unixabgapw: On casper patch testing may I am assume that a stock wily-desktop.iso will be ok to test with?02:42
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apwpthreat (N,BTFL), the key is built during the main kernel build process16:03
apwunixabg, should be against the versions in that yes16:04
unixabgapw: just to make sure I am not missing something simple, I am testing by extracting iso image20:00
unixabgthen I create a partial squash that should be able to be stacked on top with live-partial-squashfs-updates20:01
unixabgthen I generate a new iso and test the stacking. This is how I test on debian so I am assuming20:02
unixabgit ok to do with casper and ubuntu.20:02
unixabgAh I just did a break=mount and I see that the casper needs to be in the initramfs. Ok that might20:05
unixabgexplain alot.20:05
unixabgs/casper/modified casper/20:05
apwunixabg, yeah in initrd23:05

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