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daftykinsbed for me, shift change!04:24
mapssup daftykins04:24
daftykinsjust off to bed04:25
daftykinsnn :>04:25
MooDoomorning all07:10
diddledan__mernin again07:18
bittinyay 4 episodes backlog :)07:38
davmor2Morning all08:19
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:53
davmor2diddledan__: while the long tail :)08:54
Laneyi'm in bits about the 1D news09:03
Laneyhold me09:03
foobarryneed to get my tattoo removed09:03
foobarry1D 4eva09:04
Laneykeep the faith09:04
Laneyin 10 years when the money has run out they'll be back09:04
diddledan__davmor2: it's cute, isn't it, my tail?09:12
davmor2while why even meh not enough coffee :(09:12
* diddledan__ puts-up the intraveinous09:12
diddledan__allo popey09:12
bittintop of the morning to you09:14
davmor2morning popey09:14
foobarryLaney: in 10yrs they will do a comeback tour that will make money money than if they had never stopped!09:14
diddledan__foobarry: money squared?09:16
diddledan__methinks your brian works faster than your fingers :-p09:16
foobarryi've also been on holiday for two weeks09:21
foobarrynew google hangouts web page sucks09:21
bashrcin what way?09:21
foobarryi thought it would be better09:23
foobarrybetter presentation of chats09:23
foobarrybut they've just taken the gmail window away and not changed the tiny chats in the corner09:24
popeyLondon is wet09:24
foobarryvery very wet09:24
foobarryalso TUBE STRIKE this week, scumbags09:25
popeyluckily I work walking distance from Waterloo09:26
popeyso rarely use the toob when here09:26
foobarrywhere are canonical based now?09:34
popeystill in the same place, blue fin09:36
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:39
* bashrc thinks there should be a general strike until everyone gets a living wage09:41
SuperMatthat would be nice09:46
czajkowskipopey: if it is poouring you can get a bus right outside Waterlook to directly outside the bluefin09:47
czajkowskipopey: aye09:52
czajkowskibus outside  beside the shell office09:52
czajkowskigoes directly to blue finn and stops outside M&S09:52
czajkowskipopey: #381 or the Tower bridge one09:53
davmor2popey: it is also walking distance from Euston so I don't bother anymore either09:58
popeycant recall the last time i went on a bus in london09:59
popeythe walk is nice09:59
davmor2popey: it's about 48 minutes on tube and walking from Euston and 43 minutes-ish to walk depending on how energetic I feel :)10:02
popey20 min walk from home to station for me, 10 mins from waterloo to bluefin10:03
davmor2popey: 3 minute walk to the station for me and then normally about 35-38 minutes to blue fin from euston. pretty straight path too discovered it using the phone :)10:04
czajkowskipopey: aye walk is nice, except if it's raining :)10:05
czajkowskipopey: although you're missing co working day :( 2 from RH this week10:06
davmor2czajkowski: no it's nicer when it's raining, you don't have that horrible clamy atmosphere you get in London then10:11
davmor2plus it cools you down as you walk :)10:12
czajkowski davmor2 gives you that fresh out of shower look walking into the office :)10:13
davmor2czajkowski: see more and more plus, you just need to take a bottle of wash and go with you and shower ensemble is complete right ;)10:15
diddledan__yeesh: https://imgur.com/a/DyQZL10:21
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bigcalmneuro: Softcat14:08
davmor2bigcalm: is that like nyancat with slower music?14:15
foobarrysoftcat warmcat little ball of furr14:16
MooDoofoobarry: warm kitty happy kitty purr purr purr ;)14:46
* zmoylan-pi wonders who is sick...14:48
SpongeBobis anybody there16:10
SpongeBobwhat is this all about16:12
davmor2SpongeBob: Ubuntu? Irc or the UK16:13
SpongeBobIRC haha16:14
SpongeBobknow about ubuntu and i live in Ireland so i know the UK to well16:14
SpongeBobjust this chat app16:14
diddledan__I'm uncomfortable. it must be these square pants16:14
davmor2SpongeBob: irc is just a chat method we happen to be hear to talk about well anything really, you need to follow the code of conduct, but that is about it16:16
diddledan__davmor2: s/hear/here/16:16
SpongeBoband is there only one chat room? dosent seem to be many on16:17
SpongeBobalso any advice,im a noob16:17
xwyfgotitallHello, my ubuntu was unable to pick up the sound drivers from my asus z170-a motherboard. after some meddling around on here my friend had assistance but ended up breaking the OS a little. can anyone assist in getting it back on track please?16:17
davmor2diddledan__: thanks I'd got talk and here in my head at the same time so wrote the wrong hear :)16:17
diddledan__SpongeBob: you're in a chatroom called #ubuntu-uk - it's hosted on a third-party IRC service called freenode - there are MANY IRC services on the interwebs and many more chatrooms within those different services16:18
SpongeBobhow do i browse the chatrooms?16:18
diddledan__the chat program you're using can connect to any of these16:18
SpongeBobi see, and how to browse?16:18
davmor2SpongeBob: what client are you using16:18
SpongeBobXChat - GNOME16:19
davmor2SpongeBob: Menu→server→list channels16:19
SpongeBobi cant see menu16:20
davmor2SpongeBob: top of the window, if you are on 15.04 top bar if you are on anything older, if you are on the unity desktop16:21
spongebob_dunno what happened there got lost and randomly got back, this is confusing16:23
davmor2SpongeBob_:the menu is at the  top of the window, if you are on 15.04 or the top bar if you are on anything older, if you are on the unity desktop16:24
spongebob_found it16:24
spongebob_i had to to to 'Network' and then 'Channels'16:24
spongebob_ill figure this out nice16:25
spongebob_any suggestions for chat rooms or tips :)16:25
davmor2spongebob_: Youtube and wikis, blogs or websites are possibly better for tips, for advice and friendly banter then irc is the thing :)16:27
spongebob_so irc just a bit of fun really, any real ubuntu questions etc google them???16:27
spongebob_where are you from16:27
xwyfgotitallwhat if google cant answer your question?16:28
daftykinsspongebob_: no, official support is in #ubuntu - but you need to at least try for yourself first :) i.e. look things up16:29
spongebob_oki doke16:31
spongebob_and any good chat rooms on here for the craic16:31
spongebob_no chat room ideas?16:40
mapsa new walking dead?17:11
mapsfear the walking dead17:11
mapsWhat did the world look like as it was transforming into the horrifying apocalypse depicted in The Walking Dead? This summer, AMC will answer that question with Fear the Walking Dead, an all-new original series set in Los Angeles, following new characters as they face the beginning of the end of the world.17:12
daftykinsnot seen any of any o' that17:12
AzelphurHas anyone made a decent x86 tablet yet that'll run Ubuntu? in the sorta <8" form factor19:18
diddledanx86 tablets I would guess are a bit of a strange scenario for putting buntu on - if you don't want any fancy touchy-feely then you can prolly just use a standard buntu off an iso19:51
daftykinsi think it's curry night diddledan!19:59
* diddledan watching dark matter20:00
AzelphurDark Matter \o/20:01
diddledanlol @ star wars 36 remastered in VR20:01
Azelphurdiddledan: indeed I don't, I'm after a cheap x86 laptop that charges on USB.20:01
Azelphurala surface without the price tag20:01
diddledanI like my surface, but you're right about it being expensive20:02
daftykinsi'm trying that 'Blunt Talk'20:03
popeyAzelphur: I'd quite like to try getting ubuntu on the hudl2 but my son uses it20:16
AzelphurYea that's one of the main reasons I was interested in it, but I haven't seen anyone who has actually done it yet20:16
Azelphurdon't wanna fork out for a tablet if I can't do what I want with it20:16
diddledanpopey: be a father and confiscate it20:16
daftykins^ :D20:16
diddledandark matter - I think the android is awesome20:20
popeymaybe get a second one to hack on, they're cheap enough20:20
diddledandaftykins: yeah I saw something about that earlier21:31
diddledandaftykins: I'm not sure it's certainly cut-n-dried yet but the motions are happening to get a new supplier21:32
daftykinsRadio 4 even defrosted John Kettley for an interview21:32
diddledandidn't he used to be bergerac?21:57
daftykinspff that was based on Jersey22:00
daftykins we don't speak of that *whistle*22:00
ali1234terrible show22:01
ali1234i just realised bergerac was a copy of magnum pi22:06
ali1234they're both detective shows on an exotic island where the main character drives a red sports car and is friends with a dodgy rich bloke22:07
daftykinsalthough i'd deduct 'exotic' from that about Jersey22:07
daftykinsno bias...22:07
ali1234jersey is exotic compared to england, like hawaii is exotic compared to america22:08
daftykinsnah it's just more England :(22:08
ali1234in reality sure22:09
ali1234i mean it's exotic in the sense that people don't know much about it22:09
ali1234anyway you know what i mean :)22:09
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