FoD__I just installed Lubuntu and I cannot seem to get sound to work. I have a pair of cheapo Logitech USB speakers on the machine, and weirdly enough the volume +/- and mute buttons work on them, and it seems to detect the device fine... But no matter what I do, I can't hear anything.00:25
ianorlinFoD__: I personally have not used usb speakers but do you know which output device you are trying to use?00:25
FoD__I installed the audio mixer, and tried using both the default setting, and the one with the device's name.00:26
FoD__No luck with either.00:26
FoD__I had Ubuntu on the machine before, and audio worked fine out of the box there.00:27
FoD__If that helps at all.00:27
FoD__When I run alsamixer, it seems to switch back the the default/generic output every time...00:40
FoD__Is that a sign that somehow it's not actually changing the output?00:40
ianorlinFoD__: you can also try audicous as that has prefrences to slect differnt audio00:53
ianorlinit is under sound and video as a music player00:59
ianorlinin prefrences00:59
FoD__I was able to get it to play audio.01:06
FoD__But I still cannot hear system sounds or audio from the browser or anything.01:06
ianorlinah ok do you know with which settings01:06
FoD__Via ALSA01:08
FoD__How do I set the default audio output?01:18
holsteini use alsamixer.. in the terminal.. but, there are many ways, im sure.. whats the goal?01:18
holsteini do like pulseaudio and pavucontrol for routing..01:18
FoD__I just have a simple USB audio device01:19
holsteindoes it support linux?01:19
FoD__It worked in Ubuntu.01:19
holsteinmost are "class compliant"01:19
holsteinhmmm.. lubuntu *is* ubuntu01:19
FoD__I was able to get audacious to play an mp3 on the device.01:20
FoD__But I can't seem to get the system to use it.01:20
FoD__I'm pretty new to all this, very confused.01:20
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.01:20
holsteinwhat i do is, i run "aplay -l" in a terminal01:20
FoD__alsamixer doesn't seem to change the default01:20
holsteini see that the devices are present.. if they are not present in "aplay -l", then, you wont get sound01:21
holsteinare they present?01:21
FoD__Yes, it's there.01:21
holsteinso, then, i *dont* test with web audio, like flash, or mp3's..01:21
holsteini get a known good audio file playing on the internal audio device.. then, i'll stop that, and close everything,and use alsamixer to select the USB device01:22
holsteinbut, for me, if im juggling multiple devices, i use pulse, and pavucontrol01:22
FoD__Is there a way to set it as the default card using aplay?01:22
holsteinFoD__: yes01:22
holsteinFoD__: i do that in alsamixer. but, as i said, i ideally just install pulseaudio and pavucontrol01:22
holsteinFoD__: if you want to set soething as default, you'll have to just try the alsamixer tool, and share what isnt working for you01:23
FoD__Each time I relaunch alsamixer it goes back to the one I DON'T want to use as default.01:23
holsteinFoD__: sure.. but, it *is* putting audio out, correct?01:24
holsteinthere are many ways to have the USB audio device be default.. but, see that you are getting audio to it, first01:24
FoD__As stated, I was able to get an audio player application to use it.01:24
FoD__But not the system.01:24
holsteinFoD__: so, one easy way to use the USB device is, disable the internal in the bios. then, the only audio device for the system will be the USB device01:25
ianorlinholstein: that is what I do with hdmi on my desktop01:25
FoD__I'll give that a whirl.01:25
holsteinFoD__: this looks like what i would do, if, i wanted to keep both, and set one as default, without installing pulseaudio, and pavucontrol https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=12438001:26
holsteinhere is the *exact* scenario http://superuser.com/questions/626606/how-to-make-alsa-pick-a-preferred-sound-device-automatically01:26
holsteinthe issue with that ^ is, those labels can change, between reboots01:27
FoD__I don't want to keep both.01:28
holsteincool.. then, ideally, just disable, or blacklist the internal, since, you dont want it at all01:29
holsteinthen, you wont even need to bother with which is default..01:29
FoD__Is there a way to do that without the BIOS?01:29
holsteinyou'll only have the one, and the system will use it01:29
FoD__Annoyingly the BIOS seems to have no option to disable onboard audio.01:29
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »01:29
FoD__How do I know what the modulename is01:31
holstein^ looks like how i would attempt01:33
FoD__I did no realize I would need an engineering degree to get the soundcard set as the default.01:37
holsteinwell, you can use main ubuntu, or, pulse from main ubuntu01:37
FoD__ubuntu was running slowly, wanted something lighter weight for my dad's computer.01:38
holsteinyou may find just adding pulse makes your experience more like that. you dont need an engineering degree, but, the goal of lubuntu is to be light..01:38
holsteinits not necessarily as friendly at all things.. since, things have to be stripped down/out01:38
holsteinxfce is lighter.. mate is lighter..01:38
holsteinno doubt, you can get what you need.. but, you'll have to learn to do with with alsa only01:39
FoD__I'm unable to create a conf file in /etc/01:41
FoD__I'm guessing changing the permission will be another whole ordeal all it's own?01:41
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo01:41
holsteinsudo nano /path/to/file01:41
FoD__That will create a blank file?01:42
holsteinFoD__: sudo gives you root permission.. to access and write in /etc01:43
holsteinnano is a text editor.. so, as root, open this text editor, and create the file "/path/to/filename"01:43
FoD__When I do "cat /proc/asound/cards"01:47
FoD__What part of the device name is the name I'm supposed to be using?01:47
FoD__What's between the brackets?01:47
FoD__Including the 13 following spaces?01:47
holsteinFoD__: i like this command, in the terminal /sbin/lsmod | grep snd01:51
holsteinFoD__: you'll want the module.. the linux kernel is modular, and what you are going to do, basically, since, your hardware bios doenst facilitate disabling, and you want the internal audio device off, is, you keep the system from loading the driver for it.. basically01:52
holsteinblacklisting the module.. should make the device not present.01:52
FoD__I'm currently attempting the asound.conf method.01:53
FoD__Fingers crossed.01:53
holsteinsure.. but, those labels can change01:53
holsteinif you are leaving it with someone, who is not familiar with linux, and want it to be "bullet-proof". they *could* reboot, and have the labels change..01:53
FoD__It somehow screwed everything up.01:55
FoD__Can't even run alsamixer now.01:55
holsteinubuntu-mate is my "go-to" for family members01:56
FoD__How do I find the module I need to disable?02:00
FoD__To kill the other useless soundcard.02:00
holsteini like using /sbin/lsmod | grep snd02:00
FoD__Oh, you already said that, sorry.02:01
holsteinthat lists out all the modules being used with "snd" in them..02:01
FoD__Thank you.02:01
holsteinsnd_hda_controller     32768  1 snd_hda_intel02:01
holsteinfor example. thats where i would start.. just testing as i reboot, and check02:02
FoD__Is it normal for there to be no existing blacklist file?02:09
holsteini dont have anything blacklisted02:10
FoD__Just that part?02:11
holsteinFoD__: i dont know what your module will be, but, for me, if i were trying to implement blacklisting my driver for my internal audio, i would start with that.. i would keep note of what i have done, and how to undo it, and reboot, and test02:12
FoD__Well I see a similar entry02:13
FoD__But Only that should be added to the blacklist?02:13
FoD__I'm confused, since it's displayed on one line...02:13
holsteinFoD__: i would make it look like it does at http://askubuntu.com/questions/110835/how-to-disable-the-internal-sound-card02:14
holsteinsnd_pcm          80388   5 snd_ens1370 for example02:14
holsteinso, the module is snd_ens1370 in that specific case.. so..02:15
holsteinsudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist02:15
holsteinthen, create, or add.. blacklist snd_ens137002:15
holstein# disable my PCI ensoniq sound card02:15
holsteinblacklist snd_ens137002:15
holsteinthe # is a comment.. so, you can say "# disabling internal audio" then on the next line "blacklist module_name"02:16
holsteinthen, you can easily find what you have done, and undo it, if you need..02:17
FoD__I've tried disabling two different obvious candidates.02:22
FoD__No luck.02:22
holsteinfeel free and share any output you like02:22
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:22
holsteinyou'll have to reboot, for the changes to work02:23
FoD__I'm aware.02:25
FoD__I've been rebooting.02:25
FoD__There's no way to actually find out what module a card is using...?02:26
FoD__Outside of guessing.02:26
holsteinFoD__: again, you can share any output you like, and a volunteer can assist you with that02:26
FoD__Oh, you mean the names of the modules02:27
holsteinFoD__: correct. you run a command. you get output.. you assume the module name. you can share the output here, and a volunteer can assist with getting the name02:27
FoD__Well, I just tried disabling the USB audio card module.02:27
FoD__Which is the card I actually want to use.02:27
FoD__And rebooted.02:27
holsteinyou just unplug it.. ;)02:28
FoD__aplay -l02:28
FoD__still shows the device02:28
FoD__So my blacklist is being ignored?02:28
holsteincould be..02:28
holsteinIn later versions since 12.10 (12.04?) the file is /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf02:28
FoD__.conf has to be added?02:29
holsteinso, it could be, we are editing an older filenam.. and it should be ^02:29
* FoD__ face on desk02:29
holsteintry that location.. you can simply rename the one you have..02:29
FoD__I disabled the intel one.02:41
FoD__And things are no partially working.02:41
FoD__The volume +/- and mute buttons no longer work.02:41
FoD__I can no longer run alsamixer.02:41
holsteinnot sure what you mean, you cant run alsamixer..02:42
FoD__open terminal02:42
FoD__type "alsamixer"02:42
FoD__press enter02:42
holsteinyou open a terminal, and type "alsamixer", and share errors02:42
holsteinanyways, to get the buttons to now control the USB device will probably be a bit trickier02:42
holsteinso, id say, just to save time, and hassle, consider just giving dear ol' dad ubuntu-mate02:43
FoD__cannot open mixer, no such file or directory02:43
holsteinFoD__: http://askubuntu.com/questions/509791/alsamixer-no-such-file-or-directory is relevant for that02:44
FoD__Why is USB audio so hated? hah02:47
holsteinits not02:47
FoD__Doesn't want to use it as a default, doesn't want to run aslamixer if it's the only device present...02:48
holsteinits just that lubuntu is stripped down. its not really intended to easily manage usb only audio02:48
holsteinpulse audio addresses a lot of that.. but, its a trade off02:48
FoD__I tried the second solution in that link02:49
FoD__commenting out the one line.02:49
FoD__Has not fixed the problem.02:49
FoD__I guess I can live without alsamixer, since at least the sound works...02:49
holsteinwell, i think looking at it like that is a miss-step02:49
holsteinits not really something that is broken to be fixed, in that manner.. its going to take some time to hack at lubuntu and make it what you intend for your case02:49
FoD__To "comment out" a line I'm just putting a pound and a space in front of it, no?02:50
FoD__Alright, well.02:50
FoD__Commented out.02:50
FoD__Alsamixer still refuses to run.02:51
FoD__Time to throw in the towel on that?02:51
holsteinthough, thats not your module, corect?02:51
FoD__"options snd-usb-audio index=-2"02:51
FoD__I found that in the same file he mentions.02:51
FoD__It's the same module name.02:51
holsteinFoD__: when i run "man alsamixer" i see the -c option02:51
holsteinso, i would expect to be able to run "alsamixer -c" and specify the USB device02:52
holsteinbut, in no way would i *ever* leave someone unfamiliar with linux using alsamixer to control the audio device02:52
holsteinhave you tried ubuntu-mate? its just that, its quite light, and the creator actually created it for that.. for his dad02:52
FoD__System sound is now working.02:53
holsteinits using pulse, and would allow you to deal with this in a GUI, as you expect02:53
FoD__But I still can't run alsamixer.02:53
FoD__I guess this is good enough.02:53
holsteinFoD__: sure. have you tried specifying the audio device properly?02:53
FoD__What do you mean?02:53
FoD__Thanks for your patience by the way.02:54
holsteinFoD__: with the -c flag02:54
holsteinFoD__: sure.. its not easy, i understand..02:54
FoD__If it's working wouldn't that mean it's already specified?02:54
holsteinFoD__: if its working, you can use it.. if its not, then, when you run "alsamixer" it wont work... and, if you want, you can specify to alsamixer what device.. "alsamixer -c". using the -c flag to specify the USB device02:55
FoD__I run firefox, go to youtube.02:56
FoD__I hear sound.02:56
FoD__But I still cannot run alsamixer.02:56
holsteinFoD__: have you tried specifying the audio device to alsamixer with the -c flaf?02:56
FoD__It says invalid number.02:56
holsteinFoD__: try another # ;)02:57
FoD__I got it to work, I had messed up the syntax.02:58
FoD__So lastly then, I guess...02:58
FoD__Any chances of getting the buttons on the USB device to work again?02:58
holsteinits *all* open, so, theres more than just a chace02:59
FoD__Why would disabling the intel module make the buttons stop working?02:59
holsteini would expect it to be a bit more challenging than what you have done so far02:59
holsteinand, i would expect it to be a bit odd for someone to use, that is not experienced with linux02:59
holsteinFoD__: it didnt02:59
FoD__They were working prior.03:00
holsteinFoD__: the buttons are still doing what they always did.. the device is not there, anymore03:00
FoD__Why are the buttons on the USB device linked to the onboard device that I blacklisted? O_O03:00
holsteinFoD__: why not? i mean, thats the norm03:00
holsteinits the normal desktop use, the scenario that would be most likely03:01
FoD__What should I do to restore the functionality of the buttons?03:01
holsteinFoD__: what would i do? i think it would be easiest to learn the commands that control and set what you want.. volume up and down and mute.. and make new keyboard shortcuts for those commands03:02
FoD__Or should I just be thrilled I got it working to the extent it is, and walk away.03:02
holsteinFoD__: the issue is, the more of this you hack at, the more unstable you make it for the end user.. which, is not you03:02
FoD__The computer is for my 68 year old dad, so.03:03
FoD__I don't think keyboard macros are the way to go.03:03
holsteinso, why does he even need a USB device?03:03
FoD__It's the only speakers around here.03:03
FoD__I don't have anything besides maybe a crappy pair of earbuds that I could plug into the 1/8" jacks on the back of the computer.03:03
holsteini would give him the most "out of the box" default setup.. if that meant getting speakers from the charity shop..03:04
FoD__Well, what's working now is working good enough.03:04
holsteincool.. enjoy!03:05
FoD__I'll tell him he just has to use the volume icon in the taskbar to change volume.03:05
FoD__And that the buttons don't work anymore.03:05
holsteinsounds great. except, it sound like an excuse.. since, it used to work the other way, and he may not like it03:05
FoD__It's a very crappy computer, and even Ubuntu running Metacity was very bogged down.03:07
FoD__So I went for Lubuntu because it seemed like the best compromise of user friendliness and lack of bloat.03:08
FoD__All he uses it for is browsing the web.03:10
FoD__Thank you for all your help.03:11
FoD__Is there anything I should do to optimize a lubuntu installation on a slow computer?03:15
FoD__On which I'm pretty sure the bottleneck is the CPU.03:16
FoD__Even opening Firefox is kind of slow.03:16
FoD__Though the box has more than enough RAM to comfortable browse the internet...03:16
llogiqHi folks. My mouse cursor went invisible.05:41
llogiqlubuntu 15.04 x64 desktop, intel on-board chipset05:42
llogiqAnybody have an idea? I do need the mouse every now and then.05:43
ianorlynllogiq, press control alt t open a terminal05:43
llogiqthe xorg.0.log says that hardware mouse cursor was active. I already have multiple terminals open.05:43
ianorlynthen run sudo apt-get install suckless-tools and then you can use a command called swarp to move it to a a coordinate you specify on the command line05:44
llogiqThat may be a good idea, but I think that using the actual mouse to move it to a coordinate of my choosing would be preferrable.05:45
llogiq(Well, touchpad, but anyway)05:45
ianorlynllogiq, do you have any work that needs saving currently05:45
ianorlynyou could try logging out and logging in again05:45
llogiqAlready rebooted.05:46
ianorlynand happens again?05:46
llogiqPerhaps this has something to do with a failed apt-get upgrade I had yesterday...05:46
ianorlynllogiq, ah did power run out during it?05:47
llogiqNo. The java installer crashed it.05:47
llogiqI'm currently restarting the upgrade, maybe that'll help.05:48
llogiqIt just stopped again.05:50
llogiqApparently my network connection is a bit flaky and the java downloader just stops. I'm restarting it manually with dpkg --configure -a (as root)06:00
llogiqYeah I got it working. No mouse cursor yet, though.06:03
llogiqre. I got it to work by adding ``Option "HWCursor" "off"'' to my X11 config.06:11
llogiqcu folks.09:37
sakanganyone using the lxqt ppa?  the appearance is not working and desktop missing in the lxqt config15:26
whouserhi.  i am looking for a little assistance getting a better multi monitor solution.  I am currently using LXLE and ARandR for the multimonitor.  is there a better option?19:41
whouserplease ping when you reply.  thanks in advance19:41
ianorlinwhouser: is this a desktop or a laptop19:43
whouserlaptop.  with a hdmi connected monitor19:44
ianorlinarandr has an unxrandr command that can give you how to make that with a command line and you you could maybe make a keyboard shortcut if you connect to this monitor evry time you take your laptop home19:44
ianorlinor you could make a script that does the same thing19:45
whouserno it is connected and working19:46
whouseri was hoping for a better multi monitor soluition19:46
ianorlinbetter in what way?19:46
whouserARandR seems to "square" the worksurface19:46
whousernot give two seperate work surfaces19:47
whouserand i cannot force the "main" desktop to the monitor i desire19:47
ianorlinwhouser: you can you drag the rectangles to get two that way19:47
ianorlinand then press apply and you can change resolution by the menu19:48
whouserthe resoluitions are fine19:56
whouseris there a image paste that is most agreeable19:56
whouserbecause it might be best to show you19:56
whouserbut however one drage the monitors, the desktop 'squares' the outer outline19:56
whouserso if one orients the monitors vertically , and the upper monitor is 'wider' than the lower, the lowest right corner is off the visable screen19:57
whouserif you orient them left and right, the taller makes a unuseable uppercorner19:59

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