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* ball waves06:02
ballI should go to bed.06:14
mapsme too;p 0;1406:14
mapswatching tv though06:14
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:59
* brobostigon wonders if google will release and android wear version based on android 6, especially as they have released wear 1.3 based on 5.1.1, so close to android 6 release.15:50
dangoo87hey there, I'm having issues getting ubuntu to recognise my soundcard - the only device listed is the hdmi monitor speakers, I've tried a few fixes from this: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/11/fix-hda-intel-realtek-alc887-no-sound.html and linked threads: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=314383 but so far I'm having no luck, does anyone have any experience of this and how to resolve?16:58
dangoo87my mobo is the asus z170-a with the onboard sound16:59
directhexdangoo87: looks like realtek alc892, should be well supported17:22
dangoo87I've just been speaking on #ubuntu and it appears that I don't have alsamixer installed/working properly.  I've tried to reinstall and followed a few different ways but it's still not working (alsamixer - no such file or directory)17:23
directhexyeah, those people aren't useful.17:23
directhexcat /proc/asound/cards17:24
directhexsudo modprobe snd-hda-codec-realtek17:26
directhexdmesg | tail -1017:26
dangoo87that last command gave a huge wall of text17:27
dangoo87want me to pastebinit?17:27
directhexnothing relevant or related17:29
directhexmy guess here is that it's a new minor minor sub-revision of alc892, which isn't supported by the kernel you're using. you can try a PPA with a bleeding edge kernel17:30
dangoo87any idea where I can find that information - I'm reasonably familiar with linux but not that familiar to know where to find these (I can copy/paste terminal commands to add ppa's basically :) )17:31
dangoo87alsamixer is there in the /usr/bin folder (I've just been doing some research), but it won't let me run it.17:32
directhexit's irrelevant. people who don't understand ubuntu have been leading you on a wild goose chase17:34
directhexalsa doesn't know your motherboard audio exists. alsamixer won't change that17:34
dangoo87fair enough, you seem a lot more confident in what you're saying so I'm happy to sack those guys off and stick with you, so far #u-uk seems much more helpful from what i've seen in the last couple of days17:35
directhexsee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds for info on downloading mainline kernel builds. you want the absolute latest, which is 4.2-rc7 i think17:35
dangoo87i'm on 14.04.0317:38
dangoo87will that matter? should I upgrade to wily?17:38
directhexwell, a first step, since you're on LTS17:42
directhexis the HW enablement pack. let me grab you the URL17:42
dangoo87thanks for this, I understand most of this, but I'm trying to figure out how I would go about updating the kernel/ppa and stuff, and I'm drawing a complete blank17:43
directhexthat'l give you 3.19, which is certainly newer17:44
directhexnot bleeding edge, but newer17:45
dangoo87i ran (both) the terminal lines in that link, it said they're all the latest version17:46
dangoo87(if that helps at all)17:49
dangoo87is it worth me upgrading to 15.04 directhex ?17:51
directhexi think i would, for skylake17:51
dangoo87do I need to do a backup with clonezilla or anything before I do this, or is it relatively safe to do so without losing everything?17:52
directhexi didn't think it was worth trying 14.04 when i built my haswell-e rig17:53
directhexehm, should be pretty safe17:53
dangoo87I just went with the LTS17:53
dangoo87best way is to just get the download from the site and put it on a usb stick?17:53
directhexmmmmmmmm......... no, you'd want to do the upgrade in-distro. but going direct to 15.04 from 14.04 isn't supported17:54
directhexthe tools will offer 14.10 first17:54
dangoo87I see, I saw this thread: http://askubuntu.com/questions/618741/update-ubuntu-14-04-to-15-0417:54
dangoo87directhex, ok i'm going to start the upgrade process now, i may pop back in on another irc handle to seek further advice as necessary - thanks SO much for your help, hopefully the upgrade will go a long way to resolving this issue18:02
directhexdangoo87: at least being on 15.04 will be a better base for trying a 4.2 kernel18:02
directhexnot sure they work on lts18:02
dangoo87yeah, that makes sense18:04
daftykinsdangoo87: are you the friend and system owner of the guy that was in yesterday?18:06
dangoo87technically, i'm the friend, i'm just using his account18:06
dangoo87he's sat on the bed dreading the inevitable loss of all data and having to start again18:07
daftykinsfunny, he said audio was working fine yesterday18:07
dangoo87we got audio working on the hdmi, but we can't get it working if we plug in the headset + mic and everything18:07
daftykinsoh i thought it was the headphones in the front18:07
dangoo87wait, should i try it in the back?18:09
daftykinsnah directhex knows his stuff - i'm sure you're on the winning course now :)18:09
dangoo87ok cool, i'll be on my supermanintights account shortly as it might be best not to mess with this machine while upgrading18:10
SupermanintightsWell it's upgrading, however the internet speed is diabolical - 250kb/s :(18:15
daftykinskilobits per second? so 30KB/sec? :P18:18
SupermanintightsI think that is kilobytes18:23
Supermanintightsi hope it is18:23
daftykinsrubbish rural connection or are you on a bad mirror?18:23
Supermanintightsboth i think18:23
daftykinsah talktalk broadband too18:23
daftykinsgood times18:23
Supermanintightsi think it should download normally around 800-1meg, but this post code can't get superfast, despite the local exchange having it enabled18:24
Supermanintightsmy life would be so much easier if i took it home and did it all from there, but I'm not allowed18:24
Supermanintightsfetching file 631/1557 :(18:24
SupermanintightsI have to do this one more time afterwards as well, to go to 15.0418:25
daftykinsi'd have totally nuked it.18:25
Supermanintightshe spent all night and morning downloading games, I'm not allowed to nuke it18:25
daftykinsright but they live on the 1TB right?18:26
daftykinsso you only format / during the install and bam, they're all still there18:26
SupermanintightsNever, ever allow anyone you know to know that you're technically gifted. Worst mistake ever18:26
SupermanintightsI actually think he fucked that up, and everything is on the SSD18:26
daftykinsfamily friendly on the language18:27
daftykinswell that's still a move away18:27
Supermanintightsah my bad, sorry18:27
daftykinsand too late for that, been helping friends for over 20 years :D18:27
daftykinsone friends house, damn his little brother managed to trash and fill systems with porn on a monthly basis18:27
Supermanintightsthat's always fun18:28
Supermanintightsit appears that although he didn't know it at the time (so fault lies with him), that he couldn't use his 1tb as all the ownership and permissions were set for the root account, and not for the 'daniel' account, I've just had to set that up for him18:30
daftykinsyeah that would've been another step probably18:31
daftykinsi think i was at my help limit for the day already by then18:31
Supermanintightsat this stage, it's probably quicker to do the two upgrades than any moving and reinstall of the system.  plus it's experience for him, I'm going to stay here to do the first one with him, the second one we'll do remotely18:32
daftykinsyeah there's always multiplayer screen sessions for fun18:32
Supermanintightshaha, that's all good, it's good experience for me (and him when he pays attention), you were a major help especially with the gfx card. his dota on max settings looked lovely18:33
Supermanintightswhat is the best way for me to remote help him from windows to ubuntu?18:33
daftykinsSSH :P18:33
Supermanintightswould I get to see his screen that way?18:33
daftykinsTV is alright18:33
Supermanintightsthen I can see that increasing my headache ten fold :P18:34
daftykinsdon't use it yourself then i take it? (i don't)18:34
SupermanintightsI do a bit, for my website, but my knowledge is flimsy18:34
Supermanintightstoo long of a period between using means that I forget the vast majority of stuff I learn, and it's a slow process18:35
daftykinsbest way is to write notes for yourself on how to do things18:35
daftykinsthen rewrite them when redoing the system for a newer LTS18:35
Supermanintightsyeah, I've recently got into kali so I'm doing that with most things going forward18:36
daftykinsoh dear, the budding "hackers" choice18:36
SupermanintightsI love the idea of pen testing (white hat), it's really fascinating to me18:36
daftykinsthey're moving to debian so i hear18:37
zleapSupermanintights: maybe Ashley Madison should have paid attention to that too18:37
zleapand others18:37
SupermanintightsI've recently got a job working in IT support (start tomorrow), and I've already said that my long term focus is on eventually IT security18:37
Supermanintightshaha zleap :)18:37
Supermanintightsyeah kali 2.0 has moved to debian, quite a big change from the old kali18:38
daftykinsright, best do a shop run before i get too lazy18:40
daftykinsah diddledan 2.019:22
diddledan_I'm the bugfixed version of 2.019:25
daftykinsah har, and you found out where you're coming from too!19:26
diddledan_yeah I think it was my tablott19:26
diddledan_(spelign was correct!)19:28
diddledan_o_O why is googley chrome giving me weather info for unterwossen?19:33
daftykinsstorms in your unterhosen?19:34
MartijnV1Sdiddledan_: maybe it thinks you're unter wasser?19:38
* diddledan_ listening to linux-action-show from today - tar-jizz20:02
foobarrywhat does slack do that irc doesn't?20:18
diddledan_yeah I don't like this movement to slack20:19
diddledan_wordpress development has all moved to slack20:19
foobarryevernote is chewing up notes20:20
foobarryit dosn't work properly20:20
foobarryi've seen notes disppear before my eyes20:20
* zmoylan-pi laments the fantastic memo app on palm os20:20
zmoylan-pithe one on symbian didn't have a search for years, the one on iphone kept corrupting on me20:22
daftykinsfruity tech!20:22
zmoylan-pithe sharp zaurus didn't have one till i reconfigured contacts :-)20:23
diddledan_daftykins: wanna get fruity?20:23
* diddledan_ proposes wet teeshirt competition20:24
daftykinsi already am, with Bishop's Finger20:24
diddledan_ooh and an old peculier20:25
diddledan_you're having a threesome!20:25
daftykinsyep! £6 for 320:25
SupermanintightsHey guys, how's it going?20:25
diddledan_Supermanintights: my undearwear are on the outside :-(20:26
daftykinsabout par for the sunday night i think20:26
zmoylan-piand i really miss been able to beam notes with palmos20:26
Supermanintightsunderwear on the outside is the best, and really, only way to wear it20:26
diddledan_I prefer stockings tho. makes the supersuit more .... fun20:27
Supermanintightsif my new employers didn't have obsolete and frankly, medieval views on fashion and apparel I would wear it that way to work20:27
diddledan_really I should be beardy supergirl20:27
Supermanintightsspeaking of which, the new supergirl show look fun20:28
diddledan_it does!20:28
diddledan_I'm looking forward to it20:28
daftykinsthe new thing with Sir Patrick Stewart just aired in the US apparently20:28
Supermanintightsthe pilot, that I obviously haven't seen as that could be considered illegal, was really good20:28
daftykinsthat looked kinda fun to see ol' baldy again20:28
diddledan_daftykins: I couldn't work out whether it was a fake news show or he actually is a cable news anchor20:28
Supermanintightsalthough it needs to cut down on certain unnecessary propaganda20:29
SupermanintightsI'm ordering a takeaway to help me get through this hell of fixing another man's computer.  Should I get a burger to go with my pizza, or some chips and scampi/nuggets?20:29
Supermanintightschips will come with both the burger and the scampi/nuggets20:30
SupermanintightsI think the nuggets, let's do this.20:31
daftykinsi'm from a land with no takeaway, so i'd enjoy a subway, a mcdonalds, burger king and a KFC please20:35
diddledan_daftykins: do they do flights to the far isles on a sunday night?20:35
daftykinsmmm, yep20:35
daftykinslast one around 8pm ish i suspect20:35
diddledan_it's 21:3520:36
diddledan_methinks you're out of luck20:36
daftykinsJersey has a mcdonalds and a KFC so i understand20:36
diddledan_I bet they rub your noses in that fact20:36
diddledan_I hear sark has a tractor, too!20:37
daftykinsah no 4:35pm was the last flight20:37
daftykinsfrom Manchester no less20:37
daftykinsdamn Bostonians are beating Kansas City at that thar baseball20:38
zmoylan-piof course if it's windy enough you can open an umbrella outside and be blown to the mainland :-)20:38
daftykinswhich is exceedingly rude20:38
daftykinsMartijnV1S: that's true20:39
daftykinsoops that was a tab complete fail to rival them all20:39
diddledan_tabcomplete fail to such an extent that even the first character was wrong20:40
Supermanintightsok, so the update to 15.04 didn't bring extra sound devices in the sound box, i'm going to try the very latest kernel, does anyone know how to do that?20:40
daftykinsin my defense i have pizza and beer in hand20:41
diddledan_only 20 orange boxes in the wild?20:41
diddledan_(ubuntu orange boxes, that is)20:41
Supermanintightsdirecthex did suggest that earlier20:41
daftykins!mainline | Supermanintights20:41
lubotu3`Supermanintights: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds20:41
daftykinsgrab the newest amd64 .deb you can find20:41
Supermanintightslubotu is super awesome20:41
Supermanintightsmust make everyone's life so much easier20:41
lubotu3`Error: unresolvable <alias> to isitout-#ubuntu-release-party20:41
diddledan_someone broke it20:42
Supermanintightsaccording to: http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/info/kernel-version-map.html - this 4.2.0-5.5Ubuntu-4.2.0- is what i want20:43
Supermanintightsbut I'm not sure how to get it, am I missing a crucial detail?20:43
daftykinsi don't know what your link is20:44
Supermanintightsmy link gives the list of mainline kernels, i'm currently scouring FAQ to see if I can figure this out20:44
daftykinsfrom my link, or rather lubotus20:45
daftykinsso grab the http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.2-rc7-unstable/linux-image-4.2.0-040200rc7-generic_4.2.0-040200rc7.201508162030_amd64.deb20:45
Supermanintightshuh, i'm obviously going daft after 15+ hours of working on this, thanks bud20:46
daftykinsthen sudo dpkg -i blah.deb20:47
Supermanintightsso save file, rather than opening with ubuntu software center?20:47
Supermanintightswe now have a blank screen with a single flashing cursor after a reboot21:03
Supermanintightsis that normal?21:03
daftykinswow i've seen better snaps from VHS21:06
daftykinsi suspect your nvidia module didn't generate properly for the new kernel21:06
Supermanintightsin my defence, that's his photo, not mine21:06
Supermanintightsi tested, and we can get to TTY121:06
daftykinswell you can hold left shift as the system is about to boot from disk and pick an older kernel21:07
daftykinsto boot up normally21:07
Supermanintightsis there no way of getting this kernel to work then?21:07
Supermanintightsthat might be useful info21:08
daftykinsone step at a time21:08
Supermanintightsok cool21:08
daftykinsdoesn't look useful to me21:08
Supermanintightsso left shift, recovery mode21:09
Supermanintightsi'm on it21:09
daftykinsi'd have thought lightdm would've tried to start at all21:11
Supermanintightsapologies on the delay, I'm being informed that he can't get anything to happen with left shift, spamming, holding, everything - it goes back to the flashing screen21:13
daftykinstoo late on it / it's a USB keyboard and isn't configured right21:13
daftykinsescape might also work, dunno21:13
Supermanintightsi'm telling him now, sorry about this21:14
Supermanintightssomehow, he's landed here: https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xta1/v/t34.0-12/11920364_10156059287195195_600561285_n.jpg?oh=914b208da8cdfda4972736c003147d2f&oe=55DCF7A521:16
daftykinsmmm nope power off time21:16
Supermanintightsok, powered off. now what? or is that advice to me to just walk away and pretend the computer doesn't exist :P21:19
daftykinsis your pal trying to get GRUB by gingerly pressing left shift like one would to enter BIOS, or holding it down? 'cause holding for a sec after the POST logo, if one is even seen on those new platforms, might be the ticket21:20
daftykinsalternatively it might need that kernel removed from live session21:20
Supermanintightshe's apparently 'tried the lot' to get to recovery mode21:20
SupermanintightsI believe he's held it down from the moment he's pressed reset21:20
Supermanintightsif it's live session then that's it for the night as he doesn't have that21:21
daftykinsprobably a USB legacy support ption in the BIOS influencing that, but i think that's going to be too much of a challenge21:21
daftykinsyeah, 10pm on a sunday night - not ideal problem solving time21:21
SupermanintightsI feel bad because I bigged up linux and he's had nothing but problems, so I feel it's my responsibility21:21
daftykinsi think the whole endeavour of desiring Linux with bleeding edge hardware is a bit over optimistic to begin with21:21
daftykinsah so it was you!21:22
SupermanintightsI've explained similar to him, in that the latest hardware might not yet be supported, but if he goes Windows, he won't want to restart21:22
Supermanintightswell, he did say he wanted linux (doesn't want to pay £70 for windows), and I have bigged it up for a while21:22
SupermanintightsI'd say 90:10 his fault21:22
SupermanintightsI'm just the poor IT guy21:23
daftykinsif gaming is a top item on the list, sure it's getting better... but damn.21:23
Supermanintightsgaming, streaming, video recording21:23
Supermanintightsit was also useful for me to see how it would work on a top range pc, and if it could work on my laptop well as I want to migrate this one over soon21:24
daftykinsif you care about battery life, that might be the first to go21:26
SupermanintightsI thought there's normally good linux support for battery life?21:27
Supermanintightstbh, I'm just more annoyed at the >10 minute boot times, for what should be a very strong laptop21:28
daftykinsgreater than 10 minute boot? wat?21:32
daftykinswith what OS o021:32
SupermanintightsI get to windows in about 1-2 minutes, but by the time I can actually use it, it's more than 10 minutes21:33
Supermanintightsif there's some form of update, then I genuinely look for a tv show episode to watch while I wait21:33
daftykinssounds like a bad install21:33
daftykinsbut then 8 needs firing out of a cannon into the sun21:34
SupermanintightsI think it's just long past format date, and me very rarely (once a month maybe?) turning it off/restarting has just ruined the machine21:34
daftykinswell i hope you reboot and patch more at your job :P21:35
Supermanintightshaha yeah21:35
SupermanintightsI needed it running as I worked with people on different time zones and needed the messages as they happened back in an old job21:35
Supermanintightsbut now I think the fan is broke, my gfx card has gone from running games at high quality effortlessly to struggling on the lowest quality, and it's decidedly worse than when I bought it!21:36
SupermanintightsI just need to save some pennies in order to buy this: http://www.chillblast.com/Chillblast-Fusion-Leviathan-2.html21:37
daftykinsthat's a really silly spec, as in pants-on-head retarded21:38
Supermanintightshaha i know right!21:39
daftykinssounds like you need to take that thing apart and clean it up21:39
daftykinsre-do the thermal paste maybe21:39
Supermanintightsnot the thermal paste, but took it apart, carefully cleaned everything21:39
SupermanintightsI do still have that pc world whatever happens thing covering it, so once I can get my macbook pro (not mine, gifted to me from a friend) repaired so I have some thing in the mean time, I'll send it off again21:40
Supermanintightshopefully that gets it repaired or replaced for a new one21:40
daftykinssomeone has a lot of toys21:44
Supermanintightshaha, just picked up over time or people have old ones that they hand to me21:48
* zmoylan-pi goes for coffee and a biccie...22:07
zmoylan-pistand back... it's a monday...23:00

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