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ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )05:46
lordievaderGood morning.05:48
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bassehi, what is the current workflow on creating plasmoids?  i tried to find some documentation but I have a feeling they are not updated to latest plasma07:03
bassealso, any visual programs to help me out, or is all the UI stuff have to be writting by hand?07:04
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Guest31962good morning07:58
soeeGood mornign  Guest3196207:58
Guest31962i need help to  install kubuntu 15.04 in dual boot with seven . The first os is seven07:59
lordievaderGuest31962: What is the problem?08:00
Guest31962it is the partionning08:01
lordievaderGuest31962: Does the option 'side by side' (or something along those lines) show?08:01
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soeeyou can alsways use partition manager in Windows to resize current one and free some space. Than use this free space during Kubuntu install to create partitions you want08:03
Guest31962i cant use a art of my drive to install08:03
soeei suggest atleast 2 partitions for Kubuntu. One for / and one for home/08:03
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sonneis there a way to show more than dots on the battery indicator on latest kubuntu? i'd very much like to have battery percentage there09:53
LjL-Alpsdoubtful... but you just need to hover to get percentage09:58
sonnei saw that but it's slightly annoying.. it's also odd, every DE i remember from the last 15 years allowed you to select what to show in the battery indicator :P09:59
rharishsoee: around ?10:09
soeerharish: yup10:09
rharishhey, replying to your question10:09
rharish2:48 PM <soee> rharish: on Vivid ?10:09
rharishyes, on Vivid :-)10:09
rharish2:29 PM <rharish> hey folks, I'm using the kubuntu-ci-unstable-daily ppa and I'm on kf5 version 5.11. I need the kf5 version 5.12 and above. how can I get that done, without much pain ?10:10
rharishsoee: ^ remember ?10:10
soeehmm arent Frameworks 5.12 backported to vivd ?10:10
soeerharish: yes they are in backports ppa: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports?field.series_filter=vivid10:11
rharishidk :\10:11
soeejsut add backports and update system10:11
rharishwhat about 5.14 ?10:11
soee5.14 ?10:11
soeeframeworks ?10:11
soeeis it released ?10:12
rharishyes, kdepim requires it10:12
soeeanyway we have 5.13 in Wily atm, so probably not any soon until 5.14 officaily get into 15.10 or 15.0410:12
soeesonne: as devs say: "no there isn't and I don't have any plans to change that"10:13
soeeso there won't be % usage in Plamsa 510:13
soee*Plasma 510:13
rharish% usage ? of what ?10:14
rharishsoee: thanks, for the moment I can do with 5.12, I think :-)10:15
soeei'm not sure why you using this ppa10:17
soeeit has old Plasma and in backports you have 5.3.210:17
sonnesoee, i see10:18
sonnehm.. what is kubuntu's software center?10:20
rharishsoee: can I keep both the ppa's or remove the current and add the backports ppa ?10:20
sonnefor software sources and the such10:20
rharishsonne: isn't it Muon Discover ?10:20
sonneah, that's why it showed up on suggestions :P10:21
soeerharish: i can't tell how it will work tbh.10:21
soeei would ppa-purge unstable first10:21
soeethan add backports and dist-upgrade10:21
sonnethe name doesn't really remind of packages, i thought it was a false positive :D10:21
rharishsoee: okay10:22
superprowerHi. I'm just installed Kubuntu, then i rebooted, loged in, then i rebooted again and now i'm stuck on splash screen - load bar is full, i can move cursor, but nothing happens. help, please11:02
superproweri pressed something and login screen appeared11:05
superproweri guess it was some F button of something close to F711:05
nishikino-makiFedora22 Bloken(dead by update something...) SUSE Bloken (dead by update the Tumbleweed version) Debian BLOKEN!(dead by nVIDIA driver and forget blacklist nonveau)11:08
superprowerbut screen is black... i can se only cursor11:08
superprowerI'm gonna to reinstall system..11:09
soeenishikino-maki: what nvidia driver ?11:09
BluesKajHiyas all11:09
nishikino-makinVIDIA video card driver(non-free)11:09
soeeare you sure you are using version that supports your gpu ?11:14
nishikino-maki340.xx not support GT430?11:15
soeeit does, just wanted to make sure :)11:16
soeenishikino-maki: so Kubuntu works for you11:16
nishikino-makinow i using LIVECD...11:22
hateballYou have to reboot after installing proprietary drivers, so that wont work so good on a livecd11:23
nishikino-makiidk why most linux using 3.1x.x kernel not using 4.x kernel my paint tablet working only on 4.x+ kernel...11:27
hateballIt is possible to use backported kernels11:30
soeenishikino-maki: current development version uf Ubuntu/Kubuntu uses 4.111:33
nishikino-makiif time is in 2014.8 or 2014.12?11:35
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solo__Всем привет11:36
Guest95560Hello folks, I just tried installing Kubuntu on my computer. While booting the Live USB Stick works just fine, after the installation completed successfullz I just see a black screen with a white underscore blinking for about 1 min, I were uncertain whether thats normal_11:36
soeesolo__: !ru11:36
soeeGuest95560: no it is not normal11:37
Guest95560soee, welp, thanks for confirming at least. Any ideas what I could try? I tried installing with LVM and without first of all11:37
Guest95560I now booted the Live USB again11:37
soeelordievader: ^ any idea11:38
Guest95560Maybe as notice, its possible the SSD is fautly, but even then I would like to confirm that. Its a new SSD 850 Pro from Samsung11:39
Guest95560*never used before, so I cannot confirm whether thats the problem or not11:39
solo__Somebody faced with the problem of installing metatrader 4 Wine?11:40
hateballGuest95560: you may want to boot with ncq disabled for that drive11:40
Guest95560hateball, I assume one is doing that in the BIOS?11:41
hateballGuest95560: see this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/133870611:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1338706 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "Samsung SSD 840 failed to get NCQ Send/Recv Log Emask 0x1 failed to set xfermode (err_mask=0x40) on upstream kernels >= 3.12" [Medium,Fix released]11:41
hateballGuest95560: it's done on the grub boot11:41
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hateballGuest95560: basically just add "libata.force=noncq" to the bootline11:42
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Guest95560hateball, thanks I will trz that11:45
hateballGuest95560: if that works, you can add it to your default grub config options, so new kernel updates will generate a proper bootline11:46
hateballit *should* be blacklisted already in some update afaik, but who knows11:46
* BluesKaj makes a noyr to avoid the Samsung SSD 84011:47
BluesKajerr note even11:47
Guest95560hateball, before trying that, anyway confirm the OS got installed proper?11:48
Guest95560I can mount the harddrive11:48
Guest95560Then mazbe chroot it ?11:48
Guest95560...or was that rather a stupid thought? :D11:49
hateballBluesKaj: well they work fine once you disable ncq, nothing you notice in real world use11:50
hateballand this is only on EVO models afaik, got a Pro in this machine and it behaves11:50
Guest95560hateball: Mine is also a pro11:50
Guest95560idk if i mentioned it11:50
hateballGuest95560: ummm... sure there are several ways, but why not just edit grub and add that line ? you'll see soon enough11:51
hateballyes 850 has the same firmware stuff11:51
Guest95560Meh, true. brb. :)11:51
hateballanyhow this has all been patched upstream so I think in 4.1.x that will be in 15.10 it will all be solved11:51
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kubuntu_Here we are again, I think grub might be broken.12:07
kubuntu_Since I cannot get into the grub menu holding shift at boot time12:07
hateballkubuntu_: you could liveboot and mount the system, edit grub.cfg and add the desired line12:08
kubuntu_Okay, now I am really confused. I did exactly that, at least I thought so.12:10
kubuntu_However, after restarting to the live disk, the file looks again like the last time?12:11
kubuntu_GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" added to this line the libata.force=noncq12:12
Schallahateball: Thanks for your help, after reinstalling grub, adding the config line everything seems to work now.12:23
hateballSchalla: cool12:25
hateballSchalla: remember to edit /etc/default/grub also12:26
SchallaDid so12:26
hateballor update-grub will break12:26
SchallaGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash libata.force=noncq"12:26
Schalla^thats my /etc/default/grub atm12:26
Schalla(Already booted the System on Disk)12:26
SchallaOkay, problem 1 solved, lets get to problem 2 x) I got an ASUS DGX 5.1 AudioCard, which is listed in Phonon and Volume Control (Pulse Audio Manager is that IIRC?), but my headphones do not receive any output12:55
SchallaWhile the onboard audio works fine12:55
SchallaAny idea? I googled and found that a too old kernel can be the reason, however, I dont think tahts the case here with a fresh 15.0412:55
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Guest96991Hi !12:59
Guest96991I'm searching for help :)13:00
lordievadersoee: Sorry, I don't have time to do user support at the moment.13:01
SchallaHi Guest96991, just state your issue :) When someone got time and can help they usually will.13:02
SchallaRegarding my sound problem, changing in AlsaMixer from Stero Headphones FP to Multichannel fixed it13:02
Guest96991Kk ! I just installed Kubuntu in a dual boot with win10, but the computed always starts on BIOS13:04
Guest96991Here is the log from repair-boot > http://paste.ubuntu.com/12191126/13:04
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BluesKajGuest23562:  did you go into the bios and disable secure boot as suggested, seems if you had W8.1 on that machine previous to W10 then you probly have UEFI instead of the standard BIOS, hence your boot problem13:08
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:08
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BluesKajGuest96991: ^13:09
Guest96991Indeed i upgraded recently from win8 to win10, but i already have disabled secure boot13:11
BluesKajwish the guest nicks were banned and users have to choose a proper nick rather than relying on some default guest with number13:11
BluesKajGuest96991: did youread my post about UEFI ?13:12
Guest96991sry first time irc, didnt found yet how to change nickname ^^, i'm reading your link13:13
ubottuYour nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.13:14
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:15
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MrMoreokay done13:15
MrMorejust read the whole topic, but cant figure out where the prob is13:33
MrMorei'mma see bios settings13:34
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soeegood afternnon Guest4659013:56
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Guest46590в линуксе олень помогите13:56
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:56
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pat_rickdoes anyone happen to know how to disable active borders in fullscreen applications (games)?14:02
pat_rickit's a bit annoying that everytime I play a game in fullscreen and move the cursor to one of the corners, the respective command is executed14:03
pat_rickwhich is desktop and window overview for me14:03
danielle31hi all. kmail wont send any of the email in my outbox with no error messages. just stuck on "Online, sending messages in queue". I've tried restarting akonadi and prodding the agent into offline mode using the akonadiconsole. No luck at all. Getting to be a bit urgent now.. :-(14:07
BluesKajpat_rick:  system settings>workspace behaviour>screen edges, click on the edge that's not filled and mchoose 'no action"14:08
pat_rickBluesKaj: hm, that will deactivate it completely, though14:08
pat_rickI want to use them on the desktop, my problem is that they are active also when I am running fullscreen apps14:09
BluesKajyup, sorry i guess I misunderstood you14:09
pat_rickbut maybe that's not possible :(14:09
danielle31I've also tried removing and re-adding at least 1 SMTP account..14:09
pat_rickdanielle31: are you sure that you have configured it correctly?14:10
BluesKajdanielle31:  pehaps this question might be answered more quickly in #kde chat14:10
pat_rickfor me something like that usually happens when I've not configured the outgoing server correctly (smtp or imap)14:11
danielle31pat_rick: It was working fine for the past 3 months14:11
danielle31According to #kde, "its broken, use evolution". thoughts?14:13
pat_rickhm, use thunderbird maybe?14:13
pat_rickof course I have no idea why it might be broken according to #kde, also I'm not using kmail...14:14
pat_rickmaybe there's some actual bug14:14
danielle31I wonder if there's any roadmap to it being fixed..14:17
danielle31 is there any cache or settings folder I can delete without removing all of the messages in the outbox?14:17
pat_rickdanielle31: you could look in your home folder under .local maybe14:29
pat_rickI don't know how kmail stores its settings, but that should be a good start14:29
pat_rickif you find a kmail folder there, make a backup first14:30
danielle31thanks pat_rick14:30
pat_rickbut chances are that it will delete the entire mail account14:30
pat_ricktherefore the backup14:30
danielle31yes I thought so14:30
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robotpeterIs plasma 5.4 released yet?16:23
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SchallaHello, last issue I am facing today with my fresh installed kubuntu. I want to mount a ext4 HDD with exec permissions, however,e verything I enter into fstab gets ignored?17:06
Schalla(Yes I rebooted /unmounted + mounted)17:07
arthur_Does anyone is having an issue concerning libkdecoration when upgrading kubuntu with the last backport packages ? On my laptop I m having seg fault for kwin :/17:28
misternoarthur_ what are the last backport packages17:32
misternodo you mean plasma 5.3.2?17:32
misternoyou can check, there is app in applications for info17:32
arthur_My issue is the same as this one https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=79618417:35
ubottuDebian bug 796184 in libkdecorations2-5 "libkdecorations2-5: updating libkdecorations2-5 to 4:5.3.2-2 breaks kwin" [Critical,Open]17:35
arthur_Yeah thats the one, but I am searching for a workaround here, because it simply crash when I log in17:36
misternoi didnt have crashes after log in but i had plenty of crashes and seg faults in plasma 5.3.2 that i don't think it's anything unusual for you XD17:39
misternofor me usually touching those what are they called, not desktops but those other thingies on desktop17:40
misternowhere you put widgets17:41
arthur_Yeah.. I found workarounds for others but not this one.. It seems that plasma 5.3.2 is not ready for my main desktop at work17:43
misternohow did you workaround others?17:44
arthur_Not changing default theme helps a lot17:44
misternoso if i touch activities, add a new one i will get seg faults17:44
misternomust not touch them17:44
arthur_Putting nothing on the desktop (shortcut, widget...)17:44
misternothen if i already have settings open and im in one of settings windows, and i try to open settings again, i think i will have seg faults too17:45
misternoso i just learned not to do these things and im mostly without crashes now17:45
arthur_Are you using breeze dark theme ?17:45
misternoi actually have widgets on desktop and wok ok17:45
misternoim using default breeze theme17:45
misternothe light one i think17:46
misternois dark one causing problems?17:46
arthur_Not sure, I remember having the issue with libkdecoration when using the dark one (the error points breezedecoration.so)17:47
SchallaDoes Kubuntu auto mount HDDs? I simply cannot find the reason why my ext4 partition doesnt get mounted witht eh defined options17:48
SchallaExtract of fstab: https://paste.kde.org/p8lxgnrom17:48
arthur_Now I am just running kubuntu 15.04 without any backport packages17:48
arthur_@Schalla Do you have any error on boot ?17:50
misternoarthur_ how do you have plasma 5.3.2 then if no backports17:50
TJ-Schalla: it is mounted with the options you gave :)17:51
arthur_I was running kubuntu with plasma 5.3.2 but then I downgraded to the default plasma on 15.0417:51
misternoany reason why?17:52
TJ-Schalla: usually the kernel (via /proc/mounts) doesn't report the *default* values of options, only the non-default. E.g. if you changed to "nosuid" you'd see it reported17:52
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misternomaybe that also plays a role in your crashes17:52
SchallaTJ-: Hu?17:53
Schallaarthur_ TJ- No my error is that steam complains that the partition is mounted as non-exec17:53
arthur_Yeah, as I was saying my error with libkdecoration shows up on log in (when I was running plasma 5.3.2) but then I reinstalled Kubuntu from scratch and it just works but I am searching for a way to get it working with the lastest plasma17:54
Schalla...but got an idea... sec17:54
TJ-Schalla: have you tried executing a binary or shell script from that mountpoint manually?17:54
SchallaTJ-: Yeah works fine, just wonderfing about the steam error then17:58
Schallabut its steam, so, well, nothing to wonder.17:58
TJ-Schalla: can you run it under 'strace' and identify the problem? It might actually be trying to execute from some other location (e.g. /tmp/) and mis-reporting the issue18:01
Schalla^So it got all falgs set as executable18:02
Schallaand yeah, will run strace18:02
TJ-Schalla: that missing shared object is in the "libtcmalloc-minimal4" package18:04
SchallaTJ-: Well but steam doesnt start those files18:05
Schallait refusers to add my library folder itself18:05
Schallabecause the partition is mounted without exec permissions (so it says)18:05
Schallabut that is false18:05
SchallaI got an idea.18:09
SchallaWow, that's sad. For some reason it works now once I change the folder name from "SteamLibrary" which contained "SteamApps" to "steamapps"18:10
SchallaWhy? Idk.18:10
SchallaIt worked before on Linux Mint fine, same partition, same FS18:11
Schallaaccess("/media/LinuxData/SteamLibrary/steamapps", F_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)18:11
SchallaThanks for the idea TJ-, was a good one with strace. Forget that way too often.18:11
taratorHi everybody, is Plasma 5.4 backported to Kubuntu 15.04?18:15
arthur_According to the website no18:20
soeetarator: no, it is not even ready for Wily18:21
soeeit will be first packaged for Wily, than probably backported to vivid18:21
misternoi was messing with themes, downloading new ones and now my default breeze theme (light one) is messed up18:49
misternohow do i restore default themes?18:49
mparilloSystem Settings > Workspace Theme > Defaults does not work? I never tried it myself.18:58
misternoi tried defaults but it only selects default theme, but that default theme is messed up so no it doesn't help, i need to somehow reinstall default themes to fix them19:08
soeecheck color scheme also19:10
misternoim getting this error now http://s9.postimg.org/llhobgl27/screenshot_32.png19:15
misternoerror during last KDE upgrade leaving an orphaned control moduel19:15
misternoyou have old third party modules lying around19:16
misternohow do i go about fixing it19:16
misternoif themes can mess up system like this, then why do they offer them to download19:17
misternowhy don't they make strict limits which are plasma 5 compatible themes that can't mess this up19:17
soeemisterno: what did you do before this message showed there ?19:26
misternosudo apt purge breeze then sudo apt install breeze19:26
misternoand before that i was installing different themes from settings downloading new ones19:28
misternonow ive managed to do this http://s9.postimg.org/61evyo0bj/screenshot_33.png19:29
misternoi did mv ~/.kde ~/.kde.old19:29
misternoand after logout this happened19:29
misternothen i did backwards19:29
soeesudo apt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop maybe ?19:30
misternobut still it's this error after logout19:30
misternooh didnt know there is reinstall command19:30
misternoill try now19:30
soeesame with plasma-desktop19:30
misternolets see19:33
misternowoohoo that solved it, i got back old themes and no errors now19:34
misternodidnt know about --reinstall19:35
misternothats why i tried that purge19:35
soeenow you know :)19:35
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garoghello, any idea when kubuntu will ship plasma 5.4 for 15.04 ?20:54
Okitaingarog: I'd suggest you get on kubuntu's mailing list21:21
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