cmaloneyMorning and all that.12:36
rick_h_party party12:37
cmaloneyI'm ready for August to be over now13:13
brouschNo. Makerfaire GR is this weekend, then it can be over13:14
cmaloneyOK, we can allow that then13:15
brouschI am wrong, it is Labor Day weekend13:23
brouschSeptember can come now13:23
rick_h_why do we want to kill off august?13:24
brouschI don't, but if cmaloney wants it I won't argue13:26
wolfgerAugust can not be over until Sunday13:47
cmaloneyrick_h_: I've had quite a month. :)13:56
cmaloneyAnd JoDee's had it worse.13:57
cmaloneydad-in-law fun13:57
rick_h_cmaloney: :(14:08
greg-gcmaloney: sorry to hear it :(15:47
brouschI'm having Dragonmead for the first time. Crown Jewels gets a big thumbs up23:00
cscheibbrousch: I prefer Kuhnhenn's stuff23:01
brouschIs that another brewery?23:04
cscheibI don't like Dragonmead because they act as though they don't want your business (no group reservations, no pulling tables together, no splitting of bills whatsoever, etc...)23:07
brouschAh, well this is a bottle from a store23:22

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