benonsoftwaretsimonq2: (Speaking as my own personal opinion) I belive that UY has ran its course and currently is no longer needed. At the moment it's no longer a feasible for a project such as this, LoCos and local LUGs are a better idea.00:41
benonsoftwareand just the defining the term 'youth'. Where I volunteer (youth organisation) we define youth as people between the ages of 12-24. :)00:42
tsimonq2benonsoftware: I believe that it still has potential. Let me know if you want to transfer it :)03:04
benonsoftwaretsimonq2: Do you have any plans or ideas?03:04
tsimonq2To expand it and to make it a welcome place for the youth to get directed where they need to go in terms of either using Ubuntu or helping make it a better operating system.03:23
benonsoftwareWell yes, that is the aim of it. But do you know how or what can happen to make that happen? Because I personally think that there are better groups and programs for that now targetted at youth.03:25
tsimonq2Name some then...03:27
benonsoftwareLocal LUGs, hackgroups, LoCos, etc.03:28
benonsoftwareIt doesn't just have to be an online group.03:28
tsimonq2Well yes, but isn't this it's only goal?03:45
Mikaelahackgroups are often also known as hacklabs (Finland) or hackerspaces. I haven't felt very involved in lUG or LoCo.03:45
tsimonq2And so I am saying, benonsoftware, that a group like this shuld exist and it should grow large enough that any youth who wants to use Ubuntu and who wants to help make Ubuntu better can do so...03:47
tsimonq2there we go03:47
Mikaelaoh and the nearest hacklab was quite unfriendly and not inclusive for diversity on their offtopic channel and hacklabs shared channel has op who starts attacking you if you tell about something being wrong.03:48
MikaelaI think I agree with benonsoftware though.03:48
benonsoftwaretsimonq2: I hear what you're saying and think it would be amazing. But there would be a constant cycle of nothing happening, someone trying to do something but it not working out too great, and this just repeating.03:50
tsimonq2Then let's make it permenently shut down so someone like me doesn't try to do this again...03:52
benonsoftwaretsimonq2: I don't mean to discourage you or anything but yeah. wrt shutting it down, I'll see about that this week or next04:01

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