melodieI had to replace a Windows 7 home edition on a HP large laptop, which has 8 cores proc, 8 GB ram, a ivybridge Intel 3D/Nvidia GPU :18:37
melodieand I have the pleasure to announce you there has been no bug at all! \o/18:38
melodieI used a Xubuntu 14.04.3 and installed all additional packages for iphone as the guy has a iphone 5 and that went well too. success!18:38
melodieso for once, I decided to let the #ubuntu-bugs team that I just found 0 bug! XD18:39
tewardmelodie: well, you can tell the Xubuntu QA team that!18:40
tewardthey'll be glad to hear it, I bet!18:40
melodiehi teward yes sure, I have to go to their chan18:41
melodieis it #xubuntu or is there a specific qa chan?18:41
tewardthey may not have one18:41
tewardperhaps #xubuntu-devel, i bet their QA hang out there.  xD18:41
tewardbut not really sure myself18:41
melodieI try18:41
melodieand you teward how are you since last time you helped me?18:42
melodie(I don't even remember for what, just that you are keen! and very helpful!18:42
tewardbusy, tired, coffee dependent, and i have a gitlab for my own use that i'm fiddling with :P18:42
melodieI tried gitlab and I prefer it to github18:43
melodiethere is a help section which is efficient there18:43
tewardyeah but i don't trust cloud :)18:43
* teward has selfhosted18:43
melodieI do : I have the copy in my computer so I don't fear the sky falls on my head18:44
tewardi need this because i have four servers whose config needs to remain in sync18:54
tewardand i can't let that data in the open18:55
tewardor to the cloud18:55
tewardbecause ACLs are define there18:55
tewardbut meh18:55
tewardanyways, that's foftopic here :)18:55
dutchiehi, is there anything i can do to speed along getting the patch for bug 1385868 applied? should I post it upstream to debian?21:46
ubot5bug 1385868 in samba (Ubuntu) "Samba logrotate script uses invalid argument to /etc/init.d/nmdb" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138586821:46
rbasakdutchie: if the patch also applies to Debian then it should be sent there, yes - regardless of what Ubuntu does.22:29
rbasakdutchie: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess for getting something into Ubuntu22:29

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