ahoneybunRiddell: seems some feature is in 0.9.4 that we need00:24
micahgRiddell: I have a task to reenable gpssync in digikam, I assume that's post-beta 1 at this point?01:10
lordievaderGood morning.05:48
soeeRiddell: did you had time to look at: libstreamanalyzer0 : Depends: libclucene-core1 (>= but it is not installable ?06:14
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sitter"proposed-migration now runs/blocks on failed armhf tests"07:21
* sitter shivers07:21
sitterRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12190946/07:55
flexiondotorgRiddell, Are you participating in 15.10 beta 1?08:32
Riddellflexiondotorg: yeah I'd like to08:49
Riddellalthough I've no idea what shape our images are in, I'll take a look today08:50
Riddellsoee: what does  apt-cache rdepends  libstreamanalyzer0  say?08:50
Riddellsitter: ug bother, I don't suppose it says why?08:50
flexiondotorgRiddell, Thanks.08:51
sitterRiddell: becuase you did not delete the epoch broken versions08:51
RiddellI'm sure I did!08:51
flexiondotorgRiddell, Well Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu GNOME are both going in to this know we have big issues, so feel free to join us ;-)08:51
Riddellsitter: oh for vivid?08:51
soeeRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12191108/08:52
sitterRiddell: http://i.imgur.com/npoykIf.jpg08:52
sitterRiddell: yes08:52
lordievaderflexiondotorg: Big issues? What kind?08:52
sitterRiddell: I am adopting the kdeocrationv5 change from debian08:52
Riddellsoee:  apt-cache policy libkio5  ?08:52
sittersomewhow we cheated our way around a BIC there08:53
sitteroh ah08:53
flexiondotorglordievader, I only have about one third of the MATE 1.10 packages in the archive. Mixing bits of MATE 1.8 and MATE 1.10 is making a mess.08:53
soeeRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12191113/08:53
lordievaderflexiondotorg: I can imagine.08:53
flexiondotorglordievader, Ubuntu GNOME have similar issues.08:53
Riddellsoee: ah hah, interesting08:54
lordievaderTrying to get it in before the freezes, flexiondotorg?08:54
flexiondotorgThankfully Mirv has synced a heap of packages from Debian unstable this morning, so I think Ubuntu MATE won't be a crashtastic disaster now :-)08:54
lordievaderflexiondotorg: Good, good :D08:55
Riddellsoee: the problem is that kde4libs hasn't been updated for some reason, I'll get onto that08:55
flexiondotorgYeah. I've been on jury service for 3 weeks and my Debian sponosors have had summer vacations and something call DebConf.08:55
soeeRiddell: cool, thank you08:55
flexiondotorgSo, package uploads got delayed.08:55
sitterRiddell: also btw http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_15.08.0_wily.html --> Not in PPA: libkgeomap, marble, pairs, kde-l10n,08:56
Riddellsitter: pairs is dead, libkgeomap is kdelibs4 only and marble is already uploaded08:57
Riddelland kde-l10n is uploaded separately08:57
sitterwhere does the status page get that list from?08:58
Riddellsitter: I've clicked delete on those vivid packages, it'll take some time to flush out I guess09:02
Riddellsitter: kubuntu-automation package-name-lists/applications-wily09:02
Riddellwhich gets updated by package-name-list09:02
* sitter wonders why it doesn't simply use live data from download.kde.org09:03
Riddellthat is what  package-name-list uses, it's a timesaver and download.kde.org isn't publically available pre-release09:07
sitterRiddell: so why is pairs listed?09:08
RiddellI guess it didn't get updated09:08
Riddellyou could also ask why kde4libs isn't listed, which I think is a bug in the script caused by different version number09:08
sitterI thik we should collectively stop writing scripts and start writing programs :P09:10
yofelnah, that would make it look like we actually knew what we're doing09:11
sitternext thing you know people expect us to read bug reports :|09:13
Riddellwaa why is amarok on amd64 failing and not on other arches? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/215458512/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.amarok_2%3A2.8.0-0ubuntu6_BUILDING.txt.gz09:21
Riddellarmhf has the same issue09:22
Riddellothers compile fine09:22
yofelhow about switching to clementine?09:24
sitteryofel: that would anger a council member I think09:25
yofelwell, we can extend the life support for amarok for a while longer, but...09:26
sittercelementine isn't a reasonable replacement anyway IMO09:26
sitterjuk ftw \o/09:26
soeeso amarok isn't maintaind anymore ?09:27
yofelwhat happened to the reasonable part? ^^09:27
sitteractually, since some people are pursuing a new default palyer for KDE that might be an option09:27
sitterI rather moved to a stance where I think that default apps should be as lean as possible09:28
* lordievader uses clemetine right now09:28
yofelyeah, that should be the direction to go09:29
sitterRiddell: one of the build deps changed between builds maybe?09:29
sittersoee: I was told that it is09:30
soeebut ?09:30
sitterbut I am not using it, so I don't know what state it is in09:30
soeeit works :D09:30
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soeevdg made some concepts for media player i think09:34
soeeare there any plans for new app though?09:34
Riddellthere was a lot of talk about it after akademy09:36
RiddellI must admit I don't use anything since subscribing to spotify09:37
soeeoh i'm using Amarok for my local collection or listening radio stations09:38
soeetbh. i don't see replacement for it atm.09:38
soeei'm not sure how tomahawk loks liek these days09:38
soeebut it is more social player than local one09:39
soeeRiddell: the talk was about media player or music player ?09:40
stefan`hey guys, here is an annozing question: will we (and if yes, when) have plasma 5.4 in some vivid ppa?09:42
stefan`annoying ;)09:42
soeeit's not even released :)09:43
soeefirst it has to be packaged for Wily09:43
soeei think nobody will give you exact date when it will be backported :)09:43
stefan`ok, thanks09:45
Riddellyeah we haven't started wily yet I'm afraid09:46
sitterRiddell: kdepim-runtime will need a new upload for not installed files09:49
sitter32 errors, 15 warnings09:49
* clivejo hisses and spits09:50
Riddellsitter: those googleagent bits magically reappear?09:50
sitterRiddell: reintroduction of kgapi as build dep09:50
sitterwe still need to figure out what to do with libkolab deps btw09:50
sitterIIRC kdepim was the only rdep anyway, so we can probably just transit09:51
clivejoRiddell: are you working on 15.08.0 apps?09:53
Riddellclivejo: not just now I'm not09:53
clivejositter: are you working on it?09:58
sitteronly pim09:58
clivejoah I see09:59
Riddellclivejo: right I uploaded that with sitter's change09:59
Riddellnot doing anything else09:59
clivejocan I upload ?09:59
clivejooh its done09:59
clivejono bother09:59
clivejokde-baseapps looks like symbols10:01
clivejoanyone doing that?10:02
clivejoand missing files10:02
alleesitter: FYI kwallet migration dialog still show. Upgraded today, rebooted, delete kwallet4 & 5 on virt. console. Logged in and Migration wizard was shown (even bemore the login animation finished)10:09
sitterRiddell: new upload for kdepim plz10:10
sitterallee: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kwallet-kf5/5.13.0-0ubuntu2 didn't land yet10:10
sitterso unless you have proposed enabled that is expected10:10
sitteralso I would advise against using proposed today as I spotted a libnm upload xD10:11
sitterRiddell: wondering if kubuntu-web-shortcuts should move upstream btw10:11
sitterdesktop files for krunner shortcuts10:12
Riddellclivejo: all yours :)10:12
Riddellclivejo: the missing files are dolphin4 files which we need for the kpart for konqueror, so I think that needs a new package for them10:12
sitteroh oh10:13
sitterRiddell: I wonder if we should put kgapi back for kdepim10:13
clivejoupload kdepim (4:15.08.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa3 with sitters changes?10:13
sitterprobably a good idea10:13
Riddellclivejo: please do10:13
clivejositter will I hold off?10:14
sitterclivejo: no upload for now10:14
sitterit won't be green anyway10:14
sitterand kgapi first should go through CI10:14
Riddellthe kde transition lines at the bottom of http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt are outright scary10:27
Riddelloh yay amarok compiled :)10:29
Riddelltoday is a good day10:29
yofelthe release team should start using debian's auto transition tracker and put everything in ben :/10:31
sitterto this day I have not really understood the use of the output10:39
yofelit helps figuring out transitions if you don't have ben10:40
yofelor debugging britney if the autohinter does something stupid10:40
sitteryofel: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt this?10:41
sitterI don't see it10:41
yofelwell, you have to know how to read that mess10:41
yofelwhich is why you usually don't want to do that10:42
sitteryeah well10:42
yofelbut as our transitions aren't on the transition tracker, that's all we have10:42
yofelhm, we could just run our own transition tracker actually...10:48
sitteryofel: depends.. most of the archive tech I run into seems insanely crafty to setup for some reasn10:50
sitteror maybe I am too daft to comprehend xD10:50
yofelwell, I could set that up as I know the tanglu configuration rather well. And wily/wily-proposed works similiar to tanglu dasyatis/staging10:51
yofelmaybe I'll play with that later10:51
sitterand it passes on amd6411:00
sittercmake is drunk or something11:01
sitterRiddell: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/plasma/kscreen.git/tree/debian/patches/kubuntu_disable-test.diff?h=kubuntu_wily_archive11:02
sitterquestionable patch. also no dep5.11:02
BluesKajHiyas all11:09
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sitter1 errors, 6 warnings11:53
sitterprogress \o/11:53
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sitterargh ffs12:01
sitterRiddell: can you poke kdecoration through binary new plz so I can do rebuilds 12:01
mparilloI see Wily Beta 1 is out for testing: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/345/builds But, when I see sitter write 'rebuids', should we wait?12:14
sittermparillo: no, it wont land for beta12:14
sitteralso I am talking package rebuilds :)12:14
Riddellmparillo: please do test12:31
Riddellsitter: looking12:32
Riddellsitter: accepted!12:34
sittersecond try for rebuild then12:38
clivejoI think kopete depends on PIM stuff and that is now fixed, will I retyry?12:38
mparillo32-bit Wily Beta 1 Live USB created with unetbootin worked fine. I assume dolphin was removed from favorites because it had a missing icon?13:05
sitterRiddell: I give up. I am too stupid to do a transition13:09
sittershit keeps building against old kdeocration library13:09
Riddellmparillo: known bug upstream, sitter fixed it upstream, fix should be in final plasma 5.413:10
Riddellsitter: wait a bit I guess?13:10
sitteroh maybe kwin brings it in13:11
mparilloThx, on to full disk install.13:11
sitterRiddell: I am btw content to put this in an ignore KCI-W :: W: kdepim source: intra-source-package-circular-dependency libcalendarsupport5 libeventviews5 libincidenceeditorsng5 libkdepim5 libkleo5 libmailcommon5 libmailimporter5 libmessagecomposer5 libmessageviewer5 libpimcommon5 libtemplateparser513:16
sitterI am rather certain this won't be easy to detangle if even possible13:17
Riddellsitter: yes I fear you might be right13:17
sitterdvratil also found the library tanglement rather awful13:17
BluesKajjust downloaded the daily/beta with zsync, but the terminal doesn't go back to the prompt even tho the download shows 100%...assuming it's an image checksum?13:18
yofelwe've also had this for years. I never whitelisted it on QA because it *should* be fixed, but... nobody ever tries13:18
mparilloBluesKaj: That happens to me maybe one in ten or twenty times. I just control c, up arrow, and run it again. You will probably download nothing, and run a successful check sum. Of course, you can simply control c and run md5sum against the iso.13:22
mparillo32-bit Wily Beta 1 full install worked fine in a VM. Papercuts (I still have to force power-down my VM after the reboot window comes up and I have to migrate my empty kwallet) remain.13:26
Riddellmparillo: lovely thanks :)13:27
BluesKajmparillo:  ok trying again13:39
mparilloWorking on encrypted LVM now13:41
soeeRiddell: do we build already 5.4 final for Wily ?13:54
Riddellsoee: not yet no13:54
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BluesKajwell, I have to report 2 failures after the zsync download of the Wily beta image, so be warned , you might be wasting your time with that method14:29
sitterapparently I wildcarded whatever google thing is in kdepim14:39
sittervery smart of me14:39
sitterwell then14:40
sitterRiddell: kdepim needs new upload which should solve all lintians but two and those two are fixed for 15.08.114:41
sitteroh yeah and binary-without-manpage (someone should make the status page thingy ignore those warnings)14:42
sittermuch clutter14:42
mparilloOn the latest version of Muon Discover for Wily, does anybody see a download button when selecting an application (Rekonq, Qupzilla, or Chromium).14:55
BluesKajmparillo:  the zsync method didn't finish the full download and neither does the HTML method unless one pauses the download and the resumes so that it finishes. Dunno what the flaw may be, but there's something prevent a full download from finishing by itself.15:03
BluesKajpreventing even15:03
BluesKajtried the zsync methos twice btw15:04
BluesKajanyway the html download finished after pause and resume15:11
BluesKajmparillo:  yes i see an install button for each 15:15
BluesKajin muon discover15:16
MamarokI have sort of a problem: lately I see a lot of mail rejected sent to my @kde.org address coming from my @ubuntu.com one, which is obvious spam. Is there something I can do?15:19
lordievaderBluesKaj: Zsync went fine here.15:20
BluesKajfailed twice here, dunno why ...should check the logs I guess15:22
lordievaderTried to download everything at first since it didn't have read permission.15:25
BluesKajok time for a Wily beta clean install15:28
lordievaderI suppose the test window is open till thursday?15:30
soeeso apps wil be released after 15.10 beta ?15:57
shadeslayerwe don't have kde-baseapps anymore do we?17:08
yofelI think the PPA had a package that was called like that17:17
yofelmostly kde4 stuff17:18
yofelor probably all kde4 stuff17:18
mparilloWhen testing the full install, could you see if you get a message: Configuration file "//.config/kwalletd5rc" not writable? It happened after a reboot.17:20
mparilloI  have been running Wily daily for some time, but I only saw that today for the first time, on the Beta 1 ISO.17:21
mparilloIgnore. Ugh. I see in my history a sudo kate. 17:22
clivejohow are apps 15.08.0 coming on?18:15
soeekopete fails from what i see18:17
clivejoany ideas why?18:18
clivejo sbuild-build-depends-kopete-dummy : Depends: kdepim-dev but it is not going to be installed18:19
clivejo                                     Depends: libkleo4 but it is not going to be installed18:19
yofelIIRC it hard-depends on kde[4!]pimlibs kabc, there was some talk about it on the kde packager ML18:20
yofelI don't remember what the solution was though18:20
yofel(actually, it involved a stipped down akonadi4 packaging somehow)18:21
soeeyofel: but it is only kopete taht fails ?18:23
yofelkopete is the only package in that situation18:24
clivejowhy is kdepim-dev not going to be installed?18:27
clivejowhere is it?18:27
yofelI *think* that stuff was splitted for qt5, can't check right now18:30
yofelbut before you start on kopete, talk to sitter18:31
yofelso, my first time trying the new kmail19:30
yofelApplication: KMail (kmail), signal: Aborted19:30
soeeand this was your wirst time .. :D 19:31
yofelwell, I think my experience with 4.6 was similar...19:31
yofelok, next try actually worked19:32
yofelheck, even akonadi works19:32
yofelthis seems strange......19:32
clivejostrange it works?19:33
soeei tries kmail twice i think, always going back to thunderbird19:34
clivejoI love kontact19:34
clivejowhen it works its brilliant19:35
yofelYakuake was unable to load the Konsole component.19:36
yofelA Konsole installation is required to use Yakuake.19:36
soeehehe "when it works" :D19:36
yofelhow did I remove konsole4-kpart..19:36
clivejoits a compliated arrangement19:36
clivejolike balancing a house of cards on a knife blade, but it is possuble!19:37
soeewoho owncloud client now supports multiple accounts !19:37
yofeloh, sweet19:39
yofelbut that "Add Folder to Synchronize" button does nothing here..19:40
soeehmm true19:41
lordievaderHow can you tell pdebuild to automatically install build dependencies in the pbuilder chroot?19:48
lordievaderApart from pbuilder --login and apt-getting in there, what I am doing now, I guess there is a better way...19:49
lordievaderAh, never mind. pdebuild creates the .dsc file which can be used by pbuilder.19:55
shadeslayerRiddell: you know http://paste.ubuntu.com/12194876/ won't work right?20:09
shadeslayerRiddell: /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/qt-kde-team/3/debian-qt-kde.mk is exclusively for Qt5 builds20:10
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mparilloOn testing the Wily Beta 1, after a couple of re-boots, I get : Configuration file "//.config/kwalletd5rc" not writable, and on this machine, there is no sudo kate in the bash history. Any ideas?20:42
yofelwhere does it say that?20:44
valoriemparillo: you can always do what I did yesterday: chown -R user:user ~/20:46
valorieI found two files with the wrong ownership20:46
mparilloIt is a window that pops up as I am booting.20:46
mparilloI understand if I sudo with a graphical program I mess with permissions, but I wonder if there is something else, since that was not the case on the latest instance.20:47
valorieseems like folks in #kubuntu are having permissions problems more often20:47
valorienot sure why20:48
mparilloI never have had them before (except for sudo kate ....), but I just got it on the Wily Beta ISO today.20:48
valorieI've had them in my ~/Music in the past, from a CD20:48
valoriesomehow the "write-only" stayed in teh file20:49
valoriebut running chown without sudo is not dangerous20:49
yofelTBH, that error sounds like something's missing inside, like it's actually looking for $HOME/.config/kwalletd5rc, but $HOME is / for some reason20:49
valorieand if it finds nothing, then you know that's not the problem20:49
yofelor /$some_path/.config and the var is empty20:50
mparillowhen I cd .config, I see kwalletrc in there, but not kwalletd5rc20:50
yofelsame here..20:52
yofelbut I didn't log out since I upgraded yet20:52
soeei'm on daiy updates and have no errors20:53
yofeldo you have the file?20:54
valorieI have only kwalletrc on Vivid20:55
mparilloI have not noticed the error on daily updates, but only on a fresh install of the Wily ISO. I cannot find ~/.config/kwalletd5rc20:55
valoriesame on the vivid box20:56
soeewhat file ?21:06
valorieoops, I mean the wily box21:06
valorieno kwalletd5rc to be found21:07
mparilloAgreed, I cannot find kwalletd5rc in .config, so I am using dolphin to search for it from / (it is taking a LONG time). 21:08
mparilloBut based on what I see in iso.qa.ubuntu.com, I am the only one testing the Beta 1 ISO.21:09
ahoneybunBeta 1?21:21
ahoneybunyofel: kdenlive seems to have a hard dep21:22
ahoneybunwell I could remove it but21:22
ahoneybunit would remove a feature21:22
ahoneybunI forgot about the beta21:23
ahoneybunPlasma 5.4- "This is the first time I have looked at KDE without wanting to throw up a bit"21:23
ahoneybunmy friend a GNOME user21:24
yofelyou can't remove a required package...21:24
yofeland MLT is kdenlive's interface to ffmpeg, so you would have a video editor that can't do video editing21:24
yofelIIRC at least21:25
ahoneybunwell then21:25
yofelyou can ofc. try to backport MLT21:25
ahoneybunlibmlt 0.9.221:25
ahoneybunyofel: ofc Riddell said it would be very hard21:25
ahoneybunfor a codecs21:25
yofelhm, mlt doesn't ship codecs though I think21:26
ahoneybunidk I'll look21:26
ahoneybun0.9.2 is in vivid21:27
ahoneybunbut kdenlive needs 0.9.421:27
ahoneybunso not big bump21:27
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: ^21:27
yofelright, that might be possible21:27
yofellets see..21:27
ahoneybunI just need access to the ec2 again21:27
yofelwhy can't you build it locally?21:28
ahoneybunumm idk21:28
ahoneybunI like a working machine?21:28
ahoneybunit is backported21:28
yofelwell there you go, sitter++21:29
clivejocant you package the latest libmlt for vivid?21:29
ahoneybunclivejo: it is done21:29
yofelwhat does running pbuilder have to do with a working machine?21:29
ahoneybunits in the backport ppa21:29
ahoneybunyofel: I don't want to mess my machine up21:29
ahoneybunI'm bad like that21:29
clivejothats why you use pbuilder, its an machine inside a machine21:30
yofelwell, that's what chroots are for theoretically, and the only thing pbuilder really writes to is /var/cache/pbuilder/21:30
yofelwell, pbuilder-dist also in your home folder, but that's configurable21:30
clivejoahoneybun: plus you have a nice fast SSD 21:30
* ahoneybun trys21:30
clivejoand if you have multi cores you can put them to good use too21:31
ahoneybunyofel: what was that command to grab from a dsc?21:31
clivejoheat your room for you21:31
yofeldget -xu <url>21:31
ahoneybunI have 4 cores, 8 threads21:31
clivejopass -j8 to debuild and it will be lots faster :)21:32
ScottKKeep in mind that the u option in dget bypasess the signature validation.21:32
yofelworst case, work in /tmp. You'll loose what's in there after a reboot, but that might be what you want21:32
ahoneybunwhere the heck is the source21:35
ahoneybun.tar files21:35
yofelthey should be downloaded into the current directory21:37
ahoneybunno not taht21:38
yofelsource of what?21:39
clivejolife :)21:40
ahoneybunjust wanted that handy21:40
ahoneybun42 = life21:40
ahoneybun= Life21:40
* ahoneybun should have bought more energy drinks21:40
clivejogoing for an all nighter?21:41
ahoneybunnot too bad hopefully21:41
ahoneybunfirst 2 days of work are over 21:41
ahoneybuntomorrow is wednesday21:41
ahoneybunso half way to weekend lol21:41
* ahoneybun tries pbuilder21:41
ahoneybunI need to test Beta 1 as well21:42
clivejoone thing at a time ;)21:44
ahoneybunyea I have the machine I can test with21:44
ahoneybunI've been thinking of donating it to a local tech space21:45
ahoneybunhow does one add a ppa to a pbuilder?21:45
ahoneybunand LP would need the ppa too21:45
clivejoyou need to log into it21:46
clivejois the source out for this yet?21:46
clivejoahoneybun: pbuilder-dist wily login --save-after-login21:46
yofelhas been on depot for the last couple days21:47
ahoneybunclivejo: https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.3.2-5.4.0-changelog.php21:47
clivejoreplace wily with the distro 21:47
ahoneybunsee someones name :)21:47
yofelis there a screenshot of that anywhere?21:48
clivejowho on earth is Aaron Honeycutt?21:48
yofelthe theme21:48
yofelI can't quite read config files like the matrix yet :P21:48
ahoneybunits a bit weird in dolphin like breeze dark21:48
ahoneybunno pics21:49
ahoneybunyofel: ^21:49
yofelok, guess I'll try it when we get it21:49
clivejonever heard of him *whistles*21:49
ahoneybunwe have it21:50
ahoneybunyofel: ^21:50
ahoneybunof your on wily anyway21:50
yofeloh right, it's late...21:50
yofellets see21:50
ahoneybunclivejo: 21:51
clivejoyofel: we havent a staging PPA for plasma ?  - http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/plasma/21:51
ahoneybunroot@KubuntuPad-Y510P:/# add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports21:51
ahoneybun-bash: add-apt-repository: command not found21:51
clivejoyou are too high up!21:51
ahoneybunwell thats what your command did21:52
yofelahoneybun: that's from software-properties-common21:52
clivejogo back to basics21:52
clivejoedit your sources21:52
clivejoor install software-properties-common21:52
ahoneybun-bash: nano: command not found21:52
yofelvi might be there :P21:52
clivejoLOL its a basic system21:52
clivejothink small!21:53
ahoneybunW: GPG error21:54
ahoneybunno public key found21:54
yofeljust put this in your ~/.pbuilderrc -> ALLOWUNTRUSTED=yes21:54
yofelalthough, that disables any kind of key verification, so be careful if you still trust anything that comes out of the chroot21:54
yofelalternatively, there are apt-key commands that you can run to add the key21:55
ahoneybunthe .pbuilderrc is out of the chroot right?21:55
yofelit's in ~21:55
yofelah yeah, outside21:56
ahoneybundo you have the key?21:56
ahoneybunI have no file .pbuilderrc21:57
yofelcreate one then21:57
yofelor just add the key21:57
clivejoapt-get install software-properties-common21:57
yofelapt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com KEYHASH21:57
yofelwhere KEYHASH is at the end of your error21:57
ahoneybunI'll just add the key21:58
clivejomight be easier to let add-apt-repository do it for you!21:58
ahoneybunit did not work!21:58
clivejodid you try a apt-get update first22:01
ahoneybunhold up22:01
ahoneybunlooks fine22:03
yofelwell, in theory you use pbuilder to make sure that you have all build-deps listed and it builds in a clean chroot. The more you install, the less useful it gets for that purpose22:03
ahoneybunI've installed nothing but the ppa22:03
ahoneybunE: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed.22:04
ahoneybunDepends: libmlt++-dev (>= 0.9.4) but it is not going to be installed.22:05
clivejoahoneybun: you know you have to come out of the chroot by using ctrl-d to get back to your regular session22:06
yofeldid you edit it with --save-after-login ?22:06
ahoneybunbut I just typed exit22:06
yofeldid it say that it recreated the tarball?22:06
ahoneybunnot sure22:06
yofeldid the last command you ran before you exited throw an error?22:06
clivejoI think exit doesnt save the changes22:06
clivejoyou need to use control-d to save 22:07
yofelthat shouldn't make a difference I think22:07
ahoneybunlet me check22:07
yofelbut as far as I remember it doesn't save if $? is != 022:07
clivejobut try it yofel's way with the .pbuilderrc file22:08
yofelclivejo: that only helps with the ky22:08
ahoneybunstill looking at 0.9.422:08
ahoneybunno ppa22:08
yofelthen edit again, and run 'true' before you exit22:08
clivejoyofel: cant he use OTHERMIRROR="deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/......" ?22:09
clivejoin his .pbuilderrc ?22:09
yofelmaybe... but I think that's only for creating?22:09
yofelor well, there was --override-config or something like that22:09
yofelI never use that so I'm not sure how it works exactly22:10
ahoneybunyofel: just true?22:11
ahoneybunctrl + d22:11
ahoneybunI: creating base tarball [/home/ahoneycutt/pbuilder/vivid-base.tgz]22:11
ahoneybunlooks like it is working now22:12
yofelFYI, all 'true' does is return 0 to the shell, so it's handy if you *need* $? to be 022:12
ahoneybunpulling in things now22:12
* ahoneybun is confused with that22:13
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: awake?22:13
ahoneybunclivejo: does the -j# work for pbuilder?22:15
ahoneybunI've used it with builder android before22:15
clivejoshould do22:15
ahoneybunI'll do  that next time loll22:16
clivejofirst time it takes ages22:17
clivejobut it caches the packages and next time its a lot faster22:17
ahoneybunthe problem with using my system is my ssd is a bit small22:17
ahoneybunits building22:18
ahoneybunI'm removing some android stuff22:19
clivejocheap skate22:19
ahoneybunLOTS of source for devices I don't have lol22:19
ahoneybunclivejo: ;P22:19
clivejoshould have got a nice new 4Tb one22:20
* yofel wants one of those *drool*22:21
ahoneybunclivejo: your crazy22:22
ahoneybunthats like thousands22:22
ahoneybunof dollars22:22
* clivejo nods22:22
ahoneybunno matter what country your in lol22:22
clivejo(1.4GB/second read, 1GB/second write)22:23
yofelhm, anandtech says $2200 for a 3.84T Samsung PM86322:23
clivejo PCIe connected for speeeeeeeedddd22:25
yofelif you want speed you'll want some experimental PCM anyway XD22:25
yofelor 3D XPoint22:25
yofelcurious what'll come out of that22:25
clivejocould probably use it as RAM22:25
clivejoahoneybun: done yet?22:45
ahoneybunI did but I got no deb files22:45
ahoneybunI think it finished but no errors22:45
clivejoyeah, pbuilder is really just for testing22:46
ahoneybunI gave it to LP for now22:46
clivejohave to tell it to keep the files22:46
ahoneybunsee what happend22:46
yofelit should still save the output somewhere22:46
yofelah, that might be it22:46
clivejowhen is Randa?22:48
ahoneybunUnable to find kdenlive_15.08.0.orig.tar.xz in upload or distribution.22:48
ahoneybunFiles specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack verification.22:48
clivejodid you do a debuild -S22:49
clivejoyou only upload source22:49
ahoneybunthe source.changes22:49
yofel-sa was missing22:49
yofeldebuild -S -sa22:49
ahoneybunsa? 22:50
ahoneybunbut I did sign it22:50
yofel-S is automatic, for the first changelog entry of a new upstream version it defaults to -sa (include source), for every later entry it defaults to -sd (diff only)22:50
yofelyou uploaded only the diff to a release that doesn't know the upstream source yet22:50
yofel-> error22:51
ahoneybunand hard to understand22:51
yofelnot really, it depends which side of the '-' of the version changes. 1.0-1 -> 1.1-1 => include source (new upstream release), 1.0-1 -> 1.0-2 => diff only (upstream source didn't change)22:52
ahoneybunI see22:52
yofelyou can also say -sa and -sd to override the autodetection, which is what you need here22:52
ahoneybunso it did not take the source package before22:53
ahoneybunit took it that time22:53
yofels/source package/upstream tarball22:53
yofel(the .orig)22:54
ahoneybun  * Backport to vivid22:54
ahoneybun  * Needs libmlt 0.9.4 which is in the backport ppa22:54
ahoneybunthat is my changelog22:54
ahoneybunLP is missing that package 22:54
ahoneybunforgot about that22:55
ahoneybunyofel: you were talking about that before22:55
ahoneybunppa deps22:55
yofelgo to your ppa main page, top right has an "Edit dependencies" link, click on that, add ppa you need in the field22:56
ahoneybunI remember that22:57
ahoneybunNOW lol22:57
ahoneybunvideo games where design to kill time between compiling22:58
ahoneybunand it's building :)23:00
clivejohappy days23:02
shadeslayer"video games where design to kill time between compiling" < reason #56 to use a interpreted language23:02
yofeltrue, lets rewrite everything in javascript23:03
clivejoyofel: are you going to Randa?23:03
shadeslayeryofel: whoa 23:05
shadeslayerI thought most of the stuff in Plasma 5 *was* JS 23:06
shadeslayeror a close approximation of it23:06
yofelhm, good point23:06
* shadeslayer is all out of Whisky23:06
ahoneybunwell amd64 built \o/23:07
shadeslayeryofel: coming to ubucon.de?23:07
ahoneybunshadeslayer going to ubuntu events!23:07
yofelvery big maybe23:07
shadeslayerahoneybun: :P23:07
ahoneybuneverything built clivejo yofel :)23:07
shadeslayeryofel: I might be coming23:08
ahoneybunshadeslayer: I'm not saying don't go of course23:08
ahoneybunUbuntu is a wonderful community23:08
ahoneybunthanks clivejo23:08
clivejonow you need testers to test it :)23:08
shadeslayerahoneybun: I don't think I've ever said it wasn't23:08
clivejomake sure what you compiled actually does something useful!23:08
ahoneybunshadeslayer: true23:08
yofelshadeslayer: annoying this is that I'm in Berlin right now, but probably not anymore at the end of october -.-23:08
ahoneybunclivejo: I'll have ovidiu-florin test it XD23:09
clivejoyou moving yofel?23:09
yofelwell, I'm only here for a work project, which probably won't last that long23:09
* ahoneybun wants to spend sometime in europe23:11
shadeslayerbooking tickets to Europe? :P23:16
shadeslayerokay, I'm off to sleep23:20
* ahoneybun makes blog post23:36
* ahoneybun puts out blog post23:40
clivejowhat about?23:40
* ahoneybun also highlighted some people in here23:41
ahoneybunclivejo: http://usefoss.com/index.php/2015/08/25/my-contributions-to-kde-and-kubuntu-since-akademy/23:41

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