wrstaeden__d: if cyberanger  is around he might be able to lend a hand or Unit19300:11
aeden__dok, thanks wrst00:11
wrstIf they are around they will respond to the ping00:12
cyberangerHang on, will fire up a computer00:12
cyberangerPushbullet notified me00:12
wrstcyberanger: I need to set pushbullet up it sounds like good stuff00:12
cyberangerIt is, but idk if you can with quassel (Hadn't looked)00:20
cyberangeraeden__d: what's up?00:20
wrstcyberanger: well thinking for other things mainly notifications on my desktop from my phone00:21
wrstBut quassel does the notifications pretty well on Android itself00:22
aeden__dcyberanger, I followed this --> https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-an-openvpn-server-on-ubuntu-14-0400:22
aeden__deverything seemed to work as advertised but when I connect my iphone using the openVPN connect app, the ipaddr doesn't change when I check it at https://www.dnsleaktest.com/00:23
aeden__dStep 6 - Testing Your VPN Connection... thats is what I'm referring to from that howto00:25
cyberangerdid you take the semicolon out of the lines referring to DNS ";push "dhcp-option DNS"" ";push "dhcp-option DNS"" or the redirect gateway ";push "redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp""00:26
aeden__din which file? client.ovpn?00:28
aeden__dlet me check...00:28
aeden__dmayber i've been staring at this too long... I dont see those in server.conf00:34
cyberangeryou see anything similar even?00:37
cyberangerany push declarations?00:38
aeden__d;push "route";push "route"00:38
aeden__dcyberanger, ok, yes push "redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp" (already uncommented)00:40
cyberangerOkay, and anything for dns?00:40
aeden__dpush "dhcp-option DNS" push "dhcp-option DNS" (also already uncommented)00:40
cyberangerDo you have the setup on anything in addition to the iphone?00:41
aeden__done client... iphone1.crt and iphone1.key00:42
cyberangerCan you? to rule out anything iOS related. Also, did you do anything with enabling routing, iptables -t nat -L and cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward00:43
cyberangermake sure it did get enabled00:43
aeden__dI didn't mess with iptables, I just followed the tutorial00:44
cyberangerI know, it uses an iptables frontend, Uncomplicated Firewall00:46
cyberangerthe command I gave will spit out the rules for the nat table that was placed by ufw00:46
aeden__dall I see in ip_forward is "1"00:50
cyberangerperfect, and the iptables command, does it have any rules listed?00:50
cyberangerSo Masquerade is there00:56
cyberangerCan you reboot the phone and then reconnect the client, then recheck00:57
cyberangermake sure it isn't any caching or similar00:57
aeden__dok, before I do that I want to show you what it looks like on my phone. --> http://imagebin.ca/v/2DBk4IOhubKZ00:59
aeden__dI think I've messed up somewhere with my no-ip ddns and router config01:02
aeden__dthe thing is, I tried rebooting etc and the phone ip never changes. of course I'm connected over local wi-fi. switching to 4g results in no connection01:04
cyberangerOkay, looking01:06
cyberangerWait, your on the same lan as the server?01:06
cyberangerconnected via wifi, and your connecting to the server at
aeden__dbut it should still push right?01:07
aeden__dwrst, btw, thank you for accepting my request for the launchpad team membership01:09
cyberangeryour problem isn't your connection, you are connected fine01:09
cyberangeryour problem is you've set a line in client.ovpn to your local ip, not your no-ip hostname01:10
wrstaeden__d: no problem glad to have you here01:11
cyberangerand your dns check will show the same IP when your on wifi, becuase your server, phone and any other system are on your home network01:11
cyberangerbehind your home router, having one external ip01:11
cyberangerthe same external ip01:11
aeden__dcyberanger, i generated a new client.ovpn using the hostname from no-ip... it didnt work01:12
cyberangerTo fix; change the line with "remote <port>" to "remote <myname on no-ip> <port>"01:13
aeden__dok, Ill try again but it didnt work last time01:13
cyberangerhang on01:13
aeden__dgive me a minute to configure a new file and transfer to my phone01:14
cyberangerokay, also, On linux, run dig <name on no-ip> and compare it to dnsleaktest.com01:15
cyberangermake sure noip has your ip01:15
cyberangeralso, make sure if you told openvpn to use udp 1194 (the default) you told the router to forward udp and not tcp 119401:16
cyberangerif you tweaked the default, that's fine, as long as it all matches, server router and client01:18
cyberangerlemme know01:28
aeden__dok, changed to vbox-ubuntu.ddns.net  tried to connect... timed out01:30
aeden__dmy router doesnt have a udp or a tcp service option??01:33
aeden__dI think I'm wasting your time cyberanger I need to get my crap together, I've got too much wrong on this end01:34
cyberangerwhat is your port forwarding setting?01:36
aeden__dnone atm, changing things01:36
cyberangerokay, I think that's all your missing01:36
cyberangerpresuming you control vbox-ubuntu.ddns.net01:37
aeden__dits a netgear router but it doesnt give me an option for udp or tcp01:37
aeden__dif by control you mean I've registered it? yes01:38
aeden__dtried port forwarding on udp port 1194... no go01:50
cyberangeryeah, and kept the ip up to date01:52
cyberangerhrm, everything looks good except the port forward then01:53
aeden__dthe dig command, what should have I seen?01:53
aeden__dan ip address?01:53
cyberangeryes, your public one01:54
cyberangerand other (unnecessary) output too01:54
cyberangeralso you may need to test it when NOT on wifi, your router might be interferring with it01:55
cyberangeruh, That's not your ip01:57
cyberangerI'm not sure what your IP is, but I'm extremely sure that's not it01:57
aeden__dI know, this is weird01:58
aeden__ddoes it matter that I'm running this in virtual box with a bridged connection?01:58
cyberangerYou have No IP's web redirect enabled for that name?01:58
aeden__dI dont have any port forwarding setup at the moment.02:00
cyberangerYou'll need that too, but that's not your only issue.02:00
cyberangeryou also need ddns and not web redirect setup02:00
aeden__dwhats the issue?02:00
aeden__dI've already installed the dynamic update client from no-ip if that is what you are referring to02:07
aeden__d*dynamic DNS update client02:08
aeden__dcyberanger, ok, reinstalled dns client from no-ip. configured and started up. configured port forwarding udp on 1194. tried to connect from phone... timed out02:22
aeden__ddig still doesnt show my ip02:23
aeden__dupdate: dig now shows my public ip. I'm able to connect to no-ip hostname from OpenVPN app on phone. whatsmyip on phone still shows public ip address02:33
cyberangerWhich public IP?02:40
cyberangeraeden__d: are you on wifi?02:41
aeden__dI just did a port scan and 1194 timed out02:44
cyberangerport forwarding setup again?02:46
cyberangerUmm, with that amount of 1194's, I'm going to take a guess one of those isn't for port number, but port type02:49
aeden__dwifi is turned off on my phone. everything works from my phone but whatsmyip still shows my public addr02:49
aeden__dno, external start port / external end port / internal start port / internal end port02:50
aeden__dyes, you are correct02:50
cyberangerah, so wifi is off, you are connected over celluar to your server, yes02:51
cyberangerAnd the IP is?02:54
aeden__dip for server or public02:55
* cyberanger gets ready for sleep03:17
netritioushow's it going bwmaker?17:41
bwmakerGood, netritious. Doing a little Linux Academy studying on lunch. How about you?17:43
netritiouslooking at box mods (vapor hardware)17:44
bwmakerI'm a little amazed at the tinkering community that's formed around vapor. I didn't really expect to see that when it first began to gain popularity.17:47
cyberangerhey netritious and bwmaker17:55
cyberangerHow's it going?17:58
bwmakerPretty good. Trying to figure out a problem with the new Edge browser. :-/ Seems to render differently depending if you're using a VM or upgraded locally running Win 7/8 installation.18:08
cyberangerIs that the new IE name?18:09
cyberangerAh, yep18:16
cyberangerand ouch18:16
bwmakerYeah, it's a weird thing that the VMs and upgrade machines are behaving so differently.18:18
wrsthello netritious, bwmaker18:19
wrstoh and hi cyberanger, pretty sure we converse enough its a constant flow :)18:20
cyberangerConstant enough18:22
netritioushowdy wrst and cyberanger18:45
wrsthello all going well?18:45
netritiousbwmaker: yeah, there are guys who make those mods and then guys like me who use them heh18:46
netritiousthere are two major mod makers in N. MS -- Sinister Mods and Chaos Box Mods.18:49
netritiousI have a Sinister Series Mini, 2x 18650 wired in series in a hammond 1590A hobby box and "stacked" battery tray...only way to fit two 18650 batteries in such a small box.18:50
netritiouswrst: all things are well. :) how about yourself?18:52
wrstdoing well coming up close to having a non-dramatic monday completed :)18:52
bwmakerThat's always a good monday.18:52
wrstyou aren't kidding18:54
netritiousdrama free monday is the best18:58

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