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FishFiendcan I use a "Linux raid autodetect" as a filesystem for /boot with mdadm raid 1?04:49
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brokenquestio, I installed something via a deb on 15.04, but its not in the app list on the menu04:56
brokenhow can I find the app?04:57
brokendo the apps in the launcher have to be out in by hand if you install via a deb?05:01
t3chguyHello, when connecting to a WiFi network my laptop doesn't have the default gateway added even though it gets the correct IP from DHCP; any ideas what I could do/check?05:17
FishFienddo I have to create a seperate md(0/1/2/3/4/5) for each partition, or can I do a "full drive" raid 1 using mdadm without an LVM?06:16
lordievaderGood morning.06:39
FishFiendlordievader, can I create one md for an entire drive that contains multiple partitions, or do I need to make one for each partition? (no lvm involved here)06:40
FishFiend--raid-devices=2 missing /dev/sdb2             vs              --raid-devices=2 missing /dev/sdb06:40
lordievaderFishFiend: Yes, you can partition a raid device.06:41
lordievaderYou can see your raid device like any other block device.06:41
FishFiendcan I boot from a partitioned mdadm raid device?06:42
FishFiend(with /boot inside)06:42
FishFiendsounds great. thanks.06:43
FishFiendRe-reading the partition table failed.: Invalid argument ---------- The kernel still uses the old table. The new table will be used at the next reboot or after you run partprobe(8) or kpartx(8).07:43
FishFiendis this because I used fdisk and it automatically created a new partition table within the md0? or is this alright and can I ignore it?07:44
FishFiendi *think* it is alright07:44
lordievaderIf the available partitions have changed it is safe to ignore, else run what it says.07:45
FishFiendgoing to proceed07:45
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rharishhey folks, I'm using the kubuntu-ci-unstable-daily ppa and I'm on kf5 version 5.11. I need the kf5 version 5.12 and above. how can I get that done, without much pain ?08:59
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soeerharish: on Vivid ?09:18
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DroBuddyCan someone notice or hilight me please? Want to verify that libnotify is working correctly...11:26
DroBuddyPlease, and thank you. :)11:26
lordievaderDroBuddy: ping11:27
DroBuddyAwesome, worked beautifully lordievader!11:27
DroBuddyThanks, again.11:27
DroBuddyTook half a day, but I got irssi configured tweaked the way I want it. Now, off to setup mutt. ;)11:28
BluesKajHi all11:57
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ToolboxWhat's the shortcut to minimize all windows?13:12
WalexToolbox: that's the one called "show desktop"13:16
WalexToolbox: usually it is not a shortcut, it is a button/icon on the kicker13:16
WalexToolbox: but you can rebind in global shortcut settings, KWin section.13:17
ToolboxWalex: Cheers13:18
ToolboxNow Kubuntu is perfect :D13:21
Spogoshello is there a way to disable notifications completely?14:20
hateballSpogos: You can remove the notification plasmoid from your panel14:25
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Spogosthanks - let me check14:31
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Guest16715hello as I can upgrade to kde 15.0815:32
geniiThere is no KDE or Kubuntu version with that version number15:34
geniiThat's the KDE Applicacations version15:36
Guest16715and as I can access it?15:37
geniiGuest16715: I think you will have to wait until Kubuntu 15.10 is released in October15:42
Guest16715that he says "ready for discharge"?15:43
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geniiGuest16715: Kubuntu 15.10  "Wily Werewolf" will have the KDE Applications 15.08 ( or later version) and be available third week of October15:45
geniiOctober 2215:46
FemaleEconomygrub-install: error: diskfilter writes are not supported. (putting grub on a md0 device, currently on /dev/sda... md0 is not mounted16:44
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jowieldim jowield17:32
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misternodoes anyone know how to get firestarter firewall on kubuntu18:34
misternoi tried this http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Kubuntu:Trusty#Firestarter18:34
misternobut didn't work18:34
misterno404 error not found18:34
misternomaybe it is too old and not maintained and was removed?18:35
TJ-Ubuntu has the Uncomplicated FireWall (ufw) package, which has a Gnome/Unity GUI gufw, and also a KDE KControl module ufw-kde18:51
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misternoi installed ufw-kde but it is not clear to me what it does and how to use it18:52
misternoufw is command line right?18:53
misternois ufw-kde supposed to be gui front end?18:53
misternohow do i run it i dont see anywhere ufw-kde icon18:53
TJ-it's part of the system configuration, Network settings, I think18:56
TJ-there's a screenshot here that seems to show it, too   http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/UFW+KControl+Module?content=13778918:56
misternoTJ- i dont see it in network settings, im using kubuntu 15.0419:03
misternoand ufw-kde wasn't even installed by defualt19:04
misternoi installed it today19:04
misternoso i don't think it's part19:04
TJ-UFW is an optional package, from the 'universe' pocket, so it is not a core part of the distro (which is all in 'main')19:07
TJ-I've just installed kde-ufw, and I see "Firewall" listed unde "Network and Connectivity" in System Settings19:09
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misternoTJ- this is what i get when i open "connectivity" under network in settings http://s9.postimg.org/f1ew5471b/screenshot_26.png19:39
TJ-I see http://m.imgur.com/yXHnyEH19:41
misternowhat? you have more settings than i do19:42
misternoand your gui seems older, you havent upgraded?19:43
TJ-I'm on 14.04 LTS19:44
misternothis is 15.04 http://s9.postimg.org/xi9avxmzj/screenshot_26.png19:44
TJ-Looks like they ripped out a lot!19:45
misternowell they moved few things around19:46
misternobut i think also took something out too19:46
misternoim no expert since i never even used 14.04 :P19:46
TJ-I guess that is because 15.05 has KDE 5.2 and a lot of stuff got ripped out and hadn't been re-added. That may be why you cannot see the ufw-kde interface19:48
misternoyou mean if ufw-kde interface was coded for too old version of KDE i might not see it?19:49
TJ-this is the ufw-kde interface: http://m.imgur.com/ZSotYlq19:49
misternowell anyways, i just wanted to try it and see if theres anything interactive in it19:50
misternobut it looks like there isnt19:50
misternoim looking for gui with interactive alerts on outgoing incoming connections19:50
TJ-I'd not have thought so since otherwise why package it, but kubuntu is a very poor relation with very few developers, so lots of things simply don't get the time and attention19:50
misternoand from what ive experienced firewalls dont seem like interesting topic for linux users19:51
TJ-sounds like you want an intrusion detection system. Although with most desktop ubuntu installs there are few services listening on the public interfaces, and therefore input detection isn't necessary19:51
misternospecifically GUIs19:51
misternohere is how comodo firewall in windows allows me to setup rules: i set it to manually alert me every time theres a connection being established and at first i block all19:52
misternothen i decide for every process if im gonna allow it and set a rule19:52
TJ-If the PC is directly connected to the Internet it might be useful, but if behind a masquerading router (NAT) then nothing external can reach the PC without either explicit port-forwarding in the router, or using uPnP19:52
misternoafter ive gone through initial round of popups i get less and less the  more rules i have19:52
misternoand then im at the time where only something "new" and "unusual" prompts me19:53
lordievaderI guess ufw-kde isn't ported to Plasma5 yet.19:53
misternowhich is what i like19:53
misternoit's not about incoming as much as outgoing19:53
misternoi like to know what is trying to phone out19:54
misternohence why i like popups19:54
TJ-For outgoing connections, locked down systems will often use the facilities of SELinux, but that is a *very* complicated beast and even the experts get confused. I'm not aware of any desktop-based outgoing-connection detect/alert packages19:54
misternofor example as soon as you come to login the OS is phoning to cannonical19:54
misternoi like to know these things19:54
misternothe only reason i know about it is because i have comodo in windows alerting me and im running kubuntu in VM19:54
misternoand i like that type of interaction19:55
lordievaderNetfilter could log all outgoing connections... but that'll just fill the logs.19:55
misternoand then i can decide if i want to block only per IP19:55
misternowhich is great19:55
misternoi could deny only certain IPs for process and still get popups when it tries to connect elsewhere19:56
misternoand so on19:56
misternoit's very detailed19:56
TJ-I'm sure I've seen something for outgoing filtering, but it was more enterprise gateway oriented with a web control interface19:56
misternoyeah that's not something average user is interested in or even needs19:56
misternobut some of us really like to know what is phoning out19:56
misternoif i run an app and it immediately tries to connect online i know two things, could be looking for updates, could be phoning19:57
misternoif i disable looking for updates and it still tries to connect then i know thers more to it19:57
misternoit's simplisting and doesn't require huge amounts of knowledge how networking works19:58
misternobut it satisfies my need to know19:58
lordievadermisterno: You can start by dropping everything and only allowing certain things. That is what I do.19:58
misternoyea but where is interaction?19:58
misternothats the crucial part19:58
misternoin windows im doing other stuff and just waiting for popup to show when something is trying to communicate19:59
misternoi dont have to monitor it19:59
lordievaderThere ain't, I don't want to be bugged by it. If some rule is missing I'll look in the logs.19:59
misternopopups and interaction tell me exactly NOW something is trying to communicate to IP xxx via Port xx and so on19:59
misternodo you wanna make a rule, allow block, just now, always etc19:59
misternovery easy to setup rules that way20:00
lordievaderI hate that, I'd have a constant pop up.20:00
misternoor to monitor further the behavior20:00
misternowell that's individual preference20:00
lordievaderEspecially when it does that too for every incomming connection.20:00
misternoyou can set it how you like20:01
misternofor example20:01
lordievaderI suppose you could rig something up that listens to the log and ask you for what to do.20:01
misternodo you wanna know just first time it tries to connect?20:01
misternothen immediately set a rule to allow20:01
lordievaderShould't be too difficult to throw that in ipset.20:01
misternobut from what ive seen searching on google, it seems most firewall guis are old or not updated20:03
misternoeven weirder is that changelogs dont have dates20:03
misternois that usual in linux?20:03
misternojust have versions without dates?!20:04
misternoi wanna know if last update was 5 years ago or 1 year ago20:04
misternoive seen some websites but they all seem outdated like this one http://www.giacomos.it/iqfire/index.html20:05
misternoanyways im exhausted with this firewall thingy so im dropping it for now20:06
misternothanks anyways20:06
misternohow long does sudo command remember my credentials?20:09
misternolike if i type sudo apt update and enter password next sudo command doesnt ask for password anymore20:09
TJ-The default is 15 minutes. The timestamp can be reset with "sudo --reset-timestamp". The current timestamp and cached config can be deleted with "sudo --remove-timestamp' See "man sudo" and also the text-file "/usr/share/doc/sudo/OPTIONS"20:25
TJ-misterno: re changelogs. Every Debian/Ubuntu Changelog entry has an exact timestamp. To view the package changelog do "apt-get changelog <package-name>". You can also check the available package versions with "apt-cache policy <package-name>"20:29
DDRHi all. I'm having a bit of a problem where I can't boot to the graphical login manager, gdm iirc, with linux 3.19.0-26-generic. 3.19.0-25-generic works fine, however, but I'm a little worried about relying on an older kernel version.20:45
DDR(Like, it appears to boot up just fine, but I'm stuck with a blank, unresponsive screen.)20:45
pat_rickDDR, what gpu are you using?20:59
pat_rickis it, by chance, from AMD?21:00
DDRTahiti PRO [Radeon HD 7950/8950 OEM / R9 280]21:01
pat_rickok, I think that might be the reason21:01
DDRIt is, indeed, from AMD.21:01
pat_rickI had the same issue21:01
pat_rickyou are using the fglrx driver?21:02
pat_rickwhich version of Kubuntu are you on?21:02
pat_rickare you using the fglrx from repos or did you install it manually from the AMD site?21:03
DDR"fglrx_pci", and 15.04 I believe.21:03
DDRI think I used the drivers from the repos.21:03
DDR( /think/. It has been a while.)21:03
pat_rickso apparently introduced some bug that causes the kernel module for fglrx not to build correctly21:04
DDRAh, that'd make sense - I can get to a non-graphical login.21:05
pat_rickthe fglrx from the repos has since been updated, however - sometime last week, I think21:05
pat_rickyou can? for me not even that did work21:05
pat_rickI could only reach the root console in recovery mode21:05
pat_rickbut if you can reach a text-mode console, you might try sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade21:06
DDRI got it to work by just using the old version of the kernel.21:06
pat_rickif you are lucky it will download the updated fglrx and install it for the kernel21:06
pat_rickah, I see, but not in
pat_rickbecause if you boot in I guess it won't update the kernel module for the newer one21:07
DDR3.19.0-25 still works, so I booted that instead of 3.19.0-26.21:07
pat_rickI guess you could try 2 things21:08
DDRAhhhh. I'll go try .26.21:08
pat_rickgood luck21:08
DDRpat_rick: Worked like a charm. Thank you.21:16
pat_rickglad if it helped21:16
pat_rickotherwise you can try to uninstall the kernel, update the system and reinstall it again21:17
pat_rickbut if it works, then it's ok21:17
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