andyliHi! I'm new to deb packaging and trying to update a package since there is an upstream release.08:17
andyliThe package contains a debian/watch file that points to a github tag page. The problem is, the github archives do not include submodules.08:17
andyliThe submodules were introduced after the last debian packaged version, so it was not a problem, but it is now.08:17
andyliSo how is that submodule thing be managed normally?08:17
mitya57andyli, ask your upstream to provide proper tarballs08:26
mitya57(or write a custom script that will git clone & git archive for you)08:26
andyliDoes a custom script means removing the debian/watch file, and then rewrite the debain/rules get-orig-source target?08:28
mitya57I have something like this in mathjax-docs package08:29
andyliDoes the "bzr merge-upstream" command automatically use get-orig-source?08:30
* mitya57 never used that08:30
andyliok, I will try that first. Thanks!08:32
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