popeyGood morning08:05
czajkowskiGooooood morning08:27
czajkowskihow are we this lovely sunny day08:38
popeyapparently today we're not killing it08:41
popeykeep an eye out for updates tomorrow though08:41
czajkowskichanges faster than UK weather :)08:42
czajkowskipopey: how08:42
czajkowskipopey: how's sprinting?08:42
popeybusy busy08:45
czajkowskithats good08:49
mhall119balloons: do we have a guest lined up for today's Q&A?14:21
balloonsmhall119, I think we did / do / might14:21
mhall119well that's very definitive :)14:21
balloonswe should check the doc14:22
mhall119what doc is that?14:24
balloonswe had it written down somewhere..14:25
mhall119hmmm, not finding it...14:28
balloonsI remember popey and dholbach had several in a row lined up. Either way, we have enough to chat about :-)14:28
balloonsI also don't see it in a document14:28
mhall119ok, just us today then14:30
mhall119I'll schedule the hangout14:30
mhall119balloons: any topic I should highlight in the description?14:31
balloonshmm.. there's a few, but perhaps it's better to see what comes up14:35
balloonsI don't have anything to discuss just yet14:35
mhall119ok, all setup and advertised on G+, FB and Twitter14:41
balloonsawesome, thanks mhall11914:42
jcastrojose: ping17:16
josejcastro: pong17:16
jcastrojose: wait exactly 24 hours, and then you can book via the usual folks!17:17
josejcastro: woot woot, thank you! :D :D :D17:17

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