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edwardshould i be using autopkgtest to run the testsuite that ships with a package source, or should i be writing different tests?11:45
balloonsedward, what do you mean?13:44
edwardballoons: i download a source package and find it has a testsuite. if i want to add autopkgtest tests should i be just running the testsuite from the package, or reimplementing the tests13:46
edwardthe python-mechanize package seems to run the testsuite from the source package13:46
balloonsedward, ahh right. So I would enable the package testsuite and run those tests. If you wish to add tests, you could also do so13:47
balloonsan autopkgtest can be anything13:47
dobeyedward: it depends on what you're trying to test. running a source package's test suite may only have meaning in the context of the source build, so may require rebuilding the source tree. this is done for some packages, and is useful in certain contexts, for knowing when a new version of a dependency has broken API for example. but this doesn't perform tests against the actual installed binaries. in most cases, that will li15:10
* edward was thinking of running the unittest from the 'pass' package against the installed binary http://git.zx2c4.com/password-store/tree/tests15:12
dobeyedward: might be doable, but looks like the tests would need to be fixed to be able to find the necessary components either in the installed locations, or in the source tree locations, depending on how the tests are being run15:27
edwardthanks dobey15:27
dobeysince that package is basically a collection of shell scripts, it shouldn't be too difficult, though :)15:28
dobeyno problem15:28
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