elachecheNa3iL, you think that we can survive the next approval :/15:20
Na3iLo/ Hey elacheche without any doubt, just we need to organize some new events..15:21
Na3iLI saw the event in Radès seems very interesting..15:21
elachechehaha Na3iL :D15:23
elachecheI hope that the 3 events w<e already have + the website commits can convince the LoCo council that we still deserve the approval.. Anyway.. FYI our Re-Approval meeting will be for Sep the 15th15:24
elachecheyou can join me if you like :)15:24
Na3iLYeah sure! I will be there15:25
elachecheEverybody are welcome..15:25
* elacheche GTG home.. See you later15:26
Na3iLTYT bro15:41
Dro__ubuntiste-msakni :D16:50
ubuntiste-msakniYo Dro__17:49
ubuntiste-msakniwanna try again? → https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase21:04
ubuntiste-msakniYo Dro__ !21:07
Dro__bjr ubuntiste-msakni21:09
ubuntiste-msakniça va Dro__ ?21:12
ubuntiste-msakniI'm curious to know to story behind that nickname Dro__ x)21:13
* Na3iL is curious too about that nickname :P 21:15
Dro__ubuntiste-msakni, hahaha a random nickname :D21:19
d4rk-5c0rpubuntiste-msakni, maybe i'll give it a try :D21:20
* Dro__ is curious about the 3 of Na3iL 21:22
Na3iLMy real name is Naeîl21:23
Na3iLwell in 1337 speak the "e" became "3" x)21:23
Dro__at least your nickname have a story :D21:25
ubuntiste-msaknihahahah Dro__ :D21:25
ubuntiste-msakniHelmoony, yo!21:25
ubuntiste-msakniYo ichihi chaker davlefou too :D21:26
Dro__yo ChanServ ubuntulog too21:26
Helmoonyubuntiste-msakni, yoyo21:38
Helmoonyubuntiste-msakni, far7an l9it chkoun fil channel ? !!!21:39
ubuntiste-msakniYep.. :p21:42
Helmoonyubuntiste-msakni, hek l9it21:45

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