marianoIs it possible to install the newest stable versions of kde apps (i.e. okular) on xubuntu 14.04?07:32
knomemariano, everything that is in the 14.04 repositories is available for you07:38
marianoSo the newer versions of okular for example are out of the question?07:39
knomeif they are in a PPA, or if you want to build them, then sure, you can do that; but then you are officially without support for packages affected07:40
knomeyou might want to ask #kubuntu since this has more to do with kde packages and the ubuntu base than xubuntu07:41
marianoSorry I'm still learning about linux, so every time I install a package that is not in the software center, I'm officially without support for the packages affected?07:42
knomepretty much so, yes.07:42
marianoah ok07:42
knomeof course there might be support for those packages from other sources than the ubuntu community support channels, like individuals07:43
knomeand individuals in the ubuntu community are free to support those too07:43
marianoCool, makes sense.07:44
GeekDudeCan I just dd/WindowsEquivalent the xubuntu 15.04 iso to my flash drive and have it be bootable, or do I need to use a tool such as unetbootin?16:07
GeekDudewell, time to find out16:22
vistaHey, I am having some trouble with the panel theme ever since I upgraded to 15.0417:13
vistaI have been using Bluebird as my theme17:14
vistaever since I updated, the panel indicator buttons look like this: http://puu.sh/jLKqV/f8d3e35a85.png17:15
vistaI have checked some other themes, some do exhibit this problem as well, some don't.17:15
vista(Orion and Bluebird and Raleigh have the problem, Adwaita, Greybird, High Contrast don't)17:16
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wub_wubHi guys, does anyone have tips on how to try and solve xubuntu failing to suspend automatically - I'm getting this: http://i.imgur.com/Kq8eONi.png (15.04) I've tried few solutions I found online, but nothing worked so far.18:59
xubuntu62wI need help installing xubuntu onto a usb19:49
ObrienDaverun live DVD, install to USB19:50
ObrienDavei have several ;P19:50
xubuntu62wI have installed through live CD and partitioned properly. However when i boot up all i get is black screen. If i hold shift for GRUB menu all i get is GRUB loading19:51
ObrienDavebooting from HD or USB stick?19:52
ObrienDaveprobably bad USB stick, try another19:52
xubuntu62wBrand New San Disk Cruzer 16gb...No good?19:53
ObrienDaveshould work19:53
xubuntu62wits having a problem booting up not sure why i cant load GRUB menu19:55
xubuntu62wWhere am i going wrong here?19:55
xubuntu62wAny help? been troubleshooting for days and can't seem to figure it out20:00
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:02
flocculantxubuntu62w: did you install grub to the USB when you installed? you would have needed to use the something else option at partition stage20:05
xubuntu62wI used the something else option when installing and i believed i partitioned correctly but what do you mean by installing GRUB?20:09
ObrienDaveyou have to install GURB to the USB in order for it to boot20:09
xubuntu62wHow would i go about that?20:10
xubuntu62wGRUB isn't installed during the xubuntu installation?20:10
ObrienDaveit's an option when you run the installer20:10
ObrienDaveit asks where you want to install GURB20:11
flocculantwell not quite - it assumes sda - you need to specify if somewhere else20:11
ObrienDavestill an option where to install ;P20:11
flocculantregardless of that wording - it does NOT ask you where to install20:12
xubuntu62wIs GRUB the same as location for device boot loader?20:13
flocculantxubuntu62w: yes - but it needs to be the usb - otherwise it will install it to whatever hardrive is in the machine20:13
xubuntu62wok then i believe i correctly selected my entire USB20:14
ObrienDaveGRUB = Grand Rational Uniform (Unified) Bootloader20:14
xubuntu62wnot just a specific partition, as xubuntu suggested20:14
xubuntu62wMaybe I am messing up on installation as once again when i boot up USB all i get is blank screen and if i press shift I am stuck on the "GRUB loading" black screen20:17
ObrienDavei would suggest a reinstall to USB20:18
xubuntu62wI have several times and partitioned properly however; maybe you could suggest a better way to partition and install (16gb Sandisk)20:19
flocculanthave you tried reinstalling grub to the usb?20:19
flocculantas ObrienDave says - the stick is probably fine - it's certainly big enough20:20
mrkrampsxubuntu62w, are you using EFI bootmanagement?20:20
ObrienDavei would boot a live ISO, using that, install to USB using entire stick and bootloader to USB20:21
flocculantmrkramps: good point20:21
xubuntu62whow would i reinstall grub if i cant access Grub menu to boot nomodeset for terminal?20:22
xubuntu62wNot quit sure @mrkramps yes i am new to ubuntu i apologize20:22
mrkrampsxubuntu62w, that'S nothing about linux but just depends on the bios used20:23
mrkrampsnewer devices do not use the old CMOS anymore, but UEFI20:23
ObrienDaveCMOS is the chip, they don't use BIOS anymore ;P20:24
mrkrampsObrienDave, so many technical terms =D20:25
ObrienDaveso i've been called on ROFL :)20:25
mrkrampsbut yeah, you're right of course20:25
xubuntu62wBelieve i have a live ISO....So reinstall to USB using entire stick and then "bootloader to USB"?20:26
flocculantxubuntu62w: what sort of machine are you trying to boot this on? and what OS on the machine?20:26
flocculantyea - hang fire on that for the moment - let's get to the bottom of the uefi thing first :)20:27
ObrienDaveyes, you b=need to know the device ID, sdb, sdc, etc...20:27
ObrienDavesda will be your HD. don;t use that one20:27
paperboy58So I have been hopping from one distro to another and landed  Here on Xubuntu ..I even have two of the kids using it20:40
ObrienDavewelcome to Xubuntu20:41
xubuntu62wHost OS is Windows 720:48
mrkrampsxubuntu62w, you device is not older than 3 years?20:49
mrkrampsor yould you tell us the exact model of your pc/notebook?20:51
xubuntu62wAlienware 14 ALW14-1250sLV 14-Inch Gaming Laptop (i5-4200M, 8GB Memory, 750GB Hard Drive, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, DVD+/-RW, Bluetooth, Windows 7 Home 64-bit)20:53
mrkrampsok, that's pretty sure UEFI20:54
mrkrampsan when you select "something" else in the installer for manual paritioning you have to consider adding an additional EFI parition20:54
mrkrampsotherwise boot fails20:54
mrkrampsfirst partition therefore should be about 200 MB fat32 für the EFI boot manager20:56
mrkrampspersonally i like 256MB for remembering me of good old times when this was plenty of ram :)20:57
xubuntu62whow should i exactly partition my 16gb drive20:59
xubuntu62wjust want to get this right20:59
mrkrampsxubuntu62w, for what exactly do you want to use this stick21:00
Faryshta_how can I know the chip of a card on alsamixer? I get "Intel Haswell HDMI" but i don't know if thats correct21:22
mrkrampsFaryshta_:$ lspci | grep Audio21:24
mrkrampsand HDMI always indicates what is says, HDMI audio21:25
Faryshta_mrkramps: http://pastie.org/10371169 this is what I get21:40
xanguaHow could I hide the clipman icon from the panel? Either the notification or plugin? Xubuntu 15.0421:41
xubuntu62wmrkramps, im looking to create a live usb OS without touching my Host HD21:50
mrkrampsxubuntu62w, live? or persistent installation?21:51
xubuntu62whow should i partition exactly? (16gb)21:51
xubuntu62wwhats the difference?21:51
mrkrampslive is like a dvd w/o the possibility to change things permanently21:51
xubuntu62wWant to save all files to USB and make that the OS hardrive21:52
xubuntu62wthen in that case persistent21:52
ObrienDaveboot live DVD, install to USB21:52
mrkrampsxubuntu62w, is there any reason for manual paritioning?21:52
ObrienDavei would boot a live ISO, using that, install to USB using entire stick and bootloader to USB21:53
ObrienDavelike i told you 2 hours ago21:53
xubuntu62wNo it doesnt matter all i want to do is completely run and save all files to USB without touching my host21:53
xubuntu62w@0brienDave i have been doing that for the past 2 hours and it does not boot up.21:53
mrkrampsif you "use entire disk" the installer will automatically create all paritions (EFI, root, swap) you need21:53
ObrienDavexubuntu62w, try enabling 'legacy USB' in uefi bios21:54
ObrienDaveor turn off 'safeboot' mode21:55
marianoI get a white screen for about thirty seconds before I get the login screen. Is this normal on xubuntu 15.04? I updated from 14.04 to 14.10, then to 15.04.22:37
pcworldWould like to fully install xubuntu to USB (persistent) how can i achieve this? would someone like to thouroughly explain how.. Thanks22:49
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent22:50
pcworldRecomendations for partitioning a live USB?23:47
pcworldInstalling xubuntu to my USB (persistent), how should i partition properly?23:48
ObrienDavei would boot a live ISO, using that, install to USB using entire stick and bootloader to USB23:56

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