belkinsaHides, if you need Ubuntu support, please /join #ubuntu.02:25
belkinsaBut if you need LoCo support, you have came to the right place!02:25
svij"IT expert Nathan Haines published a tutorial instructing users of the Ubuntu Linux operating system about how to watch movies and TV shows on the American streaming service Hulu."09:20
svijyou're an expert? ;)09:20
svijnhaines: -^^09:20
nhainessvij: well you know, they just let anyone publish things these days.  ;)09:21
nhainesSpeaking of, where'd that quote come from?  :D09:21
nhainesOoh, cool.  Too bad it doesn't point to my website, but oh well, some day I'll get that automated and then throw the switch on Planet Ubuntu.  ;)09:23
svijyou're not on the planet?09:24
svijoh you are, but not with your blog, right.09:25
nhainesI am, but with my LiveJournal blog from ages ago, and not my website.  I actually copy my blog posts over by hand.  It's tedious.  :P09:26
nhainesOne day I'll figure out Mezzanine well enough to switch my site over.09:26
nhainesBut it's shared hosting so... always a bit tricky.09:26
svijthat actually really sounds like an "IT expert" :P09:27
nhainesHaha, well, right now I'd prefer "IT author", but I'll send the article to my publisher who might get a kick out of this if they ignore that I am a little slow on this latest deadline.  :P09:29
nhainesOoh, my publisher moved the publish date for my book from October 9th to September 15th!09:49
nhainesI guess I'd better finish that Appendix B this week.09:49
elachecheYo PabloRubianes !11:04
nhaineselacheche: hi!11:51
elachechewassup guys :)12:05
PabloRubianeselacheche: yes12:21
PabloRubianesI just connected12:21
elachecheHey PabloRubianes :)12:23
elachecheI received a mail about my LoCo expiration date.. Do I need to send and email or just be present during the due date (30 Aug)12:24
PabloRubianeselacheche: everything all right?12:24
PabloRubianeselacheche: you can get the reverification wiki and attend to the next meeting or we can do it via bug on LP12:24
PabloRubianesthat way is offline12:25
elachecheGreat, am just making sure that I don't need to send any mail before the meeting.. I was already working on the wiki12:25
PabloRubianesyou have to add the team to the agenda in the LoCo Council wiki12:26
PabloRubianeslet me get the link12:26
elachecheI think that it's already in the agenda!12:26
PabloRubianesthere's only the arizona team12:26
PabloRubianeselacheche: that's not the meeting agenda12:27
elachechePabloRubianes, when will be the next meeting ?? The LoCo Council meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 20:00 UTC, as needed based on the agenda below. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 16 February 2015 20:00 UTC and will be held in #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net.12:28
PabloRubianesjust a list of upcoming expirations12:28
PabloRubianeselacheche: next meeting is on 15/sep12:29
elachechePabloRubianes, the next meeting will be for Sep 15th.. My LoCo expires on 30 aug12:29
PabloRubianeselacheche: we can add some time to prevent that12:29
elachecheGreat thx :)12:29
PabloRubianeslike one more month12:29
PabloRubianesno problem12:30
elachecheDo you have any news about my request to have admin access on my LoCo ML?12:30
PabloRubianesno, I had no much time for ubuntu related stuff lately....12:32
PabloRubianesI will push that too12:32
PabloRubianesthis week I have more free time12:32
elachecheGreat, many thanks PabloRubianes :)12:32
PabloRubianesyoure welcome :)12:32
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