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anpokbschaefer: you are probably on the flight already..06:31
anpokbschaefer: btw there is a way in libinput already to inject an fd.. the actual problem with that approach will be dealing with revoking the fds and applying stuff like relative coordinates..06:31
anpokRAOF: ^..06:32
anpokbschaefer: libinput gets a function pointer struct on init.. that can be used to inject fds..06:32
anpokso we could totally load the libinput platform in nested and non-nested mode.. and I guess apart from the device monitor everything stays the same..06:33
anpoki am off..06:33
anpokRAOF: but how would we ensure the raw device fd is revoked on focus lost..06:34
RAOFanpok: Specifically - there's an evdev ioctl to revoke access to the evdev fd; we'd need to hook focus up to that.23:12
RAOFAnd we don't want relative coordinates, anyway.23:12

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