eipi10is it difficult to put shortcuts from preferences into system tools?00:45
eipi10I searched, but I couldn't find anything00:46
ianorlinediting .desktop files is the answer I the answer to eipi10 question if he stuck around02:21
Unit193bioterror: Fun fact btw, 'adobe-flashplugin' contains both PPAPI and NPAPI flash, and browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash (wily and newer) allows NPAPI based browsers (firefox) to load PPAPI flash.06:46
hvn52hi, when i try to boot my computer (i915 graphics) with Lubuntu 14.04, I get a black screen. From forum topics I read that i915 has issues but can find no solution for my case (livecd). How can I boot Lubuntu 14.04 on i915 graphics ?06:46
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felichasHi, I can pair my laptop to my BT external speakers, but I cannot connect to the A2DP profile: "Device added successfuly, but failed to connect".  I have tried everything I have read around to no avail22:29
felichasupdated blueman to blueman-git22:30
felichasedited /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf22:30
felichasI have installed pulseaudio-module-bluetooth and pavucontrol22:31

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