darkxstoctoquad, thanks04:18
darkxstoctoquad, btw any bugs which are feature requests get marked wishlist04:18
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flexiondotorgdarkxst, Are you participating in 15.10 Beta 1?08:23
darkxstflexiondotorg, didnt ali already update the wiki page? yes we are08:24
flexiondotorgJust double checking. I'm helping with the flavour releases again.08:25
darkxstflexiondotorg, although I might just run off and hide in a corner, it could be bad, with some big updates in the last week that havent really been tested widely08:25
flexiondotorgdarkxst, You and me both ;-)08:26
darkxstflexiondotorg, great thanks for helping again08:26
darkxstflexiondotorg, but I made it onto ubuntu-desktop team08:27
darkxstnext stop could be core-dev, at which point I would probably have the permissions to flick the buttons on the other side08:27
flexiondotorgdarkxst, Cool. Is that a community role or ful time?08:27
darkxstflexiondotorg, community, still looking for full time work08:28
darkxstand well 90+% of members on that team are Canonical, but I get upload rights to alot of the overlapping stuff08:29
darkxstflexiondotorg, in fact the ubuntu-gnome packageset is more or less completely borked, by that overlap! only really has a dozen packages of interest in it08:34
flexiondotorgI suspected that maintain Ubuntu GNOME must be tricky given how much Unity leans on GNOME3 components.08:35
darkxstflexiondotorg, its been a long haul, sometimes it easy we do the work for them, othertimes, shit fucking breaks them and we get stuck on old crap, having to revert patches for ages08:36
darkxstbluez5 was a good example of that08:37
flexiondotorgdarkxst, Yep. I feel the pain with Bluez5 too.08:38
darkxstnext up will be gnome-user-share and I'm just waiting on reports that the sharing panel is completely stuffed atm08:38
flexiondotorgBluetooth is still pretty busted in Ubuntu MATE 15.10. Looks like 16.04 it will finally be sorted.08:39
darkxstlots of things are busted, because the touch team can't keep up with the changes!08:39
darkxstnetwork-manager 1.0 release and packagekit 1.0 are noticeably missing08:40
flexiondotorgYeah. It is amazing just how similar the MATE and GNOME3 requirements are, even today.08:41
flexiondotorgBut I am in a way better situation that you I think.08:41
darkxstflexiondotorg, but how much isnt forked?08:47
flexiondotorgWell, Not as much as you'd think now. We've aligned with GNOME3 libs quite extensively.08:47
darkxstflexiondotorg, so you on gtk3, etc08:48
flexiondotorgAnd will continue to do so.08:48
flexiondotorgdarkxst, GTK2 and GTK3 a build targets.08:48
flexiondotorgIn Debian/Ubuntu it is still GTK2 because GTK3 was still considered experimental when MATE 1.10 released.08:48
flexiondotorgThat said, I maintain MATE in Arch Linux and provide GTK2 and GTK3 builds. I've used GTK3 as my main desktop for months, no major issues.08:49
flexiondotorgFedora also have a GTK3 build too.08:49
darkxstgtk3 breaks something every  cycle, still waiting for that to drop in 3.18 though08:50
flexiondotorgAnd we've improved GTK3 support signifcantly since 1.10 release just a few months ago. So I expect GTK3 will be stable for 1.12.08:50
flexiondotorgdarkxst, Yes, this is one reason why we've helpd off "promoting" the GTK3 version.08:50
flexiondotorgWe see regressions with every GTK3 release.08:51
darkxstbut really its just the canonical guys don't dog-food the gtk3 updates during dev cycles08:51
darkxstflexiondotorg, and it has settled down a lot since the early days!08:52
darkxstthe breakage back circa 3.6-3.10 was far worse08:54
flexiondotorgI agree.08:55
darkxstflexiondotorg, the biggest issue for us has been getting useful dev's08:58
flexiondotorgFor Ubuntu GNOME specifically?08:58
darkxstflexiondotorg, yes08:59
flexiondotorgIn what respect? Updating packages and such or coding new features?08:59
darkxstwell both really, noskcaj is great with packaging but can't code09:01
darkxstmost of the interested people to try to come on board have no experience with either ;(09:03
flexiondotorgYeah, I know where you're coming from.09:04
flexiondotorgThis is why I do most of my work on MATE in Debian. There is an established developer community around MATE there.09:04
octoquaddarkxst, I marked it as opinion because I remember there was a reason for it being like that (couldn't remember details) and I wasn't sure of implementation problems. In short, up for discussion (opinion) until a resolution has been proposed.15:22
octoquaddarkxst, of those three items I have to work on, do they have to be done this week? I'm not finding much time to help out this week unfortunately.15:23
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