stickyboyelacheche_anis: Morning09:08
elacheche_anisMorning stickyboy :)09:37
Kiloshellooo africa17:00
Kiloshi fatar17:00
FatarHeya kilos17:00
Fatargotta go to school in 2 days :(17:00
Kilosyou guys must keep the flag flying high here for me from tomorrow please17:01
Kilosoh my17:01
Fatarwhat do you mean?17:01
Kilosim going to hospital for some ops so who knows how long that will take17:01
FatarI thought that was in 3 days?17:02
Kilosand meeting here on the 28th17:02
Kilosnono morning at 6am17:02
Kilosso if you can remind all these peeps from africa i will be gratefu17:03
Kilosoh Fatar have you joined the mailing list17:03
Fatarthe ubuntu africa mailing list?17:03
FatarI'm pretty sure I did yeah17:04
Kilosif you can remind them all on the day that would be cool17:04
Kilosand ill be thankful17:04
FatarAlright noted17:04
Fatarbut you still better come :P17:04
Kilosthat all depends on the hospital lad17:05
Kilosill try though17:05
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