soeegood morning06:19
valoriemorning, soee06:21
soeecan someone help mi fix small dependency problems in Wily ?06:24
soeei would like to get this fixed: libstreamanalyzer0 : Depends: libclucene-core1 (>= but it is not installable06:24
valoriehmmm, as I recall, libclucene used to not be packaged06:39
valorieI wonder when that changed06:40
lordievaderGood morning.06:40
valorieI remember having to fetch and build it while testing something, maybe tomahawk06:40
valorie!info libclucene-core06:41
ubottuPackage libclucene-core does not exist in wily06:41
valorie!info libclucene-core106:41
ubottulibclucene-core1 (source: clucene-core): core library for full-featured text search engine (runtime). In component main, is optional. Version (wily), package size 572 kB, installed size 1636 kB06:41
valorieso supposedly that is available06:42
valoriealthough that "" might indicate that it was a git-snapshot instead of being released06:43
soeehmm, i would like just simple solution to get it fixed :)06:44
soeeon may laptop i had to do fresh install of vivid yesterday and upgrade to wily to have fully working system :)06:44
lordievaderWily image was not bootable?06:47
lordievaderAh, right. Now I remember.06:47
* lordievader needs more coffee06:47
valoriesoee: you can either wait and talk to the devels when they show up, or write to the devel list about the situation06:50
soeelordievader: i think the kde-usb-creator is the problem06:53
soeei used ucb universal installer under windows to create bootabel vivid usb06:54
lordievaderWhy no unetbootin? Unetbootin is lovely :)06:54
soeenever used i think thats why :)07:03
Riddellhmm, beta week08:13
=== maxyz_ is now known as maxyz
soeeRiddell: any ideas [08:24] <soee> i would like to get this fixed: libstreamanalyzer0 : Depends: libclucene-core1 (>= but it is not installable08:21
Riddellsoee: why are you installing libstreamanalyzer0?08:22
Riddellwhatever it is y ou should have libstrigihtmlgui0v5 now08:23
soeeRiddell: i do not, this is how my system looks liek after vivid -> wily upgrade here @ work08:23
Riddellsoee: how did you upgrade?08:23
soeecommand line -d08:24
Riddellsoee: which command line?08:25
soeei think sudo do-release-upgrade -d08:26
sitterwgrant: it occurs to me that the majority of ppa builders somehow got stuck Cleaning08:26
wgrantsitter: Yep, I'm investigating.08:26
sitterok :)08:27
wgrantHappened about an hour ago, only noticed about 10 minutes ago, still digging.08:27
wgrantThanks for the poke, though, you almost beat me :)08:27
Riddellsoee: thanks, I'll give that a try and see what happens08:27
yofelRiddell: can you look at patching cmake with http://www.cmake.org/gitweb?p=cmake.git;a=commitdiff;h=b9ec9392da21a3421e48c6961976060d872faffb if you have time please?08:28
Riddellyofel: this makes kde-baseapps compile happy?08:28
yofelit should, there might also be something in kdelibs to patch, see the kde-release-team ML about review request 12480108:31
yofelthe cmake patch should be enough though..08:33
sitteranyone with wily and kwalletmanager installed around who can confirm that the about dialog is le broken?08:33
Riddellsitter: Licence: Not specified08:43
Riddellis all it says08:43
sitteryeah same as here then08:44
sitteron the plus side kwallet 5.14 will stop bringing up migration dialogs.. ever08:44
ejatmay i know why 4 packages being kept back : akregator kaddressbook knotes kontact08:46
ubottuKDE bug 351680 in general "15.08 and master: about dialog broken" [Normal,Unconfirmed]08:48
sitterejat: google debug apt resolver08:49
ejatsitter: tq .. the ninja's r working on it ? 08:51
sitterprobably not since it's the first time I hear of it08:54
soeeejat: did you upgrade from vivid ?08:56
ejatsoee: wily 09:12
ejatsorry .. yeah .. i upgrade from vivid to wily09:12
soeeejat: so its nothing new i had problems with those apps on 2 machines after upgrade from vivid09:17
soeebut yesterday i did fresh Vivid install and again upgrade to Wily and all works fine on my latop09:17
soeeso i think the problems comes for those who did the upgrade earlier09:18
clivejoRiddell: ping09:24
ejatsoee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12182267/09:29
soeeejat: i can't help much i'm not familar with this stuff :)09:45
clivejoejat: have you removed the staging PPA from your sources?09:47
clivejothat looks like you are grabbing packages from the PPA, which have been moved to proposed I think09:49
ejatthanks clivejo09:53
ejatremoving the ppa helps09:53
clivejohave you proposed enabled?09:54
Riddellhi clivejo09:58
clivejoRiddell: we need your expert leadership !09:59
Riddellno soy leider!10:00
clivejoRiddell: in Apps 15.08.00 there are a number of packages failing over the CMake version10:00
Riddellclivejo: I just uploaded a fix that yofel pointed me to which might fix kde-baseapps10:01
Riddellwhat else is the problem?10:01
clivejothere are a few on there10:01
clivejomost of the red ones have the same problem10:01
yofelthat *should* fix all of them I think10:06
clivejoanyone fixing the missing files in kdepim-runtime10:07
yofelclivejo: actually, cmake is in, so go and retry the failures10:07
clivejooh, so its a problem with CMake, not the sourcecode?10:08
sneleyofel: Hi. I forgot command for accesing "configure sources" gui. I think you told me the command few days ago.10:08
yofelsnele: kdesudo software-properties-kde10:08
sneleyofel: thank you10:09
yofelclivejo: right, well... the kdelibs source exposed a bug in cmake10:09
clivejoI see10:09
sitterRiddell: when making cahnges to sddm you might also want to push them to the git repo10:10
clivejowho retried the kdepim-runtime?10:14
clivejoRiddell: are you working on kdepim-runtime?10:28
Riddellclivejo: I just uploaded a fix to the archive and the ppa10:43
clivejoI thought you were working on it, didnt want to get in the way10:43
=== ubott2 is now known as ubottu
sitterRiddell: in stable... kcontacts_15.08.0+git20150824.1025+15.10-0.dsc: Version older than that in the archive. 15.08.0+git20150824.1025+15.10-0 <= 4:15.07.90+git20150820.0806+15.10-011:12
sitterRiddell: why did you remove pam-kwallet from the seed?11:17
Riddellsitter: yes I think so11:17
Riddellit conflicted with pam-kwallet411:18
sitterit's a transitional to kwallet411:18
sitteradding back11:20
Riddellwell add back pam-kwallet411:21
Riddelland presumably pam-kwallet511:22
sitterRiddell: you'll need to refresh kubuntu-meta, it doesn't like me for some reason11:40
sitter! Could not open STRUCTURE from checkout of (any of):11:40
ubottusitter: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:40
sitter!   http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/seeds/kubuntu.wily11:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/seeds/kubuntu.wily11:40
Riddellthanks sitter, running11:41
sittersent a mail to devel about relatedchanges11:41
BluesKajHi all11:57
sitterRiddell: kcontacts_15.08.0+git20150824.1143+15.10-0.dsc: Version older than that in the archive. 15.08.0+git20150824.1143+15.10-0 <= 4:15.07.90+git20150820.0806+15.10-012:15
yofelRiddell: on a similar topic, why did kcalutils gain an epoch?12:24
* clivejo perks ears12:26
Riddellyofel: I think because someone accepted it into launchpad before I could reject it12:37
soeeif someone can reproduce, please confirm https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35169313:21
ubottuKDE bug 351693 in general "Screen brightness is not restored after screen unlock (idle time)" [Normal,Unconfirmed]13:21
clivejoare 15.08 apps ready for prosed yet?13:55
clivejokdepim-runtime appears to be still broken :/13:55
Riddellclivejo: fixes welcome :)14:05
Riddelloh that's interesting kde-baseapps has dolphin 414:06
Riddellwell I think that can just be added to not-installed14:06
Riddellclivejo: so update symbols and add that to not-installed14:06
clivejowont be able to look at it until later14:07
Riddellkdepim* probably needs some investigation on why it won't be able to install stuff14:07
Riddellbut it's beta this week so I'm not sure I want to upload them now14:07
clivejowhen is release date?14:07
tsdgeosRiddell: you will break konqueror if you do that14:14
Riddelltsdgeos: oh?14:33
Riddellrelease in 2 months https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseSchedule14:33
Riddellbeta 1 now, beta 2 in 1 month14:33
tsdgeosRiddell: https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/release-team/2015-August/008848.html14:34
Riddellah yes for the kpart, thanks tsdgeos14:34
clivejooh wily is beta14:40
Riddellsitter: killed kcontacts15:23
Riddellsitter: looking at your pykde patch15:31
=== Tm_Tr is now known as Guest26968
Riddellwoo kdepim compiled in wily!16:07
Riddellhopefully it'll now transition to the archive16:08
=== wendar_ is now known as wendar
Riddellwell dist upgrade test in a chroot died, guess I'll try the real thing tomorrow16:51
Riddellyay qt-gstreamer built16:55
BluesKajso Wily beta is released on thurs ?17:23
BluesKajmy wily install was plagued with problems of my own doing so I wiped and created a couple of empty / and /home partitions ready for a clean beta install17:26
=== rdieter_work is now known as rdieter
clivejoRiddell: have you uploaded the new plasma?17:40
ejatnew plasma in build?17:50
[Relic]Anyone know if 15.10 will auto save sessions on restart/shutdown and bring the applications back to the proper virtual desktops when starting?17:50
soeesddm update brings any new features/changes ?18:10
clivejo[Relic]: give me few minute to build this package and Ill try it for you18:18
ejatclivejo: new plasma in build ? 18:26
clivejonope, Im trying to figure out what is preventing kdepim from building18:26
clivejoI think Riddell is waiting to after the beta release18:27
clivejoI use virtual desktops, but I always close everything down before I shutdown etc18:28
soeewith final 5.4 activities should be fully usable again18:29
clivejoI think Im running plasma 5.4, but RC18:30
* ejat too .. 18:30
clivejoI think final is out, but just hasnt been packaged yet18:31
[Relic]normally I like leaving a lot of reference stuff open for quick access18:32
[Relic]and that was the normal function until 14.10 so it was pretty much expected from the next version18:33
clivejoRiddell yofel: why is kdepim-runtime building on my machine, but not on LP PPA?18:36
clivejook have apps open on all 4 desktops and screens18:38
clivejowill reboot18:38
clivejook, so it half works18:43
clivejokate and dolphin didnt come back on desktop118:43
clivejoQuassel didnt load but Konsole and Kate did come back18:44
davmor2clivejo: that so sound like the lady in your life and your pet left you and then Quassel consoled your loss ;)18:44
clivejoFirefox youtube video opened and started again from previous postion on desktop 318:44
clivejoand Kontact loaded on desktop 418:45
clivejokate and firefox has openned my reference material 18:50
[Relic]when I used 15.04 it dumped all applications on desktop1, seemed to open most properly but they didn't go on the correct desktops and there was no way to even save a session and reload on load18:53
clivejowell plasma 5.4 RC seems to put them on the correct desktop18:54
[Relic]Thanks for looking, guess I wait till 15.10 and try it again.18:59
yofelclivejo: dunno, it fails here19:16
clivejoit built this morning, and just had misisng files19:16
clivejonow it fails on LP19:17
yofel pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy : Depends: libkf5akonadicalendar-dev which is a virtual package.19:17
yofel                                 Depends: libkf5alarmcalendar-dev which is a virtual package.19:17
yofel                                 Depends: libkf5gapi-dev which is a virtual package.19:17
yofel                                 Depends: libkf5mailtransport-dev which is a virtual package.19:17
yofelsomething's wrong here...19:17
clivejowhat ppas does staging pull in?19:18
yofelclivejo: ok, nvm that, that was a chroot issue19:23
yofelthe actual problem is:19:23
yofel libkf5akonadinotes5 : Depends: libkf5mime5 (>= 4:15.07.90) but 15.08.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1 is to be installed.19:23
yofel libkf5mailtransport-data : Breaks: libkf5mailtransport5 (< 4:15.07.90+git20150819.1000) but 15.08.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1 is to be installed.19:23
yofel libkf5akonadicalendar5 : Depends: libkf5mime5 (>= 4:15.07.90) but 15.08.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1 is to be installed.19:23
yofelthe epoch is missing19:23
clivejoah, Riddell's miserious epoch19:23
=== rdieter is now known as rdieter_work
clivejoyofel: are you fixing it, or shall I?20:12
yofelI'll leave it to you20:12
clivejoso kind of you :P20:12
clivejobit confused, can you help me?20:14
clivejowhat package is making libkf5mailtransport5 ?20:17
clivejoreally need a way of searching PPA's20:18
yofelgood question, random quess would be kdepim or kdepimlibs20:18
clivejoits building on my own machine I think cause it is using the 15.07.90 apps PPA20:19
clivejowhich dont have that epoch20:19
yofelno, it's using 15.07.90 from the archive which has the epoch, and pieces from the ppa which has 15.08.0 without the epoch20:20
yofelah no20:20
clivejo15.07.90 is in porposed, but doesnt have the epoch20:20
yofelit's using the 15.08.0 package from the ppa, but the package-internal versioned dependencies have the epoch20:21
yofelwhich package are you talking about? kdepim-runtime certainly has an epoch20:22
clivejook, so kdepimlibs is generating packages with the epoch20:22
clivejoyofel: Im just trying to get my head around it20:22
yofel√°ctually, try to pbuilder login into your dev chroot20:22
clivejoversions confuse me enough without epochs, this just drives me crazy at a new level!20:23
yofelthere enable the deb-src entries for apt, then run apt-cache showsrc libkf5akonadicalendar520:23
yofelthat'll tell you what the source is20:23
yofelhm, that might actually work on plain wily20:23
yofelso, libkf5akonadicalendar5 is akonadi-calendar20:24
yofelthat needs its dep on libkf5mime5 fixed20:25
clivejoand that is 4:15.08.0 version20:25
yofelok, this is a bit tricky20:27
yofelyep, as I thought20:27
clivejohouse of cards20:27
yofellibkf5mime5.symbols is broken20:27
clivejoI wish there was a tree like visual aid to show these deps20:28
yofelthe symbol versions are used by dpkg-shlibdeps to generate the appropriate versioned dependencies for ${shlibs:Depends}20:28
yofelso as the libkf5mime5 symbols all say that they exist since 4:15.07.90, libkf5akonadicalendar5 which depends on libkf5mime5 depends on >= 4:15.07.90 of it20:30
yofelso what you need to do now: Remove the epoch from the symbol versions in libkf5mime5, then rebuild all it's reverse-dependencies20:31
clivejoI dont know how20:33
yofeloh fun, it's not even consistent20:33
yofelI'll fix the symbol file20:34
clivejocan you run me through it ?20:34
yofeldo you know how to use vim?20:34
clivejoit might just make sense if I do it20:34
yofelor sed?20:34
clivejosed for search/replace?20:34
yofelthat's the only sane way to fix that20:35
clivejoso I grab the kdepimlibs packaging?20:35
yofelno, kmime20:35
yofelin kmime, you'll need to fix the symbolfile, this'll do it: sed -e 's/4:15.07/15.07/g' -i debian/libkf5mime5.symbols20:37
clivejohow did it get the epoch for 15.07.90?20:39
yofelprobably from before20:39
clivejoI thought it was introduced in 15.08.020:39
clivejoso commit and push to git?20:40
yofelyes, and add a changelog entry before you do that20:40
yofeljust say that you removed the epoch that shouldn't be there20:40
clivejofor what version?20:41
yofelthe changelog entry?20:41
yofel*always* for the latest version (i.e. UNRELEASED)20:41
yofelyou don't modify past changelogs, ever20:41
clivejofor kmime (15.08.0-0ubuntu1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium20:42
yofeljust use dch20:42
yofelthat'll do the right thing20:43
clivejook donw20:43
yofelgood, then commit and upload a new version to the PPA20:43
yofelonce that built is _published_ upload rebuilds for kdepimlibs and akonadi-calendar20:44
yofel(at least)20:45
clivejoyofel: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/kmime.git/20:46
clivejois that ok?20:46
yofeltechnically ok20:48
yofelthe changelog could be improved..20:49
clivejohow so?20:49
yofelusually the changelog should also say WHY something was done. In cases where that's obvious, we're lazy and make short entries. But this isn't really a usual case20:49
clivejoso something more descriptive like "Fixing libkf5mime5.symbols by removing epoch"?20:50
yofelright, something like that20:50
clivejoI put that as mu commit message20:51
yofelif I look at package changes in the archive, I FIRST read the changelog entry, and only later *maybe* bother looking at the vcs if I really can't understand why something was done20:51
yofelbest practice is to use the exact same message for the changelog and the commit20:52
clivejoI see20:52
yofelactually, doesn't debcommit do that automatically?20:53
clivejoI use git gui :/20:53
yofelah ok20:53
clivejoit how sitter taught me 20:54
yofelwell, I don't use it either so I don't know :P20:54
yofelclivejo: another bug:20:55
yofel-  * new upstream release20:55
yofelthat should not be removed20:55
clivejocan I revert and try it again?20:55
yofelyou pushed it, the only way to do that is by running 'git revert' which adds another commit reverting your changes...20:55
yofeljust fix it20:55
clivejodch, stage, commit and push?20:56
clivejoThis is fun!20:56
yofelwriting accurate documentation can be a pain, but a year later you usually appreciate it...20:58
clivejook so new upsteam release20:58
clivejoand Removing epoch in symbols file20:58
clivejohows that?21:02
clivejoso as there is a version in the PPA I need to make this one ppa2 with "git-buildpackage-ppa -s 2" ?21:03
yofelstill a bit short, but better than before. Lets leave it at that21:03
clivejoso I now have kmime_15.08.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa2_source.changes21:04
clivejodput it to staging?21:05
clivejofingers crossed21:09
clivejoyofel: how long have you been packaging?21:11
yofelhm, roughly 6 years I would say21:11
clivejook both builds seem to be ok21:12
yofelok, now wait for the publisher21:13
clivejohow often is qa updated?21:15
yofelevery 5min IIRC21:16
yofelthe reason why you don't see your upload there is that it's still "Pending", QA only considers "Published" packages21:17
clivejowhats the delay in publishing?21:18
yofelit's a cronjob, runs every 20 or 30min21:18
clivejono point in refreshing the page every minute then!21:21
yofelheh, no. The Launchpad UI also uses AJAX, so the gears should vanish themselves once it's published21:23
clivejothere we go, published now21:23
clivejoretry kdepimlibs?21:24
yofelthat and akonadi-calendar21:24
yofelfor now at least, lets see what happens after that21:25
clivejoakonadi-calendar looks ok?21:26
yofelok in what sense?21:27
clivejohow do I retry it?21:28
yofelupload a new version21:28
clivejocant see an option21:28
yofelno-change rebuild21:28
clivejogot ya21:28
clivejoyofel: how do you know how the packages link together?21:36
yofelmostly yes21:41
clivejovia experience?21:41
yofelmostly that, and reading the documentation21:42
yofelthe todays case, you'll find the manpages of dpkg-shlibdeps and dpkg-gensymbols useful21:42
yofeleven if you don't understand everything in them21:43
* yofel upgrades applications, lets see what a mess I'll get21:46
clivejowhat you mean upgrade?21:48
clivejoactually use 15.08.0?21:48
yofelI'm still on 15.0421:49
yofelapplications .4, not vivid21:49
clivejoIm on 15.07.9021:49
* clivejo face palms21:55
clivejoI uploaded akonadi-search not calender!21:56
clivejomy brain does this to me!21:58
clivejook, akonadi-calendar uploaded22:00
Riddellhow's it going clivejo, yofel?22:00
clivejodoing stupid stuff Riddell22:01
yofelmaking... progress. A symbol file had wrong versions and we've pretty much spent the evening on fixing that22:01
clivejoIm sure yofelis close to banging his head on a wall22:01
clivejotrying to teach me22:02
yofelno... but I was close to screaming when I saw the symbol file...22:02
clivejohow did it get like that, I still dont understand that?22:02
ahoneybunhola people22:03
yofelgit says Riddell broke it :P22:04
Riddelluh oh22:04
yofelwell, or rather he did an incomplete fix22:04
clivejoalso Im confused with kalarmcal22:04
clivejohi ahoneybun22:04
yofelRiddell: you removed the epoch from the changelog, not the symbol versions22:04
ahoneybunRiddell: can I get a ec2 to backport kdenlive22:05
yofelwell, easy to miss22:05
Riddellah jings22:05
Riddellsorry :(22:05
Riddellahoneybun: okay dokay22:05
ahoneybunfor what Riddell?22:06
Riddellahoneybun: vivid?22:06
ahoneybunwell to build for vivid22:06
ahoneybunI think a wily machine would work22:06
* ahoneybun is looking at a free year of ec222:06
ahoneybunI have to add a card to use it22:07
clivejoyofel: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/215455154/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.akonadi-calendar_4%3A15.08.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa2_BUILDING.txt.gz22:07
clivejo sbuild-build-depends-akonadi-calendar-dummy : Depends: libkf5mailtransport-dev but it is not going to be installed22:08
clivejoneed to build libs first?22:08
yofelmore dependency issues...22:08
yofelthat's part of kmailtransport..22:09
yofel libkf5mailtransport-data : Breaks: libkf5mailtransport5 (< 4:15.07.90+git20150819.1000) but 15.08.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1 is to be installed.22:11
yofelclivejo: epoch hardcoded in control file ^22:12
clivejowho introduced this epoch!22:13
yofelyou may guess 3 times :P22:13
Riddellahoneybun: ubuntu@ubuntu@ec2-54-144-60-15.compute-1.amazonaws.com22:13
yofelRiddell: any particular reason why there's no symbol file for libkf5mailtransport5?22:13
ahoneybunI was just getting my own up Riddell lol22:13
Riddellyofel: I doubt it, I don't think I package it22:13
Riddellahoneybun: let me know if I can terminate it22:14
yofelhm, the changelog only mentions you and harald..22:14
ahoneybunRiddell: what I'm going to do it let you have power over it so it will lighten you credit card up a bit lol22:14
yofelhm, harald left it away I guess22:14
ahoneybunI'll use the one you made 22:14
ahoneybunthe one I made is trusty though22:15
yofelRiddell: how much cpu/memory do you allocate to the ec2 usually?22:16
ahoneybunand I'm in22:16
ahoneybunyofel: mind showing me what you did again? :)22:17
clivejoyofel: here --> libkf5mailtransport-data (= ${source:Version})22:17
yofeltoo late for today. If you want to try it, I would run download the kdenlive package from the ppa (dget -xu <url-to-dsc>), then change changelog and try building22:18
clivejono sorry, here - libkf5mailtransport5 (= ${binary:Version}),22:19
yofelclivejo: you are looking at "Depends", but here Breaks and Replaces are wrong for both packages22:19
Riddelland bonus points if you can work out how to fix the arm build22:19
yofelthe arm build is tricky actually... there's a build flag not being added when building with gles22:19
ahoneybunyofel: add the ppa I guess lol22:19
yofelahoneybun: what for?22:20
yofelyou don't need to add the ppa for that22:20
yofelyou're not backporting all applications, so no point in adding the ppa. And you don't need the ppa to download the source22:20
clivejoyofel: do I remove the (= ${binary:Version}) ?22:20
yofelwell, not unless you plan to use apt-get source22:20
yofelwhich would work too22:20
yofelclivejo: no, you fix line 48/49, and 68/6922:21
yofelI'll let you think about how to fix it22:22
yofelfor me it's now a shower and bed, nini22:22
clivejoremove the epoch?22:23
clivejonight night yofel22:23
ahoneybunyou used dch -i right yofel to make  anew one?22:23
ahoneybunRiddell: can you close emac pleasae22:28
Riddellahoneybun: I killed it22:29
Riddellexport EDITOR=nano22:29
ahoneybunwoow no errors, warnings or anything22:31
ahoneybunRiddell: what am I doing wrong?22:41
ahoneybunwith pbuilder22:41
Riddellahoneybun: I don't know I'm not watching22:42
Riddellare you in byobu?22:42
Riddellahoneybun: seems I don't have ssh access22:43
ahoneybunyou set it up lol22:44
ahoneybuntry again22:45
mck182hello hello, I've managed to get a corrupted / partition and now I cannot get to login (apparently login service got hit)..can I somehow restore my partition by some apt-get magic or do I have to reinstall hard?22:46
ahoneybunRiddell: your good22:50
Riddellahoneybun: use pbuilder-dist rather than pbuilder, it lets you select which release to use and it keeps logs22:51
ahoneybunI did...22:51
Riddellahoneybun: run   pbuilder-dist wily create22:51
ahoneybunno no22:51
Riddellmck182: if it's a package problem   apt -f install  may well help22:52
ahoneybunthere we go22:52
mck182Riddell: I can't log in though22:52
mck182Riddell: it doesn't even get me to login screen, it's stuck in bootting22:52
mck182I can see it fails starting some services22:52
Riddellmck182: can you control-alt-f1 to a linux console?22:53
mck182and one of those is login22:53
mck182Riddell: no, I get just a blinking cursor22:53
Riddellmck182: mm, I fear you might be screwed :(22:53
mck182no options of rescue?22:53
Riddellmck182: you could boot up a live cd, then mount the hard disk, chroot into it and run  apt -f install  and apt install kubuntu-desktop22:54
ahoneybundid you abort it Riddell?22:55
mck182Riddell: sounds doable...*downloads iso*22:55
ahoneybunwhat happened Riddell? updates?22:58
clivejowill grub not allow you into recovery?22:58
Riddellahoneybun: probably needs the ppa added to the pbuilder22:58
ahoneybunyay E: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed.22:58
mck182clivejo: dunno, I have 0 timeout and just cannot get it to show the menu22:59
ahoneybunyou can add a ppa there?22:59
mck182no matter which shift I hold down ^^22:59
Riddellahoneybun: oh no, it's for vivid22:59
Riddellahoneybun: the version of libmlt-dev is too old22:59
Riddellahoneybun: so change the build-depends verson and see if it builds with that23:00
clivejomck182: is it grub 2?23:00
mck182clivejo: yeah....?23:00
mck182it's whatever kubuntu 15.04 has23:00
ahoneybunno way23:02
ahoneybunRiddell: vivid has 0.9.2 and that calls for 0.9.423:03
ahoneybunso toooo new23:03
clivejoare you using some kind of non-standard keyboard?23:03
Riddellahoneybun: doesn't seem to be any version specified in the cmakelists file so just remove the version from build-depends and see if it builds23:04
clivejoyou might have to enable USB Legacy Mode in the BIOS23:04
ahoneybunwhat cmakelist Riddell?23:04
mck182clivejo: it's macbook...no bios ^^23:04
Riddellahoneybun: the top level CMakeLists.txt file which specifies what cmake looks for before compiling the package23:04
clivejoinstead of holding it down trying tapping it fast23:05
mck182I've tried it all, doesn't work...I almost have the iso so I'll try with that23:06
Riddellahoneybun: ah it does need 0.9.423:06
ahoneybunits doing something23:06
ahoneybunI see nothing about it23:07
ahoneybunI'll just have to build that for vivid as well then 23:07
RiddellMLT_MIN_VERSION gets set to 0.9.223:07
RiddellI'd suspect mlt is tricky to backport, I've never looked at it but I have a feeling it's a faffy codec library23:08
ahoneybunnothing is ever easy23:08
ahoneybunI still don't see the line23:09
ahoneybunthat package is for TV broardcasting23:09
Riddellsearch CMakeLists.txt for MLT_MIN_VERSION, it gets set by three variable for some reason, major, minor, bugfix23:11
ahoneybunI see that now23:11
ahoneybunI though of "MLT = 0.9.4 or something23:11
Riddellok I need to sleep23:13
Riddellgood luck ahoneybun23:13
ahoneybunI'll need it lol23:14
ahoneybunstill asking for 0.9.423:22

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