pauljwgnite all02:46
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lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:25
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: nihao :p06:01
cfhowletthey hey.06:01
lotuspsychjesmart4ss haleluja :p06:01
lotuspsychjebeen coming here very day with silly questions06:01
cfhowlettnah.  silliest question award goes to the guy who asked "Hey!  What hacker software is Mr. Robot using on his ubunut?"06:02
lotuspsychje2nd bombing in china cfhowlett ? i hope you dont live near?06:02
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, tianjin is about 60 miles away so ... "safe".06:03
lotuspsychjemr robot :p06:03
lotuspsychjeouch, still not very far06:03
lotuspsychjehowdy lordievader :p06:04
lordievaderGood morning.06:04
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ubot5Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org22:26
ObrienDavesome ding-a-ling asking about mint in #blender ROFL22:28
OerHeksmint is a blender ..22:29
ObrienDaveyea, made no sense to me either LOL22:29
OerHeksdoes it fit on a cd?22:30
ObrienDaveblender, yes. mint, no way LOL22:31
Bashing-omHey guys, I just worked a Nvidia driver re-install .. and the Nvidia 355 version is now available in the 14.04 repo .22:49
OerHeksnot here ..22:52
wileeeBashing-om, Udita looks like a msdos with gpt sigs in the mbr, at a quick glance, was making some toast,22:57
Bashing-omwileee: I gt side tracked .. will return .23:06
Bashing-omGuys " sudo ubuntu-drivers list >> nvidia-355 : woohooo !23:06
wileeeno prob, of course, big HD I just wonder what is there23:07
Bashing-omwileee: Like you - mixed partitioning schemes; sda as msdos and sdb as GPT - not at all sure how to handle such a situation . If we boot from sda how does grub handle chainloading the OS on the sdb drive in GPT ? I just do not know .23:12
wileeeBashing-om, Rods has a fix that wipes the gpt, but it is always a risk, http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/wipegpt.html23:13
wileeenever seen it fail on the channel, but I watch my back, lol23:13
wileeecan't tell either if the sdb is a flash23:14
Bashing-omwileee: Next question in respect to udita, is why does not 'parted' show us the partitioning on the sdb drive ? Humm ..23:14
wileeeif the hd and flash are reversed as well not knowing what all is on either23:15
wileeesda is huge however23:15
Bashing-omwileee: Is not the GPT limit at 4 terabytes ? Then that large GPT is required for addressing ?23:16
ObrienDavegpt limit is something like 128 exabytes23:17
wileeeI thought it was somewhere above 2tb or so was gpt in general, I have two external 2tb hd's both msdos23:18
ObrienDave2TB limit for MBR23:19
ObrienDaveabove 2TB you need GPT23:19
wileeeBashing-om, Your point on a uefi/bios is important I believe, I've just not had a uefi to mess with.23:19
wileeeI would normally have the user run the bootinfo script, it helps me anyway.23:20
wileeeanyway coffee time for me, not a big issue other than the data there, that's as close to ocd I go regularly in worrying about.23:22
Bashing-omwileee: I be in the same boat. I surely hate making an error, and not having direct experience, well I am slow to make a suggestion in respect to GPT/UEFI . Given time, we can muddle through it .// Looks like udita may have got impatient and left ?23:22
wileeeyeah left, lucky us, maybe doing a backup if there lucky23:23
ObrienDavethey're ;P23:23
wileeeBashing-om, as far as I know I have never bricked any computer besides my own, I worry about that always, I'm with you on that.23:25
wileeeI'm only protecting my own booty though, always self serving here, ;)23:26
Bashing-omwileee: Yeah ! .. I got where I am today by breaking my system(s) many many times. I did learn to dual boot and not mess up my work station too much .23:26
Bashing-omwileee: udita: Does not UEFI system require GPT partition scheme ?23:48

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