pittiGood morning04:54
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* Sweet5hark has returned.07:52
Sweet5hark... and am grinding through my inbox.07:52
didrocksSweet5hark: good luck!08:03
larsumorning Laney!08:05
larsuand hi Sweet5hark and didrocks as well08:05
Sweet5harkheya larsu, Laney, didrocks!08:06
didrocksre larsu08:08
didrocksmorning larsu08:08
didrocksand Laney ;)08:08
seb128good morning desktopers08:09
seb128oh Sweet5hark is back too?08:09
larsueveryone is back!08:09
seb128hey didrocks Laney larsu Sweet5hark08:09
didrocksre seb12808:10
* seb128 is sort of away08:10
larsusort of?08:10
Laneyyo yo08:10
seb128London this week and on vac starting friday08:10
larsuseb128, ah cool. Sprinting?08:10
Sweet5harkyeah, we can now open the discussion/flamefest on what was most awesome: Defcon, DebConf, Froscon, CCCamp all happening in the same few weeks ...08:11
* larsu was climbing volcanos and walking through rain forest08:12
Sweet5harklarsu: thats hard to beat as an off hand comment ...08:15
seb128citizenM fail, fire alarm and building evacuate at 3am, we stayed for half an hour in the street08:16
seb128which seemed an issue with the system, not a real problem08:16
seb128then we still had half an hour of blinking red lights08:16
larsuseb128, ugh, annoying08:17
larsuI hope you got some compensation?08:17
seb128free breakfast and extra coffee08:18
larsuseb128, hm :(08:19
darkxsthey seb128, Laney larsu didrocks08:23
larsuhi darkxst!08:25
darkxstwhere have you been larsu?08:25
seb128hey darkxst08:25
larsudarkxst, costa rica08:26
darkxstlarsu, oh wow that would be intersting08:26
larsuand nicaragua for a couple of days08:26
larsuit was indeed :)08:26
didrocksevening darkxst08:27
darkxstI had my shed warming party on the weekend! was a great night, although the sun came up before we got to bed!08:27
darkxstlarsu, were you looking at gedit update?08:29
Laneygood old shed08:30
larsugood old gedit08:30
darkxstLaney, shed is an awesome studio apartment now!08:30
larsudarkxst, we couldn't decide on the headerbar problem last we talked about it08:30
larsu(can't believe I'm already talking about header bars on the first morning back)08:30
seb128can't believie it took like an hour before that ;-)08:31
pittioh, live in the channel!08:31
* pitti waves good morning to seb128, didrocks, and larsu08:31
larsuhi pitti!08:31
darkxstfeature freeze did just hit! and I swear I saw screenshots of gedit with the old toolbar last cycle08:31
pittilarsu: welcome back! we missed you08:31
seb128hey pitti, wie gehts?08:31
darkxsthey pitti08:31
larsupitti, thanks :)08:31
darkxstlarsu, but removing headerbars and keeping otherwise the same UI is like 5 lines of code08:33
larsudarkxst, it's not about the amount of code, it's about the loss of toolbar08:34
darkxstlarsu, the mac port may have lost the old toolbar now as well08:34
didrockshey hey pitti!08:35
darkxstlarsu, atleast from screenshots I was shown while you were away08:36
larsudarkxst, I know, and that's what my preferred solution is as well. But when we last discussed it, people were against it (understandably: it looses the toolbar for no real reason and people like it)08:37
darkxstlarsu, some people want the header bars!08:37
larsumany people don't.08:37
larsuand they still don't work properly in compiz/unity08:38
willcookehey larsu - welcome back!08:39
larsushadow is ok now, but no transparancy behind the corners08:39
larsuwillcooke, hi! Thanks. How are you?08:39
darkxstlarsu, isnt that just because .titlebar is set?08:39
seb128larsu, we have Trevinho in our team to fix issues now though ;-)08:39
willcookelarsu, good thanks!  Did you have an amazing time?08:39
larsuseb128, HAHAHAAHHHA08:40
larsudarkxst, hm? in which case?08:40
larsuwillcooke, yes. very much so08:41
darkxstthe cases where you see corners in the non-header bar-ed apps08:41
larsuwillcooke, a mixture of walking through rain forests, lying on beaches, onto volcanos, and drinking chile guaros08:41
larsudarkxst, no (and .titlebar is set)08:42
darkxstlarsu, oh you talking about using actual headerbars in unity?08:42
larsudarkxst, I thought you were talking about that...08:44
darkxstIve never actually trued that08:44
larsuin any case, even then we couldn't do it because LIM08:44
larsushowing the headerbar as a toolbar is very, very ugly08:44
larsuit works for some apps, but not gedit08:44
willcookeattente, did you hear that conversation between ted and Kaleo?  About gsettings access?08:46
* Laney gets the main GCC5 transition on his desktop09:02
seb128excited? ;-)09:07
Laneyalready had it on my laptop :P09:08
Laneyno drama09:08
didrocksLaney: what? you didn't upgrade during debconf? :)09:12
pittihey Laney, wie gehts? safe trip back?09:12
Laneydidrocks: my desktop was off :P09:12
Laneypitti: hey! doing good!09:12
Laneymore delays on the way back :)09:12
LaneyI had to do a late night diversion to my parents09:12
Laney(which is closer to London than my home)09:13
didrocksLaney: ah, I for a second thought you tricked me into upgrading first!09:13
didrocksargh on more delays :/09:13
Laneysomeone sent me into a queue which took 10 minutes09:15
* darkxst upgraded the puppies to gcc5 on the weekend for my party, they became normal and didnt try and eat the guests!09:15
Laney(the wrong queue it turns out)09:15
Laneyand I was less than 10 minutes late for the train09:15
darkxst(real puppies at that!)09:17
Laneydarkxst: your puppies are running the development version of Ubuntu!?!?!?!?!09:18
darkxstLaney, sure, and perhaps a magic mushrooms got lost at the party also!09:19
kenvandinerobert_ancell, ${QT_INSTALL_BINS}/qmlplugindump -notrelocatable Ubuntu.Content 1.1 ../../09:24
Laneyah, you can tell there's a sprint going on09:24
Laneyweird out of context lines start appearing :P09:24
pittiLaney, didrocks: tried "caff" again, and it's an usability nightmare :/ do you have any tips to make that DTRT?09:25
pittiin particular, it asks for my passphrase on the command line for each key ID, and it throws me into an interactive "gpg>" prompt without telling me what to do09:26
didrockspitti: interesting about the passphrase, it only asked me once, I thought it was using an agent09:28
didrocksweird that it doesn't for you09:28
pittiwhat do you do in the gpg prompt?09:28
didrockson an how-to, I followed https://wiki.debian.org/caff09:28
didrocksjust type "save"09:29
LaneyI seem to not have it configured atm09:29
pittiah, -m yes09:29
pittinow I remember why I'm still using Keybuk's ancient signkeys.pl -- it just DTRT without any config09:29
didrocksyeah, you need to edit the config, but once done, it's quite nice09:32
pittihm, I don't get around the stupid "save" thing in interactive gpg09:37
pitti... or the "passphrase on every key"09:39
* pitti gives up and returns to signkey.pl, for the fourth time :/09:39
didrocks3% of chance to rain outside… well, we are in the 3 then :p09:40
didrocks(and really raining, likes cats and dogs)09:40
didrocksLaney: splitthebill is now Laney-proof, where you add a lot of characters and try to destroy my layout :)09:40
darkxstits raining here!09:46
darkxstdid have a few days of spring the last week though09:47
pittididrocks: ah, echo use-agent > ~/.caff/gnupghome/gpg.conf09:50
didrockspitti: interesting, I don't even have that file09:53
pittineither did I, apparently that was the problem09:53
pittiuse-agent isn't the default09:53
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willcooketjaalton, hey!  Have you heard any reports in the last month of screen corruption and bad flickering when connecting an external display on Intel gfx?11:01
tjaaltonwillcooke: nnope11:02
willcooketjaalton, oki, thanks11:02
seb128on trusty11:02
* willcooke wonders if this is a hardware issue11:02
tjaaltonoriginal trusty? or 14.04.3?11:02
willcookeI'm on 14.04.311:03
tjaaltonso it's the vivid kernel11:03
tjaaltonit's semi-broken on broadwell at least11:03
willcookejust downloading an ISO to test fresh11:03
willcookeWe tried about 3 different kernels going back as far as .49 and it still happened.11:04
willcookeIf I boot with the screen connected, everything works11:04
seb128tjaalton, we tried to boot older kernels without much luck though11:04
tjaaltonwhat hw is this?11:05
willcooketjaalton, it's a Thinkpad X22011:05
willcookeX220i if that makes any difference11:05
tjaaltonso kinda old11:05
tjaaltonwhat's .49?11:05
willcookethe kernel version11:05
seb128tjaalton, kernel version11:05
tjaaltonsnb hasn't changed much there, it's fairly stock 3.1311:06
tjaaltonbut you get 3.19 with 14.04.3 image11:06
seb128we lost laney?11:06
willcookeI'll see if I can find a fellow X220 user with 14.04.3 in the office...11:07
tjaaltonso it's a regression then?11:10
Guest65212seb128: INCOGNITO!11:11
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Laneysilly freenode11:11
willcooketjaalton, If it's a real s/w issue, then yes I think so.  I'll try and boot off this ISO and see what happens...11:12
willcookeOh, this from syslog...11:12
larsuhow do we know you're the real Laney?11:12
willcookeAug 24 11:52:21 malfunctioning-eddie kernel: [    3.579338] [drm] Wrong MCH_SSKPD value: 0x1604030711:12
willcookeAug 24 11:52:21 malfunctioning-eddie kernel: [    3.579341] [drm] This can cause pipe underruns and display issues.11:12
willcookeAug 24 11:52:21 malfunctioning-eddie kernel: [    3.579342] [drm] Please upgrade your BIOS to fix this.11:12
willcookeAug 24 11:52:21 malfunctioning-eddie kernel: [    3.579681] input: ThinkPad Extra Buttons as /devices/platform/thinkpad_acpi/input/input711:12
seb128Laney, larsu, darkxst, should we just land new gedit without toolbar this cycle and see how it goes so we can react/adapt next cycle for the lts?11:12
willcookeAug 24 11:52:21 malfunctioning-eddie kernel: [    3.611030] device-mapper: multipath: version 1.6.0 loaded11:12
willcookeAug 24 11:52:21 malfunctioning-eddie kernel: [    3.635895] Linux video capture interface: v2.0011:12
willcookeAug 24 11:52:21 malfunctioning-eddie kernel: [    3.648584] [drm] GMBUS [i915 gmbus dpb] timed out, falling back to bit banging on pin 511:12
larsuseb128, strong yes from me11:12
willcooketjaalton, any idea if any of that is relevant?   ^11:12
Laneylarsu: you trust my nickserv identification11:13
larsuLaney, oh - can I ask it?11:13
Laneyalso, I need £10k11:13
tjaaltonwillcooke: could be, check if you have bios updates available11:13
Laneyvia your local western union office should be fine11:13
larsuLaney, what bicycle helmet would you suggest me to buy?11:13
Laneyis this a test?11:13
LaneyI don't wear one :P11:14
willcooketjaalton, will do, thx11:14
Laneyseb128: sure, I seem to remember that the osx stuff needs splitting up though11:14
larsuok. real Laney. NickServ doesn't know shit!11:14
larsuLaney, splitting up?11:14
Laneywe want to use the osx ui right?11:14
larsudidn't my patch land?11:14
larsuif it did, master should do the right thing on unity11:15
larsuah wait..., I might be confused11:15
LaneyI know I am11:16
larsuat least you know it!11:16
larsuLaney, indeed not: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74190411:26
ubot5Gnome bug 741904 in general "Finish up support for traditional menubar" [Enhancement,New]11:26
willcooketjaalton, so, turns out popey has the same thing on W and V.  Wondering if something got backported to T recently as part of HWE which is causing it.  I've got an old 14.04.2 ISO which I'm going to try11:27
popeybug 142157511:28
ubot5bug 1421575 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Desktop corruption when changing monitor config" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142157511:28
popeywillcooke: ^11:29
willcookeyeah, that's the fella11:31
willcookepopey, so you copied a monitors.xml and that fixed it? Like, really fixed it?11:32
rickspencer3hi didrocks11:39
didrockshey rickspencer311:39
rickspencer3didrocks, so, I got an arduino, I can't remember if there is support in umake for it, though11:40
didrocksrickspencer3: the support is very limited, as it's just about installing the ide and put you in correct group, but yeah, it should work (I don't have one myself, so relying only on the written tests ;))11:41
didrocksrickspencer3: with latest version, it should just be "umake ide arduino"11:41
rickspencer3didrocks, will it work ok on 14.04?11:42
didrocksrickspencer3: yes, if you upgraded using the ubuntu-make ppa11:42
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* rickspencer3 tries umake ide arduino12:47
willcookeseb128, https://launchpad.net/bugs/142157512:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1421575 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Desktop corruption when changing monitor config" [Undecided,New]12:49
rickspencer3didrocks, so, it worked perfectly except for one small thing12:53
rickspencer3I needed to run sudo chmod a+xrw /dev/ttyUSB0 after connecting the arduino board12:54
rickspencer3I suspect that this is not totally a no-brainer to fix because it won't always be on ttyUSB012:54
rickspencer3but, should I log a bug?12:54
didrocksrickspencer3: even once you logout and login back?12:54
rickspencer3didrocks, oh, I didn't do that12:54
didrocksI'm adding you to the group which should give you access to it12:54
didrockshem, was written as the last line :p12:55
rickspencer3I just ran the ide and attached my arduino12:55
didrocksyeah, so you are being added to a new group12:55
didrocksand that's why the final umake message is "please logout and login back"12:55
didrocks(or something along this line)12:55
rickspencer3that would have required reading12:55
rickspencer3ok, nm :)12:55
didrocksheh, sure :p12:56
didrocksgreat to hear that it worked out though :)12:56
ogra_arduino is for people that cant affort snappy boards, right ? :P12:56
rickspencer3ogra_, well, I met a lot of people recently who love arduino, so i wanted to see what it's all about12:57
rickspencer3but ...12:57
rickspencer3it seems like a BBB is much more capable12:57
ogra_yes, it is12:57
rickspencer3seems like arduino can only run one program12:57
rickspencer3and I have to write the program in their c language12:57
seb128willcooke, thanks12:58
ogra_the BBB is an actual computer ... arduino is just a microcontroller12:58
rickspencer3seems like arduino is just for hacking12:58
rickspencer3yeah, exactly12:58
rickspencer3ogra_, I wonder if it might be nice to have a post somewhere about when to use arduino vs. a BBB kind of thing?13:00
rickspencer3I ask because a lot of people asked me about why they would ever use snappy13:01
ogra_i bet there are 100s of such articles out there13:01
* ogra_ never googled though :) 13:01
rickspencer3they obviously never distributed apps, tried to interface with the devices, etc...13:01
ogra_rickspencer3, the point is that there is about 10x as much documentation and examples for arduino than you find for RPi and BBB together13:04
ogra_and it is cheap13:05
rickspencer3ogra_, not even to mention examples for snappy ;)13:05
ogra_all the five of them ?13:05
rickspencer3ogra_, but, well, I think many people just hack a device together for themselves, and never really worry about distribution, updates, etc...13:05
rickspencer3much less security13:05
ogra_yeah, thats the point13:06
ogra_my heating control doesnt have any security either :) ... my network does thogh13:06
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willcookerickspencer3, you get really good insight in to the impact of clock speed when you start playing with microcontrollers, and quite how insanely fast 3Ghz is.13:09
davmor2willcooke: create a simon says game based on it, when nobody can complete it every the proof will be known ;)13:13
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Sweet5harkanyone want to buy facebook and google stock at yesterdays prices? Only selling for EUR not USD, I only buy hard currency ...14:04
desrtSweet5hark: O_o14:12
Laneypitti / didrocks: Care to quickly review https://code.launchpad.net/~laney/xpathselect/g++5/+merge/268923 ?14:30
* Laney spied you are in the right team14:30
pittiLaney: done14:31
Laneywe should do an Ubuntu test build to find leftovers like this14:32
Laneyit was only autopkgtest that stopped breakage getting through14:32
Laney(and actually it didn't - unity migrated)14:32
kirklandTrevinho: didrocks: hey guys!  is there any way to restore the non-unity alt-tab (static application switcher) from the command line?15:06
kirklandTrevinho: didrocks: I see the ccsm way via http://askubuntu.com/questions/68151/how-do-i-revert-alt-tab-behavior-to-switch-between-windows-on-the-current-worksp15:06
kirklandTrevinho: didrocks: but I'd really like to do it from the command line, via gconf, or something15:06
Trevinhokirkland: hi15:06
kirklandTrevinho: howdy!15:07
Trevinhokirkland: compiz uses gsettings, then indeed you can do that15:07
Trevinhokirkland: you've to ensure you use the right settings profile, though15:07
kirklandTrevinho: nice -- could you help me with that?15:07
Trevinhokirkland: basically use something like gsettings set org.compiz.core:/org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/<plugin-name>, than tab-completion should help you15:08
Trevinhokirkland: so for example for setting the active plugins:15:09
Trevinhogsettings set org.compiz.core:/org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/core/ active-plugins "['core', 'composite', 'opengl', 'compiztoolbox', 'vpswitch', 'snap', 'mousepoll', 'resize', 'place', 'move', 'wall', 'grid', 'regex', 'imgpng', 'session', 'gnomecompat', 'animation', 'fade', 'unitymtgrabhandles', 'workarounds', 'scale', 'expo', 'ezoom', 'unityshell']"15:09
Trevinho("add to that list 'switcher')15:09
kirklandTrevinho: okay, let me try a few things15:09
Trevinhoerr, tab-completion doesn't work... but well you only have to use the same pattern with key-names15:10
Trevinhokirkland: you can find the option names by listing keys or dconf-editor15:10
didrockskirkland: note that switcher needs to be place before unityshell15:14
didrocksin the active-plugins list15:14
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K1Ducan anyone help me with 1 issue?15:48
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Sweet5harkhmm, am I seeing ghosts or is clucene-dev uninstallable in wily (proposed)?21:03
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ricotzSweet5hark, you are seeing ghosts ;P21:31

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