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lordievaderGood morning.05:48
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maxbUpgraded vivid->wily, now lightdm seems to not be starting unity for my main user, but logging into a guest session works.16:17
maxbIs anyone able to suggest logfiles where I might look for enlightenment?16:17
lordievadermaxb: journalctl -u lightdm16:19
lordievaderAlso: systemctl status ligthdm16:19
maxbHmm, a lack of actual errors :-/16:22
lordievadermaxb: Is it enabled?16:27
maxbHmm, some stuff about brltty, no-pinentry-gnome3 and upstart-event-bridge in ~/.xsession-errors16:27
maxbIs what enabled?16:27
maxbMoving aside all my user dotfiles bypassed the issue, I guess I move them back in stages and see when it breaks16:33
lordievadermaxb: Is lightdm enabled?16:34
maxbyes, this was a fairly lightly customized Ubuntu installation. I didn't change display manager or desktop environment16:35
maxbOK, so fairly unsurprisingly the problem is something in ~/.config16:47
maxbSomething in ~/.config/upstart/16:51
maxbApparently I have a ~/.config/upstart/gnome-keyring.conf which was the problem16:52
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maxbIt looks like this was my attempt to prevent gnome-keyring from acting as a ssh agent16:53
maxbunsure why this managed to block user session startup after upgrading, though16:54
arssonHey wily folks whats this? (org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad17:46
arssonIn order to work properly, Unity Tweak Tool recommends you install the necessary packages)?17:46
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ObrienDavethe dependencies are not being resolved properly. enable ALL ubuntu repos18:03
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