pcworldwhat do you mean by bootloader00:16
ObrienDavenormally the bootloader, GRUB, is installed to the MBR of the HD. you need to install it ti the USB stick if you want it to boot the system00:23
ObrienDave*it to00:23
xubuntu42wThere is no updated tutorial on how to exactly partition and install a live persistent USB drive (STEP by STEP)00:23
xubuntu42wafter i choose something else for example..what next00:26
xubuntu42w"something else"00:26
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xubuntu99whi all I would like to know how I can create a launcher for xfce-terminal to open a window or tab with ssh to my server similar to this gnome-terminal --disable-factory --sm-client-disable --class=remoteserver -x ssh -t serverip07:26
xubuntu99wby the way I was reading this post on askubuntu http://askubuntu.com/questions/34597/how-do-i-make-a-custom-launcher-for-terminal-applications07:28
RudyValenciaHi, is it possible to set up a key shortcut to minimize windows? I couldn't find one in the keyboard shortcuts applet.07:50
synthormy xubuntu 14.04 ran fine with two amd graphic cards and two fullhd screens connected to each card with the propritary driver10:26
synthorthis morning installed all updates and now xorg and migration processes have high cpu usage when the machine is just on the desktop10:27
synthormy mouse and keyboad hangs every few seconds and the system isn't usable at the moment10:27
synthorbooting the last kernel version didn't help10:28
synthoreven reinstalling/upgrading the amd driver10:28
synthorany hint?10:28
synthorit's xfce 4.10 btw10:29
synthori remember that there was an similar xorg high cpu usage bug...seem to be triggered now again -.-10:55
synthorglad that i already have two new ssds, where i can install 14.04.3 with xfce 4.12. waste of time to get this fixed again...10:56
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RudyValenciaHow do I set a keyboard shortcut to minimize a window?11:00
ghostcubehi, i installed 14.04.03 lts on an HP Compaq nx9030 with intel grafics adapter11:50
ghostcubedmesg gives me this error [drm:intel_cpu_fifo_underrun_irq_handler [i915]] *ERROR* CPU pipe A FIFO underrun11:51
ghostcubei tried to fix this with some help threds in arch wiki and the ubuntu community but nothing really made a difference11:51
ghostcubeis there anything further known so far?  this isnt xubuntu related in general. seems to be a kernel or a driver bug.11:52
jrm86I'm having a bit of trouble with mounting an internal HDD.  Using fstab, It mounts fine in /mnt/, but won't bind to a folder in /home/username/.  I can get it to mount just fine through terminal "sudo mount /home/username/Media/".  Problem is, I'd have to do this every time I log on.  Here is the applicable lines in fstab:  http://pastebin.com/F1hRTZC9 .  Any thoughts?15:10
holsteini agree, seems like the issue would be with the fstab, then..15:11
jrm86Odd thing is the first time I changed it, I did a simple "sudo mount -a" after, and it worked fine.  On startup though, no love.15:12
holsteinjrm86: i have one that i added to fstab, and, my lines dont look like that15:12
holsteinwell, i think you are sahying "im having issues with an internal HDD mounting".. but, you are not.. you are having issues with adding a drive to fstab, and having it mount to a location, correct?15:12
jrm86Yes.  It is currently mounted and operational in /mnt/, but it won't bind to a folder in a more convenient location for regular use15:13
holsteinjrm86: i referenced https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive#Mount_The_Drive when i set mine up..15:13
holsteinjrm86: i didnt use "bind" like that.. i just mounted it at boot, to the location i wanted15:13
holsteinim not saying thats the issue.. but, i have fstab loading several drives on several different machines, to locations inside my /home.. like, ~/Media, and, my fstab looks more like at the wiki page i linked..15:14
jrm86Yeah, I've read through that page, and I've been able to mount in my home folder, but when I do, it mounts with root permissions, so I can't save to/drag and drop, etc, without altering permissions in terminal every time I log on15:15
holsteinjrm86: there are direction, at at that link, to "chown" the mount point15:16
mrkrampsjrm86, maybe you should change the permission15:16
holsteinjrm86: my internal drive mounts, at boot, to the mount point i desire, via fstab, and has the permissions of my user.. not root.. i dont have to address it at every reboot15:16
jrm86the wiki talked about "sudo chown...".  I assumed this was to be performed in terminal.  Can those commands be added to fstab?15:18
mrkrampsjrm86, afaik not15:18
mrkrampsthe owner of this drive is root15:18
mrkrampsthus only root has r/w permission15:19
mrkrampsi was wrong (as so often) …15:20
geniiYou have to make a folder on the root of the drive, chown that to the user you want to have use it. The root of an entire drive will always revert back to being owned by root every boot when it is detected, so changing the permissions of the entire drive only works temporarily15:21
jrm86It mounts to /mnt/ just fine.  I can read/write to it.  Problem is it won't bind to a directory in my home folder through fstab.  It has to be manually mounted via terminal after each boot (and works fine).  I've tried altering uid, gid, umask, etc in fstab, with no success.  I can mount it wherever I want, but only in /mnt/ am I able to actually use it.15:24
jrm86That's why I've tried binding the hdd's /mnt/ directory to a directory in my home folder.  It keeps the same permissions, so I can read/write at will15:26
mrkrampsjrm86, you may use a link15:27
holsteinjrm86: what i did was use the link i provided.. i added the lines to fstab, and tested that my drive was auto mounting to the location i wanted.. which, was in my users home15:31
jrm86Yes, I have already tried that.15:31
holsteinjrm86: i then, use the command at the link, as well, to chown that directory.. giving my user permissions.. i can, now, do what you are trying. which, is hit the power button, wait for the machine to boot, and access the drive, via a directory in my users home, with read/write permissions15:31
holsteinjrm86: you have tried what? what command? i used the "chown" command, at the wiki i linked, on the location.. i used it from the terminal.. its persistent..15:32
jrm86The link you provided.  I have been through that article days ago.  I've tried everything on that page.15:33
holsteinbut, you dont have that refelted in your current fstab..15:39
holsteinoh.. gone already..15:39
dudeernhas anyone ever experienced a disk mounting on boot, but from the wrong source?  For instance, internal HD "mounts" to correct location, but won't display content, and shows itself as the wrong size disk (same size as the boot disk)?16:34
dudeernsudo mount -a does not fix it, but does not show an error16:35
dudeern"sudo mount /mountpoint/" does work, however.  so it's still referencing fstab, since i only specified the destination path16:36
dudeernI'm trying to mount an internal HDD through fstab.  Once booted and on the desktop, my machine recognizes the file path (says that HDD is in the folder where I want it), but it does not show content and it shows information about the boot partition (size, available space, etc).  Almost like it mounted the filepath, but not the drive.  "sudo mount -a" does not change it, but "sudo mount /destinationpath/" does.  The documentation on "moun16:52
dudeernt" says that if only specifying a source or destination (not both), then "mount" references fstab to mount the drive.  So fstab works, but it is not mounting correctly at boot.  Any thoughts?  Here is the applicable line from fstab:  http://pastebin.com/F1hRTZC916:52
holsteindudeern: if i saw issues like, the drive size not reporting correctly, i would test the drive17:03
holsteindudeern: i like using gsmartcontrol17:04
dudeernit doesn't, at first, but when I run "sudo mount /mountlocation/", it mounts just fine, can read/write, and shows correct drive size17:05
holsteini would break up the steps.. i would remove the fstab entry.. test the drive, and make sure its working, and doesnt have errors. then, i would simply try mounting it, and read/write to it17:05
holstein*then*, after all of that is working properly, i would seperately deal with fstab, to get persistent boot.. going forward knowing that the drive is "good"..17:05
dudeernok, I can give that a try17:06
dudeernscan turned out fine.  no errors17:10
holsteindudeern: sure.. and, the scan i like to do, takes a few hours. but, thats a good start17:11
dudeerndo you want a screenshot?17:11
holsteinnow, i would either, do the longer scan, or, i would make it so that i can reliably mount, read/write.. and them move, after that is happening, either, in the command line, or, in the file manager17:11
holsteindudeern: no17:12
holsteindudeern: i understand. and i said, thats a good start. but, there are tests that do more. and, you still dont know if the file system is ok.. but, its really up to you how you want to proceed17:12
holsteini typically pull a drive down, and test it, at least as much as you have, and fresh format. i dont know the history of your drive.. im just noticing that, you are trying to implement fstab auto mounting at boot with read/write permissions for your user, and are not really simply able to reliable mount the drive *before* implementing that.. so, i would work with the mounting, and make sure that works, *then* move on17:13
dudeernI can mount via command line in the correct location.  I can read and write to the disk.  This disk itself behaves correctly.  The disk shows correct information about itself.17:14
holsteinthen, you are not having issues with mounting, or read/write.. etc.. correct?17:14
holsteinthe *only* issue you have is with trying to implement the auto-loading of it, in fstab? correct?17:15
dudeerncorrect.  When using "sudo mount /mountLocation/", it works completely fine.  The documentation for "mount" says that when specifying only a drive OR a location, it references fstab, and in practice, it works17:16
dudeernit just won't do it on boot17:16
holsteindudeern: then, i would look at my fstab.. i would look at this, and follow it more closely https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive#Automatic_Mount_At_Boot17:17
dudeernI have.  I've read it line by line and followed directions carefully.  I've checked other support sites and found the same information which did not help.  I'm here because I couldn't find an answer.17:18
holsteindudeern: the fstab you shared doesnt look the same, though17:18
holsteindudeern: share more details, and a volunteer may assist. your full fstab, and the filesystem information.. etc17:19
dudeernIt's different because the original from the support site you suggested didn't work17:19
holsteindudeern: sure, and i understand what you are saying, but, thats literally the same guide i followed, that did work, so, i would need more details about what isnt working, and how.. such as, the fstab file17:20
dudeernI'll need a minute to copy it over17:20
holsteinwhen you get the details together, if its slow here, and no one is answering, you can use #ubuntu, since, its not related to xubuntu or xfce..17:22
dudeernfstab:  http://pastebin.com/TLAHwzZM17:27
dudeernwhat else do you need?17:28
holsteinalso, what is the output of sudo fdisk -l17:28
dudeernfdisk:  http://pastebin.com/hvbpKSmp17:29
dudeernsdb1 what is giving me a headache17:30
holsteindudeern: /dev/sdb1            2048  3907029167  1953513560   83  Linux ..that *is* the device? correct? and its formatted to what? ext4? ext3? you did that in gparted?17:30
dudeernext4, formatted via command-line17:31
holsteindudeern: i dont think it is "sdb1" that is giving you a headache, at all.. if you can mount that location manually.. its fstab that is the issue..17:31
holsteindudeern: you are *certain*, that, if you comment out that fstab line, and reboot the machine, you would see the drive in the filemanager, and be able to click on it, and mount, and be able to read it? and, if you use sudo mount, it'll mount, and you have read/write to it?17:32
dudeerni've done it many times before17:33
holsteindudeern: im not sure that it matters, but, you have a trailing "/" in your path, in your fstab.. that is not present in mine, or the guide you are referencing17:35
holsteinit wouldnt hurt to, confirm the location is there.. and, reference it as "/home/jonathan/Media" rather than "/home/jonathan/Media/"17:35
dudeernI've done it manually (specifying drive AND mount location), and using fstab after boot (specifying only mount location, which forces "mount" to reference fstab)17:35
dudeernI thought about that and tried it, but it did not change the result17:36
holsteinsure.. i would update that, now, though, and make it reflect the actual mountpoint17:36
holsteindudeern: right now, fstab is pointing to /home/jonathan/Media/ and not /home/jonathan/Media ... which could make the difference..17:37
dudeernok.  I'll try it again.17:38
dudeernno change17:42
holsteinwhen? when, rebooting? or, trying a manual command? and what errors are you getting? if any?17:42
dudeernreboot, and literally no difference.  boots up, disk shows correct file path, but no content.  manual "sudo mount /mountLocation/" command, then everything works17:43
holsteini remember *not* referring to the label, since, they can change17:44
holsteindid the labels change?17:44
holsteinanyways, this looks like what i would step through.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountDevicesTroubleshooting17:44
holsteini do prefer by uuid..17:45
dudeernthe labels did not change.  I've already referenced this link also.  This is just sending me back to troubleshooting in circles while expecting a different result.  Thanks, I appreciate your time.17:47
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cristii have a problem22:19
cristican anyone help ?22:19
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Guest17095i get no audio after some use of a fresh install xubuntu 15.422:20
Guest17095can anyone help ?22:20
Guest17095is someone here ?22:21
marianoI'm having trouble installing my bluetooth keyboard on xubuntu 15.04. I had it working on xubuntu 14.04 but the tutorial I followed no longer works.22:23
Guest17095i think no one will help us here ...22:24
marianoPeople are probably busy or idle. It is volunteer work after all.22:24
drcmariano: I take it you have googled and found no answer for your particular situation?22:28
marianoI had, but it no longer works on 15.04 because bluez-hcidump is no longer part of 15.04 I think.22:29
marianocan I put a link of the tutorial that worked for ubuntu 14.04?22:30
drcSure...I have no knowledge of bluetooth myself, but some who does may see it.22:32
marianoI used the following tutorial successfully in xubuntu 14.04 : http://blog.chschmid.com/?p=153722:32

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