inetprogood mornings06:32
GnikLlortMorning everyone06:42
thatgraemeguyhttp://www.linuxjournal.com/issue/16, Linux Journal from the same month that win 95 was released14:19
thatgraemeguyin other news, what's a good irc client nowadays that isn't quassel? it's been locking up randomly as soon as i paste copied text and i think i've had enough14:20
kulelu88i think I am slowly murdering my PC with this text processing15:27
kulelu88thatgraemeguy: XChat15:27
kulelu88superfly: how do I check what processes are running in a docker container while an ipython notebook is running?15:39
superflykulelu88: docker exec -it <container name> bash15:51
superflyps -ef15:51
superfly*shrug* that's what I would do15:51
kulelu88superfly: it worked, but I'm worried that maybe I should stop my script. It is running for 3 odd hours now15:54
Kilosevening all, meds for a month first yay15:59
Kilosohi superfly inetpro gremble kulelu88 MaNI octoquad theblazehen_ Xethron and others16:00
kulelu88superfly:  5625 root      20   0 2484112 1.377g   2444 R  99.5 38.8 243:03.63 python :D16:04
kulelu88man, I now know why high-performance CPUs are important16:09
grembleHey Kilos 16:26
grembleEverything good?16:26
grembleHey kulelu88 16:26
gremblethatgraemeguy: irssi or weechat is nice as well16:27
kulelu88Heyo gremble 16:27
Kilosyes ty gremble meds for a month for prostate and 22nd next month hospital for hernia16:27
Kilosvery tiring business going through that rigmarole though16:28
gremblekulelu88: sure your script isn't looping somewhere where it shouldnt?16:28
grembleI can imagine Kilos 16:28
kulelu88gremble: it is the exact same code that worked on a subset of the data. 16:29
kulelu88The biggest bottleneck is the way I am putting the data into Pandas. row-by-row doesn't work, but I have to do this to get the CSV (my end-goal)16:29
kulelu88*doesn't work quickly16:30
grembleAh alright16:30
grembleWould it not be possible to do csv conversion with sed, ie. might that not be quicker?16:31
kulelu88quite possible gremble . I can wait it out this once, as the csv output will be a 1-time thing that I can import back all the time16:33
grembleBecause if you get it csv, the reading is in O(1) or something like that, so it should be quick16:35
grembleI'm just guessing though. I've never attempted a large project like that16:35
kulelu88me neither, so I am expecting screw ups all the way to outputting just 1 graph :D16:36
kulelu88Imposter syndrome hitting me hard with this project gremble 16:42
grembleHow because you feel you should be able to get it right?16:46
kulelu88gremble: Due to the fact that I cannot even wrangle the data slightly, whereas doing it in excel would make me super-fast16:48
kulelu88I guess there is a deep(er) learning curve than I expected16:48
grembleYou had to learn excel too. 16:50
grembleI'll probably be in your shoes next semester.16:50
grembleI have statistics again. So I will be trying my hand at modelling in python and R in addition to SAS16:51
kulelu88gremble: SAS will be a breeze for you16:54
superflyI try to stay away from maths. We don't get along. 16:56
grembleSAS is the worst programming environment invisioned ever16:57
grembleLike it is literally the worse16:57
kulelu88superfly: you are my defacto SA mentor :P16:57
kulelu88gremble: I believe it is quite fast for computation though16:57
kulelu88Possibly written in C/C++16:57
superflykulelu88: eish, poor you. Couldn't you find anyone better? 16:58
kulelu88SAS lang itself is a DSL I'm guessing?16:58
gremblesuperfly: You do my kind of maths every day though :D16:58
kulelu88superfly: your knowledge of Python is deep16:58
grembleI'm not sure. but it is so hard to debug that shit16:58
grembleYou have to beg it for output16:58
grembleor debugging info16:58
grembleUnless it crashes to begin with, then you get really vague arrors16:59
grembleIt was made for people to have to buy training16:59
grembleIt really doesn't need to exist anymore. 16:59
grembleWe've got python (written in C, so your speed should be fine) and R. R is just difficult with big data sets because it loads it into memory16:59
grembleBut that can me worked through16:59
superflygremble: at the moment, I mostly click buttons. Don't know how that is maths 😉17:00
grembleProgramming is mathematics :P17:00
grembleI assumed that that is what you do17:00
superflyIt's supposed to be. 17:00
superflyRecently I haven't done a huge amount of that, been working on setting up tools for automating stuff 17:01
superflykulelu88: I know more python than you, but that doesn't mean my knowledge is deep. 17:01
kulelu88man, I'd sure love to be dockops and stick with containers :D17:02
kulelu88superfly: I bet you know how to optimize python code, doing that already makes your knowledge deep17:02
superflyWell, I know a few tricks. 17:04
kulelu88the deeper into the rabbit-hole though, the more I learn how stackoverflow is a programmers best tool17:05
gremblethose stackexchange sites are an invaluable resource17:05
gremblethe few times that I've asked questions, I got punted pretty hard, but reading other answers and adapting from that has helped me more often than not17:06
grembleHey Cryterion 17:08
superflyHey Cryterion 17:15
kulelu88superfly: what CRUD frameworks do you know of using python?17:30
superflyoh, you mean like an ORM?17:31
kulelu88superfly: CRUD like "build me an application that keeps track of my fleet"17:41
superflykulelu88: Django has a bunch of stuff built in, if you want to try it. I personally prefer a combination of SQLAlchemy, Flask and AngularJS17:42
superflyI prefer a minimalist approach, but if you're happy with the kitchen sink, Django apparently includes it.17:45
kulelu88thanks superfly 18:05
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:13
kulelu88gremble: from a couple of hours to a 30 second solution :D18:16
grembleThat is rad18:21
grembleWhat did you do?18:21
magespawngood evening18:21
kulelu88i stored everything into a list of lists and initiated with the list of lists18:22
kulelu88noob level just dropped below 9000 gremble :P18:23
superflykulelu88: https://wiki.python.org/moin/PythonSpeed/PerformanceTips18:24
magespawnhaving caught only the tail end of that i am not too sure what is going on18:24
kulelu88magespawn: paradigms of making code run faster18:25
magespawnahh right18:26
magespawnso much to learn and so little time18:29
inetprogood evenings18:31
magespawnhi inetpro 18:32
inetpromagespawn: how you doing?18:33
inetproplease note that we have a meeting here tomorrow18:34
inetprohope pieter[tab] will be there18:34
magespawngood and you inetpro? yup i see so18:34
inetprohis first time to chair18:34
=== magespawn_ is now known as magespawn
magespawnis there a way to get hold of him?18:41
grembleVery carefully?18:42
grembleWe're not talking about catching a porcupine, are we?18:45
magespawnusing only the thumb and forefinger, grasp firmly behind the jaw18:45
grembleThat is how I got my first girlfriend18:46
kulelu88was she human? :P18:47
grembleI have to prove an equivalence relation on a database for my one subject. Sometimes math meets weird18:47
inetpromagespawn: I sent him an email18:49
magespawn_random disconnect night i see18:52
kulelu88darn, matplotlib is not showing me graphs. fecking hell18:52
inetpromagespawn_: and he responded positively, he will be here tomorrow18:53
=== magespawn_ is now known as magespawn
magespawnthis is going to drive me nuts good night all18:59
magespawnsee you tomorrow18:59
=== kulelu88 is now known as kulelu88_afk
superflykulelu88_afk: https://www.airpair.com/python/posts/optimizing-python-code19:23
=== kulelu88_afk is now known as kulelu88
SquirmHome time :)21:23
melodiewhat time is it in your place.21:24
SquirmHi melodie22:06
SquirmYeah, just gone 12pm now22:06
Squirmhmm, I mean 12am22:06

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