brouschMy 2nd 3D printer is working. This one is a resin printer02:06
cmaloneyPrint that for me pls. ;)02:13
brouschI don't have food-grade filament02:14
cmaloneyhttp://3dmag.org/en/market/item/1223/ <- or this02:14
brouschI will print the gnome02:14
locodir-userI have a question can some one here help me?02:22
brouschcmaloney: I think the joke with the gnome is that the outstretched arm will be a bastard to print well02:24
brouschI can print it about 8" tall in 13 hours02:24
brouschI need a better color though. All I have is white and green02:25
cmaloneyThe zx80 is white02:26
brouschHow big is that supposed to be?02:29
brouschSeems tiny02:29
cmaloney174 x 216 x 36 mm02:29
cmaloneyI've only held one in my hot little hands. Wasn't able to get my friend to part with it.02:31
cmaloneyI don't think it was his02:31
brouschHm, that model is like 1/2 that size03:12
brouschAnd it's basically square03:13
brouschI can print it, but it seems like the dimensions are quite far off03:15
brouschI found better models, but they are too big for my build plate. I can only do 180x18003:20
cmaloneyThat's OK. I was being mostly a smart-assl. :)03:22
brouschIt's really no problem to print it if the model fits. Some day I'll get around to splitting models into pieces03:30
brouschI got the good models from here. You could order one from shapeways http://www.sinclairzxworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=150803:31
cmaloneybrousch: Heh.11:21
cmaloneyIt was just a lark more than anything.11:21
cmaloneyMuch like "friend with pickup truck = moving"11:22
cmaloneyGood morning11:25
cmaloneyWhassup in the land of rick_h_ ?11:26
brouschOooh, I missed a call from someone at Canonical16:20
rick_h_crepes for lunch and listening  to seveneves for lunch break...it:s a good life16:24
rick_h_brousch: cool16:24
brouschBah, phone tech support. I can't do that due to a slight hearing problem and hating phones16:39
cmaloneyI think phones are great16:40
cmaloneysaid nobody in tech, ever16:40
greg-gdue, the technology that powered telephones was really awesome16:42
greg-gusing them? never16:42
cmaloneyOh, from a tech standpoint I think Phones are amazing16:43
cmaloneylaunching human voices across the globe at the speed of thought? Rock.16:43
greg-gyah, pretty sweet stuff16:43
cmaloneyBut I'll be fucked if I'm going to spend my life tethered to one16:43
greg-gand the whole "never lose the dialtone" ethos of that group of technicians is also awesome16:43
jrwren150yr old tech at its finest16:44
cmaloneygreg-g: Totally16:44
cmaloneyAbout the only computer-group that really caught that ethos was mainframe developers16:44
cmaloneyUNIX folks? Bwahahahahaha16:44
greg-gknow what else was awesome to see used and maintained in-person? A babbage machine16:44
cmaloneyI've seen videos. I'd love to see one in person16:45
cmaloneybehind sound-proof glass16:45
cmaloneyWith ear-plugs16:45
greg-gthere's one that is demonstrated every Sat in Mountain View (at the Computer History Museum)16:45

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