caliculkIs there anyway to find or grab libstdc++6-4.9 > on Ubuntu 14.04? It seems the latest version is 4.8 which is causing a conflict since something I need to install uses that.00:02
scott606Bashing-om ?00:03
Bashing-omscott606: 4 primary partitions is all one can have in the MBR partitioning scheme . Show us in a pastebin what is now present ' sudo fdisk -lu | pastebinit ' .00:05
Bashing-omscott606: Look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/12180014/ .00:06
scott606Its not even showing sda00:06
ObrienDaveshow us the command you used to get that00:08
Bashing-omscott606: Yeah ... UNgood for the home team . Does bios see that internel (sda) drive ?00:08
scott606How do i check?00:08
scott606gparted sees it but says its unallocated00:09
Bashing-omscott606: ObrienDave has a good point . show us the command you used to get the 'fdisk' output .00:09
OerHeksmaybe describe the machine, windows 10, uefi ?00:10
scott606wait what00:10
scott606the error?00:10
ObrienDavethe command. you showed us the output00:10
scott606sudo fdisk -lu | pastebinit00:10
scott606the one you gave me?00:10
ObrienDaveis sdb an USB stick?00:13
scott606yeah its the live usb that im currently booted into00:13
ObrienDavewhat file system is sda?00:14
ObrienDavesupposed to be?00:15
scott606its got nothing on it00:15
scott606my hd went bad .. pulled this one out of the drawer and booted from a live usb to install xubuntu on it .. got as far as pulling up gparted and seeing it says unallocated .. clicking create partition table .. and getting the error00:16
scott606Error fsyncing/closing /dev/sda: Input/output error00:16
ObrienDavecould be another bad drive00:16
scott606is there a way to jog it back to life lol?00:16
ObrienDaveonly with a low-level formatter, afaik00:17
scott606is that something i can install on this xubuntu live stick?00:17
ObrienDavei'm not sure what package would do that. usually done with a program supplied by the drive manufacturer00:18
scott606I see00:19
ObrienDaveyou can usually find such utilities on the manufacturers website. could not tell you if there's a linux version00:20
squintyscott606,  might be an idea to check your connectors   should be two  one for data and the other for power.   also, some drive manufacturers had testing software available at their support web sites.00:21
OerHeksnormally one would go into the bios, after adding a HDD.00:23
OerHeksmaybe the drive is oke, just installing is the issue00:23
OerHeks(maybe the bios has the old hdd as data too)00:24
ObrienDaveis it's a SATA drive, no BIOS tweaking is necessary. if not, yes, you must tweak the BIOS00:24
OerHeksjust in, save & out00:24
ObrienDave*If it's00:25
pigeon-hi.... i'm having problems with firefox.   Is it OKEE if I re-install the firefox web brower from the uBuntu Sofeware Center ?   Second question:  Should I also install the firefox launchpad  plugin from the uBuntu software center ?    and 3rd question:  should I install the uBuntu extension for firefox??  thanks00:25
ObrienDaveyes to all00:25
pigeon-thanks Obrien Dave....  Anything else I should do?   The main problem with firefox was that if occassionally  "freeze"  on me which is bugging me00:26
ObrienDavesuch things, while annoying, are to be expected00:27
pigeon-ok, thanks... I will try re-Installing the 3 packages00:28
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cluelessperson_hey guys, I'm trying to programmatically turn on/off my keyboard backlight.  I'm ABLE to turn it OFF with ...00:31
cluelessperson_echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/thinkpad_acpi/leds/tpacpi::thinklight/brightness00:31
cluelessperson_but 255 to turn it on doesn't work, nor 1, 200:31
OerHekscluelessperson_, then boot again, and read the value of /sys/devices/platform/thinkpad_acpi/leds/tpacpi::thinklight/brightness before you changed it?00:32
cluelessperson_OerHeks: I believe it was 0 ?00:33
cluelessperson_OerHeks: I think it was 0 with the keyboard backlight on as well00:33
OerHekscluelessperson_, sorry, that makes no sense. making it 0 turns it off, but it was 0 before that ?00:34
dimitry7Hi there, how can I find words with more than 3 letters 'p' in them?00:34
cluelessperson_OerHeks: it does make sense.  Maybe the driver writes the value to the bios and keeps the value in the file 0.  I turned the keyboard on now and it remains 0.  I echo 0 > brightness and it turns it off again.00:35
cluelessperson_dimitry7: regex.00:35
dimitry7cluelessperson_, thank yuy!!00:40
cluelessperson_dimitry7:  [p.*]{3} rather.00:41
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dimitry7cluelessperson_, okok, let me try00:43
dimitry7cluelessperson_, won't work http://paste.ubuntu.com/12180376/00:45
pigeon-hi ObrienDave...  I"ve reinstalled the 3 packages for firefox, and that don"t seem to solve my problems.   I'm thinking it could a problem ?? with my drivers ??  of my  graphic video card ?  Is that a possiblility?   If yes,  I"ve seen the drivers in the uBuntu Sofeware Centers for my GEForces 8300 GS (Nividia).   my card is 7 years old (purchased in 2008).   Your comments please00:46
ObrienDavepigeon-, that seems plausible. i don't use a custom card so i can't help you there00:47
pigeon-ok thanks anyways obrienDave00:48
pigeon-maybe someone else could help me on this one00:49
cluelessperson_dimitry7: [A\w*]{3,}   try that00:49
dimitry7cluelessperson_, ok, btw I tried this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12180429/00:51
Jon30hey guys, does ubuntu 15 run well on a convertible laptop? it's dell xps 12, basically when i switch to tablet mode, is it going to be usable?00:52
dimitry7cluelessperson_, cat testrep |grep '[A\w*]{3,}', no results either00:52
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MDTech-us[phone]I am trying to install ubuntu on a custom pc with Z77 Extreme4 mobo. When I start the install disc, I don't have internet00:54
TikityTikI'm having issues with vnstat daemon not updating00:54
MDTech-us[phone]what's wrong?00:54
TikityTikthe numbers are not updating00:55
TikityTikactually, it updates very slowly00:55
TikityTikwhy is this the case?00:55
MDTech-us[phone]dmesg says link is down00:55
MDTech-us[phone]it keeps coming on and off00:58
Ev0luti0n_Hey folks. Anybody here uses riseup.net's services? Whats your opinion on them?00:58
snoop_dogewhat are the main repos i should have in update manager?01:02
snoop_dogeat present i have none01:02
ObrienDaveall of them, if you like01:04
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pigeon-in regards to the drivers for my video card (nVidia),  I can see 3 different dirvers on the ubuntu sofeward center...  How can I know which one I should select??    If I make the wrong choize,  can I simply try another driver??  I there a possibility I can do damge to my system if I install the wrong one?01:06
ObrienDavepossible, not likely though. most likely wrong driver will not give you the highest resolution settings01:08
ObrienDaveresearch is your best friend :)01:08
Tyrealwould anyone happen to know if its possible to network a windows pc and lubuntu pc for file sharing01:10
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wileee!samba | Tyreal Never used myself,01:12
ubottuTyreal Never used myself,: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html01:12
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MDTech-us[phone]I am trying to install ubuntu on a custom pc with Z77 Extreme4 mobo. When I start the install disc, I don't have internet01:12
MDTech-us[phone]dmesg says link is down01:12
MDTech-us[phone]it keeps coming on and off01:12
Tyrealthankyou for the response, i'm looking into pyneiborhood01:13
wileeeMDTech-us[phone], This a live de boot?01:13
wileeeMDTech-us[phone], Can you get the net at all, like in a browser?01:13
MDTech-us[phone]oh wait01:14
wileeeMDTech-us[phone], Are you ethos plugged?01:14
MDTech-us[phone]I can usb tether my phone01:14
MDTech-us[phone]but other than that no01:14
MDTech-us[phone]all cables are connected and work fine in windows01:15
wileeeMDTech-us[phone], It will pull some data on an install, but I would do that or we can look at the wifi.01:15
MDTech-us[phone]its a desktop, so no wifi there01:15
MDTech-us[phone]I actually use my phone wifi connection for the tether01:16
MDTech-us[phone]not mobile data01:16
MDTech-us[phone]yup. Disconnected tether and no internet01:17
wileeeMDTech-us[phone], be careful here your not familiar with the language and what to look for so don't just post random info that makes sense to you. ;)01:17
MDTech-us[phone]Anyway, what to do?01:18
wileeeMDTech-us[phone], Two things at this point, one at a time, can it be hard plugged or can we get wifi up.01:18
MDTech-us[phone]the pc has no wifi01:18
wileeewe know that01:19
MDTech-us[phone]ok.... what do I do?01:19
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wileeemaybe we can change that or the hard plug, we see the situation, just a command to start with, do you know how ti pastebin?01:20
ObrienDavetether through phone. it connects like hardwire01:20
wileeeMDTech-us[phone], pastebin the output of lspci in the terminal01:21
MDTech-us[phone]wileee: ?01:25
wileeeMDTech-us[phone], This hardware is a bit of an issue I believe Broadcom Corporation NetLink BCM57781   a quick google I found is 2012 but with the 2nd post and that nick you will find good info, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2089521  and by the way this is fre volunteer help, calm down and curb tude.01:27
wileeeI'm done01:27
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dreamorcan anyone recommend me a GPLed alternative to Dreamweaver?  I am after a GUI app. The closest app that I could find is Bluefish.01:29
dreamorwill be back in a little while01:31
cluelessperson_hey guys, is there a command to capture events produced by say, a key combination?01:37
ilkflash plugin help? anyone? cant get youtube to work01:38
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest48257
ObrienDaveinstall pepper flash01:39
loconetHello guys, I have a big trouble with my encrypted swap01:40
daftykinscluelessperson_: what are you actually trying to do?01:40
ObrienDaveloconet, why would you need to do that?01:40
loconetI can't mount it on the initial boot01:40
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
loconetso.... it seems system doesn't recognize the partition01:41
cluelessperson_daftykins: I'm trying to turn the keyboard backlight on and off programmatically, so far I can only turn it on.  I can also control the power button light (off, on, blink)01:41
Guest48257hey guys, i have an internal hdd that i used as storage in my previous pc. ive installed it into my windows pc and am now trying to access some of the files on it. its saying its owned by root and isnt showing any of the files contained in the hdd.01:41
ObrienDaveloconet, so, delete it and recreate it01:41
Guest48257any help is appreciated01:41
daftykinsGuest48257: are you saying you're reading it from Windows with an EXT driver?01:42
Bashing-omcluelessperson_: run xev (possibly as root) to see raw xevents as you press keys .01:42
Guest48257im in the trail version of ubuntu on a usb stick01:42
daftykinsGuest48257: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" "sudo parted -l | pastebinit" then "mount | pastebinit"01:43
Guest48257ok, ill try that01:44
daftykinsthose commands are just to provide me with info01:44
loconetI made that but when system starts I need to write on the console sudo swapon01:44
Guest48257oh, ok. sorry, im not super savvy with all this01:44
daftykinsas long as you can follow instructions all is well01:46
cluelessperson_Bashing-om:  An event is triggered for Fn key, Space key pressed seperately, but if I do Fn+Space, it only shows an event for Fn being pressed01:46
daftykinsFn functions on laptops are typically system level and not OS01:47
cluelessperson_Bashing-om: Fn key, 151     Space 6501:48
cluelessperson_daftykins: yes, but I can do    echo 0 > /sys/something acpi/leds/thinklight::brightness/brightness    and it turns off01:48
cluelessperson_Bashing-om: ^01:48
Guest48257ok, next step?01:49
daftykinsGuest48257: those commands produce URLs you need to paste here01:50
daftykinsok two flash drives, a 1TB and a 500GB01:51
Guest48257yes, im trying to access the 1tb01:51
daftykinsGuest48257: ls -al /media/ubuntu/7cc0110f-fac1-4d67-8e48-9aae6ed30906 | pastebinit01:52
ryan_46Hi. I have tried 3 browsers on my 15.04 to play Hulu movies. All fail. Tried Chromium, Google Chrome and Firefox. What can I do?01:52
ObrienDavetry hulu support?01:53
cluelessperson_ryan_46: uninstall hulu :P01:54
sbdchdHi. I am trying to change the permissions of some files via `sudo chown -R joeshmoe exampledir/` and I am wondering if it is possible to replace joeshmoe with the current user.01:54
cluelessperson_end subscriptions, etc01:54
daftykinscluelessperson_: don't respond if you're not going to help people01:54
Bashing-omcluelessperson_: No idea . sorry .01:54
cluelessperson_ryan_46: sorry for being a dick01:54
daftykinssbdchd: use sudo chown -R username: /blah/blah01:54
ryan_46cluelessperson_: No problem.01:55
sbdchddaftykins: I am wondering if there is a generic variable for the current user so that I can run this command without having to specify the user's actual name01:56
sbdchdnvm. I found it. It's $USER01:58
Guest48257was that something that i needed to enter into the terminal? if so what should happen?01:58
sbdchd<-- being silly01:58
daftykinsGuest48257: another URL to paste.01:59
Guest48257nothing happened02:00
daftykinsGuest48257: ls -al /media/ubuntu/7cc0110f-fac1-4d67-8e48-9aae6ed30906 | pastebinit02:01
daftykinsGuest48257: df -h | pastebinit02:03
daftykinsit will produce something, so no idea why you're suggesting nothing happened at all02:03
Guest48257does it need any command in front of that? i hit enter and it just drops down to the next line02:04
daftykinstry "df -h" alone02:05
Guest48257wait..i see what went wrong02:05
daftykinsGuest48257: ok now "cd /media/ubuntu/7cc0110f-fac1-4d67-8e48-9aae6ed30906/home/"02:07
daftykins"ls" should show your username's home02:07
daftykinscd into that02:07
daftykinsls again should show your stuff02:07
delti'm trying to disable NFS4 temporarily on one of my servers running ubuntu...02:08
deltin the /etc/default/nfs-kernel-server i have: RPCMOUNTDOPTS="--manage-gids --no-nfs-version 4"02:08
deltthen after doing "service nfs-kernel-server restart" as root, ps xau still shows me [nfsd4] processes02:09
deltand clients using v3 can't mount02:10
deltps also shows rpc.mountd started as: /usr/sbin/rpc.mountd --manage-gids --no-nfs-version 402:10
delt...so, any idea what's going on?02:10
Guest48257what do you mean by cd into that?02:10
happyfr0gHello, any idea why Canonical is dropping the default Software Center?02:11
ObrienDavecd means Current Directory. selecting which one you want02:12
daftykinshappyfr0g: not a place for policy discussion02:12
bazhanghappyfr0g, mark's blog is a good place to check02:12
ApteryxHello! Anybody knows if it's just me or linux virtual terminals are broken with AMD closed source driver?02:13
bazhangnot really on topic here happyfr0g02:13
bazhangdetails Apteryx02:13
happyfr0gbazhang, where is mark's blog you speak of?02:14
bazhanghappyfr0g, check on a search engine02:14
happyfr0gLol. Okay.02:14
bazhangshuttleworth blog happyfr0g02:15
bazhangfirst listing02:15
bazhangwhat card, what driver , installed from where Apteryx , what version of ubuntu, what does broken mean here, details02:16
cluelessperson_hey guys, is there a way to use a list index to enter directories instead of their name?02:16
cluelessperson_some of these dirs have long names that are annoying to repeated have to copy/paste over02:16
bazhangcluelessperson_, to do what exactly02:16
cluelessperson_bazhang:   to cd into...02:17
bazhangcluelessperson_, into what02:17
cluelessperson_cd 12345315432515432512354154351435435143514545143515325  typing that out is annoying as hell.02:17
cluelessperson_bazhang: a directory?02:17
bazhangcluelessperson_, in home in root or what02:17
cluelessperson_bazhang: anywhere.02:18
bazhangcluelessperson_, choose, not the same advice02:18
daftykinswhy in the hell would you make a path like that to begin with? :P02:18
ObrienDaveTAB complete? ;P02:18
daftykinsand learn to ^ tab complete02:18
bazhangwhy we need details02:18
cluelessperson_HOLY HELL THATS A THING?!02:18
cluelessperson_Why have I never stumbled across htis before!02:19
bazhangcluelessperson_, yes02:19
daftykinsi really, really hope you're not serious02:19
cluelessperson_You can TAB to complete.02:19
cluelessperson_daftykins: I feel stupid.02:19
* daftykins slow claps02:19
bazhang!tab | cluelessperson_02:19
ubottucluelessperson_: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:19
daftykinsgood, you should :P02:19
cluelessperson_ubottu: I use it for tab completion for nicks and what not and programming.. didn't know that worked in terminal. ;_;02:19
ubottucluelessperson_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:20
cluelessperson_life made so much easier.02:20
bazhangcluelessperson_, if you mean into root, you should not be messing around there without good reason02:20
bazhangcluelessperson_, if its home directory there are shortcuts02:20
Guest48257sorry to sound like a dummy..." "ls" should show your username's home02:21
Guest48257 " that comes up with "ducky share" in blue after that, you im lost02:21
daftykinsGuest48257: "ls -al | pastebinit" there then and link me02:21
=== alternat0r_ is now known as alternat0r
daftykinsGuest48257: those are each individual folders, so perhaps your username was 'ducky' - maybe you'd be better off browsing this folder with the GUI file manager.02:23
daftykinsGuest48257: ideally you need to tell us what you're intending to do on this drive02:23
Guest48257yeah, ducky was the user name. the gui doesnt show any files in the "ducky" folder. what im trying to do, is grab a few of the files from that hdd before wiping the drive02:24
Guest48257so if i go to the hdd/media/ducky it shows up with nothing there02:25
daftykinsGuest48257: so try "ls -al ducky/02:26
daftykinsthat would have a closing " if i didn't have beer in me02:26
Guest48257haha, beer is just brain lubricant02:27
Guest48257ok, yeah that opened up a whole mess of text. let me look through for a sec02:28
HidesI need to know how to completely delete Ubuntu off my laptop hard drive?02:28
bazhangdelete the partition Hides02:28
HidesHow do I do that bazhang02:29
daftykinsHides: is anything else on the disk? what's the reason for murder?02:29
bazhangHides, what will replace it02:29
Guest48257ok, yeah im seeing all the file names and such. is there a way to get into them from here?02:29
daftykinsGuest48257: "nautilus ." might work02:29
bazhangHides, is windows going to take over in this scenario02:30
HidesYes I need windows for my classes02:30
bazhangHides, ask in ##windows on using tools to delete the partition and fixmbr02:31
xtturboyeah come to windows ill tell you02:31
daftykinsah the angry frenchman02:34
kadiroI'm in ubuntu-offtopic?02:34
ObrienDaveummm, no02:35
bazhang /j #ubuntu-offtopic kadiro02:35
kadiroI know02:35
bazhangwhats the support issue kadiro02:36
daftykinsnah kadiro is a regular troublemaker that gives bad advice02:36
bazhangdaftykins, hold back please02:36
kadiroyes I'am02:36
bazhangthats helping nothing02:36
daftykinsok, just thought i'd let you know so you could do something though02:37
kadirodaftykins: go to #ubuntu-offtopic to speak about anything not related to asking or answering a question02:37
daftykinsvery funny02:38
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang02:38
bazhangback to support please02:38
gshmulibsvn1 error: After update libsvn1, My pptp can't saved password, how to revert it?02:49
Guest48257ok, i got into the hdd, and and it all showed up. then once i tried to open a folder there it said i dont have permission necessary to view the contents02:50
gshmupptp svn always can't Export.02:50
Guest48257all but the one folder i actually want will open and show their contents lol02:50
daftykinsGuest48257: does Alt+F2 bring up a dialogue box, or the dash thing to type something in?02:53
Bashing-omGuest48257: Open the file manager with 'root' priveledges 'gksudo nautilus' .02:53
daftykinsyeah that ^ :D02:54
daftykinsthough you might need to...02:54
daftykinsrun "sudo apt-get install gksu"02:54
Guest48257installing now02:55
Guest48257thanks a ton for all the help so far02:55
ApteryxHello! How do I disable GUI completely at boot? I want to boot on a terminal02:56
ApteryxI still _do_ want network and other services though02:57
Bashing-omApteryx: What release are you on ? 15.04 differs from earlier .02:57
=== Dhs92 is now known as Yukkii
ApteryxBashing-om: 15.0402:57
Bashing-omApteryx: Not done it in 15.04, so can not aptly advise .02:58
=== annapants_ is now known as marjory_baxter
daftykinsApteryx: boot with 'text' appended to your kernel boot parameters03:03
ObrienDavegrub-customizer can be your friend03:04
LonelyDanboI'm having trouble trying to remap alt and windows keys for gaming. Is it too difficult? It seems like button combinations don't trigger the same as individual key presses.03:04
LonelyDanboah screw it. I'll just pop the keys off, turn my hand position and use the row above. and hope it doesn't give me hand cramps at my age. :P03:06
LonelyDanbokeyboards were not meant for gaming.03:07
ObrienDaveya think?03:07
LonelyDanboI don't understand why there's been no new standard for PC gaming. There have been a few but I haven't really heard of them taking off.03:08
Ripchordbut to this day, my left middle finger sits on the 'w' key03:08
LonelyDanbooh right. WASD.03:09
Ripchordeven when I dont game03:09
RipchordIm so brainwashed03:09
LonelyDanboWASD is so terrible. your pinkie finger can't hit anything but mostly modifier keys.03:09
LonelyDanbono nevermind. capslock can be safely remapped.03:10
Ripchordthen they added hotkeys03:10
LonelyDanboI actually moved two keys over, and sometimes more.03:10
LonelyDanboIt's impossible to have your home keys on the 2nd row from the top, because going up to the number keys is REALLY awkward.03:11
LonelyDanboyour pointer finger has to cross over your middle finger to go up.03:12
dimitry7Hello guys! I have installed nvidia packages: apt-get install nvidia-cuda-*. I will use GPU to accelarate my WPA2 decrypt process... is there anything else I need to do for aircrack to take advantage of the GPU? Thanks!03:20
Apteryxdaftykins: thanks, trying it now.03:23
vagrant_ola pessoal03:25
vagrant_alguem na sala?03:25
vagrant_boa noite pessoas03:25
vagrant_alguem na sala?03:26
daftykinsvagrant_: english03:27
vagrant_sorry daftykins03:27
vagrant_i'm from Brazil, and you?03:28
Apteryxdaftykins: didn't work :|03:32
Apteryxstill got the pesky login screen03:32
Apteryxwhich for some reason refuse to let my dad in (password is good...)03:32
Apteryxmy idea was to boot to terminal and take a look at dmesg03:33
daftykinsas in you put it after 'quiet splash' ?03:33
Apteryx(no virtual terminals because of sucky AMD closed source driver)03:33
daftykinsoh, well if you want to boot without X what are you hoping to achieve if you have no TTYs? :P03:34
Apteryxdaftykins: oh right. I'd get the same blank screen? :|03:34
daftykinsboot with nomodeset03:35
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:35
Apteryxubottu: I'm pretty sure nomodeset is already on, I think the AMD driver would crash if it wasn't03:35
daftykinsthat's rubbish03:36
daftykinsand ubottu is a bot.03:36
Apteryxdaftykins: Well, the blob doesn't support modesetting, right? So if it's active, it ought to cause problems to fglrx? At least I thought I remember I had issues like this last time I had to wrestle with it.03:37
daftykinsnever seen peeps have issues03:38
daftykinswhen you say the password doesn't work, do you really mean it boots you out to the login screen?03:38
ApteryxI think I remember now... If I tried activating modesetting, the open source driver would be loaded up really early and prevent fglrx from being used.03:39
daftykinsthat also sounds wrong03:39
daftykinsanyhow, can't solve imaginary scenarios :)03:40
Apteryxdaftykins: it doesn't say the password is bad; my guess is that it crashes trying to initialize Xorg or some X component... But without access to the logs I can only guess.03:42
daftykinsi think you're ruining this one with assumption03:42
Apteryxdaftykins: Well I can try it on my on machine, entering a bad password. I'm pretty sure there is some kind of message telling me password failed.03:43
daftykinsno that's not even vaguely comparable03:44
daftykinstest the guest session03:44
radiel892hi, i am having trouble getting swap mounted, system 14.04 broken encrypted swap, i am just trying to get it working without encryption for now03:55
EriC^^radiel892: type sudo blkid | nc termbin.com 999903:57
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: morning EriC^^ :p03:57
EriC^^morning lotuspsychje :p03:57
radiel892Eric^^: http://termbin.com/bdv003:59
daftykinsbiella: ok04:00
radiel892Eric^^: swapon -a works from rescue mode, but when i boot the system it shows the loading dots and gets stuck there04:00
EriC^^radiel892: type cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 999904:02
radiel892EriC^^: http://termbin.com/0yx0  ,and /etc/crypttab is commented04:04
=== stefano is now known as Stefano_______
EriC^^radiel892: when it gets stuck, try pressing esc and it should say what it's stuck on04:07
radiel892EriC^^: ok, i'll try that now04:08
radiel892EriC^^, i press esc and the 5 dots go red, then i press esc again and the ubuntu logo appears above the red dots, no text shows04:12
EriC^^radiel892: ok, try booting without quiet splash in the kernel line04:13
radiel892EriC^^, do i just erase "quiet splash" from the boot line in grub or do i just erase "quiet"04:16
EriC^^radiel892: erase quiet splash04:16
radiel892EriC^^, without quiet splash, the system boots now :> ?04:18
radiel892and gets to login screen04:18
EriC^^heh :D04:18
radiel892EriC^^, i wonder why that is, i can't login as guest it just bounces back to login screen04:20
EriC^^radiel892: maybe it's a graphics driver problem04:21
radiel892(i havn't been given the password to the main account, it makes things harder to fix)04:21
radiel892EriC^^, perhaps, the last thing i did before it broke the swap was installed nvidia driver from apt04:22
EriC^^try to remove it and install the one it had04:22
radiel892system crashes with novaue(spelling)04:23
EriC^^radiel892: try a different driver maybe04:23
EriC^^sudo ubuntu-drivers devices , should list the recommended ones04:24
EriC^^is the kernel up to date?04:24
radiel892EriC^^, 3.19.0-25-generic #26~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP04:30
EriC^^radiel892: are you using vivid? 15.04?04:32
vickycqHello. What is the equivlent command of 'startxfce4' in Unity?04:34
EriC^^vickycq: unity uses lightdm to launch04:35
vickycqWhat is the command to directly start a xsession with unity in tty textmode?04:35
EriC^^why do you ask?04:35
radiel892EriC^^, its ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso to install the system, the ubuntu-drivers devices is http://termbin.com/mt3p04:35
radiel892EriC^^, i tried nvidia-34004:36
EriC^^radiel892: try 340-updates or 304 maybe04:42
radiel892EriC^^, ok ^^, thanks for your help :)04:42
EriC^^radiel892: no problem :)04:42
radiel892should i clear the old driver away with dpkg -r before i install the new one :>04:45
EriC^^yes, type sudo apt-get purge nvidia*04:45
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=== ubuntu is now known as Guest74307
researcher123hello everybody04:56
researcher123I want to copy all Ubuntu installed programs on new laptop and dont want to waste time in downloading and fresh installatios. Whats the way out?04:58
aukresearcher123: probably a kickstart file04:58
researcher123auk: I have completely installed programs on my desktop PC04:58
SuperLagresearcher123: /var/cache/apt/archives/04:59
SuperLagresearcher123: all the packages you download are stored there.04:59
ObrienDaveunless you have used auto-remove05:00
researcher123SuperLag: OK. Thanks. Can I install from  /var/cache/apt/archives/ freshly on new laptop?05:00
SuperLagresearcher123: and do a search for --get-selections and --set-selections. I don't remember the exact format, but they're arguments to dpkg05:00
SuperLagresearcher123: copying those file into the same location on your new laptop... that'll keep you from having to download over again05:01
researcher123SuperLag: ok05:01
SuperLagresearcher123: but you still need to get info about what packages you have installed05:02
researcher123SuperLag: I know what packages I have installed05:02
SuperLagresearcher123: do not take my word for it... but I believe you do "dpkg --get-selections > my_package_list" then on your target machine "dpkg --set-selections < my_package_list"05:03
SuperLagresearcher123: you may think you remember everything... but unless you've written it all down, I wouldn't trust your memory :)05:03
researcher123SuperLag: After the comand this was the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/12181407/05:04
ObrienDavelook into aptoncd05:04
SuperLagresearcher123: no, you misunderstood05:04
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline05:04
researcher123SuperLag: Im a newbie05:05
SuperLagresearcher123: dpkg --get-selections > my_package_list (I think)05:05
researcher123SuperLag: What about AptOnCD05:05
SuperLagresearcher123: no clue, not familiar with it05:06
aukooh, nice05:06
researcher123SuperLag: ok.Thanks05:06
SuperLagObrienDave: wow. That is nice. Not sure how well it works, one way or the other. First I've heard of it.05:06
ObrienDaveit's recommended here for just this scenario05:07
* auk just realizes that kickstart is Red Hat-specific (oops)05:08
ObrienDavebut i use auto-remove so it won't work for me05:08
RjelDZHi every one? i'm new05:08
* ObrienDave can't stand .deb building up, wasting space05:09
* auk feels the same way05:09
AbeRjelDZ: Hi05:09
aukhi RjelDZ05:09
ObrienDaveAppropriate time-of-day greetings & Welcome05:10
RjelDZthank you05:10
RjelDZwhat is the lighter DE for ubuntu?05:12
somsip!flavors | RjelDZ05:12
ubottuRjelDZ: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.05:12
somsipRjelDZ: xubuntu and lubuntu are usually recommended as the lighter ones IIRC05:13
RjelDZthank you somsip and ubottu05:13
ObrienDaveRjelDZ, KDE, XFCE, LXDE in that order, lubuntu being the 'lightest'05:13
vickycqCan I use the command 'unity' in tty1 (text mode) to start a full unity xsession?05:13
vickycqlike 'startxfce4' to start Xfce xsession?05:14
RjelDZok thank you all i will try it in my old pc05:14
ObrienDaveRjelDZ, i use and recommend Xubuntu :)05:15
RjelDZthank you ObrienDave , can he start in my old pc with 256m ram?05:15
limberahi there05:16
ObrienDaveRjelDZ, that is the minimum, iirc05:16
limberai'm trying to setup an SMTP server so that i can send mail from a django application05:16
limberai'm obviously not doing something correct because i get a [Errno 111] Connection refused05:17
limberacan someone help me identify what is going wrong05:17
t3chguyHello, when connecting to a WiFi network my laptop doesn't have the default gateway added even though it gets the correct IP from DHCP; any ideas what I could do/check?05:17
somsiplimbera: try connecting manually to confirm whether it's an SMTP issue or a django issue05:18
RonWhoCaresAre the people I was talking to yesterday about a memory link?  Specifically in Firefox05:20
limberasomsip: how can i do that05:20
somsiplimbera: telnet {ip} {port}05:21
limberathank you05:21
limberano luck05:22
limberatryin <ip> ....05:22
limberaand no movement05:23
limberashould i be doing that locally05:23
limberaas in on the server05:23
somsiplimbera: sounds like either firewall or bad smtp config05:23
limberaohhh yep likely my ufw settings05:24
limberaforgot i installed that...05:24
somsiplimbera: uncomplicated firewall is uncomplicated :)05:24
limberahaha yep05:24
UllarahCan somebody eli5 what this 'Snappy' is about? Is it just yet another package management which includes the canonical store? Or?05:25
cfhowlett!snappy | Ullarah05:25
ubottuUllarah: Ubuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/05:25
UllarahWow. It's got it's own channel, haha!05:25
cfhowlettUllarah, no surprise.  it's kind of a "big" thing.05:26
limberawhich ports should be open somsip05:27
somsiplimbera: depends what protocol you're using - 25 for SMTP, 587 for TLS, and another one that escapes me...05:28
limberai think 587 is smtp05:28
somsiplimbera: 465 was the other one http://serverfault.com/questions/149903/what-ports-to-open-for-mail-server05:28
ObrienDave465 is imap, iirc05:29
limberaso if i want to just send mail05:29
limberanot receive05:29
limberawhat would be the best choice05:30
somsiplimbera: 25 for smtp, 487 if you want secure login05:30
somsip...er...587 sorry05:31
limberanot mentioned in the article you linked05:31
limberayeah thought so05:31
SinisterDoorany ways to create an encrypted partition using gparted or something similar?(don't want to use nautilus)05:32
somsip!encrypt | SinisterDoor05:32
ubottuSinisterDoor: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory05:32
somsipSinisterDoor: dunno about encrypted whole partition though05:33
SinisterDoorsomsip,well I don't want to do it on my own PC.but on my external drive.05:34
SinisterDoorI have one ntfs partition,one clone partiton(ext4),and I want to make another encrypted partition there05:34
ObrienDavedon't encrypt the drive. encrypt a directory05:34
ObrienDaveor partition05:34
SinisterDoorI've heard some stuff about luks,it seemed to be an easy setup on nautilus.05:34
somsipSinisterDoor: this, but can't vouch for its usefullness https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemsOnRemovableStorage05:35
SinisterDoorshould I use luks with nautilus?or is there a better tool?05:35
ObrienDaveif you do the entire drive or partition, losing one bit makes the whole thing unuseable05:35
SinisterDoorI'll take a look somsip05:35
SinisterDoorsomsip,looks cool,will try.05:36
somsipSinisterDoor: good luck and heed the warnings!05:37
ObrienDave*sighs and gives up*05:38
limberaso i've opened port 58705:39
limberastill getting the same error05:39
somsiplimbera: this error comes from where?05:39
limberaa celery log05:39
limberai add the email sending to a queue05:40
somsiplimbera: debug manually. Make sure SMTP is working before adding another layer of abstraction by calling it from django05:40
limberai'll try send one from exam manually05:41
limberawhat's a good SMTP server to install05:45
radiel892i think my nouveau driver is holding onto my nvidia card preventing the nvidia driver from loading, says the kernel log, the nvidia help page says its possible to remove with "apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau" but i can only find on the system xserver-xorg-video-nouveau-lts-vivid is that ok to purge?05:45
somsiplimbera: good or easy?05:49
limberaboth :P05:50
limberait's only sending server emails05:50
limberalike email verification etc..05:50
somsip!info sendemail | limbera (very simple, but not very robust - good for testing and lightweigth use IMHO)05:52
ubottulimbera (very simple, but not very robust - good for testing and lightweigth use IMHO): sendemail (source: sendemail): lightweight, command line SMTP email client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.56-5 (vivid), package size 28 kB, installed size 124 kB05:52
=== elysium^away is now known as elysium
limberawould you recommend it in production then somsip05:54
somsiplimbera: I use it for emailing admin alerts and suchlike. I use external providers for all user emails though (mailgun, postmark)05:54
limberais that because they won't go to spam?05:55
somsiplimbera: if it's just for celery admin emails, it's usuable IME05:55
limberanah it's not celery admin05:55
limberait's all getting dumped on celery05:55
limberabut the emails are email validation, forgot password, invite to join "team"05:55
somsiplimbera: you're queueing email jobs for later sending?05:55
somsiplimbera: I wouldn't use it for that personally. But for dev work and testing it might be easier to get code working and use a more thorough solution in production05:56
limberayou mean you wouldn't use postmark/mailgun?05:56
somsiplimbera: then again, just discovered mailcatcher myself for local dev.05:57
somsiplimbera: If i have a project that sends emails through a provider, I'd use the provider. If I have a project that only sends admin alerts, I may use sendemail as a easy fix05:57
somsipbut this is all getting off-topic for ubuntu support so I'll wind up I think05:58
goatfloat trrst06:15
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jellowHi bananatreedad06:30
jellowdo you have a support question?06:31
radiel892hi :D nvidia module is not loading when system boots, but in single user mode i can do a 'modprobe nvidia' without issues?06:33
=== elysium^away is now known as elysium
auronandaceradiel892: check if it is blacklisted06:34
radiel892syslog says module license nvidia taints kernel06:35
radiel892only nvidiafb is blacklisted it seems (cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist* |grep -i nvidia)06:36
radiel892syslog also says the nvidia probe routine was not called for 1 devices, and goes on to say this can be caused by another driver taking ownership of the device06:38
U^1I am trying to dualboot with dragonflybsd but i get error06:39
hateballradiel892: how did you install the nvidia driver? if you use the supported methods it should blacklist nouveau for you06:39
U^1but I didn't trychainload06:40
U^1how could i chainload to dragonflybsd?06:40
auronandace!grub | U^106:40
ubottuU^1: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:40
radiel892hateball, i used apt-get install nvidia-304, just in case i also removed nouveau06:41
AnonymousGpt#Data_base is§ head06:43
gabordHi. I have a repository, and a package, and i would like to download only the package installation (the .deb, or whats downloaded), but im not on ubuntu nor debian.06:43
gabordIs there a way to download only the package, with wget or something, without installing?06:43
=== elysium is now known as elysium^away
gabordIts this package, and this repository: https://packager.io/gh/opf/openproject/install?bid=1304#ubuntu-14-04-openproject06:45
gabordIs there a way to use wget to get the .deb package?06:45
radiel892hateball, after some more troubleshooting i ran nvidia-xconfig for the first time and it generated an xorg.conf, the log says vesa or fb is loading but not the nvidia06:45
demonlovehow do i know a certain software(kazen  for  screencast ) is ppa or not?06:46
ducassegabord: why can't you just install from the repo? if you just install the .deb you won't get updates.06:47
demonloveexplain more06:47
gabordducasse: Im trying to port an ubuntu package to a gentoo package, and i would like to see the official .deb.06:47
hateballgabord: you can use apt-download06:49
hateballgabord: sorry, apt-get download06:49
RudyValenciaHi, so I have a second hard disk which I've divided as 2GB swap and the rest as an XFS partition, where is it recommended that I mount the XFS partition?06:50
ducassedemonlove: 'apt-cache policy packagename'06:50
gabordhateball: Well, ok. But im trying. I know there is a way to get the .deb.06:50
ducasseRudyValencia: it is recommended that you mount it wherever it suits you. what do you want to use it for?07:00
RudyValenciaducasse: miscellaneous storage outside my homedir07:00
RudyValenciaI guess /misc will do?07:00
RudyValenciaor maybe /mnt/misc perhaps?07:00
ducasseRudyValencia: sure it will.07:00
ducasseRudyValencia: make the path short, so it's less to type07:01
RudyValencia/misc and /cifs (CIFS automounts via autofs)?07:01
ducasseRudyValencia: whatever you want.07:02
RudyValenciaah cool07:02
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tarelerulzDo any you how to play video in h265 ?07:12
KalimeroI'm a bit confused. Why does Ubuntu 14.04.1 has a different support expire date than 14.04.3 ?07:12
lotuspsychjeKalimero: its best you update as soon as possible07:13
lotuspsychjeKalimero: for security reasons its best to always be up to date07:14
GAM002any software to make music on linux/ubuntu other than audacity?07:14
lotuspsychjeGAM002: check the ubuntu-studio channel, they have expertise about audio software07:15
GAM002lotuspsychje: ok thanks i will07:16
Kalimerolotuspsychje, i am currently not running ubuntu but want to install it soon. I used a different distro before. But why should I install 14.04.3 when its support time is shorter than 14.04.107:17
lotuspsychje!info hydrogen | GAM00207:17
GAM002but please do tell me if anyone one you have any on your own suggetions other than audacity07:17
ubottuGAM002: hydrogen (source: hydrogen): advanced drum machine/step sequencer. In component universe, is optional. Version (vivid), package size 4786 kB, installed size 17909 kB07:17
lotuspsychjeGAM002: http://www.techdrivein.com/2014/02/10-music-production-tools-for-ubuntu-linux.html07:17
lotuspsychjeKalimero: the latest is 14.04.3 so it will be inside the iso you will download07:18
GAM002lotuspsychje: wow thanks07:18
lotuspsychjeKalimero: i think you confuse a bit, its not reccomended to still use 14.04.107:18
ObrienDavedist-upgrade will get you 14.04.307:19
lotuspsychjeGAM002: mixxx is also very neat!07:20
Kalimerolotuspsychje, i know i will download the latest one on ubuntus website but it is also possible to download older releases but it doesnt explain why the expire dates are different (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases )07:20
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=== fingers is now known as fingerses
lotuspsychjeKalimero: if full LTS have 5 year support, the closer you get in time, the less time newer versions will be supported07:21
ducasseKalimero: they are both supported for the same time period07:21
ObrienDaveKalimero, 5 years from INITIAL release date07:22
ObrienDave3 for xubuntu :(07:23
hamelinhi, someone know how can I to go to the top of screen at irssi?07:23
hamelinI dont know the key list to ir.07:23
DJoneshamelin: I just use page up/page down to scroll through the previous messages, not sure whether there is a key combo that would take right to the top though07:24
ObrienDavethanks for visiting, this is Ubuntu support, not irssi07:24
Kalimeroducasse, it should be 5 years yes but the wiki says 14.04.3 end august 2016. I dont get it. Did i miss something or is the wiki page wrong?07:24
=== neurotus is now known as krsna
ducasseKalimero: aufust 2016 is hwe support end07:24
ducasseaugust :) damn :)07:25
lotuspsychjeKalimero: you need to focus on full LTS time support07:25
Kalimeroducasse, so what does hwe mean ?07:25
RudyValenciaLTS is always the .04 of every even year, isn't it?07:25
hamelin~DJnones, is it. Thanks! Worked here!07:25
lotuspsychje!lts | RudyValencia07:25
ubottuRudyValencia: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)07:25
ducasseKalimero: how long it gets kernels with new drivers07:25
ObrienDaveRudyValencia, 04 of every EVEN year. 12, 14, 16,....07:26
RudyValenciaYes, I said every even year07:26
KalimeroRudyValencia, I its not always the case 15.04 is not a LTS Release07:26
ObrienDaveRudyValencia, so you did, my mistake07:26
lotuspsychjeRudyValencia: you also said isnt it ? :p07:26
KalimeroRudyValencia, I think its not always the case 15.04 is not a LTS Release07:26
RudyValenciaKalimero: It's every *even* year (e.g. 10, 12, 14, 16).07:27
ducasseKalimero: but 15 isn't an even number, is it?07:27
RudyValenciaI prefer LTS07:27
ObrienDaveRudyValencia NEVER said 15.04. give it a rest LOL07:27
Kalimeroi overread ObrienDaves answer07:27
lotuspsychjelets continue support issues guys07:28
RudyValenciaI'm using LTS as my desktop of choice here.07:28
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support  discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.07:28
ducasseHas anyone here converted an ext4 root fs to btrfs?07:29
Kalimerolotuspsychje, my question wasn't support related? Well, I am sorry i thought it is.07:29
lotuspsychje!btfrs | ducasse07:30
lotuspsychje!btrfs | ducasse07:30
ubottuducasse: Btrfs is a new filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is currently marked as experimental, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs07:30
auk!btrfs | auk07:30
ubottuauk, please see my private message07:30
ducasseyeah, i know that, none the less i *need* it for something. the question was if anyone has experience with converting to it with recent kernels and toolchains?07:31
TomyWorki'm moving from one machine to another right now. both ubuntu 14.04. i only have one mouse, and i'd ideally want to use my keyboard on either machine, too. is there some program to do that?07:31
lotuspsychjeducasse: never tryed converting myself, but i think installing things clean might be a good idea07:32
TomyWorki found synergy, but that's proprietary software07:32
ObrienDaveuse a KVM switch07:32
dw1anyone know how to get the title to update in gnome-terminal when using TERM=gnome-256color ?07:32
dw1the usual stuff doesnt seem to work :[07:32
ObrienDaveTomyWork, use a KVM switch07:32
TomyWorkObrienDave it's for a couple of days while i'm using both machines. not going to buy one just for that :)07:33
aukTomyWork: last i checked, synergy is actually open source07:33
ObrienDaveeasiest way i know of07:33
aukTomyWork: you just have to compile yourself for windows07:33
ducasselotuspsychje: i'm kind of thinking that too, was just hoping to avoid it. guess it's worth a shot, since i will need to reformat anyway if it doesn't work...07:33
TomyWorkauk no windows involved :)07:33
aukTomyWork: then synergy should be in the repos, no?07:33
TomyWorkand odd... the first thing on their page is the get button and that shows a sum of money07:34
TomyWorki'll try07:34
aukTomyWork: yeah, they switched to that a while (year?) back07:34
ducasseTomyWork: yeah, but i think there is an older version freely available07:34
aukTomyWork: they just stopped distributing binaries, except for free07:34
ducasseTomyWork: http://synergy-foss.org07:35
aukTomyWork: also https://synergy-project.org/purchase/faq/ and https://github.com/synergy07:38
TomyWorkducasse that's a redirect to the page that wants money :)07:38
guest81838anyone know a gui to install a .iso file to a usb for ubuntu?07:38
lotuspsychjeguest81838: from wicj Os?07:38
guest81838install pclinuxos live cd onto usb07:39
aukTomyWork: see their faq, it is a bit confusing but it's still GPL07:39
lotuspsychje!usb | guest8183807:39
ubottuguest81838: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:39
guest81838i mean do you know a gui for installing operating systems? like unetbootin07:39
guest81838but a alternative07:39
lotuspsychjeguest81838: for ubuntu or windows?07:40
lotuspsychjeguest81838: multisystem is nice07:40
lotuspsychjeguest81838: and the ubuntu usb creator07:40
Kalimerocan i ask questions about program running on ubuntu or is it related to their own irc/support ?07:48
* dw1 switches to xterm-256color07:49
ducasseKalimero: what program?07:50
ObrienDaveKalimero, if it's supplied in the official repos, sure. PPAs are not supported here07:51
Kalimeroi am running darkstat as a web-based network monitoring tool on a ubuntu server but it frequently resets the collected data and i want to prevent that07:52
KalimeroObrienDave, good to know thanks07:52
ducasseKalimero: how regularly? could it be a cron job?07:54
Kalimeroducasse, it seems to happen at 4 am every day07:55
ducasseKalimero: sounds like cron. check if there is a job running.07:56
ducasseKalimero: if there is a cron job, that might be because it actually needs it, though07:57
Kalimeroducasse, i already checked but there is no cron named darkstat or something similar07:58
Kalimeroducasse, i dont know where darkstat is getting its data so it might be system related and not caused by darkstat itself08:00
ducasseKalimero: where did you look? both /var/spool/cron/crontabs/ and /etc/cron*?08:00
Kalimeroducasse, i checked only /etc/cron i'll give a try the other one you mentioned08:01
Kalimeroducasse the /var/spool/cron/crontabs is the one you opening with crontab -e?08:03
ducasseKalimero: yes, -u for user08:03
Kalimeroducasse, ok i checked both08:04
ffosis any one reading this?08:04
ducasseKalimero: then i would check the config file. looks like that is /etc/darkstat/init.cfg08:04
Kalimeroducasse, didnt know crontab -e is located at /var/spool ....08:04
ducasseKalimero: yes they are, but i don't think packages are supposed to put jobs there, they should be under /etc08:05
Kalimeroducasse, i also did already nothing there08:05
ducasseKalimero: then i'd guess your best bet would be to ask the darkstat people. i have no idea where it gets data from and how it is stored08:06
ducasseKalimero: or use another program. what are you monitoring?08:07
Kalimeroducasse, just the network traffic and the connected hosts for information purposes08:08
ducasseKalimero: then i would look at ntop or ntop-ng08:08
ducasseKalimero: and use netflow from the hosts i want to grab traffic from, like routers08:09
=== aruns is now known as indistylo
ducasseKalimero: if you want bandwidth monitoring, then vnstat and/or bandwidthd08:10
Kalimeroducasse, i tried ntop-ng already but it was a bit to overloaded and more ressources consuming than darkstat. i found a database file for darkstat that answers at least where it saves its data08:10
ducasseKalimero: old ntop is in the repos and much less resource demanding, it's what i use08:11
Kalimeroducasse, is the port changeable in the config of the old one?08:12
ducasseKalimero: i think it's a command line option08:12
Kalimeroducasse, ok i'll give it a try, thank you08:12
TomyWorkwoohoo it works08:13
=== DroBuddy is now known as Dro_Buddy
=== Dhs92 is now known as Yukkii
Kalimeroubuntu installation crashes when i try to connect to my wifi08:25
baizonKalimero: then don't connecT?08:26
baizonKalimero: you can install the updates afterwards08:26
cfhowlettKalimero, short answer: save your sanity and follow baizon's suggestion.08:26
Kalimerohow can i write an é in the installation setup?08:33
dw1Ctrl-Shift-U maybe08:33
cfhowlettKalimero, set your keyboard to the language you need08:33
dw1then the utf8 number08:33
arcsky_hey guys i did use unetbooting and write to the usb drive. booted on a server. but after keyboard settings it asked for CD-rom to be mounted. why doesnt it work since its USB ?08:35
Kalimerocfhowlett, i know how to to it on my pc but my notebook has a different layout and i dont want to mess it up and loosen its functionality just for an é . the compose key isnt set yet sadly08:35
cfhowlettKalimero, dw1 had a valid suggestion; enter the utf8 code08:36
EriC^^Kalimero: try pressing ctrl+shift+u as dw1 said, then type 09 and press enter08:36
EriC^^* e9 not 0908:37
Kalimerodw1, it does nothing when i press ctrl+shift+u08:37
dw1guess it's not enabled there08:37
dw1should make an underlined u08:37
Kalimerodw1, yes08:38
pradeephello everyone08:38
Abesomebody experience with openshot?08:43
cfhowlettAbe, some.  what's up?08:43
Abewell it's actually a problem that I have with it :/08:43
m1dnight1I have upgraded all my packages using `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade` yet the ssh login keeps saying there are 79 packages to be updated. this has been for a week now.08:44
Abewhere are the sound setting the sound comes out of the wrong output and I need to change it somehow...08:44
m1dnight1So the motd is alrady been updated.08:44
AbeThe sound comes out of my speakers but I need the sound in my headset ?08:44
cfhowlettm1dnight1, what version of ubuntu?08:45
m1dnight114.04 server08:45
cfhowlettAbe, that's coming from sound settings not from openshot08:45
Abeok i have gstreamer backend... kubuntu standart08:45
Abeeverything is going over headset just not Openshot somehow.. it's using my speakers ?08:46
cfhowlett!sound | abe08:46
ubottuabe: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.08:46
ObrienDavem1dnight1, don't use both upgrade and dist-upgrade08:46
m1dnight1I was going on what I found on askubuntu :p08:46
ObrienDaveuse dist-upgrade08:47
m1dnight1But Ill keep that in mind.08:47
cfhowlettm1dnight1, do this:  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade | nc termbin.com 999908:47
=== thek is now known as Guest12660
Abewell I don't have a problem with sound.. It's just Openshot thats using my speakers instead of my headset. everything else works fine thanks08:48
m1dnight1http://termbin.com/xk0q, cfhowlett ^08:48
cfhowlettm1dnight1, right.  motd seems to be off somehow.  suggest asking in #ubuntu-server08:48
=== Guest12660 is now known as TheK__
m1dnight1okay, thanks for the info cfhowlett08:50
cfhowlettm1dnight1, best of luck08:50
AbeI thought there might be an sound output setting in openshot somwhere08:54
cfhowlettAbe, and you didn't find it cuz ... openshot doesn't direct audio output.  it's your sound settings!08:54
Abeokay I play around with sound settings a little and see what I can do08:55
Abethx for help08:55
cfhowlettAbe, best of luck.08:56
Abelol that was easy I just right clicked on the Openshot Sound and there was the Option I can choose the sound output so I got it. was just something I didn't know.. good now I know better!08:59
cfhowlettAbe, :)09:00
demonlovehow do i know a certain software(kazen  for  screencast ) is ppa or not?09:01
ducassedemonlove: i already told you apt-cache policy09:01
demonlovethat time i  got offline due to bad network09:02
ducassedemonlove: well, try now :)09:02
demonlovepls copy and paste that one09:02
ducasseapt-cache policy kazen09:02
daschelthe windows 10 upgrade screwed up my partitions.  Has anyone else run into this problem, and if so is it recoverable?09:03
demonlovein root user or normal?09:03
cfhowlettdaschel, probably not.  reinstall and restore your backups.09:04
demonloveN: Unable to locate package kazen09:04
EriC^^daschel: what do you mean by screwed up your partitions?09:04
daschelEriC^^, https://cryptbin.com/5yN9qY#9bfdeae9ce2eff44f7b2cc142ba710a809:05
EriC^^daschel: no idea09:06
daschelcfhowlett, I'm trying to extinguish all other options before I do that.  but I have noticed that partitioning tools and and the ubuntu installer fail when reading the disk on both ubuntu and windows09:08
daschelbecause I didn't push a handful of commits before I upgraded :/09:08
cfhowlettdaschel, clarify: neither ubuntu nor windows can see your parts?09:08
daschelcfhowlett, gparted displays the entire disc as unallocated.  the ubuntu installer...uhm...I forget exactly how it displayed the disc but it showed no partitions.  and partition magic in windows gives an I/O error when trying to read the drive.09:10
cfhowlettdaschel, yeah, that last should give you a bit of a pucker factor as it typically indicates failing hardware.09:11
EriC^^try smartctl to check for drive failure09:11
daschelother tools recognize them, like boot repair09:11
cfhowlettdaschel, and backup everything now.09:11
dascheli've learned my lesson :/09:11
ducassedemonlove: doesn09:12
ducassedemonlove: doesn't matter09:12
demonlove<ducasse> why does this error comes09:12
demonlove Unable to locate package kazen09:13
ducassedemonlove: then it can't find it09:13
debpooterim trying to make my desktop accessable from anywhere with rdp and it works but it just runs openbox and not my pannel is there a way to start the xfce4-panel automagicly?09:13
debpootererr, like a autoexec.bat for when i login rdp?09:13
ducassedemonlove: probably means that it's in a ppa that you haven't added yet09:14
demonlovehow to get it add?09:14
ducassedemonlove: read the instructions for the ppa. they are on their page, usually09:15
Abeokay now I have a question about Openshot. How can I glue clips together... there is this little magnet but it doesn't seem to do anything.. sorry I'm quiet new to this prog09:16
cfhowlettdebpooter, open xubuntu.  go into settings and "save your session"09:16
AbeI think i have to render everything right? well don't answer I'll figure it out09:17
debpootercfhowlett: i dont have xubuntu i have ubuntu server with openbox and xfce4-panel09:17
cfhowlettdebpooter, look on the panel for "settings"09:17
cfhowlettdebpooter, settings > session & startup > Session > Save Session09:18
lord4163so why does @reboot in my crontab not work?09:18
debpootercfhowlett: i dont have that i have openbox configuration manager? if that helps?09:19
cfhowlettdebpooter, should be standard on the xfce panel09:19
demonloveafter sudo apt-get update why this error comes : Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/restricted/binary-i386/Packages  Connection failed [IP: 80]09:20
debpootercfhowlett: i dont have that, in my settings menu i have openbox configuration manager, file manager, prefered applications, panel, synaptic package manager09:22
demonloveafter sudo apt-get update why this error comes : Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/restricted/binary-i386/Packages  Connection failed [IP: 80]09:22
cfhowlettdebpooter, sorry.  I'm only familiar with xfce/xubuntu workings09:22
debpooteroh okay09:23
ducassedemonlove: the message tells you. "Connection failed".09:23
demonloveeverytime i  got same error?09:26
ducassedemonlove: that means it failed to connect every time.09:26
=== demonlove is now known as atmox
Ntemiscant make changes to disks as local admin09:27
EriC^^type  mount | nc termbin.com 999909:28
NtemisError formatting volume Not authorized to perform operation (udisks-error-quark, 4)09:28
cfhowlett!langauge | Ntemis,09:28
ubottuNtemis,: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList09:28
Ntemisissueing a sudo gnome-disks09:31
Ntemisalerts me that (gnome-disks:3815): IBUS-WARNING **: The owner of /home/Ntemis/.config/ibus/bus is not root!09:31
EriC^^use sudo mkfs.<fs>09:32
NtemisEriC^^: i want this to be fixed not bypassed09:32
EriC^^!gksu | Ntemis09:32
ubottuNtemis: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)09:32
EriC^^don't though, but just know not to use sudo with gui apps09:32
Ntemisah nice! didnt know that09:33
EriC^^Ntemis: type id and paste here09:33
Abeubottu: are you some kind of bot? it really seems like it?09:33
ubottuAbe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:33
EriC^^maybe you're not part of a group that gnome-disks checks for, but anyways the common way is to use mkfs to format filesystems09:34
Ntemisuid=1000(Ntemis) gid=1000(Ntemis) groups=1000(Ntemis),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),108(lpadmin),124(sambashare)09:34
Abeubottu: you can answer to a lot of stuff thats cool09:34
ubottuAbe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:34
EriC^^groups are all there09:35
lord4163Why doesn't @reboot work in my crontab???09:35
MrElendigdoes the task work if you set it to just run in 5 mins?09:36
MrElendigalso @reboot is quite unreliable depending on the init system09:37
lord4163MrElendig: am using upstart09:37
MrElendigsome of them are silly and sigkills too early09:37
lord4163MrElendig: and haven't tried09:37
Ntemissudo formating the hdd and now i cant even open it as normal user09:37
MrElendigwhat exactly do you want to run at reboot anyway?09:37
MrElendigoften it will be better to write a propper service for it instead09:37
MrElendigand have your init system take care of it09:38
NtemisYou do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "1bd53729-6350-4fa7-9da4-70f177d9de46".09:38
lord4163MrElendig: Update an A record.09:38
MrElendigNtemis: what are you *really* trying to do?09:39
chrisss123456anyone here use banshee?09:39
Ntemisformat a hdd ext4 and open it with r/rw access09:39
MrElendiglord4163: write a init script for that instead imo09:39
Ntemisso far am getting frustrated09:39
MrElendigNtemis: mkfs.ext4 /dev/whatever then chmod/own it as needed09:39
arcsky_Im going to install ubuntu on a server with RAID5. should i use the ubuntu installation on the entire drive or just a part of it?09:40
MrElendigarcsky_: hardware raid?09:40
lord4163MrElendig: Now I'm running it every minute, that works09:40
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
MrElendigtoo bad upstart doesn't have timer units etc09:40
lord4163MrElendig: do you have a template for that?09:41
* MrElendig uses systemd09:42
MrElendigthe ubuntu wiki/docs have though09:42
EriC^^lord4163: maybe put sleep 60 && <command> in @reboot ?09:42
atmoxcan anyone guide me for nistalling android studio09:45
atmoxits in zip format what to do next?09:46
Fuchsatmox: unpacking it sounds like a sane first step09:47
ducasseatmox: unpack it, and look for a README or INSTALL file09:47
atmoxunpacking has been done09:48
atmoxbut their readme documentation doesn;t work for my case?09:48
ducasseatmox: what doesn't work?09:49
k1latmox: the place where you get it should have a howto. so does this https://developer.android.com/sdk/installing/index.html?pkg=studio09:50
=== ac3takwas_ is now known as acetakwas
zambai want to create one large file system used for storing of data.. what fs do you recommend?09:52
zambawe're talking around 40 TB09:53
ducassezamba: zfs09:53
zambaducasse: supported in ubuntu?09:53
ducassezamba: yes.09:53
trijntjezamba: but only if you have ECC RAM09:53
zambatrijntje: this is a virtual machine09:54
lord4163MrElendig: hmmm09:56
Abedammit openshot is not very stable :( is there an alternative and a little more "professional" in terms of video editing? what are you guys using? Openshot is more like windows movie maker... i am really looking for something like sony vegas alternative ? I know linux is not the best for video editing...09:56
ducassezamba: you could also go with something like mdadm + xfs, you should ask in #ubuntu-server09:56
lord4163MrElendig: can start the service but now the question is how to get it started automatically09:56
cfhowlettAbe, lots.  easy way: sudo apt install ubuntustudio-video09:56
atmoxthere it says cmd not found09:57
MrElendiglord4163: service enable whatever  or whatever script ubuntu uses these days09:57
trijntjezamba: if the host doesn't have ECC ram and  ram goes bad you risk losing ALL your data with zfs09:57
Abewell i will look at it first before i'm going to install it but thx alot09:57
cfhowlettAbe, apt-cache show ubuntustudio-video09:59
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
lord4163MrElendig: I thought Ubuntu was so user friendly ;)09:59
EriC^^lord4163: update-rc.d10:00
MrElendiglord4163: not really10:00
MrElendiglord4163: not until is switches to systemd10:00
lord4163EriC^^: yeah then it told me that /etc/init.d/bla does not exist10:00
* MrElendig ducks from all the flamewars10:00
ducasselord4163: "unix is user friendly, it's just picky about who it's friends are"10:00
Abecfhowlett: ok is that some kind of OS?10:00
lord4163EriC^^: that's correct because I never put anything in there, but in /etc/init10:00
cfhowlett!studio | Abe10:01
ubottuAbe: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org10:01
Abewell i am looking on it on youtube and it looks like an OS? I don't want to go that far10:02
zambaducasse: why mdam?10:02
zambaducasse: mdadm.. isnt't that for building arrays?10:02
k1latmox: what command?10:02
ducassezamba: is this already on an array, or is it a bunch of disks somewhere?10:02
zambaducasse: it's exposed over iSCSI, so it's already a RAID-610:03
AbeI need my Os as it is right now :(10:03
lord4163EriC^^: ??10:03
ducassezamba: ok, then you don't need mdadm.10:03
zambaducasse: so basically just mkfs.xfs ?10:03
=== skynet is now known as Guest50778
ducassezamba: read up on it first, see if it fits your needs. i have good experience with it.10:04
cfhowlettAbe, which is why I suggested installing ONLY the video meta package10:04
=== voronwe is now known as Guest27194
cfhowlettAbe, it's ubuntu.  it's easy.10:04
zambaducasse: i've created the big partition using parted10:04
ducassezamba: xfs is generally a good choice, but it always depends on your specific needs.10:05
ubunui was trying to duel boot my laptop windows 10 and ubuntu.I already both are installed but ubuntu doesn't appear in boot screen10:05
Abewell I'm not going to screw with my OS I'm looking for a program not for an hole new OS on my Computer. I need my pc for other stuff too you know10:06
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:07
Abeubunu do you have UEFI?10:07
edistois there a way to force additional drivers to pick drivers from a list?10:07
KrimanHello, I'm having a lot of troubles trying to get a crystalHD decoding card working in my old netbook, can someone troubleshot me?10:08
ubunuAbe : Leagcy10:08
AbeWell Windows is trying to force poeple to use windows with UEFI and even more with Windows 10 I had problems with myself with windows 8 and ubuntu... but I fixed it I would say an more "radical" way10:09
Abeended up deleting everything that has anything to do with windows :D10:10
Abewhich version are you trying to install of ubuntu??10:10
ubunu14.04 LTS10:10
ubunuAbe :yes10:11
MrElendiguefi makes life easier10:11
MrElendigspecially when dualbooting10:11
MrElendigbecause if you reinstall windows your bootloader won't get nuked etc10:11
Abegood let me search in the internet for you let's see what I can find out for you...10:11
AbeWell I remember nuking my hole harddrive because I had basically the same problem with windows 8 and Uefi10:12
Abebut I don't want that you do that don't worry10:12
ducasseubunu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI10:12
Abethats what I was going to paste too10:13
ducasseubunu: or you could try https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu+14.04+dual+boot+with+windows+uefi&t=canonical&ia=qa10:14
KrimanIs there any way to get working an old driver in ubuntu 15.04 when some of the libraries don't exist anymore?10:14
rcjameshello all is ubuntu really secure?10:14
Abeas far as I know10:14
Abebut I didn't study the source code so10:15
ducassercjames: that depends on what you are trying to protect against10:15
KrimanI'm trying to get working a driver for a decoding card, but seems like the driver is too old and make is not being able to run it10:15
cfhowlettrcjames, does a better than average job of protecting against most threats.  sadly, user stupidity is still impossible to protect against.10:16
cfhowlettrcjames, NO system is safe from "everything"10:16
ducassercjames: if you have the nsa on your ass, then you are screwed anyway10:16
Krimanyes, there is a way to get a system safe10:16
Krimanmake a clean install, uninstall all the drivers and don't connect it to internet10:17
rcjamesnsa can lick my ass10:17
Krimanand don't install anything in it10:17
cfhowlett!language | rcjames, that kind of talk will get you banned and /ignored.  stop now.10:17
ubotturcjames, that kind of talk will get you banned and /ignored.  stop now.: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList10:17
Sar_dais there any option to change to the destination directory automatically when you make a cp. For exapmle: if I run: cp a.txt /media/a/resources10:18
Sar_dathen I have to make a cd /media/a/resources10:18
Sar_dacan I do that in the same commnad with cp ?10:18
lord4163MrElendig: I added it to startup applications instead. Upstart - you may die.10:19
MrElendiglord4163: systemd is so much nicer10:20
AbeI think linux is more secure than any other OS besides FreeBSD maybe10:20
cfhowlettSar_da, chain your commands.  command 1 && command 2.10:20
cfhowlettSar_da, ask #bash for specifics10:20
KrimanWell, I guess I'll install ubuntu 12.04 in the old netbook to be sure, I think the driver cloud run there without any problem at all. Are repositories and everything updated in 12.04? In fact, are they the same that the 15.04 repositories?10:20
Sar_dacfhowlett: thank you10:20
cfhowlettSar_da, happy2help!10:21
linociscohi all10:21
AbeKriman: I hope u don't have uefi cuz 12.04 doesn't support it10:21
linociscono talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory10:21
rcjamesok back so i have for example a power edge xxxxxx model no need to know i've seen some access easily access by shh by ubuntu laptop and my other computer had multiple dns how can that happen my firewall is pfsense also there most likely be around neighbor spying how can i secure what the best way?10:21
Sar_dacfhowlett:  :)10:21
KrimanWell, the laptop is from 2007 and It came with windows XP installed10:21
KrimanI think UEFI wasn't supported in that days10:22
vboltonunity is kinda slow. can you guys help me speed it up or maybe setup the lxd desktop?10:22
k1llinocisco: make sure you have all the updates installed10:22
k1lvbolton: install lxde package10:22
cfhowlett!lubuntu | Kriman, 2007?  lubuntu is optimized for older/slower hardware10:22
ubottuKriman, 2007?  lubuntu is optimized for older/slower hardware: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.10:22
Abeok No Uefi you should be fine then but it's only supported until 2016 or 2017 I think10:22
MrElendiglord4163: https://bpaste.net/show/75c46426aee0 so much more elegant10:22
linociscok1l, that is impossible. it was fine before i reinstalled ubuntu server with same image iso10:22
cfhowlettvbolton, sudo apt install lxde10:22
KrimanHow bad should it be to keep using it after the support stops10:23
k1llinocisco: impossible?10:23
vboltonk1l: is that in the... software updater app?10:23
linociscok1l, because I have no internet for server and internet is so expensive here10:23
linociscok1l, chatting here via mobile internet10:23
arcsky_MrElendig: yeah hw raid10:23
cfhowlettKriman, no more/less safe than the users I see still on winXP.10:23
k1llinocisco: what ubuntu version is "lsb_release -a" giving you?10:23
AbeI have Ubuntu 12.04 running on an old laptop with 512 MB RAM + Pentium 4 and works great. but thats not what i am using on everyday usage10:23
ducasseKriman: you might also want to check out xubuntu/xfce, it's a nicer (imo) desktop than lxde, and not heavy on resources10:23
k1lvbolton: yes10:24
vboltonk1l: thanks10:24
k1l!info lxde | vbolton10:24
ubottuvbolton: lxde (source: lxde-common): Meta-package for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0-4ubuntu4 (vivid), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB10:24
Krimanducasse, I was gonna install xubuntu anyways. But it's the same with some small differences so I just asked here10:24
MrElendigarcsky_: keep everything in the raid then10:25
linociscok1l, No lSB modules are available. Distriubutor ID=Ubuntu, Desscription: Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, Relaease 14.04, Codename: trusty10:25
KrimanWell, I guess I can install 12.04 as a workaround until I can find a fix/way to install that driver in newer versions10:25
k1llinocisco: that issue is fixed since 14.04.3 iirc.10:25
arcsky_MrElendig: so i use LVM on entire logical drive?10:25
Krimanthanks for all the help anyways guys10:25
KrimanI appreciate it10:25
MrElendigarcsky_: sure, or btrfs or whatever10:25
arcsky_MrElendig: thanks man10:25
linociscok1l, but mine is 14.04.210:26
cfhowlettlinocisco, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade           to 14.04.310:26
OpenSorcevbolton, alternatively you open a terminal windows (alt+f2 type "xterm" and hit enter) and then type "sudo apt-get install lxde" if you are comfortable with the command line.10:26
MrElendigarcsky_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DplcPrQjvA10:26
k1llinocisco: running the updates would bring it to 14.04.310:26
AbeWho agrees that Windows is taking steps to make it more complicated for poeple to switch to a different OS?10:26
linociscocfhowlett, i wish i could . no internet on server10:26
cfhowlettAbe, who cares?  off-topic for this channel.  #ubuntu-offtopic to continue10:26
OpenSorceAbe, like what steps?10:26
k1llinocisco: as a workaround you can do sudo apt-get remove libpam-smbpass10:26
OpenSorcenvm off-topic10:26
linociscok1l, ok10:26
Abeok i go there10:26
MrElendigdon't put swap on the raid though :p10:27
Abeas example10:27
OpenSorceAbe, they won't like you there either :-)10:27
linociscok1l, is it samba related?10:27
k1llinocisco: yes10:27
OpenSorceAbe, scratch that I thought you were talking about a different channel10:27
linociscok1l, previous installation didn't include samba. that might be the reason.10:28
linociscok1l, thanks it is fixed10:29
chrisss123456anyone use banshee as a music player? im wondering if there's an easy way to import songs individually and sort them nicely in the music folder like /Music/Artist/Album/song.mp3.10:29
vboltonOpenSorce: that was easy! is lxd hard to setup? like for everyday use?10:29
ducassechrisss123456: you could check out easytag, that can rearrange music into folders from the tags10:29
chrisss123456ducasse: is that a banshee plugin or a separate app?10:30
k1lvbolton: are you talkning about lxde (the desktop) or about lxd (the container stuff)?10:30
ducassechrisss123456: separate app10:30
AbeOpenSorce: what channel?10:30
vboltonk1l: lxde sorry10:30
chrisss123456ducasse: ok, but there must be something that's a plugin. would surprise me if not!10:30
linociscok1l, so samba configuration will be unusable?10:31
OpenSorcevbolton, not really. I customized a version for my wife in just a few days. I think they will probably help you in here some too if you need it.10:31
ducassechrisss123456: i wouldn't know. i use easytag for everything related to fixing tags and sorting in folders, it's purpose-built for that10:31
U^1there is a bug when I use persian time and date in ubuntu os10:32
chrisss123456ducasse: fair enough. thanks!10:32
OpenSorceAbe, I thought you meant you were going to ##windows to talk about it.10:32
k1llinocisco: no. just not with pam.10:32
vboltonOpenSorce: its installed who do I use it now?10:32
linociscok1l, ok10:33
OpenSorcevbolton, logout and you should be able to select LXDE from the the login screen. You know what I'm talking about?10:33
Abenah I better leave those guys alone ^^ they don't wanna hear it anyway10:33
U^1in places such as firefox download and properties of files the . shown as persian five    2.8MB is shown as english two the a pesian five and and english eight10:34
cfhowlettU^1, I suspect your global settings.10:34
cfhowlettglobal language settings10:34
vboltonOpenSorce: uh I think I can find it. im gonna try. you be here for a minute?10:35
dw1/cs QUIET #ubuntu ... ftw10:35
cfhowlettcheck your language support > regional formats.10:35
k1lU^1: could be the cause that not all language settings are translated for those programs.10:35
U^1cfhowlett, what I meant was the persian five is used instead of english .10:35
atmoxhello installing archives is taking too long for android application,  can i  do it part by part, means some on this day and some on another day10:37
OpenSorcek1l, do you guys even support lxde in here at all?10:37
k1lOpenSorce: yes10:37
OpenSorcek1l, cool.10:37
cfhowlett!flavors | OpenSorce10:37
ubottuOpenSorce: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.10:37
EchoBaseis it life here?10:37
cfhowlettEchoBase, ask your ubuntu support question10:38
U^1k1l, we has that inside ubuntu too noit just firefox. and I used English key-map in installation phase. the damn thing did find out that I am in iran and changed my date and time10:38
mnms_Guys it is reasonable to give 10GB for swap ?10:38
OpenSorcecfhowlett, yeah I'm aware. I had just heard (erroneously as it were) that this channel was only currently supporting Unity. Thanks for clearing that up :-)10:38
mnms_I have 5GB of memory10:38
mnms_it will be mail server10:38
cfhowlettU^1, I understand.  same happened to me here in china.  global language settings >>> confirm them10:38
cfhowlett!server | mnms_10:39
ubottumnms_: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server10:39
k1lOpenSorce: the guys in #Lubuntu might have more experience with lxde but its suported in here too10:39
OpenSorcek1l, right on. Thanks :-)10:39
vboltonit worked! this is much faster too10:39
U^1k1l, we has that inside ubuntu too noit just firefox. and I used English key-map in installation phase. the damn thing did find out that I am in iran and changed my date and time it says shanbeh in persian which is Monday  and the date it says oot which is August10:39
U^1cfhowlett, what? come again?10:40
EchoBaseIm using Lubuntu but, why do not gtk guvc video recorder workin?10:40
cfhowlettcheck your language support > regional formats.10:40
OpenSorcevbolton, cool. play around with it just don't close that bottom panel! :-)10:40
EchoBaselike the webcam10:41
vboltonthe one with the start button on it?10:41
t4cHi there, any dwm user online? I expect some problems with my fonts @work. At home at my gentoodesktop everything looks fine, but on ubuntu dwm(-menu) looks like crap, someone can hint me into the right direction? Never changed the fontsettings at home for dwm. Installation of terminus font is not helping out.10:41
OpenSorcevbolton, hehe... they don't really call it a "start button" but yeah that's the one.10:41
OpenSorcevbolton, mind if I send you a private message?10:42
vboltonOpenSorce: im using the webchat thing but is it works sure10:43
lotuspsychjet4c: find out wich font dwm has on gentoo, then search it for ubuntu?10:46
lotuspsychjet4c: maybe this can help: https://cannibalcandy.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/installing-and-configuring-dwm-under-ubuntu/10:48
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest59632
lotuspsychjepradeep: welcome, what can we do for you?10:52
pradeephow come so many people are logging out at the same time10:52
lotuspsychjepradeep: netsplits can result to this10:52
k1l!netsplit > pradeep10:52
ubottupradeep, please see my private message10:52
pradeeplotuspsychje, am here to learn and also give my own inputs too10:52
ubottuA netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:53
cfhowlett!quietirc | pradeep10:53
ubottupradeep: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages10:53
chrisss123456how do i see what's going on in a process (like when running it from the terminal) if it's already running?10:53
lotuspsychjepradeep: you have joined an ubuntu support channel, you can ask troubles here10:53
t4clotuspsychje: ty, it should use terminus, like default (tried on gentoo and arch, worked fine), but on my ubuntu desk it looks like hell, not like a clean terminus font.10:54
chrisss123456how do i see what's going on in a process (like when running it from the terminal) if it's already running?10:55
cfhowlett!patience | chrisss123456,10:55
lotuspsychje!info xfonts-terminus | t4c can this help?10:56
t4c!info xfonts-terminus10:56
lotuspsychjeoh the bot is down atm10:56
lotuspsychjet4c: check your apt-cache10:56
lotuspsychjet4c: apt-cache search terminus10:56
=== g_byers is now known as Guest53008
t4clotuspsychje: ii  xfonts-terminus                       4.39-1                                     all          Fixed-width fonts for fast reading10:57
t4clotuspsychje: if you wanna see this one..10:57
lotuspsychjet4c: yep, maybe installing that can fix?10:57
newlearnerHey there (:10:58
t4clotuspsychje: maybe reading the "ii" would show you: I installed terminus...10:58
t4clotuspsychje: I am an idiot, but not such a big one :)10:58
lotuspsychjet4c: ok so why is dmw not using it?10:58
lacrymologywhat's the status on hybrid graphics support? I saw this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics but I'm not sure what that means. Is there switching? will my discrete card be turned off when not in use (hence saving battery life and card durability)?10:58
t4clotuspsychje: this is why I am asking in here..10:59
cfhowlettlacrymology, status: it works.  I have intel gpu for normal use and nvidia for super duper GPU stuff.  I switch profiles with the nvidia-prime tool10:59
newlearnerI've run Ubuntu whitin VBox over Windows! I define a share folder (D:\) for it. It's there but not mounted! I checked /proc/mounts and it has this flag: wr; When I try to mount it, I get this error: It's not a block device! Why it's not auto-----------mounted in nautilus?11:00
cfhowlettnewlearner, ask #vbox11:00
newlearnerOops! They say ask #Ubuntu, cfhowlett11:01
cfhowlettnewlearner, lol.  yeah that happens.  :)11:01
lacrymologycfhowlett: but does the nvidia card turn off when not in use? what's your battery life like?11:02
pradeepnewlearner, the best way to really enjoy and solve issues fast is installing it directly to a system... if i may advise11:02
cfhowlettlacrymology, you have to manually switch the profiles.  no auto switch.  as the nvidia is more demanding >>> more fan >>> less battery.11:02
lacrymologycfhowlett: I ask because I've had an optimus for a while (4-5 years) and back in the old times it didn't work so well, and the card has suffered11:02
=== root is now known as citroniks
lotuspsychjet4c: maybe check their irc channel: http://dwm.suckless.org/11:03
cfhowlettlacrymology, my understanding is it has improved quite a lot recently.11:03
lacrymologycfhowlett: well, as long as I can switch that's fine for me.11:03
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
lacrymologyyeah, I've heard that, but I wanted some on-hands experience11:03
lacrymologyI've muddled so much on my system I feel the only solution now is a full reinstall11:03
lacrymology(I'm buying a new machine, so that's not gonna happen anyways)11:03
cfhowlettlacrymology, a fresh install solves a lot of issues.  also: make an ubuntu USB and TEST the machine before you buy111:04
newlearnerpradeep: If I could, I did it! It's not allowed in my office!11:04
erjingumm...how to disable JOIN/QUIT notices in chat windows..11:04
blackflowHello. Alt-tab is broken in Ubuntu, when switching between two groups of windows, alt tab must switch between groups and it does the first time, but alt-tab again doesn't switch back, but switches WITHIN the group, like alt-`     . How do I fix this?11:04
t4clotuspsychje: it is not a dwm issue, it's more something wrong with my font setup here.11:04
cfhowlett!quietirc | erjing11:04
ubottuerjing: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages11:04
lacrymologycfhowlett: sadly ThinkPads are only sold online, so no can do11:05
lacrymologyre test11:05
erjing@cfhowlett thanks a lot :)11:05
lotuspsychje!fonts | t4c11:05
ubottut4c: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/11:05
MrElendiglotuspsychje: lots of physical stores sells thinkpads too11:05
pradeepnewlearner, if i may ask what do you really do when it comes to computing or job description11:05
MrElendiger... lacrymology ^11:05
cfhowlettlacrymology, well, I've been know to grab a demo model in the store corner for "testing".  A bit hard to do at the Apple store I admit, but fun.11:05
atmoxhello installing archives is taking too long for android application,  can i  do it part by part, means some on this day and some on another day11:06
k1lpradeep: pelase keep #ubuntu technical support only. for chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic11:06
lacrymologyokay, this leaves me more confident11:06
cfhowlettlacrymology, "fry's electronics"11:07
t4clotuspsychje: thanks for you "help". Like I said, I am not such a big idiot...11:07
lacrymologythey told me to expect 1.7kg and 19h+ of battery life, so REALLY looking forward to this machine. I was despairing on a gaming-capable (nothing hardcore) lightweight linux workstation11:07
cfhowlettlacrymology, but I must say, lenovo has been doing some VERY flakey, funky stuff with their bios lately.11:07
cfhowlettlacrymology, which machine?11:08
cfhowlettlacrymology, better yet: PM?11:08
lacrymologycfhowlett: I.. heard something about it. Also a privacy-nerd friend of mine told me to beware of the latest lenovos bios from that angle as well (2013+)11:08
=== walter is now known as Guest38498
a1b2hello anyone can help me with sendmail11:11
cfhowlett!info sendmail11:12
ubottusendmail (source: sendmail): powerful, efficient, and scalable Mail Transport Agent (metapackage). In component universe, is extra. Version 8.14.4-8 (vivid), package size 6 kB, installed size 245 kB11:12
a1b2i allowed incoming mail but the sendmail is configured to listen only incoming mails for user in some file but i want to get all that incoming mail like dasddasdas@bal.com or 4da8s4ds54ds5sd4@bla.com11:13
procyonidaehi I think I got some issues with wifi, but I can't find when it exits11:16
=== atmox is now known as demonlove
demonlovehello installing archives is taking too long for android application,  can i  do it part by part, means some on this day and some on another day11:18
procyonidaewho can help me with my wifi logs?11:18
pradeepprocyonidae, what kind of hardware are you using11:20
=== corey84__ is now known as Corey84
procyonidaeath9k built in into my laptop my laptop is the Acer Aspire 7551-P322G25Mnsk11:21
procyonidaeUbuntu 14.04.3 is on my external toshiba hard drive11:22
pradeepnope i meant your wifi card11:22
procyonidaethe atheros ath9k11:22
pradeeppastebin the output of lspci11:22
blackflowGuys, Alt-tab is broken in Ubuntu, when switching between two groups of windows, alt tab must switch between groups and it does the first time, but alt-tab again doesn't switch back, but switches WITHIN the group, like alt-`     . How do I fix this?11:23
procyonidaepradeep http://paste.ubuntu.com/12182783/11:26
pradeepprocyonidae, iwconfig11:29
procyonidaepradeep http://paste.ubuntu.com/12182820/11:30
pradeepprocyonidae, are you connected to the internet with that same sysem11:34
pradeepi mean via cable11:34
pradeepor you are using a different system11:34
procyonidaeno WiFi, but it crashes when I close it  for a day11:35
linociscohi , mine is 15.04 and problem with mobile internet after removing USB connection from my nokia E5 phone or making offline mode on phone. the fix is ever just to restart ubuntu. is there any workaround? /etc/init.d/networking restart and wvdialconf didn't help11:35
demonlovewhy do  internet connection run slower in ubuntu in comparison to window11:36
mindbender1K1l_: what's the quick way to find out?11:36
mindbender1Also since I just installed Ubuntu is it possible there are extra software I need to install to get the look and feel close to my old 14.0411:36
mindbender1Everything is just looking archaic.11:36
k1lmindbender1: ?11:36
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:36
pradeepprocyonidae, look at the above link above11:37
demonlovewhy do  internet connection run slower in ubuntu in comparison to window11:37
k1ldemonlove: most times its that the drivers are not that good for the linux versions.11:37
procyonidaeI am11:37
mindbender1What's the best way to manage the touch sensitivity of my touch pad. Other tools don't give me this option.11:37
k1ldemonlove: and dont repeat your questions, that is getting annoying11:37
demonlovehow do i  know whcih driver is best one for linux11:37
=== backbox is now known as backboxevgen
demonloveand u r using which driver?11:37
k1ldemonlove: see what other users did find out about that specific hardware and what drivers is known to be good11:38
mindbender1The problem is anytime I want to click something the mouse fidgets a little so that I miss my target a bit.11:38
linociscodemonlove, for example, for some products like Dell, ubuntu drivers are rare. even on their offical website. I am facing performance problem11:38
procyonidae06:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01) is my WiFi broadcom is the cable11:38
demonlovemine is also dell11:38
pradeepnoo it is not broadcom  but artheros11:39
cfhowlettsystem > software & updates > Additional Drivers11:39
cfhowlettdemonlove, ^^^11:39
pradeepcfhowlett, he has no internet on that system11:39
procyonidaeyes pradeep that'm what I'm saying11:39
cfhowlettpradeep, oh.  well.  hush my mouth.11:39
linociscodemonlove, yes Dell highly support windows. it said it also comes with OEM version of Ubuntu. but here in My country , all Dell reseller wiped out ubuntu and reinsstall windows pirate version11:39
demonloveohoo there's the problem11:40
linociscodemonlove, the best way to upgrade to latest version of ubuntu11:40
linociscodemonlove,  i m using 15.04 and still have some pointer problems and many small issues11:40
cfhowlettdemonlove, 14.04.3 is the latest LTS version.11:40
U^1what would be the only blueray writer /dev address on a system?11:40
linociscodemonlove,  dont try to stick on LTS. which is not latest for drivers11:41
procyonidaepradeep link is for the broadcom, but atheros is what I'm using11:41
U^1  /dev/media0?11:41
llutzU^1: ls -l /dev/sg*11:41
Ben64linocisco: lts versions actually get newer drivers too, look here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack11:42
llutzU^1: or check "wodim --devices" or "wodim --scanbus"11:43
linociscoBen64, it might be but mine was not ok with previous installation LTS. that is why I have upgraded to 15.04 64bit11:43
Ben64linocisco: you can get 15.04's kernel in 14.0411:43
llutzU^1: err:it's "ls -l /dev/sr*"11:43
grumkardHello guys, is there any way to do a full disk encryption after you installed the OS? If not, what's the best way to don't lose everything reinstalling?11:44
cfhowlettgrumkard, yes you can do full disk encrypt post-install11:44
linociscoBen64, and then apt-get update && upgrade as ususal to do11:44
cfhowlett!encryption | grumkard11:44
ubottugrumkard: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory11:44
U^1llutz, wht is sg then ?11:44
pradeepprocyonidae, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Atheros11:44
pradeepthat should be for you11:44
procyonidaepradeep WiFi works always again after a reboot, it never did this until the latest kernel11:45
llutzU^1: sg = generic and sr  = raw devices. cd/dvd/br writer should be listed as /dev/sr*11:45
grumkardubottu, that's for only partial directories. I mean a full disk encrypt (when you install the OS you have the option)11:46
ubottugrumkard: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:46
grumkardcfhowlett, there's not !encryption event11:46
k1lgrumkard: tl;dr: no11:46
cfhowlettgrumkard, google fu : full disk encryption ubuntu11:46
brandnew||||| >>>>> WHAT IS YOUR DOMAIN NAME WORTH? Vist >>> www.VALBOT.com <<< FREE DOMAIN VALUATION! or Google >>> VALBOT.com <<< |||||11:47
ducasseare the newer kernels that the kernel teams build available in a repo? or do i need to download them manually?11:47
k1lgrumkard: all the security behind fulldiskencryption relys on a clean install.11:47
k1lducasse: what ubuntu are you on?11:47
k1l!mainline | ducasse11:48
ubottuducasse: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds11:48
k1lducasse: but you are on your own for updates and support then.11:48
k1lgrumkard: http://askubuntu.com/questions/284525/how-to-encrypt-full-disk-after-installing-ubuntu-12-1011:48
grumkardok, Is there any way to list all the packages installed and the repositories added so I can quiclky install everything back?11:49
k1lgrumkard: that sounds like you already have a PPA mess there :)11:50
grumkardk1l I think I have 6 or 7 external repositories added, everything else is from the main one11:50
ducasseyes, i know that, this is for a testing vm. i was just wondering if i could add a repo, set it to low priority, and use apt-get to grab the versions i need. seems like i need to grab them manually.11:50
k1lgrumkard: you can get a list of the packages with dpkg --get-selections11:51
procyonidaePradeep these are the steps if WiFi never works, but it works most of the time, but not if I let my laptop on, while in standby mode for a full night.11:51
ducassegrumkard: or use apt-clone, that will save the state of all repos, keys and packages11:51
llutzducasse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto   might give you an idea11:52
cfhowlett!clone | grumkard11:52
ubottugrumkard: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate11:52
pradeepprocyonidae, i think i understand you better now11:52
pradeephave you tried updating and upgrading11:54
U^1is there a way to write a bootable .img image to a dvd?11:54
U^1or it should be iso?11:54
pradeepsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade11:55
ducassellutz: thanks, i was just looking for the actual kernel repo. but i think i found it.11:55
procyonidaepradeep it won't connect/the light of my indicator is off and so is networking and you can't turn it on until you reboot. If you reboot, it works normal again. I tried sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade, but there's no new kernel out yet.11:55
procyonidaeAlso I need to find where the errors start, for a bug report11:57
=== Kenbi is now known as kenbi
BluesKajHi all11:57
grumkarddoes apt-clone save custom configuration files (like a conky config) and things like panels?11:58
TheLinuxManGood Day Everyone! Is anyone able to help me installing my NVIDIA Geforce GT635m Drivers? Google only brings Results that arent working for me.11:58
grumkardTheLinuxMan have you tried with the propietary drivers? http://askubuntu.com/questions/47506/how-do-i-install-additional-drivers11:59
ducassegrumkard: no configs, other than the apt sources and repo keys, plus a list of installed packages11:59
ducassegrumkard: just move over the files in your home dir, most user config is there.12:00
TheLinuxMangrumkard: It says that its using the NVIDIA Binary driver version 346.82. Do i need to specify which programs i want to start with that GPU? Minecraft uses some Ivybridge thing.12:02
grumkardTheLinuxMan if there's more in the list you should get the newest one (also check if it have stable in the end). Is the problem only in minecraft? Maybe the problem is not in your drivers12:03
BluesKajTheLinuxMan:  hybrid graphics like Optimus?12:03
TheLinuxManI dont know, im new to Ubuntu. I wanted to play some Minecraft but the FPS with the Integrated sucks, so i want to use my NVIDIA. grumkard  ill look12:04
ducasseTheLinuxMan: install bumblebee12:04
TheLinuxManusing the latest, none says stable tho12:05
BluesKajducasse:  we're not sure it's optimus yet12:05
grumkardTheLinuxMan it should be using your graphics card as default. Try with other game, minecraft always used way more CPU than GPU and maybe the problem resides in java instead of something else12:05
BluesKajis this a laptop that came with 2 gpus, TheLinuxMan?12:05
TheLinuxManThe Integrated Intel one and the Nvidia Geforce GT635M12:06
TheLinuxManIt says "intel core i3-3110M @ 2.40GHz, Display: Intel Open Source Technology Center Mesa DRI Intel(R) Ivybridge Mobile12:08
BluesKajTheLinuxMan:  did you add the nvidia after market or did the laptop come with the 2 graphics chips ...we have to know in order to help you12:08
rumpy1hello! last week i asked for help on how to get traction with my bug report(s), i've now uploaded more information and log files, but still nothing. should i just accept that my problems are not widespread enought to gain the attention for developers?12:08
TheLinuxManIt came with both, i didnt add any other Hardware12:08
BluesKajTheLinuxMan:  the you should install nvidia-prime12:09
TheLinuxMansudo apt-get install nvidia-prime right?12:10
BluesKaj!info nvidia-prime12:10
ubottunvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.1 (vivid), package size 10 kB, installed size 114 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)12:10
BluesKajTheLinuxMan: ^12:10
BluesKajit's designed to work with the 2gpu system, TheLinuxMan12:11
TheLinuxManokay im installing it right now BluesKaj12:11
=== shroud is now known as Guest77346
TheLinuxManits installed now BluesKaj12:13
ducasserumpy1: you can't really do much, except add all the info the devs ask you for. what kind of bug is it?12:15
rumpy1ducasse: i would gladly post more logs etc, but i get no answers at all! my main concern is bug #148658112:17
ubottubug 1486581 in linux (Ubuntu) "Removed USB3 device from USB3 port causes S3 Resume to Fail" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148658112:17
rumpy1got some feedback from TJ after he saw me asking here last week12:18
TheLinuxGuyDone Johnny_Linux12:18
Deerhunter102Finally moved away from windows, i dont wanna go back12:19
ducasserumpy1: other than adding all info you are asked for, there isn't much you can do except wait12:20
ducasserumpy1: you can, of course, try another kernel12:20
rumpy1ducasse: well ok, but my bet is that it will expire...12:21
mohsen_please how install carte ghraphic intel hd 300012:21
rumpy1i've tried mainline and stock12:21
ducasserumpy1: do older kernels work?12:22
=== Guest77346 is now known as shroud
rumpy1ducasse: no, ive used this laptop with kernel 3.16+12:24
rumpy1since 14.1012:24
procyonidaehow can I add multiple packages to a bug report?12:24
ducasserumpy1: no kernel in 14.10 or newer has worked, is that what you're saying?12:25
rumpy1ducasse: yes12:27
ducasserumpy1: try trusty, see if the kernel there works _before_ installing any upgrades. if it does, then gradually upgrade until it fails. if you can determine where the bug was introduced, you have a much better chance of getting it fixed12:28
blackflowGuys, how can I set alt-tab to switch only between windows groups, and when switching from one to another that next alt-tab switches back? Currently it's horrendously broken if you have more than one group of windows active.12:28
ducasserumpy1: of course, if trusty doesn't work either, and the bug has always been there, then the only thing you can do is hope other people notice it too12:29
rumpy1i found a very similar (same?) bug filed by a Xubuntu user12:29
rumpy1there were some comments about filing more logs, but then nothing...12:29
ducasserumpy1: did the guy who filed it post the logs that were asked for?12:30
=== markus_ is now known as toao
rumpy1commented there too, no reply12:30
rumpy1last activity there was about a month ago, so not very long12:31
ducasserumpy1: then i don't know what to suggest. you could of course try to file it upstream12:31
rumpy1could you please tell me how to do that?12:31
ducasserumpy1: https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/docs/lkml/reporting-bugs.html12:31
rumpy1ducasse: thanks, will check!12:32
ducasserumpy1: that's probably your only alternative. but you will need to verify the bug in an upstream kernel.12:32
procyonidaeI filed a bug report12:34
tkxxxHi. I need to think of a solution for my class I teach. The group need SSH root access to a linux system so that they can perform some simple linux commands (adding users etc) for their assignment. We don't have the money in the budget to buy 60+ USB sticks to run a Live USB, so I was hoping for a suggestion that would mean the students could SSH to a server. It would need to run on a standard computer in my classroom.12:37
=== stereoit is now known as stereoit_
mike112tkxxx: run a live DVD in virtualbox? (download the .iso, attach to a virtual machine's virtual optical drive)12:40
akiktkxxx: one ssh login doesn't take too much ram12:40
tkxxxmike112: We have tried that, although there is not space in the students drive, nor do we have the space to host the image (honestly, the tech support is a nightmare)12:40
ducassetkxxx: set up a vm on your server, give the students putty and keys to that vm12:41
mike112what, you don't have a 1 GB USB stick for an iso? Of course you don't want 60 isos, just 1 and attach it to 1 or 60 virtual machines as you need12:41
llutztkxxx: if you really teach people "ssh root access" it's not only the tech support which is a nightmare (jm2c)12:41
akiktkxxx: oh are you saying that you don't have any linux server to use for this?12:42
tkxxxducasse: The biggest problem here is that I don't have admin access on the network and the guy who does doesn't have a clue and won't let me touch anything. I was hoping to setup a PC in the classroom as the server and have the students connect using portable SSH client12:43
tkxxxakik: Yes, no server space available at all12:43
tkxxxakik: but we do have a few PC's lying around that I could use.12:43
ducassetkxxx: then set up a pc with ubuntu, fire up a virtual machine, and give the students access to the vm, not the host12:43
tkxxxllutz: No, we are not teaching that, although we do want to give the students sudo access to their 'own' install12:44
tkxxxwould a Xen VM work in Ubuntu?12:44
ducassetkxxx: yes12:44
tkxxxducasse: Awesome. I will try that, seems like a very good solution.12:45
tkxxxducasse: thank you12:45
akiktkxxx: also lxc containers could be used12:45
ducassetkxxx: i personally prefer kvm, but that's up to you12:45
tkxxxducasse: Do I need to have the Ubuntu server installed, or can I just install the standard x64 desktop v?12:45
ducassetkxxx: use the server image if you don't need a gui12:46
EriC^^tkxxx: desktop would be better for virtualbox i guess12:46
tkxxxWill test out both :)12:46
EriC^^and the guest vm's can be servers, less space too12:46
ducassetkxxx: how powerful are these pc's?12:47
tkxxxducasse: i3's12:47
ducassetkxxx: ram?12:47
tkxxx8GB ram12:47
EriC^^how many concurrent vm's will you be running?12:47
ducassetkxxx: that's too many12:47
ducassetkxxx: use several pc's if you can12:48
akikthe option to use containers still applies12:48
tkxxxAnd split the accesS? thats not a problem12:48
ducassetkxxx: listen to akik, too. containers are nice and lightweight12:48
tkxxxThere are a few lying around that I can use. I'll get onto it and come back here if I hit an issue. Thnak you all for the help, much appreciated.12:49
GAM002where can i get cool themes for ubuntu?12:49
tkxxxWill use containers12:49
EriC^^!themes | GAM00212:49
ubottuGAM002: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy12:49
GAM002EriC^^: Thank you12:49
ducassetkxxx: good luck!12:49
bxxI would like to share a unique ext4 boot partition for multiple distros  I thought to namespace /boot like this: /boot/distro1, /boot/distro2, ... During distroN run I could mount the boot partition to /mnt/boot and bind mount /mnt/boot/distroN to /boot12:50
bxxAt boot it would use /boot/grub/grub.cfg only to select the desired namespace For example selecting "distro2" in menu would set configfile to /boot/distro2/grub/grub.cfg and reload the menu12:50
bxxIs it possible ? Should /boot/distroN/grub/grub.cfg refer to kernel & initrd as distroN/vmlinuz, as distroN/initrd ? What do you think of that, has it been done before ?12:50
mike112bxx: you basically want a custom grub install that chainloads the distro's default grub installs?12:53
=== maucat is now known as Guest39654
bxxmike112: actually not, each distro would have its /boot/grub dir (mapped to /boot/distroN/grub) but I have only one grub target (grub gpt partition)12:55
EriC^^bxx: the mount bind part sounds a little sketchy, the rest seems ok, ask in ##linux maybe12:56
bxxmike112: so I am not chainloading, instead trying to RELOAD GRUB MENU ...12:56
g105bspent the whole weekend recovering from my first rm -rf disaster12:56
mike112bxx, then have a custom grub + menu in the EFI system part. that configfile's the appropriate grubs12:56
bxxmike112: I am MBR booting on a GPT partition scheme12:57
mike112alternatively, chainloading would also work, if you installed the distros' grubs in the respective partition boot sectors12:57
mike112bxx, then just strip the EFI part out of my answer12:58
bxxmike112: distros don't have a distinct partition, they just share the same ZFS pool (on dmcrypt)12:58
mike112bxx, then chainloading is not an option and you would be fine with configfile'ing the various grub.cfg's12:59
EriC^^bxx: why have a separate /boot?13:00
bxxmike112: so yes the idea is to a have a cutom grub whith its config files in (boot_partition)/grub installed in GRUB GPT partition, AND each distro having (boot_partition)/distroN/grub dit13:00
bxxEriC^^: did not manage to make grub open my cryptsetup encrypted pool13:01
Deerhunter102cant you just burn them onto disc's? dvd's are cheap13:01
jjavaholicjust so i can clarify to install ubuntu along side windows 8.0 machine with an i7 I have to download AMD64.iso? for vivid?13:01
mike112bxx: you can load a grub.cfg from within another grub.cfg, that's called configfile13:01
bxxmike112: yeah, will it open a new menu ?13:02
mike112bxx: yes, it will13:02
bxxmike112: great, so the only issue is to patch grub templates in EVERY distro to refer to correct kernel & initrd , eg in (boot partition)/distroN/13:04
bxxmike112: I hoped there would be a grub mapping mechanism to apply my namespaces automatically13:04
mike112bxx: hopefully, one will be developed in the future with btrfs (the mainstream distros already implement your scheme on btrfs, except for the additional grub)13:05
bxxmike112: eg configfile ()/distro1/grub/grub.cfg would automatically prefix linux & initrd commands with ()/distro1/13:06
EriC^^bxx: when you run configfile ()/grub.cfg it will load the other menu that has everything it needs to boot the distro,13:07
mike112uhm, another issue is that you need to update the root= parameter in the linux command line, to reflect the subvolume13:07
bxxmike112: yes my ultimate goal is to automatically generate grub configs for my ZFS roots, even clones from snapshots13:07
mike112bxx: then you have to edit the /etc/grub.d scripts accordingly. I am not aware of an already implemented solution for that13:08
bxxEriC^^: no I think the paths for linux & initrd do not include the namespacing (distroN)13:08
mike112as I said, you may have more luck with btrfs in this respect - the subvol= parameter is updated autopmatically as far as I know13:09
mike112I am not sure about ZFS though.13:09
bxxmike112: in zfs I use the following boot parameters:13:10
mike112uhm, see the root= parameter, it seems the subvolume is already prefixed therein13:12
EriC^^bxx: the path's should include it, cause the menu was built using the distro and it should pick up it's location i think13:12
kibromGot little problem with my DE13:13
bxxEriC^^: the distro does not know about kernel & initrd path on the REAL boot partition, /boot is bind-mounted from /mnt/boot/distroN13:15
bxxmike112: actually what i was hoping is a grub path prefix mechanism i could feed with my distroName13:16
mike112hum, may I ask WHY you are doing all this? seems a bit overkill to me13:17
mike112what is the real problem you are trying to solve?13:17
pradeepseems linuxmint and ubuntu use the same repository13:17
mike112pradeep: yes, 17.* all use ubuntu 14.04 repository + a couple custom packages13:18
pradeepthen they are both the same13:18
Picipradeep: Mint has their own support channels, we do not support it here.13:18
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:18
* kbmaf slaps kbmaf around a bit with a large fishbot13:18
pradeepPici, please dont go did i ask anything on linuxmint13:19
pradeepdont be in a hurry to point finger13:19
Picipradeep: I'm just stating the channel's policied :)13:19
wafflejockGAM002: you can /msg ubottu directly13:20
wafflejockGAM002: what are you looking for exactly?13:20
GAM002wafflejock: actually i still havent goten a good theme so i am looking for one and wondering if i can change the launcher too13:21
GAM002wafflejock: http://ubuntu-art.org/CONTENT/content-m2/m168090-2.png   this one i like but i dont  know how to install13:23
GAM002wafflejock: http://ubuntu-art.org/content/show.php/Ambiance+%26+Radiance+Flat+Colors?content=168090 Preview 213:24
wafflejockGAM002: hmm well I'm on Ubuntu Gnome and use the numix icons but used the gnome-tweak-tool for adjusting my theme setup not sure if there is an alternative way but you can install unity-tweak then yo should be able to get that theme and select it in there13:26
GAM002wafflejock: how tin install unity tweak?13:27
GAM002via terminal?13:27
wafflejockyeah sudo apt-get install unity-tweak, should do it13:27
wafflejockGAM002: then in the dash just type unity tweak and you'll get it13:28
wafflejockoh thanks k113:28
wafflejockGAM002: should be unity-tweak-tool package not unity-tweak apparently13:28
wafflejock!info unity-tweak-tool13:29
ubottuunity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.6ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 325 kB, installed size 2550 kB13:29
GAM002ok thanks13:29
GAM002hmm its quete amazing that many of the packages on ubuntu/linux are extremely compressed and gets big when installed 325 kb=2550 kb13:31
GAM002ok i finished installing tweak tool13:31
GAM002nice thats a pretty toool13:32
paultjuhanyone know hot to get an older version of oracle java 8?13:32
OerHekspaultjuh, not, it depends on Oracle keeping old versions on their server, which they do not.13:33
paultjuhOerHeks: mmh that is shit13:33
paultjuhjust moved everything from an old crappy elasticsearch to a new cluster, now the backups are not working13:34
OerHekspaultjuh, no, it is safe ( and watch your language here please)13:34
paultjuhsorry about that13:34
paultjuhOerHeks: why is it safe? you expect versions to be at least backwards compatible but they are not13:35
GAM002wafflejock: you there?13:35
wafflejockGAM002: yup good to just ask the channel though unless you think I have some specific info or a specific question for me, I bounce around between channels and sometimes do work :)13:36
wafflejockGAM002: also I'm mostly just a user and advocate but there are some better experts in here13:37
paultjuhanyone knows where to retrieve an older version of oracle java 8?13:37
GAM002wafflejock: sorry i didnt thought of that13:39
GAM002anyone know any way to get notifications on ubuntu?13:39
paultjuhanyone knows where to retrieve an older version of oracle java 8, the newest version is backwards incompatible?13:39
paultjuhanyone knows where to retrieve an older version of oracle java 8, the newest version is backwards incompatible?13:42
OerHekspaultjuh, oracle is a 3th party, they do not provide old unsafe versions. if your software in incompatible, send them a bugreport13:43
GAM002How to install a theme to unity tweak tool?13:43
k1lpaultjuh: repeating too often is just getting annoying. if no one knows in here try to ask or look in other support places or ask oracle13:43
systemd0wnQuestion, I've installed numnerous things from source using a script. However, It didn't uninstall everything when I asked it to. So now I have libs all over the place. Does anyone know the best way to go about tracking these down and removing them?13:43
paultjuhOerHeks: it is elasticsearch which is apparently incompatible13:43
OerHekspaultjuh, so? ask elastisearch for an update then?13:44
paultjuhOerHeks: also: open a bug report is not a solution to the problem at the moment13:44
paultjuhOerHeks: there is a bug report for elasticsearch13:44
paultjuhOerHeks: the problem is, I now have about 300GB of non backed up data13:44
akikpaultjuh: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/java-archive-javase8-2177648.html13:45
OerHekspaultjuh,  OpenJDK should work fine with  OpenJDK13:45
paultjuhOerHeks: switching JDK doesn't really sound reliable13:45
OerHekswell elasticsearch sounds not reliable to me, as it is not in our repos ;-D13:46
OerHeksSo don't blame ubuntu, but elasticseach13:47
paultjuhOerHeks: you are very unhelpful, I'm trying to solve a problem13:47
paultjuhOerHeks: I'm not blaming ubuntu, just trying to get some help13:47
mcphailpaultjuh: this is offtopic here13:47
akikpaultjuh: i just pasted the link you need. did you check it out?13:47
paultjuhakik: thanks, I think I found what I need13:47
koboiwho indonesian people?13:48
ubottukoboi,: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia13:48
paultjuhmcphail: I'm asking for help with a repo, and I just get solutions and more problems, not sure what is going on here13:48
paultjuhI mean: i get no solutions, and only more problems, and solutions which are not really solutions, but akik helped in the end13:49
mcphailpaultjuh: I'm not saying it isn't frustrating, but it is offotpic here13:49
koboithere is no one people. i need help to do remastering ubuntu. who can help me?13:50
k1lpaultjuh: maybe its not us answering you that is the issue, but the setup you demand to get to work?13:50
paultjuhk1l: not sure what is going on. I'm trying to get an older version of a package on a repo, normally those are available for rollback13:51
paultjuhk1l: elasticsearch is not a weird setup13:51
EmanuelNJHello. I followed the guiide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer to setup a PPP server. When I connect from my Windows 10 systemd it drops all internet connectivity. Any advise (other than getting rid of windows)13:52
k1lpaultjuh: no. not for that sort of packages that are heavyly security issues13:52
lyleHello all13:52
lyleI am new to irc and don't know anything. Could anyone guide me please.13:53
k1l!irc | lyle13:53
ubottulyle: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines13:53
cfhowlett!details | lyle,13:53
ubottulyle,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)13:53
paultjuhk1l: rollback should always be possible, especially if it is backwards incompatible13:53
k1lpaultjuh: you demand it and get aggressive if you dont get the answers you like. but that looks very different from a more objective standpoint. talk to elasticsearch to get their stuff updated.13:54
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines13:55
TopGearI'm trying to connect to a Cisco VPN via the nm-applet, but when I try to connect it hands me this error: "(nm-applet:17441): nm-applet-WARNING **: VPN Connection activation failed: () Creating object for path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/19' failed in libnm-glib." What could I do about it?13:55
paultjuhk1l: I slipped my thong the first time, not even targeting ubuntu or th eguy who answered me, I apoligized for that13:55
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
paultjuhk1l: not demanding anything, but a solution: there is no solution is not really helping, saying that I'm stupid for using elasticsearch is weird, this is not show shady software13:57
cfhowlettpaultjuh, understood.  you want to use.  it's STILL off-topic here.  can we move on?13:57
OerHekspaultjuh, thanks for the rant: openjdk should work just fine...13:58
paultjuhjust pointing out that this channel doesn't seem to be very welcoming13:58
paultjuhOerHeks: OpenJDK has signifcant differences13:58
k1lpaultjuh: stop it right now! we were very welcoming to your and your not-ubuntu-issue.13:59
k1lpaultjuh: so talk to a) elasticsearch to get their stuff sorted to support actual software  or b) talk to oracle to provide old and outdated and insecure java versions.13:59
Lewixhello guys14:00
LewixI'm tired of sudoing all the time - I thought su was to use admin privilege for a few minutes14:01
cfhowlettLewix, man su       will inform you that it allows you to act as another user.14:01
k1lLewix: if you want a root shell use "sudo -i" but be aware to not accidently run commands there that are not meant to be run with root14:01
auronandaceLewix: all the time? what are you doing all the time that requires sudo?14:01
paultjuhk1l: I could have accepted an offtopic, except I got attacks on myself because I use elasticsearch which is not friendly at all, now I was trying to explain where I'm coming from which pissed me off, but that is also offtopic, thanks for that, bye14:03
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ulehi there! For some reason, my nginx are logging everything on /var/log/nginx/access.log.1 instead of logging on access.log. The problem is that logrotate are not working cuz it tryes to verify access.log that is always empty14:08
=== stereoit is now known as stereoit_
uleDo you guys know how to solve it?14:09
pbxule, sounds like an #nginx question14:10
EmanuelNJHello. I followed the guiide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer to setup a PPP server. When I connect from my Windows 10 systemd it drops all internet connectivity. Any advise (other than getting rid of windows)14:10
ulepbx: thanks but I just found something here on google14:11
ulesame problem here.. I'm gonna try to change the user on logrotate14:11
pbxgood find ulkesh14:13
lylenick lyle_abhi14:17
cfhowlett!nick | lyle14:18
lylenick abc14:18
Johnny_Linux /14:19
=== lyle is now known as lyle_abhi
=== lyle_abhi is now known as lyle
nadrimajstorHello everyone...14:21
nadrimajstorI'm having a bit of an issue with thermal printers with a high volume of print jobs.14:22
nadrimajstorA couple of machines running Ubuntu with CUPS 1.7 tend to queue up jobs for Citizen USB thermal printer.14:22
EmanuelNJHello. I followed the guiide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer to setup a PPP server. When I connect from my Windows 10 systemd it drops all internet connectivity. Any advise (other than getting rid of windows)14:22
nadrimajstorLike, two jobs in queue will delay printing up to cca 10 sec.14:23
topmotnardrimajstor - you should be more worried about oestrogen increases from bispehnol A exposure.14:24
rsvi have an embedded system running ubuntu 15.04. when i add a new user and reboot the system. i am able to login providing the password. but the screen is blank14:25
rsvam able to move the mouse though14:26
rsvwhat could be the issue. do i need to give some permissions?14:26
cfhowlettrsv, and this ONLY manifests on the new user?  test the guest account.14:27
rsvcfhowlett: its black on the guest account as well14:28
rsvso, only one user account, everything is working fine14:28
rsvcfhowlett: what could be the problem14:28
cfhowlettrsv, thinking ... slowly ...14:29
cfhowlettrsv, does your admin account still work as expected?14:29
rsvyes it does14:29
cfhowlettrsv, truly weird.  black screen is usually a nomodeset thing, but it effects all accounts.14:30
ducassersv: you could look at the logs in /var/log/lightdm and /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see if there are any hints of anything going wrong there.14:33
rsvyep, i am checking14:33
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EmanuelNJHello. I followed the guiide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer to setup a PPP server. When I connect from my Windows 10 systemd it drops all internet connectivity. Any advise (other than getting rid of windows)14:48
pbxEmanuelNJ, you're saying the ppp server dies entirely when that one windows client connects? any clues in the server logs?14:49
TJ-EmanuelNJ: That sounds as if the Windows clients are using the PPTP connection as their default route, so unless the PPTP server also does Internet routing/masquerading for them, that is expected.14:49
EmanuelNJpbx, No I'm saying the Windows System loses it's connction to the internet. windows says the connection is limited. I believe the guide I used setups the PPTP server to do internet routing14:50
TJ-EmanuelNJ: change the Windows client settings to NOT use the connection as the default route14:51
EmanuelNJTJ-,  Let me look into that14:52
rsvhow can i find out to which groups a user belongs to14:54
TJ-rsv: "groups"14:55
RolandAnyone want to help a semi-noob with random logging out issues both before and after an Nvidia update? If not maybe a point towards where to look/start.14:56
rmc3Haven't been able to find an answer in the documentation about this: I see that the Ubuntu installer supports using Anaconda-style kickstarts. Is the kssendmac kernel parameter supported for sending the MAC of the interface that's in use to the server providing the kickstart as a parameter?14:56
EmanuelNJTJ-, I'm going to have to ask on a Windows help site on how to do that. I don't see the option on a quick glance14:57
rsvTJ-: i have a user. how do i find out which all groups he belongs to14:57
rsvTJ-: got it14:57
TJ-rsc "groups $USER"14:57
TJ-rsv:  "groups $USER"14:57
RolandAnyone want to help a semi-noob with random logging out issues both before and after an Nvidia update? If not maybe a point towards where to look/start.15:00
EmanuelTJ-, Actully I just tested again and wile Windows says it lost connection PUTTY still has the SSH session working. It looks likle the PPP server is not giving a default gatewway out. How do I fix that?15:01
reisioRoland: if it's before and after, what's the update have to do with it15:02
Rolandwell I thought my issue was that I was just using the intel drivers so I decided to go with nvidia15:03
Rolandbut it's still happening15:03
reisioso the graphics aren't related15:03
Rolandhappens with various things I do or navigate to, but not consistently15:05
reisiowhat happens when you're logged out?15:05
RolandSeems to happen most with visually intense programs/apps15:05
Rolandit just goes back to the login screen15:06
Rolandand I have to log back in and rstart w/e I was doing15:06
Rolandbasically I'm having severe display manager issues15:07
cfhowlettRoland, let's not guess.  check your logs15:08
reisioK1Du: hi15:08
reisioRoland: on a laptop?15:08
Roland(II) intel(G0): Modeline "1920x1080"x0.0  142.00  1920 2028 2076 2100  1080 1090 1100 1126 -hsync -vsync (67.6 kHz eP)15:09
RolandYes I am15:09
Rolandreporting 4 4 16 13215:09
Roland(II) intel(G0): switch to mode 1920x1080@60.1 on eDP1 using pipe 0, position (0, 0), rotation normal, reflection none15:10
TJ-Roland: Does the laptop have Nvidia Optimus hybrid GPUs?15:13
IvoahIs the version of synergy in the Ubuntu repos the latest?15:18
BotchlaIvoah: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=synergy&searchon=names&suite=trusty&section=all15:19
RolandAaaand I'm back. Happened again.15:20
TJ-Roland: Does the laptop have Nvidia Optimus hybrid GPUs?15:20
RolandI have a GeForce GTX 860M, so I think so?15:22
rory-Can I set up an ssh config file "dynamically" such that "ssh foo" becomes HostName bastion.foo.blah.com ?15:23
rory-I have a bajillion environments15:24
TJ-Roland: There's probably some issue with the nvidia-prime part that manages switching from integrated GPU to discrete. That can depend on the type of hybrid the laptop model uses: Hardware Multiplexed (MUX) or not (MUXless) - the latter being problematic in many cases15:24
macjackHello everyone15:24
macjackI was wondering does 14.04.3 release yet?15:24
TJ-rory-: Yes. add configurations in $HOME/.ssh/config. See "man ssh_config"15:25
rory-macjack: Yes, it was released on 6th August https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2015-August/000200.html15:25
macjackrory-: Thanks :)15:25
rory-TJ-: Yes I know where to put ssh configs, but I need it to work for any value of foo15:25
rory-TJ-: Not just ones I specifically configure15:25
rory-If not I can make some little wrapper to use in place of the ssh binary. I just wanted to know if there was a neat way to do it "natively"15:26
TJ-rory-: Use 'default; settings which are then over-ridden if necessary per-host15:26
rory-I'm imagining something like15:26
rory-Host *15:26
rory-    HostName bastion.$host.example.com15:27
TJ-rory-: I think what you want is the Match directive15:27
rory-OK thanks TJ- I'll take a look into that15:27
macjackrory-: I found, however, "README.diskdefines" in each single ISO file which I downloaded will show "Beta" actually15:27
macjackrory-: I verify the checksum is correctly15:28
macjackrory-: is it an error or typo?15:28
rory-macjack: No idea. If the checksum is good then don't worry about it15:30
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rory-macjack: Maybe file a bug report against that release15:31
TJ-rory-: "HostName bastion.*.blah.com" is valid but you'd still have to do "ssh bastion.foo.blah.com", there is no parameter expansion as in the shell, although you might be able to leverage shell expansion to achieve it15:31
acetakwas4kdownloader doesn't work in Ubuntu 15. Any helpful clue?15:32
reisioacetakwas: what's it for?15:33
blackflowGuys, how can I set alt-tab to switch only between windows groups, and when switching from one to another that next alt-tab switches back? Currently it's horrendously broken if you have more than one group of windows active.15:33
rory-TJ-: The driver for my question is this: I have multiple remote environments with a bastion, and it would be very nice for me to just do "ssh preprod" or whatever and have it understand that that means bastion.preprod.example.com15:33
rory-TJ-: I'm thinking a little bash wrapper would be best to be honest15:33
acetakwasreisio, it's a Youtube video downloader15:33
TJ-rory-: I suspect a bash function to wrap it would be the easiest solution15:34
acetakwasI used it with Ubuntu 13, but now it's installed but does not run15:34
RolandSo I should try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee ?15:34
Botchlaacetakwas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ3yS3_dcQg << Does this help?15:34
reisioacetakwas: what version?15:34
Botchlaacetakwas: Oh, nvm, that's 14.15:34
Botchlaacetakwas: Hm, though the title also says 15 -- maybe see if it helps?15:35
acetakwasreisio, I tried to run from terminal: "4kVideodownloader --version" and got this: error while loading shared libraries: libgobject-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:36
Roland_Back again haha15:38
K1Dudid anyone manage to make work the touchpad on 14.10 ?15:39
macjackrory-: just search the launchpad, it seems no one file a bug,15:39
rory-acetakwas: sudo apt-get install libgo015:39
macjackrory-: probably file a bug then15:39
macjackrory-: anyway, thanks for help :)15:40
rory-macjack: feel free15:40
K1Dudoesn work for me on a hp g615:40
kadirohello, I found a link about copy MBR from disk to another, is this link ok? http://www.techpository.com/?page_id=12315:48
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=== psprint is now known as aeo1ack
kadiroI'am currently copy a lot of partitions from disk to a second one by gparted ( not in the same order ), i want if someone can confirm if i'm correct or not15:51
reisioyou can duplicate a partition layout with sfdisk or sgdisk15:52
CarlFKkadiro: you want to copy the files, right ?15:53
k1l_kadiro: are you cloning a disk to another or why do you want the MBR to be copied?15:54
goldilokscan i hack display resolution?15:56
cfhowlettgoldiloks, if you are REALLY good, sure.15:56
k1l_goldiloks: can you rephrase that question?15:56
cfhowlettgoldiloks, but most of us mere mortals find it easier to just install the appropriate drivers for the gpu15:57
goldiloksi mean, could i make this resolution to 1280x800, because on windows it capable to that res..15:57
kadiroyes i clone a disk not in the same order but one by one using gparted and after that i want to copy a mbr from the first to the second disk15:58
goldiloksin linux it just 1280x76815:58
rsvcan i do auto login as soon as i boot the device15:58
jpdsrsv: Yep15:58
mistralolkadiro: if you clone a disk the mbr would also be cloned15:58
kadiroi have some i/o problems, is this ok or i will do something after copying?15:59
jpdsrsv: "auto login ubuntu lightdm" should do it in Google15:59
jwitkoHey guys I have a server where my iscsi connections to my SAN stopped working.  I have identical setups in the same network where the iscsi connection is still just fine to the SAN.  Multipath -ll gives me the error "Error: : Inappropriate ioctl for device"   can anyone help ?15:59
rofltechgoldiloks: install the right drivers or just set your resolution.  xrandr -output <display to change> -mode 1920x108015:59
TJ-goldiloks: the X server gets the list of possible resolutions from the display, in a data format known as EDID. If for some reason that isn't available,  or is corrupt, then the GPU driver will chose only known safe resolutions15:59
jpdsrsv: Actually, user accounts in system settings has an option for it15:59
kadiromistralol: i do that but not in the same order the partition from sda1 copyied to sdb516:00
TJ-goldiloks: You may find clues as to whether EDID has been correctly read from the display in "/var/log/Xorg.0.log"16:00
mistralolkadiro: why do you need the mbr copied? its not going to be correct at all in that case16:00
kadiroso i need to boot from a live usb?16:01
goldiloksrofltech: what is the output?16:01
Saulo(away) Inativo por mais de 20 minutos16:01
rofltechgoldiloks: the display you want to change.  xrandr with no arguements will list them and possible modes16:01
goldiloksTJ-: oh ok.. i'll see that clue first16:01
mistralolkadiro: well I don't know what your problem is yet :)16:02
kadiro!es | Saulo16:02
ubottuSaulo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:02
rofltechgoldiloks: you can also manually add modes to xorg.conf if you want.16:02
kadirothank you mistralol16:02
mistralolkadiro: but if you have had a drive failure. You have then cloned the partion? And now you want to boot from it?16:02
kadiromistralol: yes this is the point, if i do something else after copying16:03
acetakwasreisio, Botchla thanks. I installed a new version (64-bit). That works!16:03
Botchlaacetakwas: Excellent.16:03
cfhowlettkadiro, why not just copy the DATA, reformat/format the HDD and install then restore the data.16:03
mistralolkadiro: if you just want the data back use a liveusb and mount the cloned partion and copy it off16:04
kadirocfhowlett: I have no space available to do a backup16:04
goldiloksrofltech: is that safe to manually add modes to xorg.conf? How to do that?16:04
mistralolkadiro: if you copyied the mbr over you will trash the partiion table on that drive ;)16:04
cfhowlettkadiro, yeah, this is not going to go the way you think ...16:05
mistralolkadiro: what was on the original drive? and were there a lot of error's when cloneing it?16:05
kadirothank you, i will boot from live usb and install mbr for this problem16:05
rofltechgoldiloks: i added them for a laptop with invalid resolutions probably not the best method but it worked and just use the archwiki16:06
kadirocfhowlett: thank you for helping me, but just i want to copy my lubuntu because i can't reconfigure a lot of things16:06
kadirothe others partition i can do just a copy like said mistralol16:07
EriC^^!xrandr | goldiloks16:07
ubottugoldiloks: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1216:07
cfhowlettkadiro, out of space?  sudo apt-get autoremove (clear out old kernels and no longer needed packages) sudo apt-get clean (clear out the packages from cache)16:07
kadiromistralol: the original have lubuntu and two other partitions16:08
K1Duhi , i have a issue , i installed on a laptop a xbox hdd storage of 2 gb and booted ubuntu on it : problems 1 very lagging and freezing every 5 minutes 2 touchpad doesnt work and 3 keys are getting stucked16:08
K1Dui think the hdd is ntfs16:09
goldiloksrofltech: actually i just wanna my screen look larger16:09
kadirocfhowlett: the disk i'm currently on it have 40 G on all partitioned in two linux and data the disk i want to copy have also 40G i want to copy it on a new one with 160G16:09
goldiloksubottu: but i don't have another monitor, it's laptop16:10
ubottugoldiloks: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:10
kadiroso i cant backup 40G on 14G16:10
goldiloksubottu: seriously you a bot?16:11
ubottugoldiloks: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:11
kadiro!ubottu | goldiloks16:12
ubottugoldiloks: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone16:12
kadirothank you Mr mistralol and Mr cfhowlett for your help16:13
goldilokskadiro: oh, i'm new on linux.. and this is my first time use IRC. hehe thanks btw16:14
rmc3Does anyone know if there's a way for the installer, when configured to look for a preseed file, to fetch a different preseed file based on some parameter (such as mac address) automatically? Looking for some way to make hosts fetch a preseed file customized for them during installation. Haven't found anything in the docs so far.16:14
kadirothank you k1l_ sorry i forget :/16:14
kadiroCarlFK: thank you and sorry again16:14
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dreamcat4hi. will ubuntu support the new skylake processors ?16:17
=== barry_ is now known as barry
dreamcat4i suppose there is nothing untowards to worry about16:18
reisiodreamcat4: yes of course16:18
cfhowlettdreamcat4, eventually ... probably ...16:18
kadiroyou welcome goldiloks16:18
reisioLinux already does16:18
dreamcat4ah. it seems i may need to add "i915.preliminary_hw_support=1" in grub to the kernel boot params16:20
kadiroabout 24 minutes and gparted will copy the last partition i think, hop it will be fine, can gparted after copying have an option to check and repair?16:20
dreamcat4but that's about it! :)16:20
jwitkoHey guys I have a server where my iscsi connections to my SAN stopped working.  I have identical setups in the same network where the iscsi connection is still just fine to the SAN.  Multipath -ll gives me the error "Error: : Inappropriate ioctl for device"   can anyone help ?16:23
kadiroplease help !!16:24
kadirohow to check and repair partition from gparted?16:25
jwitkokadiro, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=37012116:27
kadirothank you very much Mr jwitko16:27
dudeernI think I'm experiencing some minor issue, though I'm new to linux so I could use some advice.  I'm trying to mount an internal HDD through fstab.  Once booted and on the desktop, my machine recognizes the file path (says that HDD is in the folder where I want it), but it does not show content and it shows information about the /home/ partition.  Almost like it mounted the filepath, but not the drive16:28
dudeernif I run a "sudo mount /destinationfilepath/", then it works16:29
kadirojwitko: is gpart different from gparted?16:29
dudeern"sudo mount -a" does nothing, but gives no errors16:30
jwitkokadiro, i think gpart is used for recovery?16:30
somsip!info gpart | kadiro16:30
ubottukadiro: gpart (source: gpart): Guess PC disk partition table, find lost partitions. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1h-11 (vivid), package size 36 kB, installed size 104 kB16:30
jwitko!info gparted | kadiro16:31
ubottukadiro: gparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.19.0-2 (vivid), package size 528 kB, installed size 1868 kB16:31
kadirothank you, so it is for restoring data like testdisk?16:31
TJ-kadiro: gparted is a GUI partitioning tool, used in installers and by anyone who prefers the GUI to the command-line tools. It had some restrictions and doesn't have advanced functionality16:34
kadiroTJ-: thank you now i understand16:35
xwyfgotitallHello. I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have a freshly built computer with an Asus Z170-A motherboard and Ubuntu couldn't pick up my sound chip, after a bit of playing around last night with assistance from some members here I am now looking at a black screen with a white flashing cursor in the top left. can someone help please.16:36
TJ-xwyfgotitall: that sounds rather like a boot failure, is that correct?16:36
xwyfgotitallyes i think so16:37
cfhowlettxwyfgotitall, never booted properly?16:37
TJ-xwyfgotitall: do you have multiple sotrage devices attached (disks, USB) ?16:37
xwyfgotitallI am like 5 days new to linux as my friend has been helping me trying to get things straight. apparently the conclusion was my stuff is too new??16:37
blackflowHi. Why is Firefox crashing so often?16:37
xwyfgotitalli have an ssd and hdd16:37
xangua!details | blackflow16:38
ubottublackflow: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)16:38
cfhowlettxwyfgotitall, HEY!!!! did it ever boot correctly?  ansswering questions help find answers to problems.16:38
blackflowxangua: well, it just crashes at least once a day, no explanation, nothing.16:38
TJ-xwyfgotitall: It could be simple - it could be the firmware is trying to boot from the wrong device. You should be able to press a key during POST and get a manual boot manager menu and choose which device to boot from.16:38
jwitkoHey guys I have a server where my iscsi connections to my SAN stopped working.  I have identical setups in the same network where the iscsi connection is still just fine to the SAN.  Multipath -ll gives me the error "Error: : Inappropriate ioctl for device"   can anyone help ?16:38
xwyfgotitallyes sorry, it was running fine yesterday. the only issue i had was it wasnt picking up sound16:39
Armadillosjwitko: Have you asked in #ubuntu-server?16:40
jwitkoArmadillos, no, ty i'll try there16:40
xwyfgotitallI am in the GNU GRUB at the moment, if that helps?16:41
dudeernNeed some fstab advice if someone is available16:42
MonkeyDust!ask | dudeern16:42
ubottududeern: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:42
Botchlaxwyfgotitall: And you can select your operating system from there?16:42
xwyfgotitallyes, it goes back to a black screen with a white flashing cursur on the top left16:43
TJ-xwyfgotitall: If you're got the GRUB boot menu then the system is booting correctly. What happens if you choose the default Ubuntu entry?16:43
xwyfgotitallblack screen with a small white cursor in top left TJ16:43
TJ-xwyfgotitall: that doesn't sound great. Can you recall what instructions you were given that lead to this. It sounds like the kernel image is corrupted16:44
xwyfgotitallI wasn't doing anything, my more linux savvy friend was talking to guys on here. I think he was saying something about updating to 15.04 and then updating the kernel so it could pick up my sound chip.16:45
xwyfgotitallhe must have restarted and then this happened16:45
Botchla...what. Your friend that knows you're knew asked you to use a non-LTS version?16:45
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Armadillosxwyfgotitall: In your grub menu, do you have the ability to load a previous version on the kernel?16:46
dudeernI'm trying to mount an internal HDD through fstab.  Once booted and on the desktop, my machine recognizes the file path (says that HDD is in the folder where I want it), but it does not show content and it shows information about the boot partition (size, available space, etc).  Almost like it mounted the filepath, but not the drive.  "sudo mount -a" does not change it, but "sudo mount /destinationpath/" does.  The documentation on "mount16:46
dudeern" says that if only specifying a source or destination (not both), then "mount" references fstab to mount the drive.  So fstab works, but it is not mounting correctly at boot.  Any thoughts?  Here is the applicable line from fstab:  http://pastebin.com/F1hRTZC916:46
TJ-xwyfgotitall: do you know what nickname your friend used? I can then look up what was said in the logs16:47
xwyfgotitallthere is "ubuntu", advanced options for ubuntu" and "system setup"16:47
=== Jeff_ is now known as Guest80982
xwyfgotitallit was assistingfriend, assistfriend or supermanintights. something along those lines16:48
xwyfgotitallit may have been in the ubuntu-uk16:48
TJ-xwyfgotitall: I recall Superman :)16:49
TJ-xwyfgotitall: try Advanced and an older kernel, with Recovery mode, to being with. Let's see if we can at least get it to start.16:50
ioriaTJ- maybe here with Spermanintights   http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/08/23/%23ubuntu-uk.txt16:51
xwyfgotitallubuntu, with linux 3.19.0-26?16:51
xwyfgotitalli think he changed his name later on though16:51
xwyfgotitalli just asked him in whatsapp what is irc name is16:51
xwyfgotitallthere is also 4.2.0-040200rc7?16:52
ioriaxwyfgotitall, try the 3.1916:53
TJ-xwyfgotitall: Avoid 4.2 for now, that is probably the cause of the FAILURE16:53
xwyfgotitalldo i choose the regular, upstart or recovery mode16:53
ioriaxwyfgotitall,  upstart16:53
Porfahello, can anyone help me out on this error I'm getting? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7cceadf97e900e1fca4716:54
Porfai have these "things" installed16:54
xwyfgotitallwoo, im back in ;)16:54
choiceHello! Just got a new XPS13 with Ubuntu. Not much works :) Touchpad is doing strange things and Wifi can't see my router. It sees other routers though. Do I have to change the region settings to connect to my router? And if so - how?16:54
ioriaxwyfgotitall,  it works ?16:54
cfhowlettchoice, you're still on the default ubuntu or did you reinstall?16:55
xwyfgotitallyes, everything except my mouse i think16:55
ioriaxwyfgotitall,  sound ?16:55
choicecfhowlett: just opened the box 5 minutes ago and turned the machine on for the first time.16:55
xwyfgotitallmouse is working now... sound chip isn't recognised16:55
cfhowlettchoice, couldn't hurt to verify your reigon settings16:55
choicecfhowlett: how do you do that?16:56
TJ-xwyfgotitall: sounds like you need to remove the 4.2xxxx kernel16:56
ioriaxwyfgotitall,  how did you install it ... dpkg -i ?16:56
xwyfgotitallmy friend installed it. D:16:56
cfhowlettchoice, system > language support > language > regional formats > apply system-wide16:57
xwyfgotitallwhat is the command to uninstal?16:57
ioriaxwyfgotitall,  looks like he installed he http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.2-rc7-unstable/linux-image-4.2.0-040200rc7-generic_4.2.0-040200rc7.201508162030_amd64.deb16:57
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
choicecfhowlett: is that really related to wifi? it seems to be related to numbers etc.16:58
xwyfgotitallyes probably16:58
cfhowlettchoice,  I wondered why you brought it up, but ...16:58
=== vim is now known as Guest67127
ioriaxwyfgotitall,  so... if TJ- agrees , maybe dpkg -p to remove it16:58
choicecfhowlett: googling for "wifi ubuntu cant see my router" brings up to change your region settings. but by editing config files.16:59
TJ-xwyfgotitall: first find out if it was installed using the package manager: "apt list 'linux-image-4.2*'  "16:59
cfhowlettchoice, link?16:59
choicecfhowlett: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=209238317:00
xwyfgotitall[installed, local]17:00
choicecfhowlett: "I just changed the region to US in my router, then I could find my wireless network without any problem. "17:00
cfhowlettchoice, huh.  I'm in China and my connections have had no problem.17:01
TJ-xwyfgotitall: Great... okay do "sudo apt-get purge linux-image-4.2.0-040200rc7"17:01
cfhowlettchoice, for the record ...17:01
choicecfhowlett: http://askubuntu.com/questions/59310/how-to-use-wi-fi-channels-above-1117:01
TJ-xwyfgotitall: if there were no errors reported, do a test reboot now. If it goes wrong, you know how to use GRUB Advanced menu to get back17:03
cfhowlettchoice what country are you in?17:04
choicecfhowlett: germany17:04
choicecfhowlett: maybe the xps wifi card cannot connect to channels over 11.17:04
SCHAAP137i think we in Europe have channels 1-1217:04
cfhowlettchoice, I would be very surprised if that's the case.17:04
SCHAAP137some other places use 2-13, or something17:05
xwyfgotitallit has successfully rebooted back in17:05
choiceSharkMa-san: my router is set to "europe" and lets me choose 10-1317:05
cfhowlettchoice, and you chose ... 10?17:05
choicecfhowlett: 1317:05
choicei travel a lot, so it would be good if my notebook can connect whatever the local wifi is set to.17:06
cfhowlettchoice, but you CAN change that right?  so choose ten 10  and scan again?17:06
ioriaxwyfgotitall,  sudo lshw -c Multimedia17:06
choicecfhowlett: sure i can change it. for testing i will do now...17:06
choicecfhowlett: that might break my irc session :)17:07
cfhowlettchoice, here's mine in Beijing: http://termbin.com/8k7v17:07
cfhowlettchoice, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wireless-tools/+bug/227643/comments/317:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288401 in linux-backports-modules-2.6.28 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #227643 Various wireless drivers don't see !US wireless channels on UK laptop [intrepid regression]" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:09
nicomachuscfhowlett: 2 different channels? 9 and 1117:09
nicomachus9 only on one cell17:09
xwyfgotitalldoes that show a working sound chip?17:10
cfhowlettchoice, best support is to be found direct from DELL forums, imho.  https://major.io/2015/02/03/linux-support-dell-xps-13-9343-2015-model/17:10
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
ioriaxwyfgotitall, run  alsamixer and try F6 to select a card17:12
choicecfhowlett: ok, will check it out.17:13
xwyfgotitallalsamixer doesn't work i dont think17:13
cfhowlettchoice, best of luck.17:13
ioriaxwyfgotitall, ps -A | grep pulseaudio17:14
=== verlooy is now known as ronburgendy
xwyfgotitall1235 ?         00:00:00 pulse audio17:15
ioriaxwyfgotitall, cat /proc/asound/card0/codec* | grep Codec17:15
=== alpha is now known as Guest84345
TJ-ioria: it may not be card017:17
TJ-xwyfgotitall: "aplay --list-devices"17:17
xwyfgotitallit say: No matches were found for wildcar "/proc/asound/card0/codec*"17:17
xwyfgotitallterminal got stuck17:17
Guest84345Can anyone tell me how to mount an internal ntfs drive i connected via sata 3 in my desktop? It shows up in disks but i can't view it in files17:18
xwyfgotitallapparently a process is still running17:18
ioriaxwyfgotitall, ctrl +c17:18
TJ-xwyfgotitall: Try Ctrl+C to interrupt the process, if it is stuck17:18
ioriaxwyfgotitall, and try aplay --list-devices17:18
mcphailchoice: have you tried changing the setting in /etc/default/crda? That might work17:18
TJ-xwyfgotitall: "pastebinit /var/log/dmesg"17:20
TJ-xwyfgotitall: line 865 "snd_hda_intel 0000:00:1f.3: failed to add i915_bpo component master (-19)"17:22
xwyfgotitallis that hardware or software related failure?17:23
TJ-xwyfgotitall: looks like it could be related to the laptop having hybrid graphics. What make/model is the PC?17:24
xwyfgotitallit is a custom, i built it on thursday17:24
xwyfgotitallthrough pcpartpicker17:24
TJ-xwyfgotitall: what is the make/model of motherboard?17:25
xwyfgotitallonly thing that is different is the cpu cooler and the power supply17:25
dragutuxheya, is it possible there is a bug with apache/a2enmod ?17:25
ioriaxwyfgotitall, are you fully updated ?17:25
dragutux(i'm trying to activate mod_rewrite and it farted ..)17:26
TJ-xwyfgotitall: "pastebinit <( sudo dmidecode -t baseboard ) "17:26
xwyfgotitalli wasn't. i am now17:26
Picidragutux: what happened?17:26
wafflejockdragutux: not likely what'd u type17:26
wafflejockdragutux: should be a2enmod rewrite17:27
Piciwafflejock: dragutux: +sudo17:27
wafflejockya that too17:27
xwyfgotitallit said invalid direction target TJ17:28
TJ-xwyfgotitall: OK... possibly the mobo hasn't correctly implemented DMI, I did notice no DMI report in the kernel dmesg.17:28
dragutuxPici, i'm root.17:28
TJ-xwyfgotitall: This is where I'm looking at the spec. http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Z170-A/specifications/17:28
dragutuxalready used a2enmod17:28
dragutuxit says there is  rewrite_module (shared)17:29
dragutux when i use apachectl -M17:29
TJ-xwyfgotitall: "pastebinit  <( lspci -nn )"17:29
dragutuxbut every rewrite request fails17:29
xwyfgotitallsame, is the "<" supposed to be there? it is white coloured in fish17:30
xwyfgotitallit says invalid redirection target17:31
TJ-xwyfgotitall: there is no space between < and ( it's just <( ...command... )17:31
xwyfgotitallyes, i put no space17:32
=== rory- is now known as rory
=== rory is now known as rory-
ioriaxwyfgotitall, by the way, uname -r17:32
TJ-xwyfgotitall: sounds like you're not using the bash shell - what does "echo $SHELL" report?17:32
xwyfgotitallthe shell i am using is fish17:33
mariofv irc.OpenJoke.org17:33
TJ-xwyfgotitall: ioria well, that kernel includes ALC892 support (commit 274693f37 in 2009)17:34
xwyfgotitall usr/bin/fish17:34
TJ-xwyfgotitall: ahhh, ok, do "/bin/bash" so you're using bash, then redo the command "pastebinit <( lspci -nn )"17:35
xwyfgotitallsorry about that17:36
=== aruns__ is now known as indistylo
TJ-xwyfgotitall: OK, that means your motherboard doesn't match the Asus specification17:37
dragutuxok so17:37
dragutuxsolved it17:37
dragutuxinstalled mpm-worker17:38
dragutuxinsteaf of prefork17:38
dragutuxthat forced a clean install17:38
TJ-xwyfgotitall: the 'lspci' report shows the system has 8086:a170' (8086 is the Intel Vendor ID) but the Asys spec claims a Realtek AC892 which has '10ec"0892'17:38
DayDreamerSo I recently moved into Computer Engineering. Two of my friends had advised me that I should look into linux/unix systems. While I do want to install it, I wanted to ask, what should I be learning and doing with it to get the most out of it?17:39
xwyfgotitallwhere do i go from here?17:39
reisioDayDreamer: anything, it's a better system for anything & everything17:39
reisioI wouldn't use Windows to open a .txt file if I had a choice of doing it on Unix17:39
DayDreamerThat's a terrible answer. I have no idea what that means because it's too broad and vague especially to someone with no experience.17:39
reisioDayDreamer: to get the most out of it in what way, exactly?17:40
v0r0nweDayDreamer: sorry, but your question is also very "broad and vague" :-)17:40
TJ-xwyfgotitall: Linux kernel support for 8086:A170 was added with commit c8b00fd2f4 on 2014-10-13 which means it isn't in the Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 kernel17:40
xanguaDayDreamer: your question itself it's a very broad one17:40
TJ-xwyfgotitall: That explains why you friend tried to install the latest kernel release-candidate17:40
DayDreamerRight now all I've done so far is some basic programming17:41
pauljwDayDreamer, learn the cli17:41
TJ-xwyfgotitall: I think what you need is the LTS supported Hardware Enablement stack which brings in a more recent Ubuntu kernel17:41
DayDreamerpauljw: Yeah, I've been navigating through my school's unix server and really the prompt is that I dislike using the Windows shell app17:42
xwyfgotitallwhere do i get that from17:42
dragutuxok you want a plan DayDreamer  ?17:42
dragutuxstep a : learn to install ubuntu17:42
dragutuxstep b : learn to create an usb key to live boot17:42
dragutuxstep c : learn to use ntfs tools to recover deleted files by accidents on computers17:43
dragutuxvoila, you got 1 tech operation covered and you can recover files for users17:43
dragutuxalong those you'll learn a lot17:43
DayDreamerThat's literally more informative that just saying "Everything"17:43
dragutuxjust one thing17:44
ioriaTJ- he should install 14.04.3 ?17:44
dragutuxi hope your name isnt litteral17:44
dragutuxbecause yeah, you need to focus a lot17:44
pauljwglad i'm going to be his prof17:45
TJ-ioria: does that bring in a 3.19 kernel?17:45
dragutuxi could teach17:45
dragutuxbut i have to resist the urge of snapping and beheading a student17:45
dragutuxif he's too dumb17:45
ioriaTJ-  no ... 3.16.0-46-generic17:45
dragutuxcya guys i'm returning to whatever i was doing :D17:46
TJ-xwyfgotitall: ioria I've just been looking at the reverse-depends of the various HWE kernels, to see which will have the required driver support17:46
xwyfgotitalli went from 14.04 and upgraded to 14.10 then upgraded to 15.0417:46
TJ-xwyfgotitall: sorry, you're already on 3.19 kernel aren't you17:46
TJ-xwyfgotitall: OK, so you need one of the mainline kernel builds, but a stable one, from the kernel team PPA17:47
xwyfgotitalli believe so yes. when i upgraded to the newer one the system went kaput17:47
TJ-xwyfgotitall: what does "uname -m" report?17:47
Mc-KayHello, Is there a channel that I need to be in for Ubuntu mate?17:48
MonkeyDustMc-Kay  ask in this channel and wait17:49
Mc-KayI had the idea this was the main channel since this is the link I followed.17:50
MonkeyDustMc-Kay  it is, now let's hear it17:50
TJ-xwyfgotitall: I have a script that automates the download and install of a mainline kernel. If you download this and then we'll make it executable, and you can use it.  " wget -O $HOME/wget_kernel_mainline.sh   https://iam.tj/projects/misc/wget_kernel_mainline.sh"17:51
TJ-xwyfgotitall: once downloaded, do "chmod u+x $HOME/wget_kernel_mainline.sh"17:51
TJ-xwyfgotitall: once you've done that do "mkdir /tmp/kernels && pushdir /tmp/kernels && $HOME/wget_kernel_mainline.sh v4.1.6-unstable"17:53
goddardwhat the the recommended permissions for ssh keys?17:53
=== elysium^away is now known as elysium
TJ-xwyfgotitall: typo! use this "mkdir /tmp/kernels && pushd /tmp/kernels && $HOME/wget_kernel_mainline.sh v4.1.6-unstable"17:54
xwyfgotitallit says invalid option17:54
TJ-xwyfgotitall: what "it" ?17:54
jonassmhey guys, im having some issues with a partition(s). I already have 4, but i have one unallocated which i want to put in my ext4, to extend it.17:54
MonkeyDustjonassm  you mean, merge two martitons?17:55
xwyfgotitalli have written it out exactly and it saus wget: invalid option -- '0'         usage: wget [option]...    [url]17:56
jonassmno, extend one.17:56
jonassmi already have data on my ext4 i dont want to lose though17:56
TJ-xwyfgotitall: "O" is  capital o not a zero17:56
jonassmi could do it fine on windows - is it harder on ubuntu ?17:56
=== elysium is now known as elysium^away
MonkeyDustjonassm  what do you mean by extend?17:56
xwyfgotitallok sorry :)17:56
jonassmi have 4 partitions, the maximum. i also have an unallocated 100gig something partition. I want to put those 100gig on the partition with 30gigs, the linux one17:57
* ki7rw is one unhappy dude17:58
TJ-xwyfgotitall: here's all the commands you need, to avoid having to scrollback: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12185636/17:58
ki7rwi installed wireshark and while trying to get it to see the interfaces i screwed up my desktop17:58
akikjonassm: the 4 partition limit only applies if they are primary partitions17:58
ki7rwnow i gotta spend a bunch of time fixing this!! undoing what i did didn't fix the problem17:59
jonassmi have 4 primary partitions, and one unallocated, the allocated i want to put on one of the primary partitions, the linux one17:59
MonkeyDustjonassm  that makes no sense17:59
TJ-jonassm: which partition is unallocation, 1,2,3 or 4 ?18:00
jonassmthats the thing18:00
jonassmhow do i take a screenshot?18:00
* ki7rw knows, he got what he "paid" for18:00
TJ-jonassm: or, do you mean you have 4 partitions AND 100GiB unallocated to ANY partition?18:00
jonassmim not really good at explaining stuff18:00
Mc-KayI just updated from nornal ubuntu/unit 14.04 to ubuntumate 15.04, installed all the normal programs, however I have a strange text rendering issue on the desktop where the icon text, menu and panel /clock appears for a short time goes towards being blurry, that area can only be read again when I move the mouse point towards those icons or that part of the panel?18:00
kgirthoferanyway to watch something with smaller time signature than one second?18:00
kgirthoferi.e. watch -n 100ms date18:00
xwyfgotitallwhy typing out "xwyfgotitall: typo! use this "mkdir /tmp/kernels && pushd /tmp/kernels && $HOME/wget_kernel_mainline.sh v4.1.6-unstable"" the response was cannot create directory 'tmp/kernels' file exists18:01
TJ-xwyfgotitall: OK, you created the directory already... so just do "pushd /tmp/kernels && $HOME/wget_kernel_mainline.sh v4.1.6-unstable"18:01
TJ-jonassm: what does "sudo parted /dev/sdX units s print" (replace X with your drive letter)18:02
jonassmdont mind the other screen :p18:02
TJ-jonassm: grrr, I typoed again! "sudo parted /dev/sdX unit s print" (replace X with your drive letter)18:02
jonassm@tj- look at my imgur link18:03
xwyfgotitalljust downloading, my internet is pretty rubbish so i will let you know when it is done18:03
TJ-xwyfgotitall: OK :) while it does that can you show is "pastebinit <( df )" please, so we know you have sufficient disk space18:04
TJ-jonassm: It is too small, and doesn't provide the detail I require. Please use the command I gave you18:04
xwyfgotitallcan i do that whilst it is processing in the terminal?18:05
TJ-xwyfgotitall: You should be able to open an additional terminal tab with Ctrl+Shift+T, or use the top menu to do it18:05
xwyfgotitalloh, i did something and it pushed the download to a second line. is this ok?18:06
jonassm@tj- http://imgur.com/qtFnh9e18:06
TJ-jonassm: please use the command I gave you18:06
jonassmi did tj-.. thats a picture of it.18:06
TJ-jonassm: as in, put the text it reports in a pastebin... pictures are no good18:07
TJ-!paste | jonassm18:07
ubottujonassm: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:07
jonassmtj- this better? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12185729/ sorry if im a hassle :p18:07
TJ-xwyfgotitall: phew! great, you don't have a separate /boot/ file-system so plenty of space18:08
TJ-jonassm: thank you. Your imgur image is only 1024x288 pixels!18:08
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xwyfgotitallwhat is the size of the download TJ-18:09
TJ-xwyfgotitall: I can't remember offhand, it's the required kernel packages though18:10
TJ-jonassm: ok, so you have unallocated space from sector 3407106049 to 3816914943 ?18:11
goddardssh warns about permissions being to open, but doesn't say what the permissions should be18:12
clobranogoddard: are you talking about permissions to .ssh folder and keys?18:14
TJ-jonassm: my maths shows "echo '(3816914943-3407106049)*512/1024/1024/1024'|bc"  = 195GiB - is that correct?18:14
goddardclobrano: keys inside18:14
EriC^^goddard: 60018:14
clobranogoddard: yep :D18:14
goddardclobrano: ahh ok thanks EriC^^18:14
Faryshtahi, i am having issues with my speakers and headphones that produce no sound at all. I have installed and uninstalled pulseaudio with no results. Is there a way to know if my computer is recongizing the speakers hardware?18:14
Scott606Can someone walk me through installing the correct drivers for my video card .. Im on a fresh install of xubuntu 64 bit and this is my card when i do lspci18:14
Scott60602:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Caicos [Radeon HD 6450/7450/8450 / R5 230 OEM]18:14
Scott60602:00.1 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Caicos HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 6400 Series]18:14
xwyfgotitallTJ-, I am just installing18:14
EriC^^goddard: no problem18:15
FaryshtaIs there a way to know if my computer is recongizing the speakers hardware?18:15
UmeaboyCheck lshw18:15
EriC^^Faryshta: also aplay -l18:15
TJ-xwyfgotitall: assuming there are no error reports... try rebooting it should be the kernel used as default... if it hangs/crashes like 4.2.xxx did, use the Advanced menu again :)18:15
UmeaboyCheck what module the card uses.18:15
xwyfgotitallTJ-, done18:15
jonassmyes tj-18:15
jonassmsorry was out making coffee18:16
xwyfgotitallfingers crossed!18:16
Scott606Talking to me umeaboy?18:16
UmeaboyScott606: Nope.18:16
Scott606sorry lol18:16
UmeaboyTo Faryshta.18:16
UmeaboyAlso try readin the Alsa wiki.18:17
xwyfgotitallTJ-, it booted up successfully18:17
UmeaboyOr PulseAudio if that's what you're using.18:17
FaryshtaUmeaboy: thanks, i am checking the lshw result. what should I look there?18:17
=== spawn is now known as Guest74798
FaryshtaEriC^^: i uninstalled alsa to see if it was the issue, should I reinstall it?18:17
choiceHow do you add a root terminal to Ubuntus launcher?18:17
TJ-jonassm: It looks like you shrank the NTFS partition # to leave free space. You have a problem. You cannot easily add that space into the Extended Partition in #4 nor allocate it to a primary.18:17
TJ-xwyfgotitall: OK... try "aplay --list-devices" again18:17
UmeaboyFaryshta: sudo lshw | grep Audio18:18
weliperI have an old Laptop for over 8 years a go. v12.04 loads successfully but 15.04 does not. It arives to the window we choose Try/Install, after that I have a blank screen, I waits for minutes, hours but it's not loaded!18:18
OerHekschoice, that would not be security-wise18:18
Scott606Anyone mind PMing me and helping me install my video card driver.18:18
Umeaboyweliper: What graphic card does it use?18:18
FaryshtaUmeaboy: http://pastie.org/1037278918:18
EriC^^Faryshta: yes, reinstall alsa18:19
TJ-jonassm: in theory, the partitioning tool should allow you to create an out-of-order logical partition inside another extended partition. However, I doubt that gparted can do that18:19
weliperAMD, Umeaboy. I think the 4xxx series18:19
UmeaboyHave you tried deleting splash quiet from the Try/Install row?18:19
FaryshtaEriC^^: ok then let me finish purgin alsa, then  will reinstall18:19
UmeaboyAlso try to add noacpi to see if that helps.18:19
jonassmi get what you're saying tj-. i'll try18:19
TJ-xwyfgotitall: Yay! the device shows up! See if you can use it18:19
weliperUmeaboy: huh! it's not installed! I don't have grub right now.18:20
xwyfgotitallTJ-, i can't hear anything through my headphones through the front jacks18:20
EriC^^choice: you can always launch a normal terminal and type sudo -i to get a root prompt18:20
FaryshtaUmeaboy: that advice of removing splash was intended to me?18:21
choiceOerHeks: maybe. im new to ubuntu. use debian and mint normally. my new xps13 came with ubuntu preinstalled. not sure if i will keep it or replace with debian or mint. do i have to somehow pin the terminal to the launcher and then edit it?18:21
TJ-xwyfgotitall: headphones can often be another problem to deal with. Can you test the speaker outputs?18:21
=== fury is now known as Guest41733
Umeaboyweliper: You can before you choose to load any row click on Tab to edit.18:21
choiceEriC^^: sure, thats what i do now. but i like to have a root terminal button.18:21
cruceriohi there, my laptop does not recognize the built in keyboard anymore (ubuntu 15.04) what am I to do?18:21
EriC^^choice: and not type the password even?18:21
UmeaboyHighlight Try before install and press Tabulator button.18:21
UmeaboyThen delete splash quiet from the row and press F10.18:22
TJ-xwyfgotitall: also, use the Mixer control to ensure the ALC892 is being used - it is possible the PC is trying to send audio to the HDMI device18:22
weliperUmeaboy: What do you mean for row? They are button!18:22
choiceEriC^^: i expect the password prompt to come up when i start it.18:22
choiceEriC^^: do i have to pin the terminal to the launcher and then edit it?18:22
xwyfgotitallTJ-, I only have a monitor with speakers at the moment so i am playing sound through the GPU. i dont have any speakers to use18:22
=== thesickcynic is now known as gammaveros
EriC^^choice: you have to create a new launcher .desktop in /usr/share/applications with the Exec=gksu <terminal>18:22
goddardis there a way to output file permissions in number format for files?18:23
ioriaxwyfgotitall, alsamixer is working ?18:23
choiceEriC^^: no visual way to add something to the launcher?18:23
TJ-xwyfgotitall: can you plug your headphones into one or more of the speaker outputs - you should hear something from the front-left/right output which is usually Green, I think18:23
EriC^^choice: no18:23
Umeaboyweliper: You have the same problem using any other Live version?18:23
EriC^^not unless the terminal you install has a .desktop like that preinstalled18:23
choiceEriC^^: you must be kidding me? even debian has a "mainmenu" menu where you can add stuff.18:24
UmeaboyLike using the Live version of Ubuntu 14.10.18:24
=== andre__ is now known as Guest48493
TJ-xwyfgotitall: also, if the monitor is connected by HDMI and you are, by default, hearing sound through those speakers, then plugging headaphones into the other sound device might *not* cause the output device to change18:24
Scott606Anyone care to PM me and help me install my video card driver Please and Thanks18:24
weliperUmeaboy: no, 12.04 works great. but the problam stands for: 13.04, 13.10 ... 15.0418:24
OerHekschoice, i guess this way the terminal asks for your pass > http://askubuntu.com/questions/118822/how-to-launch-application-as-root-from-unity-launcher18:24
Umeaboyweliper: OK.18:24
OerHekschoice, i thought you wanted the terminal passwordless in root..18:25
FaryshtaUmeaboy, EriC^^ restarting, back in a minute.18:25
TJ-xwyfgotitall: in other words, you may have to manually change the output device if you want to use headphones, from the HDMI to the Analogue18:25
UmeaboyYou only said 12.04 and 15.04. :)18:25
choiceOerHeks: yes, im hanging at step 1 "Pin the application to the launcher as normal." - what does that mean?18:25
UmeaboyTJ-: I've had the same problem with that for a while.18:25
EriC^^choice: that's to do with the DE not debian/ubuntu18:25
weliperUmeaboy :)18:25
choiceEriC^^: i found it: start the app, then right click the icon and click "lock to launcher"18:26
Umeaboyweliper: Try the mini.iso. ;)18:26
xwyfgotitallTJ-, which card should i use?, digital output (S/PDIF) or Line out18:26
OerHekschoise, in this case, open terminal, then right klick, add to launcher18:26
UmeaboyThat might help.18:26
choiceEriC^^: yes, unity. never used it before. well, used it and decided i hate it. but since its preinstalled now i will give it another shot.18:26
UmeaboyJust try it and see.18:26
EriC^^choice: ah, i was referring to your question regarding doing it via a visual way (adding a root terminal)18:26
UmeaboyIt's a text-based installation, but still works.18:26
OerHeksbut that would be the same as the launcher in usr/share/applications/18:26
weliperUmeaboy: It needs internet. I need to install it offline :(18:26
TJ-xwyfgotitall: it should be Stereo analog - line-out is non-amplified for driving an external amplifier18:27
xwyfgotitallTJ-, it was only a minor set back. my volume was at 0% ;)18:27
TJ-xwyfgotitall: LOL18:27
Umeaboyweliper: Right.18:27
OerHekschbest way now is to make your own launcher, and name it root-terminal or something18:27
TJ-xwyfgotitall: OK... so where are you at now? Is it working?18:27
Umeaboyweliper: Can't you enable a WiFi hotspot with your cellphone then?18:27
UmeaboyI use that now and then.18:28
weliperI semi-loads! untill the window we choose via Try/Install button!18:28
BluesKajxwyfgotitall: on most modern soundcards the green output connector is the "front" volume ctl in alsamixer, and both digital and analog outs are usually active if you have the hdmi connected as well18:28
weliper.It semi-loads*18:28
Scott606Anyone care to PM me and help me install my video card driver Please and Thanks18:28
UmeaboyIt's not a great solution, but should work.18:28
UmeaboyScott606: Hi!18:28
UmeaboyI'll TRY to help you if I can.18:28
UmeaboyNo promises thou.18:28
xwyfgotitallTJ-, from what i can tell, it is picking up my microphone and i can hear through both of my headset speaker from the jacks at the back of my computer. just going to check the front now18:29
cruceriolaptop keyboard stopped working, is there anyone who knows how to fix it?18:30
xwyfgotitallTJ-, it isworking 100% thank you so much!18:31
TJ-xwyfgotitall: YAY! reward time... din-dins18:31
xwyfgotitallTJ-, you have saved my computer from being thrown out of a window18:31
TJ-xwyfgotitall: darn! If I knew tht I'd have waited outside :D18:31
choiceafter prefixing the command with gksudo -k -u root, nothing happens when i click on the item. is there a log file somewhere to see what went wrong?18:32
choicealso searching for "terminal" in that bash thing does not bring up the gnome terminal anymore...18:33
FaryshtaEriC^^: Umeaboy http://pastie.org/10372813 here is my aplay -l18:33
EriC^^Faryshta: do you have pulseaudio installed?18:34
FaryshtaEriC^^: yes but the daemon says http://pastie.org/1037281718:35
=== earl-ducaine_ is now known as earl-ducaine
goddardWhy am I getting this error key_load_public: No such file or directory18:38
goddardit happens when trying to login over SSH18:38
choicemaybe i have to add a root user to make the "launch as root" possible?18:38
choicei think i somewhere read that ubuntu comes without a root user...18:39
v0r0nwehello fellows, someone here using weechat & bitlbee & whatsapp via libpurple? Some people send me direct messages but i only recieve exactly this: [Ciphered message received] any idea? they are not using otr or something like this (otr actually works for me for jabber :))18:39
MonkeyDustv0r0nwe  this is the ubuntu support channel18:39
v0r0nweMonkeyDust: so sorry wrong window!18:40
Faryshtahi, I would like to configure my sound card, currently pulse audio is returning this error http://pastie.org/10372817 and this is my aplay http://pastie.org/1037281318:40
EriC^^choice: the -k isn't allowing it to work18:41
EriC^^gksu -u root <command> works18:41
choiceEriC^^: interesting. all sites have it with the -k. let me try without...18:41
nnullgksu by itself will work, but i don't think that helps him on boot18:41
ioriaTJ-   good job TJ- ... so it was a wrong kernel ?18:42
choiceEriC^^: it works! hurray!18:42
TJ-ioria: I think it was badly installed, but also an RC so possibly quite unstable18:42
choiceEriC^^: thanks!18:42
EriC^^choice: no problem18:43
ioriaTJ-   i see18:43
=== Corey84 is now known as linux-modder
TJ-ioria: flashing cursor usually means GRUB's linux ... line has loaded the kernel image into memory and tried to pass execution to its entry routine... but the bytes at the location are garbage and so the system just hangs18:44
RegexNinja47Hi! I'm having trouble getting KDE to run on a headless server. Would anyone be kind enough to help diagnose my problem? Here's the output of kde when it runs: http://pastebin.com/2RxRJMe518:44
TJ-ioria: otherwise the kernel would have written something to screen as it initialised18:44
ioriaTJ-   right18:46
JesusIsAwesomehey, how to update radeon driver to latest i have ubuntu 1218:47
ObrienDave'latest' may not be the best choice for 1218:48
Bashing-omJesusIsAwesome: Depends on the card. Many of ATI's cards are now relegated to legacy, and no proprietary driver is available.18:48
JesusIsAwesomeBashing-om,  i want latest radeon open source driver18:50
JesusIsAwesomeon ubuntu 1218:50
Bashing-omJesusIsAwesome: If your system is updated. You have the latest that is available from the software repsitory . terminal command ' lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga ' to see the card; and ' sudo lshw -C display ' to see what driver is loaded .18:52
KorejoraI'd like to try Ubuntu, but I'm unsure of how to partition it. Any advice?18:54
rory-Korejora: Will you be dual-booting with Windows?18:54
KorejoraYes. Last time I tried this, though, grub destroyed Windows' MBR and I had to reinstall both OS, so this time I have a separate 256GB SSD for Ubuntu.18:55
rory-Korejora: During the Ubuntu installation, you can use a graphical interface to choose how much disk space is allocated to Windows, and how much to Ubuntu. The installer will then do the partitioning for you. You don't have to manually partition unless you want to.18:55
MonsieurBonI'm trying to log all dropped outgoing packets from iptables. These are my iptables-rules: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12186121/  and this is /etc/rsyslog.d/00-my_iptables.conf: :msg,contains,"[netfilter] " -/var/log/iptables.log18:55
rory-Korejora: You can also choose to install Ubuntu to only that SSD18:56
MonsieurBonWhy am I not seeing anything in /var/log/iptables.log? The file isn't even being created.18:56
MonsieurBonBtw, this is on a virtual server.18:57
KorejoraHow does the installer partition it? It was a long time ago that I tried it, and I had to do things like figure out the size of the swap partition in relation to my RAM. Will it do all that?18:59
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Faryshtahi, I would like to configure my sound card, currently pulse audio is returning this error http://pastie.org/10372817 and this is my aplay http://pastie.org/1037281319:00
OerHeksKorejora, yes, the installer calculates your rax x 2 + some kb for caches.19:02
Bashing-omKorejora: Yeah, if you choose "erase diak and install ubuntu" the installer will take care of all details. All you need to do is tell the installer where you are in the world, identify the keyboard and set a username and password. The installer does all the rest .19:02
OerHeksKorejora, see what it does in automatic mode19:02
KorejoraOK. Thanks, guys!19:03
akikKorejora: i wouldn't trust anything automatic in your case if you had a bad experience last time19:05
Bashing-omKorejora: 'sudo parted -l' to make sure you know what the SSD is identified by the system as . Would not want to install to the wrong hard drive . - an ounce of prevention !19:05
roryas always, take a backup of any important data before doing anything related to partitions19:05
roryit only needs to happen once and it can ruin your whole week19:05
snapfractalpopanyone have experience with ufw?19:05
rorysnapfractalpop: ask your next question (your real question) and find out :)19:05
MonkeyDustsnapfractalpop  i'm sure it's really about iptables19:06
snapfractalpopI'm looking to use ufw as a kill-switch for pia vpn. is this a good idea?19:06
r1k1_snapfractalpop what you need to do with ufw?19:06
rorysnapfractalpop: sure that would work fine19:07
Korejora@akik: That's what I was concerned about. Mostly I just don't want to lose the ability to boot into Windows if Ubuntu screws up or needs to be removed.19:07
rorysnapfractalpop: assuming you mean to block access to the port(s) the VPN uses, in order to cause it to stop working?19:07
snapfractalpoprory: I mean, sometimes the internet in various places cuts out, and my connection to the vpn is killed along with it19:08
snapfractalpopwhen my connection comes back, it's without vpn19:08
rorysnapfractalpop: So you want to be sure that you can't make connections without the VPN?19:08
rorysnapfractalpop: What software are you using to connect to the VPN? Built into Ubuntu network manager?19:09
akikKorejora: you can install the boot loader to the beginning of your linux partition and then use dd to copy it to a file, then add it to windows boot loader with bcdedit. it's not easy but it's possible19:09
rorysnapfractalpop: you could configure the firewall to only allow outbound connections to the IP address(es) of the VPN service19:10
Korejora@Bashing-om: Will this be available in the installer, or will I have to run Ubuntu off the USB and run a terminal before installing?19:10
snapfractalpoprory: so, is vpn an interface, that I would "allow" with ufw?19:11
roryIn my mind I'm picturing all outbound connections blocked by default, and then allowing outbound traffic to your VPN endpoint(s)19:11
akikKorejora: the installer allows you to manually create your partition scheme, showing your disks19:12
EriC^^Korejora: you could dd the mbr and copy it back if you want to restore the windows bootloader, if you don't have a windows cd19:12
roryBut if you can do it by interface, that would work too19:12
EriC^^Korejora: are you using uefi though? or mbr/legacy?19:12
roryThere is an option to automatically connect to VPN though I think. Might be worth clicking through the settings dialogue of the VPN connection to see if there's such an option19:12
snapfractalpoprory: that's what I was thinking.. I guess I just have to learn how to use ufw19:12
snapfractalpoprory: I'll check that too19:13
Korejora@EriC^^: I have a Windows CD. The problem is that all attempts to repair it via the Windows CD failed using bootrec, etc. failed.19:13
EriC^^Korejora: oh, bootrec /fixmbr /fixboot etc ?19:13
Korejora@EriC^^: Yes, those.19:14
EriC^^windows 7?19:14
roryKorejora: I've seen situations like this before when you have multiple hard drives. The Windows bootloader is installed to one drive, and then Grub installs to another and things get funky19:14
Bashing-omKorejora: Boot the liveUSB -> try ubuntu mode -> activate a terminal . and run 'sudo parted -l ' .. many times the USB is refognized as 'sda' where as 'you' might expect that the DDS is to be recognized as 'sda' . This confuses many peiple . from the desktop - when you are ready to install you can click on the install icon .19:15
snapfractalpoprory: you are right!!19:15
roryKorejora: There's an option in the same screen in the installer that partitions, that lets you choose which drive to install GRUB19:15
KorejoraEriC^^: Yes, although because the MBR seemed unrecoverable I just wiped the disk and installed Windows 10 instead.19:15
snapfractalpopthere *is* a way to make the connection automatically use vpn19:15
EriC^^Korejora: does win10 boot?19:15
rorysnapfractalpop: Always better to come in and say what your problem is, rather than some detail of a solution you've come up with that may not be optimal :)19:15
Bashing-omrrcognized *19:15
Korejora@EriC^^: Yes. I completely wiped everything, Windows 7, Ubuntu, all of it. Now I have Windows 10 on its own SSD, which boots fine, and a separate blank SSD that I hope to try Ubuntu with.19:16
skypcehello all19:16
skypcehow can disable the keypad numeric of my notebook?19:17
EriC^^Korejora: using uefi?19:17
Korejora@Eric^^: I don't know what that means.19:17
EriC^^are you in a live usb right now?19:17
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Korejora@EriC^^: I'm in Windows 10 right now.19:18
snapfractalpoprory-: yeah.. guess I had to backtrack a second19:18
snapfractalpopI went down the "kill switch" path because so many people online were discussing it19:19
EriC^^Korejora: ok, well boot the live usb and see if you're using uefi or not, if you're using legacy then install ubuntu to the other hdd and the bootloader there too, and ubuntu's bootloader will boot windows19:20
ioriaKorejora,  run  MSINFO32 in win10 and check BIOS MODE19:20
EriC^^if you're using uefi, the bootloader isn't installed in the mbr, it's in a separate partition on the disk, so if you want ubuntu to be a standalone install you can have it create it's own efi partition on the other hdd to boot it19:20
Korejora@ioria: It says UEFI.19:21
ali_i wanna install libssl-dev on ubuntu 14.0419:21
ali_but i get this error:19:21
ali_ libssl-dev : Depends: libssl1.0.0 (= 1.0.1f-1ubuntu2) but 1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.8 is to be installed19:21
ali_and i try to install libssl1.0.019:21
ali_and it says its already installed19:21
rory-snapfractalpop: I've seen people online saying that the auto-connect VPN thing doesn't work. Poke me if that happens to you.19:22
ioriaKorejora,  so you should install ubu in the same way ... uefi19:22
snapfractalpoprory-: I've read that it may not work using gnome-keyring19:22
snapfractalpoprory-: I'm actually already using it with password in the config file19:22
snapfractalpopso hopefully it works, I'll test it now19:23
Korejora@ioria: Is that something it will ask about in the installer?19:23
Korejora@ioria: Or some specific manner I should be using the installer, like off type of device?19:24
rory-snapfractalpop: Yeah that was the extent of the advice I was going to offer you :P Seems you are all set now19:24
snapfractalpoprory-: thanks!19:24
ioriaKorejora,  in bios ... you should see the usb labeled as uefi ...19:25
Ben64ali_: look at the error, there is a version problem, maybe you have PPAs messing with it, or you didn't do apt-get update, or something else19:25
Korejora@ioria: OK, thanks.19:25
ioriaKorejora,  but efi motherboard are all different ...19:25
EriC^^Korejora: after you boot the live usb, open a terminal and type ls -l /sys/firmware/efi , if you get a list of dirs then you're booted in uefi19:26
ioriaKorejora,  follow Eric^^ he is the uefi specialist ^_^19:26
akikEriC^^: does the installation ask about uefi after that?19:26
EriC^^akik: what do you mean?19:27
akikEriC^^: do i have to select uefi anywhere in the installation stages?19:27
EriC^^akik: no, if you're booted in uefi then it'll install in uefi19:27
EriC^^akik: Korejora same person?19:28
Korejora@EriC^^: No.19:28
akikEriC^^: no, i'm just interested because i've only installed in mbr mode19:28
EriC^^oh ok19:28
plex /join #alt.binaries.movies.divx19:29
plex /join #alt.binaries.movies.divx19:30
Bashing-omplex: A space befor the command '/join'. Remove that space .19:31
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TJ-I think plex is an ad-bot19:32
plex /join #alt.binaries.multimedia19:32
plex /join #alt.binaries.multimedia19:33
MonkeyDustplex  put the cursor before the /, then hit delete and enter19:33
Bashing-omTJ-: :), tks, As I live and learn .19:33
MonkeyDustoh, a bot19:33
MonkeyDusti w&as thinking it was intelligent19:34
TJ-there are no such channels; those are nntp newsgroups for binary/warez/malware19:34
ioriathere' s a way to spot them ? i don't want to chat with a bot...19:34
TJ-ioria: long experience :)19:34
ioriaTJ- ok19:35
NikeshCan anyone point/guide me to setting up rsync? I need to transfer ~18GB from one laptop to another and I don't have any physical mediums to do that with19:41
esdehttp://www.tecmint.com/rsync-local-remote-file-synchronization-commands/ Nikesh19:42
bekksNikesh: rsync -av /source/folder/ user@remotehost:/target/folder/19:42
bekksNikesh: No need for setting up anything.19:42
yecril71plHow can I find more information why a VPN connection has failed?19:42
Nikeshbekks: What are the values for user and remote? Is user the local username and remote the LAN IP?19:43
esdesee the link i provided above19:43
Nikeshesde: Ah OK, missed that19:43
bekksNikesh: user is the remote user name, and remotehost is eithet the IP of the remote host or the name of the remote host (depending on your DNS resolution).19:43
Nikeshbekks: Ah OK. And is /target/folder local to the user? e.g. /target/foler -> /home/user/target/folder ?19:48
snapfractalpoprory-: yikes.. just did some tests that scare me19:48
snapfractalpopwith the autoconnect feature, it leaks19:49
bekksNikesh: Nope, /target/folder is /target/folder, not /home/user/target/folder19:49
snapfractalpoprory-: looks like I'll be needing ufw after all.19:53
jmaderoanyone using devilspie that can tell me what's wrong with this syntax: http://pastebin.com/kEE01J8m19:54
snapfractalpoprory-: I made a simple bash script to curl robots.txt on a server, and when I checked the logs, it turns out that there is a few seconds where it is getting requests from my actual IP19:55
snapfractalpoprory-: I wish NetworkManager was smart enough to not allow that to happen19:55
Nikeshbekks: Ah OK. And how do I open the port/ssh connection?19:55
akikNikesh: it's the option -e ssh19:57
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trijntjeI'm trying to use ubuntu server iso with grml rescue boot, but I only get the memtest option in the grub menu. What am I doing wrong?20:00
lyletrimjntje , Could you please elaborate your problem20:01
MonkeyDusttrijntje  i used grml rescue too, not any iso can be used for it20:01
MonkeyDusttrijntje  a program or module has to be included in the iso, i forget what it was20:02
bekksNikesh: -e ssh (which is the default, so you dont need to specify it).20:02
trijntjehmm, thats too bad. I like grml because its an easy way to carry a bunch of iso's around on usb without having to 'write' a different iso to it for every OS20:03
Nikeshbekks akik So on the receiving machine I do rsync -e ssh?20:03
MonkeyDusttrijntje  you do mean, put the iso in /boot/grml/ ?20:03
trijntjeMonkeyDust: yes20:04
Nikeshbekks: akik To clarify I mean, I'm getting a 'Connection refused' error20:04
MonkeyDusttrijntje  ok, we're talking about the same thing... now looking up what it was20:04
bekksNikesh: No. On the sending machine, you run: rsync -av /source/folder/ remoteuser@remotehost:/target/folder/ and on the receiving host you enable ssh before.20:04
akikbekks: you don't have to do anything on the receiving side, just ensure sshd is serving and you have rsync installed on the receiving server20:04
n-sthi, i've got 1 GiB of pkgcache.bin.* files in /var/cache/apt. is that intentional?20:04
bekksakik: I know that :)20:05
akikoh sorry, nikesh20:05
lylehey all20:05
akikNikesh: so next task is to open the sshd port20:05
Nikeshakik: bekks OK. SO I am getting a 'connection refused' error. Do I simply run sshd?20:05
Nikeshakik: In my router?20:05
akikNikesh: on the receiving server of course20:06
akikNikesh: just to double check, is the receiving server running sshd and have your tried logging in to it?20:06
Nikeshakik: OK, I found it's not running sshd. I'm installing openssh-server now20:07
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akikNikesh: also make sure rsync is installed there20:08
Nikeshakik: Yay, it looks like it's working!20:08
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akikgood and good night!20:08
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KionNikesh: I would do a netstat -tvnlp to see if sshd is listening first. Probbably they already told you to check it this way but I just got here20:09
NikeshKion: On the receiving machine? No, I wasn't told that yet. The sending machine is showing some output from rsync and I can see that there are new files on the receiving end, so it looks like it's going well20:10
KionNikesh: on the server machine, that command will print a list of all the listening programs, just see if you can find sshd there20:11
NikeshKion: OK, yeah, I see sshd there. Thanks :)20:12
KionNikesh: sorry a list of all the programs listening and in which port they are, it is also good to check that once in a while to make sure there are no programs waiting for connections that you do not want20:12
KionNikesh: That means that sshd is listening and waiting for connections, now check your firewall rules, and lastly your configuration for authentificating on the server20:13
NikeshOK so next issue to investigate is.. what is causing my CPU so much activity? In the 'System Monitor' (GNOME) I see a constant activity of 15-25% on all four cores, even when all I have open is a terminal and the 'System Monitor' itself20:15
NikeshBut when I click the Processes tab and sort by CPU, the top listed process is the 'System Monitor' with only 6% usage20:15
trijntjeNikesh: close system monitor ;)20:15
Nikeshtrijntje: Is there another way to check CPU usage that doesn't skew the results so heavily, then?20:16
trijntjeTop in the terminal20:16
NikeshThough in contrast with other machines 'System Monitor' generally shows just 0-3% usage across the cores20:17
OerHekshtop is my favorite20:17
Delta706apart from Squid, is there an easy-to-configure web proxy that supports modifying the data being passed through?20:17
OerHeksis that 3% bad ?20:17
KionNikesh: for CPU usage type w on your terminal20:18
KionNikesh: that is a very light weight way of watching your CPU usage20:18
NikeshOerHeks: No, but seeing 15-25% usage when all I have open is a terminal and the GNOME System Monitor concerned me, i.e. what was causing such relatively heavy usage?20:19
trijntjeCould be the CPU taking over for the video card, drawing stuff. Do you have the latest graphics drivers?20:20
Nikeshtrijntje: I'm not sure!20:20
Nikeshtrijntje: This is a fresh 14.04 install20:20
zerowaitstateNikesh: try htop instead.20:21
zerowaitstateNikesh: and run htop under sudo, so you see everything you need to20:22
OerHeks!info htop20:22
ubottuhtop (source: htop): interactive processes viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.3-1 (vivid), package size 62 kB, installed size 194 kB20:22
Nikeshtrijntje: It seems like something is up with my touchpad drivers, too, because occasionally the mouse will move all around the screen on its own clicking things20:22
Nikeshzerowaitstate OerHeks Ah thanks!20:22
honkoHello! How do I use CAPS LOCK as ESC in Ubuntu?20:23
NikeshSo how do I begin looking into my touchpad and graphics drivers?20:24
OerHekshonko, i would switch them caps<>esc, like here, or see 2nd answer with dconf http://askubuntu.com/questions/363346/how-to-permanently-switch-caps-lock-and-esc20:24
zerowaitstateDelta706: take a look at varnish20:24
zerowaitstateDelta706: although varnish is actually a reverse proxy20:25
honkoOerHeks: i prefer to have ESC on both keys20:26
OerHekshonko, copy the esc code with dconf i guess20:27
honkok... unbelievable, how much harder it is to configure unity compared to gnome.20:27
honkoso what does it mean to "copy esc code with dconf"?20:28
k1l_honko: that task is not different on unity than on gnome-shell since both share the same base20:28
Delta706varnish seems to be a proxy but I cannot find anything on the wikipedia page to say it can modify data20:29
honkok1l_: in gnome (as it comes with mint) there is a checkbox in the system menu where you can simply say "use caps lock as an additional escape key"20:30
Nikesh/usr/bin/X and firefox up to 50% CPU usage! Could this indicate needing to update graphics card drivers?20:30
honkok1l_: also i think in debian it is that way.20:30
k1l_honko: what comes with mint is either mate or cinnamon. and if you name the program that they use, you can use the same on ubuntu20:30
honkohonko: because i have a debian laptop and a mint desktop and i set it like that on both without editing config files.20:31
honkok1l_: dont know what program. its just under the main menu "keyboard settings".20:31
honkoso how do i do it with dconf?20:31
honkois it a good idea to install these dconf-tools?20:32
OerHeksAs you request a specific key setting, it is usable.20:33
honkomaybe gnome-tweak-tool is better?20:34
honkoim confused as to what gnome has to do with unity20:35
k1l_honko: unity is a shell for gnome3. like gnome-shell is a shell for gnome3-20:35
TJ-honko: "apt-cache depends unity" ===> "Depends: libgnome-desktop-3-7"20:35
k1l_honko: cinnamon (the mint thingy) is a shell for gnome3 too.20:36
k1l_honko: http://askubuntu.com/questions/363346/how-to-permanently-switch-caps-lock-and-esc20:37
honkoso i think the gnome-tweak-tool is the way to go?20:37
honkohonko: i dont want to switch them20:37
honkok1l_: ^20:38
honkoi just want to use caps lock as an additional escape key.20:38
k1l_honko: did you read the answer before saying it doesnt help you?20:38
EriC^^honko: use xmodmap -e "keycode <caps lock code>=Escape"20:39
honkoEriC^^: would that work system wide or just in the terminal?20:39
honkoEriC^^: how would i make that work on boot?20:39
honkoEriC^^: i think thats not what i need.20:39
EriC^^what do you need?20:40
honkoEriC^^: where would you put that line?20:40
EriC^^in startup apps20:40
honkowhats that?20:41
EriC^^open the dash > startup20:41
OerHeksit is all there honko. http://askubuntu.com/a/365628 from the same page .. keycode and all ..20:41
OerHeksit is a rich helppage20:41
honkoEriC^^: and paste it just as you typed it?20:42
EriC^^open a terminal, type xev, then press caps lock and get it's keycode20:42
honkocan i try it in the terminal first to see if it works?20:42
honkoEriC^^: that gives me: ^[20:43
EriC^^honko: what does?20:44
ash_workoops! I did ^- accidentally and shrank the terminal20:45
ash_workhow do you revert?20:45
honkoEriC^^: hmm.. or maybe it gives me keycode 9?20:45
k1l_ash_work: press ctrl+c ?20:45
ash_workk1l_: nope20:45
ash_workthe terminal is literally smaller20:45
ash_worklike the whole thing20:46
ash_workas if someone took the corner and dragged it smaller and all the aspect ratio was maintained20:46
honkoi think i will install the gome-tweak-tool20:46
OerHeksash_work,  alt + mousewheel20:46
EriC^^honko: ok20:46
ash_workDerHeks that didn't work20:47
ash_workDerHeks, I can't auto complete your name20:47
ash_work:: shrug ::20:47
honkognome-tweak-tool looks completely broken20:47
honkomaybe nobody ever started it under unity?20:47
k1l_ash_work: its a O not a D :)20:48
EriC^^honko: the keycode is 66 here20:48
EriC^^honko: try xmodmap -e "keycode 66=Escape"20:48
ash_workk1l_: still doesn't work 0erHeks20:48
honkoEriC^^: well, gnome-tweak-tool seems to have done the job.20:48
k1l_honko: iirc it doesnt work properly on unity. but you could already be done with all that if you would have looked 30sec. on the page i linked.20:49
ash_workit's an O - oscar20:49
ash_workI thought you were saying zero20:49
k1l_ash_work: you are still mixing O and 0 (one is a letter, one is number)20:49
ash_workfigured it ouy20:49
ash_work(as opposed to shrinking which was just ctrl+minus20:49
honkois it possible to resize / while its mounted?20:50
ash_workthanks though20:50
honkogparted seems to not let me.20:50
k1l_honko: no.20:50
honkok1l_: so i need to boot from an usb stick and then resize it?20:51
k1l_honko: yes20:51
NikeshHow can I 1) find the brand/model of my touchpad and 2) investigate if it needs new drivers? I'm trying to resolve an issue where on occasion the mouse cursor moves around the screen clicking things on its own until I disable the touchpad with FN+F720:56
OerHeksNikesh, lspci or lsusb or lscpu or lshw are hardware identify tools21:01
OerHeksi think the 1st one,lspci21:02
OerHekswith the 8 digit hexcode 1234:abcd you can search for more details21:03
NikeshOerHeks: Hm.. I don't see anything that mentions a touchpad in that output21:06
diooTrying to debug lxterminal (cursor is twice as big as usual only in certain applications) and I can't get gdb to behave.21:06
diooI apt-get installed the *-dbg packages and source, but gdb does that weird "up-and-down" dance in the source and then exits.21:06
DammitJimhow do I export an apt key?21:06
DammitJimto a file?sudo apt-key export 0E27C0A6 > key.gpg21:07
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DammitJimit gives me bash key.gpg permission denied21:07
k1l_DammitJim: what folder are you on? do you have permissions there?21:08
DammitJimk1l_, sorry21:08
DammitJimI forgot about the problem when doing this with sudo21:08
DammitJimthanks! I think I got it21:08
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choiceWhen you guys download a program, where do you put it? Do you create a directory like /home/yourusername/software/ or something?21:20
k1l_choice: yes, or put it into /opt21:20
choicek1l_: interesting. never heard about /opt21:21
choiceanother idea would be to just have /home/myuser/desktop/mystuff/21:21
choiceand have everything there.21:21
k1l_choice: depends on the programs and if its system wide or not21:21
choicek1l_: in this case, its firefox21:22
k1l_well firefox is in the repos. i would not mind installing a extra one21:22
choiceisnt the one from mozilla.org newer?21:22
k1l_choice: no21:22
choiceyou would do apt-get install firefox?21:22
choiceor use that appstore thing from ubuntu?21:22
k1l_the one on the official repos get the same updates21:23
OerHeksfirefix is already there21:23
OerHeksor fox :-D21:23
k1l_choice: your choice if cli or gui.21:23
choicethat appstore thingy is a gui for apt-get?21:23
k1l_choice: it should be the first choice to see if the program is in the official ubuntu repos.21:23
k1l_choice: yes21:24
OerHeksfirst thing i do is update & install synaptic21:24
choiceok, installing via that ubunt software center.21:26
choicemeanwhile im downloading the latest mint with mate. is it save to just install it alongside ubuntu?21:26
OerHeksThat would be a mint-support question21:27
k1l_what do you mean with "safe"?21:27
choicek1l_: good question. i wonder if ubuntu will still work when i install mint in a second partition.21:27
k1l_should do.21:27
OerHeksBackup your data :-)21:27
choicealso i want to install mint with full disk (or full partition) encryption. not sure how that will impact ubuntu.21:27
choiceOerHeks: new laptop, no data :)21:28
mcphailchoice: it will work, but a tiny kitten will cry21:28
choicein my experience, encrypting the root partition while having multiple OSes on the machine creates headaches sometimes.21:29
choicebut i did not do it the last year or two. so maybe things got better meanwhile.21:29
OerHekswith your new laptop?21:29
choiceOerHeks: yes21:29
choiceOerHeks: not sure what your question was refering to though :)21:29
choicewhen i shrink the ubuntu / partition, how much space should i give it? is 10gig enough?21:30
choicethis machine has a whooping 256gig ssd. amazing :)21:30
k1l_10gb is quite short for a full desktop. it can work but depends on how much stuff you install on / and if you have a seperate /home21:31
choicek1l_: i never use /home/. i have all my stuff in its own partition.21:31
choiceguess i will give / 30gb. why not. i have it :)21:32
k1l_choice: you can have /home as a seperate partition21:32
choicek1l_: yeah, but i dont like programs to fiddle in "my" partition.21:32
choicek1l_: and many applications do stuff in /home/21:32
choicek1l_: so i just stay away from /home/ completely.21:32
k1l_that sounds really strange21:33
choicek1l_: i dont want stuff to appear in "my" directory without me putting it there.21:33
k1l_its a linux standard that program put the user configs into the /home folder.21:33
choicek1l_: yes. but when i think about "my stuff" i mean my letters, my photos etc.21:33
choicek1l_: i only want *my* files in *my* directory. not config files some application puts there.21:34
bekkschoice: You have to live with the fact that programs will store its user-config in the user home, too.21:34
choicebekks: they can store as much shit as they want. i just dont want to have anything to do with it.21:35
TJ-choice: programs will write  per-user configuration and documents to $HOME/ by default21:35
choicefind /home/myuser/ | wc   ------>   5908 files :)21:35
bekkschoice: you dont have anything to do with it.21:35
choice5908 files i have absolutely nothing to do with it.21:35
choicei dont want them among *my* data.21:36
TJ-choice: I simply have a directory $HOME/Documents and keep all my own creating documents in it21:36
choiceso i use a partition for my stuff and stay away from /home/.21:36
choiceTJ-: yes, that might be a solution too.21:36
TJ-choice: " mount /dev/mapper/VG-MyDocs /home/tj/Documents"21:37
choiceTJ-: sure. thats possible.21:37
miguelnegraoCan someone tell me what permissions should I set to a user folder in /home ?21:37
choiceTJ-: i never really saw the benefit of volume groups by the way.21:37
MonkeyDustchoice  the hidden .config folder is placed automatically in /home and some programs go look there21:37
miguelnegraoIm trying to restore from backup but only have backup of contents of /home/miguel so neet to create /home/miguel myself.21:37
k1l_miguelnegrao: excpet for .ssh everything could be 75521:40
Bashing-ommiguelnegrao: sysop@1404mini:~$ ls -al /home >> drwxr-xr-x 29 sysop sysop  4096 Aug 24 14:48 sysop .21:40
miguelnegraoBashing-om: so sysop owns sysop ?21:40
miguelnegraothe directory21:41
TJ-choice: LVM allows easy migration, snapshots, extend/reduce, temporary file-systems, RAID, and more21:41
TJ-one of LVMs biggest benefits is there is no need to pre-allocate space that may be wasted, file-systems can be extended on-demand21:42
Bashing-ommiguelnegrao: 'sysop' is my username on the system. so yes 'sysop' owns the directory .21:44
choiceMonkeyDust: another reason to stay away from it.21:46
Guest76664i need antivirus for ubuntu21:47
MonkeyDust!av | Guest7666421:47
ubottuGuest76664: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus21:47
choiceTJ-: i only get the last benefit you mentioned. but i can also rather quickly resize with gparted.21:47
k1l_choice: honestly, you are making drama where its no need to.21:47
k1l_Guest76664: to scan a windows partition?21:47
choicek1l_: drama?21:47
wlu5tarHi. When will the next LTS release of Ubuntu come out?21:48
MonkeyDustwlu5tar  april 201621:48
miguelnegraoBashing-om: thanks, got it.21:48
Bashing-ommiguelnegrao: Great ! :)21:48
k1l_choice: the "omg /home !!!11111" thingy. thousands of user use /home like its meant to be (or do we have millions of linux users? :) ) i dont get why you dont want to.21:49
wlu5tarMokeyDust: Okay.21:49
Guest76664clamav is good21:49
MonkeyDustchoice  have to admit, i havent followed... what's wrong with /home ?21:50
TJ-choice: repartitioning is nowhere near as flexible as LVM. You can't join 2 disjoint partitions into one volume, but with LVM you can add any block devices as physical volumes to a Volume Group, no matter where they are21:50
wlu5tarAre there any major differences in Ubuntu 14.04.03 as compared to Ubuntu 14.04.02?21:50
choicek1l_: i just dont use /home/. no drama.21:51
choiceMonkeyDust: nothing. i dont use it.21:51
MonkeyDustwlu5tar  no, exciting new wallpapers, maybe21:51
k1l_wlu5tar: think of it as a servicepack like windows calls it.21:51
k1l_wlu5tar: and it ships a new kernel and xorg (the ubuntu 15.04 backports one) on a new install.21:51
TJ-wlu5tar: the release notes will show anything dramatic. Mainly the point release is publishing an updated installer  image21:51
MonkeyDustchoice  how can you 'not use' /home ?21:51
choiceMonkeyDust: i just never put any files into it.21:52
MonkeyDustchoice  fair enoughn but /home is not for personal files only21:52
dandanhttp://imgur.com/lEr3ExP I'm having this after few second at splash screen there is any way i can fix it ?21:52
choiceMonkeyDust: true. there are over 5000 files in there right now. 5000 files i dont want to think about :)21:52
wlu5tarI had several problems with Ubuntu 14.04.02 so I was wondering whether the latest relase might've fixed those.21:53
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TJ-dandan: that looks like the startup 'Plymouth' splash-screen. Pressing Esc should usually show a terminal with progress messages21:53
k1l_wlu5tar: depending on the issues, but if its hardware issues the new kernel might help21:53
OerHekschoice, good choice, then don use a desktop environment.21:53
OerHeksdon't *21:54
MonkeyDustchoice  you mean the files that make your computer run21:54
k1l_OerHeks: even cli programs like irssi put the stuff into ~ :)21:54
choiceOerHeks: seem like the DE works without me thinking about those 5k files in /home/.21:54
wlu5tarWhat's the Kernel's version in the latest release?21:54
k1l_wlu5tar: 3.19 in 15.04 and 14.04.321:54
TJ-OerHeks: Why not? The point is very valid. Backing up/version control of a separate hierarchy is much easier if you don't have to cope with hundreds/thousands of $HOME/.XXXX files/directories21:55
choiceis making a bootable usb stick from an iso file just "dd if=the.iso of=/dev/sdb"?21:55
choiceand is dd better then cat?21:55
TJ-dot-files have gone crazy; they should all be put in one sub-dir of $HOME, e.g. $HOME/.config/21:55
k1l_choice: works for ubuntu images since they are hybrid images21:55
Scott606someone in here helped me out a couple hours ago with my video card .. and sent me a link to download windows 7 to use in virtual box .. well its done installing and i made the bootable usb and it boots up but says there are drivers missing and wont let me install..21:55
TJ-choice: if you use blocksize with dd it'll be faster. E.g. "bs=100M"21:56
wlu5tarBy the way, when using Ubuntu, are you able to play 1080p videos in Firefox?21:56
MonkeyDustchoice  delet .themes, .gnome and .gnome2 from your /home, see what happens    <-- in a vm or so21:56
choiceTJ-: ok21:56
Guest76664how to install clamav-0.98.7.tar.gz for ubuntu21:56
wlu5tarOn youtube, I mean.21:56
EriC^^choice: yeah, sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync21:56
choiceMonkeyDust: as i said, i dont touch /home/.21:56
k1l_Guest76664: why a manual install?21:56
choiceEriC^^: "sudo" lol.21:56
choiceso 4M or 100M?21:56
Guest76664how to install21:56
k1l_Guest76664: use the package management. like apt-get or the softwarecenter21:57
TJ-choice: I sometimes give it up to 1GB if it's a big transer21:57
choiceTJ-: it's 1.6 gig21:57
choicelinux mint21:57
EriC^^choice: yeah, sudo is required obviously21:57
TJ-choice:  'bs' controls how much data is buffered in memory and written sequentially... larger 'bs' means fewer I/O operations21:57
MonkeyDustchoice  you're using mint?21:58
tewardchoice: Linux Mint isn't Ubuntu, by the way... (if you're on Mint we can't help you)21:58
OerHekswlu5tar, the limit is standard 720p AFAIK, but this tutor might be a help http://www.linuxveda.com/2015/06/29/get-1080p-youtubes-html5-player-firefox-linux/21:58
TJ-teward: the image being written is Mint21:58
tewardTJ-: ah, OK21:58
choiceMonkeyDust: im using ubuntu, mint, debian in different versions.21:59
choiceteward: right now im making the mint stick to resize the / partition of my ubuntu laptop.21:59
choicethe guys in #debian say cp is better then dd.21:59
choicecp started...22:00
choiceexactly at 00:00 ... lets see how long it takes...22:00
TJ-not better at all, it just tries to decide on the bs itself22:00
choicethat was quick.22:00
TJ-choice: no... it's cached in memory... now do "sync"22:01
choicelooks like cp decided on a big bs :)22:01
justicefriesare there extras yet for the 4.1.6 kernel? trying to get aufs for Docker, but maybe I should switch to overlayfs22:04
jjavaholicjust so i can clarify to install ubuntu along side windows 8.0 machine with an i7 I have to download AMD64.iso? for vivid?22:04
TJ-justicefries: in the kernel team PPA, yes I think so22:04
MonkeyDustjusticefries  try #ubuntu-kernel22:05
TJ-jjavaholic: correct22:05
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jstvzHi all, I'm having mouse jumps to particular points on either screen on 15.04 with a dual monitor setup. Haven't been able to google this effectively, any tips on how to troubleshoot it?22:09
buitresomeone. how to install an external pci sound card,my sistem is voyager x debian. i plug the sound card but i didn't see or the how, may anybody tell me something about it? tanks22:10
k1l_buitre: better ask the voyager or debian support on that specific issue22:11
jstvzOh, and the mouse(s) were connected via USB and bluetooth.22:11
k1l_buitre: because we dont know what they changed. its not ubuntu22:12
MonkeyDustbuitre  what's the outcome of   cat /etc/issue22:12
buitrewhat is that monk22:13
MonkeyDustbuitre  in a terminal, type   cat /etc/issue22:13
buitreand then what ?22:14
spine55has anyone had any issues with empathy and gtalk accounts using applicatoin specific passwords?22:15
MonkeyDustbuitre  paste the outcome here22:15
spine55using Ubuntu 15.0422:15
choicethese days, is there no more limit on how many primary paritions you can have?22:20
MonkeyDustchoice  422:20
k1l_choice: depends on the partitiontable22:21
choiceMonkeyDust: oh, thats not much22:21
k1l_dos is still 4 primary22:21
choicek1l_: what does that mean?22:21
k1l_gpt is somewhat a lot higher22:21
choicehow do i know what the drive has?22:21
k1l_parted -l tells you22:22
choicelet me check...22:22
TJ-GPT, by default, provides for 128 partitions22:22
zerowaitstateMBR is just a really old partition table type. However, you can create extended partitions to get past the limit of 422:23
TJ-choice: and, can you please stop cross-posting the same question at the same time to #debian and #ubuntu, it makes it very difficult to follow/help22:23
k1l_yeah, might better ask in ##linux when he cant decide22:24
marianoI'm having trouble installing my bluetooth keyboard on xubuntu 15.04. I had it working on xubuntu 14.04 but the tutorial I followed no longer works.22:25
choiceok, i posted the answer to the partition table type in #debian.22:25
choicecheck there, if you like.22:25
choicealso parted -l seems to confirm what i said in the other channel.22:26
buitrethanks anyway,..i didnt see how windows users migrate to freware UBUNTU,LINUX OR DEBIAN IF IT IS HARD TO DO, spending lot of time whit drivers,or intalling software. no antivirus, no drivers,just free.22:26
cristi1313hello i have a problem can anyone help me ?22:26
k1l_cristi1313: describe that issue and we will see22:27
cristi1313ok.. so i fresh installed xubuntu 15.4(tried to contact xubuntu irc but no one is there) and after some ppa adding and some apt-get update apt-get upgrade i have no sound and when i  enter pulseaudio in terminal i get E: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.22:31
cristi1313E: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed. but the strange thing  is that when i try to play an youtube video or downloaded movie it gets delayed like 10 seconds and then it starts playing with no sound. can anyone help me please, i am new to linux thanks22:31
OerHeks'adding some ppa' .. what ppa exactly?22:31
k1l_cristi1313: please show a "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d" in a pastebin22:32
cristi1313wait a minute to check22:32
cristi1313i have ppa from smplayer , wine , mozilla, vlc, gnome3team and numix, i will k1l_ in a second22:33
k1l_cristi1313: ubuntu-audio-dev-ubuntu-pulse-testing-vivid.list22:35
k1l_that sounds like its made for breaking sound22:35
k1l_!ppa-purge | cristi131322:35
ubottucristi1313: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html22:35
cristi1313i installed it after i had sound break... I thought that it will help22:36
k1l_ubuntu-audio-dev-ubuntu-pulse-testing-vivid.list  got a lot of pulse and other stuff in it too.22:37
k1l_cristi1313: so since you had proper sound and it broke after you added the 3rd party ppas, i would consider using ppa-purge and see what ppa breaks it22:38
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cristi1313ok i will try22:39
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arooni-mobile hey folks;  i think i installed some kind of old competing software to unity/lightdm and now my xchat window looks all funky like it was from the early 90s... i have ubuntu 14.04lts 64bit installation.  how can i get it back to the way it was (sleek more modern).  i can provide a screenshot if necessary22:43
marianohas bluez-hcidump been taken out of ubuntu 15.04?22:46
micheldoes anyone know which environment ubuntu-mate is using? lightdm, gdm or something else?23:03
cristi1313i still have no audio in my 15.4xubuntu23:04
cristi1313tried to remove ppa23:04
cristi1313not working23:04
cristi1313anyone can help?23:04
xanguamichel: mate is a fork of Gnome 223:06
michelxangua, so it should be gdm right?23:07
OerHekscristi1313, there is a guide for audio issues, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio23:08
xanguadoesn't really matter what dm you use michel23:08
michelanother question might be off-topic (sorry for that) how can i hide the user joind / user left messages in hexchat23:10
michelxangua, i need to know it because i need to run its daemon manually23:10
RevertToTypeI'm having like no joy trying to get a ubuntu minimal install to connect to wifi23:11
EriC^^michel: type dpkg -l | awk '$2 ~ /dm$/'23:12
michelEriC^^, shows noothing23:13
EriC^^try service --status-all23:13
OerHeks"ii  lightdm                                              1.14.2-0ubuntu1                            amd64        Display Manager"23:15
OerHekssure it gave some output.23:15
TJ-EriC^^: you can just do "dpkg -l '*dm'   "23:16
michelEriC^^, thanks that showed what i need to know23:16
RevertToTypealso setting grub command line to tty12 doesn't hide all the linux messages on boot like it's supposed to23:17
TJ-RevertToType: because we stop at tty7 :)23:17
RevertToTypecrap dumb me, forgot console= before hand (that's the point, no more messages)23:18
EriC^^michel: np23:18
squintymichel,  if using hex or xchat   right click on channel button -> settings -> hide/join23:18
michelsquinty, thanks23:19
RevertToTypenow to figure out how to get wifi working, dont know why it's really not feeling this23:20
michelsquinty, much better XD23:21
squintymichel,  :-)23:21
squintyRevertToType,  might want to check out the following.. gives methods for identifying wireless cards and if applicable, tells how to install broadcom drivers    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx23:23
michelcan i have 2 DEs opened at the same time on different terminals?23:30
michelF7 for one and F3 for another?23:30
neopsychehi all23:34
bennypr0faneHello, it seems I can't boot into my Bios anymore - whenever I reboot, grub comes right up, there is no bootsplash from the pc manufacturer with startup options like boot menu etc.23:34
neopsycheJust wondering anyone know how to install OPENGL 3.2 for ubuntu 14.0423:34
neopsycheif I do dist-upgrade it will also push it to 14.10?23:34
bennypr0faneI've never seen this behavior before, it's like Bios has disappeared. How can I get it back?23:35
squintyneopsyche,  no23:36
Nikesh_My power went out and subsequently my router turned off in the middle of an 18GB rsync transfer :( Is there someway to continue where it left off?23:36
neopsycheaok thanks squinty23:36
RevertToType@ squinty ; so i have things kinda half working but i can't seem to connect to anything, i can scan via iw, ifup/down work fine, put the appropriate mess in my wpa...conf file but no dice it seems23:36
RevertToTypei've looked through like 20 tutorials online23:36
RevertToTypeif i throw ifup wlan0 i just get a neverending dhcpdiscover23:37
aeden__dneopsyche, are you already using openGl? try  glxinfo | grep version23:37
squintyRevertToType,  sorry never played with that particular angle before.  hopefully someone else will be able to chime in23:37
neopsycheprogram throws 'need 3.2' I have 3.0 when checking grep23:38
RevertToTypewhoever makes a cli closer to automatic network management app is gonna be a solid champion (and someone who streamlines adding new resolutions/modes/lines in xorg)23:38
tgm4883RevertToType: automatic network management app?23:42
RevertToTypesomething like that would be nice23:43
RevertToTypei'm like on my 20th tutorial on how to connect to a network via command line and not a single one has worked23:44
radiel892i have strange issue where i can startx from single user fine and the xorg log says the nvidia driver is loaded, but when i boot the system normally it bounces back to login screen after selecting user (and xorg log says the nvidia driver is not loading)23:48
yugdrixhi guys23:51
lasindiHi all, I'm trying to connect my ubuntu desktop to my university's network, which appears to be IPv6 only. It appears to work under Windows 7 fine, but Ubuntu takes a long time to configure, and then says I'm "connected" but I can't ping google.com. Any ideas?23:53
Saulo(back) Inativo por mais de 20 minutos (time: 14m e 33s)23:55
Saulo(away) not here.23:55
OerHeks!away | Saulo23:58
ubottuSaulo: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»23:58

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