to report bugs.03:32
tsimonq2And October 15 is the final freeze...https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseSchedule03:32
eanyxI would also stress test ubuntu to any task (stability at high load, max uptime, disk i/o without corruption, new filesystem without corruption (zfs, btrfs)).03:33
tsimonq2eanyx: And so how are you going to find those bugs? Random testing or are you going to be following the QA test cases?03:33
tsimonq2Oh, okay03:33
tsimonq2So you aren't going to follow the test cases?03:33
eanyxI can do some freeform testing to tests any no thinked behavior, but can also follow a QA checklist03:33
tsimonq2(although we always need more people on QA :))03:34
tsimonq2So let me get you what you need03:34
tsimonq2One second03:34
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tsimonq2Here is the bug-filing guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs03:36
tsimonq2Here is the package testing QA tracker: http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/03:37
tsimonq2Here is the ISO testing QA tracker: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/03:37
tsimonq2eanyx: Is that all you need?03:38
eanyxWhat is the process of fixing bugs (is there some code review by ubuntu coders?)03:39
tsimonq2I am not entirely sure what happens after you submit it(I think it goes through some developers who look at the code and test it). But if you want an easy, straightforward guide on getting your computer set up to do this, follow this guide: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-packaging-guide.pdf03:42
tsimonq2Will that be it?03:43
tsimonq2And I thought I would let you know...for QA, the IRC channel is #ubuntu-quality, for bugs the channel is #ubuntu-bugs, and for regular developer questions, there is #ubuntu-devel03:44
eanyxThank you tsimonq2, will have a check of all your links. And will start heavy debugging of my favorite OS :)03:47
tsimonq2Ok, thanks! If you need anything ,send me a PM03:48
eanyxwhat is a PM?03:49
eanyxtsimonq2 are you of ubuntu official team?03:53
tsimonq2No I am not...03:55
tsimonq2But again, I do participate in QA for Lubuntu?03:55
tsimonq2no question amrk :P03:55
tsimonq2PM is a message...do /msg tsimonq203:56
tsimonq2And eanyx...if you want to give me an endorsement for when I apply, my wiki page is here, just edit it...https://wiki.ubuntu.com/tsimonq203:57
eanyxThank you very much tsimonq2, have a good night :)03:59
tsimonq2You too eanyx :)04:00
eanyxhey it's the morning here (6AM) :)04:02
tsimonq2For me it is 11:12 PM XD04:12
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eanyxhave a nice days guys.04:35
lordievaderGood morning.06:04
niekAnyone having issues with having Ubuntu randomly crash back to the login screen while running Steam?08:22
niekI've only noticed this issue happening while Steam is running, so that's the only thing I've been able to correlate it with thus far.08:22
niekIt's been since I'm running +1 on this machine.08:22
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soeeguy is it known that lamp-server^ install fails in Wily due to dependencies ?21:12

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