daftykinsall horror :)00:01
m0nkey_ugh, i hate my neighbours01:16
m0nkey_in order to resolve the issue with bad wifi signals, they've now resorted to using non-standard channels01:16
daftykinsas in the 13 and 14?01:17
m0nkey_i wish they were available here01:17
m0nkey_no, 1 6 and 1101:17
m0nkey_i got neighbours on 4 and 701:17
daftykinsi know which are non-overlapping :P01:18
daftykinseh that's not so big a deal01:18
m0nkey_I'm half tempted to tell people in my block to use 1, 6 or 1101:19
m0nkey_4 and 7 are overlapping, that's the problem01:19
* daftykins chuckles01:25
daftykinsi really don't think it's making as much of an impact as you may expect01:26
m0nkey_from where i'm sitting, i can see 22 wireless networks01:30
m0nkey_that's not a problem?01:30
daftykinsusing wireless is :)01:35
m0nkey_yeah, wireless sucks, i don't use it on my desktop.. but the tabs and phones do use it01:42
zmoylan-pii can see 2 ap where i am, mine and my landlords... posh area :-)02:54
knightwisemorning peeps05:24
mapppshi all05:47
knightwisehey mappps05:56
shaunonot morning.  coffee.  coffe now, morning later06:01
knightwisehey shauno06:04
mapppsall nighter shauno ?06:05
shaunonah, early start06:05
knightwiseSame here06:14
knightwise6 am talking to some chineese guys06:14
knightwisetimezones suck06:14
mapppsyou working already?06:17
knightwiseyep ,06:19
knightwisebeen at it since 606:19
knightwiselong days these days06:19
mapppswork nfrom home?06:19
knightwisefor the last couple of days now06:31
knightwiseWaching old hill street blues episodes in the meantime.06:31
knightwisefantastic series .. touching ..06:31
mapppsnever seen a single ep06:32
mapppsim watching murder in the first..good show06:32
knightwiseone of the highest rated copshows of the last 30 years06:32
MooDoohello all07:42
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popeyGood morning08:05
foobarryhashtag to you too08:23
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:39
czajkowskiFolks in Surrey not sure who but :) http://www.taketheleadservices.co.uk/family-fun-day--dog-show.html08:43
czajkowskipopey: ^08:43
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:01
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davmor2czajkowski: you know popey loves cats right?09:52
czajkowskidavmor2: was thinking more for his kids :)10:21
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diploWhat podcast app do you guys use on Android, got a 4 hour drive tonight and want to grab a few for my phone12:47
zmoylan-pii use podkicker, free and works ok12:49
diploThanks will take a looksy12:49
foobarryif someone does terible parking can i send their photo to council for action?13:24
jpdsfoobarry: Probably not their photo; one of the car itself, maybe.13:25
foobarrypretty bad. i cannot get out of the road, nor can the garbnage truck13:33
zmoylan-pieven the white van is illegaly parked.  too close to a junction13:39
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bigcalmI have a relatively recently built micro server not doing much (yet). I need to move it from a 1 disk install to a 2 disk raid1 array. Should I reinstall using raid1 from scratch or convert the existing install to raid1?14:51
popeyprobably quicker to reinstall tbh15:00
popeyI mean, you could add the second disk, make that a 1 disk degraded raid1 array15:00
bigcalmThat's what I'm seeing from tutorials. But reinstalling from scratch will be simpler15:01
intrbizbigcalm: usually moving stuff around to get the raid metadata on is a PITA15:21
bigcalmLooks it15:26
foobarryworth a watch15:26
diddledanfoobarry: that's a really good theory16:16
mapppssuch a stupid policy.if you cash out over 100 casino ask for your surname..dont need to show any ID or anything..so why bother16:40
bigcalmThe failed HDD from my raid - I've tried plugging it into another machine via a USB3-SATA cable. tailing /var/syslog shows that the cable shows up but says that no drive is attached. Holding the drive, it's not spinning up or making any other noises. Is it worth replacing the PCB?16:43
bigcalmI've found it here http://www.hdd-parts.com/15050601.html16:44
daftykinsyou can't just swap one for another really16:44
mapppsi thought you can if exact same make and model16:44
mapppswows my laptop's getting hot16:44
bigcalmIt's the exact same PCB, down to the revision number16:45
daftykinsit has to have the same firmware too - and even then you won't necessarily get access to all the data area on the disk, since disks ship with flaws in specific places that will differ from one to another16:45
daftykinsbigcalm: if it's a RAID member why do you need it working? was it a RAID-0?16:45
bigcalmIt's raid116:46
bigcalmI just don't like throwing away stuff :)16:46
bigcalmI've already replaced the failed drive16:46
shaunopersonally I'd chuck it.  once a disk has lost my trust, it'll never earn it back16:47
shaunoI hoard all kinds of stuff, but not disks I can't trust with data16:47
bigcalmI'll be taking the drive apart and recycling the bits later then16:48
shaunoif you don't end up getting it to play the Imperial March, we'll be disappointed :)16:48
daftykinsanother wonky seagate16:50
bigcalmThis is why I bought a star torx screwdriver set. So that I could dismantle all of my old PATA drives16:50
daftykinsheh, how come? i'm sure our electronics recycling point takes them as is16:50
daftykinsso unless they're disks you weren't able to wipe in time...16:51
bigcalmdaftykins: they may do, but I don't trust others with my disks. I want to know I have damaged them enough not to be recovered16:51
bigcalmConsidering that I can't get this drive to spin up, I won't be able to wipe it from a machine 1st16:51
shaunosounds like a good excuse to unleash your inner 12yo :D16:51
* zmoylan-pi hands bigcalm a fubar16:52
bigcalmI had a large collection of very strong magnets for a while16:52
daftykinswhen i have a RAID 5 member pop i don't even wipe it :>16:55
diddledanamazon prime is amazeballs18:02
diddledanfree one day delivery ftw18:02
daftykinsi find waiting the best part ;)18:04
daftykinsbut then such a service wouldn't work to here anyway really18:04
shaunoit doesn't work at all here :(18:08
diddledanshauno: yeah but you don't exist18:08
shaunoyou just end up paying for the same service level as free shipping already gives you.  it's weird18:09
shaunoin other news, got mpd streaming to the kitchen now.  this can only be trouble :D18:13
daftykinsuh oh, music during food prep18:15
shaunojuts a shame I can't find anything that does multi-room as well as airplay18:15
daftykinslogitech media server \o/18:15
shaunoairplay does some evil, evil juju to keep everything synced18:17
diddledanI've finally got around to starting to watch halt and catch fire18:26
diddledanjust started the first ep18:26
diddledanoh dear, I'm getting teary-eyed about the 80s now18:42
davmor2shauno: sonos and done ;)18:44
shaunothat's a lot of moneys just to replace one closed-source system with another :)18:52
daftykinsLMS really does the job, but end devices have to pretend to be a player18:55
daftykinsplenty of apps for the main ecosystems available18:55
davmor2shauno: plexmedia/kodi and a tablet music where ever you are ;)18:57
shaunokodi and music are a really bad combination.  I've tried that :/18:59
daftykinsyep useless in library mode18:59
shaunocompletely offtopic .. do the different-sized pcie cards fit in the same slot?19:04
diddledanshauno: yes19:04
shauno(yes, this is how long I haven't had a PC for)19:05
diddledanshauno: the only difference in longer slots is additional isolated lanes - x1 cards work in an x4 slot fine19:05
diddledanand vice versa (if you can hack the slot to allow the longer connector to stick out the end19:06
davmor2shauno: aiui a 1 will fit in any a 4 will fit in any 4+ and so on19:06
diddledan(I've cut an x1 slot to put an x4 card into it)19:06
shaunoas stupid as this will sound, trying to figure out how to get a toslink port into the microserver :)19:08
diddledanI should know what toslink is19:08
shaunooptical audio .. s/pdif over fibre19:09
shaunothe easiest way to stop noisy computer psus making my amplifier hum, is to simply avoid running metal between them19:10
diddledangotta love noisy audio circuits19:10
shaunoI have optical out on the pi, it's fantastic :)19:11
shaunoand of course it's on all the macs19:11
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daftykinsyou can even cut open the end of a slot and put a x16 card in a 1x slot ;)19:56
daftykinsthough you might want to avoid that where possible...19:56
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diddledanm0nkey_: having fun?22:39

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