liuxgdoes any use Bluetooth APIs on Ubuntu touch?03:45
dhbikerhi there07:10
dhbikeri noticed that after charging if you leave it overnight you never get 100%07:10
dhbikerseems like it charges up and leaves it there07:11
dhbikeris it intentional ?07:11
lotuspsychjedhbiker: device and ubuntu touch channel?07:12
dhbikerarale RC proposed07:12
lotuspsychjewhats arale?07:12
dhbikermeizu mx407:12
lotuspsychjedhbiker: maybe you can look at the existing bugs07:13
lotuspsychjeif its not there file a new bug?07:13
dhbikerwell trickle charging is not good for LiPo batteries anyways07:14
dhbikerthat's why i'm asking if it's intentional07:14
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zzarrhello! is it possible somehow to synchronize the web history between Firefox and the browser in Ubuntu Touch?08:02
mptseb128, it’s bug 142220608:03
ubot5bug 1422206 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Storage page takes about 6secs to open" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142220608:03
seb128mpt, right08:03
mptseb128, it would help if bug 1239884 had been entirely fixed … Looks like only part of it was done08:04
ubot5bug 1239884 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "No visual feedback when a settings section is selected" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123988408:04
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mandelogra_, morning! got a question for you or for rsalveti where do we land the pulseaudio patches for ubuntu-touch?08:34
mandelogra_, is there a branch that is used to create the package, do we grab it from their git.. also, we noticed that we are not using trunk in the phone08:34
ogra_mandel, i dont know, diwic or TheMuso maintain the audio stack in ubuntu ... worst case i would just apply a debdiff and let them know08:35
=== marcusto_ is now known as marcustomlinson
zzarrI have plans to build a combined tablet/laptop with one of this: http://www.merrii.com/en/pla_d.asp?id=17808:41
zzarrMy idea since there's only a Ubuntu 14.04 for it and I want the latest is to have 14.04 directly on the hardware and 15.04 (or 15.10 when released) in a chroot08:43
zzarrwill mir work on a AllWinner A80 based unit?08:45
zzarr(there are Android drivers)08:46
ogra_if you have a working build that includes the hybris bits08:47
zzarrwhat's the requirements to build a the lxc container?08:50
=== chriadam is now known as chriadam|away
ogra_see the porting doc08:50
ogra_(from /topic)08:50
diwicjohn-mcaleely, mandel, now I'm talking to you in private in parallel. Should we take it here instead?08:52
john-mcaleelydiwic, works for me08:53
mandeldiwic, john-mcaleely ok, so we have the pathes, we need to apply them and then dput them in a silo, that way QA can test it08:53
john-mcaleelyand then in the longer run, figure out/document how this should work08:54
john-mcaleelyie, getting a silo with fixes is urgent08:54
john-mcaleelyand getting to a place where lots of people can hack on this is job 208:54
mandeldiwic, you know how to deal with the patches, is that right? I need to fwd you a change to get the apparmor profile from pid and not the app name08:54
diwicjohn-mcaleely, mandel what I do know is that we do have a droid sink in the distro08:54
mandeljohn-mcaleely, I kepp logs of EVERYTHING, so I'll just coy paste and will add to a wiki08:55
mandeldiwic, do we need a droid sink to get the deb package? how do we usually send updates of pulse to the phone?08:55
diwicjohn-mcaleely, mandel and I know where the upstream repo is, it's the ubuntu branch of http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-pulseaudio/pulseaudio.git/08:55
diwic" how do we usually send updates of pulse to the phone?" <- now that is a "silo" question08:56
zzarrthanks ogra_08:56
mandeldiwic, yes, that one you mentioned me :)08:56
diwicand this silo stuff I'm not very familiar with08:56
mandeldiwic, so, we usually create bzr branch with what we need to land, add it to a spreadsheet (agh) and a silo (ppa) gets created08:56
ogra_diwic, you just dput to a PPA instead of the archive08:56
ogra_thats all08:56
mptkenvandine, seb128: I reported bug 1488005 for making System Settings screens more responsive in general. The Storage screen will still need special work though.08:56
ubot5bug 1488005 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Poor visual feedback when a screen loads slowly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148800508:56
ogra_(from an uploader POV at least)08:56
mandelexactly, diwic what ogra_ said08:56
seb128mpt, thanks08:57
kenvandinempt, thx!08:57
diwicmandel, john-mcaleely: let's start with that mandel sends me the patch set with the latest fixes in. I'll review them and if they look good I commit them to the upstream repo.08:58
mandeldiwic, are those the one related to the strust store, right? Can we send those to the upstream repo? If we can I'll fwd them to you08:59
diwicmandel, to the ubuntu branch? I suppose so08:59
mandeldiwic, we do not have the trust store in the desktop, that is not a problem when talking about the ubuntu branch, right?08:59
diwicmandel, i e, since we already have the droid module (which is kind of touch specific) then we could have trust store there (which is also touch specific)09:00
john-mcaleelysounds good09:00
mandeldiwic, then I'll have to make sure that we move the patches that you created from master to ubuntu09:00
diwicmandel, as I understand it, the trust store module goes into its own binary package, which means it won't disturb the distro09:00
mandeldiwic, correct, I wanted to have that sentence written down ;)09:01
mandeldiwic, now, if I break something I'll do a -> diwic  hehehe09:01
ogra_mandel, diwic, just make sure to not do a too big version bump ... the vivid overlay PPA currently has 1:6.0-0ubuntu9 ...09:04
ogra_the changes need to be on top of that09:05
mptseb128, bug 148801609:12
ubot5bug 1488016 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Missing chevrons on "Other app access"/"App permissions"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148801609:12
seb128mpt, thanks09:12
ProstheticSits OTA week isnt it?09:14
jgdxProstheticS, correct!09:15
ogra_ProstheticS, theoretically :)09:15
ogra_(practically an OTA only goes out if it fulfils all requirements of quality on all arches, so an OTA date is never a fixed date, it can slide)09:16
ogra_quality > being on time09:16
nhainesogra_: so Wednesday, right?09:18
ogra_nhaines, ask sil2100 :)09:19
ogra_i think the emulator has still issues09:19
sil2100nhaines: hard to say, there are still some blocking issues we need to fix before the release can happen09:19
nhainesogra_, sil2100: just teasing. ;)09:20
sil2100We expect to have all the fixes tested and released today, but because of that QA will need some additional time for testing aaand this will all delay stuff09:20
nhainesAlthough actually I do have a serious question.  I'm writing an appendix to my book on Ubuntu about the future of Ubuntu, and am writing a page or so about phones and convergence.09:21
nhainesI'm starting to wonder if I should talk about running desktop apps on a phone with a mouse and keyboard "after October" or "after April".09:21
ogra_well, april is guaranteed ... october is a "might be" thing09:29
ogra_i guess it will happen somewhere in the middle :)09:29
nhainesogra_: Okay, for a book due out September 15th that should work.  Although they didn't tell me they were pushing it up from October 9th so I need to double check my Ubuntu 15.10 references.  :P  Luckily it's specifically on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.  :)09:32
nhainesogra_: I start hearing that the Ubuntu OTA images will never be rebased on 15.10 and I start to worry.  :P09:33
ogra_well, thats true09:33
nhainesogra_: yes, so that's where I started to worry.  :)09:45
nhainesWhat's the plan there?  Isn't snappy going to rebase to 15.10?09:46
nhainesOr are you going to stick with vivid-overlay stuff until wily+1?09:46
zzarrnhaines: interesting question, do you mean 16.04 with wily+1?09:48
nhaineszzarr: yup!09:48
mandelkenvandine, this is the overlay ppa => https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay right?09:48
kenvandinemandel, yes09:49
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ogra_nhaines, yes10:00
ogra_nhaines, olli ries did this nice table explaining all the relations and support times10:00
nhainesogra_: yes, I didn't find the information to be very useful.  Specifically, it summed up each individual component but aside from Desktop Next ISOs didn't seem to have any information about relationships or timelines.10:21
ogra_well, it will migrate to 16.04 eventually10:21
ogra_15.10 will be skipped10:22
nhainesBut when I hear that, I think "They're sticking with vivid, wily and wily+1 will be ignored, and some time after April the phone will switch to snappy Ubuntu Personal."10:22
ogra_wily+1 wont be ignored ...10:23
ogra_i guess we'll switch after 16.04 feature freeze at some point10:23
ogra_until then the base stays vivid10:23
nhainesSurely you won't be rebasing the OTA on 16.04 in February though.10:24
Talustusogra_: any idea how to get adb access on a ported device without display so far?10:24
Talustusi tried the solution from porting guide etc nothing works10:25
nhainesI guess my question is, will the vivid base get new Mir and XMir before then?10:25
ogra_Talustus, depends how far into the boot you get10:25
Talustusit is looking like it starts the android container10:25
ogra_nhaines, the vivid base is rolling ..10:25
ogra_so yeah, it always gets constantly updated with backported bits from the devel release10:25
Talustusthe led on my device starts blinking blue and pc recognizes the device i just can not get adb access for more debuging10:26
nhainesogra_: do I guess right if I think this is because no one wants to deal with gcc5?  :)10:26
ogra_Talustus, boot into recovery and touch /data/.adb_onlock ... (or /userdata/.adb_onlock depends how your recovery mounts it)10:26
ogra_nhaines, we have to deal with it at some point10:27
Talustusogra_: i did that already still nothing10:27
ogra_the core idea is that we dont want to pull the carpet out underneath stabilization work that is just now happening10:27
ogra_Talustus, do you see any log in /var/log/upstart for the adbd job ?10:28
ogra_(when you look in /data/system-data/ from recovery)10:28
Talustuslets see10:28
ogra_also make sure your gadget is actually switching on adb in the init.rc10:29
ogra_hardcode it if needed ...10:29
nhainesogra_: okay, well if you see wily improvements eventually making their way to vivid on the phone OTAs, I think that's enough information for me for this book.10:30
nhainesAlthough I expect a LibreOffice click by December!  :P10:30
ogra_everything you see landing in the phone images also lands iin wily at the same time10:30
ogra_i doubt there will ever be a libreoffice click :P10:30
ogra_it will be a snap ;)10:31
nhainesI would be happier about that if I thought that would happen before May!  :)10:31
Talustusogra_: only that on adbd-emergency-shell.log10:31
ogra_Talustus, hmm, something at least ... the emergency shell kicks in after 5min if the container cant come up iirc10:32
ogra_if there are issues with starting adbd there might be info in the log10:33
Talustusadbd-emergency-shell stop/pre-start, process 164110:33
ogra_that says it dies in the pre-start script10:33
ogra_of /etc/init/adbd-emergency-shell.conf10:34
seb128kenvandine, jgdx, https://git.gnome.org/browse/gsettings-desktop-schemas/tree/schemas10:34
seb128input-sources in there10:35
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jgdxseb128, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12182768/11:21
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zzarrI think I asked about this before, but will it be possible to use the MX4 with a MHL connector and have it operate like a computer?11:54
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
zzarr(with BT mouse and keyboard)11:55
zzarrI mean in the future11:55
ogra_zzarr, no11:57
ogra_didnt you ask this a few times already ?)11:58
zzarrI think I might have one time, but I was uncertain if I asked if it works now or in the future12:01
zzarrwhat is required for it to work?12:02
zzarronly a driver?12:02
ogra_hardware support12:03
ogra_and driver support12:03
ogra_i dont think either exists12:03
zzarrthe hw supports it, so a driver then12:03
ogra_and there is no focus at all on making it work on that device12:03
ogra_the hardware doesnt support MHL afaik12:03
ogra_only miracast12:04
ogra_(and i dont think the Mir side supports miracast)12:04
nhainesogra_: that'll be in OTA-6 on Wednesday, right?  :P12:05
zzarrI read on a few pages that the hw supports MHL, are they wrong or is it a change in the Ubuntu version?12:05
ogra_next wed you mean ? :P12:05
ogra_zzarr, i think tehy are wrong12:05
* nhaines only cares about bluez5 on Ubuntu 15.10 so he can reuse his Wii U Pro Controller on the desktop... no matter how awesome the Steam Controllers are looking.12:06
ogra_i think the MTK chips have miracast support ... but i doubt that applies to the version sthat ship with an SGX GPU12:06
zzarrokey ogra_, I sent a message to Meizu asking the same question, they will hopefully respond with facts.12:14
ogra_yeah, i think it iss very likely that the GPU isnt wired up for it ... so even if the SoC supports it you wouldnt be able to use it12:14
ogra_and as i said, nobody is working on such stuff anyway12:15
zzarraccording to gsmarena it is...12:15
ogra_focus for external display support is only on nexus4 and once it exists the dedicated pocket desktop device12:15
ogra_(on the ubuntu side)12:15
zzarrno, but it could be interesting in the future ;)12:15
nhaineszzarr: according to the person actually writing the phone software, it isn't.  :)12:15
ogra_nhaines, oh ? who is that ?12:16
nhainesogra_: you're writing all the software now, congrats. :)12:16
ogra_nhaines, nah, like 80% of the plumbing team of the phone i was moved to snappy :)12:16
* ogra_ hasnt written anything for the phone in several months 12:17
ogra_i just cant let go :P12:17
zzarryes, but unless I'm mistaken you ogra_ have had nothing to do with the wh development of the phone12:17
ogra_zzarr, except that i developed a lot of the under the hood setup, yes :)12:18
ogra_most non UI stuff has been touched by me in the past12:18
zzarrI meant hw not wh, it was a typo12:18
nhainesogra_: good, now I know who to pester about trying to run snappy personal soon.  :)12:18
ogra_yeah, i didnt use my soldering iron at all ... true :)12:19
ogra_nhaines, snappy personal is seb128 ;)12:19
ogra_(unless that changed recently)12:19
zzarrthe MX phone (older then MX4) have MHL support12:22
zzarr(there's a clip on youtube showing it in action)12:23
zzarrogra_: are you tired of me? (repeating my self time and time over)12:25
ogra_if i get tired of you i can ignore you :)12:25
ogra_even if it was functional, you would have to impleent it on the android side ... in a way that Mir can make use of it ...12:26
ogra_nobody in the official teams will work on that ...12:26
zzarrwell I'll get back to the topic when I get the response from Meizu12:26
ogra_even then you would have to develop and send patches yourself :)12:26
ogra_focus for external displays of the official teams is elsewhere12:26
gautam__hi, I have a exynos 5250 board same soc as nexus 10, I see an mako image for nexus 10 how can I use it on my board?12:27
ogra_(as i said, nexus4 and as soon as it exsists the official pocket desktop phone HW that will be specifically tailored for external display)12:27
zzarryea, but as far as I'm concerned if there's hw support it's a possible feature in the future12:28
ogra_evenn then you would have to convince imagination tec. to adjust the PVR driver to make it work12:28
ogra_good luck with that ...12:28
zzarrthanks ;)12:29
ogra_i really doubt you will ever see it work on an MX412:29
dhbikermaybe he proves you wrong :D12:29
zzarronly time will tell right?12:30
ogra_dhbiker, yeah, he could send patches :)12:30
ogra_sadly he wont be able to for the driver :)12:30
ogra_since it is closed12:30
zzarrmaybe I find another way... VNC would work right ;)12:31
dhbikertoo bad12:31
ogra_not sure if VNC works with Mir yet12:31
zzarryea, I don't like broken source as a friend of mine calls it12:31
ogra_you would have to ask in #ubuntu-mir12:31
zzarrit was a joke ;)12:32
dhbikerwait MX4 runs Mir ?12:32
ogra_ubuntu on phones runs Mir12:32
ogra_everywhere :)12:32
zzarrdhbiker: yea12:32
jgdxlarsu, ping12:32
larsujgdx, hi12:32
dhbikeri was out of ubuntu game for a long long time... left when there was 7.04 released12:33
zzarrI like mir12:33
* ogra_ too12:33
jgdxlarsu, hi, we want to add a “a(ss)” key to a schema, and the GSettings qml binding seems to crash. I remember I've been through this before. :)12:34
jgdxthere's no support for that sig, right?12:34
zzarrI know it's a OT question, ogra_, when will we get mir on the desktop computers?12:34
ogra_zzarr, after 16.04 ... or if you want to you should be able to try ubuntu-personal (snappy baseed) earlier12:36
larsujgdx, let me check12:40
jgdxlarsu, thanks. There's a{ss}, which you kindly implemented for me a while back. :)12:40
larsujgdx, indeed, it doesn't. Please file a bug and I'll look into it this wek12:43
jgdxlarsu, thank you12:44
zzarrokey ogra_, nice12:49
zzarris ubuntu-personal the new name of what's to day called just ubuntu?12:50
nhaineszzarr: no, it's the name of Ubuntu for phones/desktops that runs Unity 8 and Mir and is based around snappy technologies.12:52
zzarrnhaines, thanks :)12:52
zzarrI love snappy12:53
zzarrhave nVidia made any Mir drivers yet?12:54
zzarrI'll ask in #ubuntu-mir :)12:56
ogra_zzarr, you should team up with the guy on tteh mailing list btw :)12:59
zzarrwho is "the guy"?13:00
ogra_Krzysztof Tataradziński  ... see the recent thread13:00
zzarrthanks I'll have a look13:04
zzarrdo you have a link to the mailing list?13:05
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zzarrI found it :D (and subscribed)13:09
zzarrI have to go, bye and thanks13:12
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Guest30084Hello, can I launch regular GNU/Linux program on ubuntu phone?13:44
GAM002any people here know how to install a theme on ubuntu using unity tweak tool? sorry for asking people on #ubuntu doesnt seems to know13:45
mcphailGuest30084: you can launch a text program in the terminal, but not a GUI program13:45
ogra_Guest30084, sure, there are people using mutt or htop on their phones13:45
ogra_mcphail, lies ! ... tuxracer is a gui program !13:45
k1lGAM002: this channels focus is on the ubuntu on smartphones. please dont crosspost13:45
mcphailogra_: ha!13:46
Guest30084Why so? That's a linux distro, if i am not mistaken13:46
GAM002k1l: ok13:46
Guest30084What is the window system in ubuntu phone? Is that Xorg?13:48
k1lGuest30084: its MIR13:49
nhainesogra_: thanks for chatting about Ubuntu phone stuffs earlier, btw.  I did finish that book appendix, now I just have to read it again after I've slept, then rewrite it to not be so bad.  :)13:50
ogra_good luck with it :)13:50
nhainesThanks!  It's the last bit, Appendix B, so other than fighting VirtualBox to get snappy running for a screenshot or two, then fighting my phone and tablet (Today scope still isn't working anywhere!) to get a couple screenshots, I'm all done minus copyedit review.  :)13:51
Guest30084So why can't gnu/linux programs be launched on ubuntuphone?13:54
jgdxGuest30084, cause stuff is missing13:55
ogra_Guest30084, the system is readonly so your first obstacle is installing auch apps ... then usually such apps are compiled against Xorg which isnt running on the phone13:56
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Guest30084ogra_, Can't I install my own apps? There's XMir - a compability layer for Xorg apps13:57
ogra_Xmir isnt done yet and thus not shipped on the phones13:58
ogra_(onc it is stable that will likely change)13:58
Guest30084ogra_, can i install it manually?13:59
ogra_sure, but why would you if it only works very marginal yet14:00
ogra_it will be included by default once it is ready ..14:00
ogra_the phone is fully hackable you can indeed install anything you want (but will lose any way of doing upgrades then)14:01
Guest30084ogra_, So, I can just install X, make it start on boot and run gnu/linux programs?14:02
ogra_if you write a driver ....14:02
ogra_X wont display anything ...14:02
Guest30084ogra_, what driver?14:02
ogra_an xserver for the hardware14:03
Guest30084But if there's a MIR driver, it should work fine with X. The driver is in kernel14:03
ogra_if you re-do the kernel and enable the necessary framebuffer options you might be lucky and can use the fbdev xserver ... like a slideshow14:04
ogra_Mir just talks to EGL/GLES ...14:04
Guest30084Well, I mean that if something is displayed, anything can be displayed14:05
ogra_not really14:05
nhainesWhich is one big reason for Mir.  :)14:05
ogra_anyway, this is far beyond the topic here :) ... you can indeed hack your ubuntu phone in all possible ways ... but you would be pretty much on your own with native Xorg ...14:06
Guest30084ogra_, I  dont have ubuntu phone, but if that is possible, I will definetely buy it14:07
mcphailGuest30084: true for very small degrees of "possible"14:08
mcphailGuest30084: if you are looking for a full X- experience, the phone is not for you kust now14:08
ogra_mcphail, well, possible is everything ... nothing is locked down ...14:09
ogra_weather you can still use it as a phone or anything is a different story ...14:09
ogra_technically it is just hardware with an open OS ... if you indeed hack the OS out of its context you cant expect the OS to function as advertised ...14:10
Guest30084I just can't understand why it is so difficult to install regular ubuntu on that phone14:12
Nadarianhi there, I would like to ask about installing Ubuntu to a Meizu with Flyme, particularly: how hard is it and what is the possible rate of failure/damage? I have read one article but I would like to know, how does it look like from devs side14:14
ogra_there is a regular ubuntu on the phone ...14:14
ogra_just a different UI14:14
ogra_and due to the fact that we offer binary diff OTA upgrades it has to be readonly14:14
dobeywhy do so many people expect the phone to work like a 90s linux PC?14:16
k1lbecause they never tried to use a 90s PC with touchscreen :X14:16
Guest30084What about powersaving in ubuntu phone? Is kernel modified for this or that's only because of hardware?14:17
dobeyand probably have absolutely 0 experience with any hardware that's not x8614:18
ogra_it is SW and HW indeed14:18
ogra_battery  life is usually better than with android on the same device14:18
Guest30084ogra_, what exactly with SW?14:18
ogra_software design ... powersaving tools etc14:19
Guest30084ogra_, does pc-ubuntu have such powersaving options?14:19
ogra_once the PC switched to the same system it will likely be possible to use them there though14:20
Guest30084Is that acpi and init configuration or something new?14:20
ogra_there is no ACPI on ARM hardware14:20
dobeywell, sure. you can run apps that are designed not to kill the cpu, on the pc too14:21
ogra_heh, you have to ask ARM14:21
Guest30084but it can be compiled for arm14:21
ogra_no idea why they designed their processors without an awful error prone power management abstraction layer :)14:22
dobeyACPI is not part of the ARM specification14:22
ogra_probably because ARM devicews have no BIOS either :(14:22
dobeydepending on what software you care about running on your PC, a significant set of it probably isn't going to exist or be useful, on arm either14:24
ogra_well, the ubuntu archive is mostly complete wrt arm support14:25
ogra_only a handfull packages do not exist on ARM14:25
k1lbut that is mostly pc drivers and such?14:25
dobeywell, lots of things also have cpu optimizations on x86, that they don't have on arm either14:25
dobeyso even if they are compiled for arm, they will probably be very unfriendly to use14:26
dobeyi don't think i'd want to try using blender on the phone, for example14:26
dobeyand you can't play any steam games, or use wine14:26
ogra_k1l, some exotic languages too i think14:27
k1lhmm well, one day in future with convergence and dockmode you actually want o14:27
ogra_you could use wine for arm windows apps ...14:28
ogra_and you could use steam if steam provided arm rebuilds14:28
dobeysure, "if steam provided arm-compatible steam"14:28
dobeythey don't though14:28
dobeyand windows rt is a joke14:29
ogra_wouldnt be hard to do though14:29
ogra_convincing game vendors to provide arm binaries of their games might :)14:29
dobeyfor valve? no, it would be easy for them to do i guess, except for the fact that they then have to support arm14:29
ogra_especially when you ask tzhem to reduce their graphics use to GLES only :)14:29
dobeythey already don't provide any android, ios, or winrt steam gaming clients, so expecting them to do so on ubuntu is probably a bit much :)14:31
Petohallo, can i Install Ubuntu touch on N7000 ?15:00
dobey!devices | Peto15:00
ubot5Peto: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:00
dobeyPeto: please ask your questions in channel so that anyone can answer, and see the answers.15:06
dobeyPeto: if a port is not yet available for a device, and you wish to port to your device, then yes, you can attempt to do so15:06
Petodobey ok sorry, there is sometning but old, cca from 201315:07
k1lPeto: i would look into the xda forums if there is already a group of guys trying to port it15:12
=== faenil_ is now known as faenil
Petok1l can find nothing15:26
rsalvetimandel: are you good now regarding the pulseaudio landing?15:52
mandelrsalveti, yes15:52
mandelrsalveti, I fwd the patches to diwic and he took a look15:52
mandelrsalveti, and got a silo etc..15:52
mandelfor qa testing15:52
rsalvetimandel: great15:52
mterrycyphermox, do you have any thoughts on what to investigate for bug 1480844?  (on the assumption it might be triggered by network-manager)16:11
ubot5bug 1480844 in Canonical System Image "Slow/hanging performance" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148084416:11
mterrycyphermox, I have some comments on how I trigger it in the bug16:11
popeykenvandine: http://popey.mooo.com/mirror/clicks/16:33
jgdxElleo, ping16:43
mandelkenvandine, with silo 28 is a matter of flashing ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en-proposed do a apt-add-repo and update & upgrade, right?16:56
kenvandinemandel, you can use citrain to install it17:04
kenvandineif you like17:04
kenvandinemandel, citrain device-upgrade 28 0000 ubuntu17:08
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robin-heroHey all! Can I take a screenshot of my phone somehow while it is booting?19:42
beunorobin-hero, probably not, as there's not a lot of software running at that point19:45
dobeyyou might be able to phablet-screenshot, if dev mode is enabled, and stuff is up and running at that point, but i'm not sure if it is19:46
robin-herodobey: Thanks, I'll give it a try19:47
dobeyor you can just grab the PNG image for the splash screen from disk and upload it somewhere instead. :)19:48
dobeysame result19:48
dobeyif your boot is broken for some reason, dictating your need to take a screen shot, you might need to use a camera to take a picture of the phone instead19:49
robin-herodobey: phablet-screenshot doesn't work. It can only take a screenshot when I am unlock the lock screen19:51
robin-heroWhere can I find the splash screen PNG? :)19:51
dobeyi don't know19:52
robin-heroI want to make a picture from the new splash screen (ota6), but I don't have a camera, and my other phone has only a 2Mpx camera... :D19:56
dobeyemulator? :)19:57
dacheathowdy, is anybody around that could assist me with an ubuntu touch / nexus 7 installation problem?19:58
robin-herodobey: It is not working at the moment because of a bug, and it doesn't show the splash screen anyway19:59
dobeydacheat: which nexus 7?19:59
dobeywhat is the problem?20:00
dacheatevery time i try to flash the ubuntu touch image it gives me an error about /cache/recovery "is a directory"20:01
dacheatsorry im not with the tablet for more info20:01
SpringbankDid you try with Multirom?20:02
dobeydacheat: do you have android 5.x on the tablet?20:03
dobeydacheat: if so, you will need to restore to android 4.4, boot to android welcome screen, reboot to recovery or fastboot, and then flash with ubuntu-device-flash, to replace android20:03
dacheatsorry i got pulled into a meeting20:21
dacheati will try restoring 4.4 and doing the process again20:21
dacheatand i did not try multirom20:21
dacheatand the tablet is running 5.1.120:21
dobeyyeah, 5.x is your problem. restoring 4.4 should fix it20:24
dacheatawesome, thanks for the feedback20:28
dacheathave a great day, everyone!20:29
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TeaThere's a bunch of junk scopes I want to remove from my Aquaris but going through the store and hitting uninstall is tedious and apparently ineffective21:33
TeaCan I uninstall them from the command line? Notice that `click` doesn't have an uninstall flag21:34
mandelkenvandine, making sure that the project compiles and I'll send you the patches21:35
mandelkenvandine, if you can dput that I'll be able to take a look on what is really going on21:35
dobeyTea: you can't actually remove the files from the phone i don't think, as they're part of the pre-installed image; but how do you mean that uninstalling from the store scope, is ineffective?21:45
kenvandinemandel, ok21:45
kenvandinemandel, i'll be back online in a bit21:46
kenvandinenot long :)21:46
Teadobey: I was mistaken - uninstalled etsy-scope and it still appeared, after a reboot it's gone though21:47
TeaStill listed in tweakgeek though21:47
dobeyi don't know how tweakgeek works21:47
TeaIt lists installed apps, but I dunno how it detects them21:48
dobeybut it's part of the pre-installed read-only image, so you can't remove the files exactly. you can unregister it though21:48
TeaIf the files aren't actually removed then that'll be why they're detected21:48
dobeyassuming it's looking at the files, instead of asking the system what's installed21:48
dobeysounds like a bug in tweakgeek21:48
dobeyTea: it still appeared where until you rebooted? as a favorited scope, or only in the scopes management list?21:49
TeaHow come they're treated differently to regular apps? Since half of them are obviously worthless bloat it'd be nice to kill them off completely21:49
Teadobey: if I searched for it, it showed a launcher21:49
dobeythey aren't treated differently to regular apps21:49
dobeypre-installed stuff is installed in a different location on the image though, which is read-only21:51
TeaRight - I guess I just don't quite get why so many of them were installed all at once21:52
mandelkenvandine, email sent, let me know when you push it..21:53
kenvandinemandel, ok21:53
TeaEtsy for example. That's just some website - and I had a bunch of Spanish language news feeds selected as default scopes21:53
dobeyTea: the bq phone primary target market is spain (they're a spanish company)21:53
mandelkenvandine, make it quick, I'm watching the worst dating tv show ever on E4.. I bet I'll have an essex accent in the morning :-/21:53
dobeyso i would expect "business reasons" is why the scopes are pre-installed such as they are21:54
mandeldobey, you are correct, the bq images has bq custom scopes etc..21:54
dobeymandel: of course i am right ;)21:55
TeaAnnoying that business reasons always have to culminate in bloatware somewhere down the line. Oh well, it's not like my phone's exploding or anything21:55
kenvandinemandel, :-D21:55
mandeldobey, meh, dont get over yourself hahahaha21:55
dobeyTea: well, you're certainly free to flash a different image onto it as well, which doesn't have all the pre-installed scopes :)21:56
Teadobey: I would like to mess about with some alternative images if there are any, scopes aside21:56
dobeyTea: of course, other pre-installed things specific to the bq images, that you might use, may be lost as well if using a different image21:57
dobeyTea: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices#Working_with_ubuntu-device-flash (use at own risk, etc etc)21:57
TeaThanks, will be interesting to see the differences21:59
kenvandinemandel, building in silo 922:00
kenvandinemandel, is that all you need tonight?22:03
kenvandineor will you want another revision?22:04
mandelkenvandine, that is all22:11
mandelkenvandine, Ill work on it during the night and we can take a look in the morning22:11
kenvandinemandel, ok, cool22:12
kenvandinehey seb12822:12
seb128hey kenvandine ;-)22:12
kenvandinejgdx, seb128 destroyed your high score22:24
kenvandinejgdx, he scored 43922:24
seb128kenvandine, btw there are more people at the bar if you feel like going back there (I don't, just went to report some issues with the a/c in my room)22:39
kenvandinebe right there :)22:40
kenvandineok seb128, give me like 2 minutes22:44
kenvandinei'll have the template22:44
seb128kenvandine, I'm away a bit for shower, going to upload after that22:45
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Cyncan you install this operating system and get rid of windows?23:40

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