flexiondotorgwxl, Are you participating in 15.10 beta 1?08:23
flexiondotorgphillw, Do you know? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^08:35
flexiondotorgI'm helping with the flavour releases again and I'm just round up who is taking part.08:36
flexiondotorgUnit193, Do you know? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^609:01
flexiondotorgImages need to be spun.09:01
flexiondotorgwxl, We are assuming you want to participate in Beta 1. If you decide otherwise let me know and we'll remove Lubuntu.10:00
phillwflexiondotorg: yes we are10:18
flexiondotorgThanks phillw10:20
phillwflexiondotorg: to save any confusion, lubuntu does all the pre-release milestones :)10:21
flexiondotorgphillw, OK, if I do this again I will just assume Lubuntu are taking part.10:21
flexiondotorgCan someone from Lubuntu update the wiki please? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta110:21
phillwflexiondotorg: as soon as the notes are ready :)10:23
phillwflexiondotorg: done10:29
flexiondotorgphillw, Great. Thank you.10:30
phillwBeta 1 spins are now available.11:39
sakanganyone using the lxqt ppa?  the appearance is not working and desktop missing in the lxqt config15:31
sakangthis on wily, lxqt 0.915:33
sakangjust noticed lxqt-common has 15.04.1 suffix while everything is 15.10?15:37
sakangand it's version 0.9.115:37
wxlflexiondotorg: sorry. email follows me where i go but not irc. yep, we're on17:48
phillwwxl: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta1/Lubuntu will need updating with what ever bugs we're carrying forward17:59
wxlphillw: yes dear. :) thank you very much for all your help18:01
phillwhey, I was lurking :P18:04
* ianorlin grabs desktopamd64 for live session18:13
phillwwxl: any ideas on the latest twist with double / not double / not appearing at all applets?18:50
wxlphillw: yeah i don't know. that's some weird stuff, for sure.18:51
phillwit is when same iso exhibits different behaviour!18:51
ianorlinliveI have not produced a bug but it is quite confusing18:52
wxlthat just doesn't make any bloody sense18:52
ianorlinliveok only one nm-applet is running I found out through pgrep18:52
phillwi still have two network and two skype applets on my production wily... which is down from the 4 i had last Friday!18:53
ianorlinlivealso the new applet is actually the fcitx input method18:53
ianorlinliveok I may have found a workaround18:53
phillwianorlinlive: i was debating killing that, as I still have dbus18:53
phillwwhich... has started to fall out again... not got a full bug report on it as yet.18:54
ianorlinliveok this makes no sense as right clicking indicator applet settings and pressing show indicators and then start it back again gets one18:54
ianorlinlivealso lubuntu software center has a wierd ui typo but not sure this will be fixed when clicking on info for a package it says infos on $package18:55
phillwianorlinlive: wxl the lsc bug for alternate has a proposed work around, that I'll test out. It would be a lot of effort to try and trap the instance that is causing the issue in LSC with alternate.18:59
ianorlinlivephillw I think there are several actually19:00
phillwianorlinlive: if it is a type, let jorn know that's a quick fix :)19:00
ianorlinliveyeah I could probably do this myself even19:00
phillwyeah, and then just ask for a merge. Jorn has been baby sitting it, whilst the work on cute progresses.19:01
phillwwxl: I can confirm that Jorn's workaround for LSC works... just need to tell people to ignore all the bitching the error reports throw up, but it does not report an error on completion and the full suite is available to LSC19:24
wxlphillw: make that clear in the bug and we'll be good19:24
phillwit's not going to get a fix, but is it okay to mark as triaged?19:25
wxlphillw: naw, we should just call it won't fix. but change the title that there's a workaround.19:26
phillwokies... let go dig it up!19:27
wxlphillw: if you need me to do anything, let me know19:27
wxli'm upgrading bsd servers over here19:27
phillwwxl: you'll have to change bug status.. needs a bug person :) bug 146751719:39
ubot93bug 1467517 in lubuntu-software-center (Ubuntu) "LSC can only 'see' installed applications - Work around released." [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146751719:39
wxlphillw: on it19:39
wxlbug 1467517 is done, thanks19:41
ubot93bug 1467517 in lubuntu-software-center (Ubuntu) "LSC can only 'see' installed applications - Work around released." [Critical,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146751719:41
phillwwxl: no longer critical... actually - it never wa19:41
wxlianorlin: you might want to pop onto #lubuntu and help whouser with multimonitor19:41
phillwimportant, sure ... but critical.... nah19:43
wxlheh i made it low oops XD19:43
phillwfor a n00b, it is important... I know we know how to get around it using apt / synaptic etc... but :)19:44
phillwwxl: appreciate your views on the applet email now that melodie has updated it.... We NEED a bug raising :)20:04
phillwbbs need to drop internet soon, else alternate ignores the ISO20:18
wxlphillw: so is there a bug report?20:44
phillwwxl: not to my knowledge,,, what would you like it reporting against... I can use the VM with the multiple a-applets if you want.20:46
wxlphillw: sheesh, i don't know. lxpanel?20:47
wxlwe can always reassign it20:47
phillwi was thinking openbox, after what melodie said about us running an older version20:47
wxljust getting the report will be the essential factor20:48
phillwbut, I'll do it for lxpanel20:48
phillwthis bug is bloody crazy..... 32 bit alternate... no a-applet and only 1 nm applet (as i saw with 64 bit alternate)20:51
phillwwxl: can you give me the link for the email thread [Lubuntu-qa] Duplicate applet icons for online help etc 'รข' and network-manager (nm-applet) Thanks21:00
wxlphillw: starts at https://lists.launchpad.net/lubuntu-qa/msg05277.html21:01
phillwwxl: does it make sense to you to tie the bug to the on going email, as it has far more detail?21:02
wxlphillw: sure, but summarize21:02
phillwI will :)21:02
phillwwxl: wait for it to process, then go and edit!!! bug 148866021:11
ubot93bug 1488660 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "Intermittent bug with additional applets appearing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148866021:11
phillwside by side 32 bit alternate issue had 2 x nm-applets, no 'a' applets and a reboot now shows just one nm-applet22:42
phillwaaarrrgggghhhhh... and after a 2nd reboot.. i have 2 x nm-applets....22:44
phillwthen just one ....22:46
phillwand then one.... and then two....22:48
phillwwxl: hmm, it seems the boot is different as to if I get two nm-applets or just one23:06
phillwcancel that...23:15

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