stickyboyAnyone hate reading hacker news on the phone?08:43
kulelu88Does anybody do ipython work here?09:50
grembleGood morning11:29
Kilosohi superfly 16:46
grembleOh look, it's Kilos :P16:46
grembleHow are you?16:46
Kiloshi Cryterion_ gremble inetpro and whoever i missed16:46
Kilosim ok ty just been a busy day and stressing a bit about hospital tomorrow morning16:47
Kiloshow are you gremble 16:47
grembleI am well thanks and yourself?16:52
Kiloswell so far alive16:54
Kilosthey say doctors bury their mistakes16:55
Kilosso lets hope im not a mistake hehe16:55
grembleLast time I went for an op, I wrote on my arms which one is the correct one16:56
grembleThey found it very amusing16:56
Kiloshow do you write that on your prostate16:57
Kiloscut here and mind there16:57
grembleMark the important bits with "Do not cut"16:58
Kilosor handle with care16:58
grembleSo. Apparently interstellar is a weird timetravel movie17:02
grembleNot so much as a space movie17:02
inetproKilos: heh, good evening sir17:10
inetproand hi to all others17:10
Kiloshi inetpro 17:10
inetproKilos: when are you going in?17:11
Kilossorry for being so scarce today17:11
inetprosorry doesn't help17:11
Kilosgoing at 6 am tomorrow , but who knows if theyll book me in same time or send me home with pills sigh17:12
inetprobuying me a farm will help17:12
Kilosyou guys keep well and dont forgewt the meeting17:13
inetproI'm sure you'll be just fine oom17:13
inetprohopefully all done and dusted quick, quick17:14
Kilosyeah i think so its just the timing that sucks17:14
Kilosthey dont rush normally. different tests and scans day by day so who knows17:14
Kilosim going to take a chance and take the lappy with , just hope there isnt someone that needs it more than me17:15
Kilosmaybe chain it to my wrist17:15
inetprobetter make sure you have a plan to lock it up when you're in for the op17:16
Kilosyeah ill ask the matron or something17:16
inetproteach them about Ubuntu while you're there :-)17:17
Kilosoh i will17:17
Kilosbeen wanting to spread ubuntu physically since i started17:18
kulelu88gremble: interstellar was confusing but very nice17:40
=== Cryterion_ is now known as Cryterion
gremblekulelu88: Someone also said that it was confusing, but I'm not sure which bits are. Granted, it suffers from the usual timetravellers paradox, ie. "How did they get here in the beginning if they only get there at the end" but that is a flaw that is unanswerable17:55
gremblehence paradox17:55
CryterionYeah watched it a few weeks ago, tricky following the movie, would have yo watch it again sometime to fill the gaps again, leaves your mind open17:57
kulelu88time travel is about as murky as time itself17:58
kulelu88in the simple world, we tend to focus on race-based articles and political parties pandering to the people17:59
grembleYour last message seems quite out of context from the rest xD18:06
kulelu88gremble: I was dragging us back to reality, from the theoretical mind-boggles :P18:17
Kilosgremble  do you know if there is wifi in kalafong? one i could use i mean18:19
Kilosall i find with google is that there is in pediatrics i think so docs can get quick infor on kids18:20
kulelu88there should be tshwane-fi in atteridgeville18:20
Kilosthats close hey?18:20
kulelu88and I would probably choose death over going to Kalafong hospital18:21
kulelu88the tshwane wifi is all over tshwane18:21
Kilosi dont have a choice18:21
kulelu88rather, all over the poorer areas. nice project they attempted18:21
Kilosis tswane fi free wifi or how does one get it going18:21
kulelu88porn consumption must have gone up18:21
kulelu88search for wifi and connect. thats it I think18:22
Kilosoh lets hope then18:22
Kilosdont like to miss monthly meets18:22
grembleI've never been to kalafong18:22
grembleBut there might be18:22
Kilosmeeting here on wednesday night18:23
kulelu88Kilos: if the meet can't function without you, it means the bus factor is critically low at 118:23
grembleI cannot connect to the university's academic article databases18:23
Kilosnono it must go on18:23
grembleHow lame18:23
Kilosthe show must go on always18:23
Kilosand pro is always here except when he isnt hehe18:24
kulelu88I've heard nightmare stories about Kalafong18:24
Kilosi have read some of them after googling it too18:24
kulelu88why not go to Pretoria Academy?18:25
Kiloskalafong closer for sister to travel18:25
Kilosand less traffic18:25
Kilosdont wanna add more burden on her than i must18:26
Kilosnight all. sleep tight. and hopefully ill see you tomorrow19:40

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