liuxgdoes any use Bluetooth APIs on Ubuntu touch?03:34
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didrockshey, any idea on getting more insights on what's happening when trying to start my application?10:36
didrocksI only get:10:36
didrocksSdk-Launcher> Application started: 2047310:36
didrocksSdk-Launcher> Received a failed event10:36
didrocksSdk-Launcher> The Application exited, cleaning up10:36
didrocksSdk-Launcher> Finished10:36
didrockswhich isn't really helpful :p10:36
didrocksok, the upstart logs seems to contains the debug info needed, this isn't reflected in QtCreator?10:38
didrockszbenjamin: it seems that the issue is that all the files (even those in subdirectory) are deployed into a single directory. I never touched the .pro file directly to add them, is that an issue with the qmake template?10:44
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didrockszbenjamin: trying to explain what happens on bug #1488048, now, reading qmake documentation to see how this works…10:56
ubot5bug 1488048 in qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Adding new files in subdirectory deploy them in root directory with qmake template" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148804810:56
didrockszbenjamin: I really wonder if it's not the $$files(*.qml,true) script doing that11:03
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ahayzenHi, with a SortFilterModel is there a way to easily get the original index (before it was filtered) of a filtered delegate? Or do I need to look it up in the original model :-/11:37
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mzanettipopey, nik90: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/ubuntu-clock-app/relicense-lapmodel/+merge/26890613:04
mzanettinik90, merge this into your branch and we're good :)13:04
nik90doing so now..thnx13:06
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* popey hugs mzanetti 13:06
popeymzanetti: sorry for this noise.13:06
mzanettipopey, no worries at all. happy to help... and again... this is really just to teach the guys how this must be handled... I wouldn't go mad about it13:07
* ogra_ wonders of popey hasnt heard that canonical switched from LTD to anarchic LTD (so called ltda) 13:07
nik90mzanetti: indeed this is something I haven't handled before, so it helps.13:08
nik90mzanetti, popey: Made all the changes. Review and approve if all is good. thnx13:08
* popey wonders how ogra_ spotted that13:10
ogra_i get MP mail for alll MPs in the world :)13:11
ogra_(at least it feels like that)13:11
mzanettisame here... I started to unsubscribe folders in thunderbird...13:11
mzanettimust have like a million unread MP mails on the server13:11
nik90was it popey or mhall119 who gets *every* change made to core apps like MPs, bug reports etc...and had a like a billion unread emails :P13:12
ogra_usually it starts with a conversation like i had with ted: "can you approve my indicator code ?" ... "but i'm not in the team" ... "i can add you, that team is nearly dead anyway, never gets mail" ... "ok, do it then" ... next morning: 76835 new mails about indicator MPs13:12
nik90mzanetti: wait you can unsubscribe specifc folders in gmail from being synced to thunderbird? I used filters to move them and unsubscribing entirely seems the more smart approach.13:12
mzanettihaha! that's exactly how I ended up in the clock app13:13
popeygmail says I have 6982 mails in my inbox :S13:13
mzanettinik90, yes13:13
mzanettinik90, right-click on a folder in thunderbird, select "Subscribe..."13:13
nik90mzanetti: well I added you a long time back as a clock-app-dev :P, so you get all emails concerning it.13:13
nik90I think when you helped with the timezone class13:14
mzanettinik90, yeah, that's one of the not-synced folders tho :D13:14
nik90popey: feeling sorry for you ...~7000 email would drive me crazy13:14
popeyI'm used to it13:15
popeysometimes select all -> archive13:15
popeybut it comes back pretty quickly13:15
nik90on the other hand, we cannot surprise you :P with cool new stuff13:15
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popeymhall119: fyi, we're beating up ureadit as part of our convergence testing :)16:27
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ahayzenHey, is there anyway in QML to access QStandardPaths (specifically QStandardPaths::AppDataLocation) or find out what ~ is? (without using a c++ module ;-) )20:02
VP7i am not able to start my emulator. When I start my emulator it is showing only black color for Very long time.20:32
VP7I m using Ubuntu 14.0420:32
marxjohnsonIf I create an HTML5 app with the Ubuntu SDK, will I be able to use Cordova to build it for Android as well?20:58
popeyi think so21:04
nik90ahayzen: no :/21:10
nik90ahayzen: That's why I wrote a c++ function along with several other in the clock app21:10
nik90and this comes from mzanetti when I asked him the exact same question :)21:10
nik90Elleo: hey, do you mind checking the stats podbird now..we are discussing numbers in our ubuntu-apps telegram group.21:14
nik90Need something to boast about :P21:14
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marxjohnsonin answer to my own question, building the "Hello world" HTML5 app for Android seems to work, you just need to copy the toolkit files from /usr/share into the project22:26

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