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tsdgeosmzanetti: when you have 5 secs https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/haptify_launcher/+merge/26875608:58
tsdgeosi think we had talked about this at some point08:58
tsdgeosand then forgot about it08:58
mzanettiright. saw it, yes08:58
mzanettiwill review08:58
mzanettistill trying to boot the emulator08:59
tsdgeossure, no hurry09:01
mzanettitsdgeos, https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/haptify_launcher/+merge/268756/comments/67599409:13
tsdgeossure can work on that09:14
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mzanettidandrader, ping09:59
tsdgeosmzanetti: when is "Haptics.play() on longpress when dragging is activated" ?10:03
tsdgeosyou mean after you start moving?10:03
tsdgeosor just on long press?10:03
mzanettitsdgeos, to inform the user that he can start dragging now10:03
mzanettitsdgeos, basically the same time when the quicklist is shwon10:03
tsdgeosmzanetti: yeah feels better like that i think10:18
dandradermzanetti, pong10:30
tsdgeosMacSlow: how does one fake a notification?10:32
tsdgeosi think you had some command line app?10:32
tsdgeosmaybe notify-send works as well on the phone10:33
* tsdgeos tries10:33
tsdgeosyep it does10:34
mzanettidandrader, hey, you think it would be hard to make the mousetouchadaptor work on Mir too?10:35
MacSlowtsdgeos, for simple ones it's ok...but for firing up a full blown snap-decision with all bells and whistles you should grab one of the examples from lp:unity-notifications/examples10:37
tsdgeosa simple one would do here10:37
dandradermzanetti, what do you mean by "work on Mir"10:37
mzanettidandrader, well, running with -mousetouch also when running on Mir10:38
mzanettidandrader, right now MouseTouchAdaptor just returns if != xcb10:38
dandradermzanetti, aahhh, ok10:38
dandradermzanetti, should be possible10:39
mzanettidandrader, reason is, the emulator seems to give us mouse events only10:39
dandradermzanetti, but it would make unity8 depend on mir I think10:39
mzanettidandrader, mterry worked around the edge intro by disabling it, still leaves the issue with right/left edge10:40
dandradermzanetti, as MouseTouchAdaptor work on native events10:40
mzanettidandrader, also I'm not sure if it's the right fix... just exploring options10:40
mzanettidandrader, ideally the emulator would give us touch events I'd say... which then obviously makes it hard to test "convergence" stuff in there10:41
mzanettirsalveti, hey, do you think there's a chance to make the emulator send touch events instead of mouse events?11:03
mzanettiotherwise we'll have troubles over and over again... we have lots of code that intentionally only works with touch events11:04
tsdgeoscimi: ping?11:20
cimitsdgeos, pong11:20
tsdgeoscimi: i can't find the radius_pressed.sci file :S11:21
cimitsdgeos, it's ubuntu-ui-toolkit internal file11:21
tsdgeoscimi: is it?11:21
cimitsdgeos, and I believe is embedded in the c++ files11:21
tsdgeosok that'd make sense11:21
tsdgeossince dpkg -s couldn't find it either11:22
cimitsdgeos, what to you need it for?11:22
tsdgeoscimi: i was just checking your changes11:23
cimitsdgeos, we don't have a replacement "aspect" property for that11:23
tsdgeoswhy not?11:23
cimitsdgeos, so we are forced to use old ubuntushape for pressed effect11:23
tsdgeosdoesn't Pressed do that?11:24
cimitsdgeos, aspect can be UbuntuShape.Flat, .Inset, .DropShadow11:24
cimiunless they added recently11:24
cimiis there one?11:24
tsdgeos        if (borderSource.endsWith(QString("radius_idle.sci"))) {11:24
tsdgeos            aspect = Inset;11:24
tsdgeos        } else if (borderSource.endsWith(QString("radius_pressed.sci"))) {11:24
tsdgeos            aspect = Pressed;11:24
tsdgeos        } else {11:24
tsdgeos            aspect = Flat;11:24
tsdgeos        }11:24
cimi°_° cool11:24
tsdgeosno idea how it looks like11:24
tsdgeosbut it'd seem it does what we want?11:24
tsdgeoscimi: can you give it a try?11:24
cimiit wasn't there like a month ago and loic when on holiday11:25
ciminot sure when he got time to add :D11:25
tsdgeosinstead that overlayColor/overlayRect you use in LazyImage?11:25
cimitsdgeos, +111:25
cimilet me see11:25
cimitsdgeos, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/147565711:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1475657 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Missing replacement for borderSource: "border_pressed.sci"" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:27
tsdgeosthe Pressed one is private11:28
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cimitsdgeos, is that branch fine to you?12:45
dandradergreyback, rebased lp:~dandrader/qtmir/mirSurface on top of latest trunk12:46
tsdgeoscimi: still having a look12:46
tsdgeoscimi: but unless you or someoene else approve my branch that is below in the stack we won't be able to land it12:46
greybackdandrader: thanks!12:48
mzanettitsdgeos, which one? uitk 1.3?12:49
tsdgeosmzanetti: yep12:49
mzanettitsdgeos, yeah... will approve/land it as soon as I get confirmation we're switching to 1.3 for OTA-712:49
mzanettiwhich seems likely. bzoltan gave green light. bfiller has scheduled apps to be updated this/next sprint12:50
cimitsdgeos, since I tested my branch, your branch before is fine, but I'd land them together12:52
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tsdgeoswe need to make PreviewRatingDisplay a listview and not a repeater13:58
tsdgeosi can feel the half a second it takes to generate all PreviewRatingSingleDisplay when scrolling in telegram for example13:59
tsdgeosand when i say half a second is more like 3 seconds :D13:59
* tsdgeos gets to work on that13:59
cimitsdgeos, want me to do it?14:36
tsdgeoscimi: do what? the preview thing?14:39
cimitsdgeos, rating display14:39
tsdgeoscimi: if you're free, sure all yours14:40
cimitsdgeos, https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/new-shadows-1.3/+merge/266084 ?14:55
tsdgeoscimi: yeah that's next14:56
tsdgeoscimi: remerge it, it has conflcits14:56
tsdgeosor at elast launchpad says it has14:57
cimitsdgeos, false15:00
cimianyway I merged sth15:02
tsdgeossomething must be wrong with launchpad15:09
tsdgeosyour branch has some =======15:09
tsdgeosand i have one that has too15:09
tsdgeosbut then i don't see them on the local checkout15:09
cimitsdgeos, which file?15:12
tsdgeoscimi: https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/new-shadows-1.3/+merge/266084 qml/Launcher/LauncherDelegate.qml15:12
cimimine has too15:13
* cimi guesses someone must have done bzr resolve wrongly :D15:13
cimitsdgeos, try again :D15:14
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tsdgeoscimi: what did you do?15:17
cimitsdgeos, pushed15:17
tsdgeosoh :D15:17
cimitsdgeos, looks like "someone" used bzr resolve when he shouldn't15:18
tsdgeosi see15:23
mterrymzanetti, what is the easiest way to test that reminders-app branch?15:23
mterrymzanetti, make a click via qtcreator?15:24
mzanettimterry, yeah, open it in QtCreator, add -DCLICK_MODE=ON and hit the play button15:30
rsalvetimzanetti: it might be possible, but would need to check, but what is the main issue with mouse events?15:52
mzanettirsalveti, for example you can't use edge gestures without touch. that prevents one to pass the edge tutorial and to switch apps using the right edge15:53
rsalvetimzanetti: well, I used that before on the emulator just fine15:53
mzanettihmm... interesting15:53
mzanettirsalveti, could it be that something changed in that regard?15:54
rsalvetinot in the emulator side15:54
rsalvetithat code didn't change for a while15:54
mzanettibut we're doing the same in unity for 2 years too already15:54
rsalvetibut everything got broken when a new mir and qtubuntu landed15:54
mzanettiah ok...15:54
mzanettimight be in there then15:54
rsalvetiI will spend some time today investigating what still needs for the emulator to work15:55
rsalvetisaw some bugs were updated over the last few weeks15:55
rsalveti(I was away for the past 2 weeks)15:55
mzanettirsalveti, yeah. if you create a new one right now it won't boot, you need to install silo 25 on it15:55
mzanettirsalveti, that will get you started, but you won't be able to pass the intro15:55
rsalvetigot it, thanks15:55
mzanettirsalveti, there's also a silo to disable the intro for the emulator, wich might just be good enough for a quickfix, but as I said, it doesn't stop there15:56
rsalvetiyeah, we need to fix the gesture support15:56
rsalvetiit was working before15:56
greyback__seb128: can you add that to https://trello.com/c/cSr7Qp4h/175-add-special-client-interface-for-mouse-keyboard-control please16:38
seb128greyback__, k16:38

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