g3narohow do i scp files to a juju box?14:08
g3narojuju scp file 1:14:10
g3naroor something like thi?14:10
plarsg3naro: juju scp local_file unit_name/num:/remote/path14:12
plarsg3naro: ex: juju scp myfile.tgz myservice/0:/tmp14:12
josejcastro: ping14:14
josejcastro: you pinged me a couple days ago - haven't been on IRC for around a week14:18
joseyou needed something?14:18
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beisnergnuoy, thedac - so afaict, that cluster fix resolves the cluster races i was seeing (with LE) re: bug 148617714:38
mupBug #1486177: 3-node native rabbitmq cluster race <amulet> <openstack> <uosci> <rabbitmq-server (Juju Charms Collection):Confirmed for thedac> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1486177>14:38
thedacbeisner: great. I will be working on a fix for pre leadership election versions today14:40
gnuoythedac, beisner, tip top, thanks14:40
beisnercoreycb, can you review/land this?  https://code.launchpad.net/~1chb1n/charms/trusty/swift-storage/amulet-update-1508/+merge/26878815:07
beisnercoreycb, heads up too - swift-proxy, openstack-dashboard shortly behind that.15:08
coreycbbeisner, sure.  I need to get liberty stuff done but then I'll look.15:18
redelmannanyone know about juju-gui?15:19
redelmannim trying to debug an issue15:19
redelmannon ec2 and maas juju-gui is logging" {"RequestId":5,"Error":"unit not found","ErrorCode":"not found","Response":{}}"15:19
redelmannjuju debug-log: error stopping *state.Multiwatcher resource: unit not found15:20
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mhall119help, trying to re-connect to my old canonistack environment after a long time of ignoring it, now juju gives me: WARNING unknown config field "tools-url"17:06
mhall119and doesn't do anything17:07
g3naromaybe try removing that option from your config ?17:10
thedacbeisner: if you have time can you independently test juju < 1.24 against lp:~thedac/charms/trusty/rabbitmq-server/native-cluster-race-fixes and also make sure it did not regress for >= 1.24. I'll be running similar tests as well.17:40
bbaqarWhich branch of charmhelpers should I propose my changes in if I want them in each of the openstack charms?17:59
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beisnerthedac, thank you.  yes, i'll cycle both.18:31
mattraehi, i'd like to use the openstack provider.. is there an option to specify the object store endpoint?19:18
mattraei can't seem to find it19:18
jcastroJuju office hours in 30 minutes!19:32
rick_h_jcastro: is there a topic or general Q/A?19:33
jcastrogeneral office hours19:34
jcastroso like if someone shows up with an agenda that becomes the agenda19:34
jcastrorick_h_: we haven't had a UI guy in a while if you want to fill us all in19:38
rick_h_jcastro: ok, debating showing up but I don't have an agenda. Just to cheer or such :)19:38
jcastrowell, jrwren shows up but he never knows what he's working on19:38
rick_h_jcastro: k, linky me happy to jump in19:38
jcastrorick_h_: I'll file up the hangout in about 1519:39
rick_h_alexisb: what were we talking about hte other day about getting notice about?19:39
jcastroalso if anyone from juju-core wants to hop in that'd be awesome19:39
jcastrowwitzel3: ^^^19:39
jcastrobeisner: if you've got time for some openstack charm updates since you guys just had a release ...19:39
wwitzel3jcastro: sure19:41
jcastrorick_h_: wwitzel3: cory_fu ^^^^19:45
jrwrenjcastro: i can't talk about what I'm working on :p19:46
cory_fukwmonroe: ^^19:46
rick_h_linky: https://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/charms-bundles20:02
rick_h_jcastro: linky: https://github.com/juju/charmstore/blob/v5-unstable/docs/bundles.md20:11
rick_h_jcastro: https://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/wip-systems20:14
rick_h_jcastro: https://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/wip-users20:14
kwmonroehey rick_h_, is "bundle" the right source branch name for bundles?  or "trunk", or will either work?20:18
rick_h_kwmonroe: it's bundle I think.20:19
rick_h_kwmonroe: trunk is for charms20:19
rick_h_kwmonroe: I think the diff was done as part of 'telling what's what' but it's history and not sure tbh20:19
wwitzel3workload devel branch: https://github.com/juju/juju/tree/feature-proc-mgmt20:24
wwitzel3jcastro: ^20:24
kwmonroerealtime syslog analytics bundle: https://jujucharms.com/u/bigdata-dev/realtime-syslog-analytics20:25
rick_h_jcastro: https://jujucharms.com/q/db-admin20:42
rick_h_jcastro: https://github.com/juju/charmstore/blob/v5-unstable/docs/API.md#search20:43
wwitzel3jcastro: https://insights.ubuntu.com/event/juju-charmer-summit-2015/20:48
Mortincool walkthru thx for stream :)20:49
mhall119jcastro: what does "agent-state: down" mean? Does it mean the instance is down, or just something with juju?20:59
jcastroit means the juju agent itself is down20:59
mhall119the controlling node?21:00
jcastrois this on a new deployment?21:00
jcastrono, the agent on that node21:00
mhall119no, old canonistack one that I haven't touched in months21:00
marcoceppimhall119: it means that juju can't speak to the agent that machines is running on21:00
marcoceppieither the agent crashed or the machine is no longer reachable on the network (taken offline, networking changed, etc)21:00
mhall119ok, can I juju destroy-environment when it's like this? or might that leave orphaned instances21:01
* mhall119 things canonistack might have moved recently 21:01
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hazmatmhall119: if you remove machine --force it should do the trick, if its the bootstrap node, yeah destroy env force should do the trick (sans orphans)21:07
hazmatmarcoceppi: if your around on wednesday, i'm doing an ansible talk at the modev meetup .. its right off the silver line at mclean stop21:26
marcoceppihazmat: sounds sweet!21:26
marcoceppihazmat: I just RSVP'd thanks for the heads up21:28
hazmatrick_h_:  just read through new bundle thingy in jorge's link above, doesn't support containers as machines per description21:40
rick_h_hazmat: nested lxc's were fixed in a pr I believe. It's not landed yet. Waiting on review?22:21
rick_h_hazmat: I know we had to fix something with that for the OS bundle case and we're running a deployer fork atm for that to work.22:21
rick_h_hazmat: if I'm misunderstanding let me know/have an example and we'll get it fixed up.22:22
arosalesmarcoceppi, jcastro: thanks for hosting the most recent office hours and sending out highlights with minute markers22:30

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