brad_I'm trying to do xbindkeys for my mouse's alternate buttons. I can link b:9 to regular keypresses, but how do I get it to do volume up?00:00
itsparaI was running updates today and my computer got turned off while restarting afterwards. How can I check what may have not been fully updated as a result?00:06
MichaelHabibHi everyone,00:12
MichaelHabibI have an off-toppic question, trying to find a business name for my Online-Offline Marketing Business, I got  FotuneLabs  .. do you think this is a good name ?00:12
squidlyMichaelHabib: its meh00:13
squidlybut that is just MHO. go with what you like00:13
squidlyAnyone here have a SCSI tape library that is not showing up though a ServRaid-7K00:14
squidlyantonio_: ??00:15
MichaelHabibsquidly: ty, the business name is more about how others see it so your opinion is very valuable.00:15
squidlyMichaelHabib: Very true00:16
MichaelHabibsquidly: what about Cleverbiz00:17
squidlyIDK.. THat is kind of cheezy IMHO.00:17
squidlywhat is your business doing?00:18
MichaelHabibWeb design, Graphic Design & Marketing (offline & online marketing)00:18
MichaelHabibtrying  not to limit the business type within the name, i'm starting now & the business could shift in another direction with time ..00:20
NikeshWhat is happening here, why are there so many Firefox processes running (with just one window open and 9 tabs) --> http://i.imgur.com/5cC2niG.png ???00:20
bazhang!ot | MichaelHabib00:23
ubottuMichaelHabib: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:23
aukNikesh: they might just be subprocesses? i have bunch too:00:34
aukNikesh: https://imgur.com/yU19LGN00:37
ThePengwinNikesh, auk: press f5 in top, and it will show you subprocesses.00:37
ab0is there any way to get netflix to work besides using chrome. i stay away from google products when i can.00:37
aukThePengwin: yeah i keep it that way ^00:37
ThePengwinlike what auk has posted :)00:37
NikeshThePengwin: Ah OK00:39
NikeshThanks :)00:39
aukstill, i'm surprised by the quantity of them...00:39
ab0i know this may not be a ubuntu specific problem, but idk, im just hoping there was a solution00:40
Nikeshauk: Yes, especially for just ONE tab!00:42
aukNikesh: only tangentially related, but: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Firefox/Multiprocess_Firefox00:43
bxxI had to patch /etc/grub.d/10_linux ; what can I do to protect this patched file from updates ?00:45
rasustohello all. Can someone help me? I'm trying to compile gnu screen from source00:47
somsiprasusto: why?00:47
rasustoI'm trying to install it locally on a machine where I don't have root00:47
somsiprasusto: compiling is not normally support here but maybe it's a simple issue. What's the problem?00:48
rasustoI run ./configure and there is a dependency error for something called tgetent. I googled it and it's in a package called termcap. The thing is, I don't have root and I don't know to to install that package locally so I can compile00:51
somsiprasusto: I'd recommend contacting your sysadmin00:52
aukrasusto: i hear there's also linuxbrew that might help your problem00:52
aukrasusto: homebrew but for linux, facilitates non-root installs00:53
aukrasusto: http://brew.sh/linuxbrew/00:53
aukrasusto: of course, your machine root needs to already have the dependencies... including ruby00:55
rasustoauk: just gave it a shot, no ruby unfortunately. Trying the git install now...00:56
petypeytrasusto: yep00:57
OerHeksbut you don't have root ..00:57
petypeytauk: done00:57
aukpetypeyt: huh?00:58
petypeytauk: you did fix it01:01
radiel892trying to get nvidia working right, lightdm login bouncing back to login screen so i uninstalled lightdm and running startx manually, here is the output i get http://termbin.com/wal001:01
radiel892nvidia driver loads from single user mode but not normal boot, /dev/dri/card0 exists but not card1 mentioned in the error01:01
petypeytradiel892: nvidia01:02
petypeytSo auk is it done01:04
OerHeksradiel892, uninstalled lightdm, then what dm do you use ?01:04
OerHeksjust curious01:04
radiel892OerHeks, none i think, just trying to get more info out of X stderr, will reinstall the dm after X is working01:04
rasustoauk: still depends on ruby01:04
aukrasusto: yeah, it's written in ruby i think01:06
petypeytauk: no it's is01:06
aukrasusto: you could maybe try just downloading a screen binary01:06
rasustoI would be very surprised if there wasn't a way to download the dependency tarball and compile against that01:06
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somsiprasusto: prepare to be surprised. There is a reason why your sysadmin does not want you to have root01:07
rasustoI don't know where to extract it, or if the configure script would be able to find it unless I change it myself01:07
somsiprasusto: you would normall use configure --prefix=~/some/install/path01:08
rasustosomsip: does that add /some/install/path to the list of places the configure script looks? or does that only look in that directory then?01:10
somsiprasusto: it installs the compiled software to that path. But I think this could be futile for what you need - dependency hell could not be far away. Speak to your sysadmin and ask for screen to be installed01:11
rasustosomsip, auk my new approach is to compile a static executable and copy it to the other machine01:30
somsiprasusto: could just download the deb and extract it...01:31
aukand hope it runs :)01:31
guest88481to configure a firewall in ubuntu what is the difference between configuring iptables or ufw?01:32
rasustosomsip: debs are compiled but still linked against shared libraries. Those libraries are missing on the target system. Hence, the static executable01:32
somsiprasusto: fair enough01:32
somsipguest88481: ufw is an easyier front end to iptables01:32
guest88481is iptables more powerful?01:33
jellowcan't you just use nohup ?01:33
bazhanggufw somsip01:33
bazhang!info gufw01:33
ubottugufw (source: gui-ufw): graphical user interface for ufw. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.04.0-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 719 kB, installed size 3060 kB01:33
guest88481is iptables more powerful than ufw?01:33
somsipbazhang: wasn't really the question, but might help the OP01:33
bazhangsomsip, front end generally means the gui01:34
bazhangguest88481, try and see01:35
bazhangguest88481, we cannot know what you find easy or difficult01:35
guest88481i mean does iptables have more configuration options than ufw?01:35
bazhangguest88481, what have you tried so far01:36
bazhangguest88481, so try , decide01:36
guest88481i dont know which to use so im getting an idea of which i could use01:36
guest88481i would rather learn the more powerful option even if its hard01:36
bazhangguest88481, use gufw then01:36
bazhangguest88481, we cannot choose for you01:37
somsipbazhang: he only asked what the difference was "to configure a firewall in ubuntu what is the difference between configuring iptables or ufw?" I know you're an op so I'll leave it to you, but this does not read as friendly or helpful01:38
CryptoSiD* * 23 * * /bin/reboot01:40
guest88481i just wanted to know difference but its cool01:40
CryptoSiDwill this crontab reboot every 23 of each month?01:40
somsipguest88481: AIUI, ufw provides a way to create iptable entries in a way that is simpler than issuing iptable commands directly. But I've only ever used ufw so you may need to research more on examples01:40
bxxSUCCESS: /realdir /mnt none bind01:40
bxxFAILURE: /symbolic-link-to-realdir /mnt none bind01:41
guest88481thanks all01:41
bxxhow to make fstab accept symbolic link to a real dir01:41
guest88481to encrypt a hdd that is not encrypted with ubuntu+windows do i need to wipe the hard drive first before starting encryption?01:49
guest88481assuming i use dm crypt + luks?01:50
nrdbI have setup LTSP, but I can't seem to get the terminals printer to work... I set "PRINTER_0_DEVICE = /dev/usb/lp0" ... the terminal has a /dev/usb/lp0 ... the terminal does not have the ipp port open ... the server can't find the terminals printer .... can anyone help?01:50
nrdbguest88481, you don't need to wipe the HDD but you will need a dedicated partition for the encrypted setup.01:52
guest88481i mean if i want to encrypt the current partition already there01:55
guest88481the partition with ubuntu01:55
nrdbguest88481, I don't think you can encrypt the data in-place .01:57
guest88481so a new partition is requred and specific setup(eg filesystem type) is required, correcT?01:58
nrdbguest88481, you might be able to backup -- encrypt -- restore01:58
guest88481alright, thanks all01:58
buuHey, anyone have any info why a netgear gigE switch would only be advertising 100mbit to my ubuntu box?02:05
compdocbuu, could be the cable02:07
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compdocneeds all 8 wires, and they have to be right02:07
buuGood idea.02:07
gilmaralgum brasileiro on??02:10
somsip!pr | gilmar02:10
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.02:10
t00bs0x_hey can someone help me understand certificate authorities?02:22
t00bs0x_I'm having a pretty serious connection problem02:23
somsipt00bs0x_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Certificate_authority02:23
t00bs0x_I noticed that all my certificate authorities are self signed certs02:23
t00bs0x_every one is issued by itself02:23
t00bs0x_so I'm a little fckjbg choked02:23
somsip!find certificates02:24
ubottuFound: ca-certificates, ca-certificates-java02:24
t00bs0x_they are actually flashed to my phone ram02:24
somsipt00bs0x_: maybe worth reinstalling ca-certificates with a dry-run?02:24
t00bs0x_that's intense right?02:24
somsipt00bs0x_: err...phone?02:24
t00bs0x_yeah but my phone says "hardware-backex02:24
somsipt00bs0x_: this is ubuntu support. That sounds like a phone question...?02:24
t00bs0x_so I assumed that means the certs are on some sorrt of smart card?02:25
t00bs0x_I. am using Ubuntu touch02:25
somsip!touch | t00bs0x_ (that explains it then)02:25
ubottut00bs0x_ (that explains it then): Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch02:25
t00bs0x_ah, ok02:25
t00bs0x_well thanks but if it makes any difference all my devices have these fake certs02:26
somsipt00bs0x_: devices means what?02:26
t00bs0x_some have long serial nrs02:26
t00bs0x_should I dump them sumwhere out of spite?02:26
t00bs0x_the.certs I mean02:26
t00bs0x_laptop, other phibez02:27
somsipt00bs0x_: this is nothing to do with ubuntu. Take it elsewhere02:27
t00bs0x_I joined because android phones are on the Linux kernel and Ubuntu always has the easiest understandable advice on google02:28
t00bs0x_I'll head to #ubuntu-touch02:28
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oaulakhhow to fix ubuntu drive auto mount problem, like my ubutnu first was in usb drive and when i use its backup to restore it on my laptop its not opening my any drive without nautilus help :(02:31
radiel892how do i edit the kernel boot line permanently? i tried updating GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="" inside /etc/default/grub and running update-grub but it doesn't update it in grub02:32
oaulakhlikei just want to make my ubuntu beahve same when i boot from pendrive, by the everything going perfect like my grub boot and programs just problem while opening my drives :(02:32
DavidW_617I'm hoping someone can help me fix my boot. I have chrooted into the environment I want to boot into but update-grub is creating this entry: menuentry 'Ubuntu' --class ubuntu --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os $menuentry_id_option 'gnulinux-simple-'02:44
DavidW_617        recordfail02:44
DavidW_617        load_video02:44
DavidW_617        gfxmode $linux_gfx_mode02:44
DavidW_617        insmod gzio02:44
somsip!paste | DavidW_61702:44
ubottuDavidW_617: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:44
oaulakhhow to fix ubuntu drive auto mount problem, like my ubutnu first was in usb drive and when i use its backup to restore it on my laptop its not opening my any drive without nautilus help :(02:44
oaulakhlikei just want to make my ubuntu beahve same when i boot from pendrive, by the everything going perfect like my grub boot and programs just problem while opening my drives :(02:44
DavidW_617I'm hoping someone can help me fix my boot. I have chrooted into the environment I want to boot into but update-grub is creating this entry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12189882/02:45
DavidW_617boot-repair isn't recognizing the ubuntu install that I'm trying to fix02:46
radiel892i am following guide for permanently adding a kernel boot parameter at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters but its not updating the boot line02:46
DavidW_617My boot-repair summary is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12189887/02:47
DavidW_617/dev/sda5 is my separate boot partition, /dev/sda7 and /dev/sdd1 are my btrfs volume for root and home02:50
oaulakhhow to fix ubuntu drive auto mount problem, like my ubutnu first was in usb drive and when i use its backup to restore it on my laptop its not opening my any drive without nautilus help :(03:02
nrdbwith the 'mate' desktop how do you create a new user?03:10
SamdjoHi, I have a security question & hope I am at the right place. I just found out my known_hosts file has about 16 entries, of which I am sure I have never manually added, what could have added these entries? I don't want anybody to be able to just ssh into my computer, and am wondering whether it would indicate my box has been compromised.03:11
radiel892running 14.04 does anyone know a workaround to the bug where changes made in /etc/default/grub are ignored, i think this is it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/127376403:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1273764 in grub2 (Ubuntu Vivid) "Grub ignores TIMEOUT options on /etc/default/grub" [Medium,Triaged]03:11
t00bs0xall the distros of Linux I've dled have SSH opening a port o. your computer03:12
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jasonj8How can I check the disk usage of the partition I have ubuntu installed on? I've somehow nearly filled up my hard drive, but baobab only lets me scan / (which seems to include things mounted in /media in its totals), /home, or each thing in /media individually.03:12
apt-linux-2hi i heard there was a ubuntu office in Montreal03:13
apt-linux-2i'd like to get a cell phone from Them03:13
radiel892jasonj8, try the command "df -Th"03:14
Bashing-omjasonj8: Terminal commands ' df -h ; df -i ' .03:14
apt-linux-2i have a kernel dkms ppa problem03:14
Samdjot00bs0x, thanks for answering. I just realized the lack of sleep somehow made me confuse known_hosts with authorized_keys file.... :/03:16
apt-linux-2apprently hdjmod ppa really broke x1103:17
* kiki_999 slaps Drone` around a bit with a large fishbot03:30
ElevyNJHello. I need help with a ppp server. I used a guide but it's not setting a default gateway for systems connecting to it.03:47
cfhowlett!server | ElevyNJ03:48
ubottuElevyNJ: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server03:48
ElevyNJcfhowlett, how does that address my problem of my ubuntu server not giving a default gateway for ppp?03:49
LambdaComplexElevyNJ: He was telling you to ask somewhere else03:49
cfhowlettElevyNJ, server question >>> server channel >>> server experts03:49
ElevyNJahh got it thnks03:50
radiel892is there another way to apply boot parameters besides /etc/default/grub, that way doesn't work for me03:52
ElevyNJI was asking here because I am using the desktop version but I asked there03:53
n0mhey guys, how do i change the authentication failure message for lightdm?03:54
zykotick9radiel892: do you have more then one linux installed on your system?  i doubt /etc/default/grub is broken in ubuntu03:55
Bashing-omradiel892: 'sudo update-grub '?? note sudo after edit is made ?03:55
zykotick9radiel892: also, have you tried changing the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= line?03:56
radiel892just the one linux is installed, yes i updated the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line and ran update-grub but it doesn't work03:56
zykotick9radiel892: what change are you adding, what are you expecting it to do?03:57
radiel892i am hoping it to add in nomodeset into the boot line, because my graphics card doesn't startx without it03:57
radiel892it works when i go into grub and 'e' edit the line myself, but i can't make the change permanent03:58
zykotick9radiel892: are you editing /etc/default/grub with sudo as well?03:58
radiel892in single user mode, as root #03:58
cfhowlettradiel892, as root?  wrong ...03:59
disappearedngWhat does this look like to you guys? 54686f75676874732c2073746f7269657320616e642069646561732e04:00
cfhowlettradiel892, in single user, you can only make temporary/next boot edits, iirc. to make permanent changes, you have to boot into your admin account then sudo the edits04:00
cfhowlettdisappearedng, looks like a waste of time. ask your UBUNTU question in this channel.04:00
radiel892ok, i hav been making system changes with single user mode with no problem, i just needed to run "mount -o remount,rw /"04:02
Bashing-omradiel892: If this is 15.04, I think I read that in 'single user' mode the file system is mounted read only. No changes will stick until the file system is re-mounted .04:02
radiel892yes which is why i use "mount -o remount,rw /" , the changes like updating graphics drivers and adding a user and managing packages did stick04:03
cfhowlettradiel892, I stand corrected then ...04:03
radiel892its 14.04 :)04:03
ndickada orang indonesia04:04
cfhowlett!indonesia | ndick04:04
ubottundick: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia04:04
ndickdekstop saya terhapus dan ingin kembali ke dekstop awal04:06
purr_hi everyone! I am having a bit of a problem that I think should have quick fix but my web searching has not provided a solution. I need to download the kernel source04:08
purr_I am installing a nvidia driver and it fails becuase it is unable to locate the kernal source04:09
cfhowlettpurr_, run the install command and paste:   sudo apt-get install foo | nc termbin.com 999904:10
cfhowlettreport the url04:10
purr_unable to locate package foo04:11
Bashing-ompurr_: (??) . Generally the headers for the kernel are required to build the modulle . The linux-hearders is downloadable from the repo .04:11
cfhowlettpurr_, foo is a placeholder for a package name.  In other words, replace it with your actual packagename04:12
purr_I am doing this right now: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaManual04:14
purr_Oh okay, sorry about not understanding that. I am not sure what the package name is though because it is packed in the cuda 7 run file04:14
purr_my computer was missing linux-source thought, so that may have been it.04:15
purr_I know it is nvidia 44604:16
purr_Bashing-om, I have the linux-headers04:17
purr_Sorry 346.46*04:19
purr_nope that still did not work04:20
purr_How would I download the kernel source?04:21
Bashing-ompurr_: Show us in a pastebin what you are doing. If you did not have the kernel installed you would not even boot the system . If we can see what you are doing, and the error you are getting we can then help .04:23
purr_okay, I hit ctrl alt f2 to go to terminal04:24
purr_I got rid of everything nvidia by sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia-*04:25
LinuxGuy91have any of you got girlfriends yet?04:25
LinuxGuy91i got one last night :D :D :D04:25
Bashing-om!paste | purr_04:25
ubottupurr_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:25
LinuxGuy91had to pay though.04:25
cfhowlettLinuxGuy91, wrong channel and off-topic.  play elsewhere04:25
purr_stoped lightdm by sudo service lightdm stop04:25
LinuxGuy91ok cfhowlett, how re you ?04:25
LinuxGuy91how can i configure my xorg server for non standard resolutions04:25
cfhowlettLinuxGuy91, what is your ubuntu support question?04:25
purr_sorry I will do that04:26
LinuxGuy91cfhowlett xorg server problems04:26
LinuxGuy91and i want gnome back04:26
Bashing-ompurr_: Nvidia graphics drivers are available in the software repository. Are you doing a graphics install the hard way ?04:27
purr_I am installing the graphics drives that come packaged with cuda 7 to ensure compatibility04:28
purr_I do have the recently added ppa that has been put out, but it is not working to install cuda04:29
Bashing-ompurr_: In the repo ! 'apt-cache search cuda >> libcuda1-346-updates - NVIDIA CUDA runtime library ' .04:30
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Bashing-ompurr_: Food for thought, if ya stay within the repo then you do not have to yourself manage the driver breakage and updates. The package manager will do all that for you .04:33
purr_that is that I did so far04:34
Bashing-ompurr_: Look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/12190361/ .04:35
purr_Bashing-on, I completely agree! I have had success installing cuda via repos on two other computers. This one says that it can not be found so I am doing it manually.04:35
Bashing-ompurr_: See if the kernel headers are present ' ls -al /usr/src/ ' for the kernel you are booting ' uname -r ' .04:38
purr_yes, they are there: 3.13.0-62-generic is in the /usr/src folder and the result of uname -r04:40
Bashing-ompurr_: Maybe I am in left field, but direct the cuda installer to that location for the headers ??04:43
purr_yeah, I think i will extract the run file and install the driver separately with the path flag04:44
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ponyofdeathhi, trying to figure out why after a dist-upgrade to 14.04 for the latest updates it will now not boot my multipath server04:58
purr_well i am giving up for the night, thank you for your help!05:01
cfhowlettponyofdeath, #ubuntu-server might know05:06
ponyofdeathcfhowlett: thanks05:07
coelebsi follow the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/ReducedPower but i don't get power management to work05:27
coelebsmy guess is that enlightenments own settings override those i made05:27
radiel892my grub parameters not applying might be due to this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1273764 is there a possible workaround to using /etc/default/grub, does anyone know how to inject the boot params by using script files in /etc/grub.d05:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1273764 in grub2 (Ubuntu Vivid) "Grub ignores TIMEOUT options on /etc/default/grub" [Medium,Triaged]05:29
GAM002ubuntu channel for online irc on firefox please and fast05:31
somsipGAM002: you're in the ubuntu channel05:32
GAM002somsip: its for a friend05:33
somsipGAM002: #ubuntu on freenode then05:33
GAM002are you here yet?05:34
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GAM002somsip: tnx05:59
gloriaDamn it! I love the way edx.org shows subtitles! --> http://uploadkon.ir/fl/dd/75423 (edx player); Is there any desktop video player with this approach?06:08
lotuspsychjegloria: havent found something like that yet06:13
glorialotuspsychje: Ah, anyway it's the best way to watch a training video. it allows you to click on a specific subtitle line to repeat it. You can go to a specific part of video very fast. it's interactive!06:16
lotuspsychjegloria: maybe someone knows something like that online, try in #ubuntu-offtopic06:17
lotuspsychjegloria: or maybe you should search for subtitle editors somehow06:18
lotuspsychjegloria: didnt test myself: http://lintut.com/best-subtitle-editors-for-linux/ but seems like it can flood the subs also when you watch video06:19
glorialotuspsychje: This editors, not player indeed. They have poor functionality to handle the videos!06:22
GAM002whre can  iget addons for ubuntu?06:22
lotuspsychje!msgthebot | GAM00206:22
ubottuGAM002: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".06:22
GAM002any way to get notification on ubuntu?06:22
lotuspsychjeGAM002: notification of what?06:23
GAM002ok messages ...etc06:23
GAM002like on android06:23
lotuspsychjeGAM002: messages from where06:23
lotuspsychjeGAM002: system? email?06:24
GAM002from chat irc,and softwares06:24
lotuspsychjeGAM002: gm-notify shows new emails + sound06:24
lotuspsychjeGAM002: you can set hexchat to notify on keywords or nicknames06:24
GAM002do i need to install gm-notify?06:25
lotuspsychjeGAM002: and there are system messages indicators for ubuntu also06:25
lotuspsychje!info gm-notify | GAM002 yes06:25
ubottuGAM002 yes: gm-notify (source: gm-notify): highly Ubuntu integrated GMail notifier. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.10.3-0ubuntu3 (vivid), package size 20 kB, installed size 313 kB06:25
lunix4Hello everyone06:25
lotuspsychjeGAM002: apt-cache search indicator in your terminal06:26
lunix4I have a question, How to use notify-send in udev rules?06:26
GAM002lotuspsychje: ok thanks06:26
lunix4export DISPLAY variable does not solve the problem06:26
lotuspsychjelunix4: there is a small #udev channel, perhaps this can help?06:27
lotuspsychjelunix4: or repeat your issue in here @ more crowdy timezones06:28
lotuspsychje!test | wxc06:28
ubottuwxc: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )06:28
GAM002are there any site to get extension and addons for ubuntu?06:29
lotuspsychjeGAM002: addons for what exactly? firefox?06:30
coelebshow do i dim the backlight on 15.04 using TLP when entering battery-powered mode?06:30
GAM002lotuspsychje: no for ubuntu06:31
coelebsis there a script that is ran or dir of which scripts are ran when i unplug ac power?06:31
lotuspsychjeGAM002: define addons06:31
GAM002lotuspsychje: like the application on the old versions of ubnunu06:31
lotuspsychjecoelebs: you can try find values in dconf-editor energy settings perhaps06:31
lotuspsychjeGAM002: you need to be specific mate, what kind of applications?06:32
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy06:32
cfhowlett!details | GAM002, for best results, give DETAILS.  "like android" or "old ubuntu" tells us nothing06:32
ubottuGAM002, for best results, give DETAILS.  "like android" or "old ubuntu" tells us nothing: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)06:32
GAM002cfhowlett: k06:32
GAM002cfhowlett: sorry i dont know how to describe it06:32
lotuspsychjeGAM002: start from the beginning, what do you need?06:33
GAM002lotuspsychje: extra features like notification..etc for softwares on ubuntu06:33
whologingood evening06:34
lotuspsychjeGAM002: notifications of what?06:34
lotuspsychjeGAM002: you want to know whats new in software on ubuntu?06:34
whologinis there a reason why when i type (lspci -vnn | grep) nothing happens?06:35
GAM002lotuspsychje: ya06:36
auronandacewhologin: you haven't specified what to grep for06:36
GAM002lotuspsychje: somethig like that06:36
cfhowlettwhologin, yes.  you didn't specify anything after grep06:36
whologini dont know what you mean06:36
cfhowlettwhologin, lspci -vnn | grep vga06:36
lotuspsychjeGAM002: then you need an rss news feed of latest software/linux try softpedia linux06:36
whologinim trying to detect my wifi card06:36
GAM002lotuspsychje: ok06:37
lotuspsychjeGAM002: then you can add the news feed rrs to ubuntu as notification06:37
cfhowlettwhologin, lspci -vnn06:37
lotuspsychjeGAM002: there are few good rss indicator out there06:37
whologinya i dont see my nic in  there06:39
whologinwindows says it a broadcom06:39
lotuspsychjeGAM002: i like this1 myself: https://code.google.com/p/feedindicator/06:39
whologini checked lsusb and didnt see any broadcom refferences06:40
GAM002lotuspsychje: thanks06:40
lotuspsychjewhologin: try sudo lshw -C network06:40
whologinno output06:41
whologinit did some things and then command prompt06:42
whologini saw pci and scsi06:42
GAM002i found it https://extensions.gnome.org/06:42
cfhowlettwhologin, lspci -vnn | nc termbin.com 999906:42
lotuspsychjeGAM002: thats for gnome, not for unity06:43
GAM002lotuspsychje: it wont work on ubuntu?06:43
lotuspsychjeGAM002: wich ubuntu version do you have?06:43
baizonGAM002: no06:43
lotuspsychjeGAM002: ubuntu desktop? no other flavor?06:44
whologinnc: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known06:44
GAM002lotuspsychje: ubuntu 14.04 LTs 64 bit06:44
lotuspsychje!unity | GAM00206:44
ubottuGAM002: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity06:44
GAM002lotuspsychje: so will it work?06:44
lotuspsychjeGAM002: then you need unity plugins/indicators/software06:44
GAM002lotuspsychje: where to get them?06:44
lotuspsychjeGAM002: baizon already answered you06:45
whologinmy laptop has no int connection06:45
baizonGAM002: this is an example http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/what-application-indicators-are-available06:45
cfhowlettGAM002, sounds like you really want the gnome ubuntu.  suggest you install it instead of unity uubntu06:45
baizonGAM002: https://ubuntugnome.org/06:45
whologini have the broadcom  43341 tar.g2z on a flash drive06:45
lotuspsychjewhologin: ask your question in one line please, not several lines06:46
GAM002cfhowlett: well i like something in the unity and some other features on gnobe ubuntu :)06:46
GAM002baizon: ok thanks06:46
whologink ill shut up06:47
GAM002lotuspsychje: ok06:47
GAM002cfhowlett: thanks06:47
cfhowlettwhologin, happy2help!06:47
lotuspsychjewhologin: start from the beginning: wich ubntu version did you install, what happened..06:47
whologini installed  14.0406:48
whologinits running live06:48
whologinwhen i install it it wont boot06:48
whologinuefi laptop with an atom06:48
lotuspsychjewhologin: did you disable fastboot + secureboot?06:48
lotuspsychjewhologin: then you should be able to install ubuntu06:49
lotuspsychje!uefi | whologin doublecheck settings here06:49
ubottuwhologin doublecheck settings here: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI06:49
whologini can install it but after th reboot it dosnt start06:49
lotuspsychjewhologin: you see a blinking _ cursor at left corner?06:50
=== tomas_ is now known as Guest91475
whologinno its just jumps straight to bios screen06:50
lotuspsychjewhologin: doublecheck all uefi settings, must be something blocking yet06:51
lotuspsychjewhologin: also keep in mind if you need the uefi settings right, before you install ubuntu otherwise you need re-install06:54
GAM002Is there any way to know if a PPA is trusted?06:55
lotuspsychje!ppa | GAM00206:55
ubottuGAM002: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge06:55
GAM002lotuspsychje: is there any way to get a list of trusted ppa?06:56
lotuspsychje!sources | GAM00206:56
ubottuGAM002: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.06:56
auronandaceGAM002: no, none are "trusted", that is the whole point of a PPA06:57
cfhowlettGAM002, >>> WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk.  <<<06:57
cfhowlettGAM002, if it was "trusted" it would be in the repos.  if not in the repos, it's NOT a trusted source.06:57
GAM002ok Thanks06:57
GAM002was trying to install a theme and they asked me to install their ppa06:58
cfhowlettGAM002, your machine.  your choice.  choose wisely.06:58
GAM002cfhowlett: that sounds just too carefull06:59
GAM002cfhowlett: thanks though06:59
lotuspsychjeGAM002: there are tons of eyecandy for ubuntu, that are free to install06:59
lotuspsychjeGAM002: compiz,unti pkugins,conky,free themes whatever you want07:00
GAM002lotuspsychje: are they safe?07:00
GAM002and how to install?07:00
lotuspsychje!eyecandy | GAM00207:00
ubottuGAM002: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy07:00
GAM002i installed unity tweak yesterday but no idea how to install them07:00
lotuspsychjeGAM002: there are safe themes out there yes, take a look at deviantart.com and learn how users flavor up their desktops on ubuntu07:01
baizoncan someone point me in the right direction... every 3-5 boot my system stops at boottime (ubuntu 15.04, systemd)??07:01
GAM002lotuspsychje: ok thanks07:02
GAM002lotuspsychje: again07:02
lotuspsychjebaizon: you can press F1 to see errors perhaps?07:03
lotuspsychjebaizon: did you experience same issue on 14.04?07:03
baizonlotuspsychje: no07:03
baizonlotuspsychje: i think its a systemd problem07:04
lotuspsychjebaizon: could be, let us know if you find out errors booting07:04
lotuspsychjebaizon: check syslog/dmesg logs perhaps aswell?07:04
baizonlotuspsychje: so when i get black screen, press F!?07:04
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | baizon for black screen maybe07:05
ubottubaizon for black screen maybe: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:05
baizonlotuspsychje: no no, but i dont get it every boot07:05
lotuspsychjebaizon: try your logs then07:05
baizonlotuspsychje: ok, will do07:05
baizonlotuspsychje: but will it be logged? i have to hard-reset my system07:06
lotuspsychjebaizon: everything that goes wrong should be logged07:06
lotuspsychjebaizon: browse your /var/log :p07:06
baizonhmm, but nobody did experience that problem, i have it on both my systems (Workstation & Laptop).07:07
lotuspsychjebaizon: not sure mate, investigate deeper until we find errors07:08
baizonok, thanks lotuspsychje07:08
lotuspsychjebaizon: also keep in mind that LTS performs more stable07:08
GAM002can anyone tell me how can i install this theme without installing their respo07:09
cfhowlettGAM002, "unsupported" means ... we don't support it.  install instructions are on the page.  if you need more, contact the package maintainers.07:10
GAM002cfhowlett: ok07:10
lotuspsychjeGAM002: it also shows adding a ppa07:11
GAM002lotuspsychje: i am trying to install it without adding ppa07:11
lotuspsychjeGAM002: you cant install things without a ppa, that needs a ppa07:11
lotuspsychjeGAM002: meaning not supported here07:11
GAM002lotuspsychje: ok07:13
GAM002sorry for all this noobish qustions cause i am a newbie :)07:13
GAM002anybody here use that theme?07:14
GAM002or any theme from that ppa?07:14
ElTimoHey, I'm getting"Can't open /dev/sr0: no medium found" over and over again when I try to boot off a live usb. IOMMU is on and I've tried every combination of workarounds I could find in the bios. Any ideas?07:24
=== stereoit is now known as stereoit_
EriC^^ElTimo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/50082207:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 500822 in Ubuntu "/init: line 7: can't open /dev/sr0: No medium found" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:27
ElTimoEriC^^: Nothing.07:32
EriC^^ElTimo: did you try disabling the floppy device in the bios?07:43
tnkhanhi just got vivid07:53
backboxhello world07:53
tnkhanhanyone likes its background color more than trusty?07:53
tnkhanhthe new purple seems amazing07:53
cfhowletttnkhanh, this is the support channel.  chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic please.  thanks.07:54
tnkhanhcfhowlett: oh sorry, i'm moving there07:54
ElTimoEriC^^: I couldn't find one to do it. I finally said screw it and went with Debian Testing. Pretty much the same thing, anyway.07:57
EriC^^ElTimo: check the 18th and 19th comments for solutions08:01
ElTimoI tried both of those, too.08:01
ElTimoI think it's something stupid with the mobo.08:01
ElTimoThe thing has been a huge PITA ever since we got it.08:01
ubkernhello, I'm trying to upgrade some packages on ubuntu, but I'm always getting the following error message: You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these. The following packages have unmet dependencies. linux-headers-generic : Depends: linux-headers-3.13.0-62-generic but it is not installed08:03
ubkernrunning sudo apt-get -f install tells me: No apport report written because the error message indicates a disk full error08:04
baizonubkern: try sudo apt-get autoclean08:04
ubkerndf -h shows 4GB free space (I doubt that the kernel is 4GB?!)08:04
ubkernbaizon: thx, same problem08:05
EriC^^ubkern: /boot might be full08:07
ubkernEriC^^: I dont have a /boot partition08:07
ubkernI just have / which has 70% used (4GB free)08:07
EriC^^ubkern: type df -h | nc termbin.com 999908:07
ubkernEriC^^: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=L0Lwc0fq08:08
collinshi all08:09
ubottucollins: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:09
EriC^^ubkern: try sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.13.0-62-generic08:09
ubkernEriC^^: error msg: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=N4qm568408:09
ubkernI can't install anything because apt-get says the disk is full (which is not true)08:10
cfhowlettubkern, have you been messing around in root?08:10
ubkerncfhowlett: nope08:11
bazhanghow many extra kernels do you have there ubkern08:11
ubkernbazhang: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=pamPtDeV08:11
* ObrienDave deleted 600M of old kernels O.o08:12
adscyeah, it's a bit silly that ubuntu never deletes old kernels08:13
EriC^^adsc: it does08:13
baizonubkern: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/RemoveOldKernels08:13
EriC^^(apt-get autoremove)08:13
ubkernI always run autoremove08:13
circ-user-KcVYuits posible to limit outgoing requests to ip in IPTABLES ?08:13
ObrienDaveso do i08:13
ubkernmy update command usually looks like this: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove08:13
zaggynlsame, made an alias for it08:14
ObrienDavesame here08:14
bazhangubkern, did you remove the extras leaning at least one spare08:14
bazhangand leaving08:14
ObrienDaveexcept i use dist-upgrade08:14
EriC^^ubkern: can you create files? touch ~/something ?08:14
ubkernEriC^^: sure08:14
adscEriC^^: my father doesn't use the command line...is there an option in the GUI updater to run auto-remove?08:15
=== zip is now known as Guest3752
ubkernadsc: same issue with my grand ma's ubuntu PC :P08:15
=== circ-user-KcVYu is now known as trixo
EriC^^adsc: i dont think so08:18
linuxuz3ri get error when i boot to ubuntu08:18
linuxuz3rit says smp_boot cpu 1 failed08:18
linuxuz3rcan anyone help08:18
trixoanybudy can help with IPTABLES ?08:18
cfhowlett!iptabes | trixo08:19
cfhowlett!iptables | trixo08:19
ubottutrixo: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo08:19
bazhangtrixo, #netfilter08:19
trixobazhang thanx08:20
bazhangwhat version of ubuntu linuxuz3r08:20
EriC^^ubkern: type sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.5.0-{23..54}-generic08:20
kasperGoodmorning...can someone assist me with getting my wireless card working on a HP elitebook 2540p08:20
bazhangwhere do you see that error message linuxuz3r08:20
linuxuz3ron boot08:21
bazhang!wifi | kasper have a read first08:21
ubottukasper have a read first: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:21
linuxuz3rbazhang: are you a ubuntu user08:21
linuxuz3rok nvm08:21
linuxuz3rtime to move on08:21
kasperthanks...but i've done about 24 hours of research :)08:21
bazhanglinuxuz3r, yes ofc08:21
bazhangwhat an odd question08:21
kasperin desperate need of some live support08:22
linuxuz3ri dont want to switch distro i like ubuntu08:22
bazhangkasper, we need the actual chipset08:22
kaspercool hold on08:22
kasperIntel® Centrino® Advanced-N 620008:22
kasperdoes that help?08:22
kaspergot as far as downloading something...but complete noob so i don want to install firmware without knowing what i am doing08:23
bazhangdoes ifconfig see it all kasper08:23
kasperthere was some command i did in terminal...found it on help site08:23
kasperit recognised the card08:23
bazhangkasper, what scanning for wireless hot spots08:23
kasperbut in GUI i cant switch wireless on at all08:23
kasperthe button is orange and when i press it it goes to airplane mode08:24
bazhangkasper, is there some sort of hard switch to flip it on and off08:24
kasperjep...but when i press it it ubuntu goes on airplane mode08:24
bazhangkasper, try to toggle that to off then on once the system has started, my notebook has a similar intel wifi chipset08:25
kasperoff during boot?08:26
adschttp://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=5375732#post5375732 here is an arch thread about your wifi card...it suggests to use rfkill08:26
kasperand then on again when it's completely booted?08:26
adscit also mentions you need newer kernels for the card to be well supported08:26
kasperi am not farmilliar with terminal at all...i just installed ubuntu to give a 2nd hand laptop a second life :P08:27
k1lkasper: what does "rfkill list" give you? please put all the output into a pastebin and show the link here08:27
kasper<k1l> http://pastebin.com/v7b4bkzp08:31
k1lkasper: seems like its blocked by the hardware switch08:32
kasperyes...but the actual switch triggers airplane mode08:32
k1lkasper: try a "sudo rfkill unblock all"08:32
kasper<k1l> rfkill list gives same output after that command08:34
kasperstill blocked08:34
bazhangkasper, start with it on, flick off then back off once started08:35
bazhangback on obviously for the second08:36
k1lkasper: is this a windows dualboot?08:36
k1lis it on in bios?08:36
kasperyes it works in win708:36
cfhowlettkasper, dell?08:36
kasperit's a 5 year old HP elitebook 2540p08:37
kasperI read about new laptops having wireless issues in ubuntu...so i thought i was smart by getting a 2nd hand one since windows is just not an option08:37
kasperand mac is too expensive right now08:37
cfhowlettkasper, similar issue.  I solved it accidentally after 4 years of rebooting win7.  in windows F2 toggled fiwi.  under ubuntu, f2 killed wifi.  one day I accidentally hit ctrl-f2 and toggled wifi.  suggest you experiment with your ctrl, alt and super key combinations.08:38
kasperOK what is the super key exactly?08:38
kasperi came across that more often08:38
ZakTheGhostwindows key08:39
cfhowlettkasper, "windows" key08:39
kasperah cool ok08:39
kasperi figured that but wasn't sure08:39
kasperhang on switching back...08:40
chrisss123456anyone use TeXStudio? I'm looking for a good Latex Editor08:43
baizonchrisss123456: I'm using texmaker08:43
k1lchrisss123456: i like gummi because of the instant preview mode08:43
chrisss123456baizon: How is it? Thing is, I'm wondering if there is something that a beginner can get into, which has an instant preview, but I can edit the side that is prepared... if that makes any sense. In other words, it's like microsoft word, but you can edit everything by hand should you want to change something.08:45
cfhowlettchrisss123456, I've heard good things about texstudio, but I've been using LyX.08:45
baizonchrisss123456: no, that isn't right for you then, what you search is: http://www.lyx.org/08:46
chrisss123456cfhowlett: I've downloaded lyx, however I'm not good enough to really get around comfortably. Is there an intermediate?08:46
cfhowlettchrisss123456, lyx comes with some excellent tutorials ...08:46
chrisss123456baizon: cfhowlett: ah! haha well, ok but I still need to specify all the details for layout and whatnot. Guess there's no workaround, and I just gotta dive straight in. Thanks!08:48
cfhowlettchrisss123456, lyx does have templates on download08:48
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ufki'm trying to find out if my zabbix user has permissions to read a file.. actually i'm trying to run anything with zabbix user but i get no output no matter what command i write. for example 'su - zabbix -c "ls /tmp"'. i don't get any error messages. just no output. any ideas?08:49
cfhowlettufk, sounds like you should start with zabbix support?08:50
=== stereoit is now known as stereoit_
ufkbut i have ubuntu installed... why can't i run commands as a different user ?08:51
EriC^^ufk: you can08:52
cfhowlettufk, break it up: su zabbix              then do the other commands08:52
ufksu zabbix just leaves me as root again08:52
cfhowlettufk, get out of root!08:52
EriC^^ufk: try sudo su - zabbix -s /bin/bash08:53
ufkyay EriC^^ you rawk08:54
k1li bet the user got a bin/false to prevent logging in08:54
ufkyeah it is08:55
k1lso you could think about why that is and why you want to login even then08:55
EriC^^he wants to check permissions/access to which files08:55
liqrhi im using an acer T230h monitor its a touch screen monitor but i could not get the audio to work08:56
ufkthanks a lot guys08:56
liqri used my tv via hdmi there was no problem08:56
=== nicktick1 is now known as nicktick
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
liqrthe pc to tv connection works using hdmi09:12
liqrbut not pc to monitor09:13
liqranybody experienced this problem?09:13
demonlovei want to  know the history of my cmd which i  run it on my system 2 months before?09:25
demonloveit shows total 2000 cmd but from 1500 why?09:25
demonlovewhere are the rest?09:25
k1lsee your bash history file in the users home09:26
demonlovewhich cmd?09:26
k1lno command. a file09:26
hateballdemonlove: you can also use the command "history" to show the contents of ~/.bash_history09:27
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k1lFeng: this is the ubuntu support.09:28
FengI know09:28
k1lvenkateshwaran: ##test for tests please09:28
venkateshwaran   /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER venkat-3494 rwhdffqhdygr09:30
Ben64venkateshwaran: should probably do that stuff not using a channel window/tab :)09:31
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GAM002how to setup popup notidication on ubuntu 14.0409:42
=== venkat-3494 is now known as venkat-34944
=== venkat-34944 is now known as venkat-3494
nmSyonehi, can anyone helpme connecting to a windows printer that has the spooler disabled?09:46
Client57bnm xmfvfndhnmbm  gsgv g jgfvg10:03
IzuraHey room,10:07
PanVHello: https://askubuntu.com/questions/665548/steam-not-launching-after-switching-graphics-card10:07
PanVMy Steam Client stopped working after switching graphics card10:08
Izurahas anyone here experienced a red stop sign in place of the keyboard applet in the top panel?10:09
k1lIzura: run a "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" in terminal and show the output in a pastebin please10:09
cfhowlettPanV, sudo apt-get install --reinstall steam              I'm guessing that steam fails as it can't configure for the now absent card.  reinstall should get address that.10:10
IzuraThanks k1l, doing that right now. Forgive my ignorance but what is pastebin?10:12
k1l!paste | Izura10:12
ubottuIzura: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:12
k1lIzura: its like uploading a photo, just with text10:12
cfhowlettPanV, ??10:12
PanVWill all the games installed delete?10:12
PanV@cfhowlett All the games I Installed with steam will be deleted after the re-install?10:13
cfhowlettPanV, no but you'll probably experience the games reinitializing/reauthorizing on steam.  perhaps backup your .steam before reinstall?10:13
PanVMeh no want Steam backup.. I got Steam Cloud, right?10:14
PanVIt backs up my progress if I am correct10:14
cfhowlettPanV, you misunderstand10:14
cfhowlettPanV, rename /home/pavnv/.steam to OLD.steam or something.  reinstall.  do NOT start steam!  rename old.steam to .steam10:15
PanVErm... I get to my home, I rename steam folder, I reinstall it then without starting it I name it back to .steam10:15
PanVDid I get it correct?10:15
cfhowlettPanV, yep.10:16
cfhowlettPanV, if you forget and start steam, a new .steam is created  - an  EMPTY .steam10:16
k1lPanV: from what video card to what video card did you make the change?10:16
PanVThanks, I will do it later.10:16
PanVIntel to a Sapphire, BRB10:17
PanVAFK food10:17
k1lPanV: make sure the right video drivers are installed.10:17
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U^1how could I transfer ubuntu font rendering to other linux distro10:25
IzuraSorry for the delay k1l. first time pastebin user. http://pastebin.com/mdP8BHtU10:25
k1lIzura: that seemed to be succesfull. so is that red triangel icon still present?10:26
IzuraThanks, no the sign is still present. it's a red stop/cancel sign. (a circle with a line through it)10:28
k1lIzura: usually that comes up if there is an issue with the update servers. but that is all fine for you now10:29
taubogaHi there, I've a Radeon HD6450 with HDMI but no sound. :'(10:29
mcphailtauboga: open source drivers?10:30
Izurais there anyway to refresh unity to maybe check without restarting?10:30
k1lIzura: what happens when you click that icon?10:31
cfhowlettU^1, the ubuntu font is open source.  install where you want10:31
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Izurak1l: i see the menu which lists. 'English(UK), Enlglish(US)...' i maybe should have mentioned this happened after i deleted some themes i was testing. i think i may have deleted something that was previously installed for unity by mistake. i get purge happy you see...10:33
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U^1cfhowlett, because I installed infinality on other distros thinking it is what ubuntu's using . So it never  got close to my experience with ubuntu.10:34
PanVcfhowlett, this trick didnt work, I still get the same error.10:34
PanVRunning Steam on ubuntu 15.04 64-bit10:34
PanVSTEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically10:34
PanVInstalling breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1440016726)10:34
PanVlibGL error: unable to load driver: radeonsi_dri.so10:34
PanVlibGL error: driver pointer missing10:34
cfhowlettU^1, font and font renderer are not the same ...10:35
k1lPanV: what exact video card do you have now?10:35
U^1but now I found out ubuntu uses different thing.  I mean font render10:35
cfhowlettPanV, I'd suggest sorting your new gpu drivers and then reinstalling10:35
cfhowlettU^1, true.  a lot more difficult to transfer.  what OS are you to trying to send it to?10:36
U^1cfhowlett, I want to use ubuntu font render10:36
U^1cfhowlett, crux linux10:36
PanVAMD Radeon R7 240 4GB10:36
PanVis my graphics card10:36
PanVcfhowlett, how can I sort them10:36
cfhowlettU^1, ask crux how to import a non-crux renderer10:36
cfhowlett!amd | PanV10:37
ubottuPanV: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto10:37
k1l!paste | PanV10:37
ubottuPanV: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:37
k1lPanV: what does "lspci" give you? put into pastebin10:37
cfhowlettPanV, also, see if amd provides a driver for that card10:37
taubogamcphail: yes the gui said 'recommended'. there is also fglxr10:37
PanVcfhowlett, I got an installer on a DVDD10:38
PanVbut it says it is not for linux or mac10:38
cfhowlettPanV, then you don't have the installer you need.  check the website10:38
dreamcat4aaahhh. wine on ubuntu.10:39
mcphailtabris|away: you may need to enable hdmi audio in your boot parameters. It is considered "buggy" so disbaled by default in some kernels10:39
mcphailtabris|away: sorry - nick completion failure10:39
PanVI am lost at their website.. let me turn on my searching skills10:39
mcphailtauboga: ^^10:39
mcphailtauboga: do you know how to edit the GRUB boot command line?10:40
k1lk1l> PanV: what does "lspci" give you? put into pastebin10:40
k1lPanV: did you install the fglrx package?10:43
PanVi thin- I found the correct drivers10:43
k1l<k1l> PanV: did you install the fglrx package?10:43
k1lPanV: stop10:43
PanVI don't think so10:43
PanVat least10:43
k1lPanV: stop installing any stuff from websites. first try the ubuntu drivers first10:43
PanVUbuntu Drivers work fine.. just not with steam10:43
PanVI mean I am able to play games like minecraft10:44
PanVWhich are not Steam games10:44
PanV*is not a Steam game10:44
k1lPanV: so what did i ask you now?10:44
PanVIf I have installed fglrx.10:44
k1lis fglrx package installed or not?10:44
PanVI have no diea10:44
cfhowlettPanV, of the 3 top card makers, amd is known for being the least linux friendly.  if you can, consider trading that card for something more usable10:44
k1lPanV: "dpkg -l | grep fglrx" in a pastebin please10:45
PanVhttp://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Ubuntu+x86+64 I am facepalming hard because propierarty graphics are available only for 14.04 or 12.04... let me continue pasting the output of that command..10:47
k1lPanV: stop10:47
PanVI did not install anything rather than fglrx..10:47
k1lPanV: first lets work out if the ubuntu fglrx (which is the amd website driver but made working with ubuntu already) works.10:48
capsicumsprayhi not sure what happened but is firefox broken with the latest update.10:48
PanVThe Ubuntu driver seems to work (if its supposed to be Gallium 0.4 on AMD OLAND) I am waiting for fglrx to install10:49
cfhowlettcapsicumspray, works fine on 14.04.310:49
k1lcapsicumspray: could be that some of your plugins are not made working with the latest release. but firefox is not known to be broken10:49
capsicumsprayok. dont know of any plugins. just a standard install. how can I run without plugins10:50
PanVDone, ktl10:50
k1l<k1l> PanV: "dpkg -l | grep fglrx" in a pastebin please10:51
PanVAlready done10:51
capsicumspraychromium seems to work ok. have reinstalled firefox a couple of times but no luck10:51
k1lPanV: ok, then reboot to let the amd driver now start10:51
k1lcapsicumspray: what exactly is the issue?10:52
capsicumspraywhen I start I get the rotating twidle then it stops10:52
k1lcapsicumspray: you can open a terminal and then type "firefox" and see in the temrinal what the errors are10:53
trijntjewhat is the best way to share a folder over the internal network with authentication, ie requiring a password to access the share10:54
capsicumsprayCould not create gnome accelerators directory `/home/chris/.gnome2/accels': Permission denied10:54
cfhowlett!samba | trijntje10:54
ubottutrijntje: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html10:54
capsicumsprayworks when I run it at sudo10:54
psyguru+i psyguru10:54
mcphailcapsicumspray: that is the problem right there. Don't run GUI apps as sudo10:55
k1lcapsicumspray: ok, so you spoiled your home directory permissions because you run programs with sudo that are not supposed to be run with sudo10:55
capsicumsprayno when run as user I get a permission denied message which is the obvious cause of my misfortune. Clearly somehow my home directory permissions appear to been stuffed up.10:56
* cfhowlett wants to scream from the rooftops: DO NOT ROOT!10:56
k1lcapsicumspray: yes, that is because you mess you system with running gui with sudo.10:56
trijntjecfhowlett: is it possible to share ext filesystems with samba? I want to preserve things like file permissions, hard and softlinks etc10:56
PanVNow something went wrong10:57
el_julianoI want to install Ubuntu on an old desktop pc but I don't find a way to boot from the cd10:57
k1lcapsicumspray: this is not windows. we dont need to be root (or tha admin windows equivalent) all the time.10:57
cfhowletttrijntje, I've no experience with samba but I bet the #ubuntu-server folk can advise.10:57
PanVI cannot login after restart to my account -.-10:57
cfhowlett!install | el_juliano10:57
ubottuel_juliano: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:57
cfhowlettPanV, details10:57
k1lPanV: what is the exact issue?10:57
PanVI put my pass, there is a black screen for a sec, then it kicks me back at the login screen10:58
el_juliano@ubottu thanks10:58
PanVLet me try to reboot again...10:58
cfhowlett!nomodeset | PanV,10:58
ubottuPanV,: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:58
PanVI am at the login screen, Ubunru booted10:59
PanVI cant get to my account10:59
cfhowlettPanV, ah --- login loop?10:59
PanVI think?10:59
cfhowlettPanV, hey try the guest account11:00
k1lPanV: press ctrl+alt+f1. then login. then make a "ls -al" and see what is owned by your user and what by root. especially the .Xauthority is important if its root or your user11:00
PanVI will.. please tell me my stuff is not gone11:00
cfhowlettPanV, course not.11:00
PanVEnglish Please :p11:00
PanVkk because my home is encrypted11:01
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k1lcapsicumspray: so you need to chown your folders in your home back to your user11:01
PanVAnd Guest did not work either. Yay \o/11:01
k1lPanV: ok so were there any errors while isntalling fglrx?11:01
PanVnor my sisters account11:01
capsicumspraykll: managed to sort it out. deleted the offending hidden files as su. ran firefox again and rebuilt the offending directories11:02
PanVI even used it11:02
PanVand sent the output here11:02
cfhowlettcapsicumspray, "and I will never root again cuz ubuntu uses "sudo"."  say it.11:02
k1lPanV: no you didnt. i requested just a confimation as if the fglrx is isntalled or not. you did not show the installation log and if there were errors (like error for building the kernel module)11:03
PanVOh. I was supposed to sent the installation log.11:03
capsicumspraydont know what caused it. I only use sudo when apt-get or update. Perhaps I did it by accident. It certainly wasnt intentional. I will be checking my history11:03
mcphailKingKhan: do you still need to run "aticonfig --initial" these days after fglrx installation? Perhaps PanV needs to do that?11:04
k1lPanV: no. i asked you if there were any errors.11:04
PanVI didnt notice11:04
PanVthe command was usable though11:04
EriC^^PanV: /var/log/apt/term.log should show the latest terminal outputs for apt-get11:05
k1lPanV: because your situation now can be caused by errors while installing. since we cant see anything you do we are completly blind and need you to give informations or bring them after we requested them.11:05
mcphailk1l: see my nick fail above, misdirected at KingKhan11:05
k1lmcphail: i dont know.11:05
PanVWhy the fudge that happened..11:05
k1lmcphail: i would check if its the proper kenrel and headers to build the module in first place after install.11:05
PanVRIP pc11:05
PanVWhat's with the login loop?11:06
k1lPanV: with your hectic you are making it more complicated than it is.11:06
EriC^^graphics driver most likely11:06
PanVBut Graphics should work right? I mean I dont see a black screen like last time.. I am at the login screen.11:07
PanVWell whatever.. how to fix this? :311:07
k1lcan you get us a pastebin of the .xsession-errors from the users home?11:08
k1lPanV: we still dont have enough informations to know what is going wrong on your system.11:08
PanVI cant get access to my user.. I doubt I am able to pastebin anything11:09
k1lPanV: you are missing half of the questions we ask you to get to know what is wrong to help you11:09
PanVSorry then.11:09
PanVWhat should I answer?11:09
k1l<k1l> PanV: press ctrl+alt+f1. then login. then make a "ls -al" and see what is owned by your user and what by root. especially the .Xauthority is important if its root or your user11:09
BluesKajHiyas all11:09
capsicumspraykll: I was attempting to use LVM to create some snapshots so I could reboot and attempt to install some apps in the snapshot in case I break my system. Unfortuantely, I discovered that my entire logical root drive takes up entire physical drive, so insufficient space to create snapshot. I will need to shrink my root but I not sure how to this. I tried booting from a livecd but I am at loss as to what to do next11:09
PanVk1l, I am seeing now a complete black screen, I dont know how to login11:10
PanVWhat should I do now?11:10
loki__hello guys11:11
PanVNo mouse, no anything11:11
k1lPanV: ok, you could try to edit the grub one time to boot with the kernel option "nomodeset" to test if that helps:11:11
k1l!nomodeset | PanV11:11
ubottuPanV: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:11
baizon!noplymouth | PanV11:11
PanVI really got confused last time reading that article.. I remember entering nomodeset somewhere while EriC was helping me solve a similar problem11:12
EriC^^PanV: press ctrl+alt+f1, login, type tail -40 /var/log/apt/history.log | nc termbin.com 999911:12
PanVLet me try eric11:12
PanVpressed ctrl+alt+f1, black screen11:13
PanVI cannot login anywhere.11:14
EriC^^try nomodeset, if that doesn't work, use the recovery option with networking enabled11:14
PanVHow to try nomodeset though.. article doesnt help me11:14
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:15
hateballPanV: ^11:15
EriC^^hold shift to get grub, press e, add nomodeset after quiet splash in the line that starts with linux vmlinuz ..... press ctrl+x11:15
PanV<< looks for quiet splash line11:16
PanVnomodeset should be between quiet splash and security=selinux?11:16
PanVThen CTRL + X..11:17
PanV@EriC^^ Didnt something similar happen to me after upgrading Ubuntu?11:17
PanVOk I am on Login Screen, ctrl+alt+f1?11:18
EriC^^try logging in11:18
PanVLogin Loop! \o/ Yay!11:19
PanVtries guest11:19
EriC^^try ctrl+alt+f111:19
PanVStill a black screen.. dejavu11:19
PanVNow I am supposed to reboot at recovery mode right?11:20
PanVI kinda forgot how to do that..11:20
EriC^^advanced > recovery in rgub11:20
PanVRebooying PC.. on grub now11:20
PanVupstart or recovery mode!11:21
PanVrwcovery ofc..11:21
PanVEntered on recovery11:21
PanVOh My god this cant be good11:21
EriC^^enable networking11:22
PanVI got a problem..11:22
PanVmy language is greek11:22
PanVand most letters appear like a black square11:22
mcphailPanV: please stop using the "enter" key as punctuation11:22
PanVI will press netwprk button11:22
PanV@mcphail I did not understand what you said11:23
PanVEric, I think (!) I enabled networking.. now what?11:24
PanVWhat command should I write?11:25
EriC^^PanV: tail -40 /var/log/apt/history.log | nc termbin.com 999911:25
PanVI pressed enter11:25
PanVno output11:26
PanVoh wait11:26
PanVNevermind, I will write the output11:26
PanVnc: getaddrinfo: Temporary failure in name resolution11:26
EriC^^PanV: type apt-get install pastebinit11:27
PanVI think i got that installed, let me try11:27
petard_when I try to update with 'apt-get update'11:27
EriC^^if you type ping google.com does it work?11:27
petard_I got following  error: 'W: An error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: http://debian.datastax.com stable Release: The following signatures were invalid: KEYEXPIRED'11:27
PanVunknown host11:28
petard_How can i resolve this problem?11:28
knobGood morning all =)11:28
mcphaillooks like you have a non-ubuntu repository there11:28
pragomer1how to start a program in a different language? (e.g. my system is english, I want to start darktable in german)11:28
EriC^^PanV: does ping work?11:28
cfhowlettpetard_, mixing distro repos is is not recommended11:28
PanVI dont know11:28
PanVit takes stuff from
trijntjepragomer1: you can start the program from the terminal if you have the language installed11:29
PanVbut it says Destination Host unreachablr11:29
trijntjeLANG=de; firefox11:29
petard_cfhowlett: so what I need to do, to delete repo?11:29
EriC^^PanV: try ping
pragomer1and how?11:29
cfhowlettpetard_, I would. YMMV11:29
pragomer1trijntje: and how?11:30
PanVI cant close the other ping process11:30
PanV100% packet poss.. k11:30
PanVlet me ping11:30
PanVIt pinged 6 times11:31
PanV1: 56(84) byted of data11:31
EriC^^PanV: ok, type tail -40 /var/log/apt/history.log | nc 999911:32
PanVRest: unreachable11:32
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PanVLet me wait for output...11:32
PanVStill failure11:32
PanVShould I check if its connected on web?11:33
PanV(my modem)11:33
EriC^^PanV: ok, if it doesn't work, type lspci | grep VGA and copy the name of the card here11:33
PanVShould I copy the whole thing?11:34
PanVor just the model?11:34
EriC^^just the model11:34
PanVRadeon R7 24011:34
PanVI knew that already though..11:35
EriC^^ok, type dpkg -l | grep fglrx11:35
athulbinuhow to intall the ubantu studio 14.04 in ubantu11:35
PanVI pasted that output already11:35
cfhowlettathulbinu, sudo apt install ubuntustudio-desktop11:35
PanVIt is the same11:35
PanVI think11:36
cfhowlettathulbinu, happy2help!  also #ubuntustudio11:36
EriC^^PanV: it should show if fglrx or fglrx-updates is installed11:36
PanVErm.. I get some output11:37
PanVbut its quite big11:37
PanVWhat should I do?11:37
athulbinuhow to intall chrome in ubantu11:38
PanVerm.. search it up athulbinu11:38
PanVOn google11:38
EriC^^PanV: it shouldn't be that big, did you type dpkg -l | grep fglrx ?11:38
EriC^^is there a ii fglrx ... there?11:38
EriC^^ok, type sudo apt-get purge fglrx*11:39
PanVand fglrx-amdcccle11:39
PanVit is 3 packets right?11:39
EriC^^i think so, yes11:39
athulbinuhow intall the chrome in ubantu studio11:40
PanVFailed to start atieventsd.service11:40
PanVThat was an error11:40
EriC^^ok, try apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati11:40
Amozathulbinu, download the chrome .deb package and install it.11:40
cfhowlett!chrome | athulbinu11:40
PanVIt is connecting11:41
athulbinuyes i intalled it11:41
EriC^^PanV: try apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-{ati,radeon}11:41
cfhowlett!chromium | athulbinu11:41
ubottuathulbinu: You can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa11:41
EriC^^press ctrl+c and try that11:41
PanVInstalling . still 0%11:42
PanVWait BRB ima check my connection11:42
pragomer1how can I run a program (from terminal I think) in a different language?11:42
PanVStill 0%, it attempts to connect to gr.archive.ubuntu.com11:43
athulbinuhow to intall the chrminum11:43
PanVOh wait11:43
cfhowlett!chromium | athulbinu, read - the - link11:43
ubottuathulbinu, read - the - link: You can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa11:43
PanVSomething didnt go correctly eric11:43
EriC^^pragomer1: LANG=<language> <command>11:43
PanVI will do apt-get updatw11:44
EriC^^PanV: try to reboot11:44
PanVat recovery mode right?11:45
EriC^^you don't have internet connection i guess, but it might work anyways11:45
PanVErm.. what should I do now?11:45
EriC^^type reboot11:45
PanVI pressed the reboot button at my pc11:45
PanVIs it ok?11:46
EriC^^not really11:46
EriC^^but it's ok11:46
capsicumspraykll: I have successfully booted into lvm snapshot and now can safely break my system.11:46
PanV:/ I must stop doing that then11:46
pragomer1when I run LANG=de darktable it does not work (... "Locale not supported by C library. Using the fallback C locale")11:46
PanVI pressed Ubuntu.. a mouse appeared11:46
PanVthen vanished11:46
EriC^^pragomer1: type locale in a terminal to get the list11:46
EriC^^pragomer1: locale -a11:46
EriC^^no problem :)11:47
PanVit says System Problen Detected11:47
athulbinuafter in stalling chrominum11:47
PanVShould I report it?11:47
PanVWow, my keyboard on android skills suck.11:47
EriC^^PanV: as you wish11:48
PanVThanks a lot, now I will try executing Steam11:48
PanVStill not working11:48
pragomer1ok.. e.g. with LANG=de_DE.utf8 darktable I got no error message, but still in english11:48
pragomer1with only LANG=de_DE darktable same error as above11:48
PanVUm.. Eric, are you working for Canonical or something?11:49
PanVYou seem preety experienced11:49
EriC^^PanV: no11:49
cfhowlettPanV, EriC^^ is special :)11:49
PanVI know right? :)11:49
PanVNow what am I gonna do with steam.. I will reinstall it I dont really care11:50
PanVas long as my pc is working11:50
PanVthanks to eric11:50
athulbinuhow to update softwer center11:50
cfhowlettathulbinu, sudo apt update11:51
athulbinuit is not working11:51
CraHanHey all, does anyone know how you can disable network-manager in lightdm and have it enabled after a user logs in? I'd prefer network access to be disabled until a user succesfully authenticates.11:51
cfhowlettathulbinu, sudo apt update | nc termbin.com 999911:52
pragomer1oh it had to be "de".... with quotes11:52
PanVNow.. can anybody help me with the steam stuff?11:52
realpanvHeyo :)11:53
sakhow install bind911:53
gbellhow google.11:53
fidel_how full sentence11:53
athulbinuit say that it wil reported11:53
fidel_sorry ;)11:53
realpanvWho knows how to help me with the Steam stuff? ;311:54
baizonsak: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto11:54
Ben64realpanv: nobody until you ask an actual question11:54
PanVExcuse me then11:54
realpanvhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/665548/steam-not-launching-after-switching-graphics-card How am I supposed to fix this?11:54
Ben64is that your post11:54
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baizonRealPanV: remove steam?11:55
RealPanVI want to launch steam though..11:55
RealPanVI re-installed it 2 times.11:55
Ben64looks like you'll need the amd drivers for that11:55
athulbinuhow in tasawa11:55
athulbinu'DFRWASE YGrSWh11:55
athulbinuy y11:55
baizonRealPanV: you havent removed the settings11:56
RealPanV@Ben64 There arent any propierarty graphics drivers for 15.04 it seems though11:56
Ben64sure there are11:56
baizonRealPanV: http://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/0/828933455560721538/11:56
RealPanVOh, I should delete the steam directory too... wait.11:57
RealPanV.steam --reset?11:57
baizonRealPanV: yes you can also delete the steam directory11:57
RealPanVk m8 ;D11:58
baizonboth will work11:58
RealPanVResetted.. should I reinstall Steam or should I try launching it?11:58
baizonRealPanV: launch11:58
dreamcat4wine is too difficult to deal with on ubuntu. it is reputed that most other distros 'just works'. not the case here11:58
dreamcat4have spend all morning trying to sort it out (dotnet40 on wine). now it hang after spending over an hour downloading stuff.11:59
RealPanVIt still gets me the same error11:59
dreamcat4and what the heck is 'mono not installed'... mono *IS* installed11:59
Ben64RealPanV: check here https://wirejungle.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/how-to-fix-broken-steam-linux-client-with-radeon-graphics-driver-workaround/11:59
mcphaildreamcat4: if you don't know how to use wine properly, try using playonlinux instead. It will configure and install the important components for many windows packages and games12:01
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dreamcat4mcphail: i tried playonlinux previously... it's a good idea. unfortunately it dictates a certain wine version (having playonlinux)12:02
deepquestionshi@ll, is there a solution to use the yubikey HMAC-SHA1 in the channelResponse mode under ubuntu?? :)12:02
RealPanVI am still lost.. can anybody guide me? :3 Thanks a lot Ben64 by the way12:03
mcphaildreamcat4: the scripts will download and install a particular wine version for a particular app, but you can override that if you want12:03
RealPanVI should paste that where? #!/bin/bash12:04
RealPanVexport LD_PRELOAD='/usr/$LIB/libstdc++.so.6' #Export so all child processes are affected as well12:04
RealPanVexport DISPLAY=:012:04
RealPanV#export LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose12:04
Ben64well that guy goes through the steps and explains on the way, i don't use amd so i'm not really familiar with it, try the stuff he runs and see if you get the same output, particularly "DISPLAY=:0 glxinfo | grep -i direct"12:04
Ben64RealPanV: and yeah, don't paste a bunch of lines here12:05
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RealPanVI keep forgetting paste.ubuntu.com12:06
acetakwashow do I set me terminal to display passwords as I type?12:07
RealPanVBen64, so how am I supposed to fix this?12:07
Ben64did you do what the website said12:08
acetakwascan anyone tell me how to display passwords in my terminal?12:09
RealPanVI dont know how to do12:09
RealPanVI mean its too big12:09
RealPanVIt confuses me12:09
rawiriApplied recent updates to 15.04 and when I restarted my PC I got this error: "ACPI PPC Probe failed. Starting version 219" and the system just hangs... doesn't proceed from there.12:09
trijntjeacetakwas: its safer how it is now, why would you change it?12:10
rawiriAny ideas?12:10
RealPanVWhat am I supposed to do with Steam now..12:10
RealPanV>,< That hurts a lot12:10
acetakwastrijntje, I understand that, it's just for learning12:10
Ben64RealPanV: read the page.12:10
acetakwasAnd a friend is asking12:10
cfhowlettacetakwas, easier to just write your password on a yellow sticky note on the side of your monitor. just as safe, too.12:10
RealPanVShort or long version? @Ben6412:10
RealPanVok.. ugh12:11
acetakwascfhowlett, :|12:11
=== stereoit is now known as stereoit_
mcphailrawiri: can you boot an older kernel from the GRUB menu?12:11
trijntjeacetakwas: if I google for 'sudo show password' I get a bunch of usefull hits, if its just for learning I'd start there12:12
rawirimcphail: yes I can in advanced mode.12:12
rawiriWill that help?12:13
mcphailrawiri: yes. Boot into a working version first12:13
rawirimcphail: Ok thanks I hadn't thought of doing that.12:14
RealPanVI ran a command..12:14
mcphailrawiri: probably some failure to update the initrd. I've had that before12:14
coelebscan you name few alternatives to wicd? (wireless network manager)12:14
dreamcat4woha. rm -rf ~/.wine32; winetricks dotnet40. it finally worked.12:14
RealPanVLD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6 DISPLAY=:0 steam .. now I can press the Steam button at my desktop with no problems?12:14
dreamcat4my app runs now12:15
Ben64RealPanV: and what happened12:15
mcphaildreamcat4: if it is any comfort, wine is just as annoying on other distros. Don't believe the hype ;)12:15
RealPanVSteam opened12:16
RealPanV;D Thanks Ben6412:16
ApachezW: Failed to fetch http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/vivid-updates/main/i18n/Translation-en  Hash Sum mismatch12:16
Ben64you'll have to run it like that each time12:16
Apachezoh great, now what?12:16
Ben64Apachez: sudo apt-get update and try again12:16
RealPanVI gotta run the same command every time?12:16
rawirimcphail: Thanks, worked.12:17
RealPanVIsn't there anything more permanent?12:17
mcphailrawiri: np12:17
RealPanVWhich just lets me press the button and it opens?12:17
Ben64put that into 'the button'12:17
ApachezBen64: already did 3 times before I pasted here but looks like 4th time is the charm ;)12:17
acetakwastrijntje, yeah thanks. Didn't occur to me earlier12:17
bishopsHi all, I have this weird thing happening on my ubuntu box, this morning I woke up to see two folders in my Home folder with weird letter names. I moved them to the trash as I couldn't open them. Trying to trash the system freezes and i have to force a restart and moving them back to Home folder does the same. Any suggestions???12:18
mcphailbishops: check your disk12:18
bishopsmcphail: check what and how?12:18
mcphailbishops: first, check "dmesg" for disk errors. Then, run a SMART check (and an fsck). But make sure your data is backed up12:19
whaticanесть русскоязычные? здравствуйте12:20
RealPanVCould I ask one more unrelated question? Ben6412:20
mcphailbishops: in my experience, freezes on moving files around has been symptomatic of a failing drive12:20
Ben64RealPanV: if its on topic sure12:21
cfhowlett!ru | whatican12:21
ubottuwhatican: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:21
RealPanVHow to change steam language? ;312:21
Ben64RealPanV: i'm sure you can figure that out, its not an ubuntu support question so it doesn't really go here12:22
bishopsmcphail: can i send you teh output of dmesg?12:23
mcphailbishops: I'm irc'ing over a mobile phone, so probably won't be able to read it very well :)12:23
bishopsmcphail: alright no worries. there seem to be a problem, but for me it's gibberish :)12:24
mcphailbishops: if you run "dmesg | grep -i ata" and see if there are lots of errors mentioned, that should be a clue12:24
sakI fail to install bind9 on blackbuntu. help me12:24
h0merwhats the error12:25
bishopsmcphail: mm actually there is no error mentioned12:25
auronandacesak: that is not a supported ubuntu derivative12:25
Ben64sak: that is not a supported derivative, check their website for support channels12:25
mcphailbishops: then best check the SMART status of the disk. I can't remember the recommended tool for that, but someone on channel will be able to point you in the right direction12:26
bishopsmcphail: alright thanks for the help12:26
mcphailbishops: after that, consider running an fsck, if your filesystem supports it12:26
bishopsmcphail: I'm just wondering why did this happen in the first place!12:26
mcphailbishops: probably a failing disk or an interruption in power during a disk write, I would guess12:27
bishopsmcphail: but why these folders popped out in my Home folder12:27
=== darkbasic_ is now known as darkbasic
milwaukeeo7 all, anyone very familiar with remmina? I know this isn't a remmina channel but since it comes default with Ubuntu I thought it'd be appropriate12:27
mcphailbishops: funny things happen with a corrupted filesystem12:28
trijntjebishops: you can use the program 'disks' to see if your harddisk is failing. Do you remember the exact name of the folders, that might give a hint as to what they are12:28
ioriabishops, did you connect an Apple device ?12:29
bishopstrijntje: folder names (currently in the trash): t6tVuSgbkt & qHtIUNpxao12:29
bishopsioria: no12:29
bishopsioria: i did connect a nexus device yesterday12:30
sakcan you do port forwarding on a key 3g12:30
bishopstrijntje: I opened disks program now what?12:31
trijntjebishops: in the left panel it should show your harddisk(s), and on the right it should say: Assessment: Disk is OK (temperature)12:32
bishopstrijntje: Yes it says Disk is OK12:33
trijntjeyou can also hit ctrl+s for more detailed metrics about how the disk is doing, but those are pretty confusing12:33
bishopstrijntje: Yes I've seen those looks fine even if I don't understand much12:33
ioriabishops, have you tried to remove from command line ?12:34
trijntjebishops: if Assessment doesn't show x bad sectors its probably not an issue with the harddisk (I guess)12:34
bishopsioria: yes tried command line. Nothing happens, it just thinks for a long time, and the system starts overheating12:35
ioriabishops, with ls -ls you can chech the owner and the size ...12:37
bishopsNow after opening disks the program, the cpu is just hiking it up all the time12:37
bishopsIt's ok guys I need to go back to work.. But this is really frustrating. Thanks for the help though!12:39
richshawhi, i need a book recommendation for learning terminal commands?12:43
mangepatatei'm not sure but i think there are terminal courses on codecademy12:44
mangepatateif not you can have a lot on ubuntu website12:44
pauljwrichshaw, i like this one:  http://it-ebooks.info/book/2012/12:45
ioriarichshaw, try this ... http://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php12:46
richshawpauljw: haha i just downloaded that just now12:46
richshawi'm teaching my gf12:46
richshawwhich is impressive considering i one hour ago had to explain the concept of an operating system12:46
=== PCatinean_ is now known as PCatinean
pauljwrichshaw, i think you'll like that book and it's great that your girlfriend wants to learn about linux.12:48
richshawyeah that book looks excellent12:49
richshawalso i like how it doesn't assume you know a lot already12:49
nobradovicregistration code12:51
nobradovicregistration code mint community12:52
auronandacenobradovic: you may want to assemble a complete sentence, possibly in the form of a question12:52
=== ytixdecaf is now known as lelzNOT
auronandace!mint | nobradovic12:52
ubottunobradovic: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org12:52
richshawgirlfriend computer teach terminal12:53
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
U^1how to transfer ubuntu's font rendering to other linux distros?13:00
jpdsU^1: The Ubuntu font?13:01
U^1jpds, fonts are fontsl the way ubuntu renders fonts is what I am looking for13:02
U^1it is even better than infinality13:02
jpdsU^1: Why would it be different from any other Linux distro?13:03
jpdsU^1: They are, after all, using the same libraries and code bases in most ways13:04
U^1jpds,  the Ubuntu font rendering is different from other distro like fedora and such13:07
U^1according to archwiki13:07
jpdsU^1: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Font_configuration#Ubuntu13:08
jpdsU^1: Has links to the packages which have the patches13:08
cfhowlettU^1, *maybe* if it's an ubuntu based OS.  but even so; only ubuntu is supported here, so as you're trying to solve a problem on a non-supported OS, it's off-topic in this channel13:09
cfhowlett!flavors | U^1 these flavors are supported.  all others are not.13:10
ubottuU^1 these flavors are supported.  all others are not.: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.13:10
U^1cfhowlett, let me make it on topic. where is the files containing the specific of ubuntu font rendering. is it better?13:11
PiciU^1: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/freetype https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fontconfig13:13
U^1Pici, cfhowlett thanks13:14
jpdsU^1: I gave you the links to those13:14
cfhowlettU^1, best of luck13:14
Picijpds: indeed, all I did was click through to the ubuntu pages on those links.13:14
jpdsU^1: Link I sent, click on one of the list: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/freetype2-ubuntu/ # "Sources"13:14
U^1jpds, yes I just found that out. thank you. forget to check the irc queue13:15
Lewixso we use active directory. I'm trying to add a user13:17
Lewixlouis@catsdev04:/root$ passwd13:17
Lewixpasswd: User not known to the underlying authentication module13:17
Lewixpasswd: password unchanged13:17
Lewix sudo samba-tool user add louis13:18
Lewixhttps://gist.github.com/6ewis/ac4a2c18cb9ce7f9ce08 : Error im getting13:18
Pinkamena_DEvery time I do a suspend/resume cycle on my thinkpad x220, the network manager lists wifi as 'device not managed'. I can execute a $ sudo service network-manager restart to fix the issue.13:22
=== Guest76476 is now known as daynaskully
Pinkamena_DHow can I fix this so I do not need to do the restart?13:22
RealPanVPinkamena_D, I think13:23
RealPanVWait I think I got the solution13:23
RealPanVYou can modify the apps which start on startup13:23
RealPanVYou can add this network restart command there13:23
RealPanVSo when you log in it automatically executes this command13:24
RealPanVEven though that is not the best solution13:24
Pinkamena_DIt is wake from sleep not bootup, and the nm-applet is running, it just lists wifi as 'not managed'13:24
RealPanVThen I have no idea.13:24
RealPanVWait is this Ubuntu or Ubuntu mobile?13:24
Pinkamena_Dubuntu desktop 14.0413:24
RealPanVThen I quit13:25
yugdrixhi guys13:25
yugdrixwho has a mac here13:33
RealPanV!ubuntu | yugdrix13:34
ubottuyugdrix: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com13:34
RealPanVOh wait13:34
RealPanV!mac | yugdrix13:34
ubottuyugdrix: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages13:34
RealPanVCan anybody help me with STeam?13:34
akxwi-davewhats the problem?13:35
RealPanVI upgraded to AMD Radeon R7 240 4 GB graphics card13:35
RealPanVAnd since then I cant open Steam.. check this article13:35
RealPanVI now can open steam, but I cannot launch any game from there13:36
RealPanVlike Unturned13:36
RealPanVBen64, are you AFK?13:37
U^1first; please introduce me a good screen recorder. I need to make some screen-casts. right now I am using RecordmyScreen and A/V doesn't sync together. (why?)13:37
RealPanVOBS is a nice one, U^l13:37
akxwi-davehmm.. have you got the latest Catalyst suite installed?13:37
RealPanVakxwi-dave, the what?13:37
RealPanVI use open source drivers, no Official drivers for 15.04, I think13:38
akxwi-daveAMD drivers for their Cards13:38
DJones!screencast | U^1 There's a few suggestions in the bots's info, I've not used any, but maybe test and see which is the best for you,13:38
ubottuU^1 There's a few suggestions in the bots's info, I've not used any, but maybe test and see which is the best for you,: Some programs to capture your screen are Kazam, Vokoscreen & Simple Screen Recorder. Also ffmpeg/libav with x11grab option on the command line. Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.13:38
akxwi-daveif you go into restricted drivers and install the Proprioty drivers then it should be ok13:38
RealPanVakxwi-dave, I use Gallium 0.4 on AMD OLAND13:38
RealPanVwait let me search it up13:39
akxwi-davesystem settings - then additional drivers and select the AMD drivers from there13:40
RealPanVI got the xserver choice, the video driver from fglrx-updates13:41
RealPanVand from fglrx13:41
RealPanVWhat should I choose?13:41
RealPanVakxwi-dave, ?13:42
akxwi-davechose the one with the highest number that has (tested) next to it13:43
RealPanVI dont see tested.. perhaps its my lanuage? please put on google translate ιδιοταγής13:43
geothom230how can i fix my software center crashed on ubuntu 14.0.3?Don't open...13:43
RealPanVwait I will put it13:44
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy13:44
RealPanVOh.. KK13:44
akxwi-daveonce installed do a restart for it to take affect  - yes thats the one13:44
RealPanVlast time I installed it before It did a login loop, I might request for help uninstaliing it and then installing x.org back13:45
RealPanVCould I get some help regards that?13:45
akxwi-daveno probs.. I have a 270 as well and they work fine for me..13:45
RealPanVOk, ;D Let me try then13:45
PanVI got a prob13:49
PanVCan you help me get x org back since the propierarty dont work?13:50
PanVPlease :(13:51
akxwi-daveHi sorry was afk..13:51
PanVIts k13:51
PanVfor me those graphics dont work13:52
PanVI am at recovery mode with networking13:52
PanVPlease tell me how to get xorg back ;.;13:52
akxwi-daveYes if you back to the additonal drivers and you can then reselect the mesa divers froom there13:52
PanV:/ I chose the fglxr thing13:52
PanVCan we come back to mesa or sth?13:52
PanVjust tell me how to purge the one I have and get back the other one13:53
akxwi-daveyes two mins my network is playing up..13:53
PanVakxwi-dave, I purged it, how to install others?13:54
akxwi-davebest way is to rem the conf, with     sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:56
=== ghostcube__ is now known as ghostcube
PanVI want to get xorg back tho13:56
akxwi-davefollowed by    sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:amd64 libgl1-mesa-dri:amd613:56
akxwi-daveto put a clean xorg back13:56
akxwi-davetehn run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg13:57
akxwi-dave followed by a reboot13:57
akxwi-dave and then you will have a full clean xorg13:57
OerHeksPanhowto remove ati fglrx drivers > http://askubuntu.com/a/6831213:58
PanVlibgl1-mesa-dri doesnt exist13:59
PanVOerHeks, I am on tablet, can you explain to me what to do?13:59
akxwi-davesorry that last bit shouyld have said and6414:00
OerHeksyeah, the last part of that line from akxwi-dave misses the 414:00
PanVI know14:00
PanVi fixed it14:00
OerHeksit is from the same page14:00
PanVwaitin it to connect to ubuntu servers14:00
PanVakxwi, why does this happen when I get those drivers?14:01
PanVFudge.. nothing happens.14:01
akxwi-daveOers. been trying to find that page again for ages..  its one of the besst help out there.. nicked the data of it and it stays on my desktop.. :-)14:01
akxwi-davePan have you re-booted14:02
PanVakxwi, It doesnt even download14:02
PanVwhy should i reboot when I have no drivera?14:02
AmozPanV, can you ping google.com?14:02
PanVdont think so14:03
PanVunknown host14:03
PanVhow can i connect 2 my wifi when recovery network mode?14:03
PanVomfg akxwi left14:04
PanVima doomed14:04
MonkeyDustPanV  start with iwlist14:04
depeszhi. i have .dsc, orig.tar.xz, and debian.tar.gz files, how can I make deb out of it?14:04
depeszi.e. what command/toold?14:04
PanVNow? I wrote iwlist14:04
OerHeks!build | depesz14:05
ubottudepesz: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)14:05
PanVMonkeyDust, what am I supposed to write?14:05
depeszOerHeks: it talks about ./configyure, and compilation from normal sources14:07
depeszbut I think thaty when having ready whatever.dsc, the procedure was slighly different, though I don't recall specifics14:07
loki_hello, is there any way to update apache2 under ubuntu 14.04?14:08
loki_in some package based manner...14:08
PanV-.- I am getting kinda pissed.. a guy tells me to install something, didn't work well, I ask help for undoing and his connection gets lost. u.u Well you cant take anything you want at this life then14:08
loki_maybe there is some sort of repo14:08
loki_i need some functionality of apach2 which version 2.4.7 don't have.14:09
PanVCan anybody help me? I can't login14:09
PanVto ubuntu14:09
EriC^^loki_: if you installed apache2 via the repos then it'll update as ubuntu release it in the repos14:09
PanVOh hi EriC.. I did the same mistake14:10
leonichello i am in a ubutu 14.04 live  usb  , i wanto to isntall a ubuntu mate iso in another usb  what do i need14:10
loki_EriC^^, but it is always 2.4.7... as i read they just fixed version and back port only security issues.14:10
EriC^^leonic: sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync14:10
PanVCould you just tell me how to connect to internet on Recovery Mode?14:10
EriC^^leonic: type sudo parted -l to get the list of disks and your usb's name14:10
cfhowlettleonic, torrent the ubuntu-mate .iso and either use command line or ubuntu startup disk creator to make the USB14:10
MonkeyDustleonic  in the live session, install unetbootin, download the mate iso and proceed14:10
EriC^^PanV: enable networking should do it14:10
EriC^^PanV: what same mistake?14:11
PanValready done eric14:11
PanVit seems to not be connected14:11
PanVI tried to install fglxr14:11
EriC^^purge it, try installing fglrx-updates maybe, if you need it14:11
PanVNow I purged it and want to get xorg back, I got the command for a clean install14:11
shafoxI am trying to connect to my data card i.e. photon plus I am in india, but it doesnt detect in my wireless connection list14:12
PanVEriC, what is the difference?14:12
EriC^^PanV: fglrx-updates has newer drivers14:12
koustuvshafox: you can use sakis3g script. i have vodafone 3g and i use it, works like a charm14:12
AgitimeDoes anyone know if it's possible to connect a PC (Windows 7) to a laptop (Ubuntu 14.04), where I can control the PC through the laptop simply by switching a "window"?14:13
PanVIt cant connect to gr.archive.ubuntu.com14:13
AgitimeSort of like Teamviewer I suppose14:13
PantsuAgitime: rdesktop, vnc14:13
PanV@Agitime Talking about Virtual Box?14:13
shafoxkoustuv: thing is even if i try to add a connection it doesnt show up in the device list but in the lsusb it does show up as a device14:13
EriC^^PanV: purge fglrx, then boot normally and install fglrx-updates14:13
PantsuAgitime: windows supports rdesktop out of the box14:13
leonicdo you mean torrent the mate iso to chks if  is in good shape?; i just use the mk5um  and i looked good y think14:14
PanVEriC, can I boot with no drivers?14:14
cfhowlettleonic, do you HAVE the mate .iso?14:14
EriC^^PanV: you don't have the xorg driver anymore?14:14
Agitime@Pantsu Not really like that, I have a desktop PC standing by but I want to be able to control it with the laptop keyboard and mouse14:14
PanVI dont think so14:14
PantsuAgitime: rdesktop lets you do that14:15
PanVlet me see14:15
PantsuAgitime: or you can use a KVMoIP solution14:15
Pantsu(most of them suck)14:15
AgitimeOh okay, I'll check it out. Thanks!14:15
koustuvshafox: yup same problem i had. try it with the sakis3g script once and see how it goes14:15
PanVCan I boot?14:15
shafoxkoustuv: thanks will give it a go14:15
Pantsulike synergy14:15
EriC^^PanV: did you remove xserver-xorg-video-radeon?14:15
PanVeric, no since I booted14:16
PanVsince I purged that thing14:16
PanVNow what?14:16
cfhowlettleonic, ok then; make the USB14:16
PanVI cant launch steam, thats why I need the propierarty graphics14:16
Agitimealright ill take a look at synergy too14:16
PanV0.0 What am I supposed to do now?14:18
PanVcry about my 110 bucks..14:19
EriC^^PanV: did you purge fglrx?14:19
PanVI booted normally14:19
EriC^^ok, type sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates14:19
EriC^^or try the amd driver from their website, it would be the latest14:19
shafoxkoustuv: May i pm ?14:20
PanVEriC, on AMD site?14:20
EriC^^PanV: first type sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-generic linux-image-headers14:20
EriC^^PanV: yes, installing fglrx-updates would be easier to do, try that first14:21
koustuvshafox: yes sure!14:21
PanVEric, let me reboot my netowrk, so dam sloe14:21
=== deegee is now known as drussell
EriC^^PanV: my bad, type sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-generic linux-headers-generic14:22
=== chrisn_ is now known as eonbluez
eonbluezIt appears that "log_daemon_msg" is no longer a function in lsb/init.d in Ubuntu 14.04?14:22
eonbluezIs there a way to enable that in init.d, or do I have to modify my init scripts somehow?14:23
PanVCan ypu14:26
PanV*Can you hear my messgaes?14:26
leonicwhit unetbootin ca in install other distros in the same disk?¿14:27
PanVleonic, I doubt that14:28
PanVsince it formats everything on the disk after install14:29
cfhowlettleonic, multiboot is the tool for that14:29
depeszwhere can I find libavcodec54 for ubuntu vivid ? it seems to be only till trusty14:29
PanVEriC^^, Are you dead14:30
PanVakxwi, where have you been?14:31
ali_hi guys14:31
PanVhi ali_14:32
ali_i wanna download and install apt-get14:32
ali_but i dont know wich one to download14:32
compdocapt-get should be installed already14:32
PanVAre you a troll?14:32
akxwi-davesorry connection dropped..   someone's  cut thru one of themain wires near my telecom exchange and the repairs not very stable14:32
PanVIts k14:32
cfhowlettali_, ?  apt and apt-get are included in ubuntu14:32
ali_but i was trying to fix it14:32
ali_it wasnt working14:33
ali_and i removed it14:33
PanVali_ Explain?14:33
ali_and i dont know how it happened14:33
compdochow can you install anything now?14:33
cfhowlettali_, that was ... unwise14:33
ali_im new to ubuntu14:33
PanVHow can you remove apt-get anyways?14:33
PanVWhat the hell x314:33
akxwi-davePan did you get your x back?14:33
cfhowlettali_, reinstall ubuntu.  stop thinking it's windows.14:33
ali_cfhowlett, that was silly14:33
cfhowlettali_, removing core parts of the OS is silly.14:33
PanVAkxwi, yeah.. eric recommended to me to install from website14:34
ali_so i prefer to download ubuntu15.04 and install it14:34
ali_thanks guys14:34
PanVeven tho I install fglrx updates14:34
ali_an other question14:34
PanVali_ Why the hell did you do that? :314:34
akxwi-daveahh ... thats good14:34
PanVI mean you got my mind blown14:34
ali_isnt there any way to install it?14:35
cfhowlettali_, "it"?14:35
PanVAli_ I have no idea14:35
PanVcfhowlett, the apt get14:35
kasperHi...i was here earlier with a wifi issue14:35
ali_i mean apt-get14:35
PanVkasper, #wifi14:35
cfhowlettali_, to install you need apt or apt-get.14:35
kasperlol seriously?14:35
leonicthanks rebboting now14:35
kasperanyway...i found intel website...saying something like #cp iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode /lib/firmware14:36
kasperand then "you can now load the firmware"14:36
kasperThis might sound absurd...but how do i load the firmware?!14:37
PanVKadper, just like you would load a program14:37
kasperplus how do i check if the installation worked?14:37
kasperPanV, so how do i load a program? i am an absolute terminal newb and i don want to demolish my system14:38
PanVkasper, is there a download button?14:39
kasperi downloaded a .tgz file...unwrapped it and it contains a readme a license and a .ucode14:39
leonicmmm i thiks i make t usb bootable  so i just have to  install it after booting instead of just try it whiout install14:40
PanVyou dont always need to have the terminal thing14:40
=== zengine_ is now known as zengine
kasperPanV, cant seem to find the files though...only that .tgz one14:42
=== superman is now known as karo
TJ-kasper: the .ucode file is the firmware, (u is an abortion of the micro (mew) symbol - read ucode as 'microcode')14:43
kasperyes i got that :) question is how do i load it...the instructions are very generic and it keeps saying it all depends on my distro14:43
TJ-kasper: The kernel/udevd looks for all firmware files in "/lib/firmware/" - transfer the file to that directory and when the kernel module loads and requests its firmware, the kernel/udevd will find it14:43
kasperif i have x y or z depends on what distro i use14:43
kasperok...so that means a reboot...that loads the kernel i guess?14:44
TJ-kasper: no, if the module is dynamically loaded no boot is needed14:44
kasperTJ-, so another silly question...i think (like on the mac) the /lib/firmware is hidden by default?14:45
TJ-kasper: You can unload the module if it is already loaded ("modprobe -r <module-name>)" and reload it "modprobe <module-name>"14:45
kasperto prevent newbs like me from trashing their system14:45
TJ-kasper: No, "/lib/firmware/" is writeable by root only. To copy a file into it use sudo. As in "sudo cp filename.ucode /lib/firmware/"14:46
TJ-kasper: you can use "lsmod" to LiSt MODules curently in memory, to find out if you need to unload it first. E.g. "lsmod | grep iwl" will limit results that contain the string 'iwl'14:47
TJ-kasper: to be sure you have the correct firmware file, you can check what the module will ask for with "modinfo <module-name>" and look at the lines prefixed "firmware:"14:48
PanVI cannot *ing launch the *ing Steam App -.-14:48
kasperkasper@EliteBook:~$ modinfo iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode14:48
kaspermodinfo: ERROR: Module iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode not found.14:48
leftiHello guys, i tried to oc my raspi2 on ubuntu mate on this tutorial, but it still says its on 900mhz https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=11225314:49
leftiwhat am i doing wrong?14:49
bazhang#ubuntu-steam PanV14:49
MonkeyDustlefti  what's oc? a typo?14:49
=== Corey84 is now known as linux-modder
MonkeyDustlefti  there are some 500 people in #raspberrypi14:51
TJ-kasper: no no no ... "modinfo iwlwifi"14:51
leftiim kinda new to linux, so i guess i did something wrong when editing the config.txt14:51
leftikk, asking then there14:51
cfhowlettlefti, overclocking on a pi?  this is the wrong channel.14:51
kasperTJ-, ok sorry typo...i´ll copy paste from now on14:52
leftithought i can still ask here because its ubuntu14:52
sabbieIf I have two section one commands with the same name. How do I specify which one to open with man? (For example: openssl (1) verify and argyll (1) verify)14:52
kasperok that got a result14:52
ali_hi again14:53
TJ-kasper: and you can list the already installed firmwares with "ls /lib/firmware/iwlwifi*"14:53
ali_guys antother question14:53
ali_can i upgrade my ubuntu with ubuntu live?14:53
ali_is there any way?14:53
kasperTJ-, ok so it's allready installed :-((14:54
cfhowlettali_, this is the same ubuntu you castrated by removing apt and apt-get?14:54
kasperso it's not a firmware issue :((14:54
cfhowlettali_, no.  reinstall14:54
TJ-kasper: The firmware you mentioned earlier is part of the "linux-firmware" package which should already be installed:   "dpkg -S iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode" ==> "linux-firmware: /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode"14:54
ioriaali_ trusty or vivid ?14:55
ali_trusty i guess14:55
kasperTJ-, well the main issue is my wifi not working...the hardware button on the laptop switches airplane mode on and off14:55
ali_im new tu linux14:55
Pici!it | ozstriker14:55
ubottuozstriker: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:55
ioriaali_  64 bit ?14:55
kasperand so...after research and googeling etc...i found that firmware on intel's website14:56
linelevel1Hi, I'm having a strange issue with wifi: I see all the available wireless networks, but when I try to connect to any of them (yes, I've tried several), it prompts me for the password, then fails to connect after I've typed the correct password. Any suggestions for how I can troubleshoot this?14:56
ozstriker /join #ubuntu-it14:56
kasperbut i guess...it's part of standard ubuntu installation..i thought maybe because the laptop is a few years old it wouldn't be there by default14:56
ioriaali_  your distro could be damaged  already ... so no harm if you try manual install of apt ... http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/apt/download14:56
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cfhowlett!spam | substance14:57
ubottusubstance: Please don't spam14:57
=== zizou_ is now known as zizou
ioriaali_   it's a .deb file , and tou can install it with dpkg -i or Gdebi14:57
ali_ioria, ok thank you alot :)14:58
ioriaali_   but it would be better a flash installation ....14:58
TJ-kasper: Can you "pastebinit /var/log/dmesg" ?14:59
ali_it will take 3 hours to download the new version14:59
ali_now im downloading it14:59
ali_and i will install it14:59
ali_but i guess it is better to know how to fix this problem14:59
PanVI am so *ing pissed15:00
ioriaali_  it would be interesting to know how you lost it15:00
PanVDoes anybody know how to fix my damn Steam client?15:00
kasperTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12193039/15:00
ali_im new to linux15:00
cfhowlettPanV, chillax.  ask steam.  they are the experts.15:01
MonkeyDustali_  you said that already15:01
PanVLook at that15:01
PanVSteam Support?15:01
OerHeksor #ubuntu-steam15:01
ali_my apt-get wasnt getting updated and the mirrors were not changing15:01
ali_so i thought i can remove it using synaptic and again install it15:01
ali_but  i was wrong15:02
PanVWait then15:02
PanV#Ubuntu-steam.. thanks OerHeks15:02
TJ-kasper: take a look at lines 829+ ... and in particular line 83215:03
w2vywho can I contact at canoncial about commerical licensing?15:03
TJ-kasper: down to line 845... everything looks good there. the radio is disabled though, so maybe the hardware  switch is off?15:04
TJ-kasper: "pastebinit <( rfkill list )"15:04
kasperthe hardware switch switches on and off airplane mode15:04
PanVNobody helps...15:04
OerHeksw2vy, http://www.canonical.com/services/contact-us15:04
MonkeyDustw2vy  start here, i guess the people at canonical will give it to the appropriate person http://www.canonical.com/services/contact-us15:05
OerHeksPanV try #valve.. they get the money, so they should give support :-P15:05
kasperTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12193050/15:05
TJ-kasper: right. There are 2 rfkill levels, software controlled, and hardware controlled15:05
w2vyi guess I can try that AGAIN... did so about a week ago...15:05
PanVOerHeks, #valve is empty. Gaben must have done dirty stuff there15:05
TJ-kasper: and that report shows the hardware controlled RF Kill is still enabled. I notice you have an HP Elitebook... it will have either a dedicated switch to control the radio, or a hotkey combo on the keyboard, is that correct?15:06
PanVDoes anybody know Valve's f*ing email?15:06
bazhang!guidelines | PanV15:06
ubottuPanV: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:06
bazhangstop the cursing, for the last time PanV15:06
PanVI am so mad x315:06
kasperTJ-, it has a button below the screen yes...in windows this is used to switch on and off wireless and it turns blue when i use wifi15:07
kasperTJ-, in ubuntu however, the button controls airplane mode15:07
TJ-kasper: You're the 2nd person with this issue (unless you're the person I helped before) in the past 2 weeks15:07
kasperhotkey combo i don't know15:07
kasperTJ-, i was here earlier today...not in the past 2 weeks...got this puppy on saturday15:08
TJ-kasper: and it is a bug in the ACPI DSDT firmware of the HP. When it detects the Linux OS, it doesn't correctly enabled the radio kill switch functions15:08
MonkeyDustkasper  as in puppy linux?15:08
kasperjust an expression...a pet name for my very first linux machine15:09
kasperi was so proud i got through the install without any help...only took me 48 hours and 2 sleepless nights on coffee15:09
=== __NiC is now known as _NiC
TJ-kasper: The common issue is that the hp-wmi kernel module calls the ACPI functions declared by the HP BIOS to enable the radio, but because the ACPI implementation has detected Linux, it doesn't do the same thing as when it detects Windows, and only toggles the soft block not the hard block15:10
TJ-kasper: do you get a result from "lsmod | grep hp-wmi" ?15:10
kasperTJ-, nope15:10
kasperI am startin uni next week...so wireless is kinda essential :-(15:11
TJ-kasper: that is strange; the rfkill device names come from that module. Let me read the dmesg some more.15:12
kasperTJ-, thank you!15:12
TJ-kasper:  line 839: "hp_wmi: device hp-bluetooth blocked by BIOS"15:12
POQDavidHi guys15:12
kasperthis is so much more helpfull then reading through endless posts online :)15:12
POQDavidi got a bit of problem deciding on Iptables15:13
TJ-kasper: Can I suggest, before we go any further, you reboot into the BIOS Setup and explore it for any settings that indicate they enable/disable the Wifi/Bluetooth/WWAN radios?15:13
kaspergo for 192.168.x.x15:13
kasperTJ-, I will...but if that is the case shouldn't it be blocked in win7 as well?15:14
TJ-kasper: if that message means there BIOS Setup controls the radio state, then it will be a simple fix15:14
POQDavidWill you guys count this http://www.debuntu.org/series/iptables-how-to-share-your-internet-connection/ as the best way to setup Iptables15:14
TJ-kasper: In theory, but as I said, the ACPI DSDT is detecting Linux ... I doubt you'll find anything to be honest but I'd rather be sure and avoid wasting time15:14
POQDavidkasper: some times you can try to turn on the wifi on win then on ubuntu15:15
POQDavidkasper: i had similar problem in one of my pc15:15
kasperTJ-, yes...hang on please...rebooting in BIOS15:15
TJ-kasper: also, it seems that checking for the module in memory should have used an underscore: "lsmod | grep hp_wmi"15:15
MonkeyDustPOQDavid  windows settings have nothing to do with ubuntu settings15:16
kasperTJ-, http://pastebin.com/xJQ2HfyH15:16
POQDavidMonkeyDust: lets just say if turn off wifi in my old laptop Ubuntu wont find it15:17
kasperOK i am quickly checking the bios15:17
kasperhold on15:17
MonkeyDustPOQDavid  hardware, then, you mean?15:18
POQDavidMonkeyDust: yah well if i don't turn of the wifi from windows it works fine in Ubuntu15:18
=== psychosomatic is now known as adjstts
POQDavidso anyone here knows about Iptables15:21
kasperTJ-, integrated BT is off in BIOS15:21
MonkeyDustPOQDavid  that's a coincidence, then, don't make people think it's a working solution15:21
bazhang#netfilter POQDavid15:21
TJ-kasper: hmmm... that sounds like it should be On, don't you think?15:22
POQDavidbazhang: whats that15:22
zeroXtenHi. Am I correct in thinking that 12.04 doesn't include the ip_set kernel module? One can install the ipset command, but the module doesn't seem to exist.15:22
bazhangPOQDavid, the channel for Iptables15:22
POQDavidbazhang: oh thank you so much i didn't know there is one15:23
POQDavidWell guys have a good day/night i will go to the other chan15:24
kasperTJ-, i read on a ubuntu help site that BT can interfere with WFI15:24
kasperthat it's a common issue15:24
kasperbut i didn't switch it off...it was already off15:25
TJ-kasper: it can, but generally the wifi drivers have a co-exist functionality15:25
TJ-kasper: e.g. if you do "modinfo iwlwifi" you'll see it has the parameter "parm:           bt_coex_active:enable wifi/bt co-exist (default: enable) (bool)"15:25
kasperso one will not work without the other?15:26
TJ-kasper: usually they can work independently, but it depends on whether the functions are combined in one chipset or in separate chipsets15:27
kasperTJ-, BT is switched on now but i still can't switch on wifi in ubuntu...BUT the status light of the physical button is now turning blue rather then staying orange the whole time15:28
kasperthat is what changed15:28
kasperall other settings were ON everything that pointed to wifi or the hardware button...was on15:28
TJ-kasper:  do you have a 'phone with Bluetooth? If so, try pairing it with the PC and tell me if they can see each other.15:29
TJ-kasper: When I was working on this issue a couple weeks ago I found a bug in the hp_wmi kernel module and fixed it, then provided a package to install it for testing. We might need to try that for you, too.15:31
kasperTJ-, my iphone can see the elitebook15:31
TJ-kasper: Great :)15:31
TJ-kasper: OK, let's see what rfkill is reporting: "pastebinit <( rfkill list )"15:32
kasperTJ-, wait a minute joining on elite book to avoid typos15:32
TJ-kasper: OK15:33
kasperpastebinit <( rfkill list )15:34
kasper_TJ-, pastebinit <( rfkill list )15:34
TJ-kasper: you need to run that command in a terminal; give me the URL it returns :)15:35
kasper_TJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12193208/15:37
kasper_sorry had to kick my cat scratching my chair :-(15:37
kasper_the other thing was still on the clipboard15:37
TJ-kasper: ooo interesting! notice the hard block for hp-wifi is now "no" !!15:37
=== voronwe is now known as Guest389
ZythyrNeed help. I have a 32GB USB with only the first 14GB with a valid partition and data, the remaining is unallocated space. I want to make an image of the 14GB so I can clone it to another 16GB USB. There are 42 partitions, and the last partition ends on sector xyz. How can I use the DD command to copy only the first 14GB work of data and not the unallocated space.15:37
=== pants1 is now known as whitebuffies
TJ-kasper: do "sudo rfkill unblock all" and then look at "rfkill list" again, see if phy0 shows "Hard blocked: no"15:38
TJ-Zythyr: are you recreating all 42 partitions on the destination?15:38
ZythyrTJ-: Yes, all 42 partitions15:39
kasper_3: phy0: Wireless LAN15:39
kasper_Soft blocked: no15:39
kasper_Hard blocked: yes15:39
TJ-kasper: OK, give me a moment to refresh my memory on what I did last time on this15:39
ObrienDave42 partitions??? o.O15:39
kasper_TJ-, thanks15:40
=== MikeL is now known as MikeLa
TJ-Zythyr: So the source device is using GPT, and you can duplicate the partition table using "sgdisk /dev/sd<SOURCE> --replicate=/dev/sd<DESTINATION>"15:41
MikeLahey group15:41
MikeLawhat we dealing with today15:42
ZythyrTJ-: I want to use dd so I can create an image which later can be cloned in one shot15:42
MarezzHelp, I cant unmute my volume15:42
swadhinI am facing an issue with my Ubuntu MATE installation on a new laptop15:43
TJ-Zythyr: After that, you could do ""for p in $(seq 1 42); do sudo dd if=/dev/sd<SOURCE>${p} of=/dev/sd<DESTINATION>${p} bs=100M; done"15:43
kasper_TJ-, this is interesting?15:44
kasper_Network:   Card-1: Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 driver: iwlwifi ver: in-tree: bus-ID: 43:00.015:44
kasper_           IF: wlan0 state: down mac: <filter>15:44
swadhinI think WiFi is not working at it's full speed15:44
kasper_it's completely recognised15:44
swadhinHow to fix the issue15:44
kasper_all this time i thought i had a driver issue15:44
TJ-kasper_: until the radio is enabled you won't get sensible results from the tools, although the device/interface is available15:44
TJ-kasper: download the bug-fix hp-wmi source code: "cd $HOME;  wget https://iam.tj/projects/misc/hp-wmi.dkms.tar.gz"15:45
MonkeyDust!wifi | swadhin start here15:46
ubottuswadhin start here: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:46
kasper_TJ-, done15:46
TJ-kasper_: Now we extract the archive and put it into place: "sudo tar -C / -xzf hp-wmi-dkms.tar.gz"15:48
linelevel1Hi, I'm having a strange issue with wifi: I see all the available wireless networks, but when I try to connect to any of them (yes, I've tried several), it prompts me for the password, then fails to connect after I've typed the correct password. Any suggestions for how I can troubleshoot this?15:48
ZythyrTJ-: Is it possible to do it with DD? Because I want to copy the partition table also15:48
TJ-kasper_: check there's now source code with "ls -l /usr/src/hp-wmi-1.01/"15:48
linelevel1^ It actually used to work, but then this problem started, and now it never does. I even tried putting a fresh copy of Ubuntu 15.04 on a bootable USB drive, and the same problem occurs when booted from the USB.15:48
TJ-Zythyr: I gave you the command to duplicate the partition table to begin with15:48
kasper_TJ-, kasper@EliteBook:~$ sudo tar -C / -xzf hp-wmi-dkms.tar.gz15:48
kasper_tar (child): hp-wmi-dkms.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory15:48
kasper_tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now15:48
kasper_tar: Child returned status 215:48
kasper_tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now15:48
swadhin02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter15:49
kk_dropfor ssl certificate, can be private.key stored as text or it need to be in any different format?15:49
TJ-kasper_: Ahhh.. maybe "sudo tar -C / -xzf $HOME/hp-wmi-dkms.tar.gz"15:49
kasper_TJ-, same result15:49
TJ-kk_drop: TLS/SSL usually uses certificates in X509 format15:49
=== zengine_ is now known as zengine
TJ-kasper_: hmm.. check it's there: "ls -l $HOME/hp-wmi*"15:50
kasper_kasper@EliteBook:~$ ls -l $HOME/hp-wmi*15:50
kasper_-rw-rw-r-- 1 kasper kasper 7346 aug 19 01:14 /home/kasper/hp-wmi.dkms.tar.gz15:50
TJ-kasper: something weird going on :)15:51
kasper_it's time for a beer :s15:51
kasper_my head hurts15:51
kasper_ok TJ-  any thoughts on a next step?15:52
TJ-kasper_:  "sudo tar -C / -xzf $HOME/hp-wmi-dkms.tar.gz"  works here; I can't see why you're getting an error15:52
evonHello can anyone know of a linux-based date recovery program that preserves file names when it recovers files?15:53
mokmeisterevon: dd?15:53
TJ-evon: filenames can only be recovered if the directory structures are intact15:53
bishopsboys and girls I really need your help, I have folders in my trash folder that don't delete. Everytime I try the system freezes. I can't move them either. These folders were in my home folder and I'm not sure why, they appeared this morning there.15:54
=== kasper is now known as Kasper_mac
=== kasper_ is now known as kasper_ubuntu
evonmokmeister, Thanks, my understanding is that ddrescue only copies whole partitions and doesn't actually recover files like say photorec does.  I'm willing to be corrected though15:56
TJ-evon: correct; ddrescue recovers blocks15:57
TJ-evon: however, if those blocks include an intact directory chain, the filenames will be recovered15:57
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: any more progress with the 'tar' command?15:57
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, nope error after error15:58
evonTJ, I've never used DD so can you explain a little of the recovery process for me?15:58
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, what is a basic harmless tar command so i can try that?15:58
TJ-evon: 'ddrescue' is *not* 'dd' - see "apt-cache show gddrescue"15:59
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: try it as the regular user with sudo: "cd $HOME; tar -C /tmp -xzf $HOME/hp-wmi-dkms.tar.gz" then "ls -l /tmp/hp*" should show "hp-wmi.c"16:00
evonTJ, my apologies for the confusion.  What does DD stand for so I can look it up online?16:00
mokmeisterevon: as TJ kust pointed out, dd and ddrescue are different16:00
mokmeisterdd is a copy / convert file command line tool16:01
TJ-evon: dd == 'data definition'16:01
mokmeisterddrescue is more of a recovery tool16:02
TJ-evon: dd will fail if there are any I/O errors. ddrescue will do its best to work around I/O errors and recover everything it can16:02
bishopsHI all, I have folders in my trash folder that don't delete. Everytime I try the system freezes. I can't move them either. These folders were in my home folder and I'm not sure why, they appeared this morning there.16:03
ioriabishops, ls -al /home/<your_user>/.local/share/Trash/files ?16:04
TJ-evon: Example. a block device with a single sector I/O error 1/2 way through. 'dd' will fail at that point. 'ddrescue' will see the I/O error, then simply seek further into the device and try there. It will track the ranges it has failed on and keep working around them16:04
evonmokmeister, TJ, Maybe if I described the problem you could help me decide what to use.  I think it might just be a lost partition but for some reason, Windows cannot read the drive at all, while Linux cannot.  I also can't mount the partition in question although it is listed in Gparted. Photorec is able to recover the files but I want to preserve the file names (which photorec does not).16:04
TJ-evon: Are there any I/O errors reported for that device in "/var/log/kern.log" ?16:05
kasper_ubuntuTJ-,  ls: cannot access /tmp/hp*: No such file or directory16:05
kasper_ubuntukeep getting same sort of errors16:05
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: huh!?!?! ... that system is majorly messed up!!16:05
kasper_ubuntuit's a clean install...from last night16:05
jak2000my network card have a ip:  how to add other interface(alias) for listen too in the network: thanks16:06
kasper_ubuntuhaven't done anything to it other then tried to fix wifi16:06
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: when you used the 'tar' command just now did it silently return to the command-line without reporting any errors?16:06
bishopsioria: it says no such file or directory16:06
MonkeyDustkasper_ubuntu  did it xork with a cable connection? that needs no configuration16:06
evonTJ, mokmeister, I am also unclear on what an IO error is and how to determine if there is one.16:06
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: ahhh... well if tar is failing then the 'ls /tmp/hp*' won't find any files16:07
evonTJ, I will have to check.  I'm not too sure.16:07
TJ-evon: the log file will report "I/O error"16:07
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, yeah it was the same error as before but tried anyway16:07
kasper_ubuntufigured it couldnt hurt...but it didnt work16:07
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: does "which tar" report "/bin/tar"16:07
kasper_ubuntuis there a way to recheck/reinstall/repair tar?16:07
evonTJ, is that log created even when I'm using a live distro? or does it depend on the distro?16:08
ioriabishops,  try to    cd  /home/<your_user>/.local/share/Trash/16:08
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, yes16:08
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: What version number does "tar --version" report (first line) ?16:08
kasper_ubuntutar (GNU tar) 1.27.116:08
=== wook is now known as Guest32723
bishopsioria: same answer16:09
bishopsioria: one sec16:09
bishopsioria: I can't tell you the names of the files in my trash if anything, but what do you need to know16:10
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: That is correct. what does "stat -c %s $HOME/hp-wmi-dkms.tar.gz" report?16:10
=== PanV1 is now known as BiPanV
MonkeyDustTJ-  offtopic: what's your Linux background?16:11
=== BiPanV is now known as RealPanV
TJ-MonkeyDust: how do you mean?16:12
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, stat: cannot stat ‘/home/kasper/hp-wmi-dkms.tar.gz’: No such file or directory16:12
MonkeyDustTJ-  you seem to know a lot16:12
ioriabishops,  you are in cd  /home/<your_user>/.local/share/Trash/  directory ?16:12
bishopsioria: yes16:12
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: Aha! now it makes sense. You don't have the downloaded file!!16:12
kasper_ubuntuwhat?! but i got it!16:12
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: "wget https://iam.tj/projects/misc/hp-wmi.dkms.tar.gz"16:12
ioriabishops,  do you see a folder 'files' ?16:13
bishopsioria: my god these folders are so weird, they are impossible to open!16:13
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: then check it is there with "ls -l hp-wmi*"16:13
bishopsioria: yes i'm in that folder. there are two very strange folders that one cannot open16:13
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, -rw-rw-r-- 1 kasper kasper 7346 aug 19 01:14 hp-wmi.dkms.tar.gz16:13
kasper_ubuntu-rw-rw-r-- 1 kasper kasper 7346 aug 19 01:14 hp-wmi.dkms.tar.gz.116:13
ioriabishops,  paste ls -als16:13
TJ-MonkeyDust: I'm inquisitive16:13
kasper_ubuntuthe first file name is red16:13
kasper_ubuntuthe second is white16:14
TJ-Kasper_mac: ahhhh.... there's a DOT not a hyphen!!! my mistake :D16:14
bishopsioria: what's the command line to go back a folder16:14
ioriabishops,  cd ..16:14
kasper_ubuntuhaha oeps...should have spotted that :-(16:14
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: OK ... " sudo tar -C / -xzf hp-wmi.dkms.tar.gz"16:14
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: then do "ls -l /usr/src/hp-wmi-1.01/" and ensure you see "hp-wmi.c"16:15
bishopsioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12193549/16:15
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, kasper@EliteBook:~$ ls -l /usr/src/hp-wmi-1.01/16:16
kasper_ubuntutotal 4016:16
kasper_ubuntu-rw-rw-r-- 1 root   adm      416 aug 19 00:39 dkms.conf16:16
kasper_ubuntu-rw-rw-r-- 1 root   adm    26007 aug 19 01:11 hp-wmi.c16:16
kasper_ubuntu-rw-rw-r-- 1 kasper kasper   197 aug 19 00:41 Makefile16:16
kasper_ubuntudrwxrwxr-x 2 root   adm     4096 aug 19 00:32 patches16:16
ioriabishops,  they are big....16:16
julian-delphikikasper_ubuntu: please dont paste like that here.16:16
cfhowlett!paste | kasper_ubuntu16:16
ubottukasper_ubuntu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:16
bishopsioria: yes i don't know what they are!!!16:16
julian-delphikihi delt16:16
delttrouble with NFS ... i can't disable NFSv4 :(16:16
TJ-MonkeyDust: I've also been programming hardware, low-level, kernel, and OS since the early 1980s16:16
evonTJ, mokmeister, Thank you for your help16:16
bishopsioria: but they are paralysing everything16:16
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: OK ... you have to pastebin multiple lines, as you just found out :)16:17
delteven if both rpc.mountd AND rcp.nfsd receive --no-nfs-version 4" on the command line, the ubuntu box is still serving nfsv416:17
ioriabishops,  we should know what they are first ....  but you can try rm -rif *  ... but wait a second ...16:17
Johnny_Linuxrock on TJ- , we love you.16:17
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: looking correct though, so now let's get your system to build that kernel module!16:17
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, http://pastebin.com/TGjX6vF816:17
kasper_ubuntuyes sorry apologies i got excited by the correct output :P16:18
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: "sudo apt-get install dkms"   then   "sudo dkms install -m hp-wmi -v 1.01"16:18
ioriabishops,  their names remember tmp folders ... but i don't know for what purpose ...16:18
delteven if both rpc.mountd AND rcp.nfsd receive --no-nfs-version 4" on the command line, the ubuntu box is still serving nfsv416:19
bishopsioria: yes they look like temporary folders but what were they doing in My home folder anyway16:19
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, DKMS: install completed.16:19
kasper_ubuntuwoohoo! thank you so much!16:19
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: Good. OK, now we unload the current module with "sudo modprobe -r hp_wmi"16:20
kasper_ubuntunot even sure if it worked yet...but this is amazing thanks man16:20
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: and then load the modified module with "sudo modprobe hp_wmi"16:20
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: now show us "pastebinit <( tail /var/log/kern.log )"16:20
deltand ps xau shows: root      4818  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        S<   12:20   0:00 [nfsd4]16:20
ioriabishops,  they are 23 and 25 august ... not the same day ....16:21
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: wait one moment, I need to go back through the logs on this issue from 2 weeks ago... there's another module we have to load16:21
bishopsioria: yes i don't know why they say so because i sent them to trash today for sure16:22
kasper_ubuntuAfter this i am seriously considering getting rid of the win7 dual boot16:22
ioriabishops,  the system works normally ? have you rebooted ?16:23
bishopsioria: yes all works as long as i don't come close to the trash. if i try to open it, to delete or to move files, all hell breaks loose...16:23
ioriabishops,  try rm -rif t6tVuSgbkt16:24
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: "sudo modprobe hp-wireless"  then "pastebinit <( tail /var/log/kern.log )" again16:24
bishopsioria: while being the directory?16:24
ioriabishops,  in the files folder16:24
no_gravityAnybody familiar with PowerTop? It has this tab "tunables" where you can set settings from "bad" to "good". Is it a good idea to just set everything to "good"?16:25
bishopsioria: nothing is happening, terminal is thinking16:25
ioriabishops,  they are big ...16:25
MonkeyDust!find powertop16:25
ubottuFound: powertop, powertop-dbg, powertop-1.1316:25
ruchacz!s mr robot16:25
ubotturuchacz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:25
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: now try toggling the hardware wifi radio button, and after each press of that button do "rfkill list" and see if there is a change in the status16:26
bishopsioria: still thinking16:26
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: you're looking for the wifi Hard Block to show "no"16:26
xanguano_gravity: if what you want is better battery life, try tlp16:26
no_gravityxangua: what do you do with tlp?16:26
bishopsioria: now the whole system is slowing down16:27
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, same...it keeps saying yes16:27
ioriabishops,  how big is your hd ?16:27
xanguano_gravity: http://m.webupd8.org/2013/04/improve-power-usage-battery-life-in.html?m=116:27
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: OK ... now we need to start hacking the BIOS ... are you game?16:28
bishopsioria: 250GB16:28
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, hell yeah16:28
SCHAAP137i had a similar issue with an old laptop a while ago... in the end fixed it by covering pin 19 on the mini PCIe WLAN adapter chip16:28
kasper_ubuntulet me get another beer open for mental encouragement16:28
alexbucurestihow cpu is necessary for a ftp server?16:29
kasper_ubuntuand let me get my daredevil costume^^16:29
kasper_ubuntuSCHAAP137, seriously?! i am not going to open this thing...i have a year warranty16:29
kasper_ubuntui just hope that the warranty covers ubuntu :P16:30
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: :D This is pretty simple actually. I'm going to get you to capture to a file the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Differentiated Services Descriptor Table (DSDT) which is pseudo-code provided by the BIOS, but which the kernel has to execute.16:30
bishopsioria: oh it worked!16:30
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, cool16:30
ioriabishops,  now the other same command16:30
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: Then I need you to upload that file so I can download it. Do you have somewhere to do that?16:31
bishopsioria: doing it..16:31
Johnny_Linux2 cool16:31
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, just dont install anything to activate my webcam without the light burning so i see me and my mrs end up on pornhub in a week :D16:31
=== sub-zero is now known as Guest13415
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, not yet...any suggestions? I use iCloud...but i don think it has guest acces16:32
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: you shouldn't reveal your fantasies on IRC you know :)16:32
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: this looks useful:  https://temp-share.com/16:33
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, the deparment of justice over here advised people to cover their webcam with tape because apparently there are virusses going around that do exactly what i just said16:33
kasper_ubuntuno fantasy man...real hard reality16:33
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: the command is "sudo cat /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | dd of=/tmp/DSDT.bin" then upload "/tmp/DSDT.bin"16:33
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: usually the LED attached to the webcam cannot be controlled independently, so it tells when the camera is active.16:34
alexbucurestiwhat cpu,ram is neccesary for a ftp server?16:34
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, yes... but there is a virus that deactivates the LED16:35
kasper_ubuntulike there is anti theft software that deactivates the LED and takes a pic of the thief16:35
kasper_ubuntuso it can be done...no idea how...but it can be done apparently16:35
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: controlling the LED is *very* model and chipset specific. It would have to be a targeted attack16:35
AEL-HI have been interested in this idea for a while --, how exactly is the LED light linked to th webcamera -- are they totally seperate?16:35
OerHeksTJ- +116:36
TJ-AEL-H: it's controlled by the camera chipset on a GPIO16:36
OerHekslot of FUD, webcam light control16:36
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, maybe a bug in windows?16:36
kasper_ubuntuor some sort of exploit in common chipsets...so it wouldn work on all of them but just the most used ones16:37
AEL-HHow would I go about trying to fiddle with it? -- I have a very basic grasp of computing&electronics16:37
ObrienDavenot hardly, sheesh16:37
kasper_ubuntukasper@EliteBook:~$ sudo cat /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | dd of=/tmp/DSDT.bin16:37
kasper_ubuntu258+1 records in16:37
kasper_ubuntu258+1 records out16:37
kasper_ubuntu132400 bytes (132 kB) copied, 0,0111678 s, 11,9 MB/s16:37
bishopsioria: trash clean thanks!16:37
TJ-There are hundreds of USb camera modules, and each could have any one of hundreds of chipsets, and each of those combinations can choose an arbitrary GPIO pin to control the LED.16:37
bishopsioria: I'll reboot my system just to see if all is good16:38
ioriabishops,  ok16:38
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, then it has to be an OS thing...i'll try and find the article16:38
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: upload it, and I'll decompile the binary to source-code here so I can be sure what it expects to enable control of the rfkill16:38
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, where do i find the file to upload?16:38
piggy55Having an issue with daemons not being able to access files.  i have a deamon running with user: proc1 that creates files in a directory that has the perms 660 proc1:shared.  the other daemon runs as user: proc2.  Both users are apart of the shared group but proc2 can access the files proc1 made16:38
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: "/tmp/DSDT.bin"16:38
kasper_ubuntucan i find that in the GUI TJ- ?16:39
TJ-Kasper_mac: sure, use the 'browse' button to get the File Open dialog, then navigate to the Root directory, and from there to /tmp/16:39
AEL-HSorry, I know this not an ubuntu specific question -- I have been reading about wildcards here : http://linuxcommand.org/lc3_lts0050.php. So if I wanted to search for a file that had 3 lowercase letters I would have to do "[[:lower:]][[:lower:]][[:lower:]]". Surely there is something else I can do like "[[:lower:]] *3"?16:39
TJ-AEL-H: [["lower:]]{3}16:40
TJ-AEL-H: [[:lower:]]{3}   even16:40
AEL-HTJ-, thank you :)16:40
TJ-AEL-H: I am assuming you're using regular expressions of course. The shell doesn't have reg-exps16:40
kasper_ubuntuTJ-,  https://temp-share.com/f/cxfrwkljmc/f55c167a80b72a00a14304e4a316cd8538bc21c274a909f17871238ccf307cac16:41
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, sorry: https://temp-share.com/f/cxfrwkljmc16:41
AEL-HTJ- : Sorry, what do you mean by reg-exps ?16:41
kasper_ubuntuthatś the correct one16:41
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: I got it from the first link :)16:42
TJ-AEL-H: regular expressions16:42
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: although it will probably look like spaghetti to you, you can follow along with what I am doing here. I ran the command "iasl -d hp-elitebook-DSDT.bin" to disassemble that code, and the source is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/12193688/16:45
no_gravityDoes Ubuntu not have an "your system is up to date" icon? Or will it only show up when there are updates available?16:46
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: I'm now reading that source to identify the methods (functions) that control the rfkill state, and looking at OSI specific controls such as "Windows 2009" that affect how that is used16:46
MarezzIm having screen tearing in Ubuntu 15.04, I use proprietary amd drivers16:47
Marezzits mostly when i scroll in firefox16:47
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, http://nos.nl/artikel/597896-justitie-plak-je-webcam-af.html in dutch...but throwing it in google translate will give you an idea of the fact that our country is run by dinosaurs16:47
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: if you scroll to line 380, method _INI, you'll see some conditional code that Store's a value based on the _OSI string16:47
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: if you look at the values Store-d, you'll see that the value stored for "Linux" is a much lower value than the value Store-d for "Windows 2009"16:48
OerHeks!fud | kasper_ubuntu16:49
ubottukasper_ubuntu: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt16:49
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, yes i see16:49
kasper_ubuntuwow what?!16:50
kasper_ubuntui am ridiculing it16:50
kasper_ubuntui am not taking it serious and i am certainly not pasting it as a serious threat!16:50
kasper_ubuntuTJ-, so you're changing the values to the same as for windows?16:54
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: I'm looking to correlate those values Store-d with the wireless radio state method. I'm still looking for the method since the names are arbitrary16:55
Greek0how is it determined what services are restarted when a package is upgraded? what program is responsible for that?16:57
EriC^^Greek0: i think it's in the post-install script of the package16:58
Greek0actual problem: installation of a custom php5-auth-something package (with an .so) triggers an apache reload, i want apache restart (so the .so is reloaded)16:58
Greek0EriC^^: I checked that first, the postinst only touched the /etc/cron.d/php5... file16:58
Greek0it doesn't actively restart anything. there's a more general mechanism going on16:59
EriC^^Greek0: did you check /var/lib/dpkg/info/php5-auth....postinst ?16:59
Greek0EriC^^: I dpkg-deb -e'd the package17:00
EriC^^Greek0: why do you want that? i mean can't you just restart it manually?17:00
Greek0EriC^^: last month's events: package was manually deployed to production server, apt-get printed a "reloading apache.... [OK]" line. operator though "cool, no need to restart again". The fixed library was not live in production17:02
Greek0debugged that now, it's pretty suble since you generally assume that the on-filesystem so is the same as the memory one.17:02
Kasper_macOK TJ- hold on pls...17:07
Kasper_macTJ-, i just discovered that eth0 and wlan can't work together17:07
Kasper_macso i unplugged ethernet and no i CAN switch wireless on...just no networks are showing...AND the blocked is gone in rfkill list17:08
BendrSoftware center will never exist?17:08
TJ-kasper_ubuntu: really?! I've not seen laptops with that switchover system for over 10 years!17:08
Kasper_macTJ-, i am so sorry to have wasting your time...i such an idiot17:09
Kasper_maci am such a bloody idiot17:09
Kasper_macsomehow i got an appafinay and started googeling without using ubuntu and linux etc...17:10
TJ-Kasper_mac: not at all; that is a very obscure hardware config, and a terrible one too!17:10
TJ-Kasper_mac: I didn't see mention of that in the user guide earlier17:10
Kasper_macthe stupid thing is...when i plug in a cable windows keep showing i am connected to a wireless network17:10
Kasper_macthat's why i never thought of it17:11
TJ-Kasper_mac: right... I had been about to give you a kernel command-line option to try, since we may as well make the BIOS/ACPI think the OS is Windows and behave the same way it does for Windows.17:11
Kasper_macTJ-, but i don't think windows is showing it right17:12
mahbubhello i am a new user i want to learn command line so which book should i follow?17:12
Kasper_maci think the same happens in windows...it just can't handle it17:12
TJ-Kasper_mac: do you know how to get to the GRUB boot-manager menu at start-up? Holding down the Shift key when you see the BIOS Power On Self Test (POST) or splash screen, until the boot manager menu is displayed?17:12
PanVHello. Sorry for my raging before with cursing and stuff. But now its urgent since I only got 7 percent battery. I deleted xorg for reasons.. to get prop drivers. How to get them back If I got amd radeon? << Urgent17:13
Kasper_macTJ-, i tweaked my own grub with a windows tool...since it wasn't showing17:13
PanVapt-get install (What should i write here?)17:13
OerHeksPanhowto remove ati fglrx drivers > http://askubuntu.com/a/6831217:13
PanVoerherks, already done17:14
TJ-Kasper_mac: well, that may be because you have the UEFI firmware configured to do Fastboot for Windows (which is a fancy name for Windows Hibernate)17:14
PanVandleft with no drivers17:14
PanVNow ima at recovery mode17:14
PanVI just need to isntall xorg17:14
Kasper_macTJ-, really?17:14
mahbubhey everyone whats up i want to learn command line so which book should i follow?17:14
Kasper_maci didn't do that17:14
TJ-Kasper_mac: in Windows, you can disable that by using the power shutdown menu to choose full shutdown instead of fastboot17:14
PanVPlease, I got 6%, ţ percent And device will close..17:14
OerHeksPanV, and did the steps after the install ?17:14
Kasper_macTJ-, i never use hibernate17:15
PanVoerherks, i just want the apt-get install xorg thingy17:15
OerHeksPanV, plugin the adaptor, don't hurry us.17:15
TJ-Kasper_mac: is it Windows 8?17:15
Kasper_macTJ-, i use either reboot or shutdown...17:15
Kasper_macit's 717:15
PanVKk wait comin'17:15
OerHeks<PanV> oerherks, i just want the apt-get install xorg thingy " you need to do the steps after that too, is that so hard ?sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg17:16
TJ-Kasper_mac: Oh OK... then it may only be the BIOS Setup setting for Fastboot that needs disabling. When enabled it doesn't bother looking for alternate boot devices or showing the boot menu it just boots the default OS, which will be Windows.17:16
mahbubhey any one suggest me the best book of command line?17:16
Kasper_macTJ-, it shows it now...but i can only get to ubuntu by pressing esc twice after getting an error17:17
PanVoerHerks, waht do I need to do? Sorry I am not patient or anything17:18
PanVNetworking enabled, pressed root on recoveru17:19
Kasper_macTJ-, thanks a lot man!17:19
Kasper_macand again i am a bloody fool...i have worked on a second line helpdesk of an ISP for almost a year...this was such a bad trouble shoot :(17:19
PanVOerHerks, it wont let me do that command.17:19
OerHeksPanv just boot nornal, login with ctrl alt F2, and do those steps17:20
TJ-Kasper_mac: OK. if you can get to the GRUB menu, highlight the Ubuntu entry, press "E" to edit it. Now navigate to the line beginning "linux ..." move the cursor to the end of that line, and add: acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="windows 2009"   then press Ctrl+X or F10 to boot with that option. With luck the system will behave the same way as it does with Windows. If that does provide useful improvements those parameters can be added permanently to "/etc/default/grub" and its17:21
TJ- "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX" setting, followed by "update-grub"17:21
=== leandro is now known as Guest75127
PanVI already mentioned, that when I do ctrl alt f2, it just showd a black screen for some reason..17:22
OerHeksPanwell, then i am stuck too17:22
PanVOerHerks.. all I need to know is apt-get install PacketName17:24
PanVNothing else :317:25
PanVBy the way thanks for your help17:25
C0r3Why is sdvc package is unavailable?17:26
TJ-Kasper_mac: There is nothing in the User Guide about the WLAN/Ethernet being either-or17:26
PanVGuys, is gr.archive.ubuntu.com down or something?17:27
C0r3Is there some repository I'm missing?17:27
Kasper_macTJ-, found it on an HP forum17:28
TJ-Kasper_mac: link?17:28
* C0r3 is waiting!17:28
Kasper_maca very old post...but never found it before because i assumed it was a driver or linux issue since it seemed to work in windows17:28
Kasper_machold on17:28
TJ-C0r3: what is sdvc?17:28
* PanV is waiting too...17:28
ioria!info sdcv17:29
ubottusdcv (source: sdcv): StarDict Console Version. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0~beta4-1 (vivid), package size 52 kB, installed size 224 kB17:29
TJ-Kasper_mac: the one report I didn't collect from you, which would tell if the WLAN and Ethernet are mutually exclusive is "pastebinit <( lspci -nn )"17:29
PanV!info xserver-xorg-ati17:30
ubottuPackage xserver-xorg-ati does not exist in vivid17:30
PanVWhat is the correct one then17:30
C0r3sdvc is an offline dictionary available at terminal.17:30
ioriaC0r3, you mean a sdcv ?17:30
mistawrighthi guys i have ubuntu on my xu4 and am trying to figure out what package would contain this binary armv7l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf-obj17:30
PanV!info xserver-xorg-video-ati17:30
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-ati (source: xserver-xorg-video-ati): X.Org X server -- AMD/ATI display driver wrapper. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.5.0-1ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 6 kB, installed size 88 kB17:30
mistawrightive got everthing else but that17:30
C0r3ioria: Is it sdcv?? or sdvc??17:30
ioria!info sdcv C0r317:30
ubottu'C0r3' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed17:30
ioria!info sdcv | C0r317:30
ubottuC0r3: sdcv (source: sdcv): StarDict Console Version. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0~beta4-1 (vivid), package size 52 kB, installed size 224 kB17:30
C0r3Sorry... My bad...17:31
ioriaC0r3, no problem17:31
C0r3I've been searching for it all over and couldn't make out this simple mistake.17:32
Kasper_macTJ-, I've seen the option in the BIOS...i just didn't think it was relevant because of how windows was behaving17:32
PanVBIOS =/= Windows17:32
PanVWindows = OS17:32
PanV^ Captain Obvious17:32
Kasper_macyes...windows was giving me a false positive17:32
ObrienDavesay it isn't so! ;P17:33
TJ-Kasper_mac: check the output of the lspci command I gave you, if the Ethernet and WiFi devices are both listed they WILL work at the same time17:33
Kasper_macTJ-, i can simply switch it off in the BIOS :p17:34
neredsenvyI'm trying to install mysql-server-5.6 on u12 I keep getting start: Jon failed to start during installation with dpkg: error processing package mysql-server-5.6 (--configure) any ideas ?17:34
MonkeyDustneredsenvy  is that a server? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server17:36
iorianeredsenvy, vivid or trusty ?17:36
TJ-Kasper_mac: if it is optional that is fine; however the dmesg logs you reported showed both devices available so it can't be correct that they are mutually exclusive: "e1000e: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - 2.3.2-k"  and "iwlwifi 0000:43:00.0: Detected Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6200 AGN, REV=0x74"17:37
Kasper_macTJ-, it is very weird i agree...i switched the option off now like in the thread i posted17:38
Kasper_machowever in ubuntu now i don't have a mouse cursor :D17:38
TJ-Kasper_mac: there is sometimes a power-saving feature whereby the Ethernet PHY can be turned off to save power when WiFi is enabled. Maybe that is the control you have in the BIOS, so it toggles the wifi radio and ethernet PHY17:38
Kasper_macnot with USB or built in pointing device17:38
geothom230hi guys i have problem with proftpd with connection with lampp17:38
Kasper_macTJ-, i think that must be it...since this laptop was advertised as a business model with long lasting battery17:39
TJ-Kasper_mac: Can't help you with lost mouse cursor if you're using default Ubuntu with Unity; I use KDE17:39
Kasper_macyes it's default...17:39
Kasper_macthat is so weird17:39
TJ-Kasper_mac: but you may find clues in /var/log/Xorg.0.log"17:39
darkroomokay so I want to wipe all my personal files and things I have downloaded over time but leave the base OS does anyone know of a way to do this?17:39
MattTSSo I've tried to install Ubuntu 14.04 on my desktop along side Windows 10. Having lots of issues with GRUB2 and EFI. I got this from boot-repair on my second attempt http://paste.ubuntu.com/12193841/17:40
FLeiXiuSdarkroom, Theres no real *easy* way to do it unless you fresh install.17:40
Kasper_macTJ-,  i could see they were working simultaneously now...just not the mouse anymore17:40
Kasper_macchecking win blows now17:40
TJ-Kasper_mac: you'd best remove that custom hp_wmi DKMS module before we finish, now it is not needed17:41
darkroomFLeiXiuS: got a link for a tutorial for that? I have been having these conflicts between things I have cant seem to fix them and people on fourms say its not fixable so I just want a fresh start17:41
FLeiXiuSdarkroom, A link for reinstalling Ubuntu?17:42
darkroomFLeiXiuS: yep17:42
FLeiXiuSdarkroom, How'd you get ubuntu on there in the first place ;-)17:42
Kasper_macTJ-, can you tell me how later? i am booting into windows to check the mouse...and got "installing update 1 of 3 billion"17:42
FLeiXiuSdarkroom, Just download the ISO, put it in, install, voila17:43
Kasper_macso that'll take a while17:43
devthi'm trying to use apt-offline to install packages on many machines (using ansible), so i need to avoid generating a machine-specific signature file. any ideas?17:43
darkroomFLeiXiuS: thanks :)17:43
TJ-Kasper_mac: it's easy: "sudo dkms remove hp-wmi/1.01 -all:17:43
Kasper_macTJ-, if you're ever having any issues with mac/iOS let me know :p17:45
Kasper_maci owe you one man!17:45
Kasper_macso cool17:45
TJ-Kasper_mac: glad you have it sorted17:45
Kasper_macso am i...i will be a 30 year old 1st year bachelor law student... can't have a 10 year old laptop without wifi :D17:46
MonkeyDustother generation, other things are considerd 'normal'17:47
jerojwhy is ubuntu better than debian?17:48
bazhangofftopic here jeroj17:48
OmSaiHi folks, I'm locked to using 14.04 Trusty for University security reasons, but I need OpenConnect 7 for our VPN.  I see that the package is available in Wily (https://launchpad.net/openconnect/+packages).  How do I go about install it without dist-upgrade?17:48
darkroomFLeiXiuS: I just download the ISO then put it on a flash drive correct17:48
shamuraibazhang: I suppose thats a matter of opinion but firmware/third party codecs would be a good reason.17:49
bazhangOmSai, distupgrade is not a version change17:49
TJ-OmSai: you might be able to install/use that package cleanly via either a chroot or a cgroups container (lxc), without causing package conflicts in the native 14.04 installation.17:49
=== san is now known as Guest25676
bazhangshamurai, not an opinion, this is support only chat is not here17:49
shamuraiI mean jeroj lol17:49
OmSaiTJ-: ok I'll look into that.  Thanks17:50
OmSaibazhang: Ah, thanks for the correction.  I misspoke.17:50
jerojshamurai right17:50
anon_best antivirus for linux17:53
OerHeks!info clamav17:53
ubottuclamav (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.98.7+dfsg-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 95 kB, installed size 743 kB17:53
_Trullomy nano is acting strange, when I press arrow right it replaces text17:53
anon_best game for linux17:55
Picinethack or moon buggy17:56
anon_bast game is Action for linux17:59
ObrienDave*votes nethack*18:00
skypcehello all18:00
skypcei am trying to compile a custom kenrel18:00
skypcei have this error18:00
skypceinstall: target ‘/linux-4.1/debian/linux-image-4.1.6-zen-liquorix-20150825/usr/share/doc/linux-image-4.1.6-zen-liquorix-20150825/changelog.Debian’ is not a directory18:00
MattTSBest game is trying to get GRUB to work with EFI :D18:01
TJ-MattTS: Simple: "apt-get install grub-efi"18:02
TJ-skypce: is there a reason you need to build a kernel, rather than install a pre-packaged version?18:03
skypceTJ i am testing modprobed-db18:03
skypceso i love liquorix kernel, better performance18:03
sentrizHi, I've got a cifs mount in /etc/fstab. It mounts with drwxr-xr-x, but I would like full write permissions. Here is the line: http://pastebin.com/x6QVFmRE - does anyone know how this is possible? I've also got "mount -a" in /etc/rc.local18:04
MattTSTJ-: Really doesn't seem that simple. GRUB just goes to prompt18:06
TJ-MattTS: "rescue >" or "grub:" ?18:06
MattTSIt went to grub: originally, then I tried boot-repair from the USB media I created and then it started going to rescure18:07
TJ-MattTS: I don't trust bootrepair - when it messes up it tend to do it spectacularly!18:08
TJ-MattTS: at the 'rescue' prompt what does 'set' report, if anything, for "prefix" and "root"18:08
MattTSI noticed a /efi/ folder on my secondary SSD which is NTFS. That drive shouldn't have been touched18:08
MattTSunder grub: it was reporting prefix as (hd3,gpt2)/boot/grub and root as (hd3,gpt2)18:09
MattTSunder rescue I can't remember18:09
TJ-MattTS: When using UEFI, the firmware uses a *single* drive to store the EFI System Partition (ESP), which must be a FAT12/16/32 file-system and is usually between 256-512MiB. Within that file-system each bootloader+OS gets a directory under /EFI/18:10
Moheycannot find resource script /root/.set/meta config18:11
MattTSThere was /EFI/ stuff on sdb2 which is where I believe it should have been but also stuff on sda18:11
MattTSTrying to reinstall 14.04 now with sdb set as the boot drive18:12
MattTSBefore I let it set its own thing18:12
TJ-MattTS: so, with a dualboot you'll see "/EFI/Windows/" and "/EFI/ubuntu/"18:12
MattTSYeah, in the grub prefix dir there was /EFI/ubuntu and /EFI/Microsoft (as well as /EFI/Boot)18:13
Mohey"cannot find resource script /root/.set/meta config" anyone have a solution ?18:14
TJ-MattTS: if you have ESP's on both devices, the UEFI boot manager (in the motherboard firmware) should store the correct path to the bootloader (<DEVICE>/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi) with the 'ubuntu' menu entry18:14
MattTSI saw 2 ubuntu entries in the motherboard boot manager, neither worked though18:15
MattTSBoth went to grub prompt and then rescue18:15
TJ-MattTS: from an ubuntu UEFI boot (e.g. Live ISO) you can manually remove those using "efibootmgr"18:15
=== sins-_s is now known as sins-
TJ-MattTS: then you can use 'grub-install' to reinstall including using efibootmgr to add a correct entry to the UEFI boot manager menu18:16
sentrizshould I ask in #linux instead?18:16
sentrizjoin #linux18:17
ioriasentriz, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountWindowsSharesPermanently18:17
MattTSOkay, finished the reinstall and get grub prompt rather than rescue again18:17
=== adante_ is now known as adante
=== prosodyContext is now known as misalias
MattTSI'll load up the live disk and try the grub-install and efibootmgr18:19
EriC^^you have to chroot first18:19
=== Corey84 is now known as linux-modder
TJ-MattTS: We can get you in from the grub prompt if you want to18:20
EriC^^that sounds like a good idea ^18:20
MattTSTJ-: If you can, that'd be great. I tried a few things without any luck before but I didn't really know what I was doing18:21
TJ-The advantage of using the GRUB shell is we can see exactly what is wrong18:21
TJ-MattTS: OK, let's start with checking the values of 'root' and 'prefix' - type "set" and tell us what they are18:22
MattTSprefix = (hd3,gpt2)/boot/grub18:22
MattTSand root = hd3,gpt218:22
TJ-MattTS: OK, I think I see the issue already - hd3 ... how many drives are connected?18:22
MattTSThere's 3 internal drives and a USB external drive + USB stick18:23
MattTSso 518:23
TJ-MattTS: This is going to get interesting... prepare for a learning curve :)18:23
MattTS(ssd, ssd and hdd)18:23
TJ-MattTS: use the "ls" (LiSt) command to get a list of the available devices and partitions... if you can bear it, please copy that info here because it is vital for us to know what GRUB is seeing18:24
MattTS(SSD1 is storage, SSD2 is where Windows is and HDD is storage + where ubuntu is)18:24
=== ashish is now known as Guest64444
Guest64444Error when getting information for file '/home/ in calibre with xfce desktop18:25
TJ-MattTS: great. Now, let's find out what is in hd3,gpt2: "ls (hd3,gpt2)/"18:26
MattTSThat's where the efi stuff is:18:27
MattTSefi/ boosted.bak boot-sav/18:27
MattTSerr bootsect.bak18:27
TJ-MattTS: do you see a grub/ directory there?18:27
MattTSthere's /efi/ubuntu/ where grub.cfg is18:28
jeffreylevesquehow can i check if an event is emitted. one maybe defined from a upstart script?18:28
TJ-MattTS: if you do "ls (hd3,gpt2)/efi" do you see "windows" and "ubuntu" directories, or nothing at all?18:28
MattTSI see Microsoft, Boot and ubuntu18:29
TJ-MattTS: OK, so the problem is gpt2 is the EFI SP, but it should be the file-system containing the OS's /boot/grub/18:29
BlowbaltI don't know why I just disconnected randomly, but anyway...18:29
TJ-MattTS: So now you search for that using "ls (hd3, gptX)/" replacing X with 1-518:30
BlowbaltHas anyone else experienced random crashes in unity in 15.04? I have an HP laptop (dm1) and X occasionally just quits out to a blank terminal login screen18:30
TJ-MattTS: if Ubuntu was installed with a separate file-system for /boot/ you'll see a grub/ directory.18:30
Jordan_UTJ-: You can also find any GNU/Linux root filesystem with "search --file /etc/fstab".18:30
Blowbaltit almost always happens when I'm switching desktops or launching a terminal18:30
TJ-Jordan_U: good point... I'm too used to do everything myself :)18:31
Blowbalt.xsession-errors shows a lot of "Respawning too fast" messages, but i'm not sure whether they're connected or not18:31
MattTSTJ-: gpt1,3,4,5 are all unknown filesystems for grub18:32
MattTSonly 2 is FAT18:32
MattTSbut no /grub18:32
MattTSor /boot18:32
TJ-MattTS: so as Jordan_U points out you can also do "search --file normal.mod"18:32
=== offsec is now known as Guest17055
TJ-MattTS: that is interesting. Do you know which file-system types you used when Ubuntu was installed. The default is ext3 or ext4, which grub should have built-in to its grubx64.efi18:33
Jordan_UTJ-: No, you need an absolute path and we want to find the root fs (which is also the filesystem containing /boot/ in MattTS' case).18:33
sm56 hi all, can  can some1 help me troubleshooting my motorola sm56 ? thx18:33
Jordan_UMattTS: Please run "search --file /etc/fstab".18:33
TJ-Jordan_U: I thought search would recurse?18:33
Jordan_UTJ-: No, it just iterates through every device.18:34
MattTSHmm, just get errors18:34
MattTSno such device /etc/fstab18:34
EriC^^MattTS: try ls (hd0,msdos1)/18:34
TJ-I think the issue here is the grub core.img (grubx64.efi) doesn't have the file-system driver built in for some reason18:34
TJ-based on "MattTS> TJ-: gpt1,3,4,5 are all unknown filesystems for grub"18:34
MattTShd0,mdse.1 seems to have boot casper, install, isolinux and stuff18:35
TJ-MattTS: do you know if this is a SecureBoot?18:35
ioria usb18:35
TJ-^^^ that's the Live ISO18:35
EriC^^MattTS: try ls (hd1,msdos1)/18:36
Jordan_UMattTS: Please run "insmod ext2", it should run with no output.18:36
MattTSdone that18:36
mammar-lsalut à  tous bonsoir18:36
TJ-Jordan_U: that won't work... grub has no root file-system18:36
Guest17055çv ?18:36
MattTS(hd1,msdos1)/ unknown filesystem18:37
Jordan_UTJ-: If it returns without error then we know that ext2.mode is already loaded, as insmod won't try to re-load an already loaded module.18:37
mammar-lsalut spec chum18:37
Guest17055peut tu parle an Anglais ?18:38
Jordan_U!fr | Guest1705518:38
ubottuGuest17055: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:38
EriC^^MattTS: i'd boot the live usb18:38
Guest17055i do speak in English :')18:38
EriC^^or not18:38
mammar-lnon seul le français18:38
Guest17055thanks for the info18:38
EriC^^(wait for TJ- )18:38
Guest17055was just tryin to help18:39
TJ-EriC^^: we need to know why it is failing first; MattTS has tried reinstalling a few times18:39
TJ-EriC^^: We've now got a pointer.18:39
TJ-MattTS: give me a moment whilst I check something in a virtual machine18:39
MattTSafter first install I did boot-repair and got http://paste2.org/v2yGEZI6 and second time I did it I got http://paste.ubuntu.com/12193841/18:39
mammar-lje reviendrais dans un instant18:39
MattTSI was excited earlier when I found (hd0,msdos1) and thought I'd found grub etc18:40
Guest17055just English sir :')18:40
tewardmammar-l: french?18:40
TJ-MattTS: do "lsmod" and tell us what you see, if there isn't too much output18:40
MattTSit's scrolled off screen18:41
MattTSAny way to go up?18:41
TJ-MattTS: "set pager=1" then do it again18:41
=== tcpman is now known as Guest16491
TJ-MattTS:  we only need the module names from the left column18:41
MattTSOh, that'll save a bit of time18:42
p4trixIn order to add /test/bin to my $PATH do I have to put export PATH=$PATH... in my .bashrc file? Or is there no need for that?18:43
TJ-MattTS: from your bootrepair info, sdc5 has /boot/grub/grub.cfg ... we need to find that device18:43
p4trixIt gets deleted everytime I restart(not the .bashrc file)18:43
neredsenvyCan someone please help me with this MySQL problem https://gist.github.com/anonymous/8ec8e57d28e50ad87bfc18:44
TJ-MattTS: sdb2 has the EFI files, so it is not hd3 we want here18:44
TJ-MattTS:  those unknown file-systems on sdb are NTFS18:44
TJ-MattTS according to bootrepair sdc has partitions 1,2,5,6 ... but your original grub 'ls' report didn't show a device with that combination of partitions18:46
no_gravityIs there a way to use the "middle click to paste" on a laptop that has no middle button and tapping is disabled on the touchpad?18:46
MattTShttp://pastebin.com/mbJDnJvC asmod, finally18:46
TJ-MattTS: also, sdc uses an MBR partition table, not GPT18:46
Guest17055adobe flash uaf18:47
ioriaMattTS, as last resort you can ls (hdX,X)/  all, to find /boot/grub18:47
Guest17055stuck at sending uaf18:47
Guest17055any ideas N18:47
EriC^^something isn't right18:47
MattTSSo there's an issue with some drives being mbr and some being gpt18:47
TJ-MattTS: well done! that took some typing18:47
TJ-MattTS: the main issue is, the device with Linux on is not being seen by GRUB!18:48
TJ-MattTS: is that drive on a some other disk controller that UEFI has no driver for?18:48
MattTSI believe the Linux drive is on a different SATA controller18:48
TJ-MattTS: aha! now we're getting somewhere18:48
Guest17055hardware issue o.O18:49
Jordan_UMattTS: TJ-: Which means that your boot firmware doesn't support that SATA controller (or at least doesn't support using two controllers at once).18:49
TJ-MattTS: it is possible that drive cannot be used for the bootloader, *if* the UEFI has no driver for it18:49
EriC^^he did mention "(hd4) error: failure reading sector 0xfc from 'hd4'" earlier18:49
EriC^^in case that helps18:49
TJ-EriC^^: Yes, that's where I think the missing partitions are18:49
TJ-MattTS: try "lspci"18:50
MattTScan't find the command18:50
MattTSin grub18:50
TJ-MattTS: ok, you'd need the grub root device available so it could insmod that command18:51
TJ-MattTS: I was hoping we'd see an 'unknown device' reported, which would likely be the offending controller18:51
Guest17055guys can i access the root account on vivid vervet ?!18:51
teward!root | Guest1705518:51
ubottuGuest17055: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo18:51
TJ-MattTS: there is one thing we haven't tried. Try "nativedisk" then "ls" again18:52
MattTSHmm, I can check the firmware options for the SATA controller18:52
MattTScan't find nativedisk18:52
Guest17055wow that was fast! thanks18:52
TJ-MattTS: Grrr, another module that isn't included in the core image, grrr!18:52
ioriagrub shell has nothing18:53
TJ-ioria: it depends on what is built-in to the core. I configure GRUB to always include useful debug modules18:54
anonchaoshello ive been trying to figure out how to use rhash and no luck im shelled in a directory and i want to has all files in that directory like i did with csv but i cant figure it out18:54
TJ-MattTS: reboot, use Live ISO, "Try  Ubuntu"18:54
MattTSodd, I typed exit and it started to boot windows. Before it went back to Firmware bootmanager18:55
TJ-MattTS: the FW boot manager just started the Windows entry quickly18:55
MattTSIn the firmware settings now18:56
TJ-MattTS: the UEFI boot manager has a configuration option BootOrder which controls the boot sequence18:56
=== Guest17055 is now known as h4x0r
MattTSNow that I not I think the 1TB internal drive isn't listed there18:56
TJ-MattTS: that confirms the issue18:57
h4x0rlong convo for grub issue i must admit18:57
TJ-MattTS: you'll need a separate partition of about 512MiB on one of the drives the FW can see, for the /boot/ mountpoint18:57
MattTSI have the OPROM for the Marvell storage controller disabled and enabled for the JMB storage controller18:58
TJ-MattTS: is the missing drive on the Marvell controller? if so, enable the Option ROM18:58
MattTSTJ-: possibly, trying it now18:58
MattTSOkay, done that and get an extra screen at boot and the 1TB internal drive is listed now18:59
TJ-MattTS: I believe GRUB will find its root now19:00
MattTSI've had this machine 4+ years now, I obviously decided I didn't want the extra screen at boot so I disabled the OPROM without thinking of the repercussions19:00
TJ-MattTS: optimisations always bites you this way :)19:01
MattTSSo, just try and boot into GRUB?19:01
LopeHow can I install Ubuntu on a laptop with Full disk encryption?19:01
LopeDoes the Ubuntu installer have an option for it?19:02
MonkeyDustLope  the installer asks for home encryption, not sure about 'full' encryption, tho19:02
EriC^^Lope: no, you can move /boot into the encrypted partition and adjust grub after installing19:02
MattTS Yeah, booted into GRUB and can select Windows or Ubuntu now19:02
ObrienDaveLope, why would you want to do something so risky?19:03
ObrienDaveencrypt a directory, put sensitive things there19:03
blackm4mb4like porn.?19:04
ObrienDave!behelpful | black19:04
ubottublack: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.19:04
ioriaMattTS, you can select  both ?19:04
MattTSThanks a lot guys. It seems so obvious now19:04
MattTSioria: Yes, thanks. Just booted to ubuntu login19:04
MattTSNot tested Windows yet but it worked fine before19:05
ioriaMattTS, make some test... shutdown, reboot ... just to be sure19:05
MattTSTesting that now19:05
ObrienDaveLope, if you encrypt the entire drive and ONE bit gets corrupted, you LOSE the contents of the ENTIRE drive19:06
MattTSWindows seems to be booting fine19:07
MattTSRebooted once before and got distracted and it booted to Ubuntu again19:07
ioriaMattTS, do you have an adapter card ?19:09
MattTSNah, just motherboard (with 2 SATA controllers)19:10
ioriaMattTS, ok19:11
brainwashLope: since 14.04 the installer should offer a checkbox for FDE19:11
MattTSNow have the fun task of setting up the OS appearance, settings, all the libs I need etc :)19:11
ioriaMattTS, have fun, then19:12
MattTSThank you :)19:12
MattTSand thanks again to everyone who helped19:12
ioriaMattTS, np19:12
edufmassHello, I've installed xubuntu 15.04 and xrdp, I connect from win pc. I run ifconfig in a terminal and I get error (bin or sbin is not in path, i don't remember very well). Is there a way to make a remote conection and work like the physical connection (all permissions, etc)? (I know #xubuntu but is quiet)19:23
ioriatry with /sbin/ifconfig19:24
edufmassioria that works19:29
ioriaedufmass, ok ...19:30
CarlFKmy c-a-t to open a terminal stopped working.  PrtSc stopped doing print screens too.  super key still brings up the expected search thing19:32
CarlFKwhere are those keys defined?19:32
ioriaCarlFK,  you could search in System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts19:34
CarlFKioria: thanks.19:36
ioriaCarlFK,  np19:36
CarlFKI see "Launch Terminal ... Ctrl+Alt+T" and yet that doesn't do anything.19:39
InokiHey guys, any BQ E5 owner here?19:40
OerHeksInoki, in #ubuntu-touch are many users, also dedicated support there19:40
InokiOerHeks: thank you!19:40
OerHekshave fun19:41
blackm4mb4mind teh alcohol *sips* rum19:42
ioriaCarlFK,  you can change it ... press the line with you mouse, and in the same time press ctrl+a for example19:43
CarlFKioria: I am more interested in making the current setting work.19:44
applepiHello all.  Where would I check / configure how often dhclient tries to obtain an IP address?19:45
applepiI have a device which, if eth0 (in allow-hotplug) fails to obtain an address, seems to consistently pick one up after about 20 minutes.19:46
blackm4mb4how would you imnjot rerally sure19:47
ioriaCarlFK,  ctrl-alt-tab it's not working neither for me .... so i changed19:47
CarlFKioria: what does ctrl-alt-tab do?19:48
CarlFKioria: looks the same as alt-tab ?19:48
ioriaCarlFK,  it should open a term ... but it change windows19:49
CarlFKioria: umm. T is for T, tab is for tab.19:49
CarlFKctrl-alt-t should open a term19:49
ioriaCarlFK, so i changed in ctrl+alt T19:50
ioriaCarlFK, try ctrl-alt-T (t letter)19:50
CarlFKioria:  ctrl+alt T is the default, and what mine is set to, and used to work, now it does not.19:50
ioriaCarlFK, try to set it again19:51
CarlFKioria: well this is encouraging - I moved the highlight, hit it and got a dialog: The shortcut "Shift+Ctrl+T" is already used for19:53
CarlFK"Launch terminal" lol.  but if I select another window, "Shift+Ctrl+T"  still doesn't do anything.19:53
=== Eggs is now known as Guest11100
ioriaCarlFK, select a window ? press the line and ctrl+alt+t19:54
CarlFKioria: What do you mean by:  press the line?19:54
ioriaCarlFK, it's written below ... 'click the row'19:55
ioriaCarlFK, and hold down the new keys19:55
ioriaCarlFK, in the same time19:56
CarlFKioria: I have tried clearing it and re-singing it. no luck.  and going forward, I want to find out why it currently isn't working.19:58
ioriaCarlFK, ok ... you can always use the superkey and type terminal19:58
=== root is now known as Guest30361
Guest30361hi every one20:01
Guest30361peace for you20:05
=== carlo is now known as Guest19154
=== Guest19154 is now known as clobrano_
diphtherialhey, i'm attempting to format and partition a drive that's ~1TB, but for some reason fdisk sees it as just being ~200GB20:13
burrito_filezilla just upped and stopped working20:13
diphtherial(i'm using the server edition of ubuntu 14.04, fwiw)20:13
diphtherialany idea how i can reconfigure the drive to be the full 1TB?20:13
diphtherialis there a special partition type i need to use?20:13
insominiahello friends !!!20:14
EriC^^diphtherial: try sudo parted -l , how big does it say it is?20:14
diphtherialEriC^^: 'Error: unrecognized disk label'20:15
diphtherialhere's the output from fdisk, by the way: https://dpaste.de/HLCJ20:15
diphtherialfor some background, it's a volume that i provisioned on this cloud service my university uses. it seems that the volumes come unformatted by default, without so much as a partition table20:16
diphtherialmaybe DOS partition tables can't handle volumes larger than 2GB?20:16
EriC^^msdos limit for partitions is 2tb20:16
diphtherialwell, it's called redcloud; i'm not sure what software they're using20:17
insominiai'm asking about the darknet20:17
ihchi all20:17
aeden__D_insominia: the lights are bright here. Do a web search on dark net20:17
insominiawhat u mean ?20:18
ihcanybody outhere20:18
diphtherialit's possible that i fumbled the volume creation...let me check, could actually be 214 GB :P20:18
diphtherialihc: hello20:18
insominiaaeden__D_: what u mean ?20:19
aeden__D_insominia: what are you wanting to know about the darknet and how does that relate to ubuntu?20:20
Guest55773hey guys20:21
Guest55773hey nerds20:21
insominiaaeden__D_: its a safe to use ubuntu to join throught it to dark net ?20:22
* tgm4883 points finger guns at Guest5577320:22
Guest55773use tails20:22
diphtherialwell, the cloud management site reports that the volume should be 1000GB20:22
Guest55773dont shoot me :))20:22
diphtherialcan't figure out why every time i try to create a DOS partition table on the thing it reports only 214GB20:22
diphtherial(i apologize for this not being strictly an ubuntu issue)20:22
tgm4883diphtherial: did you pastebin the command output requested earlier20:24
diphtherialtgm4883: you're referring to the parted output? i mentioned what it was, but sure, i'll paste it as well20:24
Guest55773 anyone succeed in installing pidgin on kali ?20:25
diphtherialthis is after using fdisk to write a DOS partition table, fwiw20:25
diphtheriali didn't see an option in fdisk to return it to its virginal state20:25
MonkeyDustGuest55773  ask in a kali channel, it's ot supported here20:25
Guest55773ok sorry20:25
tgm4883diphtherial: you can delete teh partition in fdisk then write that to disk20:26
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)20:26
x86iacthe only channel not dead on freenode?20:26
EriC^^diphtherial: the error is for vdc, vdb shows up as 215gb in fdisk and parted20:27
MonkeyDustx86iac  this is the ubuntu support channel20:27
x86iacyea that is what it is and my statement applies20:28
diphtherialEriC^^: sorry, this is the output after having created a partition table for vdb20:34
diphtheriali'm just going to go with the 214GB size for now, i guess, until i figure it out. it's fine for what i'm doing at the moment20:35
diphtherialthanks for the help20:35
diphtherialmaybe i'll give it another shot later tonight20:35
EriC^^diphtherial: ok, np, try contacting the cloud support20:36
diphtherialthat's a good idea; they're pretty responsive, although i hate to bother them over something i could conceivably do myself (well, with help, obviously)20:36
diphtherialanyhow, thanks again20:36
pavlosrunning mate on raspberry pi ... system monitor shows 4 cores plus 1 ... http://imgur.com/Latxt2g20:36
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MonkeyDustpavlos  better ask in #raspberrypi20:37
pavlosI came from that channel20:38
TechspectreIs there a way to do memtest86 from within Ubuntu?20:39
x86iacuse a ubuntu livecd with it on it?20:40
TechspectreI kind of don't even want to restart my machine because it refuses to boot 99% of the time20:41
insominiazaki win rak20:46
mistawrighthow can i use "file" to recursively check through files and folders?20:47
x86iacTechspectre: time to get a new machine?20:49
CarlFKTechspectre: yes, maybe with kexec, but that wont help.  memtest will wipe out everything in memory, including the OS, so when it is done you would need to reboot.20:50
CarlFKmistawright: find ... -exec file {} \;20:51
pavlosmistawright, could tree /usr/bin/ -s help?20:51
sensaeI have a Wyse W-65 terminal attached to my Ubuntu server, and there's no alt key on the keyboard. Is there some alternative way I can send alt commands to my running programs?20:51
hohaHey anyone there to help?20:54
CarlFKmistawright: find ./ -type f -exec file {} \;20:55
CarlFK!ask hoha (hope this works)20:56
ubottuCarlFK: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:56
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hohaSo I screwed my gnome and now my ubuntu boots to a blinking black screen with errors20:56
CarlFKhoha yes - typically just ask and hope for the best.20:56
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=== fudster is now known as Fudster
hohaShould I just reinstall? or is their any fix?20:56
MattTSI installed Nvidia binary drivers then tried to install CUDA and couldn't log in. Purged Nvidia and trying to reinstall the drivers now20:57
mistraloldont suppose anyone knows how to stop automake installing a spceific program with make install but still builds it in the source tree?21:01
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TJ-mistralol: that will depend on the Makefile install targetes21:04
mistralolTJ-: yeah I have a bin_PROGRAMS in an example directory and I don't want them to be installed with the lib when make install is done21:10
suyashhi there21:11
TJ-mistralol: unless the Makefile has overrides to make that possible, or you only call the install libs target, you'd have to hack the Makefile21:11
mistralolTJ-: ahhh so i found something that automake doesnt support :D21:12
TJ-mistralol: automake can only do what its template file is written to do21:12
mistralolTJ-: yeah i am new with automake ;/21:14
Abehello, A school donated me 3 old computers I think I take them to recycling before they land on the dump... Is there any use for old Pc hardware like the HDD's Motherboards or Power supply?21:14
mgolischhow old are they?21:14
suyashi was installing ubuntu 14.04 lts and during installation i installed it on external drive connected to my laptop, for the boot loader i selected external drive but it installed on internal hardrive. and now it ubuntu option shows up in boot menu even if i dont have my external hdd connected. is there any way to remove ubuntu from boot menu list21:15
AbeI dont know very old probably 10 years they have like pentium 4 with 512 MB ram on it21:15
compdocAbe, depends on their age, but ppl usually give away computers when they are too slow to be useful21:15
TJ-Abe pentium 4's can be quite useful; it depends on what you might want to do with them21:16
AbeNobody would want to use them their is still Windows XP Pentium 4 on it... I didn't turn them on though21:16
AEL-HI did command "grep -ir 'mysearch' * > mytext.txt"21:17
AEL-HI understand this command will take a while as it will check the whole drive -- however is there a way I can check its progress? Or that I can be sure it has not hit a wall. The command has taken alot longer than expected21:17
Abecompdoc: CD drive's Floppy drive's Hard drives are plenty in there... I dont actually have a use for them besides recycle them21:17
Abemaybe I could use the old HDD's for something?21:18
TJ-AEL-H: which directory did you start grep from?21:18
tahr301791Hi, how can I boot ubuntu live usb on a password-protected bios ?21:18
compdocAbe, check the drive's SMART info to see if they are any good or not, but old hard drives are slow21:18
Abethat doesn't matter I still could store data on them.. or using it for a Raid system Idk?21:19
suyashis there any possible way to remove ubuntu listing from efi boot menu21:19
TJ-Abe: if there are any 5 1/4 inch floppy drives, they can be quite valuable for people needing to rescue data from old back-up media21:19
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TJ-suyash: yes, with 'efibootmgr'21:19
AbeTJ-: who is still using floppy drives?21:20
suyashTJ: i tried efibootmgr but it still appears in boot menu21:20
AEL-HTJ- : I mounted an external drive (about 600GB) to a mountpoint /mountpoint/, this is the directory from which I used grep. So it should be checking around 600 gigs21:20
TJ-Abe: forensics, data retrieval specialists21:20
suyashTJ: i couldnt find efi/ubuntu to remove it21:21
AEL-HTF- : It has been running around 9 hours...21:21
TJ-AEL-H: ouch! well, you can use 'top' to check if the grep process is actually still working, or 'iotop' to check the I/O read rate21:21
TJ-suyash: you'd need to ensure the PC boots in UEFI mode in order for the EFI file system and variables to be available. Check manually for "ls /sys/firmware/efi/efi_vars/" I think it is21:22
Abetheir must be a use for the old hdd's I think ? what would you guys suggest I should do. What are with the Pc cases?? should I move to offtopic?21:23
mgolischits just a partition isnt it?21:23
mgolischmount it and remove the grub file(s)21:23
TJ-mgolisch: that won't remove ubuntu from the boot manager menu21:24
suyashTJ: No such file or directory21:25
=== andrewjs18- is now known as andrewjs18
TJ-suyash: I might have the last component of the path wrong, so look 1 directory higher, but if you can't see the efi-vars under /sys/firmware/efi/ it is likely the PC booted in legacy mode21:25
suyashTJ: i am sorry, i forget to explain you that i have booted into ubuntu using live usb because i uninstalled grub while attempting to remove listing from boot menu21:27
TJ-suyash: don't worry, I'd already guessed that. The Live ISO can boot in UEFI or Legacy mode, and the mode used is controlled by the firmware boot menu. To make it worse, the menu it offers sometimes doesn't make it clear which entry is UEFI and which is Legacy21:28
AEL-HTJ- : Does 400K/s sound pretty slow to you for a typical harddrive? (obv not SSD haha)21:28
TJ-AEL-H: if the heads are seeking all over the disk that wouldn't surprise me. You'll only get multi-megabyte speeds when the files are large and/or contiguous21:29
suyashTJ: any idea what to do in my case?21:30
TJ-suyash: reboot, bring up the firmware boot manager menu, ensure you can identify the UEFI boot entry for the USB (you may need to scroll the list down to entries which are off-screen)21:30
TJ-suyash: sometimes it is so hard to tell you just have to try both entries ")21:31
suyashi can identify the UEFI boot enty for the live usb. the first option is Ubuntu, second option is Windows Boot Manager and third option is EFI USB Device (SanDisk USB Ultra)21:37
TJ-suyash: so the last one will be it by the sound of it21:37
suyashso i am trying to remove the Ubuntu entry not the efi usb device. the efi usb device option goes away if i remove the usb drive.21:38
ArvidHello, So I am trying to setup up ssh keys following this guide: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-ssh-keys--2 however after I have done ssh-copy-id to the remote and entered my password, and then tried to ssh to the server I am not getting asked for my passphrase instead just my normal user password for the server. How can i debug this? ssh -vvv just tells me that the id_rsa was ssent but then it just moves21:39
Arvidon to password as auth method.21:39
TJ-suyash: I know. But you need to boot into the USB in UEFI mode to use the efibootmgr tool to remove the orphaned 'ubuntu' entry from the motherboard's non-volatile RAM21:40
TJ-suyash: that's why I asked earlier to identify if the system was in UEFI mode, because without it you cannot delete that orphaned entry21:41
zacwallsI am having this really weird desktop glitch http://imgur.com/UZVrNi5 what should I do to fix it?21:41
zacwallsthis is a fresh install by the way...21:42
suyashTJ: i already tried it couple of times. the ubuntu option comes back after reboot21:42
ArvidIs this the right place for my question or does anyone have any tips on where I can get help with ssh auth to a ubuntu server?21:42
TJ-suyash: You tried what? deleting the entry using 'efibootmgr' ?21:42
MonkeyDustArvid  ask away, but keep your question in one line21:43
TJ-suyash: aahh, then maybe you have one of the many UEFI firmwares with bugs that prevents variable deletion21:43
TJ-suyash: what is the make/model of the PC, or the motherboard?21:43
suyashTJ: its Lenovo Y50-7021:43
ArvidMonkeyDust: I did that, or did you mean that my question was to long?21:44
TJ-suyash: a few months back I helped a user with an Ideapad, it turns out there is a known Lenovo firmware bug that causes EFI variable's to not be deleted. There were updated BIOSs issued for many models. First thing is to ensure the PC has the latest firmware version21:45
MonkeyDustArvid  hit the up key to repeat your question, every 15 minutes or so, until someone enters who can help21:45
suyashTJ: i guess i have the latest firmware version21:46
TJ-Arvid: that guide doesn't specify how to configure the sshd on the server to use certificates; have you done that step?21:46
TJ-suyash: best to check, with this being a known issue with Lenovo21:47
TJ-suyash: the user I helped couldn't even get the firmware upgrade to work due to this bug... eventually they found a way via Windows 7 to sneak it in, but it took a week to figure out21:47
ArvidTJ-: no, but according to the owner it should be configured anyway I can check? Or do you have a guide I can follow?21:48
TJ-suyash: I've found the Lenovo advisory: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/product_security/uefi_variable_reclaim21:49
TJ-Arvid: On the client, with 'ssh -vvv' you shuld see the server offer "debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,keyboard-interactive"21:51
TJ-Arvid: if you don't see 'publickey' then the server isn't configured for it. If you do, then look at the earlier debug messages to ensure your local ssh client is picking the correct key file21:52
TJ-Arvid: a fw lines after that message you should see something like: "debug1: Offering RSA public key: /home/$USER/.ssh/id_rsa"21:52
suyashTJ: the link you provided says lenovo y50-70 is also affected.21:53
TJ-suyash: I thought it was, so see about doing a firmware upgrade21:53
ArvidTJ-: yes that is right but after that it just moves on to id_dsa, which I don't have and then goes for the next authentication method21:53
ArvidTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12195303/21:54
TJ-Arvid: That means the server didn't accept the key, obviously. So, log-in using password then check the access permissions to the ssh directory and files: "ls -al ~/.ssh/"21:54
ArvidTj-: -rw------- 1 arvid arvid  406 Aug 25 23:22 authorized_keys21:55
Arvidwhich I thought was correct?21:55
suyashTJ: i will try to upgrade the firmware and i will provide further updates if updating firmware fixes my issue.21:55
TJ-Arvid: where's the id_rsa.pub? I thought you'd done ssh-copy -id ?21:55
TJ-suyash: good luck with that; it was a hard task for the other user with the Ideapad21:57
ArvidTJ-: ehm I did, ssh-copy-id arvid@remote, Should I try to copy it 'manually'?21:57
TJ-Arvid: the user account on the server is 'arvid' ?21:57
ArvidTJ-: yes21:57
TJ-Arvid: something went wrong then. Try it again. On the client do: "ssh-copy-id arvid@remote.host"21:58
TJ-Arvid: then try 'ssh -vvv arvid@remote.host"21:58
made2obeyHello All / all21:59
ArvidTJ-: should I delete the old authorization file?21:59
TJ-Arvid: not right now, it won't hurt. Let's not delete anything until we have a working method21:59
ArvidTJ-: I get prompted by password and no passphrase when I do the ssh -vvv step, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12195331/22:01
ArvidTJ-: also no other files were created on the remote22:02
TJ-Arvid: can you show me, from the remote host, "ls -altr $HOME/.ssh/"22:02
ArvidTJ-: total 1222:03
Arviddrwxr-xr-x 8 arvid arvid 4096 Aug 25 23:22 ..22:03
Arviddrwx------ 2 arvid arvid 4096 Aug 25 23:22 .22:03
Arvid-rw------- 1 arvid arvid  812 Aug 25 23:59 authorized_keys22:03
daniel72-72Hi! I have Ubuntu 14.10 and I keep getting a notificatin that I will have connections issues if I don't update to the 15 version. Does the 15 take too much on my hardware? Can't I keep this one?22:04
TJ-Arvid: OK, that looks correct22:04
TJ-Arvid: OK, if you've never added a key (except this one) it is safe to delete authorized_keys and start all over again22:05
TJ-Arvid: do you have sudo access on this remote server?22:05
ArvidTJ-: nope:/22:05
TJ-Arvid: because I think the sysadmin needs to look at "/var/log/auth.log" to find out why the sshd is not accepting the public key22:06
ArvidTJ-: delete .ssh or just authorized_keys?22:06
TJ-Arvid: just the authorized_keys file22:06
ArvidTJ-: I'll try to get it from him on Skype22:06
TJ-Arvid: one cause can be if the server is configured to accept ciphers that the client can't do22:07
TJ-Arvid: if you can show me the entire ssh -vvv log that would help22:07
ArvidTJ-: sure, but if the auth.log would help alot I could always comeback tomorrow:)22:08
TJ-Arvid: another possible cause - incompatible key sizes. Your key might be smaller than the server will accept as a minimum22:08
TJ-Arvid: the auth.log is for the sysadmin to look at, not me :)22:08
ArvidTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12195534/22:09
TJ-Arvid the version of ssh you are using is quite old; what Ubuntu release is it?22:11
TJ-Arvid "cat /etc/issue"22:11
ArvidTJ-: Ubuntu 15.04 \n \l22:12
ArvidTJ-: The owner of the server is not the greatest at updating things.. So that could be something..22:13
sxclimaxHi folks! I am in need of expert help.22:15
TJ-Arvid: the version of OpenSSH in Ubuntu 14.04 is "OpenSSH_6.6.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014"... your client is showing "OpenSSH_6.2p2, OSSLShim 0.9.8r 8 Dec 2011"22:15
TJ-Arvid: and I noticed that ssh-cop-id was launched from "/usr/local/bin/" when it should be in "/usr/bin/"22:16
sxclimaxI own an ASUS UX21 Series Ultra Slim laptop. I cannot use this laptop without it plugged in. This bug is well described to that point that Linus Torvalds worked on the issue.22:16
TJ-Arvid: I suspect you have a very old version of OpenSSH installed under /usr/local/ and that is taking precedence. Tell us what "which ssh" reports22:16
sxclimaxHow do ensure this bug fix is implimented on my computer? This goes over my head: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/dbf0e4c7257f8d684ec1a3c919853464293de66e22:17
ArvidTJ-: /usr/bin/ssh22:17
TJ-Arvid: and what does "ssh -V' report?22:17
ArvidOpenSSH_6.2p2, OSSLShim 0.9.8r 8 Dec 201122:17
TJ-sxclimax: commit dbf0e4c was added in July 2012 - what release of Ubuntu are you using?22:18
ArvidTJ-: So I should update openssh on OSX locally and try again:)?22:19
TJ-Arvid: I'm on 14.04 and I see "OpenSSH_6.6.1p1 Ubuntu-2ubuntu2.3, OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014" ... if you're on Vivid 15.04 you should be seeing a later version22:19
ArvidTJ-: oh I might be confusing local and remote now22:19
TJ-Arvid: hang on, you're on OSX? I thought you said the local was Ubuntu 15.04?22:19
ArvidTJ-: which one was the version and which for?22:19
ArvidTJ-: no sorry if that was unclear, local: OSX, remote: ubuntu22:20
TJ-Arvid: Ahhhhhhh! that explains a lot :D22:20
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TJ-Arvid: OK... in the full -vvv pastebin were several error reports of the form "unknown mech-code" which means the version on OSX is too old, and is not correctly communicating with the server22:20
ArvidTJ-: err I'm on yosemite or are you talking about ssh version?22:22
sxclimaxTJ- I was using ubuntu 14.04 but was still having the issue. It got to the point that my hard drive corrupted today because of a sudden shutdown when the power was cord was unplugged today.22:22
sxclimaxI am currently working from a Live CD (boo...)22:22
TJ-sxclimax: that commit was introduced in kernel v3.5 so it is in 14.04, which has v3.13 or later22:22
sxclimaxWell then, my computer was having unexplained shutdowns without being plugged in -- the exact problem purported to be fixed by that commit22:23
ArvidTJ-: So I guess I should install openssh through brew to get a later version of ssh locally?22:23
TJ-Arvid: it looks like that, or build a virtual machine Ubuntu guest and work from that :)22:25
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Hpamani am wondering if anybody knows of a device file i can create to read all of computer memory /dev/mem seems to only do a little bit so i am curious if there is something with dd i can uses to dump all memory to file i know there is ways using linux c functions but i am wondeing about major and minor device numbers that would do the equivalent22:25
Hpamananybody on this irc know or familar with something22:25
Hpamanlike this22:26
ArvidTJ-: ok, thank you for all the help with the troubleshoot!22:26
TJ-sxclimax: The commit you referred to makes no mention of that problem, it is only for ensuring the PC doesn't hang when resuming from sleep22:26
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sxclimaxTJ- Oh. I found that link following threads around the ASUS shutdown issue. Someone must have linked there in error22:26
TJ-sxclimax: what does the PC do if you only power it from battery? Does it start to boot, does it get to loading Linux. ?22:28
sxclimaxIt crashes once I log in, but makes it that far at least22:29
sxclimaxIf it is plugged in -- no problems at all22:29
TJ-sxclimax: by 'crashes' what do you mean exactly? powers off unexpectedly? writes a kernel panic to console?22:29
sxclimaxOne of two things: either the whole screen pauses and no keys or mouse movement is possible, the fan gets loud and the computer gets warm (I then have to hold the power button to shut it off); sometimes the computer immediately shuts off22:30
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TJ-OK, the first sounds like the 'halt' instruction was executed... which should be followed by a shutdown/reboot but may not be.22:32
TJ-sxclimax: are you able to log-in as the Guest user, or another new user account, or does this affect those too. This test will identify if the problem is a per-user config, or systemwide22:33
sxclimaxTJ- I haven't tried this, but I cannot test it now; my hard drive is corrupted and I am trying to recover my data22:34
sxclimaxUbuntu won't boot today22:34
TJ-sxclimax: ouch.22:34
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tgm4883hard drive corrupted22:36
tgm4883wonder if that isn't a coincidence22:36
sxclimaxMy problems were pretty well described here: http://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/11750.html and here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/98919122:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 989191 in linux (Ubuntu) "Asus Zenbook UX31E powers off on plugin in/out AC adapter" [Medium,Fix released]22:36
TJ-sxclimax: Have you tried disconnecting the (internal) battery?22:41
TJ-sxclimax: I see a lot of reports that the issue a corrupted memory controller hub (MCH) that needs a cold reset, which it doesn't get when the battery is connected and providing +5V standby. See https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6081222:42
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 60812 in Power-Battery "Asus Zenbook ux31e: crash or hard poweroff after switching from bat to ac" [Normal,Closed: unreproducible]22:42
TJ-sxclimax: Yes, I had read that bug. The bug I've just given you is the upstream bug report for the same issue.22:42
TJ-sxclimax: the Fix Released is more than likely incorrect22:43
rnernentodoes anyone have a recommendation for a gui based software manager that isn't ubuntu software center?22:50
pppxcan any one tell me how to contact a ubuntu Australia team member if I know his IRC id? I am new to IRC chat22:50
xanguarnernento: synaptic22:51
OerHekspppx https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/IRC22:53
chasHello guys22:54
chasAnyone using Ubuntu 15?22:54
chasIm using the default windows manager (Unity I believe), and I'm trying to get my window icons (minimize, maximize, and close) moved over to the right22:54
chasI found a lot of pages that said use the tweak tool I installed that and where it's supposed to be it's not :(22:55
MonkeyDustchas  that's not possible22:55
xanguachas short answer is use another desktop enviroment22:55
MonkeyDustchas  ah, i thought you mean the bar22:55
xanguaMonkeyDust: neither is posible :P22:56
chasthat's highly dissapointing22:56
xanguayou are free to use another more traditional desktop, kde, xfce, mate22:56
MonkeyDustchas  install unity-tweak-tool > Appearance > Windows controls22:56
chasthat's exactly what I just said, where its supposed to be it's not there22:57
pecanqnhello, i need to fix a hdd.22:57
chaswindows>titlebar buttons22:57
chasthan skips to HDPI22:57
TJ-sxclimax: Are you currently using the UX21 from a Live ISO?22:57
chaspecanqn can you be more specific?22:58
pecanqnbadblocks -svf /dev/sdb -o hdd.txt22:58
chasyou need to reformat, you need to recover...22:58
pecanqni use this command22:58
pecanqni need to save a hdd, without format.22:58
MonkeyDustchas  not sure what you mean, but unity-tweak-tool can do what you want22:58
daniel72-72Hi! Can someone help me? I have Ubuntu 14.10 installed and I got a nottification saying that I will have network issues if I don't update to the 15.04. Does the 15.04 uses alot of hardware or is it lean. I'm trying to keep as light as possible. thanks22:58
OerHeksthose 3 icons with dconf  gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout minimize,maximize,close:menu22:59
xanguaMonkeyDust: no, it can't22:59
pecanqnok, im from argentina, my english its so poor. i need to fix a hdd, and i use this sintaxis badblocks -svf /dev/sdb -o 2GB.txt22:59
pecanqnits ok to fix?22:59
xanguadaniel72-72: 14.10 stopped being supported since july 23, 201523:00
mcphaildaniel72-72: 14.10 is now unsupported and you should update regardless. But 15.04 is not known to be more bloated than 14.1023:00
chasI'm currently looking at the Tweak Tool23:01
MonkeyDustchas  just tried, idd, unity-tweak-tool no longer does it23:01
daniel72-72Xangua: Thanks. Should I stall the 12.04 LTS?23:01
xanguadaniel72-72: you should use a supported ubuntu release23:02
chasfrustrating :/, what's a good window manager that's like unity?23:02
daniel72-72mcphail: Thank you for your attention.23:02
pecanqn i need to fix a hdd, and i use this sintaxis badblocks -svf /dev/sdb -o 2GB.txt, its ok?23:03
daniel72-72Thanks everyone for the attention23:03
daniel72-72Just one other thing, I'm having problems using Yumi on Ubuntu, last time I needed to used I had to creat the bootable flash drive I uded Windows. Is there an altrnative to Yumi??23:04
MonkeyDustchas  guess it's easier to get used to the buttons on the left23:04
xangua!usb | daniel72-7223:04
ubottudaniel72-72: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent23:04
pecanqn i need to fix a hdd, and i use this sintaxis badblocks -svf /dev/sdb -o 2GB.txt, its ok?23:05
daniel72-72Thanks everyone. You helped alot23:05
daniel72-72Thanks, is a default on ubuntu and I didn't know. Thanks again23:06
mcphaildaniel72-72: enjoy23:07
pecanqn i need to fix a hdd, and i use this sintaxis badblocks -svf /dev/sdb -o 2GB.txt, its ok?23:07
jjavaholicI need to resize the root partition how would you suggest I go about this?23:09
TJ-jjavaholic: is the root file-system using LVM?23:09
jjavaholicno it is not23:10
TJ-jjavaholic: do you want to shrink or extend it?23:10
jjavaholicextend it23:10
pecanqn i need to fix a hdd, and i use this sintaxis badblocks -svf /dev/sdb -o 2GB.txt, its ok?23:11
pecanqnthe disk have three ntfs partitions.23:11
TJ-jjavaholic: is there free space following the partition?23:12
jjavaholicnot directly after there is a 6.3gb swap partition23:12
TJ-jjavaholic: so what is your intention/hope? reduce the size of the swap and give the space to the rootfs partition23:13
jjavaholicresize into unallotted space after swap partition23:13
jjavaholicI have thought about just creating a new /home partition23:14
TJ-jjavaholic: OK, that would probably be the less complicated approach. Create a new partition in the unallocated space, format it, boot in recovery mode so you're logged in as root user, mount it to say /mnt/new_home/ then 'mv /home/* /mnt/new_home/', add an entry in /etc/fstab to mount the partition to /home/ and reboot23:16
bodie_I seem to have installed two incompatible versions of a library.  I installed one from source, after I thought the other was gone.  I need some help figuring out how to clean up the situation.23:19
bodie_it looks like my linker compiled a binary using the newer version, but is using the older .so23:20
bodie_(this is after running ldconfig)23:20
TJ-bodie_: which library?23:21
bodie_TJ-, ZeroMQ 4.1.323:23
bodie_s/linker compiled/linker linked/ :)23:23
TJ-bodie_: which package though? libzmq3 ?23:23
jjavaholiccurrent /home won't have anything important in it so wouldn't it be easier to set mount point for newly formatted partition to /home and let new default folders be made23:24
bodie_TJ-, I installed it from source, and I know I made sure libzmq-dev and libzmq3 were removed23:24
bodie_I just don't know where I need to start digging to figure out where the wrong pieces are D:23:25
mcphailbodie_: for a start, have a look under /usr/local. Anything under there will not have been installed by the package manager23:25
TJ-bodie_: "ldd /path/to/binary" will tell you the paths to all the linked libraries23:26
bodie_mcphail, ok.  I think that's where the correct .so's were installed.  I have libzmq.so and libzmq.so.5 there symlinked to libzmq.so.5.0.023:27
bodie_mcphail, those are the ones I *want* to have, though23:27
TJ-jjavaholic: you still need to copy/move over the original content so it doesn't take up space that you cannot access23:27
NekoTheCatI'm having some problems with my (almost) freshly installed Ubuntu23:28
NekoTheCatSomeone pls halp ;_;23:28
TJ-jjavaholic: e.g. you have a root-fs that has /home/$USER/.config/ and other files. If you then do "mount /dev/sdaX /home/" you've got a clean home directory, and need to create the user account directories. At the same time you've just *hidden* the files in the root-fs from view, but they are still there taking up space23:28
* bodie_ mutters eldritch incantations in the direction of NekoTheCat's Ubuntu23:29
mcphailbodie_: you can set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the directory of the libraries you want to use in preference23:29
bodie_mcphail, LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/ ./go gives me the same error: `zmq4 was installed with ZeroMQ version 4.0.5, but the application links with version 4.1.3`23:31
bodie_mcphail, when I run `locate libzmq.so`, it shows files that don't exist any more23:32
bodie_hash -r didn't fix it23:32
buzzbugbodie_: history maybe23:33
bodie_but I guess those are just stale entries in the updatedb23:33
mcphailbodie_: yes, you'd need to run updatedb23:33
bodie_or whatever it's called.  yeah.  doing that now.  but that shouldn't affect what files are seen when it tries to find a shared library, should it?23:33
TJ-bodie_: that error suggests 'go' was built to link to libzmq 4.1.3 but the local version of zmq4 is 4.0.5 - so which version of zmq source did you build?23:34
mcphailbodie_: what happens if you set LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/library.so ./go23:34
bodie_TJ-, I know I built and installed 4.1.3, which is what I want.  I don't know where the .so for 4.0.5 is23:34
bodie_or why it's finding it instead23:35
TJ-bodie_: "which zmq4" maybe ?23:35
sxclimaxHey folks. I would love some help recovering my data.23:35
bodie_mcphail, same error still23:35
bodie_does that mean the .so's I'm looking at in /usr/local/lib are the old ones?23:36
mcphailbodie_: have to say I don't understand why that is failing, I'm afraid23:36
sxclimaxI am booted in a Live USB because of the following error at boot otherwise: "init: Failed to spawn friendly-recovery pre-start process: unable to getpwuid: No such file or directory"23:36
sxclimaxFirst of all, is this a fixable problem?23:37
TJ-bodie_: did you build 'go' or 'libzmq4' ?23:37
sxclimaxSecond of all, when I try to mount my home directory in my Live environment with "sudo ecryptfs-recover-private" I get empty folders called Downloads, Desktop etc. without my data there.23:37
bodie_TJ-, both23:38
TJ-sxclimax: whilst you are in the Live ISO can you capture and upload the ACPI tables for the bug report?23:38
bodie_"go" is a binary that is linked with libzmq423:38
sxclimaxTJ- without instructions on how to do that, I'm not sure I can23:38
TJ-bodie_: so what does "ldd  ./go" report as the paths for the libzmq SOs?23:38
mcphailbodie_: perhaps it pulled the 4.0.5 header files, but linked against 4.1.323:39
TJ-sxclimax: I can give you the instructions ")23:39
bodie_libzmq.so.5 => /usr/local/lib/libzmq.so.523:39
bodie_so I guess that's the old one?23:39
bodie_mcphail, I think so, I'm just trying to figure out why and how to clean up the mess >_<23:40
mcphailbodie_: sounds like a nightmare. I'm off to sleep so good luck with it all23:41
TJ-sxclimax: "sudo apt-get install acpica-tools"   and then "sudo acpidump >/tmp/UX21.acpidump.txt" ... then attach that file to bug 98919123:41
ubottubug 989191 in linux (Ubuntu) "Asus Zenbook UX31E powers off on plugin in/out AC adapter" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98919123:41
bodie_thanks for the help mcphail!  lol23:41
bodie_and TJ- :)23:41
gp5sthello. on ubuntu 14.04.3, installing haproxy adds the file /etc/rsyslog.d/49-haproxy.conf (contents: http://dpaste.com/39TQEPJ) on my one server this all works fine and dandy and rsyslog creates the appropriate socket, but on this one it's not and i'm having a heck of a time figuring out why23:42
sxclimaxTJ- I have the output file but I'm not clear on where I'm supposed to attach the file23:43
TJ-sxclimax: use a web browser to visit the bug report page that ubottu just showed, log-in, and attach the report. If you don't have a launchpad account then instead put the file contents into a pastebin and I'll copy it to the bug report. You can pastebin it using "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" and then "pastebinit /tmp/UX21.acpidump.txt"23:46
TJ-sxclimax: also, when you get chance, I strongly recommend you read the additional comments I've added to that bug report. There are several reports from users that say disconnecting and reconnecting the battery permanently fixes the issue for them.23:47
linuxnewbie22Hey, I'm wondering how I should go about updating the bios for my dell computer. I downloaded the driver off dell's website, however my attempt at using a bootable freedos usb didn't succeed. What's the easiest way to do it for a noob like me?23:47
bodie_welp, I cleaned out the old .so's, rebuilt and reinstalled the package, confirmed they were timestamped right, rebuilt the executable, and it's still giving me the same error.  I can only conclude that I am insane and will now take up a new line of work.  lol23:48
TJ-linuxnewbie22: how did you create the FreeDos bootable?23:48
sxclimaxTJ- I have tried the disconnecting the battery trick. It would fix the error for a couple of days then the same thing would recur.23:48
sxclimaxI have done it so many times now that I am afraid of ripping the cable while disconnnecting it23:48
TJ-sxclimax: really? did oyu do any suspend/resume actions during that time?23:48
linuxnewbie22Tj-: I used unetbootin. I'm using lubuntu btw.23:49
sxclimaxI use suspend as part of my normal workflow23:49
TJ-sxclimax: OK... well collecting this ACPI info is the best chance of figuring it out, since it contains code the ACPI firmware tells the OS to execute for power events.23:49
linuxnewbie22My lubuntu version is 15.0423:49
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TJ-sxclimax: OK, so that leads me to theorise that it is possible that during a suspend/resume cycle some settings are not correctly reset and lead to the problem23:50
OerHeksshould work linuxnewbie2223:50
TJ-sxclimax: if as soon as you have your PC usable again, can register for an account on launchpad and subscribe to the bug report and add log files to it, I can work on it.23:50
sxclimaxIt should be noted that this computer came with Windows 7 and the same issues of shutdowns while unplugged would happen on occasion in that OS. I no longer have a dual-boot to test this, though23:50
sxclimaxI added the log files now23:51
TJ-sxclimax: Yes, I've read of that. That's why I think it is mainly a firmware issue where some devices aren't being reset correctly There are some fixes we can experiment with for those, too23:51
linuxnewbie22OerHeks: When I booted into Freedos, it told me it couldn't find an iso or cd.23:52
LambdaComplexlinuxnewbie22: ...Why are you using FreeDOS?23:52
pettypierxLambdaComplex: maybe he wants to23:53
linuxnewbie22Lamdacomplex: To try and update my bios. However, my attempt failed.23:53
OerHeksThere are more solutions on that page23:53
LambdaComplexAnd why are you asking in #ubuntu? O.o23:54
TJ-sxclimax: I've assigned the bug to myself, and will keep track of it23:54
sxclimaxIn the meanwhile, can anyone help me to recover my data? My last exhaustive backup is a month old and only some of my files are on Dropbox. My home directory was encrypted with ubuntu. I am trying to access these files now. Wen I log in as su, I see a readme that suggests I run ecryptfs-mount-private23:54
sxclimax. When I do this,  I get a mounted directory with blank Desktop, Document, Download files, etc.23:54
linuxnewbie22Lamdacomplex: I'm on lubuntu right now.23:54
sxclimaxTJ- Thank you kindly23:54
pettypierxLambdaComplex: you have more insults23:54
LambdaComplexpettypierx: Those aren't insults, they're legitimate questions23:54
linuxnewbie22Oerheks: Thanks, I'll try the Wine method.23:54
OerHeksLambdaComplex, pretty normal question, as there is a wiki for it.23:54
LambdaComplexI fail to see what updating a BIOS has to do with both FreeDOS and Ubuntu23:54
sxclimaxNow it says, "Encrypted private directory is not setup properly23:55
pettypierxlinuxnewbie22: bios of what23:56
sxclimaxNevermind, I found my data!23:57
acmeraptorDoes anyone have a working guide for setting up tightvncserver?  My web searches have given me some outdated info.23:57
linuxnewbie22pettypierx: I'm updating my dell computer's bios. My machine's support code is 4RKR8C123:57
TJ-linuxnewbie22: you've almost got it correct, I know the method and tools work23:58
linuxnewbie22pettypierx: But don't get me wrong, I'm on lubuntu right now, not windows.23:58
linuxnewbie22pettypierx: I uninstalled windows fully, so I can't use it to update the bios driver, so I'm going to try wine now.23:58
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pettypierxlinuxnewbie22: is it a Windows exe or dos exe23:59

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