cubzequence: I was reading the old PR strategy and wonder if there is any automation involved when updating the web site:09:24
cub"Website & Social Sites: Post an article on the Ubuntu Studio Website. This post is published on facebook, twitter, identi.ca and the website at once."09:25
cubAt once...is it automatic somehow or just a reminder to post it on all channels at once?09:25
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cubThe web site theme is not very responsive. And I just noticed that knome had changed the theme for Xubuntu. I think we should consider this in the coming overhaul of the web site.11:21
cubI think a move to a new theme by 15.10 would be quite possible with a major change in design and art for 16.04. The only feedback we have received on the web site (that I'm aware) of has been complaints so perhaps an update is due even earlier than the next LTS11:24
cubonly thing is the process to actually upload to the server and to be able to quickly fix any post-errors that was not discovered beforehand11:25
zequencecub: There's no automation, so it's not exactly at once11:37
zequenceThere is a plugin, which I think is now installed that could let you do that though11:37
zequenceAnyone who would like to do work on the web site theme, just give it a go.11:38
zequencePeople to talk to, for help and assistance: knome, madeinkobaia11:38
zequencemadein can help with artwork11:39
zequenceAlso, there are blueprints for the website, which should be used to organize the work11:54
zequenceBut, don't think anyone has the time now11:54
cubI was thinking of me. As I'm doing a couple of wordpress sites at the moment my php skills are fresh. In a couple of months, who knows? ;)11:57
cubI think automatic posting on channels are to be avoided. Better to be able to tweak the posting for each target. but more on that in what I prepare for the PR strategy mail I'm writing11:58
cubI was thinking, unless we have strong attachement to the current web site design, we could tweak the Xubuntu one (like before) and be up and running in time for 15.1011:59
cubzequence: I assume you never heard back from the guy talking about doing art work for the web page?11:59
cubit was some time ago12:00
zequenceNo, he hasn't been heard of since12:15
zequenceI think we should aim higher than copying Xubuntus theme, if possible12:16
zequenceI have also been doin a bit of php lately. But, I'm not anywhere near having time for that yet, and don't know how long until I have12:17
cubYes, another aim for 16.04 but some change for 15.10, was my thinking12:18
zequenceRight now I'm working on listing packages for backporting. I tried a lot of ways to list packages with apt tools, but finally I found it easier to just build my own, downloading package lists from apt repositories directly12:18
cubto do our own theme from scratch requires more work and knowledge than I have12:19
zequenceIt would be good for it to be mobile friendly in either case12:19
cubyup, it feels a bit old to not have a mobile friendly web site in 201512:30
cubgoing back to doing our own theme, it's not just to create it, it needs to be maintained as well. More efficient to use a common theme and do customizations to it in a child theme. And get all updates "for free"12:31
zequenceIf it works, I can easily see it being untouched for at least 2 years at a time12:38
zequenceThough, wordpress may make it fail of course12:39
zequence(workdpress updates, I mean)12:39
zequenceBut, I wouldn't know about that12:39
cubthere are security updates even for themes sometimes12:41
zequenceYes, and therefore I think it is of course best to keep things minimal, if doing it yourself12:50
zequenceBut, the design don't have to suffer though12:50
zequenceI'm making a tool that I'm calling apt-search for now. It will be able to search from any debian type archive12:51
zequenceTime to head home12:56
cubholstein, are you online?16:37
cubsent an email instead16:46

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