flocculantknome: happy with xubuntu-exploratory plus dev version name? 08:33
knomeyes, i'm happy with that :)08:33
flocculantpersonally I think it's too long and too easy for spolling errors to creep in - maybe something like x-exp :)08:33
knomeyeah, maybe08:34
knomeor xubuntu-exp?08:34
knomeit would be nice to spell out xubuntu just for others08:34
knomeso they understand what is "x"08:34
flocculantmaybe 08:34
flocculantyea - true :)08:34
flocculantok - lets go with that then 08:35
knomeyep :)08:35
knomei'll look at pulling the bug list to the tracker on tuesday or wednesday08:35
knomeleaving on a cruise tonight and will be back on tuesday morning08:36
flocculantI'm doing a mail now - will add that to it 08:36
flocculantooh nice 08:36
flocculantI'm looking at the weather forecast and thinking about postponing my away time 08:36
knomethat's coming here tue-wed08:37
flocculantyea - heavy seemingly - not sure I want to crashed in someone else's house and stuck indoors 08:37
flocculanton the other hand - it IS not here, which is the main point :p08:38
knomeok, i'm off10:07
knomewill be back on tuesday - i'll get back to mails and pings then10:07
knomehave fun everybody10:07
flocculanthave a good one :)10:08
flocculantif the ubuntu software center is going to be left and end up in the doldrums - what are we going to do? 20:25
flocculantjust a thought for the next cycle :)20:25
pleia2back to synaptic? ;)20:28
pleia2but honestly, I don't use any of them, so I don't know20:29
flocculantworks for me :)20:29
flocculantha 20:29
flocculantpleia2: could you social media beta 1 stuff for me20:30
pleia2flocculant: I was going to wait until there was an iso available, but I'll think up some "stay tuned" wording20:30
flocculanthopefully someone will follow along on Tuesday with a real url for it20:31
flocculantpleia2: ok - works for me - happy to leave it in your capable hands 20:31
pleia2just need to make sure whoever replies to the email with the ISO url keeps the full original email intact so there's context20:31
flocculantyep 20:31
flocculantwith me and knome away - ping Unit193 and slickyma1ter to do that for us20:33
flocculantanyway - off now20:36
flocculantbe about for a few hours in the morning 20:37
flocculantpleia2: I'll try - but it's looking like an inch of rain here AND where I am off to ... 20:37
pleia2G+ and FB done, now 140 characters for twitter...20:37
pleia2flocculant: poor planning ;)20:37
flocculant140/4 = TestTestTestTest ... 20:37
flocculantpleia2: indeed - people used to wait for me to book holiday - then book theirs at a different time 20:38
pleia2alright, twitter done too20:39
flocculantyou're awesome - thanks :)20:39
pleia2sure thing20:40
flocculantcya later - have a good day 20:40
micahgsigh, ISO is 130MB oversized now20:57
micahgI don't know that I can fix that :(20:58

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