RAOFduflu: Hm. Looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/better-scaling-test/+merge/268894 it seems the sort of thing that kdub's test scheduler would be perfect for?05:17
dufluRAOF: Yeah it should have an equivalent test if not already. The immediate goal however is to fix that one unit test that kept breaking in CI05:18
dufluRAOF: Actually it might not need a test after kdub's work is done. May not be a feature. Dunno05:18
dufluThat one test is holding up all my other work :P05:18
RAOFYeah; what I was thinking was that you could *remove* the test in its current location and use the scheduling infrastructure.05:18
RAOFWhich would make it much less verbose.05:19
dufluRAOF: The feature is possibly BufferQueue specific and may not live beyond that. I'd rather not move things around right now. Just fix the issue that's blocking all my other work05:21
RAOFFair enough; I just thought that since you're re-writing the test anyway...05:21
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shengchiehHi, does any one know how to cross compile platform-api package(https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/platform-api) ?10:18
anpokshengchieh: I havent tried for a while..10:32
kdubvogons, any more reviews? :) https://code.launchpad.net/~kdub/mir/client-resize-logic/+merge/26826911:30
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attenteAlbertA: hi, for mir menu surfaces i think we're going to need some extra functionality13:31
attentefor example, gtk has combo boxes which when clicked need to be pop over the attachment rectangle at a position determined by the current selection13:32
attenteit's further complicated because gtk prefers the combo box menu to be flush with the edge in this case13:37
attenteinstead of flipping vertically relative to the attachment rectangle13:37
attentein this case we need to know how far the menu surface is offset from its requested location13:41
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AlbertAattente: hi, but how would knowing the offset help?14:26
AlbertAattente: so if I understand right, the selection would be shown as if it is within the combo box? and therefore the menu for that combo box would shift position accordingly?14:29
attenteAlbertA: exactly, the combo box shifts position to align the current selection on top of the combo box widget14:32
attenteAlbertA: you can see this behaviour in the open file chooser dialog in gedit for example14:33
attentewhen you can select between All Files and All Text Files14:33
attenteor the character encoding filter14:34
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