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blrwgrant: sensible subdomain name for the endpoint configuration? builderproxy?20:59
blrperhaps builderproxyapi21:07
blrnaming things is hard.21:07
blrcjwatson: I can see instances of the git hosting client mocked for testing, but no integration tests - I suppose that's rather difficult (thining in terms of the client for the builder proxy)21:29
cjwatsonThat's right, I never got round to working out how to integrate that into the build system21:32
cjwatsonI can't remember whether it was a problem with installing pygit2, or a problem with getting it to actually run in individual tests21:33
cjwatsonPossibly both21:33
cjwatsonThe interface isn't so complicated that that scares me *too* badly - it'd be nice to fix, but I don't think it's a showstopper for your new thing if you have similar trouble21:33
cjwatsonIt is possible that this was one of the many problems I decided was blocked on moving off buildout ...21:34
cjwatsonHow's the local buildd setup coming along?21:35
blrcjwatson: bob appears to be happy, just fleshing out a client now21:36
cjwatsonI'm kind of hoping that I'll emerge from mailer code this week sometime :-)21:38
lifelesscjwatson: thank for the testtools patch update, shall look this weekish21:38
cjwatsonlifeless: cool, thanks21:38

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