davidcalleMorning all o/08:23
czajkowski is this true folks ?08:38
popeyczajkowski: which bit?08:57
czajkowskiCanonical has silently discontinued the paid app store without informing developers,09:21
popeythat doesn't sound good09:28
czajkowskinope it doesn't09:30
czajkowskino problem with stuff not being continued as long as it's communicated out09:30
czajkowskijust wondered if there was something that was published on a list I'd not seen so I could point it out on the article09:30
popeyI have not seen anything posted publicly09:31
czajkowskimost odd then09:31
mhall119czajkowski: FWIW, we've had back-and-forth conversations with Michal about his apps for well over a year now13:25
czajkowskimhall119: fair enough, just seems a rather weird article out there13:26
czajkowskiwith no other info around it from canonical13:26
czajkowskimhall119: popey are canonical removing the software centre?13:27
belkinsaOMG, I hope they don't. (sorry for butting in)13:27
belkinsaUnless they allow developers of the active projects (A.K.A programs/apps) to move over to the new system.13:28
belkinsaAnd also have a way to say that this app/program is only for the desktop.13:29
mhall119czajkowski: there are 2 parts to "the software centre", the desktop app and the server13:30
mhall119the desktop app is planned to go away when Ubuntu defaults to using Unity 8, because the Store scope serves the same purpose13:30
mhall119the server is planned to be replaced by the newer click/snappy store, also once Unity 8 is on the desktop13:31
belkinsaAh, that makes more sense.  So, does that mean any of the old stuff in the center will stay on that sever but just be on the new store?13:31
popeyczajkowski: no13:32
mhall119belkinsa: it would need to be re-packed as a Snappy package to go into the new store13:37
belkinsaHow hard will that be for these developers?13:38
mhall119belkinsa: depends on the app, best case it already runs fine under strict confinement and just needs to be re-packaged (snappy is much easier than .deb so that shouldn't be a problem for them)13:38
popeynow, hard, later, easier13:38
mhall119worst case, they don't work under strict confinement,and need code changes to use things like content-hub13:39
belkinsaAh, okay.13:41
* belkinsa was worried there.13:41
belkinsaOne more question: any plans on cleaning up what's in the Center?13:42
czajkowskipopey: mhall119 thanks, just seems odd to see this discussion happening on G+ and articles - not sure where it's coming from13:46
czajkowskithanks for answering13:46
mhall119czajkowski: it's coming from a (justified) frustration from one developer, and extrapolating from there by PCWorld13:47
nigelbEveryone likes hating on Canonical.13:48
mhall119nigelb: maybe so, but this isn't just "haters gonna hate", Michal really has had bad experience using us to sell his apps13:48
mhall119also, great to see you around here nigelb :)13:49
nigelbmhall119: I'm always around. Don't always have something to contribute.13:49
nigelbmhall119: Yeah, but the fallout from this is going to be a bunch of hatin'13:50
mhall119oh probably13:51
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popeyczajkowski: mhall119  it's also come about because Ubuntu MATE pulled it from their derivative14:13
josemhall119: whoops. just read your messages, haven't been on IRC for a week. they did ok, though :D14:15
josewe have some anecdotes, you'll hear soon14:15
mhall119jose: glad they worked out :)14:15
josemhall119: btw, did you get my last email?14:16
mhall119jose: about shipping stuff back, or about OSCON?14:17
josethe OSCON one14:17
mhall119jose: I assume that would be in the community section of the expo hall?14:18
joseyup, that's the idea14:18
josehowever Jon told me I should email Josh asap since they're talking about it really soon14:18
mhall119jose: figure out the costs and send us the proposal14:18
mhall119if we can do it with the community donations, it's got my +114:19
josegotcha. will do - drafting that email now14:19
czajkowskipopey: mhall119 aye true and convergence is good. just sad when you see threads like this https://plus.google.com/u/0/104302332254763494070/posts/GE7Dzo69ywR?cfem=1 found via another group posting based on the online article as well so unfortunately until people feel addressed correctly it's going to continue18:23
popeyczajkowski: what do you think should be done?19:56
jcastroanyone know if hangouts on air still have to be public?19:57
jcastroor can you do like private team calls?19:57
jcastromhall119: ?19:57
popeyi tried19:58
popeyit makes them public19:58
popeyjoey is the best person to ask i think19:58
jcastrooh, so unlisted.19:58
jcastroI'll ping him19:58
popeyhe knows what's enabled and not19:58
mhall119czajkowski: agreed that it is sad, I wish we had a better option to give him20:21
czajkowskipopey: well replied is all he really wanted, and that has been hard across the board at various times. not just in this instance20:23
mhall119czajkowski: he has been replied to, but the answer he got wasn't one that made him happy (can't blame him, but it was an answer)20:24
czajkowskimhall119: well then that should be clarified on there as the way it's read makes it look like nobody inc you replied which I found strange20:25
mhall119I didn't reply to the most recent once, but I had replied to earlier ones. The recent ones I passed on to the commercial apps teams20:25
mhall119but, as Martin replied, the process is bad and the correct fix is Snappy, but it's going to take a while to get there20:26
mhall119we tried to fix it with volunteers, but the ARB collapsed and they never reviewed paid apps anyway20:27
mhall119we paid a contractor to review paid apps in the review queue, she did some previous versions of Michal's apps, but every time he updates the process has to start all over again20:28

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