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salmonhattAnyone know of a good way to run Windows/Steam games on ubuntu?00:00
mranonymoussalmonhatt: you can install steam00:02
salmonhattI know. But it won't run Windows games for Steam, which is mostly what I have.00:02
TJ-OpenSorce: create a shell script to automate the fix, then add a .desktop application launcher to run it00:04
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salmonhattI tried PlayOnLinux...it loads Steam fine, but it won't load the game. The display changes and I hear the audio, but it's not playable00:04
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mranonymoussalmonhatt: aha, i can't tell you anything new, imo I think you're out of luck00:06
mranonymoussalmonhatt: others may know more, I think best way is steam and linux games from steam00:07
salmonhattWish I could, but there aren't any good games for linux on steam00:07
mranonymoussalmonhatt: cs go is good :)00:08
adam___Hello I need some help. I have a dell xps 13 developer eddition running ubuntu. I am trying to get it connected to my television. I have a minidv to hdmi adaptor and an hdmi chord. I have them attached and the video works fine. However, I am not getting any audio. It does not even show up as an option in the sound manager00:08
salmonhattProblem is that I've paid for several Windows games, and those are the ones I want to play00:08
TJ-adam___: minidv? is that min-DVI? DVI doesn't transport audio00:09
adam___TJ-:I am sorry i meant minidisplay port00:11
TJ-adam___: Ahhhh... i did wonder. Maybe the PC doesn't output audio on the DP - many don't00:12
mranonymoussalmonhatt: yea i get you, as i said, others may know more, but I think it would be at least very hard to do it00:13
salmonhattI was able to do it on Linux Mint. Don't know why I can't do it on Ubuntu00:13
adam___TJ-: I know that it is possible with the hardware I think it is a driver problem but I dont know how to proceed00:14
TJ-adam___: check "/var/log/dmesg" look for confirmation that the DP audio device is detected and configured00:14
x86iacsalmonhatt: don't you need to use wine for the windows game?00:14
mranonymoussalmonhatt: how did you do it on linux mint?00:14
salmonhattPlayOnLinux is a front-end for Wine. Makes it simpler to use.00:15
salmonhattand on Mint, I used PlayOnLinux00:15
adam___TJ-: How do I do that00:16
TJ-adam___: I prefer the command-line but you can use any text reader/editor. I use 'less /var/log/dmesg" and then "G" to jump to the end, then work backwards00:16
x86iacadam___: i think you need to find out if it needs a separate kernel module?00:17
TJ-adam___: if you want to "pastebinit /var/log/dmesg" we can look at it too00:18
OneM_IndustriesHow do I create the French accent letters in Ubuntu?00:19
adam___how do i do that?00:19
mranonymoussalmonhatt: i don't know, you should be able to get it running in ubuntu too, it's basically the same00:19
TJ-adam___: type the command inside the "  " marks00:19
salmonhattMy thoughts exactly00:19
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adam___TJ-: downloading postbinit now00:22
mranonymoussalmonhatt: sorry man, I don't know, maybe it's display driver or something like that00:22
salmonhattWell...I reinstalled Steam for Linux, and now PlayOnLinux is running it fine. Must've been missing a file or two...hundred00:23
OneM_IndustriesI have tried using the alt+ shortcuts, but it is not working.00:23
mranonymoussalmonhatt: glad you got it running :) gtg bye00:24
TJ-adam___: there's a major problem with errors from the intel i915 video driver, e.g. "i915_bdw: Unknown symbol drm_framebuffer_cleanup (err -22)"00:25
TJ-adam___: as the video driver is responsible for audio on the video outputs, that is the likely cause. Fix that, and you should have audio00:25
adam___TJ-: How do i fix this?00:26
x86iacOneM_Industries: don't you want to use the french locale or just the chars?00:28
OneM_IndustriesI need to be able to type the French special characters while keeping the rest of the computer as English, as I am taking a French course.00:29
OneM_IndustriesSo, things like alt+133 for à
x86iacwhen you find the unicode sequence i'd put them on a   alt-fnskey   (alt-f1 for example) so they can be easily available00:31
TJ-adam___: I'm not sure. The errors are coming from the Intel Broadwell driver (i915_bdw), but not sure why, unless the hardware doesn't match00:31
adam___TJ-: what should be my next step in figuring it out?00:31
x86iacwhat does dmesg really show it is - or lshw etc00:31
habhi i somehow managed to delete my conbections when uninstalling nome keyring via synaptic. I am running ubuntu 14 mate.00:32
TJ-adam___: show us "pastebinit <( lspci -nn )"00:33
habi looked in network settings y there is no tab for connections00:33
habits odd00:34
habwill i need to plug into reinstall connections?00:35
TJ-adam___: the driver is correct for 8086:1616 (i915_bdw)00:35
TJ-adam___: I can find 0 bugs in the bug tracker regarding this00:35
TJ-adam___: what *seems* to be 1 issue is the kernel module i915_bdw being loaded is bilt for a different version of the kernel. "i915_bdw: disagrees about version of symbol drm_framebuffer_cleanup"00:36
TJ-adam___: can you "pastebinit <( modinfo i915_bdw )"00:37
habanyone have a hunch?00:40
TJ-adam___: "3.13.0-62-generic" matches the booted kernel. I'm not sure what is going on. You'd best create a bug report and let the kernel dev's sort it out. It is further complicated because the Canonical kernel team decided to create their own i915_bdw module backported from Linux v3.14/v3.15 into the LTS v3.13 kernel, so there's no telling what they've done.00:42
TJ-!bug | adam___00:42
ubottuadam___: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:42
TJ-adam___: in your case, "ubuntu-bug linux"00:42
adam___so I am more or less screwed?00:44
r1k1_and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:45
r1k1_before reporting bugs00:45
r1k1_and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:45
adam___I see what your saying make a bug report using that link00:45
r1k1_maybe better with that -y00:45
adam___I will try again after the update. you are saying this may fix it?00:46
r1k1_not rly but dont report if you arent sure there isent fix for it all ready00:47
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TJ-I don't think there are any kernel updates since -62 but its worth covering the bases00:48
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routerllHi. Could someone help me with an audio problem? I've followed a number of troubleshooting guides, but nothing has worked except reinstalling things. After doing that, though, the problem comes back after a few reboots.00:49
adam___still doesnt work00:50
routerllin particular, my headphone jack often doesn't work. Audio will come out of my laptop's speakers, and when I plug my headphones in, the computer detects that, but no audio comes out of the headphones. Pavucontrol THINKS it is sending audio to the headphones, but it isn't.00:51
routerllAlso, everything works fine under Windows. The headphones are fine and the soundcard is fine.00:51
routerllFurther, the headphones are correctly detected and work properly with a liveCD or fresh install. Or if I remove and reinstall alsa and pulseaudio.00:52
x86iaceverything works fine under windows ... nice00:52
routerllBut after a few reboots/updates, the problem returns00:52
routerllx86iac: And with a liveCD also.00:52
x86iacno way?00:52
adam___TJ-: So I am SOL00:53
x86iacare you just shutting the computer down by powering it off?   does your mixer save your settings?  check the mixer00:53
habdoes anybody know how reinstall connections to network settings?00:53
TJ-adam___: report the bug, then it may get attention00:54
routerllx86iac: No, I power down. The mixer does save my settings, including the volume level prior to shutdown. It correctly sets the speakers and headphone output to their own volume level, HDMI as well. As I switch between them, say by plugging in my headphones, the mixer (alsamixer and Sound Preferences) remembers that output's previous volume.00:55
routerllI should mention, this computer has an IntelHDA soundcard using ALC270. It is an Asus that doesn't seem to have its own model name for alsa-base.conf, so I've been using "auto"00:56
routerllor else deleting the model line entirely00:56
routerllthat doesn't seem to affect it00:56
routerllx86iac: By "no, I power down" I meant to say that I click shut down and let ubuntu go through the shutdown process until the computer powers itself off00:58
TJ-routerll: on the face of it, those symptoms suggest some config is being saved somewhere.00:59
routerllTJ: I agree. But what config would make pavucontrol think that it is outputting sound to headphones when it is not?00:59
routerllTJ-: And would this be a pulseaudio config or an alsa config?01:00
TJ-well, PA does write a few config files01:00
routerllSo, simply deleting ~/.config/pulse and its contents does not affect this behaviour.01:00
TJ-routerll: when this hits your primary user profile, have you tried using the guest profile, or creating another user profile and testing it there? That might help determine if this is a per-user config issue01:00
routerllTJ-: I've not tried that, but it's a good suggestion. I'll do that now.01:01
routerllTJ-: The same symptoms exist in the Guest session.01:03
TJ-routerll: so possibly the config is in-memory when it happens. Does it continue if you restart the pulseaudio daemon?01:04
routerllTJ-: Is it enough to run "pulseaudio -k" in order to check that? If so, yes, the problem continues.01:05
TJ-routerll: It used to but I know recently I looked at 'ps' and thought I saw PA running as root01:06
TJ-routerll: nope, I mis-remembered. it is running as $USER01:06
routerllTJ-: "ps aux | grep pulseaudio" only shows me running it01:06
stricksHow to add "-fPIC" to a makefile? I'm trying to compile zathura-pdf-mupdf and it needs mupdf compiled with "-fPIC". Thank you.01:07
routerllstricks: I think -fPIC needs to be immediately after the gcc command in your makefile rule line.01:08
routerllTJ-: Any more thoughts? I agree that it seems like a config issue, I just have no idea which config file to edit, if not /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, and I have no clue why it would sometimes work and sometimes not after a reboot.01:10
stricksrouterll, in the "Makerules" or "Makefile" file?01:10
routerllsticks: In makefile. Find the rules line, the one that starts with gcc, and, immediately after the command gcc, add a space followed by -fPIC.01:11
TJ-stricks: usually you do "make CFLAGS=-fPIC" and it will add to the Makefile, but it depends on how well the Makefile was written01:11
stricksrouterll, TJ- , thank you, will report back.01:12
TJ-routerll: it could be an in-memory corruption issue being saved out, but if it continues after you've deleted the PA config files and restarted the daemon, that suggests an ALSA issue01:12
moyam01does anyone know how to paste from primary buffer into firefox without mouse?01:13
routerllTL-: I'm trying to diff the outputs of alsa-info.sh for each situation, but I haven't managed to get the headphones to work in the past many reboots. If I were to do that, would I be able to figure out what is wrong?01:14
x86iacstricks: just add it to the make command\01:14
routerllTJ-: Meant to address the above to you.01:15
TJ-routerll: when you shutdown/reboot do you ensure the 5V standby is off as well - disconnect from wall, press power switch to drain capacitors etc., then start it? I'm wondering if the hardware is the culprit01:15
TJ-routerll: if a laptop... removing battery01:15
routerllTJ-: Not always. I'd assumed that, since using a liveCD or a different OS seems to solve the problem, it must not be a hardware issue.01:16
stricksx86iac, I get this error "make: PIC: No such file or directory make: *** No rule to make target 'PIC'.  Stop."01:16
TJ-routerll: You've got so many differing results it is hard to figure out where to look01:16
routerllTJ-: I thought I had 4 results. (1) On boot, speakers and headphones work. This has two states: headphones plugged in or not. (2) On boot, speakers work but headphones don't. This also has two states.01:18
TJ-stricks: check the Makefile. It may use EXTRA_CFLAGS. In which case, use "make EXTRA_CFLAGS=-fPIC"01:18
routerllTJ-: So, I thought I'd reboot until I get both results, run alsa-info.sh for each case, and diff them all.01:19
TJ-routerll: I thought you had also that during a session several plug-in/plug-out causes it to fail too?01:19
routerllTJ-: No. Once it's working, it keeps working until reboot.01:20
TJ-routerll: Ahhh, I misunderstood. That makes things simpler!01:20
TJ-routerll:  in which case each time you boot save a copy of "/var/log/dmesg" with a name indicating the state of the outputs, and then compare them when you have all the scenarios captured01:21
TJ-routerll: if the hardware audio pins are being configured differently you'll see it01:21
routerllTJ-: Will do.01:22
TJ-routerll: e.g. here's what I get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12166185/01:22
routerllTJ-: I'll reboot a bunch of times, save the logs and report back.01:24
x86iacTJ- stricks it would be for cflags not extra_flags01:25
x86iacstricks: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13812185/how-to-recompile-with-fpic01:26
TJ-x86iac: depends on the Makefile; it might do CFLAGS:=$(EXTRA_CFLAGS) ...01:26
stricks,TJ-, x86iac,  yes changed to "make CFLAGS=-fPIC" and worked. Thank you.01:27
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Saulo(back) Inativo por mais de 20 minutos (time: 9s)01:28
Saulo(away) Inativo por mais de 20 minutos01:29
hdonhi all :) i have a very strange phenomenon. i'm using ubuntu 14.04. i have a jfs filesystem mounted via fstab. the configuration has not been changed in almost a year. earlier today, the filesystem was giving me EROFS (Read-only file system.) i scratched my head, looked around for anything unusual, didn't find anything, and so i mount -o rw,remount the filesystem. well, it's several hours later, and now i am getting EROFS again! what could be happening?!01:29
hdoncould the jfs module be encountering errors and setting it into ro?01:30
TJ-hdon: check "/var/log/kern.log" in case there are I/O errors from the disk/controller01:30
hdonhmm, i do see some jfs errors in the kernel log01:30
hdonTJ-: yes i just found some :(01:30
hdonbut is this normal behavior for a filesystem to go into ro-mode automatically?01:30
hdoni've been using linux for 13 years and i've never seen this behavior01:31
hdonnot saying i know everything though :)01:31
TJ-hdon: if the errors affect the file-system data, yes01:31
hdonTJ-: huh, thanks. any idea where i can find more info on this behavior?01:31
TJ-hdon: as far as i know it's been standard behaviour in the kernel file-system drivers since... oh the start of Linux! that's why we have the errors=remount-ro option01:32
hdonTJ-: you know, i've seen that option all this time, and somehow i just never questioned it, haha..01:33
routerllTJ-: Okay, I'm back after a reboot in which my headphones work. The only difference between the two dmesg files, re: headphones, is the IRQ.01:33
hdonTJ-: thanks for the help :)01:34
siscclis ubuntu for nexus 5 worth it?  any opinions?01:34
TJ-routerll: when it happens, I wonder if "alsactl init" might poke it?01:34
siscclI don’t dig the UI really but maybe I just don’t get it01:34
TJ-routerll: grabbing at straws until you can find some evidence.01:35
TJ-routerll: it's worth checking the entire dmesg for any signs of other issues that cause a knock-on effect. It could also be influenced by options to snd_hda_intel for example (if that is the driver)01:36
routerllTJ-: That is the driver. Diffing dmesg's is tough, though, since the time codes are all different. Any advice?01:36
TJ-routerll: strip the time codes01:38
routerllTJ-: I should have thought of that lol. Thanks.01:38
R34P3RI'm new to the penetesting field, but I think this would be a good job for me. any tips for a beginner?01:39
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K4V1Nkinda empty here...01:41
tgm4883K4V1N is that a question?01:41
ubottuBackbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.01:41
K4V1Ni guess.01:41
tgm4883oh that guy left01:42
K4V1Ni just wanted to know any tips and tricks.01:42
K4V1Nit's me, just changed nick.01:42
TJ-routerll: "diff -u <(sed 's/^[\[ [:digit:]\.\]*] //' /var/log/dmesg) <(sed 's/^[\[ [:digit:]\.\]*] //' /var/log/dmesg.0)"01:42
K4V1N@TJ- what does that do, may i ask?01:42
tgm4883K4V1N: well for starters, you should ask in the backbox chat01:42
K4V1Nit's empty right now, so.01:42
K4V1N#backbox is empty, i mean.01:43
routerllTJ-: I just did it with vim's block selection.01:43
tgm4883K4V1N: well this chat is for support questions01:43
K4V1Nalrighty then.01:43
x86iachdon: it goes rdonly when it finds bad error on disk - fsck -C it01:43
routerllTJ-: But that's an awesome command :) I'm writing it down.01:43
Saulo(away) off.01:44
x86iacSaulo: you mastered the /away pretty well01:44
hal_does ext4/3 use a MFT like windows?01:55
hal_"everything" search in windows finds files in seconds i read because it searchs the MFT. any file searchers i've used in linux are really slow01:57
hal_is there something that can index and find files quickly in linux?01:57
TJ-hal_: see https://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Ext4_Disk_Layout#Overview01:59
x86iachal_: check out slocate/locate the microsoft search builds an index like slocate/locate does02:01
hal_ok, did some digging. turns out ext* uses an equiv. called inodes. i don't think it stores filenames, just numbers so that may be out of the question02:01
hal_x86iac: yeah, i use locate sometimes. i tried catfish too which uses locate, it's slower.02:02
sadasdfanyone else getting an error code 2203 from hulu starting recently?02:03
hal_x86iac: "everything" is a third party free program in windows. i wish linux had an equivalent02:03
Ben64hal_: locate is very quick02:04
hal_Ben64: yeah, but it's like going back to the dark ages in comparison. everything can find as fast as i type over 8tb's02:06
Ben64hal_: locate actually has much more features02:07
tvfloripaBoa Noite02:08
hal_sadasdf: yes, me too. any company that makes life hard for linux users, i don't support02:08
snowkidindok so i got this hardware weirdness going on. I have a hdmi switcher hooked up to ubuntu. I have two other computers to connect. If I go Ubuntu -> Switcher -> Monitor it works fine, but the second I plug in one of the other wires in, the monitor dies, and i can’t even log back in through terminal. The machine still appears to be serving webpages.02:08
snowkidindwhats up with that?02:09
snowkidindFTR noth of the other machines are turned off02:09
hal_sounds like the same problem i was discussing with hulu. DRM. sounds like a HDMI handshake issue. had the same problem with my old Onkyo receiver02:10
tvfloripa 02:10
tvfloripa     02:10
tvfloripa--udp -/flood02:10
snowkidindwhat do you suppose the fix is?02:10
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hal_snowkidind: that's a "switcher", not a splitter. am i missing something?02:11
snowkidindim gonna try something brb02:12
gulag2014I'm running out of hd space on / and my /Home partitions. I have 70 gigs free on the disk. What would be the best course of action?02:13
x86iacmake a ln -sf02:14
snowkidindok so if i plug in all three machines it doesnt work at all when i start from everything off02:14
Ben64snowkidind: sounds like a bad splitter02:15
snowkidindubuntu is running, just no video02:15
snowkidindthats what im afraid of02:15
snowkidindthe weird part is when it is nothing else plugged in it works fine. maybe theres a ground issue in the chassis02:16
sadasdfhal_, what's the alternative to hulu then. ;_;02:17
justintv90Anybody using Oibaf graphic driver here ?02:17
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hal_sadasdf: don't know. according  to a thread on linuxquestions, it seems an issue with DRM flash02:19
x86iacyoutube? torrent?02:19
hal_sadasdf: the updated Adobe flash supports DRM in Firefox Windows but the latest we have is 11.2. screw flash. its death can't come soon enough02:20
x86iacflash? let it die a dignified death02:20
sadasdfbut i want to watch Eraserhead02:21
hal_i guess you could always use a VM02:21
gulag2014agreed. Get a roku and be done with it.02:21
sadasdfmmm good idea02:21
hal_there's talk on the forum of using Chromebook's version of flash. maybe someone will get it working or Adobe will update linux flash before i die02:22
justintv90Anybody using Oibaf graphic driver here ?02:22
x86iacyou need to give 'roku' a credit card number just to sign up ... they don't tell you this until after you PAY $ for the priviledge02:22
x86iaclinux flash has been dead for a long time02:22
x86iacjustintv90: they charge for surveys here ..02:23
gulag2014Oh, I have an older roku. That is brand new information. When did they start doing that?02:23
x86iacroku 302:23
hal_more info on getting hulu to work - http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/202802:24
justintv90Anybody using Oibaf graphic driver here ? I have unity issue with Oibaf graphic driver, please help me. Sorry x86iac02:25
snowkidindOk I am concluding that the switcher is bad. I don’t even have the D-plug in and as soon as I plug a second cable in i lose the first02:25
* x86iac charges justintv90 $.3702:25
x86iacjustintv90: what is oibaf?02:25
justintv90My Unity opacity no longer working when i upgraded graphic driver from Oibaf repository02:25
x86iacso go back to what the driver was before you upgraded it?02:26
x86iacwhat video card is using this fantastic unknown oibaf driver?02:27
x86iactry vesa ;)02:27
justintv90My graphic card is Ati mobility HD 547002:27
x86iactry 'ati' then? or radeon?02:29
justintv90i tried to apply fglrx proprietary driver in additional drivers but it thrown "low-graphic mode" in next boot02:31
justintv90i reinstalled 3 times but have same result02:31
x86iacreinstalling is just avoiding actually fixing what is wrong02:32
justintv90The default graphic works but it is laggy, what should i do now ?02:33
justintv90:( Please help02:33
justintv90The oibaf driver is very smooth but has issue with unity launcher02:34
justintv90The fglrx driver with lovely "low-graphic mode" warning02:35
falejandhow do you the screen reader on ubuntu mate?02:35
falejandturn off02:35
falejandscreen reader help? how to turn off?02:36
justintv90falejand: You mean Orsca screen reader ?02:37
falejandyes Orca02:37
falejandhelp, thanks02:37
justintv90sudo killall orca02:38
falejandok, will try thanks02:38
justintv90"sudo apt-get remove gnome-orca" if you dont need this function02:38
matjuHi, I installed the french language in system settings, but the language support dialogue box is non-obvious and after I found I can't drag the greyed-out french entries anywhere, I found I can drag the english entry downwards to enable other forms of english, but i can't enable french. How does this work ???02:39
thurstylarkCan anyone suggest an alternative to gizmod? http://sourceforge.net/projects/gizmod/02:48
jakesylHey guys!  I'm having a bit of trouble with make.  It's saying makeinfo is missing on my system.  How do I fix this?02:55
WinternetCould  you show error log at https://bpaste.net/02:56
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jakesylWinternet https://bpaste.net/show/b8fbb389552802:57
jakesylI do have Texinfo installed02:58
eanyxHi would know what is the diffenrence between vanilla kernel and ubuntu one?03:01
rizad0I need some help restoring connections to connections to my netowrk settings. I am running vivd vervit on a thinkpad x220.03:02
eanyxhi rizad0, what is your pbm?03:03
edtoast_46hey dont want this to sound like spam but can anyone join #toastirc ? Thankyou03:03
rizad0I unintalled gnome keyring via synaptic03:03
rizad0and now the wifi dosnt come up03:03
rizad0in netowrk adminstration03:03
rizad0there's no connections tab03:03
rizad0all I've done is update since then03:03
rizad0didn't help03:03
rizad0nothing in the forums I've found seems to address it03:04
thurstylarkhas anyone worked with evrouter? #!/bin/sh03:11
rizad0no dice03:20
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SuperLagIs restarting lightdm the best way to restart X without a reboot?03:48
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Tyrealwould someone be able to please help me with getting lubuntu to recognise an external hdd03:51
SuperLagTyreal: how did you format the drive?03:52
caliculkSo after installing a fresh system, offline copying of /etc/passwd, /etc/group, and /etc/shadow, is that a good or bad idea?03:52
caliculkBecause I just tried copying over /usr and /var and then my system broke. So I don't want to spend anothe 50 minutes installing ubuntu only to fail again.03:53
Tyrealits ntfs super03:54
SuperLagTyreal: if you do "lsmod | grep ntfs" do you see the module loaded?03:54
SuperLag(without quotes, of course)03:54
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Tyrealit didn't do anything :/03:56
SuperLagSo no output?03:56
SuperLagthat means the ntfs module isn't loaded03:56
Tyreali guess not, there was no response in xterminal03:56
marverickcan u tell how to switch beetween workspaces in backcox???03:57
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SuperLagTyreal: modprobe ntfs03:57
marverickhello anyone listening??03:58
Tyrealit says could not insert ntfs03:58
WinternetI am .03:58
marverickso can u tell how to switch between worlspaces in backbox??03:59
marverickcan anyone tell this03:59
marverickor i should go04:00
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rex__what room should I go to get help for an ubuntu partition04:10
Winternetpartion before install or post-install04:12
AHemlocksLieAre there any known issues with the 15.04 installer? The disc I burned kept hanging, so I forced a recheck on the torrent and put it on a USB stick, and it got through all the information collection, but it's moving awfully slow if at all in the actual installation04:15
rex__I need help removing or merging a couple of tiny partitions. I used gParted live and still couldnt resize my main partition to add them.. Picture here>   http://imgur.com/cW9IbvK04:16
Tyrealwinternet if i partition some of the external hdd will i be able to access the ntfs partition?04:16
marverickuse gparted04:17
marvericku can access anything04:17
marverickeither ntfs or any format partition04:17
Tyrealmarverick is that found in the software center?04:17
marverickwhich os u using Tyreal??04:18
edenistrex__, it looks like a lot of work for ony a couple of MB of space to reclaim04:18
edenistor is it just an annoyance kinda thing?04:18
rex__edentist, I was having Ocd about it.. I just dont like seeing so many partitions04:19
goddardhow can i debug a system freeze?04:19
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edenistrex__, hmmmmm. well the first unallocated space should be able to be merged into the ext4 partition. make sure it is unmounted first, then you should be able to select merge04:23
edenistthe last space will be a bit trickier, as you will either have to expand the recovery partition into it, or move the recovery partition past it, then increase the extended partition, then the ext4 again04:24
neopsycheHi all. Driving me nuts. cant install updates, /boot is full (apparently) deleted all not in use kernels.. still reporting not enough space.04:24
neopsycheubuntu 14.0404:24
edenistive not used gparted for ntfs partition modification before, so YMMV04:24
rex__edenist, ok thanks for the advice. I just wiped win7 from the main partition, so I think I might backup My linux partitions and just start fresh04:26
rex__the recovery is from win7, I believe. i dont need it anymore04:27
AHemlocksLieI think my 15.04 installation froze. It's in the "Creating ext4 file system" phase. Can I safely reboot without worrying about damage to my Windows partition? I worry about my master boot record and partition table04:27
edenistrex__, in that case, it's likely the weird unallocated spaces are from the way the system was setup with windows, especially the placement of the recovery partition. It may be in a weird place which means you may never be able to get rid of the tiny unallocated spaces unless you do a full drive wipe04:27
edenistrex__, ok, in that case, just wipe the whole drive then, delete all partitions when you do a reinstall04:28
rex__ednist, I believe my Ocd has won, and I will do a full wipe. Thanks04:28
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salmonhattCan someone help me with an uninstall process? Can't do it through software center.04:47
cfhowlettsalmonhatt, sudo apt-get purge packagenamehere04:48
salmonhattEven after doing that, the program is still there.04:49
salmonhattIt won't go away >.>04:49
cfhowlettsalmonhatt, name of program?  what version of ubuntu are you using?04:52
salmonhatt15.04, trying to remove VirtualBox04:52
cfhowlettsalmonhatt, how did you INSTALL it?04:53
salmonhattthrough the software center04:53
marverickwhich os u r using salmonhatt04:56
jakesylCan someone eli5 package headers?04:56
salmonhattmarverick: ubuntu 15.0404:57
neopsychehelo all04:59
neopsycheanyone know how to make / boot bigger04:59
matjuHi, I seem to have a huge problem of disk cache. Not long ago, I was able to sort the contents of a large file in 27 seconds with Ubuntu 14.04. I bought a much faster computer and installed 15.04 on it, and now the sort is taking many minutes and the disk doesn't stop writing. It seems as if writes are not delayed, which is very inconvenient. How do I fix this except downgrading the OS ?04:59
cfhowlettneopsyche, how large is /boot?  mine is here.  fwiw, gparted can resize, but I'm not sure you actually need to do that.05:02
matju... but dmesg says that the disk cache is enabled for that drive (sda).05:03
neopsychecfhowlett: something like 250mb05:03
cfhowlettneopsyche, sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999           and paste the url here05:03
neopsycheyes i want gparted to make it bigger.. ubuntu keeps telling me too small .. i think because some of the apps like google earth use old kernels?05:03
cfhowlettneopsyche, doesn't work like that.  the apps will use the currently booted kernel.05:04
neopsychegod knows how kernels keep getting in there lol  :-D05:04
cfhowlettneopsyche, sudo apt-get autoermove should clean out old kernels.  keep the 2 most recent versions.05:05
neopsychei tried it a few times.05:05
cfhowlettneopsyche, no change?05:05
neopsycheubuntu update still complaining that ;28mb' needs to be cleared05:05
neopsychei already manually deleted 4 kernels05:05
cfhowlettneopsyche, OK then.  gparted it is.05:05
neopsychegrub must have something in it perhaps.05:06
neopsycheits a bit grubby?05:06
cfhowlettneopsyche, you'll need to free some space on your hdd and then move/join the free space to your /bot05:06
cfhowlettneopsyche, grub should be auto-loading the most recent kernel05:07
cfhowlettmatju, do you have a /swap?05:07
neopsychecfhowlett:  thanks man.  how do i move some space?05:08
cfhowlettneopsyche, select the unassigned free part and move it next to /boot05:09
neopsychecfhowlett: free part?05:09
surgywhats the command line to give permission to every user of the computer to read write and execute a file/folder ?05:09
neopsycheboot is 243mib05:09
cfhowlettneopsyche, you have to free some space.  shrink one of your partitions,05:09
neopsychei need to make space/?05:09
neopsychefascinating.. unused 68.49 mib05:10
neopsyche... ubuntu says 'cant install because need 28?'05:11
cfhowlettneopsyche, kernel = about 100 mb05:11
surgywhats the command line to give permission to every user of the computer to read write and execute a file/folder ?05:11
matjucfhowlett: no file named /swap, but I have a swap partition on the same disk, which is unused because I have much more than enough RAM.05:11
neopsychecfhowlett:  how to make space on encrypted drive?05:11
cfhowlett!swap | matju05:11
ubottumatju: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info05:11
neopsychecfhowlett: no swap05:12
cfhowlettneopsyche, carefully.05:12
neopsychecfhowlett: how?05:12
matjucfhowlett: what about it ?05:12
neopsychecant click on resize / move05:12
cfhowlettneopsyche, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=72672405:12
matjucfhowlett: my swap partition exists and is enabled, but the system doesn't use it, because it doesn't need it.05:12
cfhowlettmatju, OK05:13
Winternethow big your ram is05:13
neopsycheargh resized with a live cd in mulitple steps?!? I need a degree in cryptography to move drive size?!?1 lol05:13
cfhowlettneopsyche, how many kernels are in /boot?05:14
matjucfhowlett: I also notice slowdown of apps trying to write much slower files : write() seems to be blocking the app until the file is completely written to disk.05:14
matjuWinternet: 12Go.05:15
cfhowlettneopsyche, something else is happening then, possibly related to encrypt.  kernels = about 100 mb.  no reason for you to be seeing "out of space" error with only 1 kernel.05:15
cfhowlettmatju, as it's not a /swap issue, I'm over my head.  ask again in channel.05:16
neopsyche.Trash-0 contents unreadable05:23
neopsychelost+found  contents unreadable05:23
neopsychecan I del .trash?05:25
neopsychecfhowlett: ?05:25
cfhowlettneopsyche, from your /home?05:25
neopsycheno from /boot05:25
neopsycheits hidden in there05:25
neopsychea .trash file05:25
cfhowlett!!!! WHAT?05:25
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:25
neopsycheyeah theres trash in the boot05:25
neopsycheand its unreadable trash05:26
neopsychenot reporting its size05:26
Winterneta bot here ? named ubottu05:26
cfhowlettneopsyche, never seen that before.  normally, I'd guess yes, but that's a system file so ... I don't know.05:26
cfhowlettand I don't have .trash in my /boot05:27
lotuspsychje!info bleachbit | neopsyche clean your system05:27
ubottuneopsyche clean your system: bleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6-1 (vivid), package size 255 kB, installed size 1965 kB05:27
lotuspsychjeWinternet: the bot helps users05:27
huschkehello..some wuestion...i have installed ubuntu 64bit system with 4gb ram..the taskmanager only shows 3919mb ram..is that normal ??05:29
cfhowletthuschke, yes, normal05:30
Winternetabsolutely normal05:30
huschkehello..some question...i have installed ubuntu 64bit system with 4gb ram..the taskmanager only shows 3919mb ram..is that normal ??05:30
g3komg im doing this from the terminal05:30
neopsychebeen there g3k05:30
cfhowlettg3k, this is ubuntu support.  ask your questions.05:30
neopsychecfhowlett: thanks05:30
huschkeWinternet: but a 32 bit system shows 4010mb from my 4gb ram05:31
matjuHi, I seem to have a huge problem of disk cache. Not long ago, I was able to sort the contents of a large file in 27 seconds with Ubuntu 14.04. I bought a much faster computer and installed 15.04 on it, and now the sort is taking many minutes and the disk doesn't stop writing. It seems as if writes are not delayed, which is very inconvenient. How do I fix this except downgrading the OS ? hdparm says sda has write-caching=1 and I have plenty05:31
devhenup upgradinga 10.04.4 LTS headless server to 12.04 as per the EOL upgrade instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/ I've setup my sources.list as explained there yet it still tries to access http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic* and then fails05:31
matjuof RAM.05:31
Winternetmine 8G, but shows 7975.05:32
neopsychecfhowlett: it seems when i went into root to del the offending kernels.. they hid themselves in an invisible trash.05:32
jefricshi, i'm new... me cago en todos ustdes, probando...05:32
lotuspsychjedevhen: upgrading from an eol release can get you in troubles sometimes05:32
huschkeWinternet: why it shows less ram05:32
lotuspsychjedevhen: best install fresh mate05:32
huschkeWinternet: a 32 bit system shows me more ram then 64bit system05:32
cfhowlettneopsyche, this is why we don't root things.  got it sorted?05:32
neopsychei will check soon05:33
neopsycheim doing non boot related updates05:33
lotuspsychjematju: check your syslog and dmesg for relevant errors05:33
neopsychethen i will run update again and hope it doesnt bork my system :-D05:33
neopsycheaaah ubuntu you are my favourite linux operating system.. when you work.05:33
lotuspsychjematju: also LTS will perform more stable on a system05:34
Winternetthis is not a big question about it.05:34
cfhowlettdevhen, sounds like you did something wrong somewhere; missed a software source setting would be my guess.05:35
devhencfhowlett: my sources.list is exactly as described on the EOL upgrades wiki page. https://dpaste.de/jAJ205:36
cfhowlettdevhen, then the system wouldn't even know to look for karmic ... so karmic is still present somewhere05:37
devhenhm. i wonder where ..05:37
lotuspsychjedevhen: the longer you wait to upgrade from an eol, the more dangerous for security flaws, would you trust your server still?05:37
matjulotuspsychje: i don't know what to look for in those files, except "sda". I'll reboot to see whether it makes a difference.05:40
cfhowlettdevhen, I'm sure there are reasons, but were it my box: clean intall 14.04.3, not eolupgrade.05:40
lotuspsychjedevhen: check this out for 10.04 mate: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/lucid/05:41
amstonwtf hexchat is xchat05:41
devhencfhowlett: thanks for the tips. i found the reference to karmic (in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ obv) and do-release-upgrade isnt complaining anymore. ill see what happens05:41
amstonhow stupid05:41
cfhowlett!language  | amston,05:42
ubottuamston,: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:42
lotuspsychjematju: if you pastebin your whole syslog and dmesg ill take a look05:47
lotuspsychje!paste | matju05:47
ubottumatju: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:47
HalelujahIs it me or freenode network lagging?05:49
lotuspsychjeHalelujah: freenode works smooth for me05:49
HalelujahMy question: How to install latest radeon driver?05:49
matjulotuspsychje: i rebooted and then the reads got at least 4 times faster and the writes at least 60 times faster.05:49
lotuspsychje!latest | Halelujah05:49
ubottuHalelujah: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.05:49
Halelujahi need latest radeon driver :)\05:50
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging05:50
lotuspsychjeHalelujah: does the driver ubuntu choose not work for you?05:50
matjulotuspsychje: actually, for the writes, it's more like : it wasn't doing delayed writes at all, and now the file is sorted fully in RAM before any of it gets written.05:50
lotuspsychje!yay | matju05:51
ubottumatju: Glad you made it! :-)05:51
Halelujahlotuspsychje it works but latest radeon driver makes my video card faster05:51
lotuspsychjeHalelujah: wich sorce says that?05:51
HalelujahI say it05:51
HalelujahHow can i check current radeon version?05:52
lotuspsychjeHalelujah: if your current driver works good, why experiment others05:52
lotuspsychjeHalelujah: sudo lshw -C video, behind driver=05:52
Halelujahbecause latest driver is faster05:53
Halelujahi tried ubuntu 15 and my video was faster05:53
lotuspsychjeHalelujah: graphics performance doesnt depend on driver only, clean system,tweaking,other flavors05:53
Halelujahi have old video card05:54
lotuspsychjeHalelujah: well, experiment as you wish, its your system right05:54
Halelujahhow to update it?05:55
AldenIsZen_newer is not always better.05:55
cfhowlettHalelujah, get the source from amd, compile and install.05:55
Halelujahfrom amd website?05:56
Halelujahi use open source radeon driver05:56
matjulotuspsychje: thanks, but it's somewhat frightening that anything like that can happen, and that it can be fixed with a plain reboot. I've been using linux for 18½ years now and that's a first.05:57
Halelujahok i guess i need to research this by myself05:57
lotuspsychjematju: all depends what happened exactly in your system/logs05:58
lotuspsychjeHalelujah: 14.04 and 15.04 us the same drivers, if 15.04 was faster its because of another reason06:00
matjulotuspsychje: I had 3 stack traces in syslog, all for a warning named "plane A assertion failure (expected on, current off)", before rebooting, at different times in the evening.06:04
lotuspsychjematju: ok, you can also  view logs in realtime with tail -f /var/log/syslog next time06:05
lotuspsychjematju: seems fine to me besides alot of acpi lines06:09
matjulotuspsychje: I don't know what you see that could be wrong in that number of ACPI lines... they seem to mostly just refer to a damn lot of different hardware parts.06:14
lotuspsychjematju: you could try a no_acpi boot06:15
matjulotuspsychje: what would that achieve ?06:15
lotuspsychjematju: wich ubuntu version was this?06:15
lotuspsychjematju: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions06:17
matjulotuspsychje: i said 15.04 on my new computer, 14.04 on the old one.06:21
matjulotuspsychje: i have to go now... thanks for the hint.06:22
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snoop_dogehi again06:26
snoop_dogewell im stuck. cant get laptop to boot from usb06:27
snoop_dogeread several manuals and nothing06:27
BotchlaBsnoop_doge: Be specific; what does "can't get laptop to boot from usb" mean? Have you turned secure boot off?06:28
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rukhazonMy Ubuntu install doen't complete boot sequence (plymouth still in the screen, no active terminal ...)06:36
rukhazonThere is no clues in /var/log/boot.log06:36
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Guest92663connect irc.android-x86.com06:50
masitsii am having acpi pcc probe error07:11
masitsimy output of dmesg | grep acpi at  :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12169619/07:12
masitsii am trying to run "sudo fsck /dev/sda" from ubunutu live disk07:12
masitsibut it says "/dev/sda is in use. e2fsck: Cannot continue, aborting. "07:13
Genahi all :) i just tried installing nvidia's proprietary driver with the nvidia-340 package, and when gdm starts up, i just get garbled picture, and gdm attempts to restart several times. any ideas where to begin diagnosing the problem?07:17
Genahmm, looking at my logs... maybe the kernel module isn't loaded07:18
Genalsmod|grep nv # no output07:18
Genahmm.. dpkg -L nvidia-340 |grep \\.ko # no output07:19
Genaoh, right.. it probably downloads it from an nvidia server or some bs07:20
Genaoh, this is something: modprobe nvidia # output: modprobe: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod-module.c:809 kmod_module_insert_module() could not find module by name='nvidia_340'07:21
Genanext line of output: modeprobe: ERROR: coudl not insert 'nvidia_340': Function not implemented07:21
marianoIs it possible to install the newest stable versions of kde apps (i.e. okular) on xubuntu 14.04?07:30
Genahmm, i don't seem to have an nvidia_340.ko anywhere07:42
Genai have nvidiafb.ko for each kernel i have installed07:42
Genabut no nvidia_34007:42
masitsi<masitsi> i am having acpi pcc probe error <masitsi> my output of dmesg | grep acpi at : http://paste.ubuntu.com/12169686/07:46
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* masitsi slaps masitsi around a bit with a large fishbot07:52
* masitsi slaps masitsi around a bit with a large fishbot07:52
masitsihmm..this feature wasn't there last time around07:53
masitsiquite a downgrade07:53
slicepaperwordsif I set a static IP in network/interfaces does it disable to gui control on the desktop version?08:02
Genaslicepaperwords, what gui program do you use?08:17
Genaslicepaperwords, my experience with all the GUI options has been so bad that i always just use /etc/network/interfaces08:18
ikoniathat is a bad idea08:18
ikoniathat will cause conflict08:18
slicepaperwordsGena: umm not to firmaliar its just the ubuntu desktop install08:19
ikoniathere is zero issue with the network manager application, and the gui interface for it08:19
ikoniaslicepaperwords: what's you're actual issue/situation08:19
Genaikonia, yeah yeah, so i'm told. except it hasn't worked for me in all seven years i've tried using it.08:19
ikoniaGena: does that not suggest you maybe having a problem....08:20
ikoniaas the rest of the userbase seems to use it fine08:20
dogemethorphanCheck out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed? http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/142235824508:20
ikoniadogemethorphan: we don't want to see your speed results08:20
ikoniathat is not what this channel is for08:20
Genaikonia, i have no doubt i am in the minority. if that's you're only point, then we're in complete agreement :)08:20
dogemethorphanU seem mad08:21
ikoniano, just don't want you posting pointless links into the channel please08:21
dogemethorphanU mad bro?08:21
slicepaperwordsI've got it working both ways, but if I set my IP in etc/network/interfaces it seems to disable the ubuntu GUI accessibility to my networks, even wireless everything on the desktop side08:21
* Gena summons the mods08:21
ikoniaslicepaperwords: are you using a desktop install ?08:21
dogemethorphanHe says hes not mad guys.08:21
slicepaperwordsikonia: yes08:22
ikoniadogemethorphan: enough please08:22
ikoniaslicepaperwords: ok - so undo your changes in the interfaces files, and use the network manager gui to control your card08:22
Genadoes taking dogemethorphan mean drinking your doge's piss after giving it cough syrup? like the "Laborador" from "Up in Smoke" ?08:22
=== Viking is now known as Guest51792
slicepaperwordsokay, it's actually not a problem either way I was just wondering if it always disabled the GUI interface or what08:23
ikoniaslicepaperwords: it has to really, or it could end up in a conflict,08:23
dogemethorphanWell im a meth addict that was abandome08:23
dogemethorphanBy my wealthy family08:23
ikoniadogemethorphan: the topic of this channel - is ubuntu support discussion08:23
ikoniadogemethorphan: please keep to that topic only08:23
ikoniaclear ?08:23
dogemethorphanIkonia i dk08:23
Genawith an rhost like that, why didn't you ban him sooner?08:24
ikoniaGena: it's not your concern08:24
Genait might as well have said disposable-vm.thisisnotmyonyipaddress.net08:25
Genabut, anyhow... back to support issue08:25
Genai will ask a question as soon as i can't press forward anymore. i accidentally uninstalled some kernel driver needed for my wireless card08:26
TheEagerPadawanhi anybody here that use smplayer?08:26
Genaso i'm booting into an older system and chrooting to try and install the right things :(08:26
ikoniawhy do you need to do that?08:26
ikoniawhy is there a need to chroot ?08:27
Genadifferent root filesystems08:27
ikoniaan older kernel has a different root file system ?08:27
Genaincidentally in this case, yes08:27
ikoniaahhh an older system - so not the same install with a different kenrel ?08:27
Genamy old ubuntu 12.0408:28
ikoniacould you not use one of the older kenrels in your current install08:28
ikoniathe ubuntu installs keep N-1 kernel08:28
ikoniaso can you not use that ?08:28
Genawell dkms seems to have removed it from all six 14.04 kernels08:28
Genathat i have installed08:28
Genabecause i rarely apt-get autoremove08:28
TheEagerPadawandoes anyone know how can configure smplayer to use negative timestamps so that you know how long the clips still has to run till it reaches the end?08:28
slicepaperwordsikonia: thanks, I figured that was the case just still new is all looking for clarity08:29
Genahow is determined value of "N" ikonia ?08:29
Genaalso is your nick tng reference?08:29
ikoniaGena: current -n08:29
ikoniacurrent -108:29
Genaahh, right08:29
Genawell i have generic and lowlatency of three different kernel releases08:29
Genaso six in total, and i am given to understand that dkms will manage kernel modules for all installed kernels08:30
Genai tried one other kernel just in case it might work, but it didn't. iwconfig doesn't find any wnics08:30
jancekjancekhello guys! i'm configuring ubuntu server and i want to install postfix for the first time. i'd only like to use it to send internal mail and as virtual mail service (so when i get mail to @mydomain.tld it redirects it based on config files). What security whould be applied to prevent spamming through my mail in this case? Thank you very much for help in advance! :)08:35
ikoniayou need to lock it down tight - the security will depend on your specific setup08:35
Genajancekjancek, when you say "send internal mail" do you mean a closed email system that can't send/receive in/out of it? or do you want to be able to receive email from the general Internet population, and you mean something else?08:37
Genajancekjancek, spamassassin is a popular option. i began using it some time ago (in debian) but the default configuration is still letting a lot of spam through undetected (specifically it gives very generous spam scores to the waves of spam coming out of the new TLDs like .science, .review, .xyz, etc)08:38
jancekjancekGena: internal mail as mail from services... along that i just want to forward mail which came to, lets say contact@mydomain.tld, to @gmail08:39
ikoniawhy don't you just let gmail manage that08:39
ikoniaan extra leg in the relay makes things more complex08:39
ikoniamore so if you're new to mail systems08:40
m1dnight1Hello guys. I have an usb drive that I mounted via fstab but it is not showing up in df. any tips?08:41
ikoniais it mounted ?08:41
jancekjancekikonia: i believe you're right, but i'd like to configure it without external mail providers08:42
ikoniajancekjancek: why ?08:42
ikoniafor what benifit ?08:42
m1dnight1ikonia: yes, i can navigate to the drive. but further inspection shows thats it is not listed in /proc/mounts eithers08:42
ikoniayou're making a system over complex and risking other issues, such as relay black listing,08:42
ikoniam1dnight1: can you post the output of the command "mount" in a pastebin please.08:43
Genajancekjancek, mail from services? like, daemons on your system/network?08:44
jancekjancekGena: yes08:44
Genajancekjancek, gmail can be configured to pull email via pop (and i think imap, too)08:45
Genajancekjancek, i would recommend trying to take gmail out of the loop. is it so that the email gets to your phone or something like that?08:45
ikoniagmail will be an email end point,08:46
ikoniajust configure it in gmail, and point the mx record at it08:46
ikoniasimple solution08:46
jancekjancekGena: i'd like to get 'rid' of telling my long gmail address, so i just need to forward everything that comes to contact@mydomain.tld to my actual @gmail address08:47
jancekjancekGena: and to get mail notifications from system daemons08:48
ikoniajancekjancek: 1.) configure gmail to accept mai from your domain 2.) point your MX record at gmail - job done08:48
ikoniaputting a relay step in the middle will make a complex solution08:48
jancekjancekikonia: there is not much to do to achieve what i want -> http://www.binarytides.com/postfix-mail-forwarding-debian/ ... but the problem is security if I enable this...08:49
ikoniajancekjancek: there is quite a lot to doing what you want08:55
ikoniasuch as valid secure handshake for the google relay, making sure you're not prone to scatterback-spam from your relay08:55
ikoniajancekjancek: any idiot can write a weak "how to" on the internet, the trick is to not be the idiot that blindly follows it08:55
Genajancekjancek, IMHO that is a very silly reason to set up this more complicated system you propose08:56
Genaikonia, i thought you had to pay for that service08:57
ikoniaGena: no idea, actually, I didn't think you did, but I don't keep up with pricing policy08:57
Genaikonia, you're probably right. the last time i knew anything about it was like, seven years ago08:57
jancekjancekikonia, Gena: how can I set up the gmail in front of everything then?08:58
ikoniajancekjancek: check the gmail docs08:59
ikonia(official docs)08:59
jancekjancekok, thanks for help :)08:59
Sickhi guys09:22
Genamaking progress...09:28
Genawell this is wonderful09:29
Genadkms devices # exits silently09:30
=== voronwe is now known as Guest99689
Genafrom chroot i got my module back09:37
Genamy wnic was working beautifully when i booted up 3.13.0-6209:38
Genai ran dkms again09:38
Genait had some errors09:38
Genasaid it was rolling "this module" (did not say which module!) back to "built state"09:38
Genabuilt sounds like a pretty good state, ok09:38
Genaboot into full multiuser mode09:38
Genanvidia proprietary driver is working09:39
Genabut now net doesn't work again09:39
Genamaybe the module just isn't loaded automatically..09:39
Genayes! that was it..09:39
Genawell, that was a grueling process09:40
Genai wish some of the new tools for juggling kernels and modules were a little more transparent09:41
braanhi, my explorer in ubuntu is not working09:42
braanshows a blank screen in desktop09:42
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RonWhoCaresI have a memory leak from version 15.04 .  I don't know which program is causing it.10:10
RonWhoCaresHow can I diagnosis this?10:10
RonWhoCaresIt is showing 3.5 gigs "used" 178 megs available.  The only way I know how to repair this is by restarted the computer every 12 hours10:11
samsul!info htop10:11
ubottuhtop (source: htop): interactive processes viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.3-1 (vivid), package size 62 kB, installed size 194 kB10:11
Ben64RonWhoCares: pastebin the output of "free -m"10:12
Winternetrestart computer every 12h is not good enough10:12
=== vincent is now known as Guest54578
Ben64RonWhoCares: well looks like you have 1.5GB free, seems fine10:14
RonWhoCaresThat is cache10:15
RonWhoCaresmy brower is about to crash10:15
RonWhoCaresit keeps going grey10:15
Ben64thats not related to ram10:15
=== k is now known as Guest39256
RonWhoCaresthat line is the cache10:15
Ben64i know10:15
Ben64it shows that the ram isn't really used, its just cache10:16
RonWhoCaresThe memory line shows 3519 used and only 178 free10:16
Ben64right, because you have 1237MB used as cache, which isn't really 'used'10:17
RonWhoCaresLet's just cut to the chase10:17
RonWhoCaresHow do I resolve needing to restart the computer every 12 hours10:17
Ben64why do you need to10:18
RonWhoCareswhen I am typing letters are being misseed10:18
RonWhoCaresI can't click on links10:18
boomernangRonWhoCares: is this in firefox?10:18
dreamcat4so i want to save terminal output to a text file. but there is no 'save as' menu item in the ubuntu terminal app. any suggestions here?10:18
boomernangRonWhoCares: i have the same issue.. but its only firefox.. everything else is fine10:19
dreamcat4i can paste the buffer into sublime, and try to 'save'. after which point it just hangs / gives up.10:19
boomernangRonWhoCares: what about outside firefox?10:19
RonWhoCaresIt is just firefox10:19
linociscoubuntu freeze on 15.04 at startup after login10:20
boomernangRonWhoCares: we are experiencing the same thing.. im not sure how to fix it10:20
pigtailedslinocisco: ?10:20
boomernangbut closing firefox and re opening firefox fixes it10:20
boomernangfor a few hours10:20
Ben64firefox, especially with addons, gets really heavy10:21
dreamcat4nevermind xclip -o > file10:21
pigtailedsboomernang: use chrome then10:21
RonWhoCaresIs there a different brwoser10:21
boomernangBen64: i dont have any addons10:21
SCHAAP137firefox uses 2GB here10:22
pigtailedsSCHAAP137: yeah10:22
SCHAAP137still got 22GB left ;P10:22
boomernanglol nivr10:22
Ben64yeah about 2GB here too10:22
pigtailedsRonWhoCares: yes10:23
enrico_ciao a tutti10:25
pigtailedsIt's a snappy issue10:25
linociscopigtaileds, why?10:26
pigtailedslinocisco: freezing how and why10:27
linociscopigtaileds, no key press was responded and grey for a 1 min10:28
linociscopigtaileds, screen grey and then report problem dialogbox appeared and I sent report everytime . I didn't remember why10:29
pigtailedslinocisco: were any programs running10:29
linociscopigtaileds, no programm10:30
Archyme14hello fellow ubuntu users10:30
pigtailedsArchyme14: ?10:31
Winternethello, Archyme1410:31
hualetRonWhoCares: still there? check if you have libc6-686 installed10:32
RonWhoCaresHow do I do this?10:39
bobstermanhow do you read the /dev/input/mouse0 file?10:50
RonWhoCaresnano {filename}10:50
bobstermanive done cat /dev/input/mouse0, and it outputs a whole heap of random characters10:51
bobstermanill try RonWhoCares10:51
bekksbobsterman: That will not work.10:51
bobstermanbekks, didnt think so10:51
bobstermancause already tried vim10:51
bekksbobsterman: And what does those random characters give you?10:51
bekks"No useful information" :)10:52
bobstermanbekks, like question marks in solid diamonds10:52
bobstermanbekks, �10:53
bobstermanhot off the terminal10:53
bekksbobsterman: Whats the actual issue behind all that?10:53
hackeronhi there, I have a weird memory leak issue which I think is kernel level. I have read and understood linuxatemyram.com, the memory is not used for cache/buffers, it is simply "missing" - no userspace app I can find is able to show where the memory is going. Can anyone help? < more details here: http://superuser.com/questions/793192/invisible-memory-leak-on-linux-ubuntu-server-not-disk-cache-buffers10:53
bobstermanbekks, just wanted to  know how to read from it10:53
MonkeyDustbobsterman  type   cat [file] | nc termbin.com 9999 and paste the url here10:54
RonWhoCaresbobsterman: I just reset my profile to see if this helped10:54
bekksbobsterman: By using an application like gpm, e.g.10:54
bobstermanMonkeyDust, "use netcat."10:55
SCHAAP137ubuntu MATE 15.04... i'm trying to put Qjackctl in my startup application list, it works and it does start, but no indicator icon appears. If i quit it, manually start Qjackctl, the icon appears and it's fine. How can I make Qjackctl start áfter the panel + indicator applet started?10:56
MonkeyDustbobsterman  odd, then use netcat instead of nc10:56
MrElendigor use curl10:56
bobstermanMonkeyDust, haha just worked it out then10:56
MrElendig`<command> | curl -F c=@- https://ptpb.pw` --or-- `curl -F c=@- https://ptpb.pw < file`10:56
bobstermanMonkeyDust, ahhhh same issue?10:56
MrElendigor @thefilename, that also works10:56
bobstermanMonkeyDust, its also worth noting that the file doesnt stop outputting text?11:00
bobstermanand prints out whenever i wriggle the mouse11:00
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
MrElendigbobsterman: what are you *actually* trying to do?11:03
bobstermanMrElendig, find what secrets /dev/input/mouse0 beholds11:04
MrElendigbobsterman: kernel docs tells you about that11:04
=== Odo is now known as Guest19094
MrElendigalso the hid documentation11:04
bobstermanMrElendig, right... thanks11:04
ducasseHas anyone here done a btrfs-convert of an ext4 root fs on 15.04? Do I need to rebuild the initrd or do any particular magic other than edit fstab?11:05
MrElendigbobsterman: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/input/input.txt11:05
MrElendigas a starting point11:05
MrElendigjust catting the file won't teach you anthing11:05
MrElendigexcept how to blindly type "reset" to restore your terminal after it breaks :p11:06
bobstermanMrElendig, thank you :)11:06
xchatterHow can I find out quickly which printer driver my Ubuntu 15.04 uses?11:07
xchatterI am getting some black dirt line in the middle of a page. The print itself is excellent11:07
xchatterCould this be a printer problem?11:07
MrElendigbobsterman: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/input/event-codes.txt too11:07
MrElendigxchatter: localhost:63111:08
MrElendigxchatter: sounds more like a hardware issue though, depending on just how the paper looks11:08
bobstermanMrElendig, thanks, this website is a goldmine11:09
xchatterPaper looks very nice. Good print. ALmost in the middle of a page I get a horizontal line which is weak and stronger towards the edges of the paper.11:09
MrElendigbobsterman: it is just the documentation bundled with the kernel source11:10
MrElendigxchatter: take a picture11:10
MrElendigor scan11:10
xchatterI just did a selftest printout. It says "if you can read this you are using the wrong driver for your printer"11:17
xchatterOn this sheet the line is 3/4 down the page.11:17
xchatterSo before I scan the page maybe I should try a different printer. I have the Samsung CLX-3185FW11:18
MrElendignetwork attached?11:18
xchatterTook me one week last time to install this printer driver. But this was a year ago.11:18
xchatterWireless LAN11:19
MrElendigall you need is the ppd11:19
TangurinHello! Can someone help me with Ubuntu and FTP login before I jump of a cliff =)?11:19
MrElendigin teory anyway11:19
MrElendigTangurin: yes, don't use ftp11:19
BotchlaBUse SFTP, Tangurin.11:19
xchatterI will search for Samsung CLX-3185FW ppd11:19
MrElendigxchatter: samsung usually provides it, or you can extract it from the windows driver11:20
TangurinI agree! but when my client who want to upload files to their site wants access, I don't want them to use sftp right?11:20
MrElendigTangurin: you do11:20
TangurinI do...11:20
MrElendigTangurin: if you actually care about security11:20
xchatterMrElendig, http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/CLX-3185FW/XAA No Linux driver11:20
TangurinSo I should uninstall this FTP module and only use SFTP?11:21
MonkeyDustTangurin  keep calm and use sftp11:21
MrElendigTangurin: that or use http11:21
TangurinI thought SFTP gave accessed to the whole server. How can I restrict the user to only access its home directory?11:22
ducasseMrElendig: Yes, there is - Printing & Scan Driver (Driver) ver.V1.00.27.04 - Linux (MULTI LANGUAGE, 15.44 MB)11:22
MonkeyDustTangurin  the S means Safe, not Server11:23
Tangurinhaha yeah I got that but I thought it was the connection/data transfer which was safe. Now when I login via SFTP as a user, I can go to the root which can't be allowed11:24
MrElendigTangurin: https://bpaste.net/show/6a9eee5c310311:24
MrElendigTangurin: read the manual for details11:24
ducassexchatter: go to the page above, and download the driver there. it's a tar.gz, no idea what is inside...11:24
MrElendigTangurin: also you really should be running a MAC too11:25
MrElendigTangurin: eg grs/pax11:25
TangurinI do running a mac =)11:25
MrElendigor selinux11:25
xchatterducasse, which Link. Can not see it11:25
Tangurineg grs/pax... have no idea what that means11:25
MrElendigTangurin: exemplī grātiā11:25
ducassexchatter: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/CLX-3185FW/XAA - scroll down, and there is a Linux driver.11:26
MrElendigyou should only need the ppd from that tarball when you use the driver over the network11:26
xchatterducasse, found it Thank you11:27
TangurinMrElendig: you recommend grsecurity?11:27
MrElendigTangurin: yes11:27
Tangurinthanks! appreciate the info =)11:27
MrElendigsadly most distroes doesn't include it though11:27
MrElendigmost have selinux instead11:27
MrElendigubuntu officially only support selinux11:28
Winternetlinocisco, hi11:29
xchatterducasse, there is a whole bunch of files in there. Among them an install-printer.sh, install-scanner.sh. So I guess I just run both. (I want to use the printer over wireless LAN)11:29
TangurinMrElendig: Okey I understand, but I will install it on my ubuntu installation, and I have uninstalled the proftpd module and will read about how to get SFTP to only give access to home directory11:29
linociscohow to use ipad on ubuntu to transfer files to and from?11:29
linociscoany software or driver required?11:29
MonkeyDust!ipad | linocisco start here11:29
ubottulinocisco start here: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod11:29
WinternetI have the same issue. linocisco11:29
MrElendiglinocisco: the best way is to use http, because apple are quite hostile to the free software world11:30
ducassexchatter: you should be able to just rip out the ppd and use that, unless it needs any filters or .so files11:30
Winternetstill not solved.11:30
MrElendiglinocisco: dropbox/google/whatever11:30
TangurinMrElendig: is this difficult to do? I can see you are professional in this subject but I am pretty much a beginner at ubuntu, you think I can do it?11:31
xchatterI ran the install script and it says that this printer driver is already installed.11:31
xchatterBut the printout says "If you can read this you are using the wrong printer driver for your printer".11:31
xchatterI wonder if I have multiple drivers installed ...11:31
MrElendigTangurin: just setting up a ssh sftp/scp only chroot is easy11:32
ducassexchatter: can't you just try to remove the driver you already have installed?11:32
TangurinMrElendig: for you yes ;)11:32
MrElendigTangurin: see the paste I gave you11:32
TangurinMrElendig: yes!11:32
MrElendigcan match on user instead of group too11:32
xchatterxchatter, ehhmm... how? Remove the printer?11:32
MrElendigthere are ofcourse some other things you want to tweak too11:32
MrElendiglike user whitelisting etc11:33
MrElendigxchatter: localhost:631, delete the printer, readd it11:33
TangurinMrElendig: user is better! every user got its home directory11:33
xchatterI uninstalled via the script.11:33
linociscoi want to connect using usb cable11:33
MrElendigTangurin: the one I posted matches on group, the %h expands to the user home dir11:33
MrElendiglinocisco: forget that11:33
Tangurinokey, but sorry for these questions... I have no idea where to put that snippet of code11:34
MrElendiglinocisco: apple intentionally makes that nearly impossible11:34
Winternetlinocisco, Which file type do you want to transfer to ipad from ubuntu11:34
TangurinMrElendig: okey, but sorry for these questions... I have no idea where to put that snippet of code11:34
linociscoWinternet, movies, pdf, pictures, mp311:34
MrElendigTangurin: sshd_conf11:34
MrElendigTangurin: read the man page for it bw11:34
WinternetI have an idea on pdf file transfer.11:35
MrElendigyou might also need Subsystem       sftp    internal-sftp11:35
Winternetit is a little tricky using wireless LAN.11:35
xchatterWhen I delete the printer (which I just did) will this also remove the printer driver?11:35
bekksxchatter: No.11:36
MrElendigTangurin: if you want key based auth you might have to change AuthorizedKeysFile too11:36
boodllebat"/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ljack"11:36
MrElendigdepending on the openssh version11:36
TangurinMrElendig: what is a key based auth?11:36
boodllebati'm unable to use -ljack i dont know what package to install11:36
bluenemohi guys. Sry for long post - I've got this old UMTS/3g WWAN Stick and discovered it can send sms / receive too. I wrote a little python around gammu (some sms thingy) and can now send mails to foo@bar.com and my py will fetch that, parse it and send it via sms to my mobile. What I want next is to have like "plugins", which have a function to send a message and to fetch messages. This for sms, jabber, emails, and so on (generic). Is there somethi11:36
bluenemong like this out there yet? Preferably in py or ruby. An example config for my idea: http://paste.debian.net/303967/ (very basic, but you might catch my drift). the example means fetch mails from the "fetch" email account, look in the message body on how to use them (or set overridable defaults in config) and send that via jabber.11:36
MrElendigboodllebat: install -dev packages for jack(2)11:36
Winternetmake your ubuntu as a web server, and put pdf in web docroot, then get it from your ipad safari, choose open using ...11:36
TangurinMrElendig: how do you know all this!11:36
ducassexchatter: find out what file name the printer driver is, and purge the package it came in11:37
MrElendigTangurin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public-key_cryptography11:37
MrElendigboodllebat: what are you trying to build btw?11:37
MonkeyDustbluenemo  better ask in a dev channel for ruby or python11:37
xchatterOK, I deleted the printer. Now I want to add the printer again. But Ubuntu offers me two choices: Samsung CLX-3180 Series (SEC001599964B16) (Samsung Samsung CLX-3180 Series)11:37
xchatterSamsung CLX-3180 Series (Samsung CLX-3180 Series)11:37
xchatterWhich one should I choose?11:37
boodllebatMrElendig: i'm working on port-audio11:37
TangurinMrElendig: what shell should the user have when I create them?11:38
boodllebatMrElendig: still i'm unable to locate package11:38
xchatterI have the CLX-318511:38
boodllebatMrElendig: package-name *11:38
MrElendigboodllebat: ubuntu packages portaudio11:38
=== m0nkeyd is now known as m0nkeyDCode
ducassexchatter: that probably means that one uses the ppd that Ubuntu supplied, and the other is the one you just installed. does it list the file names?11:38
MrElendigTangurin: nologin11:38
boodllebatMrElendig: this is my compile statement "gcc -lrt -lasound -ljack -lpthread -o YOUR_BINARY main.c libportaudio.a"11:39
MrElendigboodllebat: you really should use pkg-config11:39
xchatterducasse, can not be, because I already removed it via uninstall script11:39
MrElendigjack 1 or 2 btw?11:40
ducassexchatter: do you know which of the drivers you were using originally?11:40
MrElendigif jack2 you want libjack-jackd2-dev11:40
boodllebatMrElendig: i dont know , i'm reading from docs its "-jack flag"11:41
boodllebatMrElendig: sorry -ljack11:41
boodllebatMrElendig: installing libjack-jackd2-dev11:42
boodllebatMrElendig: hey i was trying to install libjack-jackd2-dev but something know as 'droidcam is casuing problem' which i tried to install earlier and it never installed here are my install log for jack2-dev http://paste.ubuntu.com/12170801/11:44
MrElendiguninstall it then11:45
boodllebatMrElendig: okay when i tried to uninstall droidcam this comes up http://paste.ubuntu.com/12170816/11:47
j1n3l0hi all. i have just upgraded to ubuntu 15.04 (from 14.04 via 14.10). since i did my touchpad has stopped working. i have done some digging but have not found a solution yet that works for me. summary of my investigation is here: https://gist.github.com/j1n3l0/31495bd5b8aef8b027ff. would really appreciate any pointers. thanks.11:47
ducassexchatter: or you could just simply add a new print queue, and select the ppd you just downloaded instead of selecting a driver from the list it gives you.11:48
MrElendigdo it without purge11:48
MrElendigalso silly ubuntu packaging...11:48
boodllebatMrElendig: alright removed it11:48
TangurinMrElendig: I cannot login via SFTP and I tried to login via SSH too but when I do that, I get logged in and directly after that I get logged out!11:48
MrElendigssh -vvv11:49
MrElendigand read the sshd log11:49
MrElendigand auth.log11:49
sneakpeekgoogle-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb how should i install this pacakage to use chrome11:50
MrElendigsneakpeek: you should use chromium11:50
sneakpeekis it available in repository MrElendig11:50
boodllebatMrElendig: what lib have sin and floor function in gcc , i'm trying to compile my port-audio code11:51
MonkeyDustsneakpeek  yes11:51
ducasseboodllebat: libmath11:52
Tanguringrep 'sshd' /var/log/auth.log11:52
dinetgood day11:52
boodllebatducasse: cannot find -lamth11:52
MrElendigboodllebat: there are a lot of libs that provides those, incliding glibc11:53
ducasseboodllebat: -lm11:53
MrElendigboodllebat: man 3 sin11:54
boodllebatMrElendig: yes11:54
MrElendig"Link with -lm."11:55
TangurinMrElendig: debug1: Exit status 1 when I used the flag -vvv11:56
TangurinMrElendig: and a lot of other rows, don't know where to start11:56
boodllebatMrElendig: port audio is looking complex to me i should switch to ALSA i guess11:56
MrElendigboodllebat: you just want sound output in your app?11:56
TangurinMrElendig: isn't it because i set the shell nologin for the user ?11:56
TangurinMrElendig: maybe that's why I cant login via ssh?11:57
boodllebatMrElendig: yes working on a mp3 player , but i wanted it from scratch11:57
MrElendigboodllebat: gstreamer will make your life *a lot* easier11:57
MrElendigTangurin: try /bin/false instead11:57
MrElendigTangurin: and yes, it will prevent plain ssh login, which is what you want11:57
MrElendigthough ForceCommand should do that too11:58
dinetI have a quite annoying problem. Have three vhosts in apache and after a while apache stops responding. I got the sites to work yesterday but now it broke again11:59
MonkeyDustdinet  is that a server? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server11:59
MrElendigboodllebat: gives you support for about any sound format out there "for free", and also seeking etc11:59
dinetthe sites is stored in ~/www/sitename with a link in /var/wwww11:59
TangurinMrElendig: that is very true! okey so it is a good sign I can't login via SSH, good! the bad sign is that I can't login via SFTP, is there I way to see why :S12:00
dinetMonkeyDust: dual purpouse12:00
MrElendigTangurin: test with scp12:00
MrElendigTangurin: also you can enable normal login agian to test that ssh itself works12:00
xchatterI deleted the printers and restarted printer. Now when I want to print a test page I get "Unable to add document to print job."12:00
boodllebatMrElendig: but i wanted to learn mp3 , as my thing is no more than mp3 so atleast that is the minimum thing which i should create from scratch rather than using full lib support12:00
xchatterAny idea?12:01
xchatterIn Cups it says: Samsung_CLX-3180_Series_on_192.168.0.13 (Paused, Accepting Jobs, Not Shared)12:01
TangurinMrElendig: what is normal login, to change to another shell? I can login via ssh as root12:01
MrElendigxchatter: read the cups log12:01
xchatterHow can I unpause it?12:01
ducassexchatter: you set up a new queue with the driver you downloaded? paused just means it's not printing now12:02
MrElendigTangurin: set the shell for the user to /bin/bash and commend out the ForceCommand12:02
ducassexchatter: "Accepting jobs" means it should print when asked to12:02
xchatterducasse, http://pastebin.com/cuYfxaw112:03
TangurinMrElendig: Ahh! I think we getting somewhere now! If I set shell - bash, I can login via SFTP and SSH, but If I set shell -  bin/false i cant login via ssh or sftp12:04
boodllebatMrElendig: hey i was trying to compile a port audio example code but it gives me erroe like this but first here is my compile statement "gcc -lrt -lasound -ljack -pthread -o test2 test.c -lm libportaudio.a" errors [ERRORS] http://paste.ubuntu.com/12170911/12:05
MrElendigTangurin: scp should work with shell set to false/nologin12:05
MrElendigunless silly things have been done in pam12:06
xchatterMe and my buddy from work had an argument a month ago. Windows vs Linux. He said that one needs a computer science degree in order to print out a document. And I defended Linux .... But only because usually I never printer as I am just learning.12:06
TangurinMrElendig: I don't have SCP in transmit, can't I get it to work with SFTP12:06
ducassexchatter: what directories do you have under /usr/share/ppd?12:06
xchatterI can now understand what he meant. :P12:06
xchatterducasse, cupsfilters  custom  hplip  uld-samsung12:07
TangurinMrElendig: http://serverfault.com/questions/420068/shell-bin-false-allowing-sftp-access-ubuntu-12-04 may this be something? I don't understand it by my self but maybe you do?12:08
ducassexchatter: ok, and under uld-samsung, do you have anything like *3180*?12:08
MrElendigTangurin: sure you remembered to add the forececommand etc to the config?12:09
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest73837
xchatterducasse, http://pastebin.com/2xdwqDqW12:10
ducassexchatter: try running 'cupstestppd /usr/share/ppd/uld-samsung/Samsung_CLX-3180_Series.ppd'12:10
TangurinMrElendig: no I am not sure I did! I'm sorry, it's my lack of knowledge which making this so difficult for me and not for you haha =) I copied your config snippet and pasted into sshd_config, where you have ForceCommand internal-sftp12:11
MrElendigTangurin: might need Subsystem       sftp    internal-sftp too12:11
TangurinMrElendig: I got this line wich is not a comment: Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server12:12
MrElendigTangurin: change that to sftp-internal12:12
xchatterducasse, http://pastebin.com/3RGu5aPv12:12
TangurinMrElendig: gahh! doesn't work! When i try to login transmit say it might be wrong username or password which is not12:15
* MrElendig runs off for dinner12:15
ducassexchatter: that looks good. the warnings are irrelevant. and this looks like the right ppd from what I can see. why it complains about the 'driver information file' in the first log I have no idea, and I don't know how to test them. how did you set up this queue - did you select the ppd manually?12:17
Saulo(away) not here.12:18
xchatterducasse, I deleted the printer because it was paused all the time and installed the other option (Samsung CLX-3180 Series (SEC001599964B16) (Samsung Samsung CLX-3180 Series))12:20
xchatterNow I can print again. Same problem, though. Black line12:20
xchatterI was trying to scan. But now I can not scan anymore to USB12:20
ducassexchatter: that could be because this is the same driver you were using before. _or_ it could be a hardware issue, a clogged nozzle or whatever.12:21
ducassexchatter: what are you trying to scan with? xsane? when I do that I need to select a different driver for USB than for over the network, but that is Epson.12:22
xchatterI can not scan again. Where can I upload the pdf?12:23
xchatterraphishshare is no longer12:23
xchatterducasse, http://www.xup.in/dl,27067062/185401.PDF/12:25
xchatterducasse, now there is two lines bottom and top12:25
xchatterthe other smudged don't exist on the pager12:25
ducassexchatter: is the line always in *exactly* the same place?12:27
xchatterducasse, no12:27
xchatterducasse, but I am just seeting that part of the text is also cut off12:28
xchatterducasse, look at the make and model line12:28
xchatterducasse, it only says recommen12:28
Linnakhi, I use docky and i'd like an application menu launcher on it. is there an app for that?12:29
ducassexchatter: yeah, but I've seen that on other printers that have worked just fine otherwise, probably just a bug in the layout of the test page12:30
ducassexchatter: the smudge thing looks sort of like a physical problem, ink/toner smeared on a roller or something12:30
ducassexchatter: you could try booting from a live cd, preferably one that doesn't use the same version of drivers and print from there12:32
MonkeyDustLinnak  find ratmenu in the repos12:32
xchatterducasse, I just printed the first page of the Samsung user manual/pdf). The line is there. :( http://www.xup.in/dl,46673444/190354.PDF/12:34
ducassexchatter: yes, but nothing is cut off like on the test page. as I said, the line looks like a physical problem. the best way to make sure would be to try printing from osx or windows and see if the line is still there. do you have a machine with either?12:36
ducassexchatter: or a windows vm?12:36
xchatterNo, only Linux12:37
xchatterWhy does the Samsung have a self cleaning mechanism.12:37
xchatterWeird, there is nothing in the manual about it.12:38
ducassexchatter: then you basically have no way of knowing... even if it has a self cleaning mechanism there could be something on a roller that causes this and doesn't get cleaned - that's what it looks like.12:38
TangurinHow can I restrict access via SSH but allow access via SFTP12:39
ducassexchatter: consider installing windows in a vm if you can, or get a copy of the hiren boot cd. it has xp pe on it that you can boot into, install a printer driver and try it12:40
soupnanodesukarTangurin, run ssh on a different port, or simply don't use a ssh server. :)12:40
Tangurinsoupnanodesukar: But I want ssh for the root?12:41
soupnanodesukarTangurin: then use a different port12:41
xchatterducasse, ok. Maybe another day. I have to print out resumes urgently and probably have to go to the office. Thx for all your help.12:42
Tangurinsoupnanodesukar: I have shell: bin/false on the users, so I cannot login via SSH now, and not via SFTP either, how would it help to change port now?12:42
ducassexchatter: sorry i couldn't help :(12:42
LinnakMonkeyDust I've installed ratmenu but I can't even find it12:45
xchatterducasse, one last thing: I just found this: https://de.ifixit.com/Guide/Repairing+Samsung+clx-3175+Colour+Laser+Printer+Fix+black+vertical+lines/918312:45
xchatterducasse, what do you think. The lines on my paper don't look similar, though12:45
xchatterducasse, also they are vertical12:45
ducassexchatter: I really don't know if it's related, but it looks like something similar is causing your problem. it looks like a smear on a roller or something - i can't tell without knowing more about the physical layout inside the printer12:47
xchatterducasse, ok. thx for your help12:47
MonkeyDustLinnak  apt-cache policy ratmenu12:47
xchatterI will check it out tomorrow12:47
ducassexchatter: good luck, though :)12:47
venom_hi every one, i need little help with bash script, i am new to bash script.12:48
jeffreylevesqueis there something wrong with my script - https://bpaste.net/show/712edbb38212?12:48
jeffreylevesqueany syntax errors?12:48
MonkeyDustvenom_  there's also #bash12:50
venom_ok thanks @monkeyDust12:50
MonkeyDustLinnak  i installed ratmenu too, works here12:53
paffyHi. I have a harddrive which used to have OS on it. I formatted it in windows using right-click on the drive then "format". But as I understand, that does not remove the bootloader on it. How can I remove that as well? (I'm on linux now)12:53
MonkeyDustpaffy  ubuntu linux?12:54
paffyMonkeyDust: yah via USB12:54
MrElendigpaffy: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/whatever bs=446 count=112:54
MrElendigI smell a xyproblem though12:54
MonkeyDustpaffy  open gparted, delete the partition you need... careful, don't delete too much12:54
MrElendigMonkeyDust: gparted doesn't do what he asked for12:55
gott3rfunk3n83Gparted easy to use with gui12:55
MonkeyDustMrElendig  the idea the make a complete clean partition, guess i misunderstood, then12:55
LinnakMonkeyDust What did you do with that?12:56
MrElendigthe bootloader usually lives in the mbr12:56
MrElendigfirst 440/446 bytes12:56
MrElendigif grub then it also embeds in the space after the mbr but before the first partition12:56
boodllebatwhat is ubuntu package for libasound2-dev ?12:56
MrElendigor on a ef02 type partition12:56
MrElendigsince it is too large to fit entierly in the mbr12:56
paffyMrElendig: ok so the drive is "/dev/sda". GParted says the first sector of the partition in it is "2048".12:57
boodllebatMrElendig: what is ubuntu package for libasound2-dev ?12:57
MrElendigthat is normal12:57
MrElendigboodllebat: package search will tell you12:57
MonkeyDustLinnak  i tried an example from the man page12:57
MrElendigjust search for asound and you will find it12:57
boodllebatMrElendig: how to search from command line12:58
LinnakMonkeyDust It's way too complicated12:58
paffyMrElendig: So I run "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=446 count=1" then?12:59
MrElendigaptitude search12:59
MrElendigor use apt12:59
chrinuxciao a tutti12:59
MrElendigpaffy: that will nuke the bootloader bits of the mbr12:59
MrElendigpaffy: don't forget the count=1, bad things happens if you do13:00
chrinuxqualche italiano???13:00
paffyMrElendig: k. Alright.. I'm running it. fingers crossed :D13:00
chrinuxi need help13:01
paffyMrElendig: Thanks. You're not so elendig btw :D13:01
chrinuxce qualche italiano?????13:02
ducassewill the standard 15.04 kernels boot from a btrfs root?13:02
boodllebatMrElendig: how to search package from CLI13:03
ducasseboodllebat: apt-cache search package13:03
boodllebatducasse: i mean which are not installed on my system13:04
ducasseboodllebat: yes13:04
ducasseboodllebat: just try13:04
chrinuxsomeone can help me?13:04
BluesKajHiyas all13:04
w4rb0yanyone using hexchat? I want to keep my old private chats intact when I open hexchat after quitting. any way to do so?13:05
paffyAnyone know the name of that GUI tool that lets you configure GRUB? menu entries n stuff?13:05
ducassepaffy: there's something called 'grub customizer' but i don't know if it's in the repos13:06
MrElendigw4rb0y: enable logging13:06
paffyducasse: ah, that's the one! thanks13:06
MrElendigpaffy: they are all horrible13:06
BluesKajpaffy:  your fav text editor or nano or some such in the terminal13:06
w4rb0yMrElendig, but keep logging into a file. it doesn't recover it back to hexchat. Or I'm doing something wrong.13:06
BluesKajbe careful with the gui customizer , it's crappy and unstable13:07
weeirc8089Hello All,13:07
weeirc8089how do I like remove package13:07
weeirc8089like fully free the disk space13:07
weeirc8089is it like apt-get autoremove13:07
weeirc8089or is there something else more thorough13:07
ducasseweeirc8089: do you mean apt-get clean ?13:08
MrElendigw4rb0y: there is a plugin to read the logs from hexchat itself13:08
cfhowlettw4rb0y, by default, your convos are saved in /home/yourusername/.config/hexchat/scrollback/ServerName13:09
w4rb0yMrElendig, and cfhowlett Yeah I see. Thanks. but MrElendig what is the name of the plugin?13:09
MrElendigcan't remember the name, google can probably find it13:10
w4rb0yMrElendig, working on it :)13:10
ElectricAlanhey all13:17
ElectricAlanafter some help13:17
ElectricAlanI've set up a virtualbox vm on my windows laptop13:18
ElectricAlanand I want to putty into it from windows13:18
ElectricAlanthis might be a better question for another channel13:19
MonkeyDustElectricAlan  keep your question in one line, that's easier to read and repeat13:19
w4rb0yElectricAlan, oracle vmbox?13:19
ElectricAlanyep oracle13:19
ElectricAlanMonkeyDust, good point, noted13:19
w4rb0yMonkeyDust, I agree. Keep it in once line.13:19
ElectricAlanactually maybe I jsut suck and read the wrong address13:20
cfhowlett!vbox | ElectricAlan,13:21
ubottuElectricAlan,: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox13:21
=== rebs is now known as boris
ElectricAlan'non-free' I thought this was supposed to be open source?13:21
cfhowlettElectricAlan, read more.  there are 2 versions of vbox.13:22
ElectricAlanahh ok13:23
vsoi m813:23
fRit_^I try to use penssl enc -aes-256-ctr -pass pass....13:24
fRit_^but I got output permision denied :(13:24
vssorry to hear that13:24
fRit_^vs: ;)13:25
fRit_^any idea? :)13:25
=== h00k_ is now known as h00k
MonkeyDustfRit_^  what is the bigger context?13:27
fRit_^hmm erasing disk withou dd13:28
fRit_^wiping indeed13:28
tompawIs it possible to install ubuntu using vlans? i.e. is 8021q included in the installation iso?13:29
cfhowlett!install  | tompaw13:29
ubottutompaw: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate13:29
why_doesnt_it_wohi 'u13:30
why_doesnt_it_woi'm getting this error trying to install http://pastebin.com/mmfisfNU13:30
why_doesnt_it_wovirtualbox extensions13:30
tompawI probably should've specified I was meaning ubuntu-server.13:30
cfhowlett!server | tompaw13:30
ubottutompaw: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server13:30
cfhowlettwhy_doesnt_it_wo, ask the #vbox channel13:31
=== mike is now known as Guest22359
hwpplayer1Hi friends , can someone give me information about paid commercial support at destkop or workstation for development ?13:34
cfhowletthwpplayer1, canonical.com     for paid support13:35
hwpplayer1yes which page ?13:35
ElectricAlancfhowlett, I will read through tons of documentation if I can, but I'm not quite healthy atm and very drowsy, I jsut want ot get the project set up so I can work on it in the next few days13:35
cfhowletthwpplayer1, canonical + support do the search13:35
hwpplayer1i'm searching right now , i'll ask again13:36
ElectricAlanmaybe this is a question more about putty than vb13:36
=== tristan_ is now known as Guest46508
gregi’ve broken the login process on my 15.04 desktop computer. in trying to get a usb headset working i saw it suggested to delete ~/.config/pulse and let it rebuild itself on next login, so i deleted the folder and logged out. when i tried to login the system won’t leave the password screen. it will return to the screen with error if i enter the wrong password. but with right password the password field disappears and nothing13:45
gregelse happens. no desktop background or icons, no shortcut bar, no icons across the top of the screen. i’ve reinstalled pulseaudio and alsa-base and now have a ~/.config/pulse folder with files in it, but that hasn’t changed anything. i’ve also done apt-get install —reinstall ubuntu-desktop and unity, but still no progress.  I can access the box through another tty and it works fine, I even created a new user and tried13:45
greglogging in as them, but got the same result through the UI.  I’ve looked in /var/log/syslog and don’t see any obvious errors about what might be going wrong. I’m open to any ideas/suggestions on things to try to get this fixed. Any thoughts? TIA13:45
ali_hi guys13:46
=== esc_type is now known as esc_type_
ali_i wanna install longman dictionary on ubuntu 14.0413:46
ali_but I dont know how?13:46
ali_what should I do?13:46
knivstahwpplayer1, here?13:47
knivstaUbuntu has commercial support?13:48
cfhowlettknivsta, of course.  canonical.com13:48
cfhowlettali_, read the directions that come with the program13:48
pauljwElectricAlan, in your vm config, what are you using for a network adapter?  try changing to bridged if you are using that now.  just a thought.  i'm no expert.13:49
cfhowlettgreg, go into your guest account and check13:49
ElectricAlanty pauljw13:49
pauljwElectricAlan, i meant if you're NOT using it now...  darned fingers.13:50
gregcfhowlett: guest accout has the same results, starts the login process but then stops13:52
greg.xsession-errors has a message in it, checking that out13:52
cfhowlettgreg, then whatever you did is not trivial.  personally, I'd reinstall.13:52
ElectricAlanI theoretically know my way around a unix machine, but I'm hardly as experienced as I might like to be13:52
gregcfhowlett: yeah, thinking i’ve really horked it. hoping i don’t have to reinstall, but it’s looking more and more like i will13:53
ducassegreg: if you do need to reinstall, consider using something like apt-clone to replicate your package status to the new install, so you don't need to install all your software manually. but take a good long look at ~/.xsession-errors and the X + lightdm log files first13:55
gregducasse: wasn’t aware of apt-clone, will look into it. looking at .xsession-errors now. where can i find the X + lightdm log files?13:56
ducassegreg: /var/log/Xorg.0.log and /var/log/lightdm/*13:57
gregxlnt, thx13:57
ElectricAlanpauljw, nah I keep getting 'network connection refused' when I try to connect to whatever ip is listed from ifconfig13:57
pauljwElectricAlan, crap...13:58
m1dnight1Is it possible to make `tree` show modification times as well?14:04
pauljwElectricAlan, what error were you getting with your previous setup (NAT ?)14:04
ElectricAlanthe same thing actually14:05
ElectricAlanyeah it was nat14:05
ElectricAlanthink tha'ts the default14:05
ElectricAlanthe default port I'm using to connect in putty is 22, couldn't see anythign from my vm to indicate that wouldn't be acceptable14:07
ElectricAlanbut it could be I'm looking at the wrong port14:07
=== ytixdecaf is now known as lelzNOT
ducasseElectricAlan: can you connect to localhost via ssh inside the vm itself?14:10
ElectricAlangood question14:10
ElectricAlanducasse, no I can't14:11
ducasseElectricAlan: well, there's your problem.14:11
ElectricAlanyeah, ok then14:11
ducasseElectricAlan: is openssh-server installed?14:11
ElectricAlanwell not unless it's default14:12
=== Eggs is now known as Guest52308
ElectricAlanI actually only just now did the installation, this is a fresh ubuntu iso I got from mirror.internode.on.net/pub a week or two ago14:12
ducasseElectricAlan: it's not installed by default on the desktop version, and if you haven't installed it, then it's not really surprising that you can't connect :)14:12
ElectricAlanam I going to look stupid now for not realising I'd missed an obvious step14:13
CtrlCHow can I call the library docs installed using apt-get?14:13
ducasseElectricAlan: you can just install the package 'ssh', it depends on both client and server14:14
ElectricAlanfor some reason I thought ssh would be installed by default14:14
ElectricAlanthat reason is probably that I'm an ignorant fool who has been out of the game for far too long14:14
* ElectricAlan is unemployed14:14
CtrlCthey're in /usr/share/doc/ but should I call them manually?14:15
ducasseElectricAlan: it's actually not too surprising that a server process is not running by default on a desktop distribution, I think, although I would guess quite a lot of people tend to install it.14:16
ElectricAlanok, so I installed the ssh package14:16
ducasseElectricAlan: do a 'ps ax | grep sshd' to check that the server is running14:16
ElectricAlanwill I have to run an instance every time I start my vm?14:16
m1dnight1no, ssh service starts by itself14:17
CtrlCAny idea anyone?14:17
hwpplayer1I understand the commercial support thanks14:17
ElectricAlanyep it's running14:17
m1dnight1CtrlC: what is the problem?14:18
CtrlCm1dnight1: "CtrlC: How can I call the library docs installed using apt-get? "14:18
ducasseElectricAlan: you might want to check through sshd_config at some point to see that everything is set up the way you want it. but now you should be able to connect from localhost14:18
ElectricAlanwell it looks like the ssh service is running in my vm, I can connect to localhost from inside the vm, but not from putty14:18
m1dnight1port 22 needs to be accessible?14:19
m1dnight1what library docs?14:19
CtrlCm1dnight1: for example libbox2d-doc14:20
ducasseElectricAlan: then I think there is a problem either with your vbox setup or on the windows side. desktop ubuntu doesn't have any iptables rules by default, so nothing should be blocking it.14:20
m1dnight1I have no idea, to be honest.14:20
ioriaCtrlC, http://askubuntu.com/questions/24072/how-are-typical-users-expected-to-read-the-documentation-in-usr-share-doc14:20
CtrlCm1dnight1: Thanks for your time anyway.:)14:20
m1dnight1damnit! he beat me to it.14:20
m1dnight1well played sir, well played14:21
CtrlClol thank you guys.14:21
ducasseElectricAlan: is networking set to bridged?14:22
ElectricAlanit is now I think14:22
ElectricAlanyes it is14:22
ElectricAlanshould it not be?14:22
ducasseElectricAlan: yes, it should.14:22
CtrlCSo I have to manually open them?:|14:22
m1dnight1i bet you can find them online though..14:23
ducasseElectricAlan: I haven't played with vbox in years, though, and certainly not on windows, so I can't help you much there.14:23
gregcfhowlett, ducasse: i found and fixed my error. error in .xsession-errors lead to google search with errors, which lead to another log file where “initctl” wasn’t found which lead me to remember I’d commented out setting PATH in /etc/environment, uncommented that, back in business.  thank you for your help.14:23
ioriaCtrlC, depends on what you are looking for ... but agree with m1dnight114:23
cfhowlettgreg, happy2help!14:25
AlecTaylorEven with gksudo I can't launch programs in an elevated way from my terminal emulator. E.g.: "(nautilus:17024): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:14:29
* AlecTaylor tried `export DISPLAY=:0.0`14:29
ioriaAlecTaylor, gksu doesn't need terminal ... is a gui application14:30
=== daynaskully is now known as Guest55705
ioriaAlecTaylor, alt + f2 -> gksu -> nautilus14:32
=== w4rb0y is now known as WarboyIndia
=== WarboyIndia is now known as w4rb0y
ioria!info gksu14:32
ubottugksu (source: gksu): graphical front-end to su and sudo. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2-9ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 50 kB, installed size 456 kB14:32
ElectricAlandammit I was never trained to use these things14:36
pauljwme neither ElectricAlan, learning by the seat of my pants since '8414:37
ElectricAlandamn yo, I was only born in 8614:38
fxmulderyou guys ever seen ubuntu stop responding without a dump?  usually if its unresponsive I see some sort of kernel panic on the console but it is sitting at a prompt just unresponsive to input14:38
ducassefxmulder: does the magic sysrq keys work?14:39
ElectricAlaneh, I wouldn't be that opposed to scraping this whole thing, and jsut going with a vm tool that somebody in this channel is familiar enough to assist with if I have issues14:40
ElectricAlanbut I need to sleep for now14:40
ElectricAlanthanks for all the help everyone14:40
fxmulderducasse: no feedback from ctrlaltdel14:41
BBLLCCi have a code problem I believe. If I see a pdf doc written in german, if i copy text, I only see Í¿1⁄2 ̧a»® ̧¿ ́¬» «21⁄4 Ó»¬ ̧±1⁄4»2 ¦ » ́1»® 1⁄2 ̧¬»¬ 3 ¬» 2¿21⁄4»® a»14:41
ducassefxmulder: that's not what I asked. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key14:41
BBLLCCi use my laptop to write in english, french, spanisch, german and chinese14:42
BBLLCCtips please14:42
freddyanybody here?14:42
pauljwgnite ElectricAlan14:43
ioriaBBLLCC, you , for example, copy some text  from  a pdf , paste in a word editor ... and you got that ?14:43
BBLLCCiooner, yes14:46
ioriaBBLLCC, what pdf program are you using , evince ?14:46
BBLLCCdocument viewer14:47
=== mike_ is now known as Guest35478
ioriaBBLLCC, evince then... it's protected maybe14:49
ioriaBBLLCC, and in which editor are you coping ?14:49
BBLLCCioria, if I copy the pdf file online, using firefox, i can read text, copy text, readable text14:51
ioriaBBLLCC, i have no problem to c/p in there ... be sure to have the same language setting between them14:51
AlecTaylorioria: That didn't work14:51
AlecTaylorEven with gksudo I can't launch programs in an elevated way from my terminal emulator. E.g.: "(nautilus:17024): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:14:51
* AlecTaylor tried `export DISPLAY=:0.0`14:52
fxmulderinteresting, wasn't aware of sysrq sequences14:52
fxmulderthose had no effect either, I just reset the machine14:52
ioriaAlecTaylor, gksu not gksudo14:52
AlecTaylorioria: Just tried that, nothing happened14:53
ducassefxmulder: it could be that sysrq wasn't enabled, although I believe they are by default. If they don't work, that means the kernel is completely and utterly dead14:53
AlecTaylorI'll try in the GNOME terminal emulator to get output14:53
ioriaAlecTaylor, did you install gksu ?14:54
AlecTaylorFailed to connect to Mir: Failed to connect to server socket: No such file or directory. Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused14:54
andraima li nekoga iz srbije?14:54
ioriaAlecTaylor, are you a bot ?14:54
AlecTaylorioria: I have gksu installed, yes14:54
ducasseAlecTaylor: why are you  using gksu in a terminal? can't you just use sudo?14:55
ioriaAlecTaylor, yes, you are a bot14:55
AlecTaylorI am not a bot.14:55
AlecTaylorducasse: sudo also gives me that error14:55
AlecTaylor(but starts with this line: "gdk_mir_display_open")14:56
ducasseAlecTaylor: what command are you trying to run through sudo?14:56
cfhowlett!gksu | AlecTaylor14:56
ubottuAlecTaylor: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)14:56
ioriaAlecTaylor, ok.... sorry, you are not a BOT14:56
AlecTaylorducasse: But in actuality I want to run `/etc/alternatives/Adobe_AIR_Application_Installer <path_to_air_file>` as root14:57
ducasseAlecTaylor: if you run gksudo by itself, does the window open?14:59
gulag2014What would be the best course of action to increase the size of my root and home partitions. I have 70 gigs of unformatted space.14:59
ioriai think he wants to run an installer... a script14:59
AlecTaylorducasse: The Window opens and I enter my password then nothing15:07
AlecTaylor(just like when I try with nautilus or whatever after)15:07
ducasseAlecTaylor: run gksudo, enter nautilus (or whatever you want to run) and click ok. does it spit out an error in the terminal you ran it from?15:10
AlecTaylorducasse: yes, it spits out that error that I referenced earlier15:18
AlecTaylor$ gksudo nautilus15:18
AlecTaylorFailed to connect to Mir: Failed to connect to server socket: No such file or directory15:18
AlecTaylorUnable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused15:18
AlecTaylor(nautilus:18018): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:15:19
hwpplayer1unable to boot ubuntu lts in virtualbox15:19
* AlecTaylor tried with `export DISPLAY=:0.0` before `gksudo` also15:19
hwpplayer1I'm on Linux Mint KDE and i can boot CentOS15:20
RedBlueHello, can I use a livecd like an alternate cd? e.g. can I just install ubuntu with the old fashioned dos-like interface without having to go into live mode with the desktop environment and everything?15:20
ducasseRedBlue: use the server installer15:20
cfhowlettRedBlue, server has a cli interface.  I think mini does as well15:21
ducasseRedBlue: just make sure you install a desktop if you want one, the server installer doesn't do that by default15:22
arthyreAlecTaylor: maybe  env DISPLAY=:0.0 gksudo ?15:22
RedBlueducasse, cfhowlett but does the server install come with everything the normal cd comes with? e.g. I don't want to miss any packages but I don't want any extra server administration packages. ducasse ok how do I choose to install "desktop" using a server cd?15:22
AlecTaylorarthyre: Same error15:22
cfhowlettRedBlue, no.  thus ducasse suggest to install the desktop packages.15:23
ducasseRedBlue: you can choose desktops in the server installer15:23
ducasseRedBlue: and just don't select for instance 'file and print server' and you won't get them15:23
cfhowlettducasse, sever includes desktops?  really?15:24
RedBluedo I get to select that in the first steps or in the last steps?15:24
MonkeyDustafter server installation, you can install a GUI, if you wish15:24
ducassecfhowlett: yes, i'm pretty sure you can install the common desktops directly from the menu15:24
MonkeyDust*after* server installation has finished, that is15:25
RedBlueMonkeyDust, ducasse so is it after installing or on installing that I get to install a desktop?15:26
MonkeyDustRedBlue  if you wish yes15:26
RedBlueon installing?15:27
MonkeyDustRedBlue  no, after installing15:27
ioriaAlecTaylor, iseems it's about gksu or the applcation but your display manager Mir and gnome-shell15:27
=== NGC3982_ is now known as NGC3982
arthyreAlecTaylor: what exactly are you doing? are you in an xterm?15:27
ioriaAlecTaylor, it seems that it's not about gksu or the applcation but your display manager Mir and gnome-shell15:27
w4rb0yhow to check if I already have a cloak or not?15:27
MonkeyDustRedBlue  a server installation has no GUI, but you can install it15:27
RedBlueducasse says I can install a desktop from the server installer15:28
ducasseRedBlue: wait, i'm checking15:28
AlecTaylorarthyre: I am in GNOME Terminal running bash15:28
arthyreAlecTaylor: type xeyes ;)15:28
MonkeyDustRedBlue  i guess that would come down to the same15:28
AlecTaylorioria: Correct. So what's the solution?15:28
AlecTaylorarthyre: :P15:28
RedBlueMonkeyDust, I'd rather install the desktop during server install15:29
MonkeyDustRedBlue  you can also install a server inside a desktop, with tasksel (task select)15:29
ioriaAlecTaylor, take a look ... http://askubuntu.com/questions/541926/blank-screen-on-tty7-after-upgrading-from-14-04-to-14-1015:29
RedBlueMonkeyDust, do you mean I can install a server using a desktop cd?15:29
MonkeyDustRedBlue  yes, apache etc, but after the base installation has finished15:30
ioriaAlecTaylor, it's a different issue ... but the error is the same15:30
ducasseRedBlue: you need to choose 'manual package selection' during the install, or use apt-get after booting it up.15:31
=== mg__ is now known as mg-
MonkeyDustRedBlue  what do you want to achieve? why can you not decide to install desktop or server?15:31
RedBlueWhat I really want is skip grub installation. I heard you can skip this only in the alternate, dos-like installers, hence I'm looking for that15:32
hwpplayer1I'll be back15:32
RedBlueremember older ubuntus had a "skip bootloader installation" box?15:33
cfhowlettRedBlue, see this is where clear communication matters.  a LOT. had you simply asked that question in the first place ... YES you skip botloader.15:33
AlecTaylorioria: SO I should install gnome-shell?15:33
reisioRedBlue: I bet you can just alias grub-install to true15:33
RedBluecfhowlett, sorry I didn't choose the best question. So how do you do it?15:33
cfhowlettRedBlue, I believe it's on the choose install type screen advanced options?15:34
AlecTaylorioria: I suppose I could run `apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop`15:34
AlecTaylorBut not the unity one, right?15:34
* AlecTaylor is on 15.0415:34
analsexisgoodI love 15.0415:34
zakkkmjoin #ubuntu15:34
cfhowlettzakkkm, you're already in #ubuntu15:34
ioriaAlecTaylor, ubuntu-desktop is unity15:34
analsexisgoodunity is good15:35
zakkkmcfhowlett: yeah forgot the hash, and then realized it said "Correcting automatically" afterwards15:35
kai__Bonjour à tous15:35
cfhowlett!fr | Kai_15:35
ubottuKai_: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:35
AlecTaylorioria: Okay, ran `apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop` and `apt-get install --reinstall unity`15:35
RedBluecfhowlett, I'll check, but if it isn't, it's a fact anyway that alternate installers let you skip grub installation, RGIHT?15:35
AlecTaylorSame error15:35
ioriaAlecTaylor, no, unity comes with ubuntu-desktop15:36
cfhowlettRedBlue, pretty sure all the installers offer the no-grub option.15:36
AlecTaylorioria: Okay, well either case, same error. Should I install gnome-shell?15:36
RedBluecfhowlett, even the ones on ubuntu based distros like kubuntu, xubuntu and so on?15:36
cfhowlettRedBlue, unless I'm very much mistaken, they all use the same installer15:37
m451hi guys. I need help with my 14.04 xserver config. I'm running ubuntu on a ESXi 6.0 env and using PCI Passthrough for my GPU. I already tested the GPU to be working with the proietary ATI drivers on a not virtualized Ubuntu 14.04. Everything works, Ubuntu does recognize the GPU and is able to install the drivers. After the reboot the login screen comes up, but when I try to login after a few seconds of black I get pushed back to the login screen.15:37
m451 Xorg log is here: http://pastebin.com/t20pkNrB  - the actual login try starts at line 28915:37
* AlecTaylor is now trying with `sudo apt-get install lightdm-gtk-greeter` and editing its `[SeatDefaults]` to include `greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter`15:37
MonkeyDustRedBlue  why are you so focused on no grub?15:37
ioriaAlecTaylor, to be honest i don't use gnome,  or gnome-shell15:38
arthyreMonkeyDust: is there any $ in deskserver?15:38
MonkeyDustarthyre  any what in what?15:39
biblasHi, I'm having trouble changing my monitors refresh rate, I'm trying "xrandr -r 120", it sais the current refresh rate IS 120 but looking in my monitors menues it sais it's only 60?15:39
RedBluecfhowlett, well, I'm on ubuntustudio (xubuntu) and I didn't see any option anywhere to skip grub installtation. All I can do is select a partition for grub installation, but not even "none" is given. MonkeyDust I'm trying not to install grub from distro because I know for a fact that this distro's grub installation will cause problems later, problems like lots of entries, invalid entries, duplicates and so on. I don't know why but it has happened always w15:40
RedBlueith Ubuntustudio, so what I want to do instead is install Ubuntustudio without grub, and then go to one of my already installed distros and run sudo update-grub.15:40
lolcatcan I have one account on F7 and one on F6?15:40
AlecTaylorNope ioria - even after a restart the same error is occurring15:41
m451maybe one other thing: I have not run aticonfig --initial yet.  but when I do x stops working, telling me the config is invalid15:41
m451am I missing something here?15:42
arthyredo you have to point to the config?15:42
ioriaAlecTaylor, apart from gksu, your DE is working ?  you can open normally the file manager and stuff ?15:43
arthyrewith PC18 gone there is no reason to be in the channel :(15:43
biblasAnyone experienced with monitor settings (refresh rate)?15:43
ioriaAlecTaylor, and using Gnome 3 ?15:43
m451 arthyre - are you asking me?15:43
reisiobiblas: I'm experience with not having to be experience with it15:43
MonkeyDustreisio  i admired ann experienced man15:44
arthyrereisio: are you a hendrix fan15:44
AlecTaylorioria: Yes, I believe so15:44
reisioMonkeyDust: yeah baby :p15:44
pauljwlolcat, if you are referring to terminal sessions, yes, you can have different user accounts logged into each tty session.  linux is a multi-user os.15:44
reisioarthyre: of course, I am classy15:44
biblasreisio: I see, always nice when things are working. I'll guess I'll try the forums15:44
reisiobiblas: what is it you're up to? :p15:44
biblasreisio: trying to change the refresh rate, ubuntu seems to think it is 120Hz, but It's 60Hz according to my monitor15:45
arthyrereisio: okey then just for you http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/08/14/exclusive-jimi-hendrix-s-stone-free-live.html15:45
biblasand it feels like 60....15:45
reisiobiblas: why're you trying15:46
biblasreisio, Why? Because 60Hz feels like crap when you are used to 120 :/15:46
reisioarthyre: cool, thanks15:46
AlecTaylorFYI: I still don't have gnome-shell installed15:46
reisiobiblas: you were using the same monitor at 120?15:46
ioriaAlecTaylor, probably gnome3 manages gksu in a different way ....15:46
AlecTaylor3.14.1 is my version of GNOME15:47
biblasreisio, yes. Recently migrated to ubuntu on my desktop15:47
reisiobiblas: what's your graphics card?15:47
stangelandhi, i am trying to do usb-tethering from my android to my ubuntu 14.04. i setup tethering on my android, and the connection is found on ubuntu and everything looks great with ip address and all - but for some reason i cannot get any access to the internet anyway. Should something be set up on the ubuntu machine?15:47
rahulprodevHello everyone,15:47
biblasreisio: not sure, how do I find out? I'm 99% certain it should support 120Hz@108015:47
rahulprodevAnyone please help me how can add one more gui account in ubuntu 15.xx15:48
ubottujeeg: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:48
ioriaAlecTaylor, dpkg -l nautilus-gksu ?15:48
lolcatpauljw: I want i3wm with different users on them15:48
AlecTaylorioria: dpkg-query: no packages found matching nautilus-gksu15:48
RedBlueOK I've found the installer command is "ubiquity" and option -b means "don't install bootloader", now, from a live cd should I run "ubiquity -b" or "sudo ubiquity -b"?15:49
dsc_aptitude search nautilus15:49
reisiobiblas: 99%? Either you're certain or you aren't; either you've used this hardware at that frequency, or not15:49
biblasreisio: I have, but I still wouldn't bet my life on it15:49
reisiowell that's fair :p15:50
reisiobiblas: lspci | grep -i vga15:50
pauljwdon't know anything about i3wm but i assume you should be able to load it in the tty terminal somehow.  that would be a question for the i3wm support folks.15:50
biblasreisio: GeForce GTX 77015:50
biblasreisio: do you think installing some other drivers would help?15:51
pauljwlolcat ^^^^15:51
lolcatpauljw: how?15:52
lolcatand where?15:52
ioriaAlecTaylor, so ... you can try with gnome-shell and pkexec, but do a little research about them first15:52
lolcatpauljw: can I have the login crap on all the Fs?15:52
pauljwtty terms on alt-ctrl F1 thru F615:53
reisiobiblas: maybe; what driver are you using now? lspci -k | grep -i nvidia -A 1015:53
pauljwlolcat, like i said i'm not familiar with that wm, you need to talk to their support folks...15:53
biblasreisio: I haven't installed anything, running "out of the box" ubuntu. "Kernel driver in use: nouveau"15:54
reisiobiblas: yeah, try nvidia's proprietary driver15:55
reisiobiblas: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia15:55
biblasreisio: thanks, I'll give it a try15:55
reisiobiblas: if that's no help, you might go back to nouveau, and talk to #nouveau about it15:56
catalaseis there any way to allow myself to do anything than another user can do. i am the owner of my server that i use for personal use, and i cannot move files that debian-transmission downloads into my other folders15:56
dsc_catalase: probably because that process runs on another user (its own user)15:58
catalasedsc_ yes, so how can i move those files from the directory where it downloads its stuff to my other directory15:58
* AlecTaylor it's 2AM15:58
dsc_catalase: easiest solution would be to use 'sudo'15:59
catalasei have tried that15:59
dsc_catalase: sudo mv /var/lib/transmission/downloads/* ~/Downloads/15:59
dsc_not sure if thats the destination download dir for transmission, you'd have to check.15:59
lolcatpauljw: where are they?15:59
pauljwlolcat, what?16:00
lolcatpauljw: the i3wm people16:00
catalasemv: cannot stat ‘/var/lib/transmission-daemon/downloads/*’: No such file or directory16:00
pauljwlolcat, try i3wm.org16:00
catalasewhich is complete bs because i know that directory exists16:00
reisiocatalase: * probably is not a directory16:01
dsc_catalase: what is the output of `ls -al /var/lib/transmission-daemon` ?16:01
catalasels: cannot access /var/lib/transmission-daemon: No such file or directory16:01
dsc_well then16:01
reisiowhat makes you think it exists?16:01
dsc_reisio: The * has nothing to do with it16:02
dsc_catalase: you'd have to figure out where transmission saves its files :-)16:02
catalaseto /var/lib/transmission-daemon/downloads16:02
reisio* having something to do with it has nothing to do with * not being a directory :p16:02
=== guillermo is now known as Guest43929
catalasedsc_ that directory DOES exist, i see it right here16:03
ubbenHi! I need help to get permissions right. If I create a new file or pull from GIT, I cant edit or remove the files when I am logged in via SFTP becuase I got wrong permissions! how can I solve this problem for this and all new files in the future?16:03
dsc_catalase: `ls -al /var/lib/transmission-daemon/`16:03
m451hmm 14.04 seems to auto detect the device to use for x - thus xorg conf is missing.16:03
m451isn't there a way to configure it anyway?16:04
ubottuX.Org is an implementation of the X Windows System, and is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart it on an Ubuntu system, type 'sudo service lightdm restart'. To fix screen resolution or other X.Org problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . See also !xorgconf16:04
catalasels: cannot access /var/lib/transmission-daemon/: No such file or directory16:04
dsc_catalase: use 'sudo'16:04
dsc_my bad16:04
catalasestill does not work same result16:04
catalasedo i need to install acl and mess with it that way16:04
dsc_catalase: o_0?16:04
dsc_catalase: `sudo cat /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json | grep "download-dir"`  <- output?16:05
catalasecat: /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json: No such file or directory16:05
catalasedsc_ http://i.imgur.com/RPUl747.png16:06
catalaseit absolutely exists16:06
dsc_catalase: as what user are you SCP'ing and as what user are you executing the commands16:07
dsc_catalase: go into pm16:07
ubbenHi! I need help to get permissions right. If I create a new file or pull from GIT, I cant edit or remove the files when I am logged in via SFTP becuase I got wrong permissions! how can I solve this problem for this and all new files in the future?16:09
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=== josh is now known as Guest23776
biblasreisio: thanks alot for your help, I'm now running 144Hz@1080, feels good!16:15
reisiobiblas: cool, gj16:17
reisionouveau makes rapid progress, don't forget to check it again in future16:17
reisioin the long run it's a saner approach16:18
biblasreisio: I'll probably do that next time i reinstall my OS :)16:18
arthyrebiblas: be careful - you don't want to reverse the crt vacuum polarity and have glass all over16:19
Makaansomeone has tried MATE distro?16:19
biblasarthyre: there's no vacuum in my "LED"-monitor ;)16:19
reisioMakaan: MATE's a DE, not a distro16:20
reisioMakaan: it's an old version of GNOME, rebranded16:20
m451 no screens found(EE) fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:0@11:0:1) found16:20
reisioI'm guessing at this point you can make GNOME 3 look and act like GNOME 2 without resorting to MATE16:20
Makaansorry, my mistake16:20
reisioMATE also has bugs, because they don't seem to have enough developers to maintain the codebase16:20
m451any way to check the BusID of all attached PCI devices?16:20
arthyrebiblas: digital bird in analog tree?16:20
reisiowhich was almost inevitable, really16:21
Makaanok, thanks!16:21
yuniorhello everybody16:21
tallesHello everybody16:21
tallesI'm new here to learn how to use IRC network16:22
yuniori need some help with ubuntu in aws ec216:22
tallesI'd be very happy if someone could drive in the basic concepts or share some online PDF about16:22
Makaancan someone recommend to me a good distro for laptops?16:23
MonkeyDustMakaan  ubuntu16:23
SchrodingersScat!irc | talles16:23
ubottutalles: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines16:23
MonkeyDustMakaan  would a mercedes salesman advice to buy a BMW instead?16:24
tallesAbout the distro, I'm about to install Debian again16:24
MakaanMonnkeyDust that's make sense16:24
p4trixis there a command to open the filebrowser in the current path from the terminal?16:24
ben_gI have a simple server together with my cousin (which is actually just a normal computer which we never turn off), and we're thinking about putting Linux on it (since Windows 7 Home Basic is terrible for servers)16:25
SchrodingersScatp4trix: nautilus . although nautilus by itself may work16:25
tallesBut last time I install Debian, my wireless card was not recognize16:25
p4trixSchrodingersScat, thx16:25
ben_gBut, my cousin has absolutely no command-line experience, so we need something with a GUI.16:25
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MonkeyDustaha, the cousin16:26
ben_gWhat would be best for that? Starting from a server version and installing a GUI, or starting from a client version and installing the server software?16:26
MonkeyDustit's always 'the cousin'16:26
tallesSo, Ubuntu is a good option16:26
yuniorhas anybody experience with amazon ec2??16:27
ben_gYeah, I previously used Ubuntu (the client version) and I found it very user-friendly, so that's why I want to put some version of Ubuntu on it.16:27
tallesanyone knows some channel about series, or MR. Robot?16:27
SchrodingersScat!alis | talles16:27
ubottutalles: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*16:27
SchrodingersScat!ask | yunior16:28
ubottuyunior: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:28
yuniorok i understand16:28
yuniori have an application server running in ubuntu 14.0416:29
SchrodingersScatben_g: imo it would be easier to start with the gui/flavor you want16:29
yuniorit is WSO2 Applitacion Server16:29
yuniorit runs in port 9443 and 976316:29
yuniorbut i see is open from inside my system16:29
yuniorbut from outside is not16:30
yuniorwhat can i do?16:30
ben_gSchrodingersScat: So the client version is completely suitable for use on a server?16:30
m451anyone aware of the mapping of the the BUSID output from lspci to the xorg.conf BusID within the Device Section? E.g. lspci will give me 0b:00.0 but xorg uses a format like "PCI:11:0:0"16:30
yuniori noticed is listening at that port but in an ipv6 address16:31
arthyretalles: don't start studying internet protocols with irc .. i suggest start smaller -> gopher16:31
SchrodingersScatben_g: not exactly, but if you want something like xfce then it would be imo easier to install xubuntu then add on any software you want, than to install ubuntu-server and add on xubuntu-desktop or similar.  in the end it's probably not that much different but I would suspect less issues going the former route.16:32
tallesLubuntu is pretty good with xfce16:33
ben_gOk, thank you.16:33
catalasei cannot edit /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json because it is owned by debian-transmission16:34
catalasedoesn't make any sense even when i run sudo i cannot do it16:34
ben_gAnd for a server, I guess the most lightweight OS is best? So Lubuntu?16:35
catalasenor can i stop the process transmission-daemon16:35
yuniori have an application server running in ubuntu 14.04 it is WSO2 Applitacion Server it runs in port 9443 and 9763 but i see is open from inside my system but from outside is not i noticed is listening at that port but in an ipv6 address16:35
arthyretalles: in the channel so you can get others input :)  i now think http would be better for you to start on .. more for the future then the past16:35
mlvmhnhello, how do i updtae my qbittorrent program using Terminal?16:36
SchrodingersScatben_g: that reasoning makes sense, or if you're partial to one over the other.16:37
ben_gI actually have never used any version other than normal Ubuntu, but I guess they're quite similar in useage?16:38
SchrodingersScatben_g: pretty much, in my experience they're close enough anyway.  especially if you're trying to go more cli, some package differences with file managers, text editors, etc.16:40
ben_gOk, thank you.16:40
yuniori have an application server running in ubuntu 14.04 it is WSO2 Applitacion Server it runs in port 9443 and 9763 but i see is open from inside my system but from outside is not i noticed is listening at that port but in an ipv6 address what can i do?16:42
stangelandwhen i untar a file tar -zxvf, does the ordering matter?16:46
BluesKajstangeland:  use unp, it can extract practically any compredsed file correctly16:49
BluesKajerr compressed16:49
SchrodingersScatdoes f matter since it takes a parameter?16:50
m451I keep getting the "fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:0@11:0:0) found" error in my x-0.log even thought my xorg.conf has no PCI:0@11:0:0 device configured ANYwhere16:50
m451log sais it's using /etc/X11/xorg.conf but if i check that config there is no PCI device with that BusID16:51
m451is lightdm using any other xorg.conf?16:51
AeyesiHai, question for active ones, ...When it comes for parrents.... LTS 14.04 or better 15.04 ?16:58
MonkeyDustAeyesi  14.04 has longer support16:59
Aeyesii am asking just cuz some folks on sum forum said that LTS is mainly more bugfree instead of short-term ones ~17:00
Aeyesiunsure then, didnt tried those *yet*17:01
ObrienDave!lts | Aeyesi17:01
ubottuAeyesi: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)17:01
Aeyesiholy cow i know what it is >D17:01
Aeyesiwell nwm17:01
MonkeyDustAeyesi  then what do you want to know, exactly17:01
roboguy`Hey, I was messing around with my keyboard settings yesterday (mostly trying some different things with capslock) and now I'm running into some issues17:01
dangoo87hey there, I'm having issues getting ubuntu to recognise my soundcard - the only device listed is the hdmi monitor speakers, I've tried a few fixes from this: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/11/fix-hda-intel-realtek-alc887-no-sound.html and linked threads: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=314383 but so far I'm having no luck, does anyone have any experience of this and how to resolve?  My mobo is the ASUS Z170-A with onboard sound17:02
=== user is now known as Guest31756
MonkeyDustdangoo87  in a terminal, type   alsamixer   and then F6 to select/change soundcard17:02
roboguy`some of my laptop media keys are no longer working (volume up/down and play/pause, for instance) and when I try to go to Keyboard Settings in unity-control-center, I get: /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.gschema.xml17:03
roboguy` does not contain a key named 'repeat'17:03
=== voronwe is now known as Guest8227
dangoo87MonkeyDust, I've tried that before - alsamixer = "cannot open mixer: No such file or directory"17:04
roboguy`Does anyone happen to know where I might look to try to fix that?17:04
SuperLagDo any of you folks use unattended/automatic updates?17:04
ObrienDavedangoo87, sudo apt-get install alsamixer17:05
SuperLagIf you do, and there's a package you want to keep at a certain version, and excluded from updates, is "pinning" how you accomplish that?17:05
dangoo87ObrienDave, unable to locate package.  It's 14.04.03 if that helps17:05
ObrienDavei have it and it works17:06
ObrienDave!info alsamixer17:07
ubottuPackage alsamixer does not exist in vivid17:07
ObrienDavestrange, working here on 14.04.317:07
ObrienDavedo you have ALL ubuntu repos enabled?17:08
dangoo87hmm, not sure. would I find that in ub software center, sources?17:08
linociscohi alll17:09
Iamgruuthi all17:09
ObrienDavedangoo87, yes, enable all ubuntu repos17:09
linociscoi have edited static interface in /etc/network/interfaces. but /etc/init.d/networking restart could not activate eth0 up17:09
linociscoand also ifup eth0 didn't work17:09
bekkslinocisco: Then pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces17:10
dangoo87ObrienDave, in "ubuntu software" tab, all are selected, in "other software" - the two canonical aren't selected, and a few ppa (source) ones aren't, everything else looks to be selected.17:10
VoyageHow to calibrate display? Can someone please help me fix the brightness and contrast of my lcd. I really am pissed. (our of 100 I guess) what are the optimal values for long time usage. Using kubuntu17:10
ObrienDavedangoo87, enable canonical repos17:11
ObrienDavedangoo87, sudo apt-get install alsa-utils17:11
abb0im trying to install a theme on 14.0417:12
ObrienDave!info alsa-utils17:12
ubottualsa-utils (source: alsa-utils): Utilities for configuring and using ALSA. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.28-1ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 916 kB, installed size 2100 kB (Only available for linux-any)17:12
dangoo87ObrienDave, alsa utils said already installed to latest version17:12
abb0and when i extracted the file i dled...i try to move it to the usr/share/themes folder and it wont let me17:12
abb0there are no permissions allowed to mess with that folder i guess, iwas wondering if there was something i could do17:12
xanguaabb0: creathe ".themes" directory in your home17:12
ObrienDavedangoo87, sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-utils17:12
abb0how exactly would i do that just curious. is there a cmd or just right click and create folder17:13
ObrienDavedangoo87, now try alsamixer17:14
dangoo87same issue, no such file or directory17:14
ObrienDavereally weird17:14
dangoo87i just tried searching for alsa in the main unity search thingy, and i get alsabase.conf (something I've tried to edit to fix it), and alsa-utils.service17:15
linociscobekks, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12175474/17:16
ObrienDavedangoo87, sudo apt-get install --reinstall pulseaudio17:16
dangoo87done, same result @ 'alsamixer'17:16
abb0xangua: how exactly. i did mkdir ~/.themes17:17
abb0hopefully thats correct17:17
abb0im stilla noobie17:17
ObrienDavedangoo87, i'm out of ideas. stick around. someone can help you fix it17:18
roboguy`unity-control-center also crashes with this error when I try to go mouse settings: Settings schema 'org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad' is not installed17:18
dangoo87thanks for trying ObrienDave, should I periodically just ask for help then, every 10 minutes or so incase someone new appears with more ideas?  I'm not sure what the best etiquette is for this IRC17:19
ObrienDave10-15 minutes will be ok. gl17:20
* abb0 is waiting17:21
abb0xangua: you still there or have you left17:21
xanguaI am17:22
xanguaso I exist¿17:22
ObrienDavein the 5th dimension ;P17:22
abb0lol i did what you asked17:22
wafflejockdangoo87: if you run alsamixer in the terminal it's not running is that the issue?17:23
abb0but uhhh still having trouble17:23
wafflejockdangoo87: you should have it in /usr/bin/alsamixer17:23
dangoo87wafflejock, that appears to be the case - it's not running17:23
dangoo87let me check that directory17:23
reisioxangua: donc je suis17:23
dangoo87"is not a directory"17:24
abb0im bout to give up ef it17:24
abb0thanks anyways17:24
wafflejockdangoo87: if you run, dpkg -L alsa-utils, it will print a big list of all the files the package has in it and should include that path near the top17:24
VoyageHow to calibrate display? Can someone please help me fix the brightness and contrast of my lcd. I really am pissed. (our of 100 I guess) what are the optimal values for long time usage. Using kubuntu17:24
wafflejockdangoo87: it should be a file17:24
wafflejockdangoo87: /usr/bin is the directory17:24
wafflejockdangoo87: but alsamixer should be in there if you do, ls -al /usr/bin/alsamixer17:24
RedBlueNot directly ubuntu-related, but probably folks here know the answer: when I create an image using clonezilla, can I then move that image to another hard drive/partition and restore from there, or does it have to be where I specifically told clonezilla to make in order for the recovery to work?17:25
dangoo87ok, working through this now wafflejock - thanks for this help17:25
wafflejockdangoo87: if it's there then just running it on the command line should work cause /usr/bin is in your PATH environment variable17:25
wafflejockdangoo87: np17:25
xanguaabb0: now you extract the theme in ~/.themes and you might also need unitytweak tool to select a theme other than ambiance/radiance , for icons you need the .icons directory17:25
AttoxI have a big problem regarding my keyboard layout17:27
dangoo87http://paste.ubuntu.com/12175579 @ wafflejock - is that the desired outcome for that command?17:27
wafflejockdangoo87: if you don't see the binary with ls -al /usr/bin/alsamixer, then something got corrupt with the install, you can sudo apt-get install alsa-utils --reinstall17:27
AttoxI use a German keyboard and I can't get the left alt key to work17:27
wafflejockdangoo87: yeah on line 12 in your pastebin it shows that binary17:27
AttoxI used xbindkeys and a command line dpkg tool, didn't work17:27
wafflejockdangoo87: so the package seems to have the file but verify the file is there on your filesystem if so you shouldn't have an issue running it17:28
dangoo87it's there, or something is there anyway (i just browsed to it), should I just cd to that directory then try to run alsamixer?17:28
wafflejockdangoo87: yea you can try that probably run ./alsamixer while in /usr/bin but typically /usr/bin is set in your PATH so you can just run those binaries from anywhere17:29
aryan__Guys, is this gonna happen for real ? http://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-16-04-stupendously-hot-charmander-concept-is-about-to-become-real-489835.shtml?utm_content=buffer658a3&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer17:29
xangua!ot | aryan__17:30
ubottuaryan__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:30
reisioaryan__: what is it?17:30
reisioseems like article after article saying nothing at all17:30
dangoo87wafflejock, no such file or directory on ./alsamixer17:30
wafflejockdangoo87: sorry to leave now but gotta run, good luck though17:31
reisiothis? https://www.behance.net/gallery/28804097/Ubuntu-1604-Stupendously-Hot-Charmander-concept17:31
reisioyou can make it yourself if it doesn't happen17:31
abb0could someone please help a nigga install a theme17:32
dangoo87thanks for your help wafflejock17:32
abb0i seriously am struggling17:32
abb0and feel ignored17:32
abb0i created a theme folder17:32
abb0i found the already made theme folder via usr/share/themes but cant just drop the unzipped theme folder into it17:32
AHemlocksLieI can't get the 15.04 desktop 64-bit installer to work. I've tried several times, and it always hangs in a seemingly random place. I have no idea what to try. Can anyone recommend anything?17:34
AHemlocksLieI'm considering giving up and using 14.04 LTS, but I don't like giving up on the problem17:35
amnesiac-31337I need help please, i see suspicious trame in my sniffer with scapy17:35
linocisco AHemlocksLie , mine is on Dell laptop 64bit 15.0417:35
TJ-AHemlocksLie: sounds like the on-media image is corrupted17:35
amnesiac-31337Ether / > hopopt / Raw ****17:36
xanguaabb0: what theme? did you install ubuntu tweak tool?17:36
AHemlocksLieTJ-: I've burned a disc and used UNetBootin to put it on a flash drive. Neither worked. I've checked the MD5sum of the image, and it's fine, so I know it's not a bad download17:36
Attoxcan someone help me out here? I need to get the left alt-key to work as altgr on a german keyboard layout. Earlier ubuntu options had an option for this which seems to be gone17:36
ObrienDavecoulb be bad flash drive17:36
AHemlocksLieObrienDave: and coincidentally bad DVD?17:36
AHemlocksLieI mean, possible17:36
TJ-AHemlocksLie: right; but the image on the media may be corrupt, or it may be corrupted whilst being read due to, for example, a USB interface issue.17:36
Attoxcan someone help me out here? I need to get the left alt-key to work as altgr on a german keyboard layout. Earlier ubuntu options had an option for this which seems to be gone17:37
ObrienDaveAHemlocksLie, bad DVD burn. 4x max speed recommended17:37
TJ-AHemlocksLie: in these circumstances I always compare the on-media image hash with the expected one17:37
amnesiac-31337help me please17:37
AHemlocksLieI'm setting ImgBurn to verify it against the ISO file now17:38
ioriaAHemlocksLie, hd is good ?17:40
AHemlocksLieioria: the last time I tried was the furthest it got, and it was just trying to set up and format the ext4 partition. It usually didn't even get that far.17:41
AHemlocksLieImgBurn just finished verifying, and the disc is perfect17:41
AHemlocksLieSo media is good, hard drive shouldn't be an issue because it often hangs before even TOUCHING the hard drive17:41
ioriaAHemlocksLie, when hangs , exactly ?17:42
AHemlocksLieWell, it has managed to carve out the partitions before, but it never got to the point of doing any actual formatting17:42
j1n3l0does anyone know how to make natural scrolling behaviour consistent across all application? of the applications i have tried they group like this: (chrome, emacs, firefox) (gedit, gnome-terminal) with the latter group seeming to follow the setting in "Mouse and TouchPad" settings.17:42
j1n3l0on ubuntu 15.04?17:42
=== m451 is now known as m451^AFK
AHemlocksLieioria: it varies. Literally anywhere in the information gathering process before installation truly starts. When I click next to go to the next page or whatever, the mouse cursor turns to the loading symbol, and nothing ever happens17:42
TJ-AHemlocksLie: memory issue?17:42
Voyagecan anyone one tell me their brightness and contrast values of their lcd (our of 100)?17:43
ioriaAHemlocksLie, your specs ?17:43
TJ-AHemlocksLie: Also, if you use the "Try Ubuntu" option, start a terminal, and then "tail -f /var/log/kern.log" and the start the installer, if there are any I/O (or other hardware related) problems causing this you'll see them immediately17:43
huschkesome question...i have 64 bit system with 4gb ram but taskmanager only shows 3919mb ram ...is that normal ?17:44
ObrienDavehuschke, yes, that's normal17:44
AHemlocksLieTJ-: the memory issue actually sounds pretty plausible. Load to bad RAM, then fail to read from it because it's bad. But I never have any issues with it otherwise17:45
huschkeObrienDave:  why ??? 4gb is 409617:45
huschkeand why only 3919mb17:45
AHemlocksLieioria: amd 64 bit 6 core processor, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB hard drive, GTX 570 graphics card17:45
TJ-AHemlocksLie: I've seen modules go funny without obvious cause. memtest86+ usually reveals the problems. Mostly I find simply firmly reseating the modules is enough to fix it too17:46
huschkeObrienDave: windows shows in systemsettings full 4gb17:46
ioriahuschke, pretty good17:46
drkjstrhuschke: a small amount of ram is always reserve for the OS, so it will never show the full amount you have installed as available.17:46
huschkeioria: why does it shows only 3919mb on 64bit system17:46
ioriahuschke, sorry ... it was for AHemlocksLie17:47
ObrienDavehuschke, just a math conversion issue. not to worry17:47
drkjstrhuschke: if it was a 32-bit system, it would show 3.0 - 3.5 GB available, if it is a non-PAE kernel/17:47
huschkewhat you all mean ?17:47
TJ-AHemlocksLie: if you want to verify the hash on a USB device (where the device size is usually larger than the ISO size) here's a shell fragment I use to do that (adjust initial variables as required)17:47
TJ-AHemlocksLie: USB=/dev/sdc; ISO=/var/lib/libvirt/images/iso/ubuntu-14.04-server-amd64.iso; SIZE=$(sudo stat -c %s ${ISO}); sudo dd if=${USB} bs=${SIZE} count=1 | sha1sum17:47
AHemlocksLieThe memory thing sounds like the most likely cause. I'll set up memtest to run. That comes on the disc already, yeah?17:47
=== cyboman34 is now known as cyboman33
huschkedrkjstr: when i have installed a 32 bit system the taskmanager shows me 4010mb17:48
TJ-AHemlocksLie: It should be on the boot-manger menu17:48
AHemlocksLieTJ-: I thought I remembered it being there, but I wasn't sure17:48
huschkedrkjstr: 32 bit sy<stem shows me 4010mb and 64 bit system always 3919mb17:48
AHemlocksLieOkay, thanks for the advice, TJ-, ioria, ObrienDave17:48
huschkewhats wrong there17:48
TJ-huschke: With a 64-bit system the kernel has to reserve some memory for a DMA 'trampoline' for devices that cannot address > 4GiB17:49
ObrienDavehuschke, NOTHING is wrong. it's just a math conversion issue. sheesh17:49
TJ-huschke: if you want to know how memory is allocated, read "/var/log/dmesg"17:49
ioriahuschke, also check /proc/meminfo17:51
AEL-HDoes ubuntu have something similar to the 'host' command? It is not available on ubuntu 12.0417:59
pauljwhuschke, what you should take away from this is that as long as you have sufficient memory on your system, linux is going to efficiently manage it for you.  just ignore the numbers.  as long as you aren't having system problems, leave the driving to linux.17:59
linociscowhat ubuntu exam is good for job?18:05
linociscowhat ubuntu exam or cert is good for job?18:05
Tumbtackwhat the hell is an ubuntu exam/cert18:06
ioriaAEL-H, are you sure ? http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man1/host.1.html18:06
Tumbtacklearn about linux and debian18:06
Bashing-omAEL-H: ?? I am sure 12.04 does; see : 'man host' : " HOST(1) >> NAME >> host - DNS lookup utility ". What is it that you are attempting ?18:06
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=== corey84__ is now known as Corey84
pauljwlinocisco, check this site out for some ideas:  http://www.linux.com/learn/linux-certifications18:11
bekkslinocisco: Certifications are quite useful - after a couple of years working with linux. For learning purposes for a beginner, the learning curve is just too steep.18:15
=== ubuntu_ is now known as wastedhash
=== Guest42314 is now known as dazm
RegexNinja47I installed kubuntu-desktop on a fresh install of Ubuntu (w/o any Desktop Environment running prior) and I'm trying to connect via VNC. I get a grey screen with a KDE window saying KCMInit has crashed. Closing said window shows an X-style window saying "Could not start KSMServer Check your installation." Which is then followed by another window telling me KWin has crashed. I've tried messing with XStartup and running as18:22
RegexNinja47root. Any suggestions?18:22
ioriaRegexNinja47, krfb ?18:25
RegexNinja47ioria: Sure. I've never used it before, though. So give me a minute18:27
ioriaRegexNinja47, i mean ... what vnc are you using ?18:27
RegexNinja47oh tightvncserver18:28
RegexNinja47I thought you wanted my to try using that to connect18:28
RegexNinja47Also it might be important to note that I'm on ARMHF18:28
ioriaRegexNinja47, and on the client ?18:29
RegexNinja47I've tried two Android Apps and I've also tried NX. They all come up with the same screen18:29
RegexNinja47Ideally, I'd like to use NoMachine/NX, but it seems like that's just showing me the VNC screen18:30
bipulKurolox_, Hi18:33
RegexNinja47iora now its just a grey screen18:33
RegexNinja47*ioria oops18:33
Kurolox_I'm having some problems with my wireless card18:33
ioriaRegexNinja47, here you can see how to configure tightvnc  and krfb ... sorry don't know much about android18:34
ioriaRegexNinja47, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers18:35
=== ysh is now known as yash069
RegexNinja47ioria: My xstartup file complies with the one in that page. I'm loading Xresources and executing "startkde &"18:38
RegexNinja47I'll attempt to use X11VNC or some other command-line based VNC Server.18:38
geothom230how can update wordpress on ubuntu?18:51
MonkeyDust!find wordpress18:53
ubottuFound: python-wordpresslib, ruby-omniauth-wordpress, unity-webapps-wordpress, unity-webapps-wordpress-com, wordpress, wordpress-l10n, wordpress-openid, wordpress-shibboleth, wordpress-theme-twentyfifteen, wordpress-theme-twentyfourteen (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=wordpress&searchon=names&suite=vivid&section=all18:53
MonkeyDustgeothom230  if it's in the repos: sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade18:53
geothom230MonkeyDust:Thanx man for advice18:54
quocvậy là fifox như lình ---19:01
HeathHayleCan I install the non-unity gnome on ubuntu?19:04
=== Chris230 is now known as Chris240
snoop_dogemorning all19:04
tsimonq2HeathHayle: Yes you can19:04
lunix4@HeathHayle of course you can19:04
OerHeksHeathHayle, yes19:05
OerHeks!info gnome-desktop19:05
ubottuPackage gnome-desktop does not exist in vivid19:05
snoop_dogeanyone know of a usb wifi that works with ubuntu?19:05
tsimonq2Not gnome-desktop...19:05
lunix4@quoc are u vietnamese?19:05
snoop_dogei need one to update my kernal and get my wifi working19:05
tsimonq2HeathHayle: http://askubuntu.com/questions/577093/how-to-install-gnome-desktop19:05
OerHeks!info ubuntu-gnome-desktop19:05
ubottuubuntu-gnome-desktop (source: ubuntu-gnome-meta): The Ubuntu GNOME metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.38 (vivid), package size 3 kB, installed size 28 kB19:05
Kaiul3-901What's up everyone19:05
bekkssnoop_doge: Why do you think you need to update your kernel to do so?19:06
snoop_dogei read i need 4.0+19:06
snoop_dogeshort answer im a newb19:06
bekkssnoop_doge: Where do you read that, and which wifi chipset do you have?19:07
snoop_dogeim putting mate on a atom based 10" laptop19:07
xanguasnoop_doge: you read where? What Wi-Fi card?19:07
MonkeyDustsnoop_doge  forget what you read, ask for advice in this channel19:07
=== Chris240 is now known as chris230
snoop_dogei have an asus x205ta and used the instructions from a t100 install to trick the bootloader19:07
=== chris230 is now known as Chris230
bekkssnoop_doge: Which wifi chipset do you have?19:08
snoop_dogei needed help with a uefi install so i looked for articles by ppl that had done it19:08
snoop_dogeill check19:08
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:09
snoop_dogebroadcom 4334119:09
=== stuff1 is now known as bruxC
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:09
snoop_dogeya that zhit is way over my head19:10
=== talles is now known as InluxBDX
lunix4anyone use #telegram?19:12
HeathHayleThanks guys!19:12
misho_How can istall Java for web browser JRE19:15
HeathHayledo I need to uninstall unity when I install the gnome she'll?19:15
xanguaHeathHayle: no19:15
HeathHaylexangua cool thanks19:15
xanguamisho_: did you install the open jdk plugin from repositories?19:15
misho_xangua, is it the latest version?19:16
misho_i'm trying to install RPM file from official site19:17
misho_and I got a error message  like "Failed dependencies: /bin/sh is needed by xxx"19:17
xangua!java | if what you want is Oracle java, follow this misho_19:17
ubottuif what you want is Oracle java, follow this misho_: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.19:17
RegexNinja47I'm having a problem with my fresh install of Ubuntu+Kubuntu-desktop. When trying to run KDE with Xvfb I get this: http://i.imgur.com/dglVMYH.png19:17
bekksmisho_: rpm files arent intended to be used on a non-rpm system, like Ubuntu.19:17
=== Rousseau is now known as syntaxx
misho_bekks, i know it is Debian based system19:18
=== syntaxx is now known as Rousseau
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.19:19
=== dawnson_ is now known as danwosn
ioria!info rpm19:19
ubotturpm (source: rpm): package manager for RPM. In component main, is optional. Version 4.11.3-1.1 (vivid), package size 112 kB, installed size 381 kB19:19
ioria!info alien19:19
ubottualien (source: alien): convert and install rpm and other packages. In component main, is optional. Version 8.93 (vivid), package size 52 kB, installed size 212 kB19:19
=== danwosn is now known as dawnson
lazyrabbit3309srbn fk gtfvb19:20
lazyrabbit3309ttngmr gbk loiiir wdedcv19:21
bekksmisho_: Then dont use rpm on that system.19:21
HeathHayleCan you get a KDE theme for gnome so it looks like KDE but you can install debs?19:21
ioriabut it's not working very well ...19:21
MonkeyDust!themes | HeathHayle start here19:22
ubottuHeathHayle start here: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy19:22
HeathHayleubottu: Thanks mate!19:23
ObrienDave*face palms*19:24
HeathHayleMonkeyDust: Thanks mate but I ment a KDE theme for gnome19:24
ObrienDaveinstall kde19:25
MonkeyDustHeathHayle  maybe you find one in one of the links19:25
xanguaSearch a kde look like theme for gnome then19:25
HeathHayleObrienDave: Cant believe I just did that lol19:25
HeathHayleObrienDave: I need to run Debian packages though19:26
ObrienDaveHeathHayle, happens to us all :)19:26
HeathHayleObrienDave: Lol19:26
misho_xangua, bekks  thank you both19:27
ObrienDaveHeathHayle, kde is just a DE19:27
ObrienDavewill not affect the ubuntu core19:28
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=== daynaskully is now known as Guest76476
snoop_dogeok these instructions are for ppl who know what they are doing https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/Asus/X205TA19:31
HeathHayleObrienDave: That's what I thought but asked in linux and got this response http://imgur.com/El38qZB19:31
snoop_dogei cant use them on the laptop i have because i cant get it online19:32
snoop_dogeso i need to buy a usb wifi adapter first, does anyone know of one which works with ubuntu natively?19:33
ObrienDaveHeathHayle, yes, that's true. not a good idea to mix distro packages. try to find ubuntu equivalent19:33
ilosamartHeathHayle: they're right19:33
HeathHayleObrienDave: I thought kbuntu was ubuntu?19:33
ObrienDaveit is19:33
ObrienDaveubuntu is NOT debian19:33
snoop_dogeso good to see I am not the only confused onw here19:34
HeathHayleObrienDave: Oh I thought it was19:34
ubottu!Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.19:34
ObrienDaveubuntu is BASED on debian. it is not debian19:34
HeathHayleSo packages aren't gnome or KDE based only19:35
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=== Rousseau is now known as aasnr
snoop_dogeis there a way I can simply add the broadcom driver to my usb install stick so i loads automatically?19:35
=== NaN is now known as cz2
snoop_dogeanyone still conscious here?19:37
=== aasnr is now known as aee
HeathHayle ObrienDave right I thought packages where environment dependent they not they are distro dependent?19:37
ObrienDaveHeathHayle, they are distro dependent for the most part. DEs don't really count, afaik19:38
HeathHayleObrienDave: a GREAT! thanks mate!19:39
ObrienDave!patience | snoop_doge19:40
ubottusnoop_doge: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:40
ObrienDavemeaning, if no one answers, we don't have a good answer for you19:41
tsimonq2Just wondering, do we have a tool that can create a custom ISO? Or what files should I edit in the ISO file to do that?20:03
ObrienDavestartup disk creator20:04
tsimonq2K thanks20:04
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest97914
stanford_droneHello. I'm trying to run a proxy but don't have root so I can't install squid3. Any other ideas?20:15
k1l_stanford_drone: ask the admin of that machine if you want to run a proxy server on it.20:17
stanford_dronek1l_, I have an http proxy i can run there just fine. Only I can't find an https proxy to run there.20:17
jessyI'm using nfs to share a directory. In the client, the directory have nobody as permission, how can I change to postgres?20:22
jessyhello vlad__20:24
vlad__I'm have a problem with fonts20:24
HeathHayleIs it dangerous to use gnome 2 if its not supported?20:25
=== Rousseau is now known as Tzar
bekksHeathHayle: gnome2 is dead, basically.20:25
k1l_HeathHayle: what do you mean exactly? which ubuntu are you on?20:25
vlad__characters are randomly garbled20:26
vlad__in the terminal20:26
vlad__as well as gedit20:26
HeathHaylek1l_: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS20:26
vlad__not in the browser however20:26
vlad__or in xchat for that matter20:26
k1l_HeathHayle: gnome2 is no more. you can try the mate. which is a fork of that20:26
jessyk1l_ you can help me? :-)20:26
vlad__I'm using ubuntu 15.0520:26
HeathHaylek1l_: So its bad to install gnome 2 then?20:28
k1l_HeathHayle: there should not be a chance to install it. and yes. its bad20:28
TheGuyIs it bad for my System if i switch the Bootmode (Legacy,UEFI) often?20:28
monsunewould you have a tip for me as for how to debug my samba problem? no matter what i do all i see is: tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME when trying to connect20:29
monsunein log: process_usershare_file: stat of /var/lib/samba/usershares/tom failed. Permission denied / process_usershare_file: stat of /var/lib/samba/usershares/tom failed. No such file or directory20:29
monsunein no tutorial i found anything about that file to be created or anything20:30
HeathHaylek1l_: Oh ok I just hate unity20:34
Linuxnoob01Hey. Anyone able to help me? I want to install my GPU Drivers but i got no clue how. Im running a NVIDIA Geforce GT635M, google only brings results where other people say "dont do it blackscreen omg"20:34
k1l_HeathHayle: ubuntu offers a lot of other desktops inside the repos.20:34
HeathHaylek1l_: Ph does it?20:37
HeathHayle k1l_ what does it offer do you know?20:41
ubottu!Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.20:42
ObrienDaveHeathHayle, xubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, jubuntu-desktop. see a pattern there? ;P20:43
HeathHayleObrienDave: Lol20:44
Faryshtahi, how can I check if my computer can recognize my speakers or my headphones?20:44
Faryshtaqasmixer appears blank20:44
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FaryshtaObrienDave: where on the alsamixer console can i see it20:46
ObrienDaveif they are recognized, they will appear in alsamixer20:47
snoop_dogeok im back20:48
ovo2451gays is it rial tune unity to locks like win 7 ?20:48
TikityTikI botched some auto installed files from a package20:48
snoop_dogei found the tar driver i need for my wifi20:48
TikityTikhow can I reinstall everything from a package? apt-get install --reinstall did not work20:48
FaryshtaObrienDave: what should I look for in alsamixer? honest question, i don't know what i am looking at20:49
snoop_dogethe instructions say 2. Open terminal and write:20:49
snoop_dogecd '/home/`uname -r` ~/Desktop/broadcom-wl- 2/kmod'20:49
Faryshtahi, how can I check if my computer can recognize my speakers or my headphones?20:49
snoop_dogebut what co i change and exclude here?20:49
snoop_dogefar run the live boot20:49
snoop_dogerun without installing20:50
snoop_dogethats what im doing20:50
ObrienDaveFaryshta, F5 shows all IO devices, speakers, mics, etc. if it's there, the system recognizes the device20:50
k1l_HeathHayle: kde, xfce, lxde, mate, gnome-shell, and a lot of tiling wms etc.20:51
ObrienDavei3, fluxbox, etc.20:52
FaryshtaObrienDave: F5 does nothing. I typed 'alsamixer' on console and then hit F5. Is that the correct procedure?20:53
snoop_dogedude try "lspci" in a terminal20:54
snoop_dogeit shows all hardware on the pci bus20:54
snoop_dogei just learned that one myself20:55
ObrienDavels = 'list'20:55
ObrienDavelsusb, lspci, etc.20:55
snoop_dogewhat other buses are there?20:55
ObrienDavedon't quite remember LOL20:56
snoop_dogei am trying to install a broadcom driver and dont know how20:56
snoop_dogei have the tar.bz220:56
snoop_dogeon a flash drive20:56
snoop_dogewhat do i do with it20:57
snoop_dogeextract it?20:57
samundrakhow can i get all running process or apps ?20:59
alnri'm trying to vnc to unbuntu server running xfce with vino-server, getting 'TLS handshake timeout'. how can i force vino not to require encryption? I turned it off in dconf-editor and gsettings21:02
LtLsamundrak: ps aux21:02
Faryshta_hi, can someone help me understand if my sound HDMI card is working? http://pastie.org/10371092 this is my 'aplay -l' result21:05
LtLsnoop_doge: copy it to your drive and extract it, tar -xjf file.tar.bz221:06
snoop_dogethen what?21:06
Ben64snoop_doge: are you sure you want to manually install a driver like that?21:07
LtLsnoop_doge: read the README file, typically in the dir you extracted to, ./configure ; make ; make install21:08
snoop_dogei dont have an internet connection on the laptop untill i do21:08
snoop_doge?? right21:08
Ben64snoop_doge: you can use a cable21:08
LtLsnoop_doge: no problem, read what files are readable first21:09
snoop_dogeits an asus x205ya o ethernet port21:09
snoop_dogeno ethernet port21:09
LtLsnoop_doge: copy from the flash drive to your main drive in a temp home dir, then extract etc21:10
Faryshta_ hi, can someone help me understand if my sound HDMI card is working? http://pastie.org/10371092 this is my 'aplay -l' result21:11
Faryshta_how can I know the chip of a card on alsamixer? I get "Intel Haswell HDMI" but i don't know if thats correct21:17
ObrienDavehaswell is a type of CPU21:18
wileeeFaryshta_, man alsamixer in the terminal might help21:19
Faryshta_ObrienDave: I am trying to follow this guide http://www.ubuntu-guia.com/2009/07/problemas-tarjeta-audio-hda-intel-en.html and I am stuck on the part that it ask you to get the codec version of your HDMI card21:20
esdrpahi i need help21:21
snoop_dogeok so the instructions im using to install my wifi say to use b43-fwcutter package. nut installing offline and my terminal does not recognise the command b43-fwcutter21:21
ObrienDave!ask | esdrpa21:21
ubottuesdrpa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:21
Ben64snoop_doge: it isn't a command, its a package21:21
Ben64snoop_doge: sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter21:22
Ben64but you don't have internet, so you have to get it another way21:22
snoop_dogeben im offline21:22
ObrienDaveFaryshta_, since my spanish pretty much sucks, i can't help you with that page21:22
plytro!offline | snoop_doge21:22
ubottusnoop_doge: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD21:22
plytroi've taken to running my own internal approx server21:23
Faryshta_ObrienDave: at some point it ask you to user alsamixer to get your chip/codec. in the example the codec is  ALC888 but i don't know where he got it on alsamixer21:25
ObrienDaveChip: Intel IbexPeak HDMI21:27
ObrienDavesays mine21:27
jakenheimerGood evening.  Has anybody tried installing Ubuntu on a Nexbook Flexx 11?  it's a 2 in 1 with Bay Trail.21:27
squintyFaryshta_,  might want to take a look at  inxi   it's available through the repo's    to see your audio card information type the following in a terminal after installing inxi   inxi -Ax21:28
squintyFaryshta_,  more information about inxi at  https://code.google.com/p/inxi/21:29
Faryshta_squinty: http://pastie.org/1037114921:29
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squintyFaryshta_,  looks like your hdmi card is card 3 then.   don't really know about multiple sound card setups so hopefully someone else will contribute to solving your problem.21:32
Faryshta_squinty: thanks, but how do I ask for help based on that?21:33
wileeejakenheimer, the 10 seems to work, here a full hardware description is your key to help, which is usually best served from the linux terminal.21:34
squintyFaryshta_,  maybe try googling for the particulars displayed by inxi and see if any others have experienced the same problem you are encountering.  if you include the word "solved" in your googling you may find a quick solution21:40
F1skrIs it possible to get a ubuntu server root tar package somewhere? Similar to what is provided here: https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/vivid/current/ but without the cloud-init stuff?21:45
Mikay_HackThisBonsoir tout le monde21:45
Mikay_HackThisBonsoir ,21:46
AnonymousGptqui ?21:48
squintyF1skr,  might want to ask in #ubuntu-server21:48
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:48
UditaHello.  I have Ubuntu 14 LTS installed on a Gigabyte mini PC.  It worked fine for weeks and then I tried to reboot it and it hangs after BIOS POST.  I can mount the disk when I'm booted from a thumb drive.21:55
UditaIt simply hangs with no error message.21:56
UditaAnd, curiously, the caps lock light doesn't work when after it hangs.21:56
UditaAny ideas?21:56
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wileeeUdita, Do you normally see a grub menu and is this a standard install or a chroot....etc boot21:59
wileeenot aware of this hardware setup is all22:00
UditaStandard install.  We didn't have a Grub menu before (when it was working).22:00
anon__Need help setting up vpn,22:01
UditaUbuntu is the only OS on the machine.22:01
wileeeUdita, Try booting it with tapping the shift key at turning on to see it maybe.22:01
Uditawileee: Ok, I will try that.22:01
wileeeUdita, If you get grub, you can boot and tap the tab again for a text boot, or modify grub to do that and look for errors.22:02
Uditawileee: Ok, trying22:03
Uditawileee: It still hangs, even after I hit shift key22:06
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rofltechUdita: if you can't mount your hdd that's not good.22:07
rofltechdo you have another sata/m.2 port you can move the drive to?22:07
wileeeUdita, Is there a uefi setup, comes as a box but a base question is all.22:08
wileeerofltech, They can mount the partition22:08
Uditarofltech: We _can_ mount the hard drive.22:08
Uditafsck says it is clean.22:08
wileeeUdita, This is a msdos, using the mbr is the answer or a uefi is all on booting.22:10
Uditarofltech: It boots when I put a different SATA disk in the machine.22:10
Bashing-omUdita: IF this is a UEFI system, it is the escape key that grub looks for to display the boot menu .22:10
UditaI think it is UEFI.22:11
UditaI'll try escape.22:11
Bashing-omUdita: - a 3 second window - is all the opportunity you have after the firmware (bios) screen clears, that grub is awaiting and looking for the escape key . May have to try several times to hit this window of opportunity .22:13
UditaBashing-om: It did not work, Grub doesn't come up22:16
Bashing-omUdita: wileee :: Then we need to know wheather this is a UEDI or bios system .. and consider re-installing grub ?22:18
wileeeBashing-om, Yeah go for it, I'm up for a coffee run, heh.22:19
* wileee wink's at their supergrub usb22:20
bruderbellHi.  I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.3LTS Server and used the instructions at http://www.silicondust.com/support/downloads/linux/ to download and make and install my HDHomeRun on my system.  I installed tvheadend and it works like a beauty thus far.  Only, when I reboot it seems like tvheadend is loading quicker than hdhomerun drivers (I think), because tvheadend doesn't see my tuners.  If I sudo restart tvheadend, it then sees them jus22:22
wileeeUdita, Boot the live ubuntu and we can run a few commands and probably fix from there.22:22
bruderbellIs there a way to delay the start of the tvheadend process based on the starting of the hdhomerun driver?22:22
Linnakhi, do you know a good screenrecording software from the official repo? I use simplescreen recorder because any I used from ubuntu's repo had a bad output. It played back fast as hell even if I changed the fps from 15fps to 30fps. so i don't know what's wrong with them but they just don't work for me (kazam, istanbul, recordmydesktop, vocosrceen)22:23
solenoidswhat's a good terminal emulator for someone with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retinitis_pigmentosa ?22:24
Uditawileee: Yes, let me know the commands22:25
wileeeUdita, I'm just gonna confirm a couple things, if uefi than others here will help.  run sudo parted -l and pastebin it22:26
Uditawileee: Ok, trying that22:28
mavhey i got a small problem22:29
mavcan anyone help it out22:29
mavanyone there???22:30
wileeemav, Describe issue to the channel for help.22:30
Bashing-om!ask | mav and see22:30
ubottumav and see: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:30
OerHekshow do you tell it is a small problem/22:31
mavmy notification panel is not visible22:31
k1l_mav: what ubuntu? what desktop? what did you do before that happened?22:32
mavusing backbox...i just clicked on it on the option remove22:33
k1l_mav: ok, better ask the backbox guys about that22:33
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mavcant u tell about that22:34
mavbackbox is ubuntu based22:34
mavif u well known with ubuntu i think u can do somethong22:34
k1l_mav: if you want ubuntu then use ubuntu :)  we dont know what the backbox guys changed there. so better ask them22:34
mavits ubuntu22:35
k1l_!backbox | mav22:35
ubottumav: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.22:35
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mavLOAD [-e] <smile>22:36
mavscript <smile>py mav/22:37
Uditawileee: http://imgur.com/l31edzj22:38
Uditawileee: this is the parted -l output22:38
UditaAny help ?22:47
Bashing-omUdita: We await your pastebin of wileee's request of ' sudo parted -l ' .22:51
prometI can't seem to get a vpn connection in 15.04, i've tried some bug related suggestions re: 1pv4 route 'empty' gateway settings but it doesn't seem to be working22:52
prometanyone got a successful vpn coinnection in 15.04?22:52
eatingthenightanyone have a good program they use for log aggregation from multiple servers?22:57
MonkeyDusteatingthenight  there's also #ubuntu-server22:58
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eatingthenightMonkeyDust: thanks i asked over there as well23:02
wileeeUdita, how attached are you to the daa on the HD?23:03
Uditawileee: Very!23:08
wileeeUdita, Backed up?23:09
mindbender1I just installed 15.04 and I can't see the application switcher UI when I alt+tab even though the command works but there's no UI to know which application one is selecting.23:10
k1l_mindbender1: what desktop exactly?23:11
wileeeUdita, Anyway a pastebin is not an image, I will prompt the bot so you know. Seems like a problem so far I would want a 2nd/3rd opinion on23:12
wileee!pastebin | Udita23:12
ubottuUdita: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:12
mindbender1k1l_:  ubuntu23:12
k1l_mindbender1: so its a original ubuntu with unity?23:13
k1l_what video card and what driver?23:13
squeakynebHow does one upgrade an unsupported Ubuntu (13.10 specifically) to a newer version that IS supported? It's just giving me a "no new release found" when I do the release upgrade thing. We've tried many google-able suggestions, mostly from out-of-date forum threads and wiki articles. What should we do?23:13
tyler1Anyone know of any nerdy channels?23:13
AfterDarknessafter installing mate-desktop-environment-extras I am missing some panel layouts any ideas where to get them?23:14
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*23:14
k1l_squinty: make sure your release prompt is not set to LTS only23:14
k1l_squeakyneb:  make sure your release prompt is not set to LTS only23:14
k1l_squinty: sorry, worng nick :)23:14
squeakynebk1l_: just running commandline, what would be the relevant setting/flag there? Regardless, shouldn't it upgrade to 14.04?23:15
squintyk1l_,  np though you did have me wondering there for a sec  lol23:15
ObrienDavek1l_ is good at that ;P23:16
k1l_squeakyneb: ah its 13.10. there you will need to change the sources to the old-releases23:16
k1l_!eolupgrade | squeakyneb23:16
ubottusqueakyneb: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:16
k1l_squeakyneb: /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades would be the cli config for that23:16
wileeeUdita, You will get help, just takes a few when you have a 2 tb HD with data needed not working as is expected, if empty we would be done, or backed up.23:16
squeakynebthat EOL wiki page didn't help a whole bunch, already tried the old-releases repo :(23:19
squeakynebthis isn't my laptop either so it's possible that the user of it broke something >.<23:19
k1l_squeakyneb: can you put that outputs in a pastebin? lsb_release -d, uname -a, cat /etc/apt/sources.list, cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades23:20
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squeakynebk1l_: hilarious story: colleague apparently got the upgrade to work in the last 5 minutes of the day before we clocked off on friday, so it is running 14.04 but the packages are broken as hell23:24
squeakynebwe need to use more sticky notes :D23:24
Saulo(away) off.23:27
MonkeyDustsqueakyneb  i picked this up in this channel, a basic repair script ... save it as 'repair' or so, make executable and run it ... http://www.hastebin.com/upusonunom.hs23:28
edistoI am having an issue with installing my firepro drivers... when I run the drivers from amd site I get an error saying 'XServer 1.17.1_64a' is not supported23:29
edistoanyone know how to install firepro drivers from fglrx from repository?23:30
edistoer fglrx repository23:30
Uditawileee: Did you see the last message23:31
squeakynebMonkeyDust: thanks, I'll have a look-see23:32
cluelessperson_hey guys, I'm trying to figure out how to control my keyboard backlight with linux and windows.   I've found I CAN shut it off by running the command.23:33
cluelessperson_echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/thinkpad_acpi/leds/tpacpi::thinklight/brightness23:33
cluelessperson_however, I can't seem to turn it back on without doing the keyboard key combination.  Fn+Space, that I suspect is bios triggered or something23:33
cluelessperson_cat max_brightness   shows 255.23:33
cluelessperson_cat max_brightness > brightness     doesn't do anything23:34
Bashing-omUdita: wileee ::  misssed ya .. Question, what is on that 2nd drive, sdb ? In a bit of a quandry how to handle the mixed (msdos/GPT) partitioning schemes. and why 'parted' will not read that sdb drive .23:36
Jon30hey guys, does ubuntu 15 run well on a convertible laptop? it's xps 12, basically when i switch to tablet mode, is it going to be useful?23:40
d1mfHi, increase scrolling mouse implemented ubuntu 15.04?23:40
d1mfspeed low)23:40
Bashing-omUdita: Are you with us ?23:45
UditaBashing-om: Yes23:45
UditaSome update : The HDD is not booting in UEFI, the live USB is23:45
Uditaso, booted from USB, and hit escape, that took me to grub shell23:46
Bashing-omUdita: What is sdb ? Internal hard drive or a USB drive ? And what is on this 2nd drive that we are not able to get 'parted' to list ?23:46
scott606Hey guys im trying to install xubuntu on this harddrive i just installed and im getting this error Error fsyncing/closing /dev/sda: Input/output error23:46
Uditafrom grub shell loaded the kernel, and booted Ubuntu, it worked - does this information help ?23:47
UditaLet me check back the sdb23:47
dimitry7Hi there, how can I find words with more than 3 letters 'p' in them?23:50
UditaBashing-om: sdb is flash drive23:51
Bashing-omUdita: K; we are considering .23:51
scott606Hey guys im trying to install xubuntu on this harddrive i just installed and im getting this error Error fsyncing/closing /dev/sda: Input/output error23:52
edistono one knows how to install firepro drivers eh?23:53
scott606Hey guys im trying to install xubuntu on this harddrive i just installed and im getting this error Error fsyncing/closing /dev/sda: Input/output error23:54
David_W617Can someone tell me why my /boot partition (/dev/sda5) is not recognized by grub? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12179784/23:54
Bashing-omUdita: On sda drive there is no efi partition to support UEFI; what results when you change in the firmware to boot 'CCSM' and try and boot the system ?23:56
Bashing-omscott606: " Input/output error " could be from a number of reasons. How many 'primary' partitions on on the hard drive ? - in the MBR scheme there is a maximum of 4 .23:59
scott606in gparted it just says unallocated23:59
scott606it gives me that error when i try to create a boot partition23:59

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