qwebirc66393im planning on installing a  virtual machine  for mythbuntu  on  my hackingtosh  machine. is this recomended?  additionally can you please advice on what TV Tuner Card  is recommended.  I live in North America17:25
Shadow__Xqwebirc66393: you may have io issues because running a full os ontop of another full os etc17:28
Shadow__Xafaik you can do pci passthrough when running os x so you would need a network tunner17:28
Shadow__Xyou c an try it17:28
Shadow__Xtry running mythbuntu as a vm that is17:29
tgm4883qwebirc66393: I've got my backend in a VM, writing to a NAS for storage. My network card is an HDHomerun Prime17:33
Shadow__Xqwebirc66393: it might be more trouble than its worth in that type of setup, but you could try it17:33
Shadow__Xtgm4883: is the vm running on a spinner?17:33
Shadow__Xand what is your base os?17:33
Shadow__Xbecause doing running it as a vm on top os os x, is different than esxi,hyperv,proxmox,xen,etc17:34
tgm4883Shadow__X: Ubuntu17:34
tgm4883Running on libvirt, backend I believe is KVM17:34
tgm4883Shadow__X: spinner?17:34
Shadow__Xdisk vs ssd17:34
Shadow__Xand is it a server or your desktop17:34
Shadow__Xah ok yeah, libvirt uses kvm (among other things)17:35
tgm4883The OS is on an SSD17:35
Shadow__Xthere are webui's available btw17:35
tgm4883It's a desktop machine that is sitting in my closet17:35
tgm4883a Q6600 with 8GB RAM17:36
tgm4883Shadow__X: I've got on my TODO list to see about moving it to LXC17:36
Shadow__Xi don't know much about lxc, i know proxmox 4 will use it so ill learn when they switch over17:36
Shadow__Xq6600 is getting up there in age17:37
Shadow__Xmy mythtv backend is running an e8400 but that is way too slow at this point17:37
Shadow__Xso when i bring it back online ill upgrade it to something more modern17:37
tgm4883lxc is pretty nice17:37
tgm4883A Q6600 is getting up there, but it's powerful enough for what I want to do, which is recording multiple shows and commflagging17:38
Shadow__Xah yeah, my biggest isse was transcoding17:38
tgm4883On that box it runs 1 VM, which is my mythtv backend, and 4 LXC containers, which run puppet, check_mk, gitlab, and minecraft17:38
Shadow__Xi need to learn about the management stuff like puppet17:40
tgm4883You could run the backend on less hardware and farm out the more CPU intensive jobs17:40
tgm4883I ran my backend on a raspbery pi 2 for awhile and farmed out the comflagging to my desktop17:40
Shadow__Xi didn't think about that17:41
Shadow__Xi think the machine will wind up running something like proxmox, with pfsense,mythtv fe/be and possibly a windows vm17:41
tgm4883the pi 2 as a backend works well enough. There's some addditional tweaking that I didn't do17:41
Shadow__Xgpu passthrough to tv17:41
qwebirc66393thanks for the quicknes guys.  isee that some of you  think is more  trouble than is worth. and i dont want to do more than what  i need17:41
Shadow__Xqwebirc66393: its more about realizing what you are doing and have realistic expectations17:42
Shadow__Xif your desktop is down, no mythtv, etc17:42
Shadow__Xand your easiest bet is to use network tuners17:42
tgm4883it helps that the best tuners IMO are network tuners17:43
qwebirc66393im planning on using a  old mac pro 2008 2.8GHz Quad Core XEON as  freenas server. can i use this as my backend?17:44
Shadow__Xqwebirc66393:its more about how you plan to set it up17:45
Shadow__Xdoes freenas do containers?17:45
qwebirc66393i know that this is two thing that im trying to do i just want to know whats the best way to go about it?17:45
Shadow__XONE way to achieve that is with a setup that supports vt-d17:46
qwebirc66393i was planning on just using  frenass as the main OS ands tipping out the MAC OS17:46
Shadow__Xwith ecc ram* for zfs17:46
qwebirc66393 ram 8 gig17:46
Shadow__Xso you could run something like esxi,proxmox,whatever, setup a freenas vm with vt-d, pass through some contrllers to it, use that as your nas, then setup the mythbuntu vm17:47
Shadow__Xbut if freenas supports containers, you could just install freenas and setup mythbuntu as a container17:47
Shadow__Xor you might have to do a freenas mythtv setup17:47
tgm4883well theres an issue there17:47
tgm4883freenas isn't linux, so your containers wouldn't be linux either17:47
tgm4883you'd have to run it as a VM on top of freenas, if freenas supports that17:48
qwebirc66393i think i should have two boxes  for this and stop trying to consolidate all this in one box17:49
Shadow__Xtgm4883: i wasn't sure if that was the limitation or not17:49
Shadow__Xqwebirc66393: one of the options i mentioned is running it all in one box though17:50
Shadow__Xits just finding the right hardware/software to support that17:50
qwebirc66393i knoe but it sound kinda messy17:50
Shadow__Xit all depends on what you want to do and how comfortable you are with it17:50
Shadow__Xi am running pci passthrough with an hba on my server17:51
Shadow__Xand tested out passthrough for a gpu17:51

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