teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else12:07
Pacs_UserOn my 'new' $35 laptop from NTR at FOSSCON. Got some questions. Anyone around. make has fails details to follow when ready22:35
Pacs_UserInHisName here22:35
Pacs_Userdid wget for sources for game called agar.io. Make gets and error.22:36
Pacs_Usermk/build.subdir.mk:168: recipe for target 'depend-subdir' failed22:37
Pacs_Usermight be due to no c compiler ? I had to install make to get it to work. I am in ubuntuMATE OS.22:38
jthanyeah try installing gcc22:38
Pacs_Userok, installing22:39
Pacs_UserI was searching software center for 'c compiler' and wasn't finding it that way. Thanks.22:40
Pacs_UserI guess I try make again, now ?22:41
jthanMight want to do a "make clean" first22:41
Pacs_Usertwo errors, maybe same as before.....22:43
Pacs_User../mk/mkdep: 108: ../mk/mkdep: -M: not found ../mk/build.dep.mk:33: recipe for target 'depend' failed22:43
jthanHm.. I sadly have to get the bus. I will ponder on my journey home.22:44
jthanSeem like missing libraries or compilers. Is it looking for c++?22:45
Pacs_Userprobably not.  file names are xxx.c22:45
Pacs_Usertemporailly away to put kids to bath & bed time stories. bb@9:3023:24
Pacs_Userone down three to go...23:58
pleia2if you're going to be installing things from source (I hardly ever do anymore...) you want to install: build-essential23:59

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