PadroniGood morning06:21
barrydkGood mornings06:59
Kilosmorning all you za peeps08:45
MaNIeveryone asleep today :P09:00
* TinuvaMac ZzZzZzzzzzz...09:01
MaNIthey all went into a coma after seeing the exchange rate09:05
SquirmHow is everyone?09:14
SquirmI don't know how that is Kilos?09:47
Kilosoh sorry Squirm its was meant for the other two09:48
Kilosim ok ty and you lad09:48
Kilospeeps gotta realise that channels are only quiet because everyone is saying nothing09:49
pieter2627 10:24
* pieter2627 also saying nothing :p10:25
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* inetpro joins in to say nothing as well11:57
inetpro 11:57
Kilosnoisy bunch12:47
pieter2627shh oom, it's an unofficial prayer hours :p12:48
pieter2627was gister ook stil sonder oom - dalk vyf sinne12:50
Kilosjulle moet dinge aan die roer hou man12:51
Kilosal is dit net om mekaar te groet12:51
Kiloshierdie is ons buntu familie12:52
Kilosen familie groet mekaar12:52
pieter2627die sinne was om mekaar te groet12:52
Kilosigo sllep awhile13:04
* Squirm prods superfly13:42
superflyohi Squirm13:43
superflysitting at the Google Developer Summit13:50
superflyit's pretty much done now, going home13:55
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Kiloshi superfly and everyone else18:07
superflyHi Kilos18:07
superflyI don't know where everyone else is, it looks like it's just you and me, Kilos18:08
Kiloshehewe are early18:08
Kilospieter2627 is chairing18:08
Kiloshi qwebirc36238 18:09
pieter2627hope you're early, else i'm late18:09
Kilosmeeting starts at 8.30pm18:09
kulelu88im here18:10
Kilospieter2627 has you got permissions for Maaz 18:10
Kiloshi kulelu88 18:10
Kiloshi nlsthzn hows you and family lad18:10
pieter2627Kilos: yes18:11
Kilosgood too18:11
nlsthznhey uncle Kilos , all  - family all back in foreign land and cooking in the summer heat thanks, all well in ZA I hope?18:11
inetprogood evening18:12
Kilosso far yes ty nlsthzn 18:12
Kiloshi inetpro 18:12
nlsthznso meeting in a few minutes yes?18:17
inetpronlsthzn: yep, and that with new chairman and all18:20
Kiloshi unlaudable welcome to ubuntu-za18:23
qwebirc36238I bet I'm the only one here from Port Elizabeth18:25
unlaudableKilos, thanks \o18:26
=== qwebirc36238 is now known as gwood
Kiloshaha hi brad18:26
kulelu88PE has internet? *mind blown*18:27
* superfly will be back in a minute or 318:27
unlaudablekulelu88, they even have an *airport*18:27
superflykulelu88: Axxess is from PE18:27
Kilosok superfly 18:28
unlaudableaalston, lo buddy18:29
kulelu88superfly: their service has been so shitty lately that they themselves admitted it through email "has our service been bad for you?"18:29
pieter2627seems that we should start?18:30
gwoodmy University is having really internet, some line break18:30
inetprogood idea18:30
pieter2627Maaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - Aug 201518:31
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:31
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer18:31
Maazinetpro: Alrighty18:31
kulelu88gwood: which varsity?18:31
pieter2627Maaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction18:31
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction18:31
gwoodMaaz: I am Grant Woodford18:31
Maazgwood: Sure18:31
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman18:31
Maazsuperfly: Sure18:31
pieter2627Good evening everyone, welcome and thanks for attending the meeting18:31
kulelu88Maaz: I am kulelu88 18:32
Maazkulelu88: Okay18:32
pieter2627Please introduce yourselves to maaz for the minutes using `Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>` eg.18:32
clr_Maaz: I am Charl le Roux18:32
Maazclr_: Okay18:32
pieter2627Maaz: I am Pieter Engelbrecht18:32
Maazpieter2627: Righto18:32
pieter2627the agenda for today is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2015082518:32
unlaudableMaaz: I am Bradley Cloete18:33
Maazunlaudable: Okay18:33
pieter2627and last minute topic suggestions is welcomed if anyone has any18:33
* nlsthzn would love to stay but bed calls... gnight18:33
KilosMaaz I am Miles Sharpe18:34
MaazKilos: Alrighty18:34
unlaudabletopic: how on earth does safair's website not cope even when using cloudflare :-)18:34
pieter2627Kilos: anyone still seem missing?18:35
Kiloswelcome to our new chairman18:35
Kilosoctoquad ping18:35
pieter2627Maaz: topic Review minutes of previous meeting18:35
MaazCurrent Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting18:35
Kilosmany missing18:35
inetprooh yes, thanks pieter2627 for taking the hot seat this evening18:36
pieter2627while we wait for others the previous meeting's minutes can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2015072818:36
magespawngood evening18:36
Kiloshi magespawn 18:36
Kilosmagespawn meeting hey so login please18:37
octoquadKilos, hello.18:37
octoquadHello all18:37
Kilosyoohoo octoquad wb you attending the meeting sir?18:38
octoquadsure, forgot there was one tonight, thanks for pinging me18:38
octoquadMaaz: I am Bruce Pieterse18:38
Maazoctoquad: Sure18:38
KilosSquirm nuvolari MaNI you guys are welcome to attend18:39
Kilosand ambo bmg505 cyrilb danfowler and whoever ive missed18:40
pieter2627everyone ok with the minutes from last meeting?18:40
KilosPrivate_User are you attending??18:41
superflyLooks OK to me, I don't think I was here.18:41
pieter2627not that i can remember superfly 18:42
magespawngood evening (again)18:42
pieter2627right, moving on then18:42
pieter2627Maaz: topic Plans for 201518:43
MaazCurrent Topic: Plans for 201518:43
Kiloswb magespawn 18:43
magespawnMaaz I am Greg Eames18:43
Maazmagespawn: Sure18:43
kulelu88ping gremble18:43
Kiloshe is offline here18:43
pieter2627i guess it is the usual for plans...18:44
pieter2627a question, 'Get more people to join [link to site]' - is that correct18:44
gwoodAre there any plans/events close to PE?18:45
pieter2627it link to ubuntu za site..18:45
Kilosinetpro ^#18:45
inetpropieter2627: you have a better suggestion?18:45
inetproif people don't know about ubuntu-za where would they start?18:46
Kilosai! i cant get use to this lappy b/board18:46
pieter2627no, just wondering how one joins a website18:46
inetprofair point18:46
Kilosthere are join buttons arent there18:46
Kilosto join us not the sight18:46
* pieter2627 checking18:46
unlaudableanyone here use meetup.com?18:47
inetproit says right there, "Please join us in using, working on, and helping others with Ubuntu."18:47
kulelu88me unlaudable 18:47
Kilosthere is an irc direc link to here ans the ML should be there too18:47
unlaudableit seems to be the popular way to organise an event these days, might work for this to18:47
octoquadunlaudable, me18:47
pieter2627inetpro: ok18:48
kulelu88unlaudable: there is already LUGs on meetup, so linux-related stuff happens18:48
inetprounlaudable: we are not organised enough? :-)18:49
pieter2627anyone signed or planning on signing COC, membership, got LP IDs?18:49
* unlaudable cant remember if he's signed...18:50
unlaudablehave a launchpad id... 18:50
Kiloshehe what a job18:50
pieter2627sorry meaning for last/this month18:50
Kilosanyone that has probs ping pro18:50
unlaudableI was just mentioning meetup as a way to enable people to "join"18:51
inetprofor inspiration see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kilos18:51
magespawnsome people also like to have other people to talk to18:51
octoquadunlaudable, you mean alternative platforms to connect right?18:51
unlaudablewell meetup wont do that, I was just thinking as a way to add to a calendar of sorts and be reminded18:52
Kilosinetpro we can add our meets to the fridge18:52
* inetpro has never used meetup18:52
pieter2627seems that it can also inform unaware users of us18:53
Kiloswe=you of course18:53
Kilosthe peeps that savvy thunderbird can get reminders18:53
unlaudablethere are a ton of communities on there jozilug, ansible puppet18:53
kulelu88I suggest you guys connect with JLUG to attract users here. they already have the target-market18:53
* unlaudable has a dream that there would be an event one day that will join them all :-)18:53
magespawnsorry unlaudable i thought you meant meetups as in launch parties etc18:54
gwoodI think it makes sense to plan an event, but give notice through multiple avenues, such as meetup, facebooks, email, etc.18:54
unlaudableone event to rule them all18:54
pieter2627Maaz: idea add meeting to the fridge18:54
MaazIdea recorded: add meeting to the fridge18:54
pieter2627Maaz: idea add meeting to meetup.com18:54
MaazIdea recorded: add meeting to meetup.com18:54
kulelu88unlaudable: you cannot have 1 event where linux, BSD, Java and Haskell guys all get along. 18:54
Kilosand google calender pieter2627 18:55
unlaudableheheh perhaps...18:55
pieter2627Kilos: are we not there already18:55
pieter2627and how?18:55
Kilosi have no idea pieter2627 thats pros department18:55
unlaudablebut there is some synergy somewhere, the devops/ansible meetup guys had Jez Humble out for one meeting :-)18:55
Kiloshe did all mine18:55
Kiloshe also does G+ reminders18:56
kulelu88unlaudable: join "Developer User Group", its close enough I think18:56
gwoodI regularly have fights with a Julia guy at varsity, I'm mainly a Java guy18:56
pieter2627Maaz: idea add meeting to a public google calendar18:56
MaazIdea recorded: add meeting to a public google calendar18:56
pieter2627ok, any else for plan anyone?18:56
kulelu88gwood: no person at varsity should be calling themselves a Java guy in 2015 :O18:56
superflypieter2627: let's move on.18:57
pieter2627Maaz: topic Events18:57
MaazCurrent Topic: Events18:57
gwoodkulelu88: I do when 80% of my project is Java18:57
superflywe've already been here half an hour and we haven't even got past the first half of the agenda18:57
superfly(seriously, every meeting we have those items on the agenda, and every meeting the outcome is the same: nothing)18:58
pieter2627superfly: can you tell us of the google summit today - quickly18:58
superflypieter2627: Yes18:58
unlaudableis there a person appointed to broadcast meetings and such?18:58
Kilosunlaudable the pro18:59
kulelu88superfly: the only way things can get done in this country is complaining about government over a braai and doing the work on the side18:59
superflyThe local Google crew came to introduce us to some of the newer stuff Google has been working on. I was on the "web" track, where we learnt about some new browser standards that Google has been pushing: ServiceWorkers and Push Notifications18:59
pieter2627superfly: interesting19:00
superflyWe had a competition to see who could finish both codelab projects first, and I'm sad to say it wasn't me, but it WAS a guy running Ubuntu19:00
inetprounlaudable: I've been a bit slack lately, sorry19:00
unlaudablethat sounds awesome19:00
magespawnit is now official, cape town has some cool stuff19:01
kulelu88sounds cool 19:01
unlaudableinetpro, dont beat yourself up :-)19:01
pieter2627also remember SFD is 19 sept19:01
superflyNot much more I can say, but if you want to know about ServiceWorkers and Push Notifications, I am happy to chat afterwards19:01
gwoodcape town has some amazing tech meetings19:01
inetprounlaudable: I don't :-)19:01
* pieter2627 is kind of sad that it was only in CPT19:01
superflypieter2627: not only in Cape Town, also in Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya19:02
inetprosuperfly: sounds interesting19:02
pieter2627anything else happened this month or happening in the one to ome?19:02
Kiloshi kapanda 19:02
superflyI have some feedback on SFD19:02
kapandahi kilos19:02
kulelu88reminder that PyConZA is happening in October in Johannesburg/Wits19:02
unlaudableI only learned today about this... agile africa http://agileafrica.jcse.org.za/19:03
Kilosyou want to join our meeting kapanda ?19:03
Kilosjust type in Maaz  I am name surname19:03
kapandayes please 19:03
unlaudableI'm keen to got pycon, not really a programmer though :-)19:03
superflyI spoke with Karl Fischer (kmf) earlier. He says that they have a few speakers lined up... But he would like some Ubuntu people involved for perhaps a talk or something. And they need more sponsorship.19:04
inetprowe have very little time left until the SFD event19:04
superflyThis is SFD19:04
inetproyep kmf is seriously looking for Speakers, Volunteers and donors for the SFD event19:04
* pieter2627 might be able to attend - can help volunteer then19:04
kulelu88SFD needs to advertise better. tweeting out requests wont help19:05
superflykulelu88: it's a bit of a grass roots thing, so it needs the community to help out19:05
pieter2627kulelu88: is that more of our jobs (personally have not done anything)19:05
kulelu88superfly: suggest they make a meetup group and I'll assist through that19:06
pieter2627any news on the installFest from CPT inetpro?19:07
inetpropieter2627: no news unfortunately19:07
Kiloshi clr_ 19:07
Kiloswanna login with Maaz please19:08
pieter2627ouch, moving on then?19:08
inetprooh, kmf saying the venue for SFD has been paid for 19:08
Kiloshi Vince-0 wb19:08
inetproobviously donors would be welcome to help ease the bill19:08
clr_I have before19:09
Kilosoh my did i miss it19:09
pieter2627clr_: kilos means signin for the meeting19:09
Kilosyes ty19:09
kapandawhat kind of talks are you looking for at the SFD19:09
clr_hehe pieter2627 , I have before, was just logged out there for a mo19:10
pieter2627`Maaz: I am <first lastname>19:10
octoquadpieter2627, he has at 20:32:0919:10
Kilosai! us blind peeps19:10
kulelu88kapanda: anything open-source friendly and relevant should do19:10
pieter2627haha, thanks octoquad 19:10
octoquadpieter2627, np19:10
pieter2627ok moving on19:11
kulelu88but talks at the intermediate level would be better19:11
pieter2627Maaz: topic Miscellaneous19:11
MaazCurrent Topic: Miscellaneous19:11
pieter2627might have been to fast there, anyway Kilos any news on getting involved with lugs, etc?19:12
Kiloskulelu88 got some of the jozilug guys here but they only stayed one day or less19:13
inetproanyone who wants to talk in more detail about SFD please talk to us here after the meeting or post an email to the mailing list 19:13
Kiloskulelu88 can you remind them again please19:13
pieter2627kulelu88: any feedback19:13
pieter2627... that you might have gotten19:14
kapandaI am a member of the jozilug19:14
Kilospieter2627 i greeted them and welcome them but maybe they were expecting more action here19:14
Kilosoh yes thats right sorry kapanda 19:14
Kilosthere was someone else with you as well that day19:15
pieter2627for ubuntu-in-the-wild, my list is at 4 items - have to confirm(get) two after tomorrows meeting19:15
kulelu88kapanda is heavily involved with the LUG, please arrange for LUG members to troll #ubuntu-za @ kapanda 19:15
pieter2627superfly: you mentioned that nikola can create a photo gallery19:16
superflypieter2627: it's pretty easy. you just drop photos into the one folder and Nikola does it for you19:16
gwoodWhat is this talk about ubuntu-in-the-wild?19:16
inetprogwood: Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2015072819:17
pieter2627superfly: is captions possible?19:17
superflypieter2627: I'm not sure19:17
kapandamost lug members like there own flavor of linux, so its hard to get them to support Ubuntu. 19:17
pieter2627gwood: to add a section to the za site which is to show that ubuntu is more popular than one might think19:18
kapandaI use Ubuntu for the Tech Hub am running 19:18
pieter2627that is how i remember it at least19:18
Kiloskapanda we all need to pull together to promote all of linux19:18
KilosOS is a personal thing19:18
gwoodpieter2627: thanks19:18
superflypieter2627: https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#images-and-galleries19:19
pieter2627superfly: that index.txt file seems to be it for captions19:20
superflypieter2627: no, it's for general text on the page19:20
superflyabove the images19:21
gwoodVery fringe, but Ubuntu is the only officially supported OS for some robotics frameworks I've been looking into: http://www.ros.org/ 19:21
kapandaAm all in for Linux19:21
pieter2627superfly: oh, from the demo it seems that a caption is created from the filename19:21
unlaudablenikola is a static site generator?19:22
unlaudableyou seen hugo?19:22
pieter2627kapanda: as i understand it, we want to be more involved to better help new users19:23
gwoodfor python, looks quite interesting19:23
Kilosour site and the africa sites run nikola19:23
unlaudablestatic site generator written in go looks pretty good...19:23
pieter2627Kilos: am i correct?19:23
unlaudableKilos, ah cool19:23
Kiloscorrect pieter2627 we welcome any linux users19:23
inetprokapanda: we don't mind if people divert to other distros 19:24
inetproimportant is that we catch those who experience Linux for the first time using Ubuntu and make it a smooth experience as far as possible19:24
pieter2627anything else for misc?19:24
pieter2627Maaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting19:25
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting19:25
kapandaSure, I also introduce people to Ubuntu first then show them other distros19:25
Kiloswe have yum peeps here too hehe19:25
KilosMaaz pieter2627 ++19:26
* Kilos votes for pieter262719:26
* inetpro votes +1 for pieter262719:26
* pieter2627 would like to sit out the next one19:26
Kilosoh my19:26
Kilosyou did well pieter2627 19:26
pieter2627just to check others again -can backup19:27
Kiloshard work chairing19:27
kulelu88I vote Kilos 19:27
* pieter2627 rofl19:27
Kiloslol kulelu88 you tried that before19:28
inetproanyone else want to volunteer before we vote pieter2627 again?19:28
pieter2627giving 30 sec19:28
inetpropieter2627: you can do it again man19:28
Kilospieter2627 you in the groove, it gets easier19:28
Kilosfirst one is the big one19:28
pieter2627Maaz: agreed pieter2627 to chair next meeting19:28
MaazAgreed: pieter2627 to chair next meeting19:28
Kilosimo you did well19:29
inetprothanks pieter262719:29
pieter2627Maaz: topic Next meeting19:29
MaazCurrent Topic: Next meeting19:29
pieter2627next meeting is at 22 Sept hope you all can join again19:29
pieter2627that date is right inetpro?19:29
Kilosim going in tha day for an op19:30
inetpropieter2627: looks correct19:30
inetproevery 4th Tuesday of the month19:30
Kilosso you guys have to be greeter bots too19:30
pieter2627Maaz: agreed next meeting on Tuesday, 22 September 2015 @ 20:3019:30
MaazAgreed: next meeting on Tuesday, 22 September 2015 @ 20:3019:30
pieter2627thats a wrap thanks for attending everyone19:30
inetprogood timing!19:31
pieter2627Maaz: end meeting19:31
MaazMeeting Ended19:31
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-08-25-18-31-10.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-08-25-18-31-10.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-08-25-18-31-10.html19:31
Kilospieter2627 thanks alot for chairing toning and for standing in for next month as well19:31
pieter2627Kilos: np19:31
Kilosits nice to know we have another backup chair19:31
Kilosnow i need to sleep guys, ty everyone for attending19:32
pieter2627Kilos: what op you in for if you  don't mind me asking?19:32
Kiloshernia pieter2627 19:33
Kiloslooks a smallish job from wha the docs say19:33
pieter2627dan vloek die oom my ook nog :p19:33
Kilosskuus man19:33
Kilosdaai ding ook ja dankie inetpro 19:34
Kilosthe meds im on atm make me sleepy most of the day19:34
Kilossorry guys19:34
Kilosrebore resleave and new pistons and rings and ill be like new19:35
inetpropieter2627: I guess we can do a better job in advertising our next meeting again19:35
* inetpro only registered the g+ event yesterday19:36
pieter2627inetpro: i'm gonna see to create a public google calendar tomorrow19:36
inetpropieter2627: we actually did have one19:37
* inetpro looking to find it19:37
pieter2627inetpro: do we have a g+?19:37
inetpropieter2627: and facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntuza/19:39
pieter2627inetpro: i don't 'do' facebook, asked because i think g+ can create calendar event auto for events19:40
inetproI have not seen a repeat option for g+ events 19:43
pieter2627but it does create a calendar event? (that we can hopefully make public)19:44
inetprosad thing is you have to register it each time19:46
inetpronot that it is difficult19:47
pieter2627ok, will have to chat tomorrow - getting tired19:47
inetpromaybe a hosted iCal file would be the bestoption19:47
inetprobest option*19:47
inetprosomething that can be integrated across all platforms19:48
inetproand not dependant on google19:48
pieter2627the ubuntu-za g+... oh never mind19:48
pieter2627anyway  night all19:49
inetprogood noght... and thanks again19:49
SquirmGood eve19:49
inetprohi Squirm19:49
magespawninetpro i am pretty sure google calender can repeat events20:00
magespawnthat is hw come i still get the old meeting updates20:00
inetpromagespawn: yes it can20:00
inetpromagespawn: but on g+ the option is not there when registering an event20:01
magespawnthat is odd20:01
magespawnfunny that they should have that funtionality only in one product20:04
inetproI haven't played enough with it but I'm sure with Thunderbird and the lightning extension you can easily create an iCal file that you can then publish on a website20:05
inetpromany other tools probably exist for this purpose20:05
inetprothen all we need to do is to point people to this URL which anyone can then link to their own calendar of choice20:06
inetprothat would be the right thing to do20:08
magespawnjust found this https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/37115?hl=en20:09
inetprothat is if you use Google Calendar20:10
magespawnsorry wrong tab https://support.google.com/plus/answer/2673334?hl=en20:11
magespawnstill does not show how to make them repeat though20:11
inetpronot everybody knows how to or even prefers to use the same calendar that everyone else is using20:12
inetproto be honest, proper standards on calendaring is a mess20:13
magespawni have not ever really looked for anything else, other than google calender20:13
magespawndon't really use it that much20:13
Squirmsafair is screwed20:14
inetprowhen I started with computing in 1990 calendaring was a mess and after all this time it still is a mess20:14
SquirmTheir domain isn't even pointing to their website anymore20:15
inetproSquirm: what happened?20:15
SquirmThey release 30'000 R1 flights today......20:15
kulelu88is safair getting hit with an attack?20:15
SquirmThey're sold 15'000 the whole day20:15
Squirmkulelu88: they're being hit by people20:16
SquirmTheir website was crashing every 2 minutes.20:16
SquirmAs of a few minutes ago, it's not even redirecting to their home page20:16
kulelu88what a way to loadtest a site and screw a company over with R1 flights20:16
SquirmSeems Cloudfront was crashing too20:17
inetprosurely they can't call it a server crash?20:17
inetproor did it really crash?20:17
SquirmWell. I was being thrown an Nginx crash with a hostname of cloudfront20:17
SquirmHave a look at their website?20:17
magespawn it is up for me20:17
SquirmI see a hetzner KonsoleH login20:18
kulelu88if an average flight to durban costs R400, at a cost of R200 per person, R199 x 15 000 = 3 million rand loss20:18
magespawnbut there is an article on ewn about it crashing20:18
Squirmmagespawn: I know20:18
SquirmI've been trying to book a flight to Durbs since 2pm20:18
magespawnwhat url are you using Squirm ?20:18
inetprois it not just a DDoS rather than a crash?20:18
Squirminetpro: it's being accessed by a LOT of people20:18
magespawntry https://www.safair.co.za20:18
inetproSquirm: obviously20:19
kulelu88you can silently DDoS them and book 100 tickets for yourself 20:19
Squirmmagespawn: Same thing20:19
Squirmkulelu88: I think it's about R300 airport tax20:19
* inetpro is being directed to a KONSOLE screen20:19
SquirmSo they're making a loss of R300pp20:19
Squirminetpro: same here20:19
Squirmkulelu88: R300pp and they've put up 30'000 seats20:20
SquirmR3'000'000 loss?20:20
magespawnwell safair.co.za is up for me but flysafair.co.za gets a broken page or some mail login page20:20
kulelu889 million if all 30 000 seats are allocated20:20
magespawndo they include or exclude airport tax?20:21
Squirmmagespawn: safair.co.za is also getting the KonsoleH login20:21
Squirmit's R1 a flight20:21
SquirmIncl. Airport tax20:21
gwoodwhy not book through some other site?20:21
SquirmThe only thing you have to pay for, is baggage in the hold.(You can take 7kg into the plane with you)20:21
Squirmgwood: Tried. Only available on their website20:21
kulelu88what kind of idiot would pass over their banking/credit-card details on a site that keeps crashing? thats like wearing a hugo boss suit to a mudslinging event20:22
Squirmand kulelu88. Last time I checked, they've sold about 15'500 tickets20:22
magespawni wonder what the story is20:23
SquirmNot prepared for the mass of usage20:23
kulelu88pre-shutdown sale? magespawn 20:23
SquirmThey're only just starting to get going20:24
SquirmFirst Cpt to Durban flights are end of October20:24
SquirmThey're slightly cheaper than Mango(But have fewer flights a day)20:24
inetprohttps://twitter.com/FlySafair 12 492 R1 tickets still left to go!  38m ago20:25
kulelu88what about all those other airlines? purple velvet? kulula? SAA?20:25
Squirmkulelu88: Mango and safair are the cheapest20:25
magespawnkulelu88: looks like they have been in business for about 50 years20:26
magespawnjust had a look through the careers section of their website, nothing for IT, they must outsource that20:28
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kulelu88mehh, south africans do love bargains 20:30
gwoodI would just go with mango or kulula, too much trouble and stress trying to use a broken site20:31
Squirmmagespawn: Seems their domain is hosted with Hetzner and their CDN is Cloudlare20:31
kulelu88Squirm: i recall someone here saying that cloudflares nearest CDN for africa is london20:32
gwoodSquirm: have you tried their call center20:32
kulelu88gwood: or showing up for your December holiday and R1 ticket only be to told "airline no longer exists"20:32
Squirmgwood: Nope20:32
magespawnhmm, if you try to get there via ip you get redirected to a cloudflare waring page20:33
SquirmIt's R120:33
SquirmR1 is worth the risk to me20:33
SquirmIt's a R700 Mango flight(Which I usually do), or an attempt at R120:33
SquirmI fly once a month to Durban20:34
SquirmThis would allow me to fly twice in one month20:34
gwoodyou need a backup plan if they are out of business by then20:34
SquirmI'll just stay at home20:35
SquirmAs I would have :P20:35
kulelu88if thats the case, why not just go up and down durbs to jhb just to troll them? 20:35
Squirmkulelu88: I'd love to20:35
SquirmWould have flown every weekend20:35
SquirmIf I could book but one ticket...20:35
kulelu88book for me too Squirm 20:36
magespawnis this for advance bookings or only for a specific period20:36
SquirmNow until the end of March20:36
kulelu88and 1 ticket for Kilos to go see the beach again20:36
magespawnhell book us a plane we will all come20:36
kulelu88and for us to see Kilos in a speedo20:36
SquirmWell. Book before 12 tonight, for a flight up until the end of March20:36
magespawnSquirm: next year, wow20:36
magespawnahh right20:37
magespawnso book one flight a weekend every weekend between now and march20:37
kulelu88wait a second, hwo do you process a transaction for R1? 20:37
Squirmmagespawn: I would love to20:37
Squirmkulelu88: same way you would process any transaction20:38
SquirmTheir site is back up20:38
SquirmThey've extended the sale until mid day tomorrow20:50
kulelu88Squirm: chill till 4am and then book20:50
Squirmkulelu88: busy setting my alarm for 320:50
magespawnshall we see if we can crash it again?20:50
magespawnit might just be up because most people have given up and gone to bed20:51
SquirmI still think it's worth the R1 :D20:51
magespawnit would be interesting to see the logstalgia of that server20:52
magespawnone hell of a way to advertise your business20:53
inetproone hell of a way to stresstest a website20:57
SquirmOur website uses about 15mb per apache process20:57
SquirmIf they have 64Gb RAM, that's over 4000 users20:57
SquirmApache processes20:57
Squirmwhich could very well be users20:57
Squirmand they're using nginx20:58
SquirmThat's a lot of users....20:58
magespawnisn't nginx more efficient than apache20:59
inetprothe load difference between apache and nginx is quite significant21:00
inetproapache is very heavy on resources21:00
SquirmThat's why I said it21:00
SquirmSo... They either have a little box(which doing something like is isn't a good idea), or, there are more than 4'000 users hitting the site21:01
SquirmA lot more21:01
inetproSquirm: and you are talking about users per second?21:02
magespawnhow much would nginx use per visitor?21:02
Squirminetpro: Well. Once the site has loaded, nginx won't be doing much anymore until the user selects another link21:03
superflyApache and nginx are made for two different things21:04
* Squirm shrugs21:04
Squirmmagespawn: not sure21:05
magespawni thought nginx was used for the web access on things like router etc21:05
* inetpro calling it a day21:06
inetprogood night21:06
magespawngood night inetpro 21:06
SquirmI'm also off21:07
MaNLjudging by the amount of talking above and elsewhere the R1 idea was genius marketing21:08
MaNLnobody was talking about them now everyone is21:08
MaNLno su ch thing as bad press.21:08
SquirmMaNL: Indeed21:08
SquirmWell, there is. But excellant marketing21:09
SquirmGnight all21:09
MaNLI've already flown them a few times personally and their flights had empty seats21:09
MaNLthey will be filling those empty seats mostly, no loss21:10
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
superflyMaNI: How's your solar project going?21:10
MaNIheh, I got a bit sidetracked by some life events21:11
MaNIbut recently finished the frame, should be up and running by month end (hopefully)21:11
MaNII need to have it up before koeberg maintenance and next round of load shedding :p21:11
superflyI'd love to do that, but until I actually own my own house, no point.21:12
magespawnMaNI: any pictures or diagrammes?21:16
MaNIheh, yeah might not impress your landlord21:16
MaNII'll do a blog writeup with pictures when its operational21:16
kulelu88at this rate, probably better to buy a house outside of africa21:17
MaNIgot various pictures but haven't had time to go through them, last month been crazy for me21:17
magespawncool bean MaNI, no rush21:17
MaNIfiance had her transplant that we have been waiting a long time for, good way to fall behind on work :p21:18
kulelu88superfly: how do lambdas work?21:21
magespawnMaNI: congratulations21:22
superflykulelu88: it's like declaring a function in one line... myfunc = lambda arg1: arg1 + 121:22
superflykulelu88: it has an implicit return21:22
superflyprint myfunc(1)21:23
superflyMaNI: glad she got the transplant, I've heard that the queues are of epic proportions21:24
kulelu88superfly: is this the same lambdas that are spoken about concerning language design?21:24
superflykulelu88: I'm guessing so21:24
kulelu88I'm using lambdas like this: .apply(lambda x: x[x.str.contains('Some text')].count())21:26
MaNIyeah they queues can be pretty long, though it depends on lots of factors as it isn't really 'first in first out', in her case ~2 years which is relatively quick (though doesn't feel like it if you are the one waiting)21:26
kulelu88MaNI: organ?21:26
MaNIkidney + pancreas21:26
kulelu882 years is short definitely21:27
magespawnwow hectic stuff MaNI 21:27
kulelu88as long as shes healing now MaNI +121:28
magespawnjust hit refreash on the flysafair.co.za and got it with a cloudfare please be patient we re checking your browser page21:28
magespawnonly 10602 tickets left now21:28
MaNIyeah, she is doing fantastic - already back in CT (op in JHB) and its only a month later21:28
MaNIreally amazing the difference this stuff makes21:29
magespawncool beans21:29
kulelu88magespawn: are you hitting F5 1000 times per minute?21:29
MaNIcompetition is probably all asleep now21:29
magespawnnope, that would be impressive, might break the F5 button21:29
magespawnspelling and typing out the windows tonight21:30
magespawnon that note, good night all21:34

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