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Kiloshellooo africa15:57
h0912hi Kilos16:00
Kiloshi there h0912 first time seeing you here, welcome to ubuntu-africa16:01
Kiloselacheche ping16:02
elachechepong Kilos16:05
elachecheSalut h0912 :)16:05
Kiloshi elacheche hows you guys16:06
elachecheAhhhhh Kilos you're hacking my mind x) I supposed that h0912 speaks French when you pinged me x)16:06
elachecheKilos, am stressing out about my LoCo re-approval.. :/16:06
Kilosoh my16:06
Kiloswhen is it16:06
elachecheThe meeting should be on sep 15th16:07
elachecheI don't know how I'll pass it.. especially with this contributors issue.. You know that feeling..16:08
elachecheAny way.. We have 2 events two.. One to celebrate 11th birthday of a FOSS club, and the Other is the famous Software Freedom Day16:09
elachechewhat about you Kilos ?16:15
Kilosim ok ty elacheche16:17
h0912thanks Kilos16:17
h0912but i use to pass here when i have ocasion16:18
Kilosgood h0912 we have our second meeting here in 2 days time16:19
Kiloselacheche i hope you havent forgotten16:20
h0912ok  i will attend16:20
h0912time please ?16:20
Kilos18.50 GMT16:21
Kilosi get mixed up with all the time zones16:21
Kilosso 20.30 african time16:22
elachecheKilos, first time to hear about this! :o16:22
elachecheo_O Where I was x(16:22
elachecheNeed to add that to my calender16:22
Kiloselacheche dont you see a topic bar in your irc client16:23
KilosNext meeting: Wed, 26 August 2015 18:30 GMT Agenda: http://bit.ly/1MVaVSu16:23
elachecheDidn't read topics for months now :/16:24
elachecheKilos, you'll have a SFD in ZA? http://softwarefreedomday.org/16:25
Kilosthe pro knows all about it16:26
* elacheche need to go16:27

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