rfshamanIs anyone familiar with setting up Ubuntu Studio on a 4k display?00:01
ObrienDavewhy would it need 'setting up'?00:01
rfshamanpoor choice of words00:01
rfshamanI cannot set the display properties tweaked right00:02
rfshamanI increased the overall DPI however the window bars are still way to small00:03
rfshamantrying to get it looking "normal"00:03
ObrienDavebecause the 'bars' are only a certain pixel size wide. more pixels, smaller 'bars'00:03
rfshamanUbuntu proper seems to recognize that I am using an UHD monitor and adjust00:04
ObrienDaveyou need to tweak the theme for larger bars00:04
ObrienDavestudio uses xfce for the DE00:04
rfshamanThanks for the response I will look up information on adjusting xfce.  I appreciate it00:05
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Cat_hello world!11:24
zequenceCat_: Hello there11:39
Cat_I have a problem with Ubuntu Studio, could someone help me please?12:08
zequenceCat_: Just tell us the problem. If someone is able to answer, they will as soon as they see your question.12:17

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