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h0meranyone know what this issue is?  Trying to install openstack w/landscape (ubuntu)11:41
h0mer2015-08-25 11:39:26 ERROR juju.worker runner.go:223 exited "rsyslog": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority (possibly because of "crypto/rsa: verification error" while trying to verify candidate authority certificate "juju-generated CA for environment \"rsyslog\"")11:41
g3naromaybe you need to add the self-signed certificate to trust store ?11:45
h0merits already there12:01
h0merman this landscape/juju openstack install is such a pita12:01
h0merit's failed more times than actually worked (got it working once like a month ago).12:02
g3narowhat about maas ?12:02
h0mermaas works fine12:10
h0merits just the landscape/juju stuff12:10
h0meri usually just blow the juju bootstrapped node and try again12:12
h0merbut it's been failing at the same place for the past 10 times ive tried this12:12
g3naroso you're trying to install openstack on box with juju12:14
h0merim doing this12:14
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g3naroi have no experience with this13:17
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g3naroanyone using elasticbeanstalk ?15:38
whitso why can't we name charms with periods in them?16:47
rick_h_whit: historical due to . being a reserved mongodb thingy I htink16:48
* whit cries16:49
* rick_h_ sends tissues16:50
whitwe are working on some examples of layered charms and need a naming convention that denote inheritance hierarchies16:50
whitguess dashes it is16:50
rick_h_so has this gone out to the bigger picture? I mean I know you're hacking stuff together but it seems like smoething that if we're going to push/promote/make standards it needs to go a bit wider?16:51
whitrick_h_: right now we are trying to establish good patterns for charm compose and the reactive framework (relation stubs in the parlance of sabdfl)16:55
whitso smoothing would be good16:55
rick_h_whit: right, I saw the demo in the office hours and I'd love to chat through with some folks and figure out an end goal that's nice for users to work towards16:57
rick_h_whit: maybe we can't get all the candy, but have some idea where we're heading vs being reactive to it.16:57
whitrick_h_: yeah...16:58
rick_h_whit: stuff like this seems like maybe we could work out some patterns that could require some charmstore updates, or maybe some othger tools, but to help make it smoother than 'using hyphens'16:58
rick_h_because that doesn't jump out as sustainable but I'm not in as deep as you are there so /me tosses grains of salt/etc16:58
whitin general, discovering you can't name your thing the thing you want to sort of blows16:59
rick_h_to be fair nested . seperated stuff to 'means inheritet' seems a bit hidden though either way.17:00
rick_h_I mean try / or something? :)17:00
rick_h_it's really the same17:00
jrwrentry :: :)17:00
* whit tries to salve the caremad17:01
whitas a *user* of juju in the midst of a hypothetical onramp experience17:01
whitif I can't name my charm what I want to, I'm sort of already feeling not so psyched17:02
whitwe already have a confusing force directory structure with series17:02
whitnaming a charm with a slash is not going to be helping there17:02
jrwreni agree. i wanted to name my charm 😃🐈 but i couldn't :(17:03
whitanyway, there is what would be better, and what I can do now17:03
whitunicode baby ;)17:03
whithow are we going to rule chinese private clouds if you can name your charms in unicode!?17:04
whitanyway, not really a huge deal, but ... warts17:05
whitur... "can't name"17:05
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kwmonroecory_fu: learn me about Relation.unfiltered_data vs .filtered_data.  the comment in helpers.py indicates filtered gives me info for services that have all their required_keys.  why would i ever want unfiltered?18:48
cory_fuBecause it's used to implement filtered_data, for one18:49
kwmonroei'm guessing for cases where a service isn't ready yet, but you still need to know something?  like private_addr.18:49
kwmonroeheh.. good answer.18:49
cory_fuBut yes, the example you gave is a decent one18:50
skylerbergAfter a charm goes through the review process is accepted, does it need to be re-reviewed in order to update the charm in the charm store?20:59
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jcastroyo beisner21:17
jcastrobeisner: I tend to just ping you as the "openstack guy in my timezone", so if it gets annoying lmk21:18
beisnerhey jorge21:18
beisnerjcastro, i'll reply on that one21:19
jcastromy man21:20
thomimarcoceppi: Not sure if you're still planning on looking at juju-deployer any time soon, but https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-deployer/+bug/1488667 would be really nice to fix (and probably not too hard either)21:47
mupBug #1488667: juju-deployer does not error on incorrect config option <juju-deployer:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1488667>21:47
marcoceppithomi: thanks for the info, we'll triage this bug with feedback and generate a plan21:48
thomimarcoceppi: thanks21:48
beisnerjcastro, replied.  thanks for bringing that to my attention.21:56
jcastrobeisner: if you hover over the "openstack" tag on the site you can subscribe to it sending you sets of questions over time22:07
beisnerjcastro, ah cool.  subscribed.22:10
lazyPowerjcastro: we need to go triage and beef up on the juju questions in Stack OVerflow as well22:10
lazyPowerthere's quite a few tagged on the dashboard that are quite crusty at this point.22:10
lazyPowerit may be relevant to setup some kind of scraper for this data and address/move it as it comes in to AU vs letting it age and be seen as non-critical on SO22:10
jcastroit'd be nice to use the SE API to just snag the top ones and throw them in the review queue22:11
catbus1Hi, I have a juju and maas question, say if I have 100 machines managed by a single MAAS controller, and I would use say 3 servers for one customer, 5 for the other. But when I want to show customer A the services on juju-gui I deployed I don't want to show the services deployed for customer B. Is there a way to define a subset of the environment to be shown on juju-gui?22:46

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